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' - - .-.,T 


Vol. XXI.-N0. 5. 




Chaska, UiM., Thursday, December " 7, 2882. 


Iv 1 n e n f e T«4 e t* 

Whole Nb. 1045. 




■ ^ -.*-V> 







Tho unilcr^iKne.! bn* tt„,„fnntlr .m F,:.n' 
full linr ot furnitur.. niid und uiH'-'rSi.fcor 
m-iteriuls, which will be soM ch.-up irtr rn-b 
•NVw work an.l rrp.ii-.inp done toonJcr' 


^ fflSg 

Eaii'h d(»it»rlm«isl filled lo its utmost capacity with 

, ? 







For liKspcction and Sale at 


hare for <al« In thrlr elevator 

Brail, Slioits, Oats, Corn, 

AUo i»ur« Scotch Fife Seed Wlieat. 






We will tftke contract* for all kinds of 
buildiafft. iiiid ijuarantee low prices nnd 
Qrsl el»4i« work. We :uo also prepared to 
famixb all kiiids of building material. 

nans and epecificutioug furiUKhed oil de- 
mund tS?" Wo al!«o are prpjiarrd to Kup- 
iJy builder with do'.rs. 8:u»h and blinds. 
E.toER A Hak-Skn. 


Flouring. 3^i:i]ls 

J G. EITEL, Itcypr. 

K»«ry ftrraerwho brnraflourtn •f-|«inmf.Mi«- 

Sour alway. on hand, .x i,*, bran ir »ri^rt, ^ 

J. «. fTTKL. 

Livery Staljilfey. 



(^"Will also mtend to Auctions itv 
II P«i t« of the County. «t Ee.sonaJjhK 



ChMka, Mins. 
Offlce at Washington IFuttl. 

u K IT F iiK s T € m. r 

Tlio larijost stock of 

Cliristmas I^resents, 
Birthday Presents, 
Wedding Presenti, 

Presents for tlie Miiliaii ! 

Our .Isvorljii'iil is i'Ir!*, Our M h \mm. 

liiir I'l'ii'.'S II rvdoiisly Low. Oif (|i!;i!i(y is of Hie 0:s! 

We assure yeu Saiisfaction. 

Linenfelser & Faber. 

Amons the .„.ci„I,ic, arc .Ul.utns, „.,.l .MH„,n,„„ .u.,.m,s. 
H'>ui- last's a laiirc iissoi-tiii,.,i( oC Toilet Articles, 
•leweleases, .vilh a large iii,«iee„f |(„|| ,.,,,„. .,,„.^,'|,.j_ 
Decorated ('liina anil Class Ware. ' 
Violins, Acordcons &e. 

^ 'l^ll^h^irS^S^^^'^^'rens' Pictnre'antl Sto..y Books, hoth 

All kinds: a::<l si/es of Ladles' Satchels and Tra'vellnj, Valises. 
Bcmtiful (Jol.l Pc IS aii,I l„k St iiids. 
Poi-rnmci ics, Scrap Books, Writliii; Desks of all sizes. 
Scrap Patterns, ClilldreM-s Slei::hs and Doll Carriage*, 
A nice lot orWa.. Dolls. Al.o all of Cliih An, Tojs 

^•* '"' Attention is called to ujy lan;e Assortment of 

■ * -^ - "■ d ^ , ■- . 

-\ valuable present will be given to eveiy person 
who buys one dollars worth of. Goods. 

Notice lo Saloon Keepers. 

I AH vPBdori In spiritunun, vinoui or n"«lt 
■ Mqnorf are hereby nut iflod nnt to vrlt or ifi\e 
»• r'ot<-r PcbufTcp, in any quantities whatever,, rinoii* or inalt lifjuont avheii 
an habit uftl-rtninknul, and miit violation <»f 
tbli -rc|^^wilI be prosccufeU t«' tba full ex- 
tent of the taw. 

Cba!itta«a«n,July Ulst I8S«. 


Billiard H«ll 





— :0:— 
Tliia new hotel, will be opea f or »cM» 

arfation of travelera 

SEPTEMDKn, 1, \m\ 
i4i<i»itHated nearl/ oppoiit* th« Court 

Cmaki. . . j|,„. 





\\t fallfp fernllr. Wacoma. 


PuMntm) ev. rj IhurfitHT by 

. L. and F. E. DU T 1 T, 

Kditor;- ami f ii MikIhtn 

iv III*' Hoii.M" of Ht'pipsriitiitivi's, 
•fh con'^n-ss, aftt-r Marih 4tli, 
^;?. then- will 1),- 134 Ifepuhli- 

iis. aii<l IIU Dt^inotrats. 

- ,. ., — 

Oi K Stiitt' L»^a;islatiire iiieots t)u 

"nii.»r.\ Stli. A V . '>. Senator i< 

!•<• flt*)ti'(1. a fact that will lend 

.•i>'-;t to the ;ratlu*riiig of »iir lo- 


'""" i<B.^.«|^ 

» !.e 'J, 

■i .fJi 

'- --ii'-JiKcr 

s State. 



Mr. Mix I.ft on Wed i..s,lay for t.,\i>;i ;.,| ;o^.,J „„,,],. 

er and sovi'nil brothers. In lii.s ah- 
sence Geo. X. lIou.<;hfon will take 
«har-e of the Farmers' Bank, and 
Dr. Van Krcvelon will t;.ke charge 
of th.' tlruo; .store. We vish Mix"a 
pleasant journey aiid .safV return. 

Aj)plo.s and candit s at lieinecke's. 
Give liiin a ealJ. 

'»' >"<! want -(.met .iii« f,,r 
rhristnias, just go t.ith..,|nij store 
and oxaniine tluit, lap.,"* Jusortinent \ 
of boys' tool chest.' 
'••>^'-s. china cups, va-es, card 
• '".i>, ilbunis and tov^ by th« 
' '.; I, ,.,.]. 

f«.:e „„e.e«n,e »,K nr.l oomiuee j«„r,elf olthe ,rcat l.argaius otVered to .vo„. 

^'<?rv IfespecffuHj, 


We w««i4J reapeclfully inform the pub- 
lic thnC we hare latrly opened a flrnt 
<:li<s xaloon aixl hj||jard hall, and cons 
coir«t'jntIy kit-pon hand n Ure" i«t«ck of 
chtnce wjii«.<«, tiqimr* and cijara. The 
heat nf hrer alwoyn on tap. We aUo 
•ill «hi<>kcy hr lh<> gallon at the Tery 
lowr»t poHivihlr ficnrra 



J. F. Dillcy, Propr. 

Mi nil. ! 



Al£» A5»iitfi>rthe CortlMd, Now Ywk 

tW^ hare a aupplj of L»abtr Wag^ai 
and iHn|^L\V.i|rona on hand of mj ow« aiak* 
whiah Twill »eli aa cheap aa the •h«ap«a% 
warnnt«d to be irat claaaia arary rMpt«t. 

I ana-ftlao areat for the MUbrated C«r» 
land^ Xew York Matfom ^prisf Bsfffy 
jmxt tk»«Uas f»r family um. whisk I wil, 
•ell Terr chaapa»< warraai. 

iW Sh«pab«r« Barthtl'toSftUvn. 


Mrs Charles Gootze i.s on the river for a fe.r d...ys and tie 

.ck .but we hope to hoar of young folk.s have been eij.l^^ 

her recovery soon. r. ^ • «-"j",)ing 11. 

V V ■ ■ , . Djed— On Tuesday 3Iornin.. 

hselmc IS paying cash for all Nov 2S(h Mrs. Ilarth w 1^ i^l 

kinds of wood. ChristJM. Tln..n c "'/^"*' "' 

e , . , ,. , tiiri.stian IJarth, Sr., and mother 

J5cluiinm I.s leading the pork mar- of I- rank Ihnth. Mrs. B l,.„| 
^''^' I been an invalid for many "years, 

Snow about five inches deep and ^^^^} ''^'' ^^f'^ih causes much sorrow' 
we are happy. 

Gottlieb Eden. 

Tl)6 '*.M«;rt:h;int.<«" in now prepared for 
b'.MiiniiKa. If you want iinquare meal, and 


Itetail Denlfv hi 



» cUnn l>ed .itop with me, second doorEaat *"" ' ^"^ "P*"**' ""♦ " ••I'len'IM ■'t.iclr o f 
of "lIcraM Block." Ket Hjaky WliMkr. wkitl. I hiU r*tr.U f.j itn, 

iraUoo, ntwbwtt»a|.> i>riiv>.s. 

Mix, the druggist, ha.s a large 
and well .selected as.sortment of 
Htdiday goods, which he is selling 
nt bottom pr.-ces. (Jive him a call 
and fanvince yourselves. 

... ^ LndwigSutheimer, sold to George 

f l' ^vork , sutheimer lots 3 & 4, block 35. iu 

I.' l?S_ r-fir«l 1 , . ., ' 

this Village for 5»80. 

t'lias. Henning & Co., are still 
in: king the "fur 

Hhc was buried last Tuesday from 
the Catholic Church. The' family 

have the .sympathy of all in theil- 

brMe"!'.'l w"7 "','■'"■'' "■'"' ''•' -••■'Wishna.nt. Tl„.v :,re ,„lli„g 

I;::':..:; ",r:::r w."H,r'i:; ":! ri f '""cr r";;' -•-^•■^ 

\)NtfUK»s assembled last .Mon 

..and after the usual n.utine )„;;/.■ 'i Vi' "'''•\""- '''"''' 
iness incident to the opening of. " ' "^^ *^ i-rtu.pants. Alle.t ! 
•libeiHtive hodv. adjourned out ' . *''" ^"•"•l^'""*^ ♦»"",' by the i 

•sjM'ft to ihe nieiiiory of 

I l'(.ys. 

r pdegratf. member from Olii.s 1 u',T f 7" V''""^ «^^"'^^i-» to I 
., ._ ■ ' : "IS -f"«k ol rlothin.r ..h,i,„:..„ ^^ 

nth drr.-:is.'<l 

clothing, claiming to 

IXTatertown Items. 

niF.i,_()„ M(mday, Nov. 20,th 

XVorwood Items. 

Wheat xis looking up. 
Pork is/coining into market free- 
l.v. Our merchants are jmying the 

^■^'••yl'ighest market price and draw 
tiy Irom their trath- from n.any miles. 

Mr. .McL-od, our worthy teac]:er 
has returned from Minneapolis, h. - 
proved in health, and our schot 1 s 
again in full blast. 

Dr. was called to hold an 
inquest on the body of a Mr. Mc- 
Guire, who died very suddenly at 

Aimual Clearing Out Sale ! 

To rope in the unwary, or to get rid of old, shelf-worn goods. 

but I intend to 


"« o 

f'-i run |i«rif \ 
■ri.'i.t . ■■ 

Imrn'a ' 

Wt l/,i, 

4th f ■• 



(II annual message of the Pre- 
it was submitted to Congress 
"Monday It u< said to be a 
iies> )il<,. diiciiiient and con- 
ing many v iliiable recommen- 
UV will publish it in 
next week. 

j have the largest .stock in the coun- 

1 t.v. He makes a specialty of bij; 

n» otticial vote fm- Members of men's suits, having a full line run- 
grets, w«s made at the Gover- ' "'"f^ ♦•om 4'» to 4H. Hi. jjne of 
rti<''. in St.i»aul. last .Mon-' flunks, hoods, dolmans, ji ul ladies' 

dress goods is complete in every 

Hcbeiscu ^ Drill areclc.ining the 
decks prepanitoiy to making a lit- 
tle music for the boys in I he mach- 
ine line next season. >ick. the 
resident agent. Js an honest man 
and we should, as a vilhaije. throw 
i our influence in hisfav.»r! VVc rec- 
ommend tho lirm toalhvho want 
stjuare bargains. 

MI 1 ji .• 1 1' . '.'uire, wno ftiea very stiddenlv Mf 

r. .lohn Crawtord. Funeral took a' ^U, v« r .'\\""'*'^"^ "^ 

.1 T 1 .^ .. r. . "»PP" isie. > erdict of lurv hearf 

place on Tuesday at tliP Sivo.In ,• jui^^.ntari 

There is considerable sickness of 
of a diphtheric nature in this vi- 

place on Tuesday at the Swede Hw«..«.. 

(hurch. Key. Mr. Satterlee, of 

Minneapolis officiating. Mr. Craw- 

ford leaves a large circle of friends. • •. , 

The l>ereaved family have the lieart- ' n" ;V , *'^ '"'^^ ''""'S well und. r 

felt sympathy of the entire eom- ' * '• ^"''''' ''"'"^"• 

nuinity. The Sweedish congrega- All kinds of Christmas goods and 

tion have the sincere thanks of the ; toy^ at the drug store and verv 

family and friends for the use ofi^^^^P- Oo and see them and be 

the church for the funeral. j convinced. 

.M \KKiKn— On Tuesday. Xov. j We regret to learn of the serious 
21st. Campbell to Miss Mary j of Mr. Tho>. Hankenson's 
Hnyle, in the Catholic Church at j eldest daughter Nellie. We hope- 
Watertown. Congratulations. j that the loviug care and attention 

The residence of Mrs. Noonan, ! bestowed upon her wil! meet with 
two miles nortli of ^\'atertown, on ! success. i 

the Delano road burned down on I -^- 


The Watertlpwn Mail Konte: 




Finest Dress Goods 

in the 

lit- i.iM article in ine rtumuy s ice was too great n. ^^ '^ "*'^" '•^'^^ Tliursd; 
Press regurding the temptation for our young people to I " "^^^y l>leasant time. 

es Wf Wnilli) Siiv <ibvfrvn *Iw. ..^^.^. l i rni _ i- i . i • , . 

would say. 
Herald has 

County Finances. 

reply iq the last artiT- 

•^v tinances, we 

e editor of th 

"ti-rest in the same, one way or 

ther- We gave the negative 

. If our school districts and 

»)fficers wish their fumls f rans- 

l t.; «.. ■ v^. 

ill i lied, II ;),. \ it., . \\ I ,.!> 

-Mistie.l if oidenbime at a dis- 

'*• h\i\'njdf»itff^ we arc not 

P. Haniiberg has the finest.stfK'k 
of jewelry, watches and i locks in 1 Tuesday morning, lonsuming near- } 
the county. He also has m A No. "" " ' " - ■ ■ 

1 stock of hardware. 

Our lake is i:t>arly close I. 

Sun.lay's ice was too great n. 

ly all the contents of the house. 

Th» property was insured for ^1.100 

There was a social hop in Kohl- 

er's hall Thursday week, and 





observe the com!uaiidmeiit.s. 

All who wish their skates sharp- 
ened, call on Sehadcgg & Kohler. 
who have an emery Avhcel set up 
esjecially for that purpo^ •. 

J I'll Pil'er foi k advantage of 

Mik>; /aliier Lus iioM|||)PlP one 
thousand barrels of beer lirm! Lis ! 
l>rcw:vv the v^'-i \ OT. 


The light sleighing tends to in- 
crease business in the village; also 
made "fun for the boys." 

Bishop Ireland, of St. Paul, was 
in town over Sunday. 

DiEn AJiss A'aiy TTeidricks, 

d .. filter of ,!. ]', li-:,dn,-l <. r 
hi- 1» wil f :j.. I n S. t!..i?jiv. '': 

20. Kuiicrui took place iLe follow- 
ing Tuesday. 

Skntin*-' has br>eii 


The P. 

ington, ha 

for carrying thc*inail from Chaska 
via Oberles Corners to Waconia 
and Watertown, said bids to be 
handed in to the i)ost master ahmg 
said route on or i)efo>p Dec 15th 
1882, and all bids lo be accompan- 
ied by a good and suUicient bond 
for the fiiithfiil performance of said 

the p. Ul. 
».i of ti.<.« 



not, be misled, 

go to the Cash Sale 








^^lUx] flcvatd. 

JLt A P. K. DL'TOIT. Publishers. 

M-I ^ 

The Annual Mef^ge. 

l»rfSHlent Arthur Infornift Oon- 

gress ami tUe Country at 

Large the Situation 

of Our Aflulra 

Tb« BnBine»« of ali tfce DepartmenU 

of the Oovetament Cle*rly 

Epttomtxed by the 


bonndarr diipnt* nowpatKHnnb^wtent-jBtre- 
publio by the Bi tii^ pui-B-M o . of Sierra Leon. 
The reciprocity troaiy wuh Uftwai w.U I icome 
terni.u»blo i«fter Sept. 0, 1883, on two»onth«' 
notico by rliber p»rty. Wftile oerUin Drorl- 
alone of tli»t oompeol mey »i»Te proved orver- 
on*. its esisieuce b»< foetere-J commor. ml re. 
latioue wUlcb it ia imporUnt to preeerve. { luj? - 
gest, tUorefore, tb»t »n early coiwidem lod be 
Ktvpn to encb modiflcet'.one of the tre ity ae 
tvem to be d«me«*led by the intereeU of (jur 
ptniu.i.^I»-ii'-i* "if. oar iDcreesiag tnc* wiUi 
bo i. tlayii au't ^an Domioifo, 1 adris* that 
prcv»l«»i b» male fbtdiplooaetio Inter aonnre 
w.'.u Xti» Utter bv eLfarjftug to' ecope if the 
n>ittr,ion. At PotiU Prinoj I regret lh»t 
ooria.u oliMiB* of Aeaencaa citia«ns »«*i ui the 
govnrPtncnt of lUyti LtTs ihJ:<t far been urged 

jfJr fmrroTlTHf the Public S«r- 

wico anU the Welfare ot 

all the People. 

A rcc^tit agre'^nieul wifti Mexico proTi lee for 
ilio crmeiuB <>f ■nofroiiU^rby t';e armoi forcee 

— jf either «i%iiUXiiU>iu^»'"' *' i"***'*"* 1° OJy 

M -M«^ ItocannnCIUlAllon*- mri».s»'af ^asryear. I called atteaiiou to the 
— -^-- — - — ... .- - nr'svaler;! lawiisaufH on tbe borders and to 

ToiKios irriiEs rotsT xaiuTED. 
To the Seattle aud Hot»e of Be^reeentttivce 
of the United States: It is provHed by tua oon- 
atitatioa that the pro.ldeni.eliali from time to 
time give coiigreee Information of the etata of 
the UiiJoo, a:id recoaimonU to'ttieir oonaiJera- 
tion ench meaeurei. t* be iball Judga necwiarv 
aaJ exvedieet m roriewing the evpuis of the 
y^M which iMw eUpsed emce tba cuuimeuee- 
meat «f voir eeesion. I flret ca.l your aliea- 
Mtu to the gratifying oondition of our fureign 
.sffnira. Onr tnleroooree with oth^r powers ba» 
waUnaed to U- of the moet f rioudly character. 
Wash slight differeccee aa have arisen during 
the year bare been already aettled or are ikily 
to reach an earlv •djintmont. The arrest of 
citizeu* of the Unliod biaU-e in IreliuJ oudor 
receut laws, which owe their origin to t^e ilia- 
tarbed oo^dition of that country, h\s lad to a 
lioraewhat extearied correapouduucd with tha 
govofowjeal-of Great Uritain, and a «lii«ro»»tiou 
to respect o«r rightehaabewu nraci'.ici.iy UttU- 
ifesttd ty the releeeo of the arrested partie*. 
The claim of the nation in ri>.;ir>J t-> me nu- 
perveinn and cjntro t€ any int.-r.cea«iii': 
canal aoroe* American isuimus ha« cyun:iued 
to be th« •abject of conference It is like) v 
that flmo will l»t> m.»ro poworf ill tbai di-sooe- 
•ion lu reinoTiug the diTergonoe lietween the 
two nilione wh«re friend-Hhip is so closely 
oemented by tho iatixnacy of their 
relatione and the oomtBunity of their inltreeta 
Our long (.Hiabiishe'l fiiood'fuexe with KuMia 
ha^ remaaedunbTolion. It hae prompted me 
to proffer tlje earnest oounael of this eorern- 
ment that mea^nrea ba adopted for enpyreee- 
Ing the proeonption which the llebn w raoa In 
that country haa late y suSerod. It Um not 
traaepired that any American oiiieen Iiaa been 
Bubjocted to arreat or iujury, but onr conr- 
taoss remunatrmnce baa DeTerthaie<ta beca 
ooorteously rsceiyed. There ia relief iu th» 
belief that'tho time Is not far distant when 
Rusela will be able to secure toieratjou to al! 
faitha within herborder*. 


bold It Paris 

.be neoei'aity of leg;»l»lioQ for jmppiMsioa 
I agaiu lurita ibe aftoiiUon of cougre- 1 to th« 
suMaot A |>arUiU relief from theeo mtchlefa 
b:i« be*'J songbt lu ft ooDTeaiioD, whuhnow 
1BC9 the 8T'Pro*»l P* ^^^ »e«»te, aa t) oes an- 
other loucbing lUo eatalU'bnieat of tb i in»er- 
aaiional bouadary Utwecn ihe Unite 1 SUtea 
and Mesica If tae is raufled, th. > action 
of ooncreee will be required for eetallishlug 
(Uitabie commia-ijna of survey. The bouod- 
iry diavnte beiwees Mecioo and Ouate- 
tnala, which led this governm «ut to 
nroffxr Ita friendly ooun*ela fc both 
partit-e, haa b«en amioably wttled. 
No change baa oocurred In our relatio la with 
Veutauola. I agaiu luvoKo your actio on the 
matter of the pending awarda asaiuat that re- 
jiublir, to which roferenoe was niaiu b ' a spe- 
.;lai message from the executive at y^ur laat 
seasioo. A'l iurilatic.i has been receiv a from 
the governmeiit of Vencaiiela to eeo. I repre- 
sentatives la July. IK'SS, to participutt la the 
jeiitcnuial celebration of tho llrtb of J«;ivar, 
ihe founder of South Ameiicau in Upjndeuce.^ 
[n conneri.m with tlio evmit. it ie do? gned to- 
^ommoiioo the ere^'Clion «tCara(!C«a of » statue 
nf Wujhingtoi;, Mi.l to coadniv. an itiJustnal 
^x»;ll iioii.wbic I will hfopput^Aoerir mprrii- 
iict;). I fe«ine»t timf tho UmiIlmI Ktate* L 1 reiif*"- 
'euttt'.sud that suitaM'; T \m i ladu for 
tii6 elevation of onr qnleeioo In Centri 1 Amer- 
ic;i, the pltnipotooiUry rank of wliioh 
whi -h c«a »uthorl«ed by congress at ita Iftte 
fe'eerlou amd has been iinoe etfectevi. 
oniu, FKau 4>T> Boin I*. 
'I ho war butween Peru acd BjliTlf «n the I 
oldc, and Chili on toe other, began m ire than 
throe years ago, on occupation b> Chili in 
1«80 of all the littoral territory ot Bolivia. 
Seaotiationa for peaceful sottlement v ere oon- 
dnoted under tho direotiona of th» United 
biaiesu The allies refaaed to contede any 
territory, but Chili has since becom! master 
of tho whole coast of both oouulriea, «od of the 
cai'ital of Peru a year sinoe.a-i you bav » already 
beou adviacd by correepondeuce tra ismltted. 
to ytm In January last This govermaeat sent 
a epeclal miseion to the belligerent i owora to 
eiprees the hope that Chl.l would be disposed 
to accept a money indemnity for tho expenaee 
of the war, and to relinquish her de natid for 
a portion of the territory of hor ansagoDlata. 

From Tjroflta on cotnare, bal'.lon 

<Jo|)o»tt» «nd afairs 

Prom Indian tru»t fund 

Orom deposi-s br lEd>ridaala for 

torrovtna pablie lands ' 

Fri.ui r«T<-eaM of the Ulsinct of 


Fruffi iiiWceilaaecos sciutcea 

Total ordinary recelp's 403,525.550 C9 

The ordinary expendituree for ihe same pe- 
riud wus:. 

Ftrdvil cTneesesk 

F<'r«i(B iaierooorsc 

I'r Indian* 

For panel o'>«....« 

Fcr the miiitsry •atabIUhra*nt, 

irrdu'ttic rH>r and harbor Im- 

pror«imsDTsaQ<< ar<eniil 

For naval estahilH: ta-nr, tnrlo- 

•I'g vp!5pI«, Ei'cUicrrv avd 

lmiroTiai«?Dtn at ctvy T:tr \t. . 
Fr.r jcl.«c«U«oeou» ei^mditor-'S. 

IncIU'lin? public building". li«ht 

h<ju»eii au'l coit-clos rev aue. 
Fr.r Miisiidil'jrcs ou iccuuul Of 

the District of Columbin 

F(.r !a'.^r«st OD tha public dabt. 

lotaJ ©KlinaryMT^odltBTW.. r-»7.t»St,4»9 .^7 
t.»«TlnsafnrpIn»reve3oeof — 14.'>.^43.<410 7! 
U'btcb. with an smouot drawn iroin lb>- 

-a^;! ba'ance In 'hx tr.'aiurr ut .t2(>.737.»JU4 84. 

mnk;: •.' ■«i66.2S1.505 5.^, wj« aiTlttd: 
Tc rU.' rc'i.opM.n of boud» for 

th"ilng:a8lUDd $00,070.150 00 

Of rric'-ioaal rnrrfoey for the 

•InklacinnJ.... 5.703..'V53 mi 

Of ioatisof Ju!v«id AUifilst. Ibrtl C'-'.S7J,0;')() I'O 

OfloKjof Mjrch. lS-.:» 4.47-M»l)0 (><j 

Or fiiMJed Ipsi -.( iHdl 37.iW.4r.O Oj 

i)f loan i)f 1HJ!< lOo.tiOO 00 

ori.'juof Fi-b.udrv. i«Ki...... :;oj.o<jo 00 

O: n>c-!*euHes of !•*«•.' XlO.oixXHi 

OM;vf-twentlM<.f 1SG4 Ti'MWO 00 

O" ve-twTiites I f 1«0» 65<>,0«JO oo 

or-m-fvT ijeof lt"54 254.550 00 

Of coo«)ti of IS©:. B0.450 10 

CJ:c«nsolsof l'««7 /> . 4(»e.250 0« 

Of crnaoliof 18,i!j ^'iiJl^^ ^ 

O: OrrBODwardeur 675.250 00 

O: okl druiaad. eodpon-id luter 
rat and other nr>(«a 

4. UC. 093 73 
5.7ti5.243 23 

S.052,806 36 

3.3<)3.445 43 

^n.04 2,386 42 

l.:iM7,5«a 10 

173,674 OO 

61.345. 1U3 US 

43,570,494 19 

15.032.046 ■.•« 

84.530,237 SO 

3.330.543 R7 
71,077.'-t>6 7'J 

I nnrt nno and flnallv. ea hiSn been alrosdr i fmltlees lnro*HgaUon learee little doubt the 
OOO.OOO and nn»'»T. •■ ,„^^_,^ - _ .^j, -n it« members tisrished in t!;e ssa. Ai i 

ifc^ed "$J20rO«<\000. The income fr. tt, this 
iervici for .he r«r wbicn w.ii «ua on 
jTune^O. 1883. »ill doubt:... l^ c^n. aeraWy 
in excesi^ of tne sum last meuuoned. If he tax 
on domestic aptilta is to be retained. It la 
plain! therefore, that large rednctiooa 
frym the cnstoma reveuue ars ea- 
tirclv feasibia Wh.le rocouimendiog tliis 
raduotloa, I am far from advwlng the 
abandonment of the policy of aodii-cr^minatlug 
m the adjustment of detail, as to »fford aid 
and protection to domosiic labor. But the 
preeont sva-em abould be ao revised aa to 
eanaiUoihh public burden among all eiassei 
and occupations, and bring U Into cloaer har- 
mony with the preeeut neeJa of indnetry. 
\Mthout enieriup luto mi^aite Jo;aiU, whlcu, 
nnrter preient circumatacces, i- quite uiiuec- 
eaaary 1 recommend au eniargemeut of tue 
free trade lUt so aa to include wiibin it the 
numerona articles wh oh yield in con.ldeiatle 
I revenue, a himpalidiiuu of tue ecm- 
plox ard lnoon8iat«ot .chodulo of dntie* upon 
oeruia manafactures, pijtioularly th->ep ou 
oottoo. iron and steel, and a *nbetaotIal rt-dno- 
ttoa of the dniioe npoa tbese ai tides and tnwn 
angar, molasaes, Jl.k, wool and woolen goods. 
If a general revuiou of tlin Ur.ff ahall be 
fonnd to be inprac.icable at itl* sataion, I ex- 
preei the hove that at least soma of 'hu more 
conspicuous iDiqnautiea i.f 'be present law 
maybe oorrecttd before yunr final adj^miu- 
meiit. One of ihem Is tsueciil.y refo :t?.l to 
by the secreUrv ; lu view of the recent decieion 
of the supremo ocur', the niosseity of ameud- 
ing the law bv which the uuiiea on standard of 
color ia adopted as the t«ai of the eacchirioe 
Bu-ii-tu uX eugars is too obvious to require 


18.350 00 

Xoial .•..)|l«C-,28l.5«« 55 

roaEio:r oommf.bok. 

The forelzu c.imuiorcu uf 'he United Statee 
tlnriiig tiio Utt dscal y"r. inu'u.ling imp.tite 
;iu1 exports ijf' atjd spoci*-, waaas 

Ksportsof merehandlee $ 775,074_.C72 

87<»cie 4!VU..t7» 

. Total 

IniV'TTiOf m<»rec«nill#« 

... 42.472.3-0 

Total »767.Ul.tMJt 

Exc^=s cf expert, ovtr import, cf 

m-rcbandisa Bua »;)-clf »o/.J<w,/B/ 

ihia excess isles-, thaa it ha. beau b-foro 

any <>f the previous six y»ara, aa appeara by 

ihu fil ow;n„' labia: 
Yrar »oiitd }ja>- 3<>— Eice»s of aiports over tm- 

^,77 :5l!ir-J,<>!>t ItfHl a.i».71i,749 

i?79 ■••:::'J57;ilVJ34lJSfa2 a7.t»7».787 

^yrb *JU4.ti6i,06«il 

At an intorcational ooiiveut;oa uo.u..»».— a poriion oi iu« iwniivi» v»» »•«" - — o 

!n 1880 and att-^nded by representatives of the j^^^ recommendation, which Chill c! icUned to 
rr.,!....! sr»tM an agreement was reaohetl ia | f^no^ tbig g,»vernmont did not assti mo to en- 

m loot* ana nvr^uucij u> ^^/J.. ^~.- 

United Statee aa agreement was reaohetl 
respect to '.h» protection of trademark., p.".U 
ente* articlea and the tights of manufacturing 
flrma and corporation*. Tho formulating iuP) 
treatise of the recommendations thus adopiad 
la receiving the attention which it merits. Tbo 
protection of a«hmartae oables to a subj-ctnow 
Mder coasldoraUon by an Internatioaal cou- 
ference at Paria. Believing that it is dearly 
tho true policy of this government to favor the 
nentraiiaation of this means of Intercourse, 1 
reqneatod onr miniater in France to attend the 
oonvenHon aa a delegate. lalao deai&nated two 
of otir eminent ecientiata to attend as roprt- 
■entatives at the meotiig of an International 
ooromittee at Paris for oonsideriug thu adop- 
tion of a common tmlt to measure electric force. ] 
In view of the frequent oeeurrenoe of oonfer- 
eneea for tiie consideration of ImporUut nsat- 
tera of eommou Interest t» eivili«e<J nations. I 
Tsspecifully sngsest that tho ex.cutiv6 be in- 
Teated by congress with dlaereiiooary power to 
e«nd delegatea toanoh ooaventions, and that 
provision be made to defray tha expouse* iooi- 
deut thertta The difforouce between the 
United S»atee and Spain as to tho effect of a 
Judgment and cerfifloate of natnrall«*tiou baa 
not vet be*a adjusted, but It is hcped an-! be- 
lieved that the negoiiatioua now In 
progreea will result in tho bstablish- 
mtat of the position which seem to 
th'a ff-.-ornment ao rewotiabJe snd jn»'. 
I have already csHed the attentior of c<iogre«. 
«o the fael rhal In the porta of Bpiln Md bpanish 
«olonitfe, oi>erca. fin«e have Uiel* fcma iin- 
pcsfd npoa vsssols of the United Siatas for 
trivial t««:hnioal oflf-T:.*ee against local regn- 
lallone. Wort* for the abatement of these 
exactions have thua far proved uasaeoessful. 
I regret to inform yon also that the f*** de- 
manded by Spanish cousula in Aiuerican ports 
are la some oases so large, when compared 
with the value of the cargo, as to amount iu [ 
effect to a coosiderable export duty, and that 
our remDnstranoes in this regard have not as 
yet reeeired the attention wt fch they d«eervA | 
The German government ha* inv.tod the | 
United States to participate in au international | 
exhibition of domestic citile, to be held in 
Hambnrg in 1883J If thle country in to bo 
represented it i. impoitaBt ttial in the early 
days of this seesioat ootigraaa should make au 
appropriation for tuat purpoeet The death i 
■of Mr. Marsh, our late minister to 
Italy, haa evoked from that govern- 
ment expressions of profound respect for 
hn exalted character and for his houorable 
career in tiie diplomatic service of hi4 couutrv. 

The Italian fnvdrninent has rased a questiOL 
as to tfee pr«j)tiety of reoofnizing in bl» dual 
capacity the representative of this country re- 
«eBtly aocreiUied both as secretary of legation 
and a^ consul general at Rome. He haa been 
recev.'cd as secretary, bat his eiequater as 

eoBsnl general has thn« far been withheld. 


furce, nor can It be enfiTC^d without resort to 
measures which would b», in keeping neither 
with the temper of our people, no* with the 
spirit of onr iueUtntiona The power of Peru 
no longer extends over its whole ters itory, and 
in theoToatof our int.rferenceto die ate peace, 
w<3 would Ad to be Bipulecaentedb) the army 
and navy of the-Uoitad States. FuehlnUr. 
ferouoe wonld almost InevtUbly lead to 
tho establishmsnt of a pr iteotorate, 
a result utterly at odde with onr pist policy, 
injurious to our present intereete aud full of 
embarassments for the future for tb» tormina- 
tiaa of hostilities on terms at once just to the 
1 vietoiious natioa and generous to be adver- 
j sary. This government haa eparod no efforta 
I save 8uoh as might iavoive the cortpllcailaus 
I which I have ladioat^i It is groatiy to be de- 
plr rad tbat Chili seems rtsolvert to exact ench 
r.gorous conditione of peace and In lisposed to 
submit to arbitration the terms of an amicable 
sottlemout. No peace is likely to be 
that la not suflciently equiuble sod just to 
command tha appn val of other na Ions. 

THIPKOPOorit PEi.CE 00SC;i.E88. 

About a year alnoe iLVitattons we -o exterdcd 
I llie nstiors of thii continent to seni roprteen- 
' ttttivea to a peaoe congress to fsserabie %\ 
I V.'ftfihiogton In November. 1S8V. The time of 
u;ee'lng was tlxed at s nertod then r smote in the 
u.rf. «stJi«) invitation it»3lf deoUred. that in 
V.b meantime the disturbnnces between South 
American republics would beaOJaaUd. As expectation seemed unlikely to be reallzird, 
i naked, in April last, for an ex jresaion of 
opiniou from tha two housee of ccngress as to 
the advisability of holding a convt u'ton at tjje 
time appointed. This action was aromptod In 
part by doubu which mstnre r. flection had 
snggosted whether the diplomatlr asage and 
traditlone o\' *.be goverumeat did not make it 
fltt'.ng that the executive ahouid consult the 
representatives of the people bef. re pursuing 
a line of policy souiowhai novel In Us character 
i.nd far-reaohinx iu its possible cnseqnencfec, 
la Tiow of the fact that no aoUo i was taken 
by congress iu the premises, and 
no protision had been made for 
the necessary expenses, I snbs> qae&tly de- 
cided to postpone the oonTsn*n.»B attd so 
nctifled the e»»erai goternmenu which had 
bean invited to attend. I am nn<rlUing to dis- 
miss this snblf'et withont assnrii g yon of my 
support of any measures tha w.iJom of con- 
gress maw devise for the promotic n of peace on 
this contenent and throngout th« world, and 1 
trust that the time is nigh when, with the nni- 
versal assent of oivilisod peoile^aU inter- 
national difforeneea wiM be deft mined with- 
ont resort to armS by the benignint process of 
arbitration. Changes have occni red in the 


oteeveral foreign powers. Duiing the past 

vear new ministers from tha Arg nitine Reptsb- 

Anstro-Hungary, Braail, Chili, China, 

>-AT10Siit BAysst 
Durina the vear th«r* u^y 
171 national banns, sud of 
there are now ia otnirailon ^-.ow. .. 

uumber than ever before. Th. value of their 
aot4.B In active ciroulaticn on Jn' v 1, IIMJA 
wae SjSaS nM.Atm. I recmmaiid to yoor at- 
tention the .ooretftty'i viuw^ In respc-ot tc the 
Ulieuhood of a aorious contraction of ibis olr- 
culat;o:,. and to the mwlos by frbiob thai reeult 
may be, In hi* ludKm'Jiit, a»crUU. 


In .-.-"sp '•t to the cjiunge of slWer dollars and 
tha rotircioeDt of silver oertiflcaie.. 1 have 
»een nothiog to altar but mnoh lo ooutJrm tbe 
-ontimebts to wbloh 1 gave expression Iwt 
Voar A comparison betwo..u the reepeotive 
;,n3onnts of «.lv«r dolla.s to circuUtj..n on 
NoVBinbe'. 1881. and ou .November. 18«2, 
,h''wa a sligbt Increase of *1.500.tXX.: tut 

dtirinx the Interval there ^^^'l „^'3 '» ^l?* 
whnlB number c.ineil.ari incieaseol ;jJ.iB.OOO,- 
OtKJ 0fthe!B12'i.0(H',000ihnsfarmlatedlit- 
tiomoro than .t35.'KJO.U<)0 are In olrculatiou. 
Tlie mass ot acjurauiated co:u has grown so 
crHatthatthe vault room at present aval able 
for storage Is scarcely snfllcient to contain it 
It is not apparent why it i« desirablo to oon- 
tioue this o'^iinaKe "ow so enormonsly in exoess 
of pnblio domaud. As to tbe silver oeriifloatee. 

THE AllM"« 

m DEEDS aro hxex>& 
Frrtn the report of the eocretary of war 11 
appea.sthat the only outbreaks of Indians 
during the past year occurred in Ar'.xona and 
tbe sonthweetem j art of >"sw Mexioa They 
were promptly quelled, and the qniet which 
Las prevailed in all other parts of tho country 
has permitted euch an addition be made to the 
military force ia the r'gion endangered by 
Apaches that there is little reason to appre- 
hend tronhls in tbe fotura Thoee parU of 
the eocretary's report which relate to our 
s»a coast d'^^teoe and their armament 
suggest gravS^; reflections. Our existing 
fortifioaiions aro notoriously inade^uste to tho 
defvDse of tbe great hirbors una cities tor 
whoae protection they were bnllt. The qufs- 
Umof providiag an armament suliod to our 
present necessities has been a .nbjaot of con- 
si leratiou by a boaid whoae repon was trans 
roitted to ct)Ugree. at the last session. Pend- 
ing the coo.iileratlon of that report tho war 
dt-partment has taken iko et*p« for tiiO maoo- 
faoture or conrer.iou of any heavy cannon, 
but tne eecrfiary expresses the nope that 
means to b»Kin tbat important work will soon 
ba provided. I ln»it« tbe at- 
tentjon of rongresa to the propriety 
of making more 4.i.qnate provisions for arm- 
^ , , ins and equippiiiK Ike rolliii* than i. afforded 

o been organ xed L^the act of »()0, which is sUQ upon the 
il,e«e Institutions ^^^^^ ^^^^ .^^^ ^^ji,,^ i,„ »;„ady been 
a larger ^^^ subject of discussion In the senate, and a 
bill wbich seeks to supply the Jetloienclee of 
existing laws is now upon Its oalondar. The 
aecrstary of war ©all. attention to tho fact of 
an enibarrassmout growing out of tne reoeut 
a0t of congress making tl'O 

BrriiKilEKT OF ojnciKS 
of the army oompiusorv at tho age ot sixty- 
four, while the act of 1878 ia etili iu force, 
which limits to -lOO the number of those who 
can bo reuroU for disability or 
upon their own appluaf.on. The 
two acts when o-^uatrned 'oKether .«em to for- 
bid the rolitviMif, even for absolufi incapacity, 
of ofUcers wh<J iio not fall witUiu th« purviow 
of tho letter of tho elaiuto, eavo at such limes 
as there cLatee to be less ihau 400 iiamca on 
the retired list. There are now 420. It is not 
likely tiiat oousres J iotouJod Ibii lesu.t. and 

r concur with the secretary that the law ought 

all its members parisUed iu V'.o sea Ai a 
slight tHbnte :o their berosm I give in this 
commun'os'i 'ij ttie nam«a of the gaUatit men 
who sicriticed tuair Uvea ou tb" exoudltion: 
Liani C'>D]«Dsnd«r 0*»r«» W. Do Loi^'t Sur- 
geon J. M. Aml>ier ; J. J. Coiling. Huns U. E icU- 
son, Heiuricii Jtaacki, Geo A. UrySc, Wilter 
Lee, Adoliht)ras«ler.CarlA. Oortz.NarsE sev- 
01 •oi>, the eooS Ah, the Intiiu Aloxy. i oo 
■ fficci.-i and men in ti» nr.Miug 
boat wore: Lieutei.ant Cliarlee W. CLipp, 
commncding; William Dnntar, Alfred HweeU 
ma.i \Va.ter .■'h;r!o.l, AUertC KneliuP, EJwia 
star Henry Warren and Peter E. Jobnion, 
L'out. Giloa li. Hirber and Mi«:er Willlaoi IL 
tJcheuU-tUUch are now bringi.ig home the re- 
mains of Lieut De Long and bis comrades. 
It porsuancu of the oirectioas of Ocn^reS^ the 
Kouaers. fitted ont for tha reusf ot tue Jean- 
i.ette. in aoccrdsnce with tbe act of congress 
ofMarch3. 1881, -ailed fi-ora Ban Fraaci.o 
June 10 ui-der c immaud of Lieut. Booei t JL 
Ijerrr. On Nov. 30 she was accidenial.y <!"- 
-troved Ijv fire while in winter quarters ia ».. 
Law'rence' bay. but tbe officers aad 
orew suocetJed In •^•P'"/^, '«„'•'' 
,bore. Lieut. B^^rry and one of his ofBoers, 
af:er makn 2 a search for the Jeaoneito aloug 
.ue 0O.8; 01 Mb«ria. fell i:i witbClilef Eoginuer 
Melville's party, and roiurned by *»7 ''t 
Europe. Ihe other officers and crow of the 
R.dgers were brought irom St. Lawreaoe bay 
bv the whaling steamor Norih atar. Mr. 
Charles F. Putuam, wuo had been ijaced in 
obarne of a depot of euppllea at 0*dj Zir;Uee, 
returning to bia po..t irom 8l Lawreace bay 
acroea in a bliudiug snow storna, was carried 
out to sea and lost, notwithstanding ail efforts 
toresonebim. It appeara by the secretary s 
report that «^.^ 

of the United BUt«« coasists of thirty-seven 
crtiisera. fourtwea sinple-turteted monitor, 
built during tbe rebe'hou, a large numl>er of 
amoothbore guua and Parrot rifles snd eighty- 
aevon r.fled cannon. The oruising vessels 
should begradually replaced by iron or eieel 
ships, the monitors by m'^dorn armored ves- 
sels and the armam-nt by high-power rifled 
guna. Tne recjustruotion of onr navy, which 
was recommended iu my last message, was 
begua bv ooagress anthorii:jg. lu its recent 
aoi theoonetruoaon of t»i large uoarmored 
Mieam vcsssls t»i tbe cUaracor recommended 
by the late navy advisory bM^rd. 
and Bubjsot to the final approval 
of anew aivliory iKiard to bn orijamajJ as 
provid-d bv that act. I csll your utioiiiion to 
ihe recomtnenda'ioa of tho -•cretary of tbe 
bosd Uiat authority be giveu to coustruot two 
more crnlsc-rs ot Mualler d,m vj-ioaa and one 
llaat dispaioh v.;s-*i. sad tbai appropriations 
i>e for high-power rifle 1 cauooii. for torpedo 
a-rvice and lor other narbor defenses. Peod- 
iugoonndir*tionhy oougrots of policy heio- 
a'ler to bo adopteJ in conuoctlnt; the e'.glit 
largo navv yams auo their expeLaive esUo- 
ii-hmect«, tlie secretary aavixiaied a r^diio 
lion of the expendituree there- 
for to tbe lowtat p'j.tJib.e amouu'B. 
tor tlje purpose of affording the olBeors and 
•eamuo of the navy opporiuiutles of txorciso 
and discipline lu tl.oir profeoslo.j noder appro- 
priato control and direcUona. iU3 u.crt.ary 
advl-os that the ligntUoo-*e eervioe and coast 
Btirvev bo traneierred, as n'>w oi (,'amzeJ, from 
tbe treaeurv to the navy deoartment; and he 
»l8oeuKS*''-t-^ 'or the reasou which he assiijos 
that a mmisr transfer may wisely be made of 
the cruisiiig reveuue veeB'jlB. Tbe Kfcretary 
forcibiy depicts the inteiual connooUon auJ 
inter-depoodODCe of the navy sud the 


and invites nf.eut:. -a to tiit> oo-tluued d^a 
denceof tbe latter and the oorra^ponding 
tranofor of our growing commerce to foreign 
bottoms. This subjoot is one of the utmoet 
»mportauoo to national welfare. M'itUods of 
reviving American ehipbuilding auii of restor- 
iL J tne Uuited States flag in the < oean-oarryir.'/ 

. tricts for fixing the fees of wltnessei and 
' Jurors. In my r>9S8ige of December last, I 
' referred to peaJiiig crimiatl proceedings 
• grown g out of sl'eijeii frauds in what is Unowa 
ias the star route sei vice f t':e post-iffi-e de- 

partment, and advised y u that I had tt.jomed 

'to the for'naes of an inli^idPd 
It matters little to the people at arpe 

■ comp-tent person is at ;l;a bead of iim Jf Vr.- 
Sor that bureau, it tbey feel awnr^d that 

: Te removal of one and the access Ion of •.- 
other will not involve the retirement of hoLest 
and faKl f"l -ubordiua-.. wbo,e duties ai. 

Minnesota Newj^ Notes. 

upon the attorney geuculaada^oclate conn- I ^e^adniln-^ra^e^^^^ 

sel. to whom the iuui-e^t< of the governinent conue-.tioa wun . ,^.., ,.v,. ,!.-»-. narv 

were entrusted, the uuty of prosecutug, 
Kilb the ntmo.^t cf I'w 
all persDUS who misjht be fonnd 
cbsrgeable with thoe oreusea. A trial of on« 
of these cases bas einr, osourred. It occu- 
pied for maov weeks t! a attention of the eu- 
prame court "of 'iiis <^..y ict and was conducted 
wit'i great z*»l anc ability. It resulted m a 
disagreement of the ju^v. but the cause has 
again been plsced upon ths calendar and will 
sborHy bd retried. If any guilty man shall 
finallv escipe punishment for these oiTdusus 
ifvuinot bsfor lacn <{ dhigeni and urgent 
work of the prosecution. I trust that some 
agreement will be reaciiol which will epeedny 
ai 1 congress, with the ooncurrence of the sx-, to aff'rd the commercial oommaaity 
the benefit of a national bankrupt law. 

mrn'oirleVor the eiiccss. ^^' ^''}' ^'''''f; L*^l 
Sr faciior:. It Is to ihis latwr olaas cf offleer.. 

^J^;^^;;nate biiito *i.K^^t.^^::«, '^-^^^^y 

,- r./i! 

t'-' •I 


ucDiAK ArPAins. 

The report of the secretary of the interior, 

with its accompanyiLg documeat«, presents - 

full statement of tbe varied ope'rat 

derarimaut la reipeot to Indian affai 

ing has occurred which has cbansed 

ously modified tbe views to which I dovo.od 

much I"! ace in a former communication to oon- 

gresd. I renew the recommendatione therein 

oontaiood aa to ex ending to the Indiana the 

provi.ioua of law »liotii; g Und in severalty to 

•fcucb as utserve it, and making ani^le provi- 

aion for the oducatoo of Indian youth. Buch 

provis'ioa, the aecretary malntaina, will 

prove unavailing nclees It is broad 

cDoUKh to inoiada all tboite who are able and 

w iMX to mak.' use of it ani should not ewely 

relate to intellectual traiuiug but also to 

instrucdon in sucb manual isoor aad 9imt>.a 

in^u^tiiil arU as oa:: bo made praouoally 


Among other iiiiportaui eubj.jote which are 
lucnded iu tbes'cretary'e report and whicU 
wdl doubtless furnish o.?cai?ii.n for oongice- 
-ijual action may be luout.oued; tho 

State Prtwmere Pardoned 

Capt.J. A. R«?ei. w=-^en of t!.- i^niten 
tiarye'.StilWat«. 'report' to tiie s^cr.tary 
of state the I^Uowing P--::'*^ 'f »^^ 
under Tirtue of ex«:utive olein-ncy lo.- thv 
69cs3 year, ctidiup Nov. SOf 

tt-.ithaeenate billto we i ..." -.--«,- . Thomas 'Vv-'-aU, ^^•'><"• 

oferrea«c'u8ivelv»pplioe*''>ill«r'sith«rth*t vears for bur^i."^; v''' • ' 

bfl nor any other>rom.aer,t .e^.-me for ic-- Sentence would L v.- 

prolog the civil nervico eonceias tl.^ Chiirlcs P.. Mim3. 

,hi''her grade of oCi>.-:al« who ar^ ^ eTnr.mlei.icir ; 

ii.i thiTfour vears imm«»d;dteiy precodinK Mr. 
I ^'a'rll'td'-'aca^l^lon to ths pvesidency .as 
i 2 GnO Of this number, -'44. or y i er i ni , 
' r/vclred tne removal of pr^vioue iiicumbe:.t.< 

The' r«o,'of removal, to tbe -Uoi. .umber ., 

mtinia there were 85 removals, ir 8^ ^^r 
Sn^ in the third, with 4S0 i=ppo.ntu.ent- 
S were 48 removals, or 10 P^r c-i . l-. 
the fourth, with 4-^0 arpointm.nts, th.r. ^ ^r. 
47 removaia, or ^•.G per cent; in tho f ..' 
* onCof President Garfield's administrtti... 
.-r» were 390 appoinimenta soj 8.' 
t .uovals, or 227 per cent f^'''='-> 
thj same number of removal-. Ml» '-a* 
awn p^aciTthe fourteen months which have 
since elaried. but they constitute >..>•» por 
ceuVof th. Whole num»>er of appoint.u.nt^ 
mwlth.nihat period an>l v-*^ tbau -'6 of 
ThTentiro list of officials. 3.4-0, exciueiv. .f 
the anny and navy. whicU is mkd by vresl- 
deutia. ipi-intment 1 loolare my api roval 
1 of soch (ipls.atiou as may be found «'<"-^«Y';^ 
for supplanting tbe exi.tiug provi.-,ion*. of law 
Ln reiauon to 


In Jnlv last 1 »utt.onz«<i a iul)lic aniionnoe- 
meni ' that i.-mploye. of the governmeiit 

:ijual action may be luout.ouao; mo , mem mav '-"'l'/"-"^-- 7 ;~' t l.bertv 
of railroad oouii.aniee to wLich larpe grants - f should regard themselvoa Ss »» l^'*^"' . 
01 raiuoau « uii ..» !,»«•> -n,. 1>««4 ,.^„.i^ t(,.-«r niuaeure in lusking or . 

u be amended 

n addition to tha grounds w.uoh seemed laat 

lie. iiliO** W-AAWQW* J, -*.-^.., , . 

I France, Japan, Metioo, the Ne herlaiida and 

Tho extradition oonvention with Belgium 1 Prussia havs preseu.edthoir creloiiiala. The 
■which h*-: been in operaHon since 1874 has 1 missions of Denmark and of Venezue.a at 
bee. iHtely supplanted by -other The senate ■ »J;-ap.tol have been -od-^^'-- ^J-'- 
hassiruifiediUspproTalandratiftcati^nehavs c^iami^ua^^o^^ v^^ y^ ,mbas-y from 

been t uly exchanged between tne contracting i ^j^^^j,|^,p^j^g|j-^.^j„i^e.r f r ,m giam wlil 
count, iei^^'o the list of extra<lltabie crimes | shortly astSH- Oar diplomati) intercourse 
1.-, i_..-_^^^Lj that of tbe assassination or 1 i.«» v..a.^Aitt««> M i i k» tii« — tahti ihmgnt of re- 
lination q( the chief ot (hs 
hsT* biaa opened witb 
^ J to a wWement by tieaty 
■^betber ila oitizeus can f- 
' iiance and b^some citiMOS o( 

, i withoaioboinlng perraiedon 

ot the awifc^^ieifemment I am happy to In- 
form ^«libl(|* immigraUon of patipen and 
criDainat Am certain of th* cantUM of 1 
Swiissriahd bas substaotislly eeaeed and j 
is po iouger sanctioned by the authorities 
The considoratioii of thla subject next prompts 
tbe anggaation that the act of Aug. 3, 1882, 
whicli haa for iU object the return of foreign 
ooiivicts to their own country, ahouid be mt 

modified aa not to be open to the In- 
terpretation that It in any way effects 

the f'xtradition of 'criminale on preferred 

charges of crima The Ottoman porte haa not 

yet assented to the luterpreution which this 

goveriit«Bat has pnt npflh tbe treaty of 1830— 

retatiire %^ iia Juris4iciionat righte-m 'farUy. 

It dkjr wen be, however, , ^hat tbia cBfferenos 

will be adJ<iate<llQ a cAi«ral restiloA of tbe 

sysieq) ol J«rte^l«t|»n pf.|ie United fltatea ia 

the counmcs of tbe Eiet. and a snbject to 

which your altenUou liaa been already 

called by tbe secretary of statei 

In the Interest of Jtutice towards Chili and 

Japan, I tmat that tha question of tbe return 

of indemnity funds to the governments of 

those countries will resch at tbe present 

session the asbsfaotory aolutlon which I haT« 

already recommended and which hae recently 

been foreehadowed by congressional diacua- 

■lon. Th'j treaty lately ;olo i.ded wiih Ctr-'a 

awaita the action of it^o seuateu During the 

late di.turbauce in E^ypt the timely presence 

of Ameriuau vessels served aa a protection to 

the flirwns and property of many of our own 

oltizena snd of citizens of other countries 

whose governments have expressed their 

Iba&ks for this assistsnce. 

THB CUnrXSK q|l7W7I05. 

Th'e (flfeent IsftotottoM restricting titol|rn- 
tion of laborers trvin. CUna has gtvaa liso to 
the question of -Wb^t^sr Chinese procecjjiBg to 
or from another eoanit^ may lawf ullt 1>ass 
In construing 

bus betDM^M■d t^ tbe eetabL •hmcnt of re- 
4*ti«aa with wenew kingdom of iS.rvia. by the 
oroattondf •ftia^'iou toHiaro, ai d by tho res- 
loraltoii of a mtei'i n to Qreeea. The ^hah of 
Persi* has exuretsed hia gratiC cation that a 
ctiatvfed^aSaires Aill shortly b> aeot to that 
country, where tlio r.gbtaof ooj* citixena have 
b^en •.hitherto courteously guirded by 
the rSpreeentatiTee of uieat Britain. 
I renew my recommendation 01 such legisla- 
tion as wtli place the Dnlied States ia harmony 
with other powers with resp» ot to the inter- 
national rules for tbe proventioi of collisions 
at sea In conformity with your joint resolu- 
tion of the 3rd of August last. I have directed 
; the secretary of state to addrei>i foreigu gov- 
I ornmeats in respect to the pr iposod confer^ 
I ence for coneidoriug the snbjeot of 
1 the universal adoption of a eom- 
1 mon prime meridian, to be nasd in 
I reckoning of lonsitude and tl e O'irroctlon of 
i time throughout too civilized v orld The re- 
plies will in due time be )?>. A t)efore j^orx 
' An agreement was rr-aoli'-d at I'aris ia 1875, 
bstween tl.o sriucipai p .wors for the iutor- 
change of ofHcial publioitiou?, hrongh the me- 
dium ef thtir racpective fore^i n department*. 
Tbe admirable sysiem which h te tieeu builtup 
by tbe ent>?rprisa ot tb)^ Hmithoonian Institute, 
allorda a pnictioil ba«is for ocr co-opptratiou 
in tbia scheme, and an arram: 4mont has been 
effected by which that insti.utiou will per- 
form the necessary labor nndt r the direction 
,.f the depBrtment of date. A le*- 
-ouaUe compeuMiHion il erefor (should 
I 1 provided , for eucli s«rvics«. A 
•U«*j on thoact making a| propruti-ins for 
h" dipl'"P»ti.; an'l eoonlir sorvicj conteni- 
p ites tbe reoiuatizition of I >'h brandies of 
■iieh sorvici' -fi a .alariod bas 1-. leaving fees to 
. ;nure to the boneiir of the 'leasury. 1 cor. 
{ dially favor such a project as Ukely to oorr tot 
I abuses in the preeeut system The secretary 
of state will present to yoo a an early date a 
i plan for sooh reorgsnixation. 

vear 'o lustifv thsir r- tiremonf, may be men- 
"lione.!. tne off.-ot <.f wl.ioli is likely to ensue 
from the suprlv cf pold certiflrates, for whose 
iBHUanoe «»ui.:itS5 reoeu-ly made provision, 
and whieU sre now iu active ciiculation. 


Yon cannot fad to note w, a interest the dls- 
cuseioi by the secretiry u< to the neireuaity of 
providing bv Iftgiahtion somo m >Je of freeing 
ths treasunr of an oiooi<i of asict.* in iho tvant 
that oongieiw fails to reach an a^jreemont for a 
reaaciion of taxation I h^-anily approve the 
secretary's recommendation of an iiLmediate 
and extensive reduc'i m iu the annual rovenuee 
of 'be government. It miU be rtmorabor-.d 
that I uigod upou the aoilon ot congress at its 
last sussion 11 o imj ortanoe of rulieving ths in- 
dustry and enterprii'n of Ibe c./nntry from the 
pressure ot uunecestary taxation. It Is 
(.ne of the trU'Bt maxima of political 
economv that all tives are borden'^omo, 
i.nwaver wisely f.nd prudectiy Imposed; aud 
tlioUKb thare has a. wave boan «moiu our peo- 
ple wl.le differeucfcs • t sentiment as P> tua best 
methods of raieiug the national revenues—4ud 
j. .!.-. 1 :.-».. 11." pr".'';,' ' ■ t;i""i ^■•!'''' '•■'"'" 
u<.a 'i.'ould iK) !.:.nd-tl.ero liJ» le- :. e ■• <tii'J- 
iial MT.rd in tl.o doctrii.e that ooly ►"oh tax.i« 
..v.-M to to levied an jre t.-. o's-sary for « «ije 
snd eooncmical admlmsti.tion of Jh» govtiu- 
ment Of laio tue puotio revenues have far 
exceeded that limit, and nnlesa chocked by 
a^i.'!.pr<ate l^gsUtlon such excess w^U rou- 
tinne to l.iorease Irom year ♦"?•«'•. For the 
fl-cal year eniled Juno 30. 1881, tue 
rrpius'^^icnve .-.mona.ed to *10o.tKK).000. 
I'or tue fiscal vtar e«jviea on the 3(no of Jane 
last the surplus was more than !«140.tMn>,- 
000 The report of the secretary shoi\8 wdai 
dispoKltiou has been made of these money*. 
Thev have not only answered the nquiremeots 
of the siuktof tnod^ bttt have afJoided a large 
b.^lance applicable to other reductione of the 
public debt; but I renew the txpresMot! of my 
conriotlon that euoh rapid extiugu:s:.ment of 
the national indebtedness as Is now taki- gpUoe 
to by no means cause for ooogratnlation. .u 
19 a cattse, ratbar, tor ssrious apprehonslon. 
If it continues it must speedily be followed by 
one of the evil results so clearly set forth lu 
the report of the secreUry. Either the enr- 
plus must lie idle In the treasury or the gov- 
erntnent will be forced to buv at market ratoe 
ita bonds not then redeemable, and whicb, un- 
dor such cironmstauoes, cannot fall to com- 
mand enormous premium, or the swollen rev. 
eones will be devoted to extravagant expend- 
iture, which, as experience hia ""K?^ 
ta ever the bane of au overflowing treaaan-. 
It waa made apparent in the course of the 
aclmaled discussion which the question 
aroused at tho last session of congress that tae 
pol.ov of diminution of the revenue by redue- 
lug taxation commanded the general approviu 
of members of both I regret that be- 
eaneeof that conflict as to best mttliod In wbica 
that policy should be made operative, none of 
ita benefits have been reajied. In fulfillment 
of what I deem my constitutional duty, but 
with little hope that I can make valuable con- 
tribution to this vexed question, I shall pro- 
ceed to intimate briefly my own views in reia- 
tion to IL Upou the showing of our financi!-! 
condition at ths close of the last flcjcal year, 1 
felt justified in recommending to eongrees the 

ADouTtoit OF ivnaiiU. RXtcstrrs 
eteept tLoea npon tobacoo In its various forms, 
and npon distUled spirife and fermentod 
liquors, and except also the apecisl tax uiKin 
the manufacturereand dealers In such srtlo:0'. 
I venture now to suggest ihat.nnless it shall be 
asoerufned that tha probable expenditure* or 
the government for the coming yeai 
have been onderestimafed. Internal taxea. 
eave those which relate to distilled 
spirits, can be prndentlv abrogated. 
Such, acoompanled bv a simplification of the 
machiueryof collection, which wonld theu be 
easv of socomplishmen', mkht reasonably he 
expected to reeult in diminishing the cost of 
such collection by at iaa«t If 2.6oO,000. and In 
the reUrement from offl-'e of from l.DOO to 
•^.000 persona The srstem of exc se Unties 
haa never commended Itself to the favor of the 
American people, and has never been resortt-d 
to except for supplying aeflcUnolei in tb© 
treasury when bv reason of epocia. exiX'-t'Ci;''*' 
tbe duV.oe on import* have 1 
quate to the needs of tho ^ 
The sentiment of the country doubtless com 
msuds that the present excise tax eha 1 po 
abolished as soon as »uoh oouree can aateiy ne 
pnrauad. It seems to m». however, for vari- 
ons reasons, that so sweeping a measure as the 
total abolition of internal taxea would, for tne 
preeeut, l.e an unwise atep. Two of tbese 
Reasons are deserving of special mentioa 

First— It is by no means clear thai, even ir 
the exUting system of duties ou imporU 1* cou- 
tinned without a moditicatiou of those duties^ 
tbey alone will yisld sufficient Jf"""* ^''J^ 
the neede of the goverument It Is estimated 

that $100,000,000 wdl be r«q«f;«,, ^"l 

pensions during tlie coming year, and it may 
well be doubted whether the maximum annual 
S^m«dfortha. o^ject has yet been reached 

Certainly this question ^"V*,,.'? Vr u!« 
fv. lu my Jadgmcnt, the retention for the 
present of the portion of internal revenue 
which is least ohjecflonable to the POop'«- .,^ 
Becond^A totsi abolition of the excise taxes 

niVEI.S ANl; HAT^nOKa 

viGoaotja ooitirein. 
Thd grounds that induced me U^ withhold my 
»lgnainre from the bUl .utitled "Au sot making 
appropriations for tho construction, repair 
and preservation of the certain works on 
rivers and harlwre." which beoams a law near 
the close of your last seseloa, piomut me to 
express a hope that no aimilar roea-ur* will be 
deemed necossarv dnrlng the preeont session 
of oougi'-ee. ladf^d, such a li-.e^sure would 
now be oi.«n tc a eeriou-. objection In adillicn 
to that wbich was latelv urged upon your 
attention. I am informed by the secretary of 
war that thecru&tcr portio-j ot tue stmis appro- 
priated for the Virions itemH specified in tnal 
aoi remilns luiexpendod. Of the, new works 
which it authoriacd. I'xp^ases have l>*eii in- 
barred m*on two ou y, tor which the total ap- 
proor.atlSu w..» ^:;10,UOO. Itw present avail- 
able b.lsnoe is dbclo.«-d by the following 


Amount of approprla'lon by •«'*-,„ --0075 

Aug. a. 1832 ..,...........*lB.73».Bra 

Amount ot appropriation by ac. of 

JuaelO, 1862... • • 

Amount of nporoptutlo!! for payment 

rf J. 11. E-da ; 

Unexp-ndedbataneoof fcrmersppro- 


t5i.,„ ^ „ 

irwle slionldreoeiYMbu immcdiiito aiieaiiou 
of oo'ngrtb* Wo have ski I and 
al;uuJ-uu materi.ll for the nia.iUi.>o.ur.._ of 
mix'ortiirna «tu5m<hips in tair oompetmo.. 
with onr conimrrdjl rivals. Our disv >v?.n";;tJ 
In building etiii'S le tb.^ yon er cobt of labcr 
sud sailing them, biglier Ux.:u and greater in- 
lerest ou caniiai.whiKJ the ooean hi^ui-avs ae 
al'oady monopoii*>d by our form-aable -n- 
p(.t.itora. Jlioee obstiw-lje shonll b^ 

'.'ino way be overc-ims. und for ^ar rapitl 
minu'lioatioj with foreigr. lands wo Hh...u d 
„..( nontiiiii« to dtpand wu.,.ly -n vtte-eh bui t 
in '"f. vards 't 'it-.^r C"U-itnts ■ri!_^«'ii-;: 
11, 1.1. r fr.r.i-'Q IK'C-. ^''1"' .1' s ,T . 
••oamcrfc ou Hw priucipal of-eai. lines, or UT 
any I'.r.-ipn poit.-. -ar fscilin-J. f"J^'«"^"J';:R 
:uV cuntner*! ar« .^r^atly ro.trictid, ^^W'^'l 
nations wt ijli bnild Ihn .^lutn BPd i-.iri'^n^i » 
and I ).!»..n^'cr8 o');i-i'.i thf-rt-Ly constiicuou* ifcd- 
vautage* of iucr<Jii*;uK their trade. 

Leas amoiviii dr'oiWD from f reaanry be- 
iWH»u July J, 1882, and .Nov. SO. 



6.00 6.104 

Total • •" — 

It Is appsr»t by this exhibit that so far as 
eoacerns most ot ths lt*ms to wh;ch the act 
of August y, 1882. relates, there can b« no 

close of the i resent session. If. lioweter. aay 
action shonl •- be necessary in respjct to p.. io- 
ular o^joot^ it will be advis-b-o U> provlJe 
for those oljocts by appropriate legislation. It 
[b° poe.lble. for example, that » /day uui.l the 
assembUng of the next coagrdss to make addi- 
tionul provuion for the Mi..ii**ippi river im- 
prove Lnt might be attended ^vitD serious 
wnacquences. If such ahouid *Pl>«<^ "> «t 
?^e ca'e, a luat biU relating 'VMiNAds^™ 
would command my tPPro^aT. J^hjejeade »b 
to offer a r.ugge.tion, which I tmat wUl 00m- 
mend ItsoU to the wisdom of c-mgress^ H it 
Svisatde th.t 6.-.t«'s,of coi.s.uor.ble sums 
of money for d,v.T .« a-ul '|"'^1';^^; ?"' ""^■^^," 
of interual inivro'-cnicnt «lionld bo maoe 
xL subjects of 4rHra. • and distinct »->£:';"» '^f 
enactments? It *»rc.-l» '"• «»'»''•■' 'J 'IT 
bv those who favor tho n.-o-t liberal .x .endi- 
tures for -vatfh Mr.ioses «a aro t:oUt,'lit to 
be accomVasned bv what !« comm.uly called 
'i:/dve?in(1 httrt^r.blll, that th. T;' t.ciioo of 
grouping lu outfit a bill spfropiMif -u. Ma 
frXiversity of .objects '*>'""•' =:'rw.rch 
titheria ihe nature or the « il. wbiat 
thev ere, or lu both. i-. Ct.9 
^uch to bo d.precai-.l. unless Its >nev:t.jhie 
Pudency IS toWcuio .be hucco^s of 'l^e i^>' " 
a wtiolcthough »f the uems If »e|.arately 
'insileed Could .>.'<v.-!v t.Jl or ieJ,.^oa. 
By tie adoption of tUe curio 1 hav« laco.n- 

^Ude* every m. mber of «"--^r,,Tm 
opportuuiiv *h .ull »n.o tor it.viug hi' tti, 
flo.uco and vote f r meritorious appro^ii- 
.Mons woall bo eu.l.!.Hl so t-.lovvil'i.ut« 
M led upo . to sanc.loi. others .inl.serviag his 
avt>roV«i s> ul-0 would Ibe exccti^ivo be af- 
?oKhereby a full oi.poriuuity to txerdse 
Li con'Tu., prelogatlvo "' '>PJ'-'=J8 
whsteter ipprouri»ti.,ns sevmed to him ob- 
pet ioual le wuhoat imiH-riluig tho ^"ticces- of 
l.he?. wnich c.,mn.<, \"«'";^'^.^„'' f 
iud-meut. It mav be urecl :i. oip^sitlou ♦<, 
hese suggestions tnat the """'♦-'^- ' ;,'?[,^^,^' 
mteruil •morovrraenl which aro justly eu- 
tmed u. K'"vernmental huI i...o great a. to ren- 
der impracticable 


therefor an l even lor suoli comparat rely 
Kd'iuii, as mak. d,-3i,t>s....- "f !»;«« 
aums of incnoy. Thi* objection may be «.ll 
founded, an i whether it bo or "-J*. ^^'^ '"^T"* 
tases hkelv to ensu.. f -r tho ad.p'i..ii 
of tl.o course I have recommende.l may pei- 
hape be more eOoctnaiiy a iain«<. iv 
anltbcr which 1 respectfully submit 
.0 congress a^ rm alternative V^'^^y^ 
It is provided by the oonstitnUons of fonrteen 
of onr States that the executive may diaap- 
orove auv item or items of a billappropruMng 
ipocia: exiX'-t^c;-" ^ouey wbereupou the part of the bill ai^ 
,^ iaaa>. ""'J'.-li'J^^a be law. and the part di»p?roved 
;Uo KovernmonL \^^^j^.-^ j^ become a law, nnl^-s repassed 
according to the provi^ioos prcsonbrHi t'r the 
^,n»s,ge of bdls over the veto of the execntiva 
The t^titss \Yhorem some such provis.on as 
the !ore;4' iug is a fniidatnental |^* ;H'" ^ *- 
bama. CalUornl*. Colorado Florida, O; '"'»• 
LouiJiuiie, Miono*ota, Missouri, >f^^'^*- 
ka New Jers.r, New lork, Penn- 
svivaniA and Weet Virciuia. I oommpud 
to v'ur car.fnl eous:der*.ion tho que..^.n 
whoiher ou an., ndment of the federal oonsutu- 
tloi). in thi.* i-ariicular indicated, wou.duot 
afford Ibe best remedy for what .s ..ftou a grave 
emhr.riasmieut. both to tho ^f,^^'^'\°,^J'^*- 
sress and to the executive, a-.^d is sometimes a 
eerious f ublic mischief. 

tbrongh our own. In construing the aot of , .. ...u .uwi-*. .^.^..-.^ 

Mar 6. 1882. in connection with the treaty of ^tcm sale* of rubiic laud*.. 
.WT 4 icai\ .k.. .^.i.i.H^.. ^,^'A ^^J^ »-. ; Frimtixon circulation and 
Nov. 7, 1880, the reslrietion wouid seem to ■ ... 



A full and interesting exhibit of the opera- 
tiooe of tho treasury departmi nt U offered by 
4iia report of tha eMret&ry. It bapr.eusthai 
HiiC ordinary revenae from al source.', for the 
fiscal year ended Jnne 30, lfi82, wore as fol- 

fromen-itom* f220.4I0.7S0 '.»5 

From intetrjil revenue. 14C,497,.'>OJ 45 


be limited to Chiueee immigrants coming to tbe 
United States as laborers, and should not for 
bid amerajBiiLt aorow onr (Kritoqk I ai' 
the attendgp^ngrew to i^ ital^t f 
•uch aclWK^t 1» .iMV deem Mv^sibjik' Tt 
govetamein hae Ji»enUyln^j|MI"'On to 
Kast latereet ta ^ rm0tff W Lihtria 
— ifci'^ f>**^ lHjmiwa&fsttMpeatycf mf 

ro«iti cf njilicnal barks 

Froaj r*pivni.>i;t of ini-Ttst hf 

i sdllc iiaiirr'ad c->mpitn'e«... . 
Prnn^inkuig fuad for ftfXO 

nm eefeCOBs f .^<>s, fiaee. pent • 
^tis^ at c . .«« « .«..« 

FMa fees Vnsitlu. Irtters pi - 

■ "andliW.-i .Jf. 

of saleew goveri - 

» J • « « • • « 


P.00C,7fU 45 

S 40. 554 37 

796,271 AS 

1.343.348 00 

5J.638.01M) 07 

S14,»5» 9i 

THE :;?AVT. 


The, report ot '.he secretary of tue navy states 

tho m .v<>m.;nts of virions squadrons during 

wonld" almost prove a serious If I'ot «" an»«»|;; ,,,o vesr. m homo sud foreisn waters, wuere 
mountabie objection to » .\^„^"'"f'',^Sa ia ""r c.ffie-rs and seamen, with such shipe as we 
ths tariff and to any oouaiderab.e reduction m j ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ooutinaed to lUa*- 

import dotlea^^^^^^ j trat.. 'the high character and ex- 

" The present tariff srstem Is In many re- ! ^i|e,>t ,H.«.«ip'.ine of the naval organiiaUon. 

.peoUnnJuft It makes uueqoal dUtnbntioa, i^^ ^,^^ ^,^^^ ^j jj^^^ 

bith of its bnrden»i and its benettte. Itus tact j ^.c-eived that tb- exploring steamer Jean- 

was pr.ctloallv r'^cogmz^d br ^ m^oi^^y oJ . ,,„, ^^.^ , , - • • ' — •- ^^'^ 

each hones of conc:rf>e4 in tbe pa«*go 01 in» | "" ^ 1 

act creating the tariff commis,ioa ihe report ; Arct.o oc^^n 
of that oommissiou will be pUced hefore von ■ jouibcy over tU! 
at the begini.iag of this ses'ion aud will, 1 . j^r tbe coatt of 
trust, afford you such information as to tne 1 
oondlionaudprospectoof the various com- 
mercial, agricultural, mining, manufaotoriog 
and other intoresta of the oonuiry. 
and contain aueh eugKaattonK tm sutu- 
tory reviaian aa wiU prao(*oaiy aid 
Toor action npon this important subject, 
ihe revenue customs for tho ancal vear 
endlttC Juno ao, lfc-79, amounted to *137,- 
000 000. It Las 111 ibe three tucoaediiiK v^ara 

THF. pom OFFICE". 


The report of the postmaster general gives 
evi leuce of the Batlafaetory coridiiion of that 
dopgrtmont, and oontaioc mai-y valUKblo da'.a 
and atcompanvlng scgsjestions w-ich cannot 
(all to be of interest The information which it 
afforde that the receipts for the tiioal y^ar ex- 
ceeded the expenditures must be very sratify- 
Ing to oongreaa and to the people of tne conn- 
Mr Ae mittera which may fairly claim oar- 
tienlar attention, I refer to his obeervaUona In 
referenoo to the advisability of changing the 
present baaia for fixing salaries and allowances, 
of extending the m-oey order sy-tim, and of 
mlarglngthe fnnotions *of postal establish- 
ments BO as to have under its r.-.jtrol the lolo- 
uraph system cf the oouutry, thou;; i™ 
this last and most important recommoadaiiou 
I must withhold my coa.unoi.ot. 
At the last session of oougroas several Ll:ie 
were mtroJuoed lato the bou.o of reprcsen.a- 
Uv B for the reduction of letter postage to the 
rate of 2 oeuie per half ounce. I have ptvuu 
nitiou study and reflection to this, subjoot and 
^u thoShly P.r .naded tUut »>'ci» ,',. ;*f "^ 
lion would bo for the best interests of tho pub- 
lla It haa be'.u the policy Of the governm.^ 
from tbe foundation to defray, as far as pos- 
sible, iuetxpeu--ea of carrying "^<',f»_;'" 7 ' 
direct tax in tne form of poetag ^ H has uevor 
been clJmed, however, that tUii -""'"^""^^ 
to be. prcducuvo of a iiM "^•'""^ 
Ae has uUn etated already, tho report of the 
p'>*tm>i«ter general shows Ui*t luere is now a 

v^y «".id!rable surplus *" I''- '»«P'''^X"to 
and that bencffcmb th • reoeipte are lively to 
"crease In a much gr.a.jr ratfo than the noc- 
o-farv eipendiiurea. VuU»b <^m« change is 
fnaS7iuThe existing Uws, the T ro£.t. of the 
postal eervioe will, m a very te-.v ynar.^ «w«ll 
fbe" v^uuoe of the govornmeul many mil .on. 


hoa wbiob has been had uptjn »"'« "f 1««^ 
during the last thi.ty years d.ecloee, 'l^s' «;^ 
me.-ic letters coost.tuie the only cias. of rn^l 
Sattcr which has never been •''^'•"^''y » "'^''T 
"anti*l redur.ioa of rates, 1 am cnvi. ced 
that be baid.u of m.intai.i.tig tbe -^^^^^^^^ 
moet unequally npon that cl*.-s and thai moie 
thai, auv other it fs entitled 10 present leiiel. 
Thattn'ch'rtliof may be eXteadecl del 
riaiflut u. other public intereete will b« ds- 
oovered upon reviewing tho 


ImmeJiatelv prwr to ili« »»' J>r 
1B45 tU postage ui ot. * letter ooinpoeed 
..fa eiDg^ sheet was as follows: 
if con'teyed thirty miles or less 6 .^nt., be- 
tween 'hirivand -eiKtity miles 10 ociiK w>- 
twelu oigut'yand 150 tn.les rJ^o oeuts. b- 
ZZ l&O and 400 miles l^M 'i''^i}^',''\1^^ 
400 mikb 25 cents. By tbe acM.f If'^f }f« 
wstage upou a single letter oonv-.-yed any dis- 
SLce nnaer 300 mile* wa. hxed at 5 coa'-i. 
and for any greater distance at 10 cents. 
Bv the set of 1851 It was ,,rovid.»d tnal it 
fingle letter, if prepaid. .houUl be "rried any 
disfanco not'exc^.tlng 300 mxU^^J^J -^.^^ J 
and auv ureater cliitanoe for 6 cent^. It wiii 
^noticed that both of these reducUous wore 
S a radical ch.racter. and relauvely quite as 

important as that now V^oP^'^-JV^f^Xy 
toere ensued a temporarv loes cf re vc no by 
rBudd"aand large iofiox of bu.itie=« 
'nbstantially p*td that loss ii. throo y.ars. 
Unless the exp«'«''0««' P*»' '^^ siatio-nn this 
cot^ut?T»nd elsewhere goes foi- uaughr. It may 
be safelv predicted liiat a stimulus of 
SOp^r^i^trVluCioa ia^ the tax for carria«o 
wolmlai pnco Increase the numb.r .,f le i«re 
con4..^a to the* The '^'^';'";*B<=- «' 
Lscrecy would los<l to a very goncral snbstitu- 
iion 0/ '«--"=»^ vackot. for po.ial oards and 
open cirouiar^ and in divers otuer 7»."« '^^ 
vSlutneof fir?.-clas.. matter wonld t« enor- 
moS^V augmealed. Much inoreaao uiuouul^d 
bi EuK'aod in the first year ufier th, ndoption 
o"?s"fi;vp^ia« mJro than 1-25 per cot.t 
AsViesu t of a careful e«timiiU> tbe uetaxle ot 
ibi*h cannot here be set out 1 Jj've .^^c-^J 
couviDced that the defieiency for the Ui«i J.-ar 
Xr tho proposed ro.laotion would not ^oeed 

7 per cent of the expt.ndi;ures. or f^.^'V"' 
1^6' ^MeU^^de&ci^i^cy ..ftor the reductioii 
i^ 1843 was nioro tuaa 14 p«r cent, and 
: ter that of 1851 wae 27 per oeuU A..o.h^r 
r. tereatiiiB 00 'liatison le afforded by swatiatioa 
fnmfshed ^e by the pMSioiiioo department, 
ir ac't 01 1845^w" p^sed ia the {*<>« «' th° 
fact that ti.ero exi*itd » doficiency of more 
fact tnal ...cro e ^^^^ eucouraW 

thau*oO,OOU. inavoi ^'-"t „ , .^^ \ 

hv the slight surplus 01 4)1 JJ.OOU. 1 ue 1 

exVnt the deficioacy must for a im. r- 

,aod were m»ou by the aois of 1^0.J »no li5«4 
10 tako title thereto and ihiir ouustquenl 
mequitsble exemption from local taxation. 
N . -urvev of our niat-erial ooadltioa can fail to 
euKuost "inquiries a* to the morai una imel- 1 
.eotoai progje.s of Iho peojilo. j ue census 
riiurn tii'cioees aualarmiup state of illiteracy p .riiou. of the country wiieie 'ba 
irovis.oa f.-r fohoois is gro.-biy iuad'q..ate^ 
it is a m jnientoua qa-ation tor iLo doci-iou of 
oougres. wUoiher icomeauto ailwuntial aid 
anoulJ bit extoi.dfd l-v tne i;eueral K^'Vorument 
for bupplooioutiiig the otiort-* of pnval- beueh- 
oence and buit«j and 1 oii.toriai kg.e.atiou in 
behalf of uducitiotL 

lliJUrOAD Dl3W.tMlS.4T10N. 

The roKUiaiiou of internal coinmc-ioe has 
alrtadv been the cuijeoi of your lU-liL-TalloBa 
One of the iatd-au of th . exteusiou 
of the railway eyaiem of the cotm-ry has been 
tne aJopl ou of snch m'jaaotea by (he oorpo- 
raU..ns which own or control the loads as have 
tended to impair 'he advantages of healthful 
oomp-:;iuiou anU malio hurifu. dl-critnmatious 
iu Uieaajustiueit of fieiK'Uiage. 1 liewe lu- 
tuaaliii a have been corrected m sevoial of the 
btat«:s by appropriate leguUtiuti, the erfooi of 
Which w n.c>9ttriiy resuicic-d to tho iimiu of 
their own ten itory. S) far as such mi,chief. 
affect couimerce between tho Safi'* or between 
a- V oMli-j t:tiitO£( ft.iii a loremii country ttey 
aro Bubjocls ol latijnal couoein, and congress 
can allorJ relief. 

Ther->9uits which l.avo thus far attended the 
euforc-JUieut ul recoui eta.u'.fca for tLo sup- 
pression of poiygumy m the Xerrnonei are re- 
,-ori.-.l bv '.h-^ Hocr.;taiv of the interior. It is 
not piobable that any addiiional legislation in 
this ifcsardwiU be deem 'dde-*iral)le until the 
effect oi the oxi.tinK law* .iUall bu more closely 
obeorvoJ and studied. 1 oon^'ratuUtejon that 
the couimiisionei* nnder n-hoeo wuperviaion 
those la.*s have ^^oa put ia operaliou are en. 

Tho closo relation of the geriLral Koven^nent 
totholerritori.s preparing to l-^ g>«^t '^^''^^ 
may well ouga^o your attention. ^^ » /""^ 
rhal Indian 'disturbance- muinly ^"ur and 
tba: po;V5.imy has foun 1 .0 .iii for Us 'j^r^^-;^: 
ioanuoiSouotthata carelul •""oy ''*^/^"": 
t.rir" 'oci^.ation wou.d be of the highest 
ut itv. Lite and property won.d beoom. mero 
".cure, 'l^-- li»l'i i'y "f outbreaks ootween In- 
dians 'and wiiitee wonic^ ''^^ ^'-'!^'V „ ' t- 
public domain would be more ee- 
!;uudy guaraod and better progress ^ 
u-ad(« io tuo Instruction of the Joui.k. 
Ai»,u*u e.iii without any loini of «'*^' «^^- 
cf nmeut. If means were proviaed for the oau- 
oktioa of Its poople and for tho protection of 
fhe? lives HGd property, the imtnen"*": 
.ou.cts ot the rcgioa would '"'''*". P"^^.^,"^^' 
eetiloment and open up a new fiem for in 
dustry and enterprise. 

c'xertiae liieir ploaeure in msking or 
fusiot tM maka political and tua 
their tcti .0 ;u that reg..rd w^.nl I ,;. no m.iuer 
effect th i rofficial stu u. In hie '"""^■'^«- 
m.-ut 1 BC^d upon nie v.ew whK.. 1 had .Uways 
raaint.iued and still mMotalu that » 1 "y";; 
..fficer shonid beabao'ut ly a:.fieo asan> other 
f.HZ.n to R.v. or wlt..ho.d a oontribuinm for 
the ail of the pohiK-s <.f his choice. It ba.^ 
'rowevcr l»een rT.'-.l. 1. id doubtless lu.t .*^n- 
3Ut fJnn aton. that by:..- solicitation of eu- 
peilors such <-o t •: Ois h-.vo u .•me- 
bien obtained from |. s ■.■-. whoao ..•...>- 
for Kiviug baa be^n l>u: .f what might '..efa.l 
ibem i: 'her rofUH.'d 1' goes without riv t g 
that euoh. c.'.utributi'-r.' :i:o not volii..-ar^ 1 . 
my ludgment i! or .rectiou mu-t b'- pr hi ■ 
, .' |.v lav A bill which wid effectoalv 
8,i'irt>8 them will re.-«lv.' my coroial si>- 

l loViiL 

nT»iTTlT<^T OF rOT.rMBtA. 

I hope that however liumeroos and nrgeni 
uny lie the dem»ti>!i "P<'n your Htb-ntioo, tin 
moresfs of this Dietrlot will not i>a forKOlton. 
IbodoT.ialtoits reeidente of tho gr(.»t ughl 
cf Buffrago in all Us relation to national, Btftto 
ord municipal ectiou impose-' on oon- 
Kie»?^ tli« duty of afford. uk f'S best 
aJminittration which its wisdr^m can devine. 
Th.^ report of the I> atrvj* <-omiui-i.i ners indi- 

itea certain m.-ar<nrc- whi'^e idopiion wmu. 
Btf-'i.i to bo vorv d--;:able. I instance in p-- 
'icular those wliich relate to arrears of tax-:-, 
to ^.team railroads and to essK-ismeuts of rea' 


TTTT rnr"iTT»rv<Y 

NXCESHITTf or l.Kn!'"t.ATIO« 

Among tho questions which have been the 
tipice of recetit debate la the buU* of co!.;;re^^ 
none are of greater gravity than those rciutlng 
M the ascertaitiiaent of the vote for presidential 
©lectori, and the iutenumer.t of the co:iMitu. 
ton in its provi Ions for dovi.lviug execniiv. 
fuuctions upon the vico president when the 
vrori lent suffers from inability to diacl.arg-j 
the powers and dutioa of hie oftio«. I tru«t thai 
no euilftrraaBPiuUt may result fr .m a fr.tlnrt 
to iletermiu" theM qu•^'lon8 bef.. re aholUel 
national eieotiou. 

- • J. 1:J 

r>ef. -^^ 

IHHl. Kcntftv^frati t.) M:: ■^- 

Stephen . T„ith. -R'-'-e- t ■ -'^^'Ij^ 
yesrs for att*inpt*d rw*: t^'^'f^^ ■**°- 
o 1KS2. B^nterci ra*^ U> >'--v. 15. i-vv.. 

A. W. Eckha-t lleno^pin cotiiuy; twy 

■vears; einb^zieinout, P*f'*:"tL "'*"• '" 

m2. e»i.tence Jttu t.-iOct. 2T. !'«■• 

V H. V...i-or. f • ,r^? >r-^ 

burglary; pir.lon^l ' ^^- Sci.t*-o» 

"F.Sa?SI,^;i^e.^Stat«d.8trict court; 

pasting counterfeit silver «>*'•. P*XV"" 
Feb fi 1SS2; se^iten.-- rnv to Oct. ItJ. !!*>• 

John Kr.iney. hei-^epiii tou.i'y; i^; 
yeais; !arc<>nv: pardon-l Ai-nl 4. inj- 
"senl.'nce ra-: to Murch 7. 1HH3. 

burg^rv: pir iotie.! April 4. 1S82; seiit«u« 

"yohVw!"' BarS;- Olitivted cout.ty: twc 
yeirs; fora.ssau:io d.. ^reat N>lily harm; 
pardone-! .Mly 2--i l!*": tw.Uiic- r*n to 

•''aiS-/ L^-b-iell: United M<rW^ 
-...t t ne vear for robbing United >.*!«•. 
mil l!.; p.isioned Oct, I. 1«H2; neiitonoe r«u U> 

•'VSuiJ' !«f Pirdcios .ranted. «ov PilU- 
l,-Kyb-tv!d five. O..V Ha'>t.ii'a titr«e atvl 
Pr»'Sid'.'ut Altl'ti rtvfo^ 
Xh»^ K<Miii<l«^«' FArlbrtuU, .Mini. 
A'evoii.i.-r t'-" '^ '*i^'t- '**'^'" '*'^ '"'" ^'"^ 
sue •wtling «t ai. -«r;y «(?c i" tit*" l"r,:i and 
lucrative trade vi ir.f^ lather, one of the old 
.,.h....U.fFreu !' cv'Ml.nuen whose advent^ 
,..r.v.- ^pirit .'9f.-t ihe coi.. mercv of 
France to ti.e r.i.iot.^f conhn^ of tb« 
NoribwfM>eK. wild'-r. -. ^ co.ineri.-.l by 
i,i,irr.t»:.>-v^ith the \VaMl^"ta b-i^ ^" *"'=**- 
las \V£ l-.dgM were U.c^t*.! "J.- 
,111 liv Kite of If.- ire>--nt city o. tari- 
'.uul» lie . »t«blish.d a tradii.^ pest M 
•l.atiH.iiit ai.d btiH: a coniu..^>-iiou» pbsi- 
JciMv b^-fnre Ihe tid- oi iminti: ration had 
t.enuii to (low. Tl.tir> lavyral.iy situated 
k.r-h«tir.- the mot besntitul »it«s ol 
•t,e luaiu besirriful on.s lu the vl.-inny; 
he U-caiiK- Slid »H«, when the town pro- 
..rii'tnrs laid < fhetowi) the owner of not 
'iily th^ ^it.; role.-i.-U. but cf many of th*r 
iiie iii.!-t furui* ill ii.^ !i.iine.iiate vieinity- 
,iiul i'l !Hf>7, when II t trrowih »f l»u- cit> 
cn.,;uienf.d. wie l.v ar U..- W.*;tiu**t 
man in it, und -" .ot.ui.ueJ for .^oiue 
vieir«^ But il wi!- ".>'• fid "t-'r.v which ba^ 
U .11 .x.-.iiplirie. ill lie liv.^ ol m. l.iany 
,.t ti.,.n, „.■:;.•:. ..f ...i.xv! 1.1. -.-1 who .Bid 
■ lu. toil-id .iiotu. oi ...,r now P'^I^rt^!'"", 
,„r,iu....w.-.ilt.l.-rl..' t.»l.i.f. wnicb fit ■•a 
lor .-invi-.H in the r'i.|.- w.inuierce c,i ine 
Ifoiitier i.rove.1 i!ia.U.iti«>' '" e«'!Vt'' *"" 
,hf .....r^v .ir.d tl.nii ..I Ih- a.lveiiiur..ii.H 
\,.!. ;.-, wh.. viiXH .o-.v pu«l..ii.'« nit.' U* 
ni:< lar;.- j.r..|.ertv gr.ioualV 
•. , 1 lilv dmni;f"-'t. tiiilil, in H'^' >tiM 
.,{ hV ';!., !.^ '^*< •h'i"-:»'l*"' ui"'«« 
Inr'tv .»! lii* <'"•' fViscxi" .•»i»ioiii; thi 
, s,.l.' r. ,.f jh.> sMK Am. .Ms; th.»» 
. It-..- ai.j itl t'te 'U»;i» 
iiv I'lti.j.'^ <•! Ovti. SiMey 
.:i (>; >*'. Psol werev.tti 
Ii i.b^?ur<- »•• Wiiow that 
•it ai-.v... d t-i wo'it '»' to ri-ly 
. . .idir liiiini «6 ol the fubuc 


M/vl- «'<'»i" Kt'tin.'dy <»f HRsHnite 

Maj..l.)U,i .;eniieiy •• M.v; liV -.••"-» • 
rotifineTMOtitof triiir. a y.-ar, died of 
Brigfst'B di^cas.- of It." kid.iejs Fn-iay 
morning, .it t»K- age 0' ti<^V-rt^'-, "/ V 
re<oive.ln oo„ni.,t. .rL.ioi t..J,..|i....ii and 

Botn I'l 1K>3. aii'i I'^^atcd f-.r a tioie >i. 
Tn-.ver-c de .<;otix Tl < :..^i' y-ar >..- w. n. 
t,,l., ami v-1- 1. 1 .tk.y|.T l-rt.-n 
IS.'rtS. wh««n Ik- r.'-;:-'if.l 
.. .|. ..til," 



The report of the of agrienU 
turo pre.*enta an account of tb-. labors of that 
depanmeut during the past yoar. and includes 
ipfcmation of much interest to the general 
public The condition ot fores's iu tlie country 
and the wasteful manner in which their doeiruo- 
tioa i^ taking place giws cuure for serious ap- 
ireheusiou. Their action in protecting the 
„rth's surface, in mo.f.iyiag the extremes 
of climate, and inregulaUng and sufltainmg the 
flow of erring, and stream. 1* now 
well understood, and their imporiacoe In rela. 
tion to the growth and pr epeii.y of the coun- . 
try cannot \» safely disrogardod. They are , 
fMt disappearing before tho destructioa of 
flree and the logiUmate requiremon a of oar populaUon, and tli^.r ^^'-l "''^"l 
ion cannot be long delayed «-'«" "f J^J 
methods than now prevail shall 1m= -^ t^Pj; l;';"^^ 
M.fir t.ioti-oti.u and cultiva'ion. il.oaten- 
; 01 of oouKre.B IS inv»UKl to the Decoeeiiy of 
aadi'ional io^.BUiion 'o eecuro the preeerva- 
"li'of the valuable fo.;ee.e -"^l cm the 
tiublic domain, expt^cially tho extensive wosi- 
Lu States and'Tcrritorles, wherotbe necfissi.^ 
forth.irpre8<.rv„!.mi9 f;T..ator than m IMS 
Sountain'ous rng on-, and w^iore the preva in^ 
flrvno^isof theciin. iiorvUi. - !h irr al.i -i. n, 
if [uey are 0000 destroyed,well nigh impossihh-- 



The closing year haa been refdo:.' with bl»e- 
Ings. for which wo owe '■• ^^ >■ Oiverof al' y. .. 
cur reverent acknow^dgm^t.i l\,i tho nn.n 
teirup'e'l harmony of onr f'.r.<igu r.:lai:oi,., 
(or tho (ifcay of etw-tlonal aniuiosHies. f.'t th. 
exnborauoe of our harvoets, and t;.. 
triumphs of our P.tuinK »nd manufivcmnnp 
indnetrlcB, for the provaieuc of hetllh 
and the conf-rvaUou of t:K, public oiedii. 

for tho growth of tho ooup'rv m ail .1 h- , 

raents of natloBaU^eatnes^ for tho«e and 
o^unUess othei bi<>senK« '^'» should r.jOico 
and he glad. I trm>i that under t»-e iisi 11 a- 
tiou of thiB great proMpnrity our counHel* may 
bcharmouious, Bndth..-die!aios of ,ia.ience, 
patrh.ti^m. justioe and eoo:iomy may leaJ to 
tho adoption of mtusurrsiu whici. ogrosn 
and tbutxccuuvo msy luartily uui e. 

[.-^.K'ieO] CUCSTEU A. AllTHUa 

Wasiiikoion, D. C, Dec 4. 

if r. ■ ' • 

..-. Ill A'---: I 
(,;i;.V r. t^'A.M.h 

wft* itl .at' 
\y I'lilit nil. '< ■>' 

■•1 lilHJi'r. -1 > * 

..1 ' <' 
r'tiiriH-i* '.. ll:».«i 
1 .,,1'Ii 

B*-nuty Take.* the Pot. 

Ml Abi.ev, tbealrical inauagvr has n.a-le 
VtiVilir a Ktit.-meiit of the receipts of Mrf. 
1 'in^tn-'H lour we.-ks' perforriiance iii New 
Y..rk "The receipt- the •tirnl nighl were 

:l.ltl,efo„it.i w.,-k,^.H.CVV*,f>.'; "■a'i'"f.- "■ 
total >61..H0r,«l. Mr. Abbey say- thittMn 
l.i.-l'try'B s.aH..ii ^^as Hie lurget-t ev-r playod 
!,y H theatrical star in Atnerien. 

Last W«H«k'« Fallixren. 

15ral.-.trt».-t'H jotJr-inl f.i'iii.he..i th > foll.>T 
ii,g; There were; 1S«J failur«s in the Uiiit.-l 
Stat.-« reiKirted to ""^'^■*.','"^''' f, 


'ii..r- will ix'W 

,,„.rn V.lMt the 

of the' couBtitntion, 
prcfci*;!!!. oituer 

•peoUnnJuft Tt makes "iiueqaal dUtributioaa 1 q^"~;;^ ^i^i of Daoerabsr. Is51, information 

- - ■ rAnn* and its benefita. This fact j .^^^^ ,y,,, ^,,„ nxploriog slc»iuo. 

and abandoned in the 

B snd crew, after a 

larkod in three boats 

Oae of tbe parties, 

Ensinper Georgs 

.1. and failing in 

ther noder Lieut 

1 ia a barren re- 

•>fi» river 

all but 

, from fatigue 

,vo been received 

b .« under the 

bat a inok ^ad 

■ Suit by lucreasiug the ohai g^ for carrying mer- 
!^S.n/ae which i» now oulv 10 cents per 

iSS But without such an increase I am 
Edent the receipts under the diminished 

i SIm woiild equal the expenditure, after a 

' lapse of three or four years 

under tho coinmai 
W. ilelvillo, reaoy 
.Mtu natives was ^ 
Commander I>fc Lou 
gion near 'ha month^ 
Bix week' had 
of tho number 
aud starvation. tha parly it 


taoAaatD /ukispbcdesce wasted. 

The report of th# department of Justiee 

orlngs anew to your notice the n'>oesBity of ea- 

largiog lijo present syBtem of .federal jnrts- 

prudenceso aa to effectuaik answer the ra- 

r* .. ..V. .— inAMaainv UUin.tion 

ir Lieut .prudence so aa to effectuaar answer .ue.^ most appropriate term and tenor of he omt 
itren re- ! JSrwne.u of the over increasing liUgatloo ^^^,*?i^',^bordlnate employes of the gov. 

■• ■^'**' wUch it is call-' -^ to dea' -tb. • ^nt. it aeems to be «-"«'•»' ■''^*';^^', 
at two !^*° "'„.„, ' I fcbatevet their extent or cbaiacter the 

It Las Ul ihe tnree tucuscoinn >'^»«= -. *^, 

tt»V liaaTwiolooO. ib-i KUW,. ^ o-»inand of 


The attorney gent 
of bta nredooea 
inatloe better or, 
f fi>»a, »h«Mld b 



XnK civil. SKUVIOK. 

A eommuuicatioii which I mad- to congros- 1 
. , ;H first «csi.oa, hi December last co.itam« 
. • ,niowir.'.t toll .• •' ■"•. .-■t:*-i"-'\" ■ 
r,.;atioi. to tho ...iucidv-, ....J *.;v» w' i''i- 
ounbttog.veinaM.. i-.fci>..'s 'o i« ^.oo •; ; « ■ 
iZ P-fSrriog to the vari .n. pViUs which 
he.-.'Oloro had be«a e«o>;Cto 1 to did- 
cus.ion in tb. national lei^isla- 

,„„»_V,:an. which, in tb, main aro 
ni«dolol upon the .-y.tem wt»ch oM.m. lu 
UroM Britain, but whi--:. Uo-.i«J cortaiu of th.» 
p.oroiu.'nt features whorel-v that system is 
li,tlnpui..he'.-I felt l...n..dt. i.-ttmnto my 
d„„bte whether a.v of th -m wo.ild af- 
Kri ad. quale ren..>dy for the eviU 
,hev aimed to eraoicaie, I decla^d, neverth-- 
less that if thoie pro:>.^u tneasnta-B should 

fr^^ ^t:^';%Vt:lt:'tt:r f^ your considera. 
.^?P t ere lia* b'--. no Ir-gtslstion upon 

he ..H^ct ti. which they relate, bnt 
ere la-, tneantinv, been an increaso 

L the "I'l'c tall ou that subject. 
«nd ti . pty'ple of tue ooui.-.ry, appar.ptly 
Tifho tdUincilon of party, hsve in. various 
wiiho.u ai«.uo "^ ,^g gi^„„ ex- 

uius't, uB'lfcr Lh« terms 

KiC^^eir^f ih^^mT^:-^^^ u;^ 

wverum'ul'tho parsonai dii-c ion of ap.>oiaW 

. • .1,, niill service iniv no- Lave been 
ments it. tbo d«l servn.* - ^ ^^^ ^^^^. 

an in- somo a8.t fy\„- ,Li..^ fuliy a huauiej 
Lo*; auo it nece.sart.y diverts t.tne 


and fr. m ihe labor of ft-'™"V\''",^' '"^^V'?::!;^ 
rlaiins ^d pretension orcauJ>la»es I 'rast 
that T?ore>he c'ose of the pre^nt eeesiou 
Bome dedsivo action ma, be taken for the cor- 
ract on of evils whicu inuere ui the pre-'ect. 
^•^hods'of appointment a.d l-^^^y^^^^^l 
my hearty 00-operaiiou lu any measur^ whicu 
„« i;kel/io ooDduce lo, that end \s to a.e 
?ostapproprja«;_erm and tenor of J^^e^o^^^^^^^ 


^^, ^, - during liic 

„H-t w.-e"k. fifteen more than the prec€-diii« 
viH-k. ai.d tw erity-ei^lil more than t . .-err, - 
M^MidiBg week la.t vear. Tins .- the lart-e-t 
nCb/for any one v.f ek dun..*.' the ,..,. 
u"i niotill.^. and thoy have been ot gr.MU^ 
imi-ortancetlmn ii.nal. particularly iii New 
y.irk city, which had filt;-en. 

10 M"i 

H. li.."^ '• '.v unt'l 

ihat ix.l-ili ti. o :• • ' •' 

r,| de-'d^ •'' •^■' 

Tllsoili-- ''• '■ 

18C2, he '::«!: ■•■'■ '•■'■ 

Minm-sotii i'll 1 ' 

t ^!i. H' 'irr. 
out in IS<> . «' 
he r«.<!V<-il M ■ 
Mindti- :( a' *•'• 

TeliTl. Af-r It..- v, :.r bP 

ings. at -I in l^':i n.i- eL-c e 

lor. vi.tchoftio Ik i.eid 1:. 

h.' wav iipi..'^".! p<-tT.a>!. 

TJ,V j„.*iii.,ii ' • I't'.t «t I 

d««th. He l"SV»r« 'in filUii . •' 

wiiyi- liM-d a =!i>g!e (if-- 

erKol N-..r-.»'i.-ld. ..v.Treac!..-d tlieir crtrdit 

and have IwMic'.ii^-.l f^r iii><.i<e. A con- 

vocati'". «'f unr.irt'UKite cr- 

.sliare ti..- •!".-''- ol t»;e •■ 

able III*.. 

Andrew A'T.ier..!, tt.lli ..nir.ler- 
in,, hi- Wife ...I the 7J.1 ol last I'ebruary. 
wliic'. n«. .... t.iH) i-r ^.•v.rH: .l«VH in the 
Henvilleccir tv .-'.art ut Keavr I il'-. 'U,-*^ 
.■,a,iuUv. IIP,. B.irth-tt..fSt I'.t.r lr..»t. 
,jf l.-lvnn. ..f K'-l«...'d h.i.i-. at" 
>;t..d.!.irt of Iteiuer P.iU^ iH i.v.tiii..t that 
l!,.- .M-rlii!:it.t w:^" itl*aiie :■" i'. ' '1"'' 
he e...n.P.ilted liie iimfdvr. »n«l •■x..e^^^ 
t,^. ifir.l 1.S I., biv !«air.ty .A n'J^«- 
l>t.r t;! n.ig.ihors le'tlti.-.i 
that li.-n-bMi.ved Ander-x.n ol ..m, .1:1.1 imiimI. 
Th- j'lrv after t..-in>: ..ut ulioui I *.H'y '"'" 
.it«!, a v-rli-t ..I' sla'i ■''f'^' 

Thi! KerifU> Kali.-* Water P.»Aer e.i'..|.aiiy 
l,«v.. tilfd articles .,f o^s-.-latio-. with the 
s.vretarv of Mai-. The .apil .' stock i» $.'•"•- 
(MVi .'.i;.i th.' .l!r«TlorM c..i.?i^t <.r "'•".''.v '' 
Pa;:.- ''I^.ar;.n 1> Wri-M, (<...!. I' \S.i 'tt"^. 
NValLi.-i'- H..lf..r.l. John 1) 15..y.l. Jam« 
\V. .Jrirti iit.ii .'^^tmiel Hill. 

rtr«* at MaiKlJtn. UnUotA. 

Oa \V€dii.r-.iav i. ti.- hroke..iit in asabwn 

kept al Mandao l-v Ma.-k A Uniry. oii.l re«- 

tatimut, theCouiniercial hotel, Xh't -Mandaii 

Louse, the Pacific 'loufe. Hirong. Ihickett 

ioCo.'B hardware St.. reel:. I Drurarc & Mr- 

Ciliiii'igrocen-, beiid.;3 »on.e M.iall'r liiiihl- 

iPiC- tell au easy prey and wen.- s.h.ii n- 

diice.i t.. asl.ert. The total low will ag«/r»>- 

fat.e i:17,5<X). <-ovpre.t by «H.O<JO 

in.surnno^. dibtrihut-l a--^ loHow.*: h. 

F bucklev. • proprieUjr ol Piicili ; l^ou-e. 

Lo««. $4.fAiU; m«.irt..l for JS.OOO.l'. H 1 y rne 

.dtl.eCon.n.ercial liotel. I-"^*; *X^'""^' '''; 

Hurance, i.83); Strong, II ackrt, &r>,., vM.H.Ji. 

..„ rtock; fully insured, J.-lir. \^ l-nlen ol 

C^sn.ark Building', tola! )o».-; ir.Mire.1 for 

57(Xj The f-iUowini-' are without mjurai.ce: 

I, 1! Wins-loi. ^.uilditiL'. Sl.OOU. Mansion 

l,mi.e. 4.000; John .Mack. S2/K^ TI.e 

lan-'cdry good i^KTc ol Cliaries \anblyck 

but narrowly escaiKjd. 

Death ot the Archbishop ..r < aiHer- 

Dr. Tail, who ll»•^ been ur.hh^hop ...f 
Canterbury sin-ie 1H7S, di.Mi S.iu.lay m.^rn- 

ing in l-<»i.<l'.ii. 

Th.- an-hl.' shop paax.-l awav quietly, 
au.l ai.i«r.-.uly without s..l! :■. i'..- 
preM-inxoiLi-i.thM-e .lauvTht. .'>. WaM-U-u. 
hiH*.;i-ii.-)«w, Tauou Ku..lly-i. :.ii' I>r 
Crwn^er .Saturday he reniim.-l in u 
-eu.i-uucoiisci..'.» stale, oeea.M..nul.i b» tv 
lor water AU.ui 11 al n'glit •<•• '•;• -ke !...» 
l-'ivt «, 'It IS roniinp' it it* "•..mii»K 
II- wa.^ then ieiieii with a -Larp -yr-m. and 
hix voice was nut hi ard agaii", al'l.-.u^'t. if 
iM betiev..i he was |.'irily ...i.r'<:i..ti«' to th.- 
,.i,.t At 7 in th.- i.iomii.}; h'- !-how«J 
.iKi.M of diHxr.lufioti It f* Uli.ler-.'...d 'h- 

.l«a:i of Westminister, t.n I.ehaU ultl.e.<.iieii 
■ t.Hi'dleie.i Uirial..! theurrl.ii ...p iiiU- t 
liiii.iiter abbev Th.- d<-t i>io!. i.--'- «."' tt^"- 

daUl'hUr ■>{ tin- d.l«lve,l jMUtH.-.l l--al- 
w-ere rii..).' iU the aljaeei.t lo'vn .. ' roy.!"!! 
nri-l the archbishop M death wni* t-ju-hingly 
re'erred to ai niorniiij: ><ervi< <- .lenn.J.t: - 
Lol.'lon f^ahle ^ttv^ thebisl.<.(. ofWiuehe t. r 
will, Ml all lilienLoo.l.lM-.o...e the pruoa'e 

1 two. wa*. ulwayaai-ioi 

1 stone. He is » lil-'-ral in i 

1 soniilly very iK-pulBf. .Shou.t ' 

; to the lhr..ii.- f.f Aut'U^tiii'-. It • f U- 
Kariie>s.- ol Otf.ird, will b.-irm-'. r.-l to the 

II Ml all lilielihoo.l.iH-<oii.e me pnn-a-- 

E.iwa! 1 H. Browii,|who iw i.>arlv .H.;ver •> 

i\ V!f^ ulwavH ai-iij?e fri--:: '. if M *' 'd 

I r ' ' — .r- ■ 


'—"" mii iipp 

«— T- 

8t* of W'inoheMter 

at.d Ar: hii 

An Actress Shot by Mistak*;. 

At the Ojlii.euM Theatre. Ciiicii.oati, on 

rhursdav aftfruo<.t\ Frank Fravn ■ nnd _ 

coiijiviiiv *'«rei'lavin^fiiHli.euiii. T play' y^ry ace.mipli.suel '•IJt-wiiv.l 

had proCt»ded 'o" the end of the fourth act. | 6u<v«<l bi'u on hisiiop"' •/<'"•' ' 

Fraviie persotiaud 8= RVk-uui nii<l Mir.> Auuit j ™ , •" ^. ' _ 

Van Behreti look the role ol Ruth tilcK^oti.. j A Kinjf'KRomiirkt.hlff^mfesKtoi. 

. -r- T... • ... . t.1.1 .,r.'. nr th.. I *..■ t - ; _ ._ . r . • 1 .r. ^ >. .1 !.. .All i' V 

<u'iii rainier. 
(liar. v-Jll 

Tiiii King <>fC-ort«t itsut u j'I'- aii'^-" 
traor.'.iiiary tonfciifk!! i.f »iii- It m 
«ki!ibt'-tl if the ruUtr of any niiii'^.n ever 
iriado oue ni'jre«!ilra.>.<liiiAty "I l.-tve 
).»;en for sovcn'.eeti yi-.i-' j* t*ie liea'l ol 
the nation," he ttav«, ••although 1 «»■ 
witrttiiig itl ability. Mv 

Ki Blocum'8 vrife. Junt at this point the 
viiiiau re<tuir»-«J i»i otv.euiii. t.j i^huoi an auplf 
off )iis -cvife'M Le*l ttud remark.!.!. "It uiint 
V« with the hockwar.l hhot." '^he arran>;e. 

iiieuts w.-re the rille i-racki-.! ati.l 

Ktjth Fioruni fell t/j the fli.o.- without utu-r- 

ingaB«uDd. Fraviie tiin*.d aliiioet with 

the flash of hi.'' gon and rushed toward the , wrniui}; .»»jum.. -••; 

prostnue girl and swooning lei' by h.^r side ; ijj^^beuR :ifHi!ur«.',nndat't 

will, au arnf acr.-ss her Uy y The ciirtmn jj, ^j^^, goverrinit-n' U.r.Jti 

droi i.e 1 an .1 the audience. wlio saw no Woi.d. 

beard .io cry. and therefore iu.aKine.J it was 

a new turr. iu the p'uy, were not aware 

of tl.e Mluatiou. In fifteen minutes 

the girl waa dead. On the girl's hea-l 

was a hat on which the appl'-^ waa j-laced. ; 

Th.' of the eii'le was four inehe- . 
I above her hea«l. Frayne hay^ it asb an .-n- , 
i lirelv safe shot for any ordinary g"od rifle- ! 




Ue 8BV«< the a'-eidrnt (-onl-i not havf . 
b..-en i.,.ssihl.Jun<lerai.v other . ircumatances : 
tl au the giving awav of the catch f<pnt:g at . 
the breech. He not explan. U,^ it , 
happoied that he failed to discover this . 
vreakepiti;;bcforeBpp<urir.g aith it on th.- 
stage Frayne wab immediately ar- 
re^. At the police Ktati-m 

wu«n he wa.! locked up tne quettion was. 
pin by the offic*rs. "What charge shall we 
put against him?" He sp<.ke \n>: "Oh. put : 
i'!» aa you please; make it the worst ^ 
yon can." There is an universal disroHiUnu ; 
to ccnderun t ae practice of dangerouB shoot- | 
ing of this style ui the stage. People ssv 
that though the may be defend- 
ed utKjn for accuracy, wt.ich luany qti».- 
lion, ihii. case shows the gun may not al 
ways be rftiiable. 
I *— 



_ _ i. .. 
rwvL'iit.buutibto.jUkitv ^o." 
the thrf.ritj I hav<- '..;u!.' to m 
Tiunts ill roa.l- -U'l ' 
b.jlh rii'li and jK>or fi»y«' •'•' 
iin.i.?r tiio hiird'ti ''' ''~ '- 
have often alt • 

-!i.-riC.ed til'- i. 
Thir5 :- it^iv t'ttk. I hitvi- 

ligioU'. do>:».rin«>8. Iluv-- 

venue. Tin.'* ifl uiy ■ 

boeu carriel on ;•' 


my « .ir. Thi< '.s i. • 

iiuve l.'een eti»b:-«le 1 

of th*' peor*k ...'ifi. 

I am afthiun 1 ' . ■ u 

[■le »i.'Uin J wj:! ; 

repent tiiv foraurr i.^ 

r it-4 ;nv Hoi^' s^y'i>«»t^ «* «'"»■ '''* 

I ^.vint: setter h<«Ii.. thn.^ for prverr 
' .J^. . ^ HewiU .«P» '!'• ll"" i*.i''.»T - 

\'rV^ iJi^hJ>^'^.n^ it, 'Iy 

,.i..<jly t.Ubroucr, the lion JoU 

rjf to. 


. I- 

And tho 'w'-iue-' 
Tliis i« Ii- - ' 
- l«e{'>re tlie I 
V nil...' I 


— "^^ 



A western drnjKi^t recently !«end three » rr-rr-n -VT-nTTrci TAT Tni Trrn 

kindsof biU.r to t;..:iuternalRev. \ [HE NEWS ITf BllIEF* 
«nne Burean at Wa^kiuiiton, which he 
wanted to have adopted as patent med- 
icines so that hereon).! boII them with the 
foverninent reveniio stamp attached, 
'he proprietor declared tliat they were 
« sure cure for various ailments of the 
digestive organs, and at the "ame time, 
a certam remedy for influenza, while 

r' ot liec properties wore of p-'v.h a te- 
a'uln charrrter >ial they wonid prt!- 
vt-.ii the eon'rartii>n of rontiijioijg dig* 
eases. Upon an.ilvsi.? U»e samples were 
actually f"—:' '^ sist of a poor qual- 

ity nfw!,!- . "<riwit!i moLisses, 

and w:it;u?i.i;4 M.>me simple aromat- 
ic drains, harmless in th«ir properties 
hut worth n l;i.ti'_' rs ilrn l-^. 

EVENTS fy \rjf!irrxriToy. 

In the.teannclte cenr on Sat irday Mr. 
i"finderman, in 'lescribii'g the nij roh to the 
south on S^jit. 20 sai-l that just be- 
^enoon Erickson told him^ 1j • conMn't 
J^fmnch furthT. Witr ew tn'ed n eficonr- 
*«ge him, but withou* avail. Iti ittempting 
to rppept Erickson'-; !rnga«se w len he be- 
ctim^ iii.«abI«Hl, witness hrolie lown and 
ga«i>f!d«juf: "lean not jro on uow, s'r," 
and hastily left tbo njf>m. Thr incident 
was moht p»thetic, .nnd the coux ■ and upcc- 
tators were deeply irrpres'sed. The pteti- 
lietn oft?!." board" ordered a rfofs. ^sying 

items in the last tjill. In this inlerestmg 
bill of particulars appear liquor*. w;ne and 
mineral water. i;.589; cigars. $252; ncwspa- 
paperv, Ml. The foorth auditor has the call 
on the visiting coniniittec. 

The bf)artl of mansgors of t' e National 
Temperance society hAn adopted a resolu' 
tion nrging the prompt passage by the house 
ol representatives of the p?ndi!ig senate bill , 
passed by the «f nates of four consecutive 
co')grps.«c.«, to provide for an impartial na- 
tional con'inil«sion of iantdrv rnncernin,^ 
(he alctjholic liqnor tralhc and it-^ relations 
to the genera' pnblic weltarfe. 

iHelen Oonear, a well known temperance 
and female suffrage lecture.-, has .suel Chief 


"The poor feUor never broke down up t of Police Mendler of Lafayette. Ind., f«r 
there where h.^ was put to the t' st, but his | §10 ,x)0 for slander. He accusal licr of 
svtnpalhy for hii lost cou'pai ions ovor- 1 8p<.nding a night with Capt. Wallace, a 
cameliiiu'" Arler a recess "Tindt-m.aii „roniinent attorney. Both deny tiiecharj'e. 

re<umtd and said thnt F.rickst n said to | T^^re j^ pr^at exjitenieut and intense hi tter- 
him. •'.Vindernia«, I doi't car? b >w far you | n^i^s ,.n both sides. The affair grow* out of 
go; I can'*, "o any hirther." 1 the last election contest. 

This »aKT%r1aK t«9T«UBtlCi8 LVOfl tD k hMlUlT ?1St* 



Harmless to the Most Delicate. 

Ms tta faithful «M Conaoiupttan has bwn CumkI 

wken other R»ra)K!i>>« and Phjraldac-) hsr« 
failed to e!T»ct a cnrai 

Vtu. C. DiooB*. Varchsnt of Bowllae (jrc-u. V«., 
■wrl'-'H Aprl'. 4, 1V81, rh»t be wknunsto iaow ttiil 
the Ll'nu Bausam fieu cjr^d hit mother o/rt>n- 
SHU :. :■■•>!, af'er the r'^-y^'claa had vlTna her up u 
iociiraS.e He ui;-ii, others kacwiac her csm !'nv« 
iBkcn the Balaam and b««a cared: a« tbtuka all eo 
affli. t>'<l whontd give It a triaL 

Wm. a. OaARAH * Co., Wboleiale Dra^fiats, 
fci>»vii;«., Oiilo, writea OS a? the enr^ of M-*TIi'a» 
Fbebmas, » wei'-knowa cltiip:). who lia-l b-va ^f- 
fli^Ti I with Br''>nrht''i in I'a wr.ra» f'jrni ti'i twelve 
yesr. The LLTfO Bal-^iH eured faim, •<• It hat 
many otb«rn of BroorhiUa. 

As an Expectorant tt haa No SqufUl 

FOR S AL8 by all MEPICINIS nEAl.E R3. 

Senator ShemiaM agrees that It a vrry im- 

i portaat thit republi'^n'' /"FtV-e pfesfnteon- 

' t-ress should »'o ♦l^eir nfniost to sf mrear this 

i win»^r'" r'vn'/rtss a full revi.xinn c I the tariff 

' with u view to reduce taxati< n and remove 

I the iaeotwlitie-i and im perfect ims of the 

]<resent law. The pro{>er pdiicr seems to 

him tor rt-publ'-rtn senators atvl itieniber!' t© 

adopt is 10 secure sucli r.-daction orir^ternal 

reventie as will limit this fbrm of taxes to 

I ^iiirits, 'oIhicco V>eeh s'.il modify i*iid redtice 

! these tn".* so that in the aggregate they 

j yfeld ahr.ut $100,000,000 a year. 

I Them.imal r^{K>rt nf Col. Iris >. chief ol 

i the bur.aii of printing and engraving sSows 

j fii it during the year »'-nB were completed 

' andde'ivcrivi V,641,10H sheets nfmjtesand 

j -t.otlrit:.s of the face vahie of $;»9,857,700; 

21,251,456 sheets of int'rrnal revenue .iiid 

I custom cigar stamfjs, containing 987,221,4.59 

I stamps, and 640.919 n)it'«'ts cbe« ks, drafts, 

I etc. T !•• atTCTegate cxjiendittireB for the 

year w»'-t* $9.36.755. 
I 6oroe newspapers are saying' : hat by the 
! star rntttc frauds the National rr-asury waa 
.' mbb-id ol $1,.*>00,000. This is a large sum, 
; imt it is far below the real tot il. Several 
' months ai;»* the attornev -renera estimate*! 
t»u> an.i.unt stolen at $4,u00.00( . The net 
addition*! pay granted to ring contractors 
vta tnore |2,0<Xt i»er anaum in the 
last term of four years. 
Hannibal D. Norton, principal clerk of the 
I finance division of the )«istoP ce depart- 
I nient, was rt-moted tc ("ay for an alleged 
I c«mip'.icity wi»h sta'. router^. 

j The TO nage ei»'cated at tVe minte in 
. November is valued at $5,000,828 
i The (iartield fair at Washingt. n will hard- 
ly pay Hxpenses. 

tIi»abo*«l«» r v^-r--^» ^' '.r-a tTOUaCPtek- 
.ofLymo M.. :,<'rtiujDan)Mlx>ae 

rbatTUthfc: .„. ,.«rd of Woman," 

Msaoam at h'r ivt''- <«I1 hrr. Stut 

4aat:u...iAli <1> ■ : ■' .> -KM.^l^r ..lutcoiaa 

tt • tUe-etiKSr, sad ) i.: .^ a i - ^9«p alx larfy 
^aialaots. to brip her •Jiewrr the lai^n eemmryr *«ik« 
«riueh dailv poor* tn « ;■ u \ :■, •aurh i-v-fi-i^ It* npeclal 
Wuden of mtffsi.-g, or j 'jr W i«i«MM>troo lu Ber 
9eBt>t*I^le^>'''Ut'^Bn.11ea r^ciieH.- f .- fnorf «ait »»■« 
rrU poxpOMa I t:a-<ni; pr-rvrral^ iart-nlgetad t( aad 
.aiB saL-Rcd of tk? trad ■- 

C-. aCk-^nwt of Jtsprovi;. < re v^njiretw!**! 

and prBBCrtbodby th»t..'-t ; !'j'; i»i.i la th» c^untr*. 
Onr nyt : "H worki Uiie a c ixiuna and •••" tancb 
Vnln. It will com euUrwIy tlj« worst fcrm of talllac 
«C the iJenia, Leuo >rTho™, f'-<-«rul»r and palsfsl 
1leiiatn>it}3a,all Onul.'^'i ''v >aMM, tuflaiamatloD and 
CT««»tlc>n,no«<Ujie», ,ii: T'Hp;a«Ti-!-nt- »n(tth^M>n- 
«av>eiUs(>ll>al inM.jka.iiu.a'.4 U "pc lallradaptod to 

tt yim m kU ^ evatr portion pf »»>• rr^-n. an J (rtroa 
«aw iif « aiid Ticer- tt reinoTna faJBtnwii, fl>Ca!<*ar7, 
-iaitroTfl all eraTlBB f or t*1— i^Iapfi". oji.l reaer?5 weak 
"aaie of tbeatoBSBeh. It ctirci Bloatinf, Ileadarbea, 
Kmtooi lYoetraMea, Cj«it; taJ PiblMty, Sl?e t i l < iw ii a« . 
Desre«s(Wla««llBdlt««tl"n. Tjitfcfi'nfof beoriTv: 
4owB,eiiaila«|ialB,weliiht and (wckac'ie, le alwari 
VarmMMRtlj cm^ by it* 11*9. T' wt II at all tiaira, aad 
naOm all drcumataBoea, aci Id tiafmaoy with ti.i Jkw 
ahat aofems tlw te.>nal.> ry «i>m 

I» OOBM ODty 9L per t>o«ln f r »1 1 fnr fi.. aad !• fold br 
eragv!<ea. Any ndrite re-inlred aa to epeelal a a i M , ar^H 
Uienaiiieii of ouui? wbo have liean reitanate pc:fM-« 
kaaltti liy lilie saa cf ta« v»-g«t)»Me r.o^ro m y' cap >>• 
iilMatniid tvaddnarinc lljra. P., «'ti> •lautp tor rsply, 
«a Iter (>«Re ta liyna, Vaim. 

For Kidnar CompJatut cf either mx thla eoapoosdla 
aaaorpaaafd aa a^uBdiUIt t«stijxi<jn'«l< «tiuw. 

■Kra f>t]>k)iaci'«LjTerPiUi,"*v«e(n writer. 'Ira 
0blbt»t tm nu world fnr (l<a rcn of OoB.<tlpatJoa. 
■niovwMiai aad Torptdlry oi the U-var. Ber 3!cud 
ftrlflei- w'trka wonder* !a Ita ipaclal liae and Uda (air 
aaeqoai the 0<mp"iad Id tt« pupularlty. 

AO m Mat raapect bar aa au Xagal of Jfarny a h i i aa ante 
«HbiacB la to do (ood to othank 
rkllaiM»fcl% f. A ItaL A. K. ». 




Iioaa of Appetit.-?, BowsIh costve. Fain in 
-ihe Head, with a iluil sensution in the 
1>*ck part. Vx.n ua'cr the Shoulder 
t>lade, fuUaass after eating, with a di»in- 
•Unation to exertio^i of buUy or mind. 
Irritability of tenip-r. Low spirita. with 
» Haelinff of baviDg n^ Klect-nl come duty, 
'^JVaariness, Dii.iines?, fluttering at ttaa 
Heart., Dotabetoro the eyea. Yellow Skin, 
flaadacbe KenevaUy cvar the right ey«;, 
ttoatleaaaaaa, with UtfUl dreams, hlsaly 
aolored Urtne, and 


TTJTT'S PILLS are enperially adapted ta 
•«chcae«e, one done efTt-rtH such a cbaog* 

mt feeling na to nslimish the anfTerer. 

The} (nrrraao tttr^ .\|.pvlli4». »ii>l cain' tba 
%Ody '-^ rak<- •»!» rir.Vi. tl.i.* n-.'- ^y^l»u. U 
■•■r11at«v<L a'l J |.v fi '■«> Action on [ha 
|MS«a<>ve Or«»ne, B«^ AtuwU ai» prj- 
4aced. I'ncy Jj cnTits. i3 nurra^ »!. . W. X« 


^K^y Haib oa WHtRKKR't i-h»tnf"d to m liLuaet 
Bi^cK by anlngleapi'! (a: unoftUis Dtb. l»I»p- 
•»rts a riiitnr^l-color. acw iiislaalaoeously. Sold 
5y EriKi{l-!f< at ecut by exprcaa oa rece ipt of U. 

CBr. TTTTS ■.tSriL cf T»lii«i.i. loToraittln ud \ 
CMtai Baaalata "M »• bHW rati aa »>»lHaM»«.J 


.\EnS 01 THE tiAlI ilUAltS. 

From part im just in fruni Boteman it is 
learned that the track l.-tyers on the N'>rth- 
em Pacific arrivwl at Livin)?>to'i 'in Tue!v 
day, but tarrie<l not. They tt Ince began 
the toilsome ascent of the belt ringe of the 
Rocky niourlftiVis. 'rheconirac>orh declare 
that they have orders from the < ompany to 
celebrate the new year in Boiemnn at what- 
ever cost. 

The I niie'l Siat<"i romiK'T'.M. rrs have re- 
turned from thf"* *r:p of officia insjrt-ction 
over the line of tb" Northern 'acilic, and 

\ more than confirm the reports of their eu- 
thuniastic encomiums on the character of 
the country and the quality of the road. 

' The St. Si. Hinckly b-auchof the 
I *^t Faiil, M'unea^>^'l!3 v ^laui oba will be 
I (pvn ■■■r bu-i'ieis snortly. 

j , — 

I HIE ciiiMiyAL inrouiK 

j .\ Duraago, Cal., Hpe<-.jal says Lasiniirht 
I abvjt 11 o'clock. Hh;ie LV. H. A. Clay, :i 
j pjon.'>i pIiyfi<r^Su and oik- of tie most em- 
iueni c'.tiieus, waj silting in ! Is oltice his 
, partner Dr. Euetzky, entered, .ind without 
j warning tired several shots n Clay, then 
j blew hid *)wu brains out w'th he same re- 
! 4- 'Iv.r. djinK inetantly. Dr. Clay died thi"i 
"«!. I hey iiad been partners several 
. X, lioiiig a thiiving fuiness, when 
Eiie^zKy receive<l a severe cuwb ding from a 
Mrs, iluore and Mu* Hawkias. who ac- 
cu"<ei.l him of talking al»out thei<i. Euetfky 
tvas ujuIt the impnssion that bis partner, 
Dr. Clay, had toruclhuij,' to do with his be- 
ing cowhided, which id thuurl I led t«i the 
fatal s booting-. 

Considerable atir has been cu iseii m rail- 
r«Mid I in-'esar Mi'vraukee by tli^ tl..iapt>ettr- 
•i y ''.iry, aclerk in the purciiat; 
. ;, ^ - offi ■« of the Chicago. Milwaukee 
<.v St. F.i'i' rni<l. The otQcialf say Cary'a 
ai iT.iuita arc .-.traight. Information 
Irom other sourcea have it that Gary eloped 
witii r. woman nt the town naiJcd Ivy St. 
1 lair Car.v w a young man ot lanniy and 
iield ail uffic' of trust in the ra Iroad ofUce. 

Sylvia lio*iiian, said to havr been a St. 
I'aul girl for a .sea.^on, baa di*«ppeared in 
the direction taken by a young andimpress- 
.<-ible Uilvtaukee & St. Paul atlitche, aud the 
theory s that they will brin ' up at 8au 

( I'rantiaco. 8ylvia A'as a <1a*hi »g brunette, 
and ' urey, her captive, is a luaband and 

; !ii;!iir. wiio ; ■ quite young aud as freah hs a 
-'n_'!^« r 

l!u njjetiy revealed by tintiing the body 
'faiuaa ui a straw stack oti the Kamaey 
r:!riu, Ivtween St. Paul uud Miiinearolia, 
I'as ilevelope<i into an undoul ted murder. 

I Tiie I'osi mortem examitiu'iun reveaksl ft«ur 
pistol iiob/s in the man's bead but nut a 

. -erap 'if evide'-ice as to his identity nor as to 

1 the cjrcnmstanciM under which he met his 

t death. 

Th. mas Foote of Baltimore, who brutally 
I beat Jnis wife, was sentence*! t'. reeeivo thir- 
ierii ladies uu his bare back, punishment 
by the w hipping po^l lor wife- beating hav- 
ing oeeii reviveil i.-y the last le(;tsl!iture. 

The robbery of the Waliaah i icket otfiee at 
.\drian Oct. 15. baa just co iie to light. 
Nearly $3,000 worth of tickel^ were stolen 
by a young man named E. P. Rowel I. 

Young Carey, the Mihvttukeu eloper, 
turns out to l>e a detaulter as veil. He has 
$£ X) o; the railroad coiii[>aiiy's money, ad 
Mell as ibe St. Paul wuman. 

VViiliaui liabbilt, who is .*harge«i wiib 
placing dynamite in the Inte national dis- 
tiliery of Dea lUiHues, had >«f n arreaied 111 

The Flathhead Indians want their res- 
ervation limi's;.-! !•; 1 tt the British 
boundary of the North. Inasmuch as the 
policy of the i»riveriinient here.l'>fi>re has 
been to re<luce rather th»n to eipiuid the 
limits of Indian reservation, It will be a 
matter of some interest to iee trill be 
done with the Flarbead i)etition for an ex- 

The mint treasury Taulta hare been ex 
hausted of 10 cent pieces. All t!ie old 20 
cent pieces have b<en seiit to Phila lelphia to 
be melted up, which will makeab.jut ^400,- 
000 worth ot l^i^le^ but wliich will not be a 
drop in the bucket, compared with the de- 

The libel suit ot Dr Degroaboia, i>. libefa!, 
againH Father 8ent«nac of l^azton Falls, 
('anada. w'lo denounced him from the altar 
dutioK the ]Militical canvass aaa l)ad Catho- 
lic, ha> been compromised, the defendant 
paying $.500 and costn, amounting to $1,000. 

The Tyouisville policemen have fc-vidently 
been traine<l in Carver's school. Two of 
them had occasion to open fire on a man 
name<l Campbell, and they loaded him 
down with lead. Six shota were fired, and 
all of them took effect. 

Inthesale of .lecuritie^ of Ihe State 8av- 
ioRS bank in Chicago, a nbte of D. D. Spen- 
cer, its absconding president, for $750,000, 
was knocked .lown to a countryman lor 

A monument to confederate dead was rn- 
veiled in Magolia cemeterj' at Charleston, S. 
C. ieceutly in the prepuce of 15,000 peo- 
ple. Senator Butler delivered an oration. 

Hon. Nathan Ooff, Jr.. of West Virginia, 
baa been appointc<l to assist the prosecnlion 
of the highway mail robheri recently arres- 
ted who belong to the bark Redman. 

The f.rand jury of th«' f int district of 
Ogden Tttah, has been discharged If 
i'ountl no indictments under the Kdmunds 

The MisBisaippi river improvement crm- 
iiiittee will condemn, the levee ijystem from 
the mouth ofMve Red river to the gulf 

A million bushels of com ou a panicky 
tnarket was what laid out Kreigh (t Davis, 
Chicago brokers on Saturday. 


Xondny, December 4. 
8EX.tTK.— The senate was called to order 
by President pro tem Davis. After prayer, 
the customary resolution was adopted for 
the appointment of a committee to notify 
the president and boose that the senate was 
ready for bu«ine«4 

Mr. gale introdacal a bill to increase the 
number of judges of the Alabama claims- 
commission to five. 

Bills were introduced by Mr. Hill (Col.) 
providing for coinage at the Denver mint; 
by Mr. "Voorhees, grantins; a pension of $60 
p.T montti to the widow of Rear Admiral 

During the colloquy over the bill pro- 
viding (or the reinMatement of Army of- 
ficer Beebe, Edmunds opp<}8cd the measure 
and took occasion to sa^ there appeared to 
be d'a^atisfaction throughout the coilDtry 
about everything congress did of late. 

Brown (Ga.) announced the death of 
Senator Hill, and oflered a resolution ot 
resi)ect, which waj unanimously i^roed to. 
T eu, as a token of teapect, the aenate, at 
2:5f>. adjourned. 

HocsE. — In the opening prayer the chap- 
lain alludeil to the death of Me^an. Lowo 
and Updeg:alf, and gave tbar\^8 that the 
other meiuber^ were preserved In health 
.■^nd prosperity. The speaker then formally 
dociarod the house op ned, and the clerk 
proceeded to call t!ie roll. The call dis- 
closed the presence nf 202 merubert. 

The following wur" then st^^orti lb as mem- 
bers of me house to fill vaouicy: Hill (III), 
to succeed Hawk; R<'«3 (Ga), to sacceeU 
Stei.he.ns; and Shelly.(Ala.) 

The speaker presented the report of thj 
Tarit! commiltte wh ch, on motion ol Kelly, 
was referreii I > the ways and means cornmitr 
tee. A collo<iny ensued between Kelly and 
Cox, (luring which the latter remarked sar- 
castically that he "was happy to hear the 
sei retury of the coiumisBion was about to 
leave for Euiojie." 

A large uuuiber of bills ware introduced. 
Hie following bein«( fffcr-^ra' 'nt^resl: by 
We-b'-r^, tirohioitiiig political a'jserstnents 
on government employee; by ilosencrans, 
to kicorporate the Yellowntone Park rail- 
road; by Ka.ison, for the belter regulation of 
tlu' civil servic ; by An-hrson. to create an 
agricultural comniisson; by Valentine, to 
eoui pel the payment by the Union Pacific of 
fost of surveying, selecting or conveying 
lands granted to it ; by Kaudall, abolishing 
the ortice^* of assistant secretin ics of war ana 
navy ; by Honk, amendatory 10 section 
Sill, revised statutes, so as to apply to all 
cases of bribery and other offences against a 
free ballot; Mr. Ivits-sjii offered a resolution 
granting the committee on civil service re- 
form leave to report ar any time. 

Mr. Cox favored the resolution, but asked 
what ha<l quickened the conscience of his 
friends, and made some jocular retuarks 
OS to biscandidacy for the apeakeisldp, and 
yielded to Springer, who twitted his friends 
on the other side on the failure of the assess- 
ment policy. 
The president's message was then read. 
.Mr. Herbert (Ala ) announced the death 
of Lowe; 'raylor (Otro/announced the death 
of Updegraf!, and ihe house, in respect to 
the memory of the deceased, at 3:10 ad- 
journ e<l 


Resale of the Polttio*? Tornado in 

The illnstrioua patriot, eermon-wnter, 
would be-politician, humorist and Lara- 
mie, postina-'?ter, Wm. Nye, ^esq., thus 
refers to Tuesday'o tornado: 

■We have met the enemy and we are 
his'n. We fcave made our remarks and 
we are now ready to listen to the gentle- 
man from New York. We could have 
dug ont, perhaps, and explained about 
New York, but when almost every state 
in the union rose up aud made certain 
slatements yesterday, we found that the 
job of explaining this matter thoroughly ! 
would be wearisome and require a 
ereat deal of time. 

We do not hhime the democracy for 
thia. We are a little surprised, however, 
and grieved. It will interfere with our 
wardVobe this winter With an over- 
coat on Wyoming, a plnp hat ..n Towa. a 
pair of pantaloons on I'«n«*'^; '""ja ""^ 
Lot4on the - cneral res^ul 1 -oka now 
ns though we would prubablv t^'-- », 'f^^^J 
the winter wnipi^d in a bed qmlt and 

an extra this 

profound niflitation. 
We intended to puWi?U 

merning.butthe iiewa wa» ff such a 

character that we thought we would get 

What was the use ol 

with a republican 


along without it 

One Elxperience ttom Mnj. 

"I had been aick and miserable so long 
and had csnsed my husband so mnch 
trouble and expense, no one seemed to know 
what ailed me, that I was completely dis- 
heartened and discouraged. In this fiame 
of mind I got a bottle of Hop Bitters and 
used it tmknown to my family. I soon began 
to improve and gained so fast that my hus- 
band and family thought it strange and nn- 
nati;ral, but when I told them what had 
helped me, tkey said "Hurrah for Hop 
Bitters! long may they prosper, for they 
have niade mother well and ua happy." — 
The Mother. — Home Journal. 

The Moravian church claims to be the old- 
est Protestant Episcopal chnrcb in thia 
country. ^ _ 


Quick, complete cure, all annoying Kid- 
ney, Bladder and Urinary Diseases. $1. 
Druggists. _ 

Tbe half-moon patterns in Spanish lace are 
pretty made into box-pleated ruches for tbe 

^ — a— ^^— 

A national reputation is enjoyed by Perry 
Davis' Pain-Killer, which, lor nearly half a 
ccntnrj', has been the favorite household 
remedy 'or bruises, bnms, sprains and all 
bowel complaints. Look lo your supply, 
and never be without It. 

AJ number of amateur artists propose 
holding a fashionable exhibition atDeiiuoh- 

The only natural hair renewer is Carbe- 
IJne. a deodorized extract of petroleum, prS* 
pared witliout distillation or rectification 
with acids or alkalies, containing no miner- 
al or other poisons, delightfully prefumed 
and as clear and pure as spring water. 

ertain mortgages on Newport property 
have v"ry much excited some "society 

Skinny 9Icii. 

"Wells' Health Kenewer" restores health 
and vigor, cures Dy3pep.iia, Impotence, Sex- 
ual Debirty._$l^^_^ ^^ 

Terra cotta silk hankerc'^iiefs are seen 
peeping from the outside pocket of cloth 
redingotef*. ^. 

"No eye like the master*^ eye." Had 
Miop lived in our day he might well have 
8dile<l, 'No popular curative like Kidney- 
Won." All eyes are beginning to tnrn to 
it for relief from dieease^ of the liver, • owels 
and kidneys. Kidney- V.'.ort is nature's 
remedy for them all. Tnose that cannot 
pre|>are the dry can now procure it in 
liquid form of any druggist. 

One of the best ways to get malaria is to 

, For Pjai K p ala^. Indlsvstlaa, Biniatlia et 
Bplriti aad Oeaeral Debility, la their Tarioas foraai; 
also ■■ a prevemiv* egai aa t Farez aad Acne, aad 
other Intennittect F«ver«, tlie "Ferro-Phoaphor- 
ated Elixir of Callsar**" ratie by Carwell. Hazard 
ft Co.. New Yora. and Koid Ur aU Dniggtota, la tite 
l)e< t»nlc ; and tur pauenr» recoTerlng tram Fever ec 
oUkt aickaess, it Uas no wfiiial. 

puhlbhing an extra with a re 
majority only in Red BiUttJ? 

We resume our arduous duties with a 
fcelinc of extreme enntii, and with that 
sense* fsurpri-^e nnd aetumshment that 
a man does who has had a !ar-e bnck 
bio k fall on him when he wus not e.x- 
peeling it. Although we feel a little 
lonelv to-dav— having met but a few 
republicans "on the street, w 10 were 
obliged to come out and do th ir 
krtiii«-wr( still hope for the fn oro. 

Now about those bit^. If th > F'arties 
to whom we owe beta— and at- owe 
most evcrynortv -«in jnst agre- to take 
ih" •''Jtl^'n rtnd not po into de' ills; no! 
stop to ask us about the state of oui 
inirul, andUdk n'<out how it whs done, 
we don't care. We don't wish to have 
this t'ting explained at all. We are not 
of an in iuiviug turn of mind. Just plain 
facts ine g')od enough for UR, without 
anv harrowing deUils. In the mean- j 
limn we are troing to work to earn some j 
tnore inonev to bet on the next ek-ction. j 
Judge Folger and others, come over and 
see us when you have timo and we will ^_ 

talk this matter over. Mr. B. Butler, takeasuiteofroomsin an apartment house, 
we wish we had your long i-vity. w Uha 
robn-st constitution, we find that most 
any man can wear out cruel fate and get 
there at Let. We do not feel so angry 
as we do grieved and surprised. >\e 

fasMpiJofl K| to^CjL^tf JT 


AXI clai' nimrllfied. A" y varty <li!«l-;tBr ■ rppgf 

Assets about 
Snrpliis, - - 

/>ii hi« l;ie f.-i.rai'ilb to te» Uiiua:»T: 1 'ioJlfcj. TeMAiBf 
ta aiiT of the Wa-.t-mSiirts ir !• rvit-.n^ea' •'»»•' 
to tbe 0<Tict»l AreM at St. F.i 1. t^'f a , ,_, 

instruct oa^- =i»d Maak .wpj-ii :i. «Mefc*-i-i am 
forwuptlerl l,y lust al on ^-. ai^d v.-rh tU>f«» be wiU b« 
cnab.ed to fiii out U .•< own aniliciu-"! and be nam' 
ined i^t^ forwarvl Ins iv.i>il<-ati.);i t _■ tb' Agent. alMl • 
poll V will be is!.u,«l. Uftii.ii ,Vrrr /'ian wiU aa»» 
the Oueral .\(r<-nt Uk ttprti.-- M :r»Tciiin{ oTer Iha 
coW)-r. he WiU ni .1:^ each p-rty »o i.p;<l>-iii(i (or 
Lite I i-iir3n,-o»ai»coontcf 20p<>r i-unt on h:«1r»*' 
Vc«.' .< I'l'inium, rtaO et iMid aoBflaTlv. semi ot 
quarttity. J. k.6»!mM , **■ Peal. Qtatt^ Aa^nt. 


^he Old-Time Yield* of Tw««atT-flve Yeara 

Aku Madero.okibU-. 

The nafleralinif i be* Ware t- inao«tnoe th« they 

caru.- fr.nii marlv l.lMiO rai:.» t:or.:i oj . t. I »<>i- '^J? 
flit vioiinty . f t:ie Uraon* wb««t «>*''>',''{ , f/."/^ 
kafchewaa Valley, benco It Iim been dec-Idea W emu 
It tUc 



Itn pivnoirr^J l,y tie "'^^ ^- *• ?l"»i:i"Ti^ 
Uie KlUhary Mi V-, M »Ui.t«fap«l.* w be tbe aue»» 
niiUmif wLieai ever 9< en ft h:* inM'.a , ,, „ „ .i,, 

cla'e*it!o i*thciur^l a iilm'.>-t;m'ur;i- tjaru . 


Jlfe wh at he >i»» ever x-eii aiiu ^lvea it . ■ Ula o»:b 
UTua rtL be m rMi'»<l tf 

Absolutely Pure. 

1 nla powder Urrer vartaa. A marrel of pnnlT 
atrencth and ■^t"!'» i.n-r.'aa. Mor* »,-onomlca; thai 
•::» r iiiiary tit la tn.i .iQDot be icl.l iii r<»«ii.^ti*jc.5 
nitb t(i> m^lu!yJ^ ci !••« •--.■'t. •!•. rl w^l.-tl, aJtiO *» 
uaO>pha a i>o<rders. SnU • niv tn cunt. 

BC'TAl. UAEINO rOWJ'KB CO, 5ew Tor*. 



tbat U:. yield on il! uur anua r»L be ra rna-Ki frvta 

flvet>fl?te^iil)'iNUple lotlieacrr bvao*»n.: "'-,' '^*,'- 

At tlic crcat N rlliwestem lair lU M.n;.eai». Ii« UM 

pa-t tall It caiTi. 1 off al. the hiKheat pieiamm* o» 

wLe.t. aiiiiniitiuf loy-.o'.. vhileat tlie **»'*,' •^T*; 

^(ulie-ter it the i{r»:id ar.ver medal, the bisae" 

^war.l ol the s.Krietv. ax Ihmo^' the be>.t wbea" ou ^ 

hiUtion. beudl.T i>,.iii;bUi fViu^ ita Uiatory ana 

fnli descniition Ad ir*", __ _ .^ . ». 


^^^_ .11 bi iK-a l»««»!_ 

nend postal for nn* 4 
cauu^ue. HAt.t.*l>aa<rlitora.Cfeieaco. 

TX A TT> che»pest au.l beat. 


For Infotmatloa an* MaK.a* ' . , 
anna*. Arkanta* and Taiaa. vrlH ta J 
. bUITU, 4« Clark atreet, Ofctoaga. 

Don't wear diuKy or faded things when 
tbe ten-cent Diamond Dye will make them 
good as new. They are perfect. 

are pained to sco the American people 
thus betray our confidence and throw a 
large wardrobe in to the hands of the 
relentless foe. 





a It la for oil th j prunfiil cli i r aaaa oC tne 


It olaaaaea the aystctn of the acrid polaon 

thnS canaira tiio dxeadfol toSniag which 

a ostf tho TiotlTOB of IL^oninatmn eaa raallee. 


of tbe wont forma of this UTnt>ie dlaeaae • 
)«• been (xolckiy robevod. and la abort timo 


UL^ Dry nn be tn-ut l>y majl. 

W«-l^. RICil-AJtPSON & C:>. . BnrltaatonVt 




Is Warrantad to Cure 


The atpam.^hip Crtlar Gtov •. from Lon> 

don for Halifax and St. John, N. B., struck 

the ledges of ( 'ai>e Canso Thur ulay raoming 

during a ;;ale and >iank an hui^r later in ten 

fathoms of water. Three boats A-ere iauocheil 

shortly after the ves.>-el sii-uck two of which 

containing thirteen jieoide rc»ched the shore 

safely. Toe remaining Ixiat baw iiot lieen 

j heanlfroni, and it is feared tint slie has been 

I lost ill tlie breakers. Amou:; the luia^ing 

' ore tbe captain, chief officer a ad Miss Fair- 

I all, ^Misseiiger. 

j A terrible accident occiu-eii at Byan's 
I i^MckinK house, Dubuque. Pt.trich Fox, one 
j t>f the oldest and mobt valuaMe men in the 
establiithnicut, while working by the side of 
a boiling lanl vat slipped am fed into tbe 
I burning .-auldron. His body vas completely 
' •.overeii except tiis head, and when pulled 
j I lit he shrieaed with agony and presented a 
iiorribltf spectacle. He is .-.(ill living aud 

liitiEF F(nn:i(;y yiiiys. 

Ijord Granville, introducing tlie Dean ol 
Westrrjibster to a deputation from the Lotig- 
fellnw memorial commiltee, said he asked 
the dean's cunaent to allow a bust of Long- 
fellow to be placed in Wwjtniiiibter abbey 
as a testimonial to the graceful and tender 
jio*t. He pointed to the number and emi- 
nence of the committee, numbtxing uearly 
5«X). as scarcely paralleled, they being dis- 
iinguislied in all d^p.! tmeiUs ol intelUctual 
activity. Lord Danvilleaaked the diran to 
accede" to the reouest and thus bind more 
clo^r•'y ill fri«n<uv. common fteling"' "nr- 
Nelve^'and tbe i itireiis oi the United .States. 
Thf dean replying unhefitatiuijly consented, 
and after |>aying a graceful tribii'e to Long- 
fellow, referred touchinglv to \Va.shington 
Irving and to t'lt relation between tbe two 
countries, wbose tivs were as stroiii* as links 
of iron. 

Davittssys that no! being morally con- 
scious of having broken or led others to break 
tbe law, he should remain in Ireland until 
Monday, when, if not arrested, he intended 
to proceed to the north of Eugland to give a 
series of lectures. If arrested ixcause of Ids 
speech at Navaii. the 25th nit., in which he 
eulogized the action of tiie Irish parlianienta- 
rv {-arty. Davitt saiil he had decidedly de- 
termined not to en'»r a recognizut ce tor 
good behavior, but would compel Ihe gov- 
eriuaen: to p.'ove hi' guilt in a court of law 
aid takp tbe consequences. Davitt a»iiled 
lie would not lecture Sunday, «'• he had 
proniised, as be wa;- suffering from a cold. 
Irish members of parliament gave a bjn- 
quet to A. M. Sullivan. Mr. Kenny de- 
jcribed Jenkinson as an ex-raurderer Irom 
India, who was organizing a system of pro- 
vocation to crnie. Sullivan extolled the 
I>o»\er of the Irish in America. Ho antic- 
ipate^l that a day would c;ime when the 
.\nierican government would -leclare tbat It 
faiitil to underbtaiid why the Irish irouble 
could not lie settled by ^fanting Ireland 
federal rights, ai:d would inviu- F.ngland to 
a tVieiidiy coiifen.iice in the -ubjcci. ?ar- 
iiell expressed coufidence that ibe Irish 
party in parliament would continue lo 
make .solid progrc*x 

The Egyptian government lias applied to 
England tor officers for tlie Ei^yfitian army. 
Negotiations arc proceetling. Xubar Pash*, 
who has arriv-d at Cairo, ha-ibecn informed 
that Englaml declines to rejognize or .sanc- 
tion bis appointnioiit as coinmander-in 
chiefof the Egvptian army. It is belisved 
that a British general will bf .sent to Egypt 
to take commttn<l of the force levie»i by 
Rikir Pasha, as he, not holding a comtnis- 
sion in the British army, is not competent 
to assume command over British othcers, 

A train on the North Scotland railway 
from Macduff, recently fell through a bridge 
at Fyve, Aberdeenshire. Fourteen la-rsona 
were killed and many w. lunded. The engine 
bad passed in safety. All thvcirriages were 
wr,rkeil. An official repor. states that five 
pa.-weiigers were kille<l 

Qninn, assistant secretary of the late Land 
League, and Davitt have b'-en vcrred with 
summons to appear aud enter into recogniz- 
ances for their goo<i behavior. 

II is stated that tlK- Princess Lonise will 
spend the winter in British Columbia. The 
governor general will probably return to 
Ottawa aljont January. 

About three thousand additi >nal boot 
and shoe operatives in Montreol have been 
obliged to stop work o wine to the lasted be- 
ing out. 

Kt QuelH'c, Giant's shoe faitory. is a total 
loss. About 25J handa are thrown out of 
employment. I-ohb, |lOO,(iO<>; insurance, 

l*rovincial elections will be held in Mani- 
toba on Dec. 23, and nominations on the 

General .>IiRcell.iny. 

The subscriptions to the prop.>wd Roy- 
d Coilot;u of Music, to which Uic Prince 
if Wjdes has conspiclously lent the inaKic 
,f his titirae and tbe powerful inniienco 
if his ptrsoniil support, already amount 
to more th;in a million dollars. Ilia roy- 
i! hi'.'bnoss has been much gratillcd by 
-iibsiriptioUK from a number of working- 
men, whose CO oporalion he considers of 

nt,' utmost value. 

Herbert Spencer considers the wear- 
:ii;_'of poiiitcd-lood -hocs nnd skintight 
trou'craa well 'iot'ned mark ol meutnl 


Now the horrible suwstion i^ made 
'iml the cusloiutd wearing,' the l.nir short, 
A hich proviiils nmon:; the London ladies, 
•■viis net by Mrs. TufX \Vii;iun. 

I» is estimMtcil that from 450,000 to 
.iKi.iKHl .tons of char.MJil are annually 
tiiiide ill the Unitetl .'^tatcs. Tlius are 
ouv f--fstfl dcs;royc<l. It was 'jl.arcoal- 
liuriiiiig tii'it diMiiidcd Ireland. The na- 
tive Amerinni s<ciii.s to be an open ene- 
to forest trees. SiMRb trees by the 




Tbe girl who wears the .same dress twice 
at a reception this season will be Misrj No- 

If you have any skin diseases of the half 
or scalp any itching, or discolorations. sun- 
burn'i, freckles, pimples, rough orilry harsh 
skin you have in Dr. C. W. Benson's Skin 
Cure, a sure, i)erfect and elegant remedy. 

A Cow aa ia a^w." Stold by all druggista^ 

a^ ,. ... /u- ia..„,;„oi flen. Sherman receives on an average 

Shelbyvine, (Ky.) oenunei. ^ ^^^ invitations a year to reunions and sim- 

Hon. Harrison Bailey owns a coW jiargatherlng a. 
which, in the laat four years, dropped "k;^^ on Rate.'* 

nine calves, three of them the present clears ont rats, mice, roaches, flies, ants, 
year, and of (»urKe is hiiihly valued. A b«! bugs, skunks, chipmunka, gophers. 15c 

few nights ago she got into a cornfield j Drugtri-^s. ^ ^ ^^^ 

and filled herself so full of tlie proven- i For dancing toilets there are beautiiU 
der there I hilt siie was unable to rise t transparent silk muslin ot exquisite texture 

when she lay down, and nothing ^hort | and inish. ^ ^ ^ 

Banish ill health, nervousness, vexation, 
frctfulness, by usin g Br own's Iron Bitters. 

Jsy Hubbeil eniisiates that in the next 
House tbe republicans will have 187, out of 
the 325 members. 

of berdcith waa expected until auoigh- 
bor came ahuv^ and undertook to relieve i 
her bv plr.ugiini a Imtoher-kiiife into her | 
fiiUik jiLStin iruutoflhe hiplfone. This , 
failed to h4vc tlio desired el?ect, and an- i 
other neighbor propo?^ed to enlarge the ! 
hole made by ttie Knife and remove tne j 
food. To this the owner wotiJd not con- i 
sent until convinced tlmt she would die 
anv way, aud then the experiment waa I 
tried and fblly six bnsheh of nndiftested | 
col-n, coriLsUUks and gra-4, in a slate of < 
fermentation, was removed from her 1 
paunch. The o:»eniiiy was theu closed | 
and in a very sKort time the animal waa 
on her feet and ns contentedly idiewinR 
her cud aa if nothiUR had happened and ; 
is to-day as aa well a? Any other oow on ■ 
the place. 

ion were cut down as ustlcssi 
d forty y;;>.ro a^o wiiidi t*»lay 

burned forty y;;>.ro a^o wiiici i*»ia¥ 
vould r'ticli ■^''11 for doll lie the iirice oJ 
I If best acre of Und. 

An Kngii.>iJi pap- r tells how a weaUliy 
North of Kn^iliiiid nitin bou-ht. under 
s'.f.nd advice, a litil-.' Ixjfore toe depre:<- 
•<i..nbecitn.!ineHtri«fiii Kent for $11'.- 
niii He died a Jew iiKintlis u}?o. leaving 
.lire.tionstosell it. It wa.x f.-r 
s4i>,m;<) in viiiii, nnd now, with a teniiiit 
iiid J:! IHK) wortii of titnbir thrown in, 
r,,r ^4-V,(J0(». Tiii-< is withiu two hours of 
London. I 

It has recently been disrover'Ml that j 
tho faded ink on idd parchments may 
bere-^tored by moi-tenitis the lines of 
writing witii a solution of sulphnlo of, 
iimmonia. The writing will tnin qtute ; 
dark, and if on iwirelimeiit, wih retain j 
the color; lecords tuaied in this way in 
llio Germanic .Mus.Ui!f of Nuremlierg 
being still in the same coiidiiioii ad im- j 
mediately iiUer api.luti'iou ten years 
•go. On piip^T, however, the re.stored 
writiii-'gradiiiillv fades a;;ain, but may 
I).! revived at pleasure by fresh aopln-a- 
t!ni;s of the sulphide. 

Iho sentiiueul which led to the rele- 
bniti.m of (}uy Fawkes Day in Kntjiund [ 
...till possesses con.''i'!cral»l« vitality. In 
Ujndon ou- Novt-mbcr oih, a hard rain 
dampened the enthusiasm, butsrill there 
and all over the cuiintry tbeanaiver.-^ary 
was remembered in the usual manner. 
A London correspondent writes that he 
saw lifty proceBsii.ns of one sort or anoth- 
er ill ht'tle more than an hour. 

Michi^^in crop reiiort for November 

Feeble l.a<llefl. | 

Thoso languid, tiresome bensatiors, cans- 
Ingyou oirel scarcely able 10 ba on your, 
feel; that consUi.t drain that is taking from 
your system all elasticity ; drivirg the blos- 
som from your cbet^ks; that continual .strain 
upon vnnr vital forces, render:";:; you irri- 
table ind fretful, can easily be removed by , 
the u«e of that r\ar\-el >.t3S reinedy, Hop 
Hitters. Irregularities and obstructions of . 
TO ir system are relieved at once, while the ; 
s^Kcial cause of periodical pain is {jerma- . 
nenily remove*!. Will you heed this?— Cm- ■ 
clnnati Saturda y Ni.'ht. 

Tl looks as if mammas and chaperones j 
were I'oing to have a charuiirg time this ^ 

wi tiler. 1 

— ^ ♦- — ■ __ , I 

No matter wbat you- ailment is, Brown » ■■ 

Iron Hitters will Mirelv benefit you. 

— — — . 
Consuniptlou Curea. | 

An old phvsiciin. retired from pr.nctJee,haT- 
ing irid placed in his bands by an En^l India 
niis-Monary tne fornmlaof a simple vegetable 
remedy for the speedy and permanent ciira 
for Consumption, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Asth- 
and all tliroatand Lung Ailtions, alse a j>o3- 
itiveand radical cure for Ncrvoui Dtbility 
and all Nervous CouiplaintB, alter having 
tested its wonderful curutive powers in Ihoti- 
sands of cases, has felt it Ida duty to make it 
known to his sufTeringfellows. Actuated br 
this motive and a cbwire to relieve human suf- 
fering, I will send free of cbarge to all who de* 
■Ire It, this recine, in German, French, or En- 
glish, with full directions for pre,)arin<» and 
using. Sent by mail bv addressing with stamp, 
naming this paper, VV. A. NoTM, 149 Pow- 
er's Block, Kochcster, N. Y^ 

■'Well's Health Renewer" restores health, 
cures dyspeprila, impotence, $L00— Well's 
•Kongh on Corns," 15c. Con:plete cure of 
Corns, Warts and Bunions. 

Harrold Arnot was committed to jail at 
Bnethport, Pa., on a charge of incest and 
raj e on his daughter, aged 16. 

Among tbe ladks who may read this there 
may be several sickly ones who have made 
up their minds to act the old saying which 
Biiecfies that "What can't be cured, must 
be endured." While the truth of the old 
proveb is self-evident it is just possible they 
mav have erred in judgment as to the pos. 
sibilitiesol the healing aart outside of the 
iiiedicjl profession, and before elving up in 
despair thev had better test tVe efficacy of 
Mr». LydiaE. Pinkham's Vegetable Cora- 
pound, which is now attracting universal 

Shtgrgy goods In all kinds in brown, darJt 
green, or dark blue s h^dca are very popular. 

tJse Rc<l'iing'8 Russia Salve in the house 
and use Keddiug's Russia Balve in the 
stable Try ^^- ^ , ^ 

Muffs made of fenthers are conspictiously 
fashionable, and usiuilly match the turban 
or bonnet. _ 

flet Lyon'aPaieni Heel rititleiiers applied 
to new boots or shoes before you run ihetu 


The WeeklT itlsc^nslil. Mtltlrartkee. 

Is the most popular we kly pai>er in the 
!<nrtliwest. T*rm:i, $L0O a year. It h s 
three original *toric.-< every week, and nil 
it.-* de)iartu>ents are lull and oTiginal, Send 
your name and address fur a :>anip!e opy. 
' Addres* Cramer, Aikens A Cramer, Ml'- 
waukee. Wis. 

IVrsoiuil— Mm Only. 

The Voltaic Belt Co., Mursliail. Mich., will senl 

Pr. Vjt't telebratftl Klertru- Voltaic Helu and 

■ EUrtrU-Aiplancesi.tiiiial far iblny (lavtt. meii 

! (vcuOB ijrol<l)whoareiiffltcte<lwitlin«rvon»'lel»lllty, 

' loet Titalltv and ki;rtreU troUl>l»'». Kiwrjnt-?t>ing 

' (•fedy and coi'iplete restoration ot hci tli Mul 

tnaplv virer. A"VJ»e-=» as nbovf. N. lii—S<y t.ik. 

1 is lOctirrefl, a* tl i rty d« >»' trbl U iil !o»e«i. 

Some <Jyi»sy t.«re. 

I From the Wasl.i",tton f^tnr. 
\ The day of tlio week on which you 
1 are born is the be^^t to commence bnsi- 
nesa. Fridays and Tuesdtiys aro the 


That Brown's Iron Bitter? 
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of dyspepsia. 

Will insure a hearty appetite 
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Cures general debility, and 
gives a new lease of life. 

Dispels nervous depression 
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Restores an exhausted nurs- 
ing motherto full strength 
and gives abundant .sus- 
tenance for her child. 

Strengthens the muscles ?nd 
nerves,enriches the blood. 

Overcomes weakness, wake- 
fulness, and lack of energy 

Keeps off all chills, fevers, 
and other malarial poison. 

Will infuse vith new life 
the weakest invalid. 

37WalVerS»., Baltimore, Pec. iWi. 
For SIX years I h.ive 1 rcn a great 
aufferer from Hloil Disease, Dys- 
»c. <Jshilitr»ti.d that I could not retain 
anything on my «to!n.iCh, in fact, 
Ufe had almost b»ceme a burden. 
Tinall'/.^U-n hope had almoit left 
me. niy huNljand Stclng Bxf'WW's 
Ikon Bitters advtrused ia the 
*aper, iir''.',icsd me to give it a trial. 
I am now tiVina the third bottle 
and hdve r.ot fr.t ^ • vrrll in aia 
«ean a* I da at ■ tva preamt tiir.e. 

Mrs. L. F. Gxtrrm. 

Bro'a'n's Iron Bitters 

will iiave a better tonic 
effect upon any one who 
needs "bracing up,' tlian 
any medicine made. 


i -Q- i HiiN 1 O li g ^ > J.. iM IT. Pateut At- 
lomoTf, Wasbirrtoii. D. C. F«'l lustrnctiotai and 
liandbouk on rAl't-M-b «t!t r t bkc 


»«' in i;..> v.. r,.i i r HENDINO i 
o.fJHAi'EF lAL. 1 >: .1 -i.-i'ta t y «.. 01 


_ _ __ iTH.-ji^taffo. . _ 

u.d Piitboi«c«'. •"■ *• ■ ••'>••■ "-^ •'•^•••rJ' /' 

TL1.K •! Jv.rf fulu*. L-,.Wni OT •ill. wtu ••»•. (1*« 
tri -.l— . •( iii~< "«. •»< *•<• •• »»-nM«. ff^ '■ ■» 

aadiaafrab — Mamsu.U'UMt'f " " — 


IkkUXmitli Syrup. TaatvafwA 
U.wlDlime. 8^>ld by Irafflslc 

eOrvJSl^fv f^'l tC ^4. 


Tholanse S pap". nrtirinal. I"'"'"-" ""S^*?!!!'^ 
p<T wnt to «nVSfHr».« 4 werkjj' r (our 8;C«nt ataniva. 

ten HiEK In » 1»JCB alaed. very liTely weekly »ape».— 
Otteago JoumaL 

co3srsxj3s/ii=»xioija' i 

1 liave a ii.^-KiTe iv-toedy tor tlif abore di»faae ; bf 
lU ui>e t!iou!.ai.'!s nf <a»ea of tUe wqrat kin.t and of 
Ion- -ia:.dliic hoe Ixien CKnti. lndre.». •«. atrng la 
ujy taith ui its nffi jacjr, that I will aeoJ Two Bivm-M 
Faf -.. t.'tfeUier witli a tan ahi.f ThkatisI! on UlU 
di-" ;»«■, to any •uflarer. Quia Kxproea rjid 1'. O. ■» 
dresj DR T A. HI.l>V'it. 

181 I'ear l atj-eet, New Yorfc. 

This lef. Sfaifftr, S20 

with tt wt af ai*a«KinM% Tntk 
•. arr«nted»erfact. U«t>t mnwtiiA 
nir*. liandaeaie and dinwlilc. «eal 
a iMl trial plaa «b<«l dcalred. 


Krxl*. It itupa. aactaa;r<J ank 
Ka.— 'vrwTf coiipl»r.lkn««vaw^n^ 
with ».^ I wo 1 and 11 J«<>k^*lT a* 
Jtlno •»!.! 'n t(«t trial pttn Rda. 
>lr»t ri-«aJ»« «•»». nia«nllk"»«e 

t. na, «irai.i» triie»«i»e oet <-Jr- 

etUr >'"it<-atlmfnHila.(rf«. A»a 

arvn»^oa..«Ta"'« e». «^ ' « — » 


CONSUMPTION OtJBB. ^^r;at aiiJ I.i OK IcnieilT. !*«*•' 
tsbtean'l Natun'n ••< -t a^« 'i: t :ii rnrtug Cc 
t..ld^ kill l.roe* and i.uji« trouUea. f**^^ 
SAilLOaauD li ■i'MWi2<0l. Ciaiitral Atfeiita, BL Faoi. 
Miaa; . 





An Awful llosponfllbillty. 

It IS a fact as eaav ol p'oof aa that two 

ami two are Jour, that Hale's Honey of | . 

H..reliound and Tnr, taken an a remedy for ; j„okie(it for wonieti ; thtjii^'h wumeu fairly 
coii,lhs. colds, difficult hreithinc, ho«r-«- ; 
ne^j'. or anv other of the syiuptouis whuh, i 

shii'Mcr <>vt*r n-jz^ir-lhij Friday ua a larky 

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vniivn lll<'K If you want to learn tei'iiTaphT la 
lUtllU nr.-^ afr« ,.^ .tin ai..i be <-rt*je ^ • 
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"fakmkbs' .son.-; 4M» u.iuohteiw 


I r.>M".>0 .r jij.:i-y l-jie'!-. Vi'fwa and c-l.)l 
dmn are etit!! ii-d, Milii' .u» Ai.|.roiir,.ii*d. > •-': C J';'- 
anrr'-i»''«pe:.»:.nH. l.ou ly, U. fe piV aiiil U u...*'-* 
difi.i.arve- iiT.KiireJ. -'^S, »»»>J^Jri "*'''•;,, a 
ln»triHti:,ii» Ml 1 'x'Ufif. iaW". N. ^ • J; n«uKkAt.v a 
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I i.r"e'Jn."uii> iu« in*'*'* ""' •■rrs. ri'ii.rr.-"! 

rFAt-UNO Hid s- »>-» .-. U(. Inaf Mc J5 '•?'""!*» 
-- crtNtft. 11-.' ..•o oii-arii w«^r 

■v r«aal¥l»J •♦">»■ •'••»••< 

\\'\Trn t »»v >iii-o I <i 

a lUiio an'f i^-ii Lavo »• 
<1 .-nre. I lir-e jn^ 

rmicilT to f"-<< IM" - ' 
I«l!e<l l» nor"»""i •' 

Ofifo l«r a tre«tl«u 

I ,,-. *»•»»• or ».i> lrfrtl;"t« 
.....It. ow-'Ym'^-. All r a •••. It «"•'♦ y«» 
■utmi/ic fn» a irui, »nii : ;> '".■;:-'*TS'i-, 



I Uf 11 O. 11' "■ 1'. H' Karl "t,, N»w \ »r» 


flolulavWooka .' Vto*l U" F:.n;;-d<ar<lj.2<V-to«t 00 
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>• ni.irr...iir.'«f.-.-n'.tv-ear<5 l«>r« ««V*J 
I.. .,a-ed<afa'-.- .1 ■• Ajyii— :n tUe luarke* 
tli.i' e'ail prj. f . lRV.t' ""i 


a-ed < afa 
Jun.;.iiie'i af i«" 

riAVii> t 





Jliiu- ■.iii-rsll 
pr 'fli»lr" I' I' 

Ka'iilil'-in'^r .:.U''-- ■ ' "' '" , 
( ,.U iu-i...rt- iMii wL-cU.y. l'M< 

Cln'. Iii.ll'l" .■|...'.l.-r.-U-'fc II'- 

iv*it 'lirtr ii1>>-'l>- ' ' I' '» 
nmiicj inClBU.oTr.-ui.u. .l;'" 
r:x:.!ii.ii»«'rJriri;i.i.-M'';' '"' ,-. , ..,., 


• in 

11. a, tju., ■ 

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mr The Nrw Tohiiue ( 1 0» oumm«lK»a Willi 
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acrlbe Two l>oU«r« iOT m f«w •»* «^ »« 
tlmea Itt e»lo«. 

3 H .» 



a I 




TlllbCII ITCKIN08cna::part9ofU,ni-l 
It makea the ?'.-.:3 vhlta, toft and ar^i.:,: 
Us and frcctCo?. and U tie ErST tc.x'- 
fta THS W03I.D. EesMtly put rp, twa 
bottles in one package. coceiet:=g of bcdi tnrCTBjJ 
^td external treat^^szt. 
AIiai«t«lase«lru»K^'-*'v*^'>'" I^-^^tl-P«'P*fk«ca 

auifering inteu.s« torment wiihUUlt* or no 
chaoce 'or Tvcnvery. 

Oranse Culp, aped p^xty cam and fur 
... , iwtnt>' years past yard-niasi cr iu the Chi- 
le^ I CBgo. Milwaukee &. St. Paul railway yard» 
|m j at .Mailisoii waa run over and killed while 
coupUug cars, i.'ulp was a i leniber ot the 
tiiaatinic fraternity and well I riown th«-je. 

At 10 o'clock Friday ui^ht, near Ply- 
iiiout'i, Ky.. asoutlt lx>un<l |<a8cienger train 
on tho Kentucky Ceutral railroad, coUideti 
with a nortSi bound locui trWKht. En- 
H'neer Ben Early and Hreman William 
Gray of the passenger train vere killed. 

At Quebec a larpe factory cccupied by th? 
Asbt;:<to6 company and Josefti Jt Sons, with 
:i block iif woo«len huihiiti, », was burnni. 
ToUl in.« l-J.Tt'XXl to iJtHi iKHi; in>urauce 

J an t lTMt nlaaadrma^ta l^avolt. ^..X 

■I ^ 

icvxr viHi 

•• t< aU t'. 




!i a- 

■u ■ 




. o' 

...all ;:-'.t. -■•■. 

and wi.Mu it •»a\<>» 

. .-,1- » .. irnapotlCT 

• Ui rcla- 


. ! s'l L aa 

, o>'<'ur». 

i .-ourfu 

0. I1-..B'-. T 

For »a!e ''>' ' - iff 
gi«»^ xi.l Ital *. T . 
V -.i: aL'Pl* t^i-our 


The i-ommissions of the Co towing fourth- i 
clasip iK^ituia-sters will expire Jan. 1. many 
of nhr»vi. it is said, will t)er'tnove<i: G. W. 
Bart'Mlr MUlr>ark. Dak.; C^iaunrey 'vald- 
hndtT'". MaticHester. VVi<.; H. F Norris. 
Montezuma. Iowa; J,. L J.anisf«iad, .Vda. 
Mimi.; Ma'ci.tuh McLartj-, ( battield. Minn.; 
W. W. Pinnev. Granite Falls, Miuu.; Giirs 
Peake. Wadtha. Minn.; E. H. Wilson. Ash- 
land. Wi.^. 

Cbcr^ponr.l Fourth Au.Iitor B.itrdsley 

i indicjttes an improvwl condiuon of our for- 

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re i>ort conticniiis tho appro iriation of a sum 

111 i;ro^s the entert inuif- it >( the board 

of /iaitors tur tbe naral ao-deni^-. aod he 

' m^cs oat • good oase by oitiag a«verkl 

riiRsoxA L rAisAti HA riis. 

• Rev. Geo Lorinier, of Chicago, j^ralyiid a 
bridal i»arty yeetenlay by refiisiiii; to per- 
form the ceremony for Eilward Reed of the 
Cheyenne Leader and Nellie -Vndrews he- 
cause the bride had been divurceil on the 
ground of desertion. But the we<ldini: fea^tt 
was sjiread juat the same if Bro. Lorinier 
didn't fi'iove his '••et under ih*« festal Ixiard. 
Justice Haiuiner tied the nuptial knot ac- 
cording to tbe statute. 

Actinj; Vice President Davis sayii em- 
phaiically that this is his laat seiision in 
Washington, and denies not only thnt he ia 
going to be married, hot that there was 
ever any ground for the announcemeut 

The MiolaRan official figures tliutjrronie, 
republican, for governor, is beaten by He- 
roic, fusion, by 4.660 votes. CYoaby, repub- 
lican, for lieutenant governor, has 7,839 ma- 

Dr. Jokrt W. Mcrarr. a well-known phy- 
sician and one of the niou advance*! ma-sone 
HI the Unite<l States, died at Chlcaso ifter a 
protract/-"? illness. 

Capt. Allen May of Harden County. Ky., 
101 years, procured a licc.-ise ui marry a 
young la-ly aj?e«i nin»<p«ai of rhf san'c 

Died at Oswego. New York, Orville 
K'«binson, representative in cungriw. in 
1844 and 1845, aged eighty -one. 

James S. Pike, a well known writer and 
politician, died suddenly at Ctilais, Me. 

Maud Granger, the actres.^ is beriously ill 
Al Brorkton, Maai'. 

Rear Admiral Strong, a retired oiBcer of 
the navy, ia dead. 

cent, of the dvor i^-e, the area seeded 
down being a JiH'" '*'«*^ ♦''*" '" the fall ol 
1881. Averairu «if corn, over 800,000; e«- 
limated yield 27.r)i)<t.(X)0 hti:,hL-ls. .V>;e,r- 
n;?e of oatu, over -lS<l.()iiO; yid 1 ahotit la,- 
4.K),(iOO bushels. Wheat marketed In 'he 
i,va months uf Julv, Augtwt, ^<eDi ^mber 
and October, 4,'J14,r)7 b.Flicls. 

A Oerinati I'UP'-''^ •'»» «^ nither good 
story about u lady, wlm, not feeliiiK a* 
welfas she lik^.l, \vt«nl to consult u phy- 
sii-ian "Well," mVul the ductor. after 
lookin;.' at ht-r tonu'it.-, f.-oiin^' her pulse, 
and si.'ktnK her sundry .pu^tions, 1 
should luiviso you— yes, I should ad- 
vise vou— ah«-in!— to pet tn:ur»rd. 
"Are you Mnvrk-, doctor;" iiKi'iired the 
fair patient, with a significant yet mod- 
est Biuile. "I am, mein frauleiii; but it 
is notctifi'iette, vou know, for piivficiam 
to take the physic they prcsci ihe." 

The Uussian ioyalcomiiii.s.-<ion to abate 
drunkenno>'* rfconimtMiil-%: 1. LibiTt\ 
to cotnmunitics to cK«c all drinkint 
pliops. 'J. i\Mnii>vSiioii to lOinmniiitii's 
to esiiiljlis!i i-MiiiMinniil inoiuipolips for 
•he .-;i':.' of drill k. ;{. N» puhlic house 
to !>'- cMaMishfd iilmvc . 5 iier cent, in CSS of fiin- l.lHKj uf the piUiiihition. 
4. Tea and food to be Bold wherever 
tlrink is consumed on the premises. 

A man from 'the Western States, call- 
ing himself Gustaviw Gritfin, M. D., haa 
been urrested at M^mtrcaloa the charge 
of e.xtonsivc swindlitiii. He gained the 
coiifiiloiu-e of the coininuiiity by appar- 
etit zeal in religious matters, cot pospe.s- 
•>ion of the Victoria Hotel ana exploited 
various uubhle 9)»eciiiatloti3. lie is be- 
lieved to have obtained $15,000 or $20,- 
OlKi in tli^s way. 

In Loiii.'^nlle, Ky., it has been proven 
to the PMtij-fartion of the apothecaries 
that wemen make heller drug clerics 
than men, and the Ix>uisville school of 
pitarioac-y ii* now open to students of 
b 'til ?oxed. 

destroyer, will effect a radical and rapid 
cure o( the ailment, and avs^rt all danger. 
Whoever; knowing fhi^, neglwjts to resort 

-i'jn a lease in Ai^iil. June or November, 
and aroi-1 the lllh tor any kind of an 




...."— ., ., _u„„ „w.,i r Avk favors on the Utij, loth and 17th, 

Thedesh «P7^»VwrhSlen^sSu?Sar 1 l.'-it beware of tho iCth and 21st These 
nate sores arecleaiised with Gieni stsaipimr I ■ '^ _ ^ !„,».,„ 


IS^l;:;^ riill '^:l::^n^imrS'bJ I ent^rpn^e. The lucky days for hu. 

^"c"i"s Hre the three first days of them 

Pike's toothacha Drops cur« in one L^^p. for marriaj^n, the 7th, 9th and 

minute. ., ,^ . _,, \ Avk favors on the Utb, loth and 


I .in 

Almost P«.-r8uadei<l. 

It i? not to be wonderf ii at that chronic 
dysyeptics are peevish, crow and nervous. 
The disease poisons the blood, weakens the 
kidneys and shatters the ner\-nus system. 
To those who feel almost persuaded to try 
that never failing cure for dyspepsia and 
gentral weakness known as I)r. Guysott's 
Yellow Dock aud Sariaiiarilla, we de.<are to 
say you make a great mUtake by delaying. 
Now is the time. It will poaitivaly restore 
yoQ to health, strength and vigor. It is tlie 
prescripiion of an eminent physician and is 

pearedin 1 1« town of SUnafield, Is»iittA":'""P°T| "'^ » '"k '^ r?,'**^''' ^^JllF'''*' 
^ ^T janiper' Iron. Bacho, Oalery and Caluiaya. 

1 A malignant type o> small pox has ap- 

Opinion of Dr. Wm. H.Stokes, phvsiclan, 
Mt Hope Retreat. Baltimore: "I have 
reat pleasure in adding my testimony to 
the virtues of Coldcira Liquid Beef Tonic 
as th«* very best preparation used for de- 
p ession, weakneps and indigestion, and 
therefore contlik-ntlv recommend il to the 
medical profession." ( Remember the name, 
Colden's— take no other.) Of druggistsgen- 

erally. ^ 

Wc Kat Too Much. 
It is a well estublislied fact tbat people 
generallveat more than their systems t^ 
quire if they onlvdigi-sted nnd assimilated 
all thev cat. Moral: Aliens 'Iron Tome 
Bitterb" aid digestion and the assimilation 
of food, cures sour stomach and heat^che 
and gives etrfogth to the system. Mad« 
only by J. P. Allen, draggust and manu- 
facturing p harroacUt, St. Pa -j1, Min n. 
ftoldlcra Charged wlTh Desertion. 
This charge ean be removed upon proper 
application ; after which the Pay and 
Bounty due at the time of muster out 
can be readilv collected. Ad.lress wi'h 
.Tamps. 8:od..lart & Co., Claim Attorneys, 
413 O street, N. W., Wa shing ton, D. C. 

Patrons looking for' Holiday Good i will 
do well to send for David C. Cook s Cau- 
logiie of pooils. He is in the field this year 
with a larger stock than ever, and from ins 
priees w. Should judge tlie bottom had 
fallen .clear out before he parchaaed. See 
adv. other colu mn. 

Indni-sedby tbe-CierifT. _ 

We take pleasure in r>^comme iQing m. 

Warner's White Wine of Tar byrup ^the 

public, and specially to any P«bluj sp^to 

that n^av he troubled with ^roat or ung 

disease. " Rex M. L. Hooheb, Reading. Mich. 

Bet. j. T. iDDiXiiS, Albion, Mich. 

Rev. V. L. LocKWooD^Ann_Au;or, Alien. 


Every person who is afflioted ^ijh ■lervous 
debility, weakn'^, lest manhood, to call on 
or address. BUckJord. 274 East Seventh 
• street. St. Pau!, Minnesota, proprietor of Dr. 
HaUiday's remedies. have been 
fured, audit willcureyouor it wift wstyo^ 
nothing, and wUl tell you how to prevent it 
in the future i n both se xe^ 

Try the ne w brand Spri n g Tobac co. 

Brcnrhitia -Sucd-n chai-ir-s of the wet»»ier j 
IwJeAlM" wUl give reilat S'>Ui mln i» b***- 

Hie all the moon'« au^. To answer letter* 
ch'X)9«' an odd dav of themoonjtotravol 
land choose the iiirrea«e; and far 
ot-ejin the decrease of the moon, otart 
new buildings in M irch. Don't marry 
on vour birthdav or onaiiy martyr s day. 
"Which are b >me of tiie most prom- 
inent signs of events, a.s it were, that 
.•H.«t their shadows before?" tlie repot- \ 
ter aaked, realizing that he was getting | 
nrotigh "points" to set op aa a fortune 

teller himself. j r, i- 

'Thoii'^nndRof them,' answer d Celia, 
"but I can't think of many now. Her* 
is on.! that I have never known to fail: 
If vou meet a white horse, if yon are 
iroin" on particular hu.sir.ess, it means 
Pucccf R. If it is a piebald horse it means 
that wliatevor vou have a«ked for wUl 
K' given you."' Another: If a, pigeon does not belong to yoa flies in your 
lirmw it means su.-cti*. \[ it r.^5t5 
.a a bed, death. If .„t»>eM 
ate two pigeons, tliere will ^ 
a wedding. Never tell a dream before ] 
breakfast. Tho same dre-im three times | 
isfriendiv warning. Had Uilham the 
II and the Duke of Buckiigham 
attention to this the^y ;*ould 
escaped death as they did. 
"How about cards? '"'■- " 

'^.^^motimes; but the planets and stars 

have much more to do wifti us, Aa no 

arel.ornwo are conirope.!. PJanctary 

inflii.r:"- i.- atbinz the sci- uti5tf».ot latei 

d - -.• it, but "who CM. -ay Hiov ai« 

|. i c-d t^aii the :i-troIo2ei-.-^ ••» 

i 0..1. Fornyeelfl depend mow on th« 

I scif-noe of astrolo-y than on caada, thr i:g» 

I palmistry helj* out" 


1 urn aORERT CURE for 


^^ItT^v* Xldaey-Wort ^t oner, (dnw- 

ZZ:^ U»e dusoa/. .ad re.Mco l;"»-'^y ff.^-^ 
a ^Ml^^ For ooBplfcinto v^calJ» 
L30IC8* i«>x. •ucbMpato 

a. It Trill «t prompUy »ad "f»^^ of uria. • 

JSns. »U np-wdj-TT yield to >« .^"t. poww. 



:• of 


MASON ft HAMLIN' ^ . j | F?' 


Tt(. foil «e»» tl(.r^Je't^ 7 »lop«, 
fi-il orru. Be«t Organ fn the wot'.d. 


8t. P«al*:2<l MU»i-e»Polla- 



T^bibirTf* isTic Ti>; lUpVo vfc ciXiblRA't 

probably Ut- m' n'- ; '^- •»Lrr- -N'fc 'r^^'tf^Jl^B 
KTK WATlTI ThU trti :« U » c»r»fBUy prep-m 

Swiy ether pr»,i»talioi.«th»t •**• bMB lulrodueji 

i«er»».-iiiir li ♦!>• ai*iti<M", •? ^;*-'''-.'r-.i.-T^ 

__ ftul. W« partroUrly 

phxatdau t* Itl lamriv. 


BOKH a CO.. 

nave i 

Do vou ever use ! 


(.•:>£ 5.if\.;.j»--- 



'■ fl«nioy 


K.iik'M of IM bo«y. whIU tM 
blimOw cspptMaMkaA UJ 



ifiOLEaios iBCfcS CO.. Chicago, m. 

Th8 Old Reiiable Manufacturers of 

The t»•^0*:?h train from I ierre, Dak., on 
the V«ihwestern railway, rpn iff s broken 
rail Saturday twentv-two n\"« .,7°™ 
Chicago. Mr?.J. P Arnot- and child of, 
Canby Minn., were in th. *}^^- >«"■ ; 
Amoft received a gash ui the fojt^d, bnt ; 
the wound is not con8ldere<; serlons. , 


Health is Wealth I 

.\n Ottawa (Cana/la* artist has invented 
tvlrtit he cnll« a chroaiosrope. whid. wiU 
;jivp to nboto.2raps all tl.e tinfsand hky 
of taking » picture 

Stationary Engines 


FROM 8 W 600 HOlt-SE-POWEB. 

I mm Kpr all pari>o«««, tron I to K 
>*c}>ant. SU»n.Ur«J»MPopr tir- 

SoOar Shw-.MiU.. flounnc-JUU flaclUji<irr. 

m*Qftkel'HVo,t'm<f : ■ .. -t-rf *«(»»• l« IA« t«il*« 
nhoto>n-ans all U^e iima »n".r"»j 5 suueo; if ■« v-^ ■ 
Ss.lepided by nature atthe time ^ vric^.^-^M <.•.'.. 

!>■. K. C. •Wyrft SWr* 

■•p.;'JaclorRv»trr.i ! ■ 
Ba»'Ucb«, Ifealj.: l>«Drp« 
atorrhwa. luipott-a. .■ . 11 
tare CM A««-. ' »H»54 b> 
0T«r-iatek«nM> wnif^i :- 
duatb. Om boa wiU ' 
tMijUiiu oat* UlMtii'a tr- 

•Iti. •• •--flia^aHar' . 

o«-il • i - -■ »T«1H»»: • 
Will: fti. h ..Iht r*"-*" ; 
panned witli live • 
oar ■wTittao irui»r-j" 

nn;J.t il.^'< .iOt «rfl* . * «»-■ -■ - ■ ■ ^« Ki. 

UiUblt. k 0< > . Uru^KJitA. 1 UirJ •(I'Ui. «*»■■* "•*• 
t^bt. fa-'iumm. 0««l*i» tW4ii0 «»U amtnm 
prompt ■ttcut foa. " - 

N. W. N. U. * * * 

" When writii«laedv«tl»m pMi* -if J«" 
■aw thair ■dv«iia«D«ai in thia yc|«- 

■\ iil"l'i!i». M»rTOU« 

, , .: ua^.or 

,:.^r,. .. • ar aad 

' i »A«a. £acti bos 

• •[» dollar » box. ot 

. 11. «, ■ ->-; •id on r» 

.; • »ay\m»- 

. t . ' »■ -. »'^"«- 

.- I 111* '..iirrtiafear 

•J :;<y»f ttt» tr«»V 











1 J 












Effects of the Ballroad War. 

Messrs., Weaver & Cowell, at 
Ilnneapolis & St. Louis R. ».; tl>c Mimieaiolis Depot, are kept 



i:()4 n. m. 
4:3!) p. III. 
7:.1» i!i> 

H. D. 


PaMonirfT 6:21 p.m. 
)lu lO'Uc; 11. ni. 

,lo .">:Vi <*<J 

Weavek, a Jit. 

C. M. & St. p. iry, M. & D. l)iv. 

TI.MK T.4I*I.>: NO. 5. 

Biiiidiart Bros. 

OppoKitc^Goodrivh's 99 cent stor*. 

Wool. Bair and BnskBKat 


Freight .-i:.10 a. m. 

ijci )*:4.'i ilo 

Pasiwnccr ."i:*? p. m. 

Krfiitht H:.V. <l<i 


I Frcitrht «:3nn. tn. 

1 I*M«iM.n»fi'r !»;4» «li) 

Fn-lifht 7:«t|». in. 

«lo »:UU do 

F1<KI> lil<KIM':R. Jr. Ag-ut 


(it) to the great closing out >4ale 
at H. Youngs store for the lov/ 

tresses, U7ool Fillows, ! 1"^*^ ■ 

kr* Arc. { < hit.ska lias sraiiied (juiteapromi- 
TiBiialni.sfpMmplyaU-ntedto. AllTrork "^"♦f tlii-ougliout the Couutry 
lj»:irtntee»l. and chHfges reasonable. since the OOnuiwncenient of tlic 
BURKUART BROS. | '*•'»»•»•<'#! war. Heing the jnnei iou 
— rrvT^r^ "f thg Minneapnii.s & St. L.uis 

! tlie two warring .systems, cut r;tes 
on i);.ss<Mii;«'r travi-l and freight 
tratHi- is advertisetl all over Mh- 
)ni thisjioint. T;lly 

busy every morning on the arrival 
of the Chicago train, in paying the 
rebate ou r^hicagrt ticket.". The 
train i« well loaded every day, with 
ea.stern passengers on their to Min- 
neapolis, (.'ha.«ika is therefore the 
most important posnt ou the road. 


At Benton, November 2(»th, li^83, 
by the Hev. (i. Krauu, F. K. Dr- 
ToiT, to Anna Kikz. 

At Chaska, ou Monday, Dec. 4th 
1882, at Rederles Hotel, by Justice 


There i.s no use disguising the 
fact that that «iread disease diph- 
theria i^ approaching otir village in 
a malignant form, and it behooves 
our citizens to be on their guard 
and uso evcri' sanitary measure in 
their power to keep it from their 
door. It is an epidemic, and in 
many ways worse tliaji the small 

ChriNtmass Itazar. 

Read the big advertisement of Q. 
Eder's ('hristm.iss Bazar, in this 

issue of the Hkkald. Mr. ilder 
M. H. Mtiyres, Mr. Wm Heimann l has unduubtcdlv Iho laigest slock 
to Miss. Anna Vlkmer, both ot of Holiday goods in the city. Sun- 

this town. 

lVli..!(^Hl<"4 K<t;ii! O'-l. rin 

j('iNfx IjiiroKu fiiaiis. r;';.",;;;:^:: 

V^ Beautiful Prizes given 
Eders Bazar, call and sae. 



I .«.i. 1 ■^^• i>ri imnil ti> n«ll Id lUf tr.iile tin- 

t>l. I'ilt.'i uikI Miiiiu'ai"ill^ prinw. 


Saw Mill. 

Wm. Damschcn, has .set uj n 
, nuw portable ."^aw mill on Iiisfaiuj. 
near liongard station, and v ill 
tommence sawing next week, jimi 
will guarantie a g.)o«l ijuality oj 
himlter to all who may |)atron is» 
him. Term-s as b.w as the luwi st. 


I this method of informing the 
public, that I have bought 
uess and store biisines.s of .Ino, l.e 
bens, and will continue the sanu 
at the old stand. First class woik, 
fair dealing and prices us low a.«- 
the lowest will be my motto. 

Hoping for a good share of the 

liiquors» wines and cigars, patronage. 

and the coolest and i remain ItesiM-ctfullv, 

best beer in town .iNo. baikkstkttkl 

constantly kept 

on draught. • , . , ... , ,. , 

iir f^i'-* w*'^' "^"'^ khU Ueo„te »-i(;*fifd . imlepted to me will call and 
'...'? >»LiU I my if trne. I Kettle nt once. 

Mrs. H. Younj;, 


CHASKA ' Miyy. 
Fcter litis, Proi>rietor. 

— :0:— 

Thl« wrll known notol han recently bo«n en 
tireiy rr-tiirniHhMthroiiifhout with new fiirn- 
iniri- anl l.« .l.-i ami is now No. 1. lu every r<- 


Tnntocked with the finent imported 

Village Bonds, Special Election. 

The Village Board of Trustees, 
have called u special election to 
vote !!C^,flfK) village bonds for the 
purchase of an engine, build cis- 
terns and the erection of a brick \ 
engine house. [ 

The election will be held 
Tuesday, Dec, 12th. 
probable that !f:{,0(H) 

day .schools and churcli 
can mskc a b.irgiiu by 



Meyer & May. 

We call the attention of our read- 
ers to the adv.. of Meyer & Miiy, 
Waconia. They announce a re- 
duction of IJD'pcr cent on all gocds 
sold before Jan I. next. Call on 


For Ohio. 

It is hardly I Oeorge Mix, Esq., of Waconia, 
will be re- ' P»s.sed through town on his way to 
iU'n-d as the license next .st>rin<' i bis old home in Ohio, to visit his 
will bring in tpiitc a sum of mon- Jiged Mother. He will return about 

is kr Ckce to Buy 


.Ml i>ersoBs knowing themselves 

^liiineapolis & Louis 





ThroujhCarn, co»nectin(f iu Uuiou Dupet 
•wilh »rain« for all point* K.iat. 

Immense Sale. 

Lflok over the annoiincemeut d 
Mrs. Young, which appears in this 
i.ssiie of the Hikai.d. The«tdor» 
the manager, says he means eve • 
word he says, and if you don't be- 
lieve it call at his store and see. 


Don't forget Youngs iuiniensi 
stock of ('lothing. 


fevtral milen the ithorteat; conneotiu;* ia 
tJrand Union D«p«t with trains for all poioU ; 
*«iitb, .-'oiitheast «3d Southwest. i 


John Dols, has on hand a larj i 
■Hsortment of nil sizes of <'oilins 
■ which he sells very cheap. 

Des Moines Short Line. 


At his residence in 
on December ."•th IfiH2. 


The onh direct and first-claK8rantc be- "';,"""";;'"'•'"' '""*• ^""'^' *•"' 

twocnthe capital citieii of the jf rent States •>! "'•ter l»regor, aged years. 

of .UiiiR»'aota and Iowa. 

DOUBLE DAILY TKAINS , fV'"' '''''*^"'' !" ^^f **""' 

V..tvve.u ft. l'„d Slinnenp«li..^d Fart ! Jf'**''*"*"' "» r>ec«"'ber tJth \m. 

Hodge .kud thtiextenxive coaiiieidH of Iowa ' Marv, daughter of Peter Gregore 

The only route olfering TWO TRAINS I „„«,! t; v»>ar« 
n.vii-Y to j "S^" i>>^ars. 

Kansa^City. Atchison* Leavenworth '^^^* '** ^''« ^'"""'^ •''"'^ ^^^^ -^J'- 

MRk.u- eio«o couMeotiou -ith tr:uu-< of the (iregor, has been called upon ti; 
* nibc racific .md Atchison, Tupuka and 

.■*aut.-» Fc Railways 

A full line «f tickets to all p*inta in the 
T'uiun St e^eii md'Can.idiia on s.'Uu itt priuei- 
f^»;»l tioJret office thrpughout the NorthwMHt. 

Toe infomi.ition regarding Kittev. l(ou(«ii, 
SIfepin|:-e.-ir Berths -tc, inquire of nearest 
Tiokut Af^nt. or of 



Cologne. Minn. 

Boot and Shoe Maker. 

"C^fRepalrtnt neatly done. Price low. 

We eootinae to 

act assolicitorafor 
paten t«, caTcatM, 
...kdti-mArkn. eopyrighta. etc., for 
th^< UniUid StatM, and to ubtunp«t- 
ont«< in Canada, EnKl*D<l. France, 
Oeriuauy, and all uthtr e<)iintric«. 
Thirty-*!* r*«r«' iiractii-e. No 
c'harjo fof cxauinatiuB «f tuouels or draw- 
Anga. Advice by mail free. 

Fafentv obtained througb na are noticed la 
'the s«ii£:«Tiric AMEIuca!*. which ha« 
*he'fHr;7<^4t circalatioa, and is the uost iuflu- 
• utial uewHpapiir of it* kind published in th« 
world. The adTsutagcs of aueh % notice erery 
patentee uudcmtanda. 

This largo and sBleudidlrillaatrated nevs- 
! -aivr irt published w«Kitl.» at »3. A) a yuar, 
uuum'&ilmitt^d toVe tbo best paper dcvuttid 
to Boi c'Uiv . iuc(4iauii's, inyvetioae, «ingine«rinK 
work 8, autl other dejmrtuenta of induatriu 
pm^cresf, publtvlieA in anjr conntrf. Single 
oopie4 bjr mail, 10 ceala. 'Sold by all aewe- 

Addres^ Motoa ft-Co., pnbliahem of Seien- 
HA9 Ameifcan. 2^1 Itroadwar, New York. 
ilandbook about iiatcntn raailed free. 

bury within a week, all called to 
the unknown home by that drea 1 diphtheria. It i« dreadful, 
but sympathy is a poor conaolatioii 
to the attiioted parents and we al - 
stain from further useless ro«- 


At Litkttowii. Wednesday cveniuf, 
Not, Mih 1882, Jotin Gregor , son t f 
I'eterCiresur, ai^el Itt jears- 

We stated in a late issue of the 
Herald that diphtheria had enter- 
ed the family circle of Mr. (iragor, 
and we are now called upon to n- 
cord the death of one of his mo-st 
promising children. The funeral 
took place from Victoria ('hureii 
and was a very sad affair. The 
family have the sympathy of th.' 
entire community in their bercavr- 

Died. " 

OfoIJage on Tu«s«!»7 XoTcniber 21. 
1882, at the residence t^ ber aen-in-lav, 
John Lorfeld. of Daklgl:!, Mr». Mar/ 
LeftI, mother of Mrs. J. Utrfelil, aged hi 

Mrs. Lepel was an old an respec- 
ted resident of Carver Co., ani 
leaves many warm friends to mour i 
her loss. Her husband prettedel 
her to the unknowu shore abau; 
a year ago. 


Till WeiiHy Pioiieiir Pniss. 

FACTS [or tie FARMER' 
WISDOM for aeirWITES! 

Only $1.15 Per Annum. 

Bead for Samplfl Oopj. Iddreis - 
St. Pttul, Minn. 


Mm. Josephene Willems, wife t f 
John Willems, of Benton, and 
aister of .Arnold Hoen, died at her 
residence on Tuesday night, Nov- 
30th, 1882, in child birth. 

Mrs. Willems was a very anui- 
able lady and her sudden and u.ii< 
expected death is a terrible blow t > 
her husband and friends and the; 
have the sympathy of all in iheir 



**New Home" and other Sew- 
ills' Haehlncs ; Pianos, Orgaus, 
at Wliuiesale and Uetall. 

Cheap Goods. 

For cheap goods go to F. I*. 
Seeger. He is closing out his en- 
tire stock and will keep on selliof 
at cost prices until he ha.s sold out. 
If you don't believe it call and see. 

Waeonia Bank. 

Geo. N. Houghton, cashier cf 

JtJT Come to me before y«u bay, the Carver Co. Bank, Chaska, wi 1 

«nd .save money. have charge of the Farmers Banl, 

UlCHAKD H£LLRI£OEL. Waconia, during cashier Mix i 

absence. A good wlectioii. 

cy, and only such amount as is 
iietessary will b« issued by the 
board. The bonds will be issued 
in $.Vn) denominations and made 
payable in one, two, three, four 
md five years, thus making it a 
light burden upon our tax p.iyers. 
We appreluul very little, if any 
opposiition, to the measure. 

P.CMoNAi..— Wm Damschcn, of llon<. 
gard, ca'led in to sec u< Tuesday. 

fieo F Ft'ier, the Mis.scs Faber, Fred 

Gr«ri tcr >ind Gro N^ IIoii;;liton, took in 

h V rliolm dance, Jordan, thaaksgiving 

I. .?id ri|i')rf 1 xpiendid lime. 

il«-iiiy Niculiii, tlu- active youn^ incr 

-hant of Jordan, was in town last Tues. 


W- n. UosLsth, E.sq,, the wholesale 
[ >l>baco ami cigar int-rcliant of Miniica-. 
polis, with lii.s lovely bride was in town Thursday on his bridal trip, the 
gue^t of (Jto. F- Faber* 

Ern. ILiniin, Peter Campbell and C. 
Kobler, of Watcrtown, wi-ro in town on 

Knoch Holmes, of Carver, the 
"old time" merchant of Carver 
County, was shaking liands with 
liis old friends in Chaka, Wednes- 

Fritz Womer, the "old Kimer" 
was in Chitska Wednestlay Eve- 

Boom ! Boom ! ! 

IJead the big announcement^ of 
Messrs. Linenfclser & Faber in fihis 
issue of the Hkrai.d. They pco- 
[)Ose to ''sell ott" the largest stcek 
of gowls ever brought to Chasl-ta, 
i.s cheap as the next one and "doat 
you ft>rget it." 

Chrbimass Trees. 

Go to 0. Eder's Bazar for yoiir 
(-■hristmass trees and dccorationst. 
Bottom prices. \ 

Feed ! Feed ! I 

Braa,. Shorts and feed at Kleva-- 
iorat Itss than usual prices, Fa-^ 
mous Jordan fancy flour $;^,:i;'^ 
Streight $3.0o; Low Grade $2.59^ 
at Seegers. 


the first of .Jaiuiry next. 

Relehow & Eder. 

As usual have something new to 
announce in the way of new goods. 
They are live business men and 
never allow tliemselve.s to be out- 
done by anybody else, and if y(rii 
think otherwise look to their ad- 
verti.sement and then call on them 

Z^jr All kinds of flolidHv goods 
will be >old at bottom prices at G. 
Eders Bazar. 

.VI I'. I- vS; 4<ihiis('.ii 
Will start rhrir portabiu saw 
mill at Benton next Monday, Dec, 
11th Farmers should reinember 
tnis. Adv., next week' 

A rush of busiiuvss and latk of roam forces us to 



Meyer & May, 

Waeonia, Minn. 

\V<'ha7e'l.>cided toffive onr cnstomerN, 
nntil Jan. I, IHS.l, a reduction of 10 per ct 
for all t«5>ti mKh on dry Roods, notion.'^ 
clothing, hats \- c:ip.<». bootM A: shoes &c'. 
We make thiis diNcouut to ca.Hh customera 
only. II you will call in and ute us, we will 
convince you that you run do bett»r with i 
UM than elsewhcn'. ! 

Wuconia, >jT. *lb IHHC. i 




• 1 






V^ *l,0<) TftChleago. 

The Railroad war still continues 
ind yoa can travel io Chicago for 
?1, CK) wer the A Ibt^ Ua Koute. 
Ticket!* over that nmte te Chfcag 
uid r«*urn for $2,<*«>i. can be pur 
i:hase<Jat (,'ha.ska. 


A Word to Farmers: ! 

OKNTI.EMK.N:. If yna n Uh lo rfroiv* 
••ch Wfi.<k \Tlini (• roiu-eil*^ in kr the Irnd- ' 
inc and the limt 4t;rl<-utlMr-.tli«ii<l (iriirntl | 
raially Ne«v»]iap(>r i>ul>U»(MFtl lu uiiU for \ 

huUM-r4Uf> Hrr tlim > 



•tf .M^iirM^iolia. 
It rniilnlnii Al.f. tH-K NtWs FKOM Al.r. 
It Is pnhlUlifil iiftlif* ellT wlrnvt* rwur- '• 
Hftli* uf TMK WIM^AT ( VUyV wf lh« 1 
Xttrthwrxt N iiinrki^wil. | 

Il» iiiitrk<<t rrporrii arr n«M><|,i]«U U-fl for ; 
flillnniiK. frfaliiit'k^ himI HC-a-urMr}, iumI «r« | 
3U hours latrr tli;!a> lli<i<«<- iu«mMi u;> la i 

JU »klr, rrllablia nnal r«fn|>rph»'«t»i.v* 


Is prpimrtKl by PZ|>rr4<tnrr<l .iKrirttltwrUta ,' 
■peclall.r fur llir fnniitri-s itf llw> North 
Wffst an<l orrfiillv m4lH|tlr<l l<» t!u> i-iops, 
••II*. prnflurts. riiuutll)- riiiiilU:«i|>H aii<| 
g«n«nil nrriU »f Mil- rrciofi mIiA«'Il can- 
■nt b« iiwiil of anjr otixn- fnrin Jihu-ihI. 

You will nnti your niir«i4oiiKi»4li'MHWorp«l 
!■ the "l.«>ttpr Itui." i«<i'l fin-h iui-iiil>rr of 
vour family nlll Iliiii4<iitprli>liiiiif'it In its 
■road roliinin«,Hn<l ^<-torial ^Uitflnmrnlii. 

I*rlp« 91. lA |M<r year, frrp of rut-4t\nf >l< 
■ionlli* •* r«nt«. SaMipto- ••oylr 

As we nre carrying a larw stock ami havi- been doing a roshiiig business this Fall we find f hat our pn sent quarlers are too small for 

out trade and eonse<|uentli will iiierease our *lore room to double its present eaiKicify, whieh eoniKls us to take tills s(i»p in sclliir' oiir 

j goods at astonishingly low prices, to reduce five stock, so that we will he able to niak(> the necessary change. As we have Ihe reuuta(i< n 


j of selling goods eheap, we will give you the following list of prices, to eoiiviuce you that we arc sellin;? (hem still cheaper: 

U(^t all^wo^ llanael . .r . 

Check «fo • ... 

do 4o • - . - 

Bine half W03T Onnne! ... 

(jennan Callrs* ... 

Standard do - - - • 

Waterproof .... 
Liiieeys- ..... 
(iiiughtitn - . . - 

Shaw Ticking .... 

Feallie • do - . - . 

t.'ardissin .Ueket^ .... 



2l» e 

ts, worth 40 

Double width dress g(»ods 


■w « 



Single do 




do do 




Turkey Ked Talile (loth 




j White bleaehi'd do 




( lojik - 



$1 2r> 





Fine (hcrcoat 




1 ili'uvi'r ilo 



1 2i 

i White lihiiikets, per pair 




(•rey do do 




A re ties do 


ets., Moi 

•th :{5 

. i; 












$:< 25 


$7 m 

5 m 



2 1*0 


5 00 

1 2 25 



'.\ :jt» 



2 25 


•1 i') 

1 75 


2 00 




i<|>lr». nr). vent 


Th* leatllns KepnblNwn Journari northweoK 
•f Chleac*: A* t>elnin«s. H pace»; fnU telo- 
(rmphir nervlrp. Indeponaenl. adtremalv*. 



OM.v «.n «r- 


.Apply lo your paatmaater. who ia •■- 
thorlsed to ai't ■■ ovr arrnt. <>«- wrltA st- 
reet ly I • TIIK TRItil NK CO.. 

HliinMHM***. M I n a. 




My Entire Stock of 

Ceneral Herckiise 






t I® a 


is offered 




Sale will continue as long a s 
Stock lasts. 

All kinds of grain takei? 

at cask nrices in ezckange 


And guarantee all prices not to be undersold by any. 


For 30 Days Onljf at 




m0 l"««i«li*'"MWII»i'< |f 

ruMsfcoU eTt ry 'IhnrtxUjr hjr 

A. i. uiid F. K. I^U TOITJ 

hiittorsanii Pablishcrii. 



Hleighiug is good. 

AVc< <i is rushing iLto town. 

A j^ood warm stove is comforta- 
{ Ml* th('«*e dajs. 

It is rumored that nc arc to hare 

aaother drug store. 



-OF - 


,k»AM Koltzr 

litv. Mr. liillmun, preached at | C110T7 

J til" usual hour on Sunday eveninjj. 

. Merchants who ad7«rtise always 
' have a good busincsij. 


Ti»«Hlir..:i-r(ter We. fO. 

AvAiUr - L. atr«uk<-n«. 

H^«ff«»tfr of l>ce<l^ -F. UrMncr. 

»h»iirT-'K. F. »uToit. 

M«rU >« • 'urt G. K-iiyenbuW. 

Attwm •>--«*'•<'■ <»'l«l'. 

S-^mjoi-J. O. llrimiin. 

Judtf^ot r'robitt'- Julius »<*1:;U.<-. 

*-fc...lSuronn...n.>....t-F.A.N'.Nr....n.. Thc last '-SOciabl.." at Mrs. I ^.^;^Lnd l:a;'ir/.:r.Sn7r^^^^^^^ 

Co.o.,.r W.!' Ca.a. I.' nmsiliirg WU.- a rerv pleasoilt OC-I '*' "'*'"'"• Terms Ubcr^l. 

Ccunty CfmiDr^ioncrs-Roii. I'aitcrsiH, ! tasion. and well attended. 

Ihiin-tvrtn.Cfo. Kuinlcr, K V.Han:.!.. Jl. ' ,. ., i-„i ., ., . 

1 w^i ii«M 11 . nm rr ■ ■ ■! 1 _ -~- 'hI liciuc froiu DuburjUf. after a 

; \ iMt. ol" i Lrec weeks im'JUg relatives i 
i liiul fri'iKls. ' 

Mf). JI^ First street, 

(beiticn 1st and 2U aTenv* Morlk 

,!, C. OSWALD k CO. 

KstabHshmi itU. 


Importers and Jobbers uf 

Crockexy, Glassware, 

Stoneware, Cutlery, Lamps, Ete. 

247 k 249 Hennepin Are. 

Dealer^) ia 
\V4\T».1V : ^i>i' uj I urtuwueKKimJUg relatives I _^ .. . _ - .-. 

v>A.>i.sif. and fri.iidq. . Domestic fit Imported Xaqn- 

>V::nic.l. lirx),' 3I.sM-.sLiuenfe:«cr&Faler.roldi *"• 

r. uhioli I V. i 1 i..y the vi-i-v higli- •, . . ' h,!, „r w•he^f recently to • ""^ Mai^ufncturer. of, price. :•:.•.>. i" . ;>trHit i. c., of Shai.ope^ ^ iiiii ehah a Bitters 

iSenton, Xn\ . U, 1H82. ' '"'-■ ^^ '-■ "'^'1 »» i-='t i L.ce. , 

('. lvron.>el5:ia1>el. ''■■^ lo, Honk, Fraa! on, Rnower 

Nu. 17 Wxstiiiigion ara Nurib. 
Miiincitpoli.s, Minn. 

Meyer & May 





J. D. Wagner, 

Il9ute, Sign, Cairiaye and Omanunta 

Hard wood finisbin);:, K.ilsoraiiiing and 
paper hnagittif. Fine graicinga specality 



Jtfbberb nnd Kotuilera of 

We would respectfully inform 
the public of Waconia and ricinity 
that we have now opened our new 
store, well stocked with new goods, 
finely selected, such as 


Boots & Sho<*s, 
Huts & Caps, 
Clocks, Crockory 
(jllassvrare. Wooden ' ^ 
& Wiil<»\v-\Varc, etc. 

John E. Holm, i 


Kcsys on hnn J eou«tant!y a large stock of 

I GeDeral Mei'chandise, 
Boots & Shoes & 

Groceries. ) 

AlSokcppaonceftUc best furnished \ 

m IN 11 





'I'hf U Ii< ^\ ii';; "le • .' • < '.■- i- : 
lUarkt* <iil: t: t!i'in . \\< 'A.^ ::■' ti 
j-n-:-.-. ti:is 'r;:.:;>(i;iy iii'-i ai::^. 

\Tiic-:;t, no ! I'urd 

U'ii. ur. uv i 

- I iiiKl (fi;itc;j, of this vilhigerelunifd I Jj^riiry fjrlPSIII>Ge 

i i'l/in ;'. jdcasiir.' trip to ('hicsi^O .MmiufacturiTur nnU Doai i 

l.'i f ? 1 mlay. Tln'v took ad van- ti ^ r.'M j; j'l^ DTAVl'CTC 
ia,. : .he cheap rato>. They re- ^^'^^^^ ^'^^' BLANKETS, 

1- u 





Diister.s, Fly Nets, Farm 

'•::•'•. hnsth^ lumber for: Harness etc. 

, •, , , i LArKf!<l Sli.i-'k iind lK-«t Assortmfint In tlie 

oi.ili : : ; i;;.on ihc j^ St:ir". Ordcr.x Ij luail proniptlr nt tended to. 

^ car;cht«r> ;: o at work 3C>1 Nicollelt Aveuue. 

'^I^o,. uhid, .lo- Delsino, ; ^^ ^ ,.,...^„,,. B. J. Cf»aKAN. 

•!.•!, on th»(<.i !.-r ol)p..^il. (lOODMAN & CUSllMAN, 

;.<1<TS. It ir a ; 'endid lu- v. liolcsalc * K'.tnll Dcalors fn 

.■ busiii('.:.s. 

Hardware and Cutlery, Andi.ijucteve.v\w'uc"iekl'i!t'in^a 

:.-.\n..s, WINDOW (iLA.^^s. TAINT-:, 1 first cla«.^ ireuerai .■.Lore. 
Carpenters, Millwright JiCooii- rvrv« vi>\.^o "W "P 'HIT' 

ers' ToolH, A^riculJurul \ ^^^ ?^\v»^^ j m £a \l!/ 

Tool*, etc. j Will Ix'jish.w as the lowest, and Tumita^e StQ2»e I 

PLAIX* B.VKBED FEM.R WIRE. P'^'V • "1''^'*'''' >■' ^''**"^ ^P'^\^ ^ 6 'i J.5 O^ ^ "^^ 3 ^ 

j:iWu.hi.ron Ave south au. i .If (lea ijifr. <.!ve u.«. a trial, : ^'1>*.1j01i« J^ al^i 

and you v.iU be coiivinced that vou 
INGRAli, OLSON & CO., J'*'" 'I'^'/'^it;''- I'y deaUng with' us , 

than elsewhere. l>OJ.^ -<& A.I^OX*t?.HOH^ 

_ . ^lEYEIl 4 MAY. n/^i rvr'vi' 

Dry Goods, Notions ' °°'-'""- 



o ® 

a (3 

^ hi 

2 4 »-• 

£ ^ i3 S 

K — Pi^ r--w <*4 

- - J3 ^ ^ 

n ^' ,2 ^ W 

H .- -J ;^ c^ 


^."2 w 

r, C VJ 

»^ o ^ 

^ o ^ 

.^ vfl r- 

ui'y iiiioiiN, .\uiiu{i:i __.■ .--^•r:'- — —- -o: 

*■...- 11/ • \ '\ I Keeps Gonstaiitly oil h 

GENTS FUKN?SHrNG GOODS. \l' [fOllll] mMW ' ^^^^^'^ 

— I .1 muiim ^U\;)TllJ , Bedsteads 

IlnricoiHl Unilding, 1\:i&2\ri yuolldt Ave. \ }} IJ I IiUI-eail.3 

Cliaska lloiisc 

fJIASKA, Mli'^N. 
MINN, i FerdHammerPrgff. 

.led ull kinds of 

".Ti)!> I.t't«" Bn4 "Cut I'riros" aSpeciiiltv. | 

rr — ^ j 3IICH. ZAIILER, Propr. 

, I lilG ljOSTONi^V=^eo-i:i, ^Carver Couut^v, Minn. 


j Tbishou«« ifi thi>rou{^lii.v finished, ainl 
offcrH tbc l>nit nccKJnni.-.ilatJoiis for hii.'ir." 


And k tlie TiiivrlJii? riiliiif. 

Pictur« Fi-aiiioe good stabling attached. 
. . „ ,. . Cofiiiis.&c- I Ch^trges Ivlolerate. 

And will sell thci.i nt ciry };riot.i. j 







< ,»!ice! 

Or,, . , . 

■ , -i.C*"' 


■ M ti.; 

iiti,'-.. ■ i- 

. ■ \y.'V> ■■ 

4.> . 


.1 of !■ 

I i; 

',!■■ t.r lluli.!. 

..:v ; Mi^ed. a: 

• >Ii.-;Ii a sir 


■'.• 0!'r ll■^ll.:i : 

I laiter. W ■ ■ 


i t\R\i ad ^PiSINi; W.\i;ONS, 

■ :.n:""fr!;;i;;:j:5'::"^^??:,tTv. i Olothinff store ' "-^.w;>:„:s,r .™r&^;; : "<'''"^"oks^.xd ,>r,,,,,,s. ^i |. at in Rii kt 

I O Tii:u»M!c irni.e «l llif l.r'.t ml..n'l brcwtim Jgy- E.sUinat(;R f U;Tii4ii .1 anJ all work h-j 

•--.I ^}r»nf'« lutlirt Northwest for Plf-r- ■ q 
. .1 •.-.i Uiirno-n. !*in«'rat>ii, I'Hlirr & to., 

•; \k!}riirn'i> , l!,rUc<) iiarrlsKO <'0- 
.» i". T.'S W'-f MIJIOIO.N AVK. SOl'TII. 

TIii« I ri.-wcry In 
w in 11'l.inciy ndilivl !o I 
:ii;ii!(: it'iiiiC d' llif ln"^t _. ^ , ....^1.-,., ,^ 

2, 3, 4, :i and 6 Academy of Music, i «n":'" ^'^''/i' ''"'"'^ ^"^^""'' P'"-"'''^'^' ' o^^rl^mvih'rL^i^'^'^lS^^oyny. 

nllcd ana sulisrucUon enarnntcpd. 


Ebprniil T.iHorinp. nol)!>y rcaflj'-iiisdc 
siiiLs. fi'ic riirni.^Iiing Goods,>^, Ccp.2 
I .".lid Vers. Send for [)rice li.-t. 

Doctors III 

rsa^a-mai .-. 



Il _ '"ik^ '• 

^-S- O. ' '^J- -> -■ ' 

11 Y 


■ni pir '" 

O " ■-- 

- . 1 

■■-:'. C. i ! . ■ .V J- 

- • ».\ ' : : : 

' ■ 


; • ; » V \' ' ■ - ■ 



1 ' . . 

ii f':. I 


.Ti:V/ij.rty and 

■'.•vol* ■V\7'c:^7'e', 


One fm Mm, 

I JT'Givc i:-, a trial ^f^ 


^E^'RY LrKA^r, Pmpr. 

fCtfp." oil haul Sfiril wii;r-4, li njor<" and ci- 
t:a:-*. «:<)oii J).!:jril .'T >'"M.JoniiWe rutvs. US'* 
KULtl MatUn? fi.'i* ho. »<>?. 


Charles Gt'hl 

THE t.'.0 MARCH 

_____ rilNSKA, — — .MiN.\. 

.•^^'' j AlWRy Kurp on luind Fiesli nocf. I". rk,'>l f 
!^V^^P^ ' tmi, C'jiiinl Bri f. Hum. Smt !teil Sa'irati , 
^' "... j Dried Ilri f, Lhi.!, Ac. 

" v' i l-r-Shop :nd»tri-if. jly !'. ly H. 


i .Oillic-ii-ci -Eula.!! 1 i 

U' III (. 

. w.. 

l}:.)t ih 

n.!i ,:, 


■ ' • I'.nT 1 tT 4 VIC .'^liiv ixr Tin: fSor i>: »; 'l4i-' v. s .i>!v •-'' \l'i»li. ' ' 


^-.c^nfc' Mi;s:fic4»vr.<^^.» 

, A. B!XEY & CO. j 

iiist'-a Ave. :■>., P'jst to Tliird Am- .^. 

^!llT^o: Good Good?, Lo'.v I'licca, SiiUMr'j 

'>• '.Icr in 


Dcnl. r .s in 

} Pfr- Tbf t.r'st of l:.:cr, Li;'i nfi, nini>s :ind 
, clifiirs, i-.'.'i'ir.iii!> Ii.|ii'.!i liuii.l. 
I SAI.').)N AC IJ\:.T!ii;i.SOl,[>.^-f.\.\!< 
! Clia^K.i. M nil. 

i..iU \. 


* ^Jkcm .» K::i>.«.:i:aBw^ * 

iiuirK iiii.i.sTo.Ni; 


rLASTHKLlvS, k.-. 


' ' 

•' ■ 

K i:,-ir. 

1 ' ' 



;■ li'! 

i • 

!. !:; 

. \ . 

V : ; : 

. il 

i- J' • 

• i! ' 

• .1 



' :.!lt 


.• il J 



1 i'' 



. : :e.';, Ice Crcan. Free.. : C^q (H-f Rf r?>"B»ft 
t , »Vatt !• Ctiolor & Fillers, ^ «-^ ^ -' ?-'« ^ -* * ' «^A t5 - 

WlK U-3.t!f;.nd K- Mil 

Fi.roy Cooils,^ Jevrliy, Sllvor 

Wan, Toys, liird < r.-vs, 

Umckcls o»o., olc. 

.J;;njs ii Wostlakc Oil 

N:i>V{»S, Cic, etc. 
rj< »!i;>M.»-lX AVKNL'IC. 


^ Cj . M V-.' 


iii.ilirs ill 

•-•.»*». •-_»»i 


f-:,. I., 

■ l.! 

• 'If 

1 i . , . -Mi 

■ \ : : r ( ! ! > : 


«• :•. •! : 

a tb • 

MATTINGS. l..^\)I/la'^[. ^'•«»v<^»'»*^^^'<'-»'->"^'^'''*J''»''<'*7 

■l«.oi.i,..i AVL.NLi. fcJM 111. j MmlcOu .:u-i!t4 :.,i-J..,diio, MJi.^1'3 and Cli;!- 

__^ j ilri'ii 11 jipi'oiitUy. 

2r.7 .S: 'J.'.a Nioollut Are. 

NCTn;:: to cui;!jiTon.<. 

In il.»!;vr ol ilic o-Mrc ui jtdiii. p. Snii i Chaskfl, -' - Mom. 

quut d«< .1 , . . , I Will l^l cll -.vcihiii •i.c-ir JiiM^.i'.lifr f.^- 

.Sum .•i,,l!.,.t !h. ,:;.{,.,. n J., coi.'.rct oi by tbo d .r, :.t l.u. .i li . i„. 

lioots and Sh..., Hatn ;t,ul Ca|>., \^'Z:-^;:Z::;TZiZ::X ^"^'Z -*- 

MilliPery Co«;ds, Tin ^1' W OCd- ''••' '""•^' *•* i'"'"'!'*. •-•"« l-P pr.-f-au- oiJut m 
/»n IV'V'« 4'»'- .1- •• i'l • sii I <"ii!iiv fl' Ilii" ti 11 .ih.l |.!r.-.i nhtn Bii>i 

t.l »i;;i\' «,{«>.'Keiy, \ Ul- , wlicrv lit- «ill nc'lvn luar ni.d miiitiit ul i "1^,^ ^Q ipi fV^^fC v A^i"??" 

Ua WurO &C., ^'f. ,-.l»:m.«"l.,ll,.«rr....:i|,MlnM,,i,l.|«,«r..^.l„,..I ^^^^ ];^' j,^ ^ ii'i,LiliJ^\^lL 

' . tlial MX mciiiOis hiivo iit.'f.'i. Iiiiriit« ii.o il.f t;r: r 

An{is'?oi(iiif>ntalv.-.i;,,ionhaiKl. Vol'iinlMi-.'. ur cTrJi'ois lo j.a.'ct.t l.'icir ciuim. ii;j:i:u.i -^f ilt$4'uiT ""^V.'J 

u;*!-" in Ilor.ild l:i'i k. Clrvl i. Minn. 
Om :cLoiir.<3-li.i.iH. i2— 1 p. ro. 

|;il Xir.di. t .\v., \V .. .;< N-,,v l!'..,.k, M:i:no | %'■• i,ood^ .,:jl,-i w.t'joui ptHll-. Uoutsiy U Uie Mid c«Ute. 
jV j iipolisuin i \>(.'8t " -li !, .^t. I'ttul. hwiii pi.:.*. . Imu 1 l!ie CUj day tf Xov. ml)ti- ]>»i>2 



i, J. !■ mmm, 


|f ... *'■ 

Sfp It'll urn's Uluok. 

A- (3. .Vli-LK?. 


15 Y 

WACONIA. . *^"^'''' I'X^OSt 

T rcsfwoif'illy notify tny fiic'iids I i *^ 

:. T-fr7»-ivi-t •• i ii ' rt, -«ga'.:a3L. scursrs 

X 'i 

'i .o: . . 

; if _u' ." i "\ 
.Ur. li.t hi 

•if :: l.ii 

■I 'W **' ^ - 

oa tb:; 


.•:i 1 -1. 


,, .It-]. . .. 

<• L lO > . : 




I '* 



1 1 ^ 

. ; ■. 1 . > 1 


^^ llmnh ft Oiillfe,! Fiance.: Org; 

nC2 l.icoHctt Ave. ^.. , ,,,,,,.. /■,,.■,.- i/,',-..;/ \r 

-•'-"'^•■- ■- ■ " *•' ' " ' " I I. •.»« riTV. 

W l;.k.tiis,ui.lio method oti i:.^3 X..oIl.t Avn..,e. "^^ ^^"'''"iNn';M:LSr^^^^^ I 

Ir^Vv o;i' ;ivd up ii lust iMsi--.'. .silmin in iiiv 

C:>r. ;;d Strocl. t'- lm;l.i-i"4 'iii fii si slroi-t m-w liiiil.'.n;; 

II -w li-ir, II. -w fKiiirf.-i' wi.l 11.- |dtr,.-('d Iti 

r- f :ill 111)' if!d fr!.-n"ls, niid niul;!- tn-\v oi.i-.-t, 

\\/ C PENFIELD''' •'">' '•""•■ •" " '"'"' "' '••(""»•< «"'fs 
succK.s.,(.-i i«M;:.<). li. wn,.-i<..v, ' ! ' '"■ '•'K'"""' '^''. ""'y «''! I:- l.^.t-.dcd over 

l!iu l>ar. I.uiii li cmi Im m-iv..,! m miy 

.■nar, I.^llll.r^ Iiy il.o t[iifnitiiy wil W*- 

n-'^JiTlS ' '^"''' "* '^"111 MS lis i-heiip !is it i-iti li,> ■(- 

""* I liiinr.l tinywli.r.-. Funnel « i>i)ii«. nud if 

\ii:i iifcd wliivki-y T.r liar> . .- l!ii;r. tlin-^li- 

I c/ntni'inf' '::,.'. nr \)i;\..\c \\<.'f rr.iiitj .-.n 1 try the 

i:. itiK fiTv. 1 ••Wild Ui.tcliiiiaii'' Free iiu..;li irun'i 111 to 





— .i.N'n. 

JOii.N i:ai)IjE . ,■ ! ..:;■!.. ih.-uiks t-- 

■ >: liit.^.s .shown our l;:iiiil} 

'■''■' 1,' < ■'■:■ tate alllii-fioii. 
1. .ru,\: il, Dte, l.'t 1>>'J. 
'■'''• —^ <i : :i i ; >; fjiniily. 

1! r n I! K R STOUE. 

V.I U'.-rp lIliiiHrlmlP, 1 (l|»>». I'ools, fll'i'-o, 
•:li \ . s. lli-nllite. sliCHiP}.'-. <ii:.l)orM, Ii-Li:iM«, 
Hull. . «;. rm;;!'*. Ati'inl/i i-?^, KiiU'-('r«'<>1<. I'iuio 
>*-." Jin ."!* S!.i< !iN. Wi'jroii Sii'-ii(;."<, l^intr 
.::•'.; in V. ir ) - <■« Mjs. Iti.of >V t' . I ii-l:i..M». 
!!lii?\ < UI.1:*, ('niU«, t^'uni! H, .'-[.i." ill.*. Iti-il*!.'- 
«\-:. uiitttli-'. lliiir.. !•!!.<!. Il.s, Ki).-^ A l:-i> I(-:|J ln-r. 

t'ubU-riiiiil c-rftoii lic-itiiig:, pai-ltiiij,', tiotfAc. 

F'.iv ». .^*iTa r 

L'o:tl(-rili all Uiiii;-! of 


: , J. ^Y. FIELD, 

' o.- *' ' ^^ ^'' 

1 aziir. bee * 'v-? 

Boots & Slioes« ' ^^''*' ^'''' '■"•'"'• '''^' ^'"'^ ''- 

;;*0 N'K'oLI.KT'l' AvK. 1 


p ri-< "■New Home" and oilier Se'iV- 

OCl'w» d5 lt>.110eS, i« i: :da(;iiti0.s ; Piano:., Or-.iMS, 

. ,, :-.-;!Ntror.u-.f AVE. :it W!;<)lrs:ilL' und Kt-tan.; to see cbitiljvM s shoes v.ith the r.^*., . i ,> , 

/» S T CO ^>'^ t onie tome ot.lL.r,5 you l)uy, 

B r a'c'k' 'tip "^='^'^''"' '^'^'^^'^^•• 

'v >:**r^ T"?f. 1?^. te; ^^ -^ «.'i »t«J ^ s^ 

C'oiifoctioiin'v and tina 

lOSEVJL Fh\L\KEX, rro/jricfor- '^ 


liK.M.CK IN 

Soln Ajrrnt for liuit & Mi-iirs, Hurt ..V I'-ick- 

iini".-: i.ikI Sli'iiit' iiiiM'i-.rriirs tliii- .xtiiii-s I'l-r 

liri^jpj^upij'j iii}:y: ., ., .., '-•■"•■■• 

lJ.Ln.UllidLrriU £JJ.lfJ,^ I l-uve the fo lov.-iu:' .<nii',s io ' "»«'"• i>- \v- Wi'^iht & .v i;ar- n» • «n i J /f^^ C^ « 

'W^ '•> "^ "^J^ <-*%•'»•»• VI •• :; ».;i u;;.- or two \e;>r.s tiPU' S.\i.i;.-mkn: U. s.<iiiin,-id, l,. D. KUM-umo, VT tV^V,'*.^i*»» lisB^ili W*JLiCilUa ^W'otK-- W?;r;|»i t.,^ :JiL<>:y3 i 

iH: A'-- i'^ li ilil*:; ''ya -f r ' .1 , * , " ' Ko!>-tMi-Iuliri-. a. U. Kill>oruottudCrooli.ick-! ' ' ". 

.K\^jK.'' A}lty3. jJjLjLli..'-'^ til her oiniiorlo;:i4r,M>r s( cured uote3 laaJ. 

\ 'iiii!; .Vtiicri' i. 

..: .1!!.. 

\i'. : .>l.oi'(>, -1(X>. :i»M), ♦5«M), ?,0n. 

.y- o. ;>oi>. 

-il )i ■; . ''■■:! lUl i t'.-i ,1 ;i:i\ ;i\ ., 1.11 iir.i:, , •■i.,-! 

GEO. A. 1)1 lOIT. 


Fji'.e IIoiUM . 



Pi S"J.i.l'; W-5iaiA4.«:a, 

ClIASKA. - . . MINN. ' .-^*-*^9 

Ch(t>ika, - .- - - - J//.//n. 


no")-*' O'.ri^Onllr unliu.'i! au I will 5c;ll as 
(•'i<m;)u' !!• j c-biMpeit 

Deal I- r i:i 

lE^A.r^J'J'W A.L-II£3 VlKfi: AXD PLASTrillNG! 

IL; .t.l- !*:aiH. Ce'jiont, Pl-ister- 

A \!^\ Wni '11 

.(.. .M.. . r f.\M,,i.-.d I..; Mi:.-...t. \», .."...J. ■ H VTS CAPS Fl'RS A-e A-e l i.;^t.-i- I':a-i h. I e'Jiont, riiister- 

aiv :;,.. 0.:r old friend Mr. J. W. Murry/ "' n / ^ ' 11 tH , ^^^^^ING MACillNIfS. &c.. &c., i ■„. Hair, Clmska Brick. 

t: ;r.i, Pye a. tl Buckuiieal *'' i'^^^-l;^';-^ ^as in to^n h-.t^^at- j ._^ ''*_:"=" ^ ^^'"^ | Waooiiia, Mhin. j ^,^';^^-l;;:,}:;^:!-';:^^^lSi::X 

"^'*»y ^viln u lot. ot extra inie Hen- 1 J^^ Cl^rj Z :?I» cvl G O >• Ifcpaiiing ol VVio.-h s. C:ocl.«, Jcn-i-lry ; 

on Kd.v and -,: .. , y .r .-wry w.-.u. ^..,. ^^.i,;, j^ ,;„„j^| ^^..^^j,^. ^^j^ -.^ ^^^^ , ■? ^ „,,-. „ s,..>-...lty. pn-Mnnt. .;d. ! THE 

.,w,..l-,>t^ I.'.., ,.'i- ir 1 »~^ ** ^•4"rf^T«CH ; Will «.-ll nil cumis v\ luy lino ilut.iK-r 

"ClTTOlVrTrirtYT-'ii-mB '""^'^•^' ''' XlSLXX^rS ttim., anv hm-s,- ,n ti.,. .-,.u..iv. ..-ui! iv WACONiA ROLLER MILLS. 




"SnTT O 1Vh"T^'»^TT'!3 "n » iHarket. Kroui .Mr. Murry wo le.iri) 
i? U itli^ 1 .1 U irCjiil I _ that hi.s apiary yielded him L>.t).M.. 

_ - ^ I IW Honey this sea«oa, besides a| ^fir^^^ Frn-VrSHE/tS, 

■ ■> > sudicient (piiMitity to ^UHt:un his' „ ,.. „ . ' 

, . ■ > , ,1 • ■ I I. .'.vp removed to No. 24S, Mfwllv't .Vvtiair. 

( ■ ■ bees over the wmteiv 

I Ci-o'.vded Out. 

- AND - 

' oui; Moc-k uliove liifir former lot-atioii. 

Will «i-ll nil 1,'nmis ill iiiV lino rlut.fii-r 
I tlinii any Iku's.- in tin- ..-uilily , WACOMA ROLLER MILLS, i 
I frtii'idcrtd. 1 1 wil! pav you to t-.x^iniinc 
: gowdn and avk prices. P. iK.v.NBEPii. 


' KarmrrK v iii t.iko nf.tloc th-jt tho ut^dersig:.- 
{ c<I uakvs a specialty ot 

I Hi 

mm \im ! 


at Ills mill. 

Aco5^A, MwK. Flonvox' liaiiii:^- 1 for Wheat ! 

Goods at St. Paul and MLmeapoIIs ' 

PliELPS k BH ADS'l HE T i nEALEii in 

j Quite a number of lew advcr- 1 n^iALERs ix ; G e n er al MercliaiidisG 

ti.venicuts and a iarjjc amount of r 'i J l\ 

oorrespumlence is crawled out this Flll'Oltlire RlKl UiaiieiieS, 

week. We will however, have 421 & 423 Nicollet Ave. _ .- , „. , 

11 . ■ lilt' ' prices wenljifraako a specialty ol iluo 

u:xu::i:;^:rw;ut:ii prci:;:; z^^i}}^^^^^^ specialty, proaac^ak^ .^^^^ 

: tention to them. ^^ ^^ VQAHfi^H. ! ''^ ""^ 

2^ Born a baby daughter to TiTJTirRTATr^P ' I^AKE HOrSE, FANCY STRAIGHT. 

our ohl friend Fredinajid ileid, of \JSiUikRlAJMiiri, 9 

L.ketown. on Wednesday, Nov. anddeahrin 

ir^^rizos to Suit thc Tiraes. Call and Bzamine Icfort 
piirchaiiing Elsewhere. 

Harness Store and shop 



Jolin Dels. 

•jyth lH8i>. The Hbrai I) office ex- FURNITURE & UPHOLSTERY. 

tends Mr. F. its hearts COno^ratp.i T'l<'yrraph Orlers for Coffii 
, ,. •' ""oKiii. u ikIoiI to by day or night. 

■ I'll hrt'tkin'i Roomn: F 
\ IM S. WashinxtoB Ave. 

A. F. Si HI ETZ, 

Waco.via, JIinx. 

alway.4 ots hand. 



1 hue con-it^nllv on liand a larpo sncl varied stock ofdntilde and .•.in^l.' Hat net's 


n..s prouipily at- \ n. Lost a.-c<,n.»,odati!J»rf,.r Trsv,.Ur,, Pi,I. \ Cily orders for flouror feo.l left .it the mill ' .^^''j'''' "■""''*'• '^'""l^'^-tS' '^''is-'?- AM linds cf ridin? saddle.*. Iiarnrss oil. plaster- 
_^ : log P»rtii'» and l'le;i.. re ."^t-i kcr... Tbc liutcl is ' oral tlicdni;( store will be proinjttly filled. '"S "^'''t ^'^•^ and all other goods in our line, which will be sold at bottom prices for 
» Ni'wIliVAvc i ?'!!!'V/'.7""'/" !''" ^""'*'"' t-lrarwatcr ' and deliver, d freeof charge. j cahh. repairing done to order 00 short notice. Give me a csll and cxi.minc it. 

collc,A>.. uk..MabI.audwatcrou.iic,,cu..e.. ; iJ. L. C-\MJ>BELL. Propr. ; MICHAEL IlAMMEf. 

I t 


I ' 



> ,< 



'7"^AHO r^f' 





• • 

— — » 



^•m^tmrnm-m, li >i ■ ■■ JL. ; 









-f^imimrn. i .<i"V.liJ JLkOw^wfep 


WeeKIp "VallEy JUEfald 

Vol. X2I.-N0. 6. 


Ca^ssA, JI[»i:t., Thursday, 

14, 1882. 



WfiOLE Ko. it46. 



& 1 



-i" i'S' -p- ''" 








The u.,dergig„e.f h..« conM«„tl.v on Imno h 
'Ull lln. of furnitur.. au.l u„.l u„.i. ,.| fc..-. 

Eaeh department filled to its atinost capacity with 



■wr:; ^-ji:-' 




For 1 iiNpi ctioii and .Sale at 



kavsfor sale in tboir elevator 

Bnm, Mioits, Oats, Corn. 

Also pure Scotcli F Te Stn-ii Wlieat. 


J G 


' 1 « pr 

vtry f. r> -rwi.n!-»i, ?f: u t •< .rtll- r-* 


OV ^ 



J Tr. 1: n Z. i . 


The larjrest stork of 

Cliristiiias Presents, 
Birthday Presents, 
Wedding Presents, 
Presents for tlie Million 

Our Asortflient is flreai, 0:ii' SIo'K h liiiirdi!;?, 

Anions Ihe si,rol„Iiics arc All,n,„s. ai,,l A.i(„f raph Allmms. 
FIoBfr Vases, alarseassorhiipiit <>r Tdilot Arlicli's. 

^ I... .ri .<iiit:L .truci;-'s. 

IM ^ I ij M\ •'*'«^»'»«-«^os >vi(h a lirzf. invoice of Roll Plato Jpwclrj;. 

Decorated China and Glass ^Varc. 

Tiolins, Acordeons &c. 

"" ''E^U^iJ^S'f;:^.;;:;.^:'''"--* ^^^^"^^ ""^ ^^"^ Book., both 

All kinds and sizes of Ladles* Satchels and Trarellng Valises 
BeaullfnIGold Peus and Ink Stands. 
Perfumeries, Scrap Books, Writing Desks of all sizes. 
Scrap Patterns, Children's Sleighs and Doll Carriages. 
A nice lot of Wax Dolls. Also all kind<» of Childreas Tcj 

EMiEii & ilANSKX, 

Car pen rs 



W« iviJi t.-.k. contracts for all kindM ot 
bail lingti, . i<d ft.arantoe Jow prices and 
first w«>rk. . We aiu i lao prepurcd to 
furn.^'h II k-i.ds • f byildioi; m: teri.l. 

PI DB nd KpecihcatiofH furni<ihcd <»n de 
DiuDd. t'^ W» also ure yrepi r<d to snp 
ply builder with dooiR. na^b : nd I liiidii 
Knoku 6^ Uax.-kn. 

Livejy Stable, 


— -0- 

Wili au., Mil. H.J u, Au«:l.».i.» in 
" of tb. t OI.I.I,. ., R.a^oMbU 


Chaska, Minn, 
ly Office at WaKliiiigion lleltl. 

Special Attention is called to my larpe Assortment of 




A vahialle present will be given to everypersoii 
wlio buys one dollars worth of Goods 


— :0:- 
ThlaBBw hotel will be o,.*« for ao«ow 
odutioB of travelera «»■. 

HKPlEMHKIi, I. 188a. 
jd i« «tauted uearij op,.o«it. the C4.ut» 

>% 11 

(iPiees Mllvdo[l^lv Low, h\ tliia'llv \\ of lie M 

. . < ome une, rome all, and convlr.ce yoin^eliof the ,reat bargains on'ered to ,ou. 

We assure yoy Satisfaction, ^^'•^ Respectfmiy, 

Linenfelser & Paber. 

Notice to Saloon Keepers. 

All vendors In npiritunus. rlnnufi or malt 
liqMor<i Mro horeby n<>til1«-d iint tn %c\\ or giv< 
lA I'etpr Schiitrop, in any ghHiititii'ft whatever, 
any xpiritinuM, rinnu't or uihU U<iu<ir<i an he U 
atih.' <trunk:ir<l, ami any violHtioaui 
this 'ril( r Hill bf prtisrcuii"! to the full e.x- 
tnntnf thf* law. 

Cbanhas«on,Julyr«t !««?. SCHlTKOr. 

Billiard Hall 


Samelsa White 


We would nsppit fully inTirm lhi» puh- _ w.r., — ~»„. 

lie I hut we liavi! latily <.|iin»d a flr»t 1 '^***''°Kl*:Wi<gonapn haod of my 0WBm»k» 

class saloon hikI btilinid h«ll, and cons i '**''*='• ^ ^"^^^ "«" «"* «•>»«? M the oheapMt 

cmslMiilly kio,. ..•• band a l.rtre M..cU ol "^""^^""^ ^° »»« ^^t claaain every rMp««t. 

choce win..M. Iiq., and cigars. The , Y"* •'«« -«r«»t '<>' the oeIekr«te4 Cert- 

b..s, „rWr alw.vs on I.,.. Wc also CV'r. ^'*';'^ T'''^"" ^PriMg Buggj 

S.II «b..k.v ..v.beB.ll..„.t the very i";' '^^ ^''"'•f ^•••/'''-"y "•• whUh I wti. 

lowest poKHiltle azures m^m, ^..^ . ..... 

»3v tthopaboTC Bonhei'aAaloon 
SAM KI,S d; WHITE. 1 »»"»«i • na.oon. 





CllASKA. : ; j„jjj^ 



Also Agent for the Cortland. New Tork 
'I have a aupply of Lumber Waf oas. 


A. 1. and F. E. 1» l TOIT, 

Editors an.l Publishers. 

eOL'NTl OITK.'Ki:?-. 

TV«hM« rex— Pater W«Higa. 

Auditor L. SirenUcBS. 

Beslatttr 4*f I><a>ln T. QtUstnr. 

•fc«riff-K. I-:. On Twit. 

dark af Wuurf -U. KrarenbubJ. 

AWorney-W. C. Oaell. ! 

••rrayor-^. (>. Bruuius. 

J»4ceof I*r«but«-.lull.j4 ScbaJi'4-. 

Sahaal Buponnfati'Jent I*. A. K. Vrwvon*. 

Oor««er- W. 1". fusb. 

#swrtC«iaD:i»«lo;inr -J. Aak^rmaa. i 

OMiOty C<>aiQiJ:«»i"iier»- lloM. Pniteraon. 
Gliairtitan. (is... Ki'^trr, B '•'. ttji-Ti^mn. II. 
Pawlaou ar4.J.f- t''l '-r.- ••■ 


Oh: swiit vvt; gu over th.' tieccy 

Our lu.iilijints an- cloin^- n I:uul 
oiHce business. 

A few nioi>! accordions jit the 

Gottlieb Eder. 

ilrug hti nj will lie .soM at e .st. 

(im }> 

■<u-k ri:! 


H vcr 

;i.'. 1 tlie Jiigluiit jirit.^- }»Hi.i. 

Minipr to K.aii on ruA e^tato 
F;ir!u.'r"s l?,iMk. 

Rcail tlie (U'luiiins oj' th,. ilFiiAi.n want to Ip-.r a fir f «t i i 

:in(1 call on these who a.lvcr i.«e '•fr-.v.-l" ;. .f .♦ • . ^i'"««Jn 
4-... II 1-1 . '■'"'- rr,i\ei .step i j at his .«5tore 

tor V. iir 11. Ii.l IV I nvoiifs-. wher.. I... I . . i. • i"r»-. 

, •' ^'^'"I'l"' l-'iaan en.Hoss T.iriotv of; 

M,ke,.ahlrr. will run lh« s:,w rveryll.inn. „,,r„,^ ^„,, ,,,„;^- . 

null this w.nt.r. He h.s issue.l ''"sino.s.s with pleasnrc. He brou4l ! 

hinifl bills infornium the farnie:-.s homo a vari.'tv of beautiful fruit ' 

ofthii^ virinityofthe fact an.l we the tinost wc have seen fiuce we! 

oxiect tlr.t he will have ull l;o can lived east. 


Uinsiut, - Minn. 

Th. .'M V . r~ _ ^INES, IQUORS and CIOAB& 

The "Morchftnta" i» now prepnrrd for ^ 

bnKiacKs If you want a square nie..l, and CHASKA, - . MI.VX. 

a oloan bed atop with me.aecood door£ant ^'^ ' baveopono.! out a splendid Mo«>k^ o» 
of "Horald Block. '* , Kontucky WblKky. wbKh I will retaU bjt tb* 

ffaUuD, at whttle^aie prtcea. 



Waconiu Mill. 

:it i it t\ill be .seen from cur advtr- 
I ti.siiig eolumiiH that .Mieha. 1 Zahl- 

f'T yoiir *'''• i'* ready to .saw all Ioj^h bron^rht 

(Jo t'.U. A. ir.":iKv'« 
rhrstmas treex. j to his mil! _. ... 

TIm' Tatholics aiul Liithnans are j ''*''*^ ''"^^ h\\\U in the connty. 
niakiiii,' i rt-par.itiou.'* for u jjranil i ''"^''-* "'^ '^""P* ''"* ''""t "' 

I ers ofthut vicinity will 



<(iat-- !v'S» 

Ht li \i.i> at *l.rn» \>'y .vt-ar 
tliMn >i (■••lit-* I er rveok. 


On*<i:h^hskn >;iy tJu'.t li; 
take only two ilay« adjiiiriiiiunt 
during tL« holidays 
and New V«ar'» 
^Ifj'tiou ttuight thrm 

UHtuias rt'lfin-atioii. 
•V LTeat rush is bein-; made at 
Mix"., dnii: sf«:n' for Christmas 
Ui" ds. as !ir iias a laijre iiiiti fine a.- 
si rf men t to of, Utore the 
lloi;dav5. ifo^anl!,'ss of cost. 
Oiif !■; rrl ant-. a;ji-e(' t,. 
pay the 

As he has «»ne of th< 
ihat the farm- 
give him 


all the w<irk he can do in this line 
I He »i!so ol;ors imiroved 

Roller Hour mill f i r sale or rent on 
I fa\orablo terms. This is a ijood 

oi)port unity for Ji practical miller 
j of makini;: a good b.irgain. It is 

one of the best p<iint in the State 

for a mill and it should not lie idle 

rforwood Items. 

Christmas :ter and pay the hij,die.^t market 
day. The last ' ,,rir.', but n hen b.itter, j utatoes ! j.' " " 7''" 
sornethiiicr. ■ joi'l l:<id aro iu<'.\t.i together they i '' ^1 
■ — - -■ ■ ' ' : positirelv object. 

*^ ' The sun^nse party, on tie eve 

Th« t a. to^ of 1S>i2 are 1'u\t d';.- . niiiij of Thank.stfivin-r « i^ not Ws of .-^uo^r. 
and payable at the county tieas- ^ much of a surprise as it would hnve i Bu.siues.s U rcrv good. 
urf»r'iotilc-. No dee.N -an be re- been if the suri risi'd had a. t been | Norwood is 'uudoubtedK" the 

advis-d of the <..r:.nse. W- w .ra't I place to buy cheai. g«'ods this win- 

are paid, rersona. taxes me.sw-e there. t..-. Our merchants have the 

betore h«b.lst, ora IVad the adverti.semei.t ol (i. A. I lar^ and select .slock ct 

■nt will attach , Heinecke in this is.s«e of ti..- Hkk- | i< West of the cities hence om 

hould ; .vi.i). H.. has a bior lot of tlirut- j good trade. We can stand two or 

mas^^oods which h^- u .sellinir at | three Railroads and still flourish 

Call and see his i like a "green bav tree." 

corded hereafter, 

paid. iVrsonal taxes must 
paid on or 
jienalty of .'> per ee 
after that date. Tax payers si 
lM?ar thii in mind. 

th«* rig 

for th>" new •"iuf 
carried uuaiuinously 
The cuunoil 

I bf 


if found 
~ will be reruired \t 

may be sutlicieut with next 

bottom prices. ^.aii and s-.e 

I confectioaaries. i , , c i ■ i . 

!• 1 .1 1 ,. ,,, • losoph behaldeck, is jubi ant 

i\<-ud the adv. rtisea.ent of M ss ^i i l i- j « .fii.ui. 

I. ^ v, , '^ '"'"•^: over the advent ot a vcuiig .son. 

,1 A Nh., .aauutherculumn. Sne^Th,,.ksJoe, IW the "ciga;, wc 
^ K au experu need dressmaker and [ ,vish von success. 

liave i ^"'J"'^' ''«-' l'*»ti-^'iu;red br the ladies • w :, , . .• , ,. , , 

' ' »»' Mail leaving >orwood for Cha.ska 

( arrives there a week after beiuf' f..r Mi.^ i, ,^* * * ,' ' • ■ i 

.Mr. r.„„ h„.ll ,,„. closcl ,h. ,„iil ,„„ted here, » longer time Iha, X \ tj W.I^Vhed .o'' h,"' """''T '' 

..",-nu., >W ..wners ,l,at it , c„..„„,e,li„ reaching the o.,r.^\,:Z:!::^:;^:^;^ "'" "'"i 

Bond Election 

The proposition to vote 
for supplies & 

last Tuesday, i he cuunoii nave;- — — i-vivi.. ,-,:-« ut 

ht to issue sr>.iXJi>, in bonds! ^»^' ^^'•'^■^iiia and vicinity. 
ieces.«ary to fully e'[!)!i ;!,< ' ^'-- " • "< 
Only :.i-i.l :;l"'"' 

.;MI ti..:t 

CJiarley .Miller, in (he butcher' 
«ho makes the "bristles fly" in' 
llieso parts, and the old frft .swine 1 
are .syin^r g„e,} ]jy^ ^^ ^jj^j^ children, 
.'ind the young on.-s ar» trying to 
aiiagine what is the mntter with 
the old folks. 

Our County School Supt., Mr. 
Vrcyens visited our .school last 
week, and spent the night at Au- 
gusta. .Mr. V'reyens steps into the 
sclwfd room with the air of an dd 
and exi erieneed selio«d feicher, 
whicheis. We always like to see 

Wood and wheat are cmiing in 
quite f'cely at the .station. A con- 
tract for 2Ch) ,ords of maple wood, 
for use at the C(»urt House m .Min- 
en|>olis is being filled from this 

AVe notiee that the V. S. mail 
sacks occupies a conspicious place 
>ide of th.- truck, of the ]{* {) cut 
off, otca.siunally, it shows carele.-s- 
ness on the part of scuiie one, and 
honesty on the part of the dwellers 
of this conunuuity. 

W have a dcbaiiug s«Ki<ty in 
full blast, politics have wciipied 
our attention thus far, but at our 
last meeting, wo were informe<l, by 
our Washington correspondent 
that the County had gone republi- 
without a doubt, and all the cau- 
• • and conventions packet for 
for the next two years, therefore t 

This is no Annual Clearing Out Sale ! 

To rope in the unwary, or to get rid of old, shelf-worn goods 

but I intend to 

»►•» ' 



ft kmn ti) 

Finest Dress Goods 

ttprkifs license money. 




A Pensylvania distiller tias in 
vented a now form of condensed 
^key. The pr( duct i* in inch 

wouldu t i.ay. We understand I Suthern Stat 

th.t Mr. C., hasbeen negotiating | thus." It is exhilarating to 

tor a iK.sition elsewhere, and hav- j news two or three weckJold 

ing secured it makes this move i \v... c i • *v i >■ ■• t 

». i. , ,, 1 .1 mow., Um Schimlnias sold us house 

Mr. Campbell has the goo w 11 \„j i i .., w. i i !■ --- 

p f^.ii ami lot to Um achneider tor ^•GT.j. 



ahape that a man tan carry it a- 

^^ round in his vest pcckct. as ea>y as 

* toV)aeeo, and a drink oi ohl rye is 

at hand any time when there is a 

little water av.iils.ble to dissolve it 

The prohibitionists say that 


in. rne proniotuonisi.-) say 

thi«i is the moft dangerous enemy predict a big crowd and a <rood 


to their eanse that hris yet appeared. • time. 

and .sympathy of onr citizens wost 
of whom lay his failuie to a c.tuse, 
over whieh, he has no contr d. 

Henry Lukan has ])osters .>ut foi 
a gran i New Ye'ar liall .iau i..-; 
1S83. Tickets oiily iio cei'« 

supper extra. Uia d mu. m ...,-.. .. 

been engaged for the occa.sioa. We ports every! hii 

condition m and 

ii-i • XI • I , '' '"«iiu nave a 

Why ,8 tins I tendency cowards agriculture &c. ^ 


Confectionery Store and 


Henry Etzcll, of Co. "H" J.»th ! 

Regt. has received back pension and '. i 

mounting to r2.m), j by G^ A. Heineke, ! 

•Aj;g.-.,itc -. ' WAtONfA. Mr:N. i 

.tvii'i.iV V. ceK. he ro- 



1.1.., ai.d C..n-t.|U!^ k.ei. 0.. |.„,„| , 1..,^,, 

honje of thiri.v years ago; if 

llour.diincr . t ■ . •- ; • 

"Kpt.M-K ..I .......l... ,...„. r...,. I., ..l....Kes.«.| 

old . cracl«er>, o.l.atcos nii.i cigars. pipf.s Ac. I 


roil ' »''""'^" »l wtl hours of the day. 

Do not be misled, 



go to the Cash Sale of 












aTiL a p. E. DUTOIT. Publishers. 




ErESTS ty wAfiiiiyGToy. 

For the puri)0!»e of bearing and a>Hing up- 
on the report of the subcmmittt'e of the na- 
tion il republican CO'iimtttee, appointed to 
rejorta hasia f. r calling the next national 
convention an 1 the plan of representations, 
for the tr;.r3a(;tion oi any other b.isin.^!, a 
meet ng t f the republican national fomniit- 
tee will ba held at the Ariingt.n hotel, Wasb- 
Inftton. at 11 o'clock a. m., WeJnesday, Jan. 
17. 1883. 

It is understood that Senator Hale of 
Maine has withdrawn his objection to the 
IncoriKjration of a clause in relation to Yank- 
ton .ounty's indebtedness in the Dakota ad- 
minion bill. He is sjid to he i^J»y"\°l 
l«:i>lation siu ilar to that proposed in tue 
men...rialprewnteito^the two houses of 
conKre>s in behalf of Yankton county. 

The department has issued a circular to 
butter and cheese producers requesting them 

granite and sappoied to be in good c* ndi- 

At 10 o'clock Friday night, near Ply- 
month, Ky., a south bound passenger rain 
on the Kentucky Central railroad, col ided 
with a north hound local freight. l-Q- 
gineer Ben Early and Fireman WiU»am 
Gray of the pasaenger train were klUea 

Oyer 6.000 school children are ill m 
Alhanv N Y., with croup and diphtlena. 
Olh«^infanTile diseasea^re making sad 
havoc among little ones. 

Chariton, lewa, has just suffered a J22,- 
000 fire. 


The Georgia legislature has just deci iued 
a rift ol $50,000 tende.ed the State uni> ersi- 
ty at Athens, by Senator James E. Br )wn. 
ofOeorgia. The legislature declared that 
the conditions would create a "Brown ans- 
ticracy" in Oe^.rgia. Theee condiUons uiade 
theKiftafund for edueating poor y .ung 
meii. They provided that young luen 
might be nominated to the beneflcian fl of 
the lund by the sons ef Senator Brown who 
are also to have a share in the coi trol. 
Each of the beneficiaries was to giv. hU 
note for a fixed sum, to be repaid whe i he 
was established in business. Senator B own 
wa. asked to-day if he proposed to r ;new 
his offer in any shape. Ut- said he did not, 




to Klve information as to the amount pro- ^ut he would certainly makethe gift t » the 

duced. how muih milk it required to pro- 
duce i became, and how many cows fur- 
nishetl :be milk and the value of the butter 
and cheeao produced. 

The ficcreiary of the treasury estimates 
tliat the xurplus ol the year will be $120,- 
0«« 000 of whifth $44,000,000 must be n»e<l 
for the sinking fund, leaving $76,000,600 to 
be used in redeeming other bonds and in 
carrviiig on the great work of paying the 
national debt. 

Indian Inspector Pollock haa been rein- 
stated after all. He is either a valuable man 
or ha^ some information <>f value co Com- 
n'is^ioner PrJie. Pe haps it is in the matter 
of bfei conirocis, where th^re appears to be 
a lamentable lack of valuable information. 

The honse committee on postofBces and 
roads has adr.pttd the report of Chairman 
liiiiishwm in fiv.«r of the fa^tsage ofReire- 
seritative Anderson's (Kansas) bill reducing 
letter i'')-t»ige to2 cenis per half ounce, to 
t^keefftfci Jul'. 1 18M. 

Tiie P"toniac is froz n solid from Anolas- 
kan )slar;d to Little Falls, unp>eccdeute<l 
within the memory ot the oldest river men. 

Mc>«f of the w stern members of thehnu^e 
favor a reduction of letter postage :o 2 cents. 

Theh->u;e postal committee will refiort in 
Tor of 2 cent ptistage. 


From partitw just In from Bozeman it is 
leanitd that tlie track layers on the North- 
em Pacitic arrived at Livingston on Tues- 
day, but tarrie^i not. They at once begin 
*he toilionse ascent of tlie belt range of the 
liot-ky mountains. Theconraclors declare 
tiiat they have orders froju the comjjopy to 
cel'-bra'e liientw year in Boseruau at what- 
e\eT cost. 

Settlers on the line of the Larimore exten- 
sion of the Manitoba, from Larimore to 
Buriett, are anxious to have the road oper- 
ated at much as possible during the winter, 
ami as an Hccoiiuuodation the manag>^'meut 
will probably send out three trains {jer 

Maj. Rogers, chief engineer of the Cana- 
dia-i Pacifio, reports that he has found a 
route to the Pacific which will require no 
ttinnding and will be lower in altitude than 
any of the American lines. 

The positive announcement is made that 
the C' ntral Iowa hai secured the absolute 
ownership of the Peoria & Farmington rail- 
road, now almost complete from Peoria to 

The St. Cloud * Hinckly branch of the 
St. Paul, Minnea[K.>lis <& Manitoba will be 
open for business ehurtly. 


Belle Plaine Herald: We le arn as we go 
to press, that a most borrible tragedy oc- 
curred at Montgomery, Le Saeur coun ty. 
on Saturday last, by wh ch a youi>g man 
named Moriarty met with a most frightful 
death, the head being near y severed Irom 
his body by an ax. Fr»ra all the infor- 
mation at present available it appears the 
sher ff of Lc Sueur county attempted to ar- 
rest Mori rty, and wa.t shot by the latter 
with a revolver, the ball penetrating the 
shouhler. Moriarty then !>tarted to run and 
the sheriff in pursuit who called upon a 
fiwe<ie or Bohemian, who wa3 chopping 
wood, fii Mrike Moriarty, Wihich the latter 
dnl, using the poll yf the ax. While the 
wounded man l«»y on the ground, stunned 
by the blow, the Swede, at lh.j request of 
the rrque^t of the sheriff, used the edge of 
the ax and nearly severed the head from 
the trunk. It seems strange that any per- 
son, even at Iho desire of a sheriff, should 
should CQnwtllute himself such a butcher, 
and it is equally strange how any sberiiS' 
should make such a request. 

Advices from Baldwin, Mis*., gives a da- 
tailed account of the killing of ex-S{>eaker 
Tison. Domestic trouble in tne fimily of 
Col. Tison 's brother cnlminated in an attack 
on Ed Saunders, a merchant, by the two 
Ti.«oii8 and a rO] ot each, which resulted in 
Saimders bt-ing badly beaten. During hia 
cv>nfinenieni he was repeatedly inforttseil 
that Tol. Tison had threatened to kill him. 
O^'Ug out for theflryt time Monday, he car- 
rifd his shot giin and shot Tison on sight, 
killing him iusranily Tison had a pistol on 
bis person when killed. 

"Detective" Bowland on the wing In Ne- 
braska has arrested a man numed Hamilton 
near Lincoln, as the abductor of Miss 
Henecke of Milwaukee, a id seeks to es- 
tablish the identity of his man by declar- 
ing that he mapped ont the route that the 
abductor was to take for $600, and has 
uowarrested him for : he reward tliat was 
«f «*^ for his apprehension. Bowland is 
* amt of a doubU-back action bnaintss 
man, «nd, a.i a lawyer, would take • fct 
from each bide ar.d sell out both. 

At Little Rock, Ark., eleven convicts at 
work on the penitentiary .ttacked and dis- 
armed the guar J and escai-eii. They were 
pursoeii witli bloodhounds, but killed three 
oi them, and i.ight coning on the pursuit 
w«» abandii.itd. The most noted criminal 
of the lot i" Monroe, of rincinnad. a tiafe 
blower, who was raptured in Memphis and 
convicte«l of blowing the safe ol Henry 
Peil of that city. 

Hong Ah Duck was executed at San Ra- 
E»el, Cal., Kriday. The murderer was ; n in- 
mate of the penitentiary and in October, 
18>J0, stabl)ed to death a fellow Chinese con- 
vict. Ah Mow. The condemned man he- 
havt-d with tlie utmost nonchalence on the 
scaffold, bidding those present good-by and 
promising in a jocular mauuer to return. 
Hianeck was broken by the fail. 

A atudent in the Chicago nniverslty Mon- 
day, had trouble with a fellow atudent. 
President Aaderaon of the university repri- 
maiided hin», and he replied with imperti- 
nence. Dr. Anderson undertook to remove 
him from the room, whtn he draw a revolver 
and tried to shoot the president. He waa 
disarmed, and the faculty subsequently ex- 
pelled him. 

Cambridge (Ohio) Special: William C. 
Fraxier, a school teacher of Cumberland, 
this countv, during an attempt to discipline 
pupiia to-day. became involved in a general 
tight, in the course of which he stabbwl and 
kille«i John Hays, a^ed twemy, and severely 
cut Charles Luce. Frazier gave uimself up 
and is in jail. 

Fred C. Fadner, an Ohio Joumaliat and 
lawyer, has l)«en s < ntenced to eleven years 
imprisonment, in New York, for uttering a 
forged divorce paper and committing biga- 
my. For some time he was editor of the 
• Good T'!mpl«r organ at Rome, N. Y. 

Eight American express raessengeia on 
the Konhweatern railway, out of nine on the 
line between Chicago and Winona, weredis- 
chaived Monday for "kn.toking down" way 
charges. The frauds have t)een going on 
three years. 

Charles L. Lamb, son of Dr. C. T. Lamb, 
a wealthy and highly respected citizen of 
Hannibal. Mo., while very drunk late Fri- 
day night killed a Mrs. Hall, with whom, it 
is said, he was formerly iatimale. 

Loveland, Ohio, is agitated over a donble 
scandal, two brothers being held for tnal 
for bastardy, the complainants being two 


The store of Nicols <ft Dean, corner of 
Third and Sibley streets, St. Paul, caught 
fire Wedntflday morning during the bliz- 
tard. The loese* of the firm and tenants, 
are wwimaMd at $160,000. Xhawaliaara 

college of some sUte on the same condi lions 
Rabbi Wechsler, of St. Paul, males a 
statement showing that he and the St. Paul 
socitty are in no way responsible for the 
h ipless condition of the Russian refug es in 
the Devil's Lake county. It is more a mis- 
fortune than a fault all around that ths ref- 
ugee* are suffering for the necessaries t fllfe. 
But the fact remains that unless some 'elief 
is afforded thew hapless {>eople, the; will 
not survive the hardships of the w inte in a 
new country without clothing or any .biug 
to eat. 

The long-oont^-sted salt for poweaalm of 
the Arlington esUte by the heirs of Gen. 
Lee has at la^t been decided by the L'nitcd 
States supreme court, in favor of the claim- 
anU; the United Statee not having a valid 
title It is a btrantre inheritance lo- the 
rebel general, this historic ground, pl mted 
thick with union 8oldi»TB who wei;e l.ijled 
by the rebels under his leadership. The 
hoirs are willing to sell the property to the 
government, and'a bill has been lutro-luwa 
in the senate to tnat end. 

Wedtie.«day'8 storm extended over ill of 
Minnesota, j>art of Wisconsin and pro lably 
all of Dakota. Railroad travel was deUyed, 
though not seriously; telegraphic com- 
munication interrupted, and a go-"'"! ^' ■! "^^ 
pers:nal discon.fort caused. Beyond this, 
no notable ill effects are reported. The 
thermometer m St. Paul fell to 8 belo^/ zero 
last night, and during the day sto >d at 
points farther north, at 7 to 14 below. 

Mr. 8. 8. Whiting, of Clitherall, Minn., 
giva* the particulars of the finding, hy his 
bov«, of what appears to be a stone lOusc 
built, to all appearances, 1,0<JO years ajto. of 
large stones well fitted together. The 'mild- 
ing is twelve feet long by eight feet wire, the 
sid.'s two feet perpendicular, then slant like 
a liouae roof to the height of eight leet at the 
gable ends, with two large flat atones that 
cover the top 

Mre. Hiiiling, of Montevideo, boujht a 
ticket at Hastings for Montevideo o i the 
4th iust., since which tinae she has no' been 
seen or hear.l from. She had two ch Idren 
with her visiting friends near Hastings. Her 
husband at Montevideo also has two chil- 
I dren at the point of death, and the double 
' anguish of Mr. Hailing is thus intensi.led. 
PoBtotflces discontinued: Brule City, 
Dak., mail to Chamberlain; Scott, R imsey 
county. Dak., mail to Swan. Postmasters 
commissioned: L. Osterbund, l>ta.e\, 
Minn.: W. P. Gray. Little Sauk, Minn.; W. 
R. Catlin, River Point, Minn.; John Mans- 
field, Mansfield, Dak. 

In the sale of securitiee of the State 8av 
ings bank in Chicago, a note of D. D. Spen 
cer, its absconding president, for $7.«,000, 
was knocked down to a ooimtrymen lor 

Koitucky congresemen are in a dih'mma. 
Carlisle and Blackbuia are both candidates 
for the speakership, and neither beiuK will- 
ing to withdraw Uiey f-ar the state will gel 

The Montreal boot and shoe manufiictures 
refusf to confer or compromise with the 
lastera. Five thousand people are out of 

The grand Jtoy of the First dis riot of 
Ogden, Utah, has heeu discharg(d. It 
found no indictments under the Kd nun ds 

Nebraska owns fi,682.e86 acres of land 
reserved for educational purpoaer, and 
holds notes for |l,5J9,31i) for propert ' sold. 

Nearly a million dollara have been ex- 
pended in local improvementa In St Paul 
by the railway! this seaaoa. 


At Paris water has reached the h<«rt of 
the city. Drains iu the low-lying q oarters 
are unable to find an ontlet, and the w^ster 
has risen to a level with the roads, [u the 
Rue del Universite the water is a foo' deep 
iu places. The cellars of the Weign 
office htdlding rtre flooded. The Vvtn 
Dame quarter is swarming with rats, driven 
out of sewers, and }>eople are suffering from 
the depredations. The water has invaded 
the chamt>er of deputies. 

The London Daily ifeWs unde 'stands 
Earl Derby will immediately enter tliecabi- 
net. No other chauge than made necessary 
thereby will occur at present, at a ly rate 
not before the meeting of parliament . It is 
thought there will probably be future 

Mr. Smalley, In his London cab e says: 
The president's message attracted si ght at- 
tention. The Euglish papers Vfhi;h no- 
ticed ij consider it coneiliating, priinethe 
proposed reduction of duty on iron, md ap- 
plaud Folger't proposals for stopi ing sil- 
ver cjinage. 

It Is understood that a high law officer 
will accompany Gen. Wood for the <>urpoae 
of arranging the judicature of affairs in 
Egypt. It is understood that Egypt will 
contribute £3.2<)0 monthly towa'd the 
expenses of the army of occupation. 

At Quebec, Grant's shoe factory, if a total 
loss, About 25) handt are thrown out of 
employment. Loss, $100,000; insarance, 

The numbar of agrarian outrages In Ire- 
land during November was eigh y-nine. 
This eontrasts favorably with previo is lists. 

A female Nihilist, lately banished to Si- 
beria, killed the governor of the terr .tory. 

Dr. Leopold Statu, a prominent a Ivecate 
of Jewish reform in tiermany Is deail. 


The will ol Gen. Dorrisa of St. Louis, 
which dispoaes of naarly $1,000,000, effectu- 
ally disinherits Russe] Brown, a grandson, 
who is now imprisoned on the en irge of 
mnrdering Mrs. Dorrisa. Hehadbien the 
favorite grandchild, and would havs been 
given $250,000. , 

On and after Jan, 1 1888, Norman W. 
Kittson will b« a partner in the S ;. Paul 
wholesale dry gooda house of Ai erbach. 
Finch <t Van Slyck. Mr. Kittson pats into 
the firm a capital ot $250,000, and will take 
the place of Mr. Calbertaon, who wi bdraws 
at the time specified. 

Henry Carey, the young Milwaukeein 
who disappeared about the same time and 
in the same direction of Ivj- St. Clair, de- 
nies that the wild Ivy twined about him in 
hia t'avels. He wants the public ji dgment 
suspended while ha prepares hia rindica- 

At Racine ooUege the Rev. Albert Z. Gray, 
formerly of New Yark, was instiJled as 
warden, being the fourth holder of that 
office. Four bishops of the PrHeetant 
Episcopal church took part in the nstalla- 
tion ceremonies. 

The engagement of Gen. Beanr^trd and 
Mrs. Commodore Vanderbilt is said to be 
announced. The long rumored m itch be- 
twean Chatter A. Arthiuand Crowley 
Is antboratively denied. 

Raar Admiral Nicholson will be («lieved 
of tba command of the European st itioiwin 
Mareh next by Commodore Baldwin Nich- 
olaoo will probably be retired In Ma^:h. 

]>r. Frank Hamilton, one ot Otrfield'a 
physicians, la severely ill at hfa ) lome in 
New York with bronchial bemorra^ e. His 
physicians are hopeful of his recov«i y . 

The Marquis of Lome and r>ar y have 
arrived from Victoria at Ban Frandco. 

The Country Agreeably Surprlaed 
by Propoeed Reductiona of Tax* 

The report of the tariff commission Bays 
that their theory had been to make a sym- 
metrical revision and reduction of the tar- 
iff, keeping in view the relation which each 
article en the list bore to every other. 
They had then made the rate aa low as it 
possibly could be witli a view to the suc- 
oesslul protection of American industries. 
It would be found upon a study of their 
recommendations that nothing In them • 
could be touched without injury to business 
interests aa a whole, while at tlie same time 
they had left a sutfiiient margin for the 
protection of the various manufacturing en- 
terprises which had heeu deveioped in this 
country and were at work iu competition 
with the skilled labor of ihu world. 

"There are some general features of the re- 
port which are praminent, such as the abo- 
lition almost entirely of compound duties 
and *he aduptioa of ^i>ecific rales iu {)Iace of 
a combination of both specific and ad valor- _ 
em. There has also t>een a sweeping: ' 
chance made by the abolition of ail tecs, 
charges and commisjions, which upon 
some classes of goods will be equivalent to 
a reduction of the tarilT rate. This is^pe:- 
lally true of pottery and other bulky artl- 

The tariff on Bessemer steel rails has bcei. 
reduced from $28 to $18 a ton, and on 
blooius it is put down to i of cent a pound. 
The duty ou raw wool lias been ma<le s}>eci- 
flc instead of compound as before, and has 
been slightly reduced. The commission 
recommeads that ou first-class clothing 
wools, such aa are commonly sheared in 
the weat the duty be 10 cents a pound on 
those valued at less than 30 cents and iv 
cents a nojnd on thus valued at over 30 
cents. It is the same on wools of the sec 
ond class known aa combings. The exist- 
ing tariff, which is compound, is tqmva 
lent to about I'Ji oenta a pound on an aver- 
age for such wools as are produced by th< 
weetem growers. The recommend. d tariff 
will only be atx>ut 2i ceutji leas. This h 
on unwashed wogl. Ou washed it la about 
twice aa much. On Bome\voolen goods the 
compound duties are retained, but upon 
lower grade9_there is recommended a verj 
hu-ge reduction of the tariif. The tariff ot: 
the lower "rades of woolen blankets is re- 
duced about 60 per cent. 

There is a reduction of about 16 per cent 
on carpets. The tariff on ready-midc 
clothing is cut down about oue-iourth. 
The free list is given a far wider bcopc 
than ever before aiid is headtd by woo<i 
pulo. Spices and all green fruits exc<.'t.i 
oranges, lemons an. I graphs are also on the 
free fist. The dye extracts and crude chem- 
icals used in the m^uuiaclure of me-Jicinei 
are on the free li^-t as i>« uuinine. A sin 
gle copy of any foreign pubtina^on, book, 
pamphlet or newspai>er is recoi-s aended to 
coHie iu free of duty in order ujtt articles 
of this kind may be sent from abroa<l 
tlirougb the maib». There Is a re<luclion o 
23 per cent, on printing paper. The cotton 
achedule has been changed from A to I. 
and has been very much conden.sed. 

There is a reduction of pl»out 30 per cent 
on cottons with all compound tari^ aboi 

There is a new schedule on sugars and » 
revolution In the method oi levying 
the tarifl is recommended. The commis- 
sion recommends that all sugsrs which 
are known as below trade thirteen be 
Cut able according to the polariscope test, 
abolishing the l3utch standard. Abuv*' 
this grade the coniniise>ion recommends 
the retention of the Dutch Standard i-ystem 
The effect of the rccommeiidation wouM 
be a considerable re.mctiou of the liutv. 
On oranges, lemons and grape?, the only 
dutiable fruits under the proiH)sed revision, 
there is simply a specific duty of so much 
pet box. The duty on all medical prepa- 
rations is reduceti from 40 to 25 oer cent 
ad valorem. The ad valorem duty on 
iron ore ia abolished, owiug to the varia- 
tion of values, and a specific duty of 60 
per cent a ton, which amounts to about 5 
per cent, reduction, is recommended. 
Analene dyes are now paying over 100 i>cr 
cent, and the commission recommends 
that they shall pay 40 per cent. duty. Ou 
salt there is a reduction recommended oii 
the article which comes in sacks and bar- 
rels of froai 12 cents i>er 100, the jires^n 
dnty, to 10 cents per 100, an«l upon salt ii>i 
bulk from Scents per 100 to 6 cents per 100 
Dutiea on tobacco are removed, and ih. 
duty on cigars, cigarette?, etc., are made $'■'■ 
a poimd. There is no change recommcnd< <* 
in the duty on lumber and none on graiii 
The duty on fire crackers and playing curd 
is raised from SO |>er cent, ad valorem to in*) 
per cent, ad valorem. The tariff on all sill: 

?;ood« has been very heavily i educed. Ta*-. 
ng the recommendation as a whole, tl:< 
revision will involve a reducticn on tb< 
part of the tariff list, ranging in all import 
ant features from 20 to 50 per cent.. T.'i 
only notable exception is in the ca^e of t! ■ 
pottery industry, which the 
found it was iniposshle to reduce withon 
ruining the biuiueita of American manufao 


Schedule D— Woods: There lave been 
no changes in this schedule. Sag ir It ia 
recommended that the polariacope test be 
adopte(\, aud an average decrease ot about 
15 per rent, be made. 

Schedule F— Tobacco: There have been 
no clanafli in this schedule, except the 
abolition of compound dutirs aud the sab- 
Btitiition of specific duties. 

Schedule G — Provisions: As tha duties 
on this schedule are fery low few recom- 
mendations of decreflse have bten made. 
A slight deCre;\se has been m:idciri the duty 
on rice, and the rutes of the other items 
enumerated In this tcheiiule have been 
made more harmonious. The duties on 
dried fru'ts, mustard, a-ul several other 
minor art idea have been reduced. 

Schedule H— Liquors: Practically no 
cha:i>.'c^ have heeu made in ibis schedule, 
e.Tcept ing that the rebate of 6 per cent, al- 
lowed for brvakairee has been abolished aud 
the sche*Julc8 rearranged. 

Schedule I— Cottons; The new «cke<1ule 
will oi>orateto siini)lify the present tariff by 
the anolitionof all common duties, contra- 
dictory sections and ambigaous exprca^ioirf, 
and by the substitution of six divisions. It 
has been necessary in order, to make an ad- 
equae specific duty on the higher priced 
cloths, to make a distinction in the un- 
bleached goods at above 8 cents, bleached 
goods at above 10 cents, and on printed 
gootls above 15 Ofuts per square yard, and 
ou these goods an ad vahirem duty of 40 
(ler cent, is recommendeil instead of 4. Iu 
the section relatiupio cotton thread, yarn, 
warps or warp yanis there has ba,;n a geu 
eral reduction of 2-3 to 30 per cunt. 

Schedule K— Wool ai;d woolens: The 
reduction suggested is fully 20 per cent, and 
for the great buik of fabrics Irom 18 to 
40 per cent. Comparitivelv less re<iiict'ou 
is proposed on the finer, lighter aud more 
costly cloths. 

Schedule li— Silk: Specific duties have 
beeu substituted for an ad valorem 
wherever the former could be made to ap- 
ply. The duties recommended indicate a 
reduction of something more than 23 per 

Schcdale M— Papers and books: News- 
papers and periodicals have been made free 
ot duty and some otiier char>ges of H.inor 
importance made, and the duties reduced 
on an average fully 20 per ceut 

XUetdajf, Vee. 8. 

8»:»AT«.— Mr. Siiunders presented a mem- 
orial relative to t)ie admission of Dakota, 
and said in conn<c ion therewith that be 
would call npabiut Wednesday of next 
week, the bill for the admission of Dakota 
now on the calender, and remarked that all 
doubti which may have existed as to there 
being sufficient population to entitle the 
territory to admission as « state must be 
removed by the returns of the number of 
votes cast at the recent election. 

Mr. Deck offered a resolution settins forth 
ttie law a^-aiiibt leVvin^ p')htiaftl a^se»- 
nieni,s and instructing the judiciary com 
miti.c to invesitgate how much money was 
c-jllcctoil during; the preserit campaign, how 
it was spent ar:d whether there is anv sur- 
plus; also to ascrtam the number of per- 
sons dLjmi*sed from the public servic e since 
May, and how many of th>uu failed to con- 
tribute. The resolution requires the com- 
mittee to report before Ftbruary. 

Mr. Hill gave notice that he would call ap 
the resolution. 

After posiing the bill permitting retired 
army otlicers to hold official positions in 
te.'ritoritv>. the senate at 2 p. m. adjourned, 
as a mark of res[)ect to the late Representa- 
tives Updegr.vff and Lowe. 

Houas.— Alter reading the Journal the 
speaker f roceeded to call the committees 
for reports, and Mr. Kelley, from the ways 
and mean?, reported a bill to abolish the in- 
ternal revenue tax on tobacco, snoff, cigan 
and cigarettes. Referred to the committee 
of the whole, and the minority granted leave 
to file its views on the subject. 

Mr. Anderson, (Kan.), asiied that the bill 
be read, .wh< rtupon Mr. K.asson, in expla- 
uittior. stated that tne tax was taken off to- 
bacco in all forms, to take effect in July 
next, and that a small minority dissented 
from the provisions of the bill. 

A mevsivc from t'le senate announced the 
dcatli ot Senator Hill, and after touching re- 
marks by Mr. Ha'rmond, the house, as a 
murk of resptct to the memory of the de- 
ceased, at 1:30 adjouri.ed. 

Wtdnesday, Beo. 9, 

Sriats.— At the close of the morning hour 
Mr. Piatt called up his resolntion of yester 
day, asking the commissioner ot pensions to 
furnish information in reference to the pen- 
sion roll and probable eff'ict upon it of the 
passasje of the pending bill to increase the 
pension of persons who lost an arm or leg 
m the service, or are suffering from all disa- 
bility. After discussion and an amendment 
directing the com -.mission to furnish a com- 
plete list of persons borne on the rolls, the 
resolution wxi adopted. 

Mr. Sewell gave notice that he would call 
np, a* an early date, the bill for the relief of 
Fifz-John Porter. 

The following nominatiens were sent to 
the senate by the president: 

George E. Waring, Jr., Rhode Island, 
member of the national board of health. 

Indian i gents: William C. Connell, Ohio, 
Unatilla agency. Ore; M. Riordan, Arizona, 
Navajo agency, N. M.; John Clark, Mich., 
Color*do River agency, Ariz.; A. H. Jack- 
son, Nebrssk.4, Pima agency, Ariz. 

Brig-Gen. John Pope to be major-gen- 
eral; Col. Ronald 8. Mackenzie, Fourth cav- 
alry, to be brigadier-general; Maj. William 
A Rucker, paymaster, to be lieutenant-col- 
onel and deputy paymaster een- 
eral; Mai. George H. Elliot, corps of engi- 
neers, to oe lieutenant-colonel of^engineers; 
Commodore Earle English to be chief of the 
bureau of equipment and recruiting depart- 
ment of the navy; also a large number of 
army promotions. 

Henry H. Morgan, Lousiana, secretarv of 
legation of the United States, Mexico; John 
W. Gordon, California, register of the land 
office, Chasla; Frank G. Ward, California, 
receiver of public moneys at Susanville: 
James Luse, Indiana, register of the land 
office, Deadwood. 

Hocas.— Mr. Caswell offcre<l a resolution 
authorizing the committee on approprations 
to embody in the post office bill a clause 
reducing letter postage to 2 cent*. Adopted. 
Mr. Kelley oSered the usual resolution 
for the distribution of the president's mes- 
sage, an! the house proceeded in com- 
mittee of the whole to its consideration. Af- 
ter disciissin ; it the resolution wm adopted. 
Mr. Kasson prf's Rted thi views of the 
minority of the committee on ways aud 
means on the intenml revenue hill. They 
were ordered T)rinted, The minority report 
is signed by Kasson, Dunnell, McKinley, 
Haskell, Moirisou and Kussell. They say 
they are not prepared to recommend the en- 
tire abolition ol the tax nor run the risk of 
reilucing the revenue of the government be- 
low amounts which will evidently be re- 
quired to meet arrearapts of pension in ad- 
dition to other current expensis of the gov- 
ernment, tjy ex'ravaga'.t reduction of either 
source o' public rtvn ue. 

Dunnell and Haskeil tiled a supplemen- 
'•1 miiioritv reiHirt in which thev favor the 
at>oiition or an internal revenue taxes, ex- 
cept those on malt and spirituous liquors, 
tobacco, snuff and ci^jara. If it becomes 
apparent that the government does not 
rw|uire the entire amount derived from 
iqiiors and tobacco, the proposition for 
r 'lucing the tax luay be bivorably consid- 
er ud. 

or assessments from each other. 
section provides. 

No member or members elect of either 


emp._,- -- — ^ - r 

or bureau of either service, shall directly or 
indirectly solicit or receive or be in any 
manner concerned in soliciting or receiving 
any as.iessment,8ubscription or contribution, 
f(.r any political purpose whatever, from any 
i,ilicer or employe of the United States or 
from any person receiving any compensation 
from moneys derived from the treasury of the 
Unite! States. 

The sei ond proviiles thfA 

Any person violating this law shall be 
d<\:nie<l guilty of misdemeanor, and shall, 
on conviction, he punished by a fine not ex- 
ceeding $5,000, or imprisonment not exceed- 
ing; three years, or by such fine and im- 
prisonment both, in the discretion of the 

Mr. Pendleton then gave notice that as 
soon as f lie bankruptcy bill ia disposed of, 
he would move to ta'te up the civil servioe 

I'he bankruptcy bill and political assess- 
ments were discussed a jtood share o' the 
dar, the latter in a partisan way. The presl- 
dewt nominated Charles W. Wattins to be 
ollector ol interaal revenue in the Fourth 
district of Michigan: Henry Z. Osborne, re- 
ceiver of public moneys at Dodie, Cal., and 
the following register? of land offices: 
James H. Evans, Lake View, Oieg., Francis 
A'kinson, Helena, Mont., and Charles Alei- 
au<ler, Tusron, Ariz. 

Hocsa.— A resolution rei>orted from the 
commeroe committee, re<jue6ting the secre- 
tary of war to state whether tae money ap- 
propriated by the ia»t river and harbor blli 
was for objects not in the lntire.''t of com- 
merce and navigation, and, if so, to 
furnish speciticaiions, provoked an 
exciting discussion. Despite protests from 
Kasi^u au<l Ojx, the resuiUtiou was paaB«d. 
After this skirmish the house went into com- 
mutes of the whole en consular and diplo- 
matic bill. But little opiiosition was man- 
ifested and the bill went through with a rush. 

The house then adjourned. 
Jfcmday, V»e*mb*r It. 

BuTATa. — Bills were introduced to re-«»- 
tablish the court of Alabama claims and 
declaring forfeited the lands ol the Oregon 
Ceutral Railroad company. 

By a vote of 16 to 34 the senate reftued to 
indefinifely postpone the bankruptcy bill, 
and by 31 to 30 substituted for the judiciary 
comiuittee bill the "Lowell bill," iutrodnoed 
by Mr, Hoar. 

By a vote of 44 to IG the Pendleton eivU 
service reomi hill was taken up. Mr. Pen- 
dleton agreed to have the hill laid asida that 
the Fitz John Porter bill might be taken 
up, but Mr. Logan objected. 

The president sent the following nomina 
tions to the senatei John P. Baker, Illi- 
nois, to be major and paymaster; Chandler 
B. Watson, to be collector of customs ot the 
southern district of Oregon. 

Thelsenate in execution session ornflrroed 
a lar^e number of noniinations, includin|; 
Gen. Pope and Col. McKenzie to be maj. 
general and brigadier general respectively 
There was no contest. 

Hotmc. — Mr. Townshend offered a resolu- 
tion reciting that it is alleged certain exist- 
ing railway lines of transportation have en- 
tered Into combination for the purpose ot 
preventing the construction of comp..'tini7 
lines into territories and through statea, 
thereby establishing monoplies iu transpor- 
tation, and diiecting the committee ou com- 
merce to rei)ort without delay a Mil prohiu- 
Iting and piinishirg such combinaiion. 

^^r. Strait objected to present considera- 
tion aud it was referred to the committee on 

Bills and reeolntions were Introducod re 
Btricting the c/iinage of silver d Uais and 
iroposing a constitutional amendment 
providing for the election of pien: 
dent and members of congress. 
The latter fixes the term of president at six 
years aud makes the president ineligible for 
a second term; provides that he be elected 
by di.-ect vote of 'he people aiid that tlie 
term ol representatives in congress be tliree 
years in length. 


A Just Condemnation ofWaehtngtoa 

Judge Mylie, of the District Court, in his 
charge to a grand jury, a few days ago, se- 
verly reprehended phases of Washington 
Journalij>m represented by the nevi-spaix-vs 
of that city, and the special correspondents 
of outside newspapers. He said the newii- 
papers were constantly containing scanda- 
lous liliels on public men and on private 
character. That was a species ol offense that 
created more uuhappiness and misery in so- 
ciety, and indeed more injustice than any 
other form of crime. He rather suspected 
that waiters for periodical newspapers had 
amon<; others more than the naual 
proportions of liars. They were 
bad foi lying. The more sensational 
the lie was the more calculated it was to 
blast the peace of families, and the spicer 
it was, the more the paper would sell and 
newspaper men would laugh in deri>ion at 
anybody who undertook to talk of them 
seriously about the injustice of a thing of 
that kind. He knew there were men of in- 
tegrity and honesty connecteil with ne;\s- 
papers, who entert&iued and cherished ho:i- 
orable and chri.->tian sentiments, and thought 
on tlie whole there was au improvemei.t 
going on in that respect. If ttie public 
would cease to patroniztt such papers as ne 
allude*] to such low rice aud crime would 
soon die out. 


The disinbcritc:<^ datighter of Rev. D. 
Bdington Barr of St Louis, is engaged in 
au effort to secure f> 000.000 left by her 
father to the Episcopal societies of that city, 
allying that tbrough intemperate hatuts 
he was unfitted to make a will. 

Thnrtday, Ji*c 7. 

SK5ATB.— The bankruptcy bills were dis- 
cussed. The principal speech was made to- 
day by Judje Garland of Arkansas, who ii 
one of the best lawyers of the body. Th« 
oi:ly impoUaat amendment which was 
aiopted was one projxised by Senator Ve«t 
and acquisced in by In^'alla, after some dis- 
cussion, which prohibits a debtor from fil- 
ing a petition in bankruptcy nnless he 
has been a re^<i'lent in the district for six 
months immedia"'ly preceding the act. 
This is to orevent the commission of fraud 
by persons who, during a temporary aljsence 
from their residence, might hie a petition 
in bankruptcy and secure a discharge with- 
out an opportunity on the part of the cred- 
itors to uow their whereabouts or inten- 

Senator Hale offered a snbstltate (or 
Beck's resolution on civil service leform 
much more sweeping in its character. Ben- 
stor Edmanda suggested that the two leso- 
lutions (Beck's and Hale's) be printed and in- 
terlined, first a lineof one aud then of the 
other to be perfectly fair. Alter a lew 
words' on motion of Senator Harrison, the 
matter went over. 

Hoots.'— In committee of the whole the 
Indian appropriation bill waa onder discus- 
sion. The only new legislation in the bill 
provides for buying the supplies in open 
market whenever bidsjoffered under contract 
contained conditions detrinieutal to the in- 
terests of the governmeiit. The bill went 
through iwith the adoption of a few 
nnimportant amendments. Representa- 
tive liayne created a flurry hy calling up 
the bilI|providing for the cetsion by llie state 
of Pennsylvania ot the hospital buii<li!i5 
and grounds at Er'e, Pa., for use as a na- 
tional hospital lor indigent soldiers. De- 
feated by a large majority. Ttie 13ib of 
December was fixed as the time for opening 
tlie tariff disc u^i on. 

Friday , X>ee. 8. 

Sesat*.— The internal revenne bill was 
recommitted to the finance committee, hut 
not before Mr. Merrill had offered an 
amendment, .\Lich is substantially the tariS 
bill recommended by the tariff commission. 

The political assessment resolution and 
bankruptcy bdl were di:>cussod without final 

A bill was introduced in the senate by Mr. 
McMillan, of Minnesota, to restore to certain 
scouts and soldiers of the United St.ites army 
of the Sioux nation of Indians, the money 
and annuities belonging to them, confis a'ed 
to the United States for the relief of the per- 
sons for damages sustained by depredations 
of certain baud of Sioux. A similar bill was 
introduced in the senate in 18Td. 

A very irii]->ortant amendni''nt was made 
to the pending t>ati>cr-ii;t hill by di-clarim; 
that any broker or dealer who should se.i 
options for future delivery iu stocks, giain 
or other commodity could be thrown into 
bankruptcy, unless he possessed the projvr- 
tv at the time of the sale an*l was able to 
deliver it One of the senators said pri vatt- 
ly that they propose<l to close up the il>ck 
exchange in Wall street and the Chicaijo 
board of trade if it was neoes>ary in order lo 
stop this fraudulent corner .business on all 
thft leading conimodiLieti of the nation. 

Hocsa.— Mr. Burrows (Mich.), lh>m the 
oommittee <m appropriations, reported the 
consular and diplomatic bill. Referred to 
the committee of the whole. It appropriates 
$1,258,255, bdng $79,600 les." than the ap- 

Sropriation tor the current year, and $132,- 
>) leas than the estimates. 
Nearly the euiire day was occupied with 
r private bills. 


Sesate.— Mr. Hawley of Con., introdneed 
a bill, which wss refened to tbeoecunittee oo 

t i vU service r«form, to prevent officers of the 
United States from ooUeotina sobforiBttODS 


FliOtTR— Oootatlons: PatenU, SO-M-TB: deans, 
$5(d5.50;»traigUt.«,$5.25;ji5.75; common brand?, 
*4;^5: lubblJ, 25c extra. Bo'kwheat IJour. i'i 
per bbU Ry» floor. $4.25,&4.50 per bUL 
Oraham, $S!-r5.50 per bbl. 

Wheat— Otferingi faiilv liberal The a*mana 
waa liniltsJ and mltier »a>w. Biui eaaler In flciirr-t 
But few chanirei id qu'^/ra'iuria, tboQKb the feviing 
iatoward ease. 'J tia pr. babilitlea are that the in- 
teiistrly cold weather wiil las-a (aimera* daliveilKa 
In tb«c:aDtry, aod tbat mcelpu will decrease. If 
thia be the case, prices vM probably stiffen ap 
•oma. Trtterdajr a quotatioos: No. 1 bard. Otic 
bid. $1 atked; Jaouary rl F«bruary, $1 bid; May, 
«1.03Md; Na 1. fUc r.^i?a; No. 2 hard. IMe 
aslsed; Ma 'A 85e bid, MOc asked: No. 3. 70c 
bid. Bales: 2 carsby iu!.".:le.98c; 1 car Na 1 
by aumtile. t>4c. 

CoBN— Tbere was n U'l.e demand, bat the 
bnyer» were afraid to take hold, fearinc •' nrlcfS 
mipbt druD on thtm. 1 be receipta wer» u _, but 
wb oily In new crop. Prlc* a uLcbank'rd: Na Z. olit, 
(KXrbld; now. -ISo bid; Kaoaas co:u, COo asked; 
Iowa, noc asked. Bale: 1 car oew. 48c. 

Oath— Deioaod moderste, aud price* a »haile 
•aaier. Receipts fair; N ' -J mixed, .S4!4c bid, 35c 
askud; D«c«mb«r, SSHjc b d; May. 3Jt bid; Nc J 
mli«d, 34)^0 asked; No.:: white, 85c bid, ;iCHc 
aaked: No. 3 wbtte. 35c aisked. Bales: Si cars 
Na J) mixed, S&c: 1 car Na 3 mlx«d, S^Hic. 


FlOCB— There was the luual trade to-day, aod 
tbe n.anufactariDg (iepailn: :ni wa«f»lrlyeii)iloyed, 
thoui{U It waa rep"rie<l lliat froat ia iitiitdiDg 
prt>ifeiie to gome «• xfetit. The range waa given aa 
follows: Pateuta. $«>if 50; slralghta, SS.SOtfC; 
clears. *5'««ft.50: low gru », $2<Jt3 per bb!. 

MnxsTurr*— Bran wai y .oted at ^\).2!kS9.75', 
shorts, $10.»0vS 11.50. according to quality; 
in led f'>ed, $24u(V5 oo tr^ck; coarto com meal. 
i-U.oO&2i. . 

WB£AT— Tbe salee oi No. 1 bard were at 98(9 
90c. At the close §1 waa aaked an<l 98o bid. 
Samples were dull and very quli-t. Some con- 
jemne^ sold at 75€e^c by aarople: 9Uo was bid 
for Na 2 bard. Noa. 1, 2 and 3 w^rf l.audl»<l by 
sami>lr>, soma choice aelaoi; at 95o (or Na 1; No. 2 

bronifht from 85e 10 OOr. 

COUX— Qtiiut and oomi'iai a: 00c for Na 2: 45<9 
5&C fv-r reT<'cte<l by satti.le. 

Oats— 37c w»a bW for ii;: :ii the city or any part 
of : ,iom. Oo thin bid cars were : aold. The 
I bid was good at the clos*' «( chance. 

ltAai.ET— Dull al 40ui55c for Not. 3 and A, r«- 

HAY-^Joiot •* •fi"t6 5o pet ton. 

CEacAO0|MABX£T— Fh>ur. dull tod uiK'hao|ed. 
Wheat, In fur lirmat.d nt I w<?r rates: regular, 
94^"lM»8c; December, H-j:iii{947^o: Jannary, 
OftHiiJ'.tfl'j ;: February, .*1.0o^»(sH oo's: ilay and 
Na 'Z red winter. 041i >o»4'6c; No. 2 CbicaKO 
ei>rinjr. »1^m04»<c; No. 3 Ch:u>go sprlne. 77)5C, 
Corn, In eood d.raund lit l'Wi»r n,tea: 54''b>!S54c 
cash: rj4^'^r>4\c Deccuii't-r; 53S5?&35»c Janu- 
ary; 53»*c FeVruary:o'>»s M»V- Oatx. .-'.Totjg ar.d 
higher; 3G9«c cash: 3.5?iin N^'ee Dcx. ini er: 36>ic 
Januarv; r.SWo Februarj : :>:>^c May. Rye. ateaiiy 
and unchii!UMl. Bar'.ev,. "leany aid UDchai,i;.-d. 
Flaxtced. atrouger tit *M3'i!. Butter, atroug aud 
hlwher ; creamery, fair lo fan y, 24(tS40c: dairy do, 
l'»'-j,^32c. EifUf. eafcier at 28-. Dreeaed ho^fa, 
scarce and Arm at *7J7.25. P' rit, «"»1ve end Arm: 
S17.4^ 'ITS** c»»u: $17.t;o,S17.07)« January: 
$17.75®17.77>4 Februnrv. Lard, caaier; $10.05 
(»10 70 caah; ipiO.y:^ :0 G7i)» Dec^mb.r ar.d 
Jano-ry;*10.70i>l0.72'-j 1 .i.rnarj. Bulkmeata, 
BteaMy aud noclmnged. Wi iky e'eady aod ou- 
i chanced at $1.17. Call— W teat, flrmtr but n .t 
I qaotably higher. Com, firm and unchang-d. Oats. 
tirm. except Jai.uiry dt-c!ined He Pork. In fair 
demanla! lower i^tes: 4^17 45 Uecember: *17.ti0 
Januaiy; #17.72*8 Febrn-.ry. Lard, unsettled and 
cenerally higher; $10.0i^|hid December: $10 C.5 
(»10.67>« January. ReceU>t»— Flour. 23.000 bb:»« 
wheat, 73,000 bu: cor>i, 23.'i.0O*i bu; oaia. ttS.OOU 
bn- rye. &.0O0 bu: barley, 40.<X»0 bu. 8hlpmft!t« 
—Flour. 24.000 bbls; wheat, 18.0OO bu: com, '.19.- 
000 bo: oetSiSO.oOO be; rye. 4.500 bn: barley. 
22,0<M) bn. • _, , . 

Mxlwauke»!Vabket— Floor, gnlet endncaiaal 
Wliwat, sieaiy «iid O" «' : No. 2 tiarJ. $1.01 : No. 2, 
94j<c: December. 94 "40 ; January, y5c; F«brur,ry, 
95?ii •; Na 3, 77c; No. 4, C3c. Corn, steady; :.a 
2. 55>4c: rel-'Cted, 47c. Oats, dull and lowsr; No. 
2. 35»«i.-; white. 37iac Bye, quiet and onchang*.!: 
No. 1, .^(ic; Na 2. 53c Barley, lower; Na 2, 72.:; 
extra Na 3, 63)4c: cash, ftSSjC- I;rovlslorv 
eaaler: mesa pork, tl7.5r. ca.h: «17.55 D-rttn- 
btr; *17.ti5 January. Lard, prime steam. i»10.<.5 
cash: $10.05 December; $10 70 Jaoaary. Bat- 
ter, quiet Cho»»8, quiet. Elgs. fteady. Rec'JpU 
—Flour. ll,I'.>2 ►>bl»; wheat, ;}(<,! .5 bn: barley, 
•20,051 bu. Bhipments-Flour, Xd^78bbta: wheat, 
1.275 bu; bailey. 15,!»00 bu. 

Personal Items. 

Gov. Blackburn, of Kentucky, is de- 
Scribed aa a dashing-looking gentleman, 
mmed hat turned up 
panish oall-fighter, 
irled out to a most 
prodigiotiB length 

The last oflScial signature of Got. Col- 
quitt ofOeorgia, executed about ten min- 
utes before the inauguration of Oeorgo 
Stephens, will bring 15,000,000 of foreign 
capital into that stute. It was attached 
to the certification of a deed transferr^ 
ing a tract of four hundred acres of min- 
ing land in northern Georgia to an Eng- 
ILm syndicate, for a consideration ol 
£1,000,000 sterling. 

Hon. William H. Brown, one of the 
most prominent citizens and physicians 
and mayor of Bangor, Me., in 1879 and 
'80, died yeeterday afternoon, after a 
lingering illness, caused bv the failure 
of the dige-'^tive organs. He was born in 
that city June 14, 1882; graduated al 
Bowdoin in 1842. and Harvard Medical 
school in 1850. 

Samuel F. Perry, grandson of Com- 
modore Perry, had just been incarcer- 
ated In Michigan state prison for rob- 
bing a county treasury last ep ring of $770. 
This hopeful descenaant of the great na- 
val hero was the chief instrument on 
the robbery of a bank in Baltimore by 
wliich he and his confederates necured 
a larj^e amount of booty and escaped 
with It to England. 

Hon. 8. H. Treat, United States dis- 
trict judjje of IllInoiB, who lives at 
Springfield, has been in continuous ser- 
rice upon the bench in llUnois since 
1837, or a total of forty-five vears. Froiw 
1837 to 1841 he was judge of the eighth 
judicial circuit, from 1841 to 1855 he was 
a judge of the superior court, and since 
1855 he haa been a United Statesdistiict 
judge. He is still hale and hearty, aud 
all appearances indicate that be is good 
for another quarter of a century upon 
the bench. 

Mr. WUliam Warren, the veteran Bos- 
ton comedian, attained the age of seven- 
ty years on Friday last, on which day 
there was left at his home, in behalf of 
the Boston Museum company, a circular 
salad bowl of solid beaten silver, lined 
with gold, and suitably inscribed. Ac- 
companying the bowl were a salad spoon 
and fork of beaten gold. Mr. Warren 
acknowledged the gift in a ietter winch 
was poateJ in the green-room of tiie 

Count Joseph Telfener, who is a 
thorough Italian, notwithstanding his 
German name, haa paid $1,500,000 for a 
tract of land in Tom Green county, Tex- 
as. As yet the count knows only three 
word.s. ETiglihh— "yes," "no" and "in- 
deed." He has boen in New York city 
for three months, balvini dining with 
him frequently. The Countess Telfener 
is a younger sL-ter of .Mrs. Mackay, wife 
of "Bonanza" Mackay. 

Of Dr. Geo. W. Wiener, th« Baltimore 
oculist, who died some ilays ago iu Den- 
ver, Col. it is relat.-d thnt ho once 
treated in Europe a wealthy t;entleman 
with such success that the jiatient at 
once willed all his prop-rty to the dot;- 
ter. Years afterward the man died, his 
own d:iughter was disintiorited, and tlie 
fortune came to Dr. Wiener. The girl, 
left a pauper, wrote to Dr. Wiener 
appealing ior aid. Ho at onco went to 
the consul of tlie country in- which she 
Uved (he was then in Aniorica). intend- 
ing to transfer the fortune to her, but 
was told that the transfer could he legally 
a^cttid only in that country. TiiC'i>;up- 
on he immediately took passtijje lor 
Europe, and placedf the entire fortune 
in her hands. 

Mr. Peet, a rather diffident man, was 
unable to prevent hiiiuself from being 
introduced one evening to a faacinutuig 
young lady, who, misunderstanding his 
name, constantly addressed him an Mr. 
Peteris much to ihegentieinan's distress. 
Fin;dly, summoning cuur.age, he bash- 
fully but earnestly remonstrated: "Oh! 
don't call mo Mr. 'Peters; call me Peet." 
"Ah, but I don't know yoa well enou^fh, 
Mr. Peters," said the young lady, blu -h- 
Ing, as s^he playlully witlidrijw part way 
fan.— Ya 

Minnesota News Notes. 


A.U Adjourned Meeting at the State 
Capitol — A General DiscossiOD of 
Qrlevances — Wheat Grading and 
Railroad Rates. 

Ttie Farmer's Board of Tradeof Minnasota, 
created by a state law, convened at St. Paul 
last week and were in session three days. 
President L3rman Loriog of Moorbead in the 
chair, and the following members present: 
Geo. Giles, Belle Plaine, Scott county, secre- 
tary; John Byers, HasiinRs; Z. B. Page, Man- 
torville. Dodge county; Jas. McBrooin, D m- 
vhle. Blue Earth county; Die Peterson, Gil- 
christ, Pope cotmty; Tho«. Puroell, Dan land, ' 
Freeborn county. J. T, Price of Kyota, Olm- 
»ted county and E. Evanson of Litchfield. 
J. C. Bchofield, of Bloomington, Hennepin 
county, was unable to be present, having cut 
hia foot badly. The objects of this board 
are to consider matters pertaining to tbe 
grading and transportation of wheat and all 
othtr matters of interest to fanners which 
need legislation, and it is ttieir duty to make 
a report to the legislature reconimtmiug 
whatever legislation they have In 
their deliberations found necessary. 
Among the members there was a general 
discussion as to wheat grading, railway 
diacriiu'.natlon, etc. Mr. Coring said the 
disatisfa'^tion among tbe faruient with the 

f railing in general and the whole elevator 
auiness in particular, was- deep and wide- 
spread. H« and others spoke bitterly against 
t£« system of mixing wheat, iitid 
all averred that the proilncer ahouM 
be able to get tbe price for the quali- 
ty of wheat he ralaes; if it is No. 1 hard, ho 
should not be in danger of baviu^ Lis crop 
mixed with that of a much poorer quality. 
The general aeatimeut was that the le^risla- 

behind her 

tale Record. 

What Shall the Winter be, 

Ttie New York Herald Wcuther Bu- 
reau has resumed editorial charge of the 
seasons to which it constantly invokes 
aUention. It says; 

The first snows ol the season on tho 
eastern side of the country, which fell 
on Sunday, were rather a surprise after 
the generally iniki autnisn. But they 
were not premature, and a comparison of 
dates at which the first heavy snows of 
former seasons occurred shows that 
those of thia week do not necessarily 
portend an early and cold winter. In 
the November preceding the memora- 
bly miUl winter of 1879-80 a stonn ef rain 
or snow extended on the 20th entirely 
over the lake region and f till further 
to the northwestward, the Signal Ser- 
vice reportin.; for that month total snow- 
falls exceeding fifteen inchoB at several 
places in this St:ite, and over seventeen 
inches in New England. Our last win- 
ter, which was exceptionally mild, was 
also preceded in November by heavy 
snow on the 23d in Eastern Pennsyl- 
vania, in Western Nt \v York to the 
depth of ei ht to twelve inches as early 
aa tho 4th, and on the 16th snow covered 
iKirtionsof the mouuUiinH of North Car- 
olina. Tho most oininoiu indication of 
an Hbnoriiially cold winter Is the occur- 
rence of exi«*«ive barometric tnaxima 
in the West and Northwest in November. 
Thus, preceding tho intensely isevero 
winter of 1876-77, there occurr^fi on 
November 27 the very extraordinary 
barometric maxiuitim of 30.- 
97 Inches in Manitoba, and 
prece<ling the nnu-sually cold winter of 
1880-Sl there was an exceptionally high 
barometer on Koveniber 23, of 30.88 in- 
ches in Ohio. The advance of such high 
pressure waves over the United Statea 
m November clearly indicates an uiiu- 
Eual refrigeration o. the nortliern pants 
of thia continent and tho northeastern 
part fif Asia, whencts our cold waves oc- 
casion.illy come, and hciK^e their ap- 
pearance signals the probable develop- 
ment of an ex.eptioiiuUy cold season m 
these lower latitudes. Hitherto, how- 
ever, we have had this season nij such 
intense baroinetic maxim-i, the highest 
nresEure reported by the f^i;:nal Service 
the presenr month being about 30.70 
inches, and that not extending over a 
wide area of tbe country. So far, there- 
fore, as the season haa now developed, 
the indications do not justify the fears 
of some that we are to have an excess- 
ively rigorous winter, but rather the con- 

ture should look into the matter and the 
board propoaes to urge the apointnient b> 
law" of a state inspector, ao that Miune»t>ta 
gnulea may be mi i form. 

Gen. Baker, Btate railroad coiuu.i^i'iont;, 
wa^ present, and while adii'iitiiig Ujeevi 
under which the farmer's 8uirere<r caution 
ed ttie board to be carelul at>oat the reconi- 
nieudations which they niade to the Ugis 
latme. Tbe granger legishitioii of a f«w 
jeara ago, while it ncc^nipl'slud mii>b 
good, was lull of ahsurdltiei'; aud the bouri' 
should be careful tlda iinie i-j reciui- 
mead nothing uaiiesa. u r uaueoe-earv. 
Oen Baker saul that he waa laSorhiR '111:- 
gently to see that jnttice was dote t.j b ,'l 
pe<jple and roads, but he was not prepare i 
to lorcshadjw the recoiusuendations whi'ii 
be alioulJ make to the legislature at it- 
coming session. 

The d l>atefl tho^eii that thd cle%'ator 
companies iorraed a great monopoly, g<-'.er 
ally one owmpany owning th<? warehou-e ■. i 
an entire line o' 'road, so thut c tnjHJiitioi 
w«s inip^JssihU. and htnce tjrio.s kepthi f ^ 
what they should be. Aa to In><pfC'io > 
Ihe i)bj»j<;tio» ia, that Ihu systuii. 
ia not uniform. It ii* allege'! that cacii . ; 
vator company baa au In-spec or uf it.i i.wi., 
that the Miuneapolia n.iUerij lave oi.c 
wlile the port of Dululh hai un.thc" 
These (tiffer Iroui each other in their ^rad 
Ing; Much dissaiLsfattion wui felt in re 
gard to the charges for shipping through the 

A great deal was said atH>ut the prHcU(« 
of charging the same i-rict- fo; 
abort hauls as for l-^ng and mar>>' i" 
Btanoes given of wha ia deemtd un 
just diacriminatiou between shippei- 
The rebate system by which ruilroa is lit- 
vor shippers trbni St. Paul and Mini4ca;>olii 
was also considered, tlie prevailing 9en'lme:r 
being that all should be tri.ite^l with equal 
Ikirneas by coiumon carriers and|uo pit 
ference* shown. 

Anumber of resolutioua wercoSered am! 
referred to the committee on le^ialaljon 
who will draw up a report an<. 
submit to the governor. The hnuT,' 
did not adept any resolutions, but Itf a', 
the matters at issue In the hanrfa of the com- 
mittee. Thejresolntlons, which will proba 
b!y bo explaintid in the report, favor BOm' 
wiae anH Judicious legislation restrictinj; 
aud limitinK the rnilroxds of this slate in 
their charge, for pas.-engerand freights; and 
believe that this may may be beat attaine;'. 
by eslahliahiug maximum ami lulni 
uum ;ateB that the i>owere C. 
the railroad comiulssioners Hhouid l»een 
lagged. Tbe foHowlcg are authoritative, a 
having been Hnnctioned directly by th 
most infiiiantial mrfmbars ol the board, an^'. 
will doubtless be embraced In the report r- 
to grading the whole ayatemof thegradln. 
of wheal in Minnesota ia Iniquitous to tin 
farmers. There is no tmif«>rmity, in tha 
what one inspector would »?ra<le aa .Vo. 1 
another would cla.s8 aa No. '1 hard, which i,- 
more valuable, and there is no lega; 
or moral rule under wile' 

the several iubpectors are responmhU 
Au'ain: In almost any case the iiisi"«'Ctor i 
the buyer, and instead ofactiiiK in a quasi 
ludiclal way. b», so longaa he is biman, in 
dii ed to favoritism for his employer. A 
a practical illustration, one Inspector ma 
grade No. 1 bard wheat aa N(». 1 Mniply 
nnd the lormtr is actually worth alwut , 
cents per bushel more than the latter , 

Aa tu freights. The frelKhts upon w!.< 
are too high and inure in exoibitant mea 
ure to the benefit of the railway coinpan.' 
and to the di-advantage of the f.'raln pn 

over him ctiUing of both legs, cau-irr hia 
death. His home was at North Pacihc Jtmc- 
tio;-. He was the .son of T. O. Riley aad 
ago'l about nineteen. 

Bishop Whippl' dadicated the new Epia- 
copal church at Cniokston la-t Monday. 
Tiie edifice will neat 225 penxms, and the cost 
i<< about 13,000. 

Tbe gold excitenient ha^ bet'n soioewhat 
on tlie increase in Granite Fall* tlie »>a»t 
week, owing to the (act th*' some (^uMtl 
s;.eciiii.^ns have t>een taken froTii it"" 

mine, and alwt reports of rich quart/ haviot; 
been found in V.ilKy. in Red»xjo.t 
county, some s'xteeu miles t>e!ow that v.l- 

The golden wedding of Mr and Mr». 
Free an Tallcjl will take pl.ic« 4t their 
re.<*ider'.ce at Cleveland, lx.-?tieur c"iSn*y "'» 
the 8th of January next. Mr. TfllhcA hiis 
many friends ont?i<le of his nvti :;e:s,'bhiir- 
hooi, who will con(rr:»tulate ''iia on the 
tiappy event, and wish him many returns. 

The Farmer-' Mutual Insurance company 
of Filhiiore cnuity have tile-I articles of in 
I orp'irdti.m with In-urance Conmii^sioner 

McGill. rtie cinpitiy expects lo be ready 
'or h'.i'inf<s by Janii.iry 1. 1SS3. 

"Don't Work lor Ai»vIm««I>." 

bingular as it seem?, the al> tct- pha>e 
mav mean tlie s.itnc aa "w>rk lV>r eveiy- 
bociy." A reference t "> th- f-diowitis: 
btory pu^dished in the Woniau's jDurnil 
and illustrating thecnnstint nl! day lar^a 
of a mother, will exyUin tl;e i> .rul .x. 
A little boy, on his way to build lirtHaml 
sweep offices in Boston, while the statea 
were yet in the sky, told the writer: 

"My mother etts me up. i-iu'd'' tti-.- 
fire and gets mv breakfast and scnd^« in» 
off. Then she' pets my brotlicr np and 
;.'ets hia breakfast an I etn<l9 nno utl. 
Then she gives the other children ihcit 
breakfast aud sends tliem to rcImoI; unJ 
then she and the biiby b:we their brc:-.k- 

'^^•ilow old is the babyr' I askecl. 

"Oh, she is 'most two, but she can lain 
and walk as well as any of ua." 

"Are you well-paid? ' 

"I get two dollars a week, and my fath- 
er gets two dollar^ a dny." 

"How much does your mother getr _ 

With a bewildered look, he savl. 
"Mother! Why, she don't work for any 

"1 thought vou said she worked for 

all of you." , , w . k 

•Ohyoe, for ns she does; bit Mem 
aint anv money in it." 

This wife of a day-labor r«'pie9eutf«» 
large class of hard-working wo'mn 
There is more th:m one "labor of love 
tiiat draws no pay i!lc.l.■^h. 

But mankind would be a much ineaner 
nice if all such labor were turned into 
H hireling'^ task. The true w\f«. «''{« 
mother couM not respect l»ersell if all 
her net vices at home were counted at ft 
price and settled for in a day's or week a 


■lii •■ ^ - 

fiKidcut In tien. Wolcsley's* «Ja- 


An inculoiit In the career of SirGaiuot 
VVole.sUv. at the -toriui.ig of Lucknow. 
! i)eeu comineiuorated in a puintiug 
u^l civnplete<l in I»n<l.>n. Tl^- »tor/ is 
lis follows: "An oflker and a few meii 
had hee;i aunt with pick axes and crow 
hers to free a gate way which had beeo 
bri ked up and barricaded by the tnmj 
my. I'rivate Andre»^-«, a ealhirt lellow. 
who had been Wotesley's norvunl in lis** 
Crimea, ran out from und.;r shelter to 
.show (lis coinradi-s tlie way acr^ee. No 
Hooucr hiul h« d;;rlcd into tho «treel 
than he was shot tJi rough the bodv from 
one of the Ivpholes. Wol< s!ey had » regird for this iiin! follow, 
and, tli'iu;;!! he was lying out in tho 
btrofct withiu live or tit yanlsof tUO 
loophole I'ro n whence he had been shot, 
Woh^ley sprang uul and bore him biuk 
iu hit arms. As hi' wa« currying An- 
«irew- a Pai^dvtook deliberate aim I 
(heofTicer, huM'ie bulU't p:i-:;d through 
.1 Iho buMicr. ilr.l.ini: hitn 



:igiiin iu'almoBt the Sinn** sp'd where he 
h;id been jr* >-ious-lv w<riTT.1vd. II.;, 
however. recovered, >iiid is nnw euroUect 
in the corps of co!ninis.«I<tiiairf>h. ,. 

Hiindity School Talkers. 

ExiKirienced Sund.iy schoul speakeis 
know the danger of itaking f|uebtion8 at 
ramlom of their jt;venile audientee. 
Novices often blunder into tho habit, 
not knowing its ri-^ks. One of thems 
novices, who happened to be « j)arti u- 
hirly well dressed youns cleigym:in, 
tried his hand on a Boston Sunday 

scJiool. He began by saying: "Now 
my dear children, look at mo and t 


ductr. It advanlageth a farmer nothing t 
livenearer the lake port or milling plr.ce I 
one hundred nillfes or more i'l thut, In ore 
to keep their lands in the market the railway 
ccinnanies give»rti giuwers, . • 
marly wpid, rates. For esample, a ci 
load of whea' costs the same (roin Wadui , 
Miun., that it does from Valley <"ity, La«^ , 
to a market. Tli<- railways make up the d • 
ficit on freights from compotliK; iKjints !•. 
charging finr more than the trarsportati • 
is worth from pDinta where the several roal 
have matters in their own h;: ds. Ih; 
done by giving competing p>>inla rel-u 
which the isola.ed one do not gei. 

A Minneapolis Sensatiun. 

Minneapolis la excited over the aire^t <»J 
William F. Thomp«on, former bookkeeper 
for Famhnni Ac I.,ovejoy, ch«rge<l with hav- 
ing robbed the:n ofsome $2>i,0:iO An ex- 
pert accountant and detective-* liave been at 
work upon the case for some time, and the 
arrest waj* ina<le as soon as sufficient evi- 
dence against the accused to warrant such a 
i.roceeding had be«>n aeeureil. Thompson 
was di3uii''S<'d from the service of Farnham 
& Lovejov in September for husi ected 
crookedness, and since then has been in 
business for himself. He modestly declines 
to talk with reporters on the theme with 
which ho is c.hleBv interested, but i." nrder- 
stood to claim ability to clear himself from 
his nnpledyuit predicamtnt 

— ^ ♦ — ^^^—^ — 

A Dakota Scandal In Conri 
Laura Allen, the divorced wife of A. M. 
Allen of Lincoln, Dak., haa began a $5,(XiO 
action of slander in a Chicago court agaim.t 
her husband. She charges him with hav- 
' ing caused her arreet on the charge of arsov. 
. also with publishing ;n Dakota, a report 
[ that she was a woman of ill-fame and had 
I attempted to black-mail him. A capias 
waa issnetl as asked. Mrs. Allen waa not 
ou hand when the arson case was called, and 
bi.r bond was declc->. d <or.c;tcd. 

Minnesota Normal Hc.hoolH. 

At a m!*eiin;j of the .Stat»- htjard In W» 
Paul, the i)rincipal3 of the normiil achooii 
reported severally, n^id the follf»wing agi;rc- 
gates WIT'* ohtaincd: 

Number of gra'luate;? of normal school i 
to date — 

Winnni - — ^65 

Mankato _ -.. ^'7 

St. <:ioud '^v5 


Enrullnient of students to Sept. 1, 



St Cloud 


At tend an '« at fall 



St Cloud 

term, 18.S2— 


._ 4;.8 
... 3tl 
,- 2U 

Total -.... l.OtS 

Inagene.-al way it v.a" stated that tie 
norma! achuols w<Te m-vtr so pro-«perou« i s 
now; and the directors lolke.1 over the d - 
firaMlity of making theni more nearly con- 
nected with the common schoalss. 

Author ot "liome. Sweet Home." 

Mr. W. W. Corcoran'd generous enter- 
prise of bringing l.ome to an American 
grave the exiled dust of John Howard 
Payne, recalh the aged philanthropist's 
reminiscences of the poet. He saw him 
first in J809, when Payne, called "The 
American Roscius," was playing in a 
Waiihington theatre. Mr. Corcoran, who 
was then a mere boy. says: "Whenever 
1 could get 25 cents to pay for a seat^ I 
went to see and hear the tragedian;" 
and his memory of his appearance and 
action is now fresh and clear, after a 
lapse of seventy- three years. Two years 
later he saw him again, when Payne fled I 
to Georgetown from Baltimore, where 
he had been trying to defend a printing 
oflice from a mob. In 1840 the personal 
acquaintance of the two begun, and con- 
tinued on very initmate term until Payne 
went as United States Consul to Tunis 
and died there. Mr. Corcoran has sel- 
ected the spot where the poet's remains 
are to rest. It is a triangular plot, near 
tho eastern entrance of Oak Hill Ceme- 
try on the crest of a hill, overlooking the 
valley of Bock Creek. The place is 
marked by a solitary, nuignificent beech 
tree. The restains will be interred next 
spring with appropriate ceremonies, and 
a plain, nuiaaiTe monament erected 
above thua, bearing only the inscription • 
JoHJi HowASS Patiib. 
▲athor of "Heme. Sweet Horns." 

Bom Jane 9, 1799c 


Mort >ii iW ('J., gt-iieral nierchandl-ie deal 
crs of Northlield, overr*>ache<i their crt-dt 
and have heeu closed for invoice. A coii- 
vncation ul unfortiinate creditors will tiO'v 
nijare tiie asset's of the concern with the 
etile lawyer. 

Andrew .\ndersoa char^etl with tuurdei- 
inghiiwife on th« 221 of last Febrii.«r., 
which was on trial l^r n-vera' day^ ic the 
Renviilecou-ty court at beaver Falls, cio'-t i 
Saturday. Dra. Bartlett of .St. Peter, Frost, 
of Weimar, Flynn, of Kedwoo»i Falii. and 
Stoddart of Beaver F»tlls, all iestiiicd that 
the defendant was insane at the t-rne 
he committed tne murder, anrt experts 
testifie<l us to hi.s sanity. A nun - 
ber of .\nders<>ns neighbom' te^tidtl 
that thcv believed Anderson of sound min 1. 
The jury, after beini; out about twenty niiti- 
ni<«, ret'K'j'-^i a verdict of man slauajht*--. 

The Jm rtrus Falls Water PoAfer company 
have filed articles of a'Sfciati'm with the 
f ecretary of stole. The capital ' tock is $.50.- 
OX) and the directors consist nf Henrv <i. 
Page. Charles D. Wrifxht, John P Williams, 
William (' Bedford, John D. 15ovd. James 
W. Grim.: and Samuel Hill. 

The mem'oers of the Bapt'st church of 
Crookston have ilecided to build a b.«u8ll 
chapel, to cost about $t,(X.<». 

Diiluth is to have a iiew j<ost-otiice build- 

J. H. Webster aad Oscar Freeman died in 
Red Wing, Tuesday. Mr. Weteter was sixty- 
two years old, and was an old settler, having 
ixime to Red Wing in the early days from 
Windsor, VL, with >fr'Sdrs Mcluiireand 
Sheldon. Thecaiise of his death was a rup- 
ture received some two years ago, froiu ihe 
etfects of which he w*s prostrate 1 alxiUt one 
week since. Mr. B'reeman died from blood 
poison. Cause, having the end ol hia in- 
dex finger scratched with a chicken bone 
while he waa at work in the butcher ahop 
of Mr. Owen. 

John Riley, a brakeiran, while imping 
«an at Knife Falls, slipped and 'he can ran 

me where you think 1 came from." Onto 
of the "dear children" held up his litllo 
hand and paid: "I know, sir." Tlie 
Bpruceinakina clenryman beniirnantiv 
gazed ou tho young child, ana, iHjstuw- 
inR ever so eweet a smile on him, said 
"Well, my little rnan, where do you. 
think 1 came from?" The tJerical and 
l)euiKnaut smile waa changed into an ex 
prcFsion of horror when the ilhteratc 
youngFter blurted out: "From t!io 
country, sir." An irreverent gutfaw of 
laughter in.-'antly pervaded th« as^eni- 
i)ly, and the moral atmosphere of tho 
place be' aine Hiich tis almost to qnench 
the good m;iu'b efforts at Sund.iy school 
oratory, (.ireatly emharrasced.heBtiui?- 
gie'l on for a littlo while with his sp«'<ch, 
atid then floUJidered to a hasty couclu- 

sioti. — BuITalu Courier- 

— — ^ 1 ^ 
Interior Department — fercretary Tell- 
er's Ileport. 

8ecr<*tary Teller in his report recommends 
the disarming of the Indiana and the pnr- 
cliase of their arms by the government. He 
thinks thia would remove tlie temptation to 
go upon tlie war-patli. They have no otnet 
Use lor gunH, because they have their lands 
secured to tiiem and reasonable provision 
madeforthem, ao that t!eyneetln»i fear. He 
is oppo.-'ed to the policy of giving the In- 
<liaus l.inda iu several! ty. and recf mnnnda 
ti;e pa?H*ge of a law to give each tribe a 
puleui for tbe land the government ha£ 
^tiaranteed to it, leaving the Indians to 
determine the question o( allottnieut lor 
themselves. Very niany ol Uiew! re^erva- 
t iuna cont.iin large areas of valuable land 
that cannot be cultivtted by the IndianE, 
even though they were as energetic aU'l 
luhorious as the t>est cla^s of white a:;ricul- 
turista. All such reservations fhouui be 
rtdiiccd in sire, and the surplus not neede>l 
ouijiit lo be t>ouglil by the K''T«ri.ineut and 
i)pene<l to the operation of th>^ honi'titead 
law, a:id it would theu boon be ^etth d by in- 
diistrions whites, who, as neignbora, would 
become valuable aoxiliaries in the wirk td 
civilizing the Indians residitR on there- 
riiaind<jr of the reservation. When thus re- 
dnc«d the government should is.'<>ue to the 
tribe ita (Kttent, resting in the tribe the title 
iu fee iii tuple aa fully as it does t > tiie 1(K^ 
acre-i given to the settler. The fcccretary re- 
views the rer*ort of the coinmiv»i<iners of 
public lands, (laients, ai.d railroads. In 
mdorsing hia reconimf-rdiitiou for the repeal 
of the pre emiition law ami luoditication of 
the hoaieatead, be remarks that the pre- 
enipliou law, intended aa a means ot ena- 
bling the citizen wLahing to mitke a home to 
do ao cheaply and fepeedily, haa been u^ed 
largely to aggregate large <pjan;iiics of lands 
for the benefit uf the spetuiator. and not lor 
thosr; for whose benefit it was iiilended. It 
will be usaleas to repeal the pre eni)>iiouiawa 
if the opportunity shall cxibt c<> unuiinit 
the same frauds under the cover ot tho 
hommtfad law. If it is tlnjoaht best tn re- 
tain the pre-empti n laws, they should be 
so amended that the filing for pre-«iuptiou 
should precede the entry at leas: one yar. 
The laod grant railroads should l>e com- 
I>elled to pay the c<j->l of the survevinjj, se- 
lecting, aud conveying landa, and the de- 
parlmt-nt should b«tn«inUd by lawlo8iJ»-'d- 
iiy and completely a-lj'j:t the land grants. 
It is recotnmenJtf'* that where §o etfott baa 
been made to cou^truct any p>rtii>u htti 
ruad until the exp:M'i'>n of the Limti ti\e'l 
by law, the land oui(ht to tn: de«:li.'ed for- 
feit*^, and the Icud so wilhe'd from the op- 
eration ot the seltlemeut laws declared pul» 

Brahlreet'.s jo'irtMl fifnt«i»r> lbs lullo.^ 
Ing: There wor«» 186 failures ii the (Tnited 
States K]^.nU"\ V> Ur.ihtr.*-t'' during tbe 
past week, ftfteeti more tha:i t.hc preceding 
week. ai:il •■ wentv-einht more that* tbe corre- 
^l«.Jn<liH^!; wefk ikn vear. Tins i-tlli- lar««»t 
nund-er for any <.iie wt* k .^nnn(^' tbe i>a«l 
ten !:iouth«, tnd thev liavebre!! ol greater 
imj. u-ual, |i.rticiilariy ui Sam 
York dtv, liad lilie«t. 

M - 

r^.,| «|.d p<r<'>nil pty|»etly ot 

•, li;(5 iiKTi a'X'i iu \-iiie 
..i ihu past yvnT. 







ii ■ 





l~ ■< ^^ ""'T 






By th« Hon. William H. HnnVJEnTcy 
Extraordinary and Minister Plenipot* i- 
tiary of the tJr.ited States to Euaaia, ai>d 
lately Secretary of the Nary. 

ti th« LvBKi iB a bMiUiy (tsM 


Hannleet to the Most Delicate. 

U« (kttbfnlTiwC«n«uaiptton hatlMraC«t«tf 

« ii«o other R«B.«-U!e- \od Fhyklclti:* hara 
{»U«d bo «?«ct a eai«i 

AM. C. Dinoxa. l)(«rch»ot o( BovUbk are«a, Va, 

('••I Arrt! 4, !!*8:.. that he vanUQi to kaowthat 

» !."Ntj Bai.>vm '.ojcursd \\» iriO'.Ktr of con- 

. a.'t^r ih'i V h»*iclia had flfea her op aa 

V •• H« "avs 'ihart h«r eaie ha7» 

: u««a c&r<sl; aathlnka all *e 

» trlaL 

-.xiu.:: A Co.. Wholeaale Prejrflita, 

V.IU10, wr.r. 9 aa of Cie enre of MaTHlAr 

. -t ^en-k" -wa cltlteo, -.-ho h;. ! b«en aJ- 

■ ■ Ita wortl form for twel»« 

at aared him, aa U hai 

.«. j ■-/ ■ji ■ ' » t . .■-.(!■ 

As ftn Expeciisraat It has No iQualt 

Tht7 tell me thon hast othera loved— 

That others' arma have pressed thee 
That othprs' ears have dnmk thy vowa, 

And others' lips caress'd thee; 
That at the ahrina where I have lain 

The love deem'd only oars, 
Others before had brought their troth 

To fade like summer's fiowezsl 

I fain had hoped that in thy breaat 

When close to mine I'd fold thee, 
A newborn passion glowed to hear 

The words of love I told thee; 
I fain bad hoped that first for me 

The keart I press'd was beating, 
That girlhood fancies were like snow — 

A3 stainleaa and as fleeting) 

The spring's first blossoms let the beee 

Bip with the opening hours; 
I'd rather wait to drink the sweets 

Of summer's full- blown flowersi 
Thy youthful passions I'd believe. 

Lest greater woe befel me. 
Know not the honey of true love, 

In spite of all they tell me. 

From the Philadelphia tnm 


Vyf^WMrMN tVi^ HEALTH D» «l 




ja Sot* rnr« trrr mil FK.nJiLA WKtlt- 

NEsJSrH, lB.;lii»HnB l.«oc«rrb«B. Ir- 

ir«aul«r Aiiti raltii'i.l Ucaanmailoa. 

iDflv.miURiloA 9m\ rlceratloiiaf 

tka Wttaib. FCoi»iUnc» PBO- 

l,AFHFS CTEKl, &e, 

■ '.rriwuiaat tu t.h.> t'L- 'a. oSlcaaU^as asd tsunwital* 

' ct. It la • 4 *■> •"^VBkcrr, *bA >» 

. ..A Cortnt l»* I, »« p«r»v'!l» 

r«iMai,.ii ti-a IT **» .'tii-niaa n faKxii- 

I, ... f ' Jir-r'mirja ol it* S-3»r«»''«. <>»«•«»* 
' •> t>-r ••», H I. ■ -. ■ •• r -«M-» • .!b"J»«ri 
w-n S«:.,i« tba »»a»:j*i »»<l Sor aU dteaaet otti»a 

. 'jcirxva M la tna OcM'tari JMsMrff f!> tte f»frt<(. 

llQ«lUri;ai Betl«f to \ta Tao. 



InNovemb«r, 18a-, Mr. Nay, form- 
erly professor of music at Touloaso, caioe 
to settle at ilenton with hi* »m Hem y. 
He rented at the farther end of the 
town, the ground floor of a houae wh< fle 
windowB looked into the street , and at 
the same time on the road leading do vn 
the mountain. It waa not the beantj of 
site that bad induced that choice, but the 
peaceful calmness and the pure and fra- 
grant air which pervadea that part. 11 ju- 
ry >'ay was blind. 

lie was about fifteen, when hlfl e (re- 
sight, uutil then excellent, becime gr ui- 
ually weaker. A very strange dimnesg 
fell over his eyes, and soon be had to 
give up reading new music; for Henry, 
young as he was, bad already made his 
mark asa violiniat. One morning all vas 
night and darknaeB around him, i nd 
when, placing himself before the Btin, 
he opened bis eyes wide, be felt tliey 
were paralyxed, two larg« tears rol led 
onhiscbeeke; nothing mor« luul ro- 
veeled his grief. 

Then the father twk th» child by the 
hand and peaiched tiie world for au ou- 
ultst. All the celebrated speciiiliuts were 
consulted andunani!ao.i>ly defla.'^ed I hat 
the boy miBht be cured, if wiilinsr tOBib- 
mit to a painful and perilfips operati in 


l! « 
•h ,1 

• l.TI»IA «. I»I^- 
fU-».Ml. M tbaaama I." 

|Sr»»ta«*eCoij.t»ouoj«:il BIoo.! rw-lf-T ara \'.^ 
piwed Mt M asd OS y'-.a<.:r:i A.T«e«*, Lim*. Ka^ 

IMaiotalUMr.Sl. «»»...■:•-->'■ . P. fha tJompc-.-Qj 
teMat »»f maa la tt ■ . t ot lo««ut«.. tm 

r.«ij« ofpriiw. «i ■■ Mr*, rmv^jta 

"T'-olj am^tf* aa lM£t«»B oi Usii'-UT. iBcloaatoaai 

--t;,-'5* &»sd! t;rr ';'!?"' ■*■ 

ir.»-!<tm «*<» piv*. 



a^*S"l.,i \ty *• 




11 T 

"la compo*.: vf 


■>ti;« ■ '"-> CI. ' 

«o;iiiitni|)(l«»ki. lii* 
tJlria. Apply the -. 

tast iif • - ■ 

prom I' 

A nil 





liiiifle <l'.>ao raiki 

drcn take it 
la valuable 

•! r->-!lfVee thw Ir- 

, ivi ,1 Ir •'•'5 th" 

■ often end In 


tJt-oini>i]y. A 

• II iM • .1 :. !h!\". 
:i<icl thnt ii na 


' > 1 <■ i; ui , ■ U<. uci 

,■ riv. - t' ■• I in I 

. ... ••;;. ;.cisin- 
it .. 

Ill a'V'.Aikd *l i>o%t,te«. 


r I Lb Li d 


1* > * •- i'. 

Mick Uc«<lii» •>'. Ulll'>>«« CoUc, i aB«ili'3> 
tlon. llh«onj«ti<tn», I'J!«-», !'ntii:t»tlOii r.v 
tlic Ilcarl. I»iial"'-"' : f * ' •• ., ->tj 
S'emnle Ii-»-«-j;ulni • 

very «• l,"'i -i;-,!'- !'■ - 

Sturiiiich, ri>'>!.ii.i«lli<>;'ppe'Ui-.iiijrRr!'ML'f'(M<tll5 

•T»t.»m. Prior, a.l<". :»r. Murrey S«..:V.T. 





tTHEPEF/ !iNT CU;E of 

erdlar" ::..s) pnrrUcntln ti-iaooua 

latip . . . aal eo remedy lioa ever 

thf > ai-il Kidaey-Wot ' aa 

lU ovcrco.-noit. 
*1 S' 'ii K'Cit i--iJ dlatrf fling eon 
•I •" llaiEiOa I'.iiiit is vci-y apt f-J b 
£ -:>" aetadWlU-. - .r;;rj'-lvn. Kldacy.W:Tt 
tlMO* ttM -'7 end qui;;...; 

,. lii-— - k...- ..... :.a. c 

r"iV:^w0 5i.i USE i orv^stsscui^ 







Is Warranted to Cur* 

M{SCROFUiAULCr.P9. PlifiP«>E8ancj{:> 
**! TCNUen rrCrilNCaoaaUpartaerttej * 
tKsdy. It make* Uie akla wWte, aolt «Jid acoit . 
reaijvoa tai> aiid firarkloa. r.=d la the BEST to.:.i 
.ireaaiflitn TUB WOaJ-D. Uegaatly put up, tv. .5 
toltlea in one paaikaea, ooiiais'.uii; cf both inters U 
and ex^mal tr«'at:nast. 
4LUaralolajedruB;iu.talLivo«. Fcloa«X.parpackaea 

R.'itiemb' r that 

sist ut yew r w'.i u 
I) Ule» »-On(tt 1' 
ciii-asot d;»ea>«ea'' I 
u«^aih. is lUe t;rar I 
aal- r<ia"J • f lica : 
It II! til-- ■ •.!•:.<•. I o: 
tiie Uiiiaau fortr ■> . 
aiia w^ioa It wai. » 
weak. •'"• ti-ue i>o !■ y 
w in ipi.i- 
^.laotUi c 
j- ooi-ur 1. 
a :i cour^ i 

■ bjr IMi-r- 

:l(-il'jri». \ > 

;» t'T oi.r 


i.s to 

of flio B ! 

Mr.Key dare not tukoupon hiui.selfali the 
responsibility. Besides, t hw hesitat ion 
could not comproraipe the suiojss of .he 
undertaking . The pret-ocious child vas 
develupinjE rapidly, and the father re- 
solved to let him decide later on. In the 
meantime they went from place to plice, 
traveling almosl constantly. For Heory 
whose smallest wishes were never de- 
nied, waa led on by that feverish ailiv- 
ity and want of ctiange which delu led 
him to hope f jr a ray of light. 

Five vears had gone by. They wer» 
living at Meiiton, as everywhere ilse, 
very Bccludod.and were aeldora out be- 
fore evening. The niorniiij^s were gi ?en 
to reading, the afternoons to mi »ic. 
The old master accompanied on the p auo 
89 well as hi:* elitfened flnijers w« uld 
allow hiiii to follow the brilliant impr vis- 
iations of bis son. It was the boy s ' >aly 
Joy to give way tbiw, for hour at a time, 
to'tbe Sinciful strains of his imagination. 
Notes Bparkled like a jet of fire uider 
his (apricioiis brow- then long, meau- 
choly strains would follow— full of re- 
grets and tears for the loat treasure . 

One cool evening; Henry, leaning: on 
his father walked to the sea-shore. He 
wit on the sand, and there, motion esa, 
his attention centered on the das! ing 
waves, he was trying to perceive, dis- 
tinct from one anothf^r, Iheinnumer ii;lo 
eounda which compose the monotonous 
harmony cf the sea. 

Another day they walked to the 
woods, following the road tliat paeed 
near the house. Alter half au hour the 
boy stopped. 
"Father, you are tired?" 
"Not in the least," answarod the old 

"Yon could not deceive me." resumed 
the bliud boy, smiling. "Your .ane 
stumbles at each step. Fortunately, 
here we are; I hear the wind rusiUig 
among the leaves." 

"Not ()uite >eL We are walkingulong 
the railinE of a park, whose trees pro- 
ject their branches among the leave i." 

Just then the silence of that rnlrn 
night was broken by a few harmomous 
chords from a piano; then, aflerapiuse, 
the invisible musician played the "Hong 
of the Star" in Tannhauser. 

llenry stopped his iiand restini 
his father's arm. 

"Is it where the light shines? 

"Let us listen. Do you mind?" 
"With pleasure." 

After the "Song of the 8tar" ram© 
almost without interruption a waltz of 
Chopin, played with feverish rap dity, 
as it tlie artist lacked time to6ni!-h it. 
.\fler the waltz a nocturne, with tenti- 
mental variations, expressive of :.'rand 
despair. Then, all at once, silenci :iiul 

J.irkiie?s resumed their sway. Tho 
i:jht had vanished with the last sotinds. 
"We have heard a real artist," eaid 
Mr. Nay, taking hfe son by the ant . 

Henry did not aii<^wer, but he tho ight, 
"it wasa womanl" 

With tho s^acity of the blind, whose 
other Ben.-es are Wc;nderfully keen and 
delicate, he had recoj^nized the woman 
in the nervousness ol the touch ard in 
the p«net rati i!g emotion of the lenti- 
ment. lie had even divined th»' ohe 
was A fofferer, from the erratic choice of 
her music, and the brusque transition of 
uierrimeutto sadness and the \aried 
.shadeH of her play. 

The next day, as he qucstioneit the 
old woman who waited on them, he 
heard that the villa belonged toMr Val- 
nncourt, a gentl-^mcn from Paris, who 
h;'.d lx)Ught it for bis daughter J adel- 
Mite, "a poor young lady who s«omed 
very ill." 

On that evening Henry did not men- 
tion that bo wanted to go again to^rards 
the park. He only said be wished to 
bring his violin in case he should ake a 
faui-y to improvise a serenade to the 
1 stars. That dav and the following, Mr. 
J Nay and his son spent the whole even- 
Lux on the beach. 

"Shall we goto the woodr sad Mr. 
Nay one morning; it is nearer, a id we 
c hall return earher, for the nights are 
getting cooi" 
The young man repressed a ami e. 
"Lei us go to the ivooda," he waa 
seemiDgly indifferent. , 

It waa dusk when they reached the vu- 
b. Madeleine, alon.^ in her roo n, was 
it tho pi-ino pitying tiie "Eltgy oi 

Ilenrv seized his violin, and, stand- 
ing on the road, tivmbling with *xcit©- 
incnt, he rc'i>eated like au eel o, the 
melodv be bad beard. 

At the brst notes Madeleint rose 
sudleilyand looked out wonderingly, 
then closed the window. 

"lam watched,' she thought, and 
she blushed. 
Tiie vioUu was silent. 
A minute later the girl open* d the 
cui tain.s^and trio. I to see throuj:h the 
impenetrable outside. But all 
in vain. After the first fueling had 
subsided, curiosity had awakene*!.. 
"Who can it be*' she thought. 
Henry Nay went home out of sorts, 
and well awaie that lie bad dlturbed 
her solitude. And yet he nturned 
every night with ui.s violin. Onf would 
have thought that ho endeavored, in 

I inspired top rovicwitions, to'impk <r« for- 
pi\cne98an<l CApress theleelings which 
wtre u;?itati:iiJ: him. . 

13 ;t the villa was buned in eilenie 
and obecuriiy. This irritated hiui to the 

lu.-^t lUgree. _ ,,, 

"It is all over!" said he one day. "I 
otlended her. Once more I sljul 
and then I shall leave the country." 

Ho w^ wearily druuged tlie hoiJS. At 
sun.=et his father led him on, geutly hu- 
moring what h« called a "romaotit fancy." 
Henry played a prelude, ai d com- 
menced the " Jilegy of Ernst.'' TJ te melo- 

dy was to bid her farewell. FblatHv 
and sonorous, the notes fell in the peace* 
fol night , ^, . , 

Suddenly he started, and his bow Al- 
most slipped through his fingers. A joy 
unspeakable pervaded all his being. 
The piano, timid at first, then more di». 
tinct, was following the violin. It was 
Mai'eleine, who encouraged gradually, 
was playing the aceomjianiment of (he 
"Elegy.'^ The duo would liave been 
prolonged far into the night had, Mr. 
Nav allowed it 

On bis way home Henry was silent 
and grave. His voice had a tinee of 
sadness when he wished his father 
enod-night As they parted, he called 
him back. 


"What is it, my sonf 

"Nothing to m )rrow." 

Henry had changed hla mind. He 
did not sleep that night As huurs 

Eassed away he evoked the memories of 
is childhood to tiave some idea of 
Madeleine's home, and, above all. of her 
person. What was she Uke? He re- 
called to mind the image of the young 
ladies he had seen. He could see her, 
fir»t slender, graceful aud fair, tlien 
dark, with classical features and fiery 
eyes; he could iK>t think of her as not 

The next morning Mr. Nsy sntersd 
bis room early. 

"Father," said he hurriedly, "I have 
made up my mind. Will you write to 
Dr. Desmarres?" 

"Have you thought it well over?" 
a»ked .Mr. Nay, growing very pale. 

"It le no risk to run," answered Hen- 
ry. "NoUiing can be worse than my 
present state. Besides I have refiected 
seriously, and am quite resolute," he 
ad'iod in a firm voice. \ 

Mr. Nay telegraphed immediatfeiy to 
Dr. Deamarres and two days later the 
voung and celebrated oculist arrived at 

"When shall I see the hght, doctor?" 
eagerly asked Henry. 

'^It will be a week; for that time you 
will remain in this room, in the moatalv 
solute obscurity and silence, but after 

"After that— I shall see Madeleine," 
Uiought Henry, who did not care what 
more the doctor had to sav. 

That evening and the next Madeleins 
waited ir vain. The third day she be- 
came sad and anxious. Had the un- 
known musician who understood her so 
well grown weary? Had he left the 
town? Strange thoughts troubled her. 
No, he had not gone. Consumption, 
that terrible disease, seemed to gain 
ground as the poor child gave way to 
her somber misgivings. A terriUe pre- 
eentiment agitated her. 

She hardly lived except for the honr 
when hf-r mysterious friend wis to ap- 
pear. The time come, she was at the 
piano playing their favorite melodies; 
then, opening the window, bending 
down, she would listen and try to learn 
Komethiug of the dark night. 

One evenin<; she fancied she heard 
steps on the road. In the thoughtless- 
uess of her excitement, ?he rushed out 
in her thin muslin dress, bare-heHded, 
her ahoulders hardly protected by the 
IJK'lu tissue that covered them. Like a 
pliadow she glided on through the 
winding paths and opened the aide boor 
of the park. 

It was a latx>rer returning from his 
day's work, a sjude on his shoulder. 
Just the he humioed a merry tune, soon 
lost in the distance. 

Madaleine remidned, leaning against 
the wall her burning forehead, and her 
lit lid l<:>et in reverie. She did not feel 
ibu cool evening breeze and the scarcely 
petcei'lible drops of rain tliat fell on her 
shoulddrsi. A painfol idea absorbed her. 
"He uill come no more!" All of a sud- 
den a violent chill shook her frcm bead 
to loot; she went in doors, fainting, sick 
at heart, and laid down with burning 

Ten days aft*r that fatal evening, Hen- 
ry Nay in his room, with drawn cur- 
tains still, was expecting the visit of the 
Menton doctor, whom Dr. Desmarres 
'.id left ill charge, fully instructed after 
ti.o open'.tion. The success was com- 
plete. Henry was t^lind no longer; but 
Ilia eyes were gradually brought to bear 
the light. For u few days he had gone 
w ithout a folil over them, and that very 
morning the doctor waa to open the thick 
lurtaini and let him behold the light of 
hcavon, the dazzling brilliancy of the 

The doctor entered, followed by Ms. 
Nay. Henry was agitated with great 
emotion. His father led him by tho 
hand to the window just opened by tho 
" Look 1" said he. 

Henry screamed with joy and doeed 
h>H eyes. Then, opening them again, 
with a rapturous look be embraced the 
whole horizon and tried to discover the 
way to the villa. 

"At last I ehall see MadeUnel" be 
thought. \ 

At that very moment he perceived 
at the turning point of the road a priest 
in bis 8urplieo, with a silver cross in hia 
liand ; then thechiMren'scbolr, followed 
by six women carrying a coffin covered 
with a white sheet; after the coffin, 
vouns girls dressed in white and bear- 
ing tapers, ana closing the procession a 
long file of men and women of all ages. 
Ilenry's heart sank within him. 
"Doctor," said he. "that is a roans 
ludv's funeral?" 

■'Yes," he answered, "a charming and 
unfortunate child, tho victim of con- 
sumption. Just imagine, she died at 
her piano, as she was playinsthe cele- 
brated 'Elegy of Ernst.' Her name 

was " 

"Madeleine I" exclaimed Henry, in s 


Affrlcnltural Notes. 

Iowa reports one cabbage crop of S,- 
000 heads sTeraging twelve pounds each. 

Horses msy be freed ftom lice by rub- 
bing the mane with linseed-oil and ker- 
osene in equal parts mixed together. 
Rub it well into the hair and skin. Then 
rub the card and brush with the oils 
When the horse Is cleaned imlil the Uce 

Stanley Matthews says; The light we 
burn, the goods we sell, the corn wecal- 
tivate, the wages we work for, the taxes 
we pay are all regulated by the great 
monopolies of the country. 

An excellent fertilizer for boose plants 
is a weak solution of rotten manure. 
The danger is in manuring too highly, 
by which the plant is forced into a suc- 
culent and weak growth of stem and leaf, 
which is apt to be unhealthy. For flow- 
ering plants very moderate fertilising 
only is required, and the moderate 
growth thus lohured secures a more vig- 
orous bloom than from overgrown and 
highly manured plants. It is better to 
use moderate rich soil for potting and 
depend upon that rather than upon 
stimulating fertilizers. As a substitute 
for manure a teaspoonrul of guano in a 
gallon of water serves excellently. 

Colonel Corps's recommendation to 
cover strawberry plants for the winter 
before very cold weather sets in, while 
they are yet fresh an<l ifrcen. Is very well 
where the bent kind of material is at 
hand, su^ as leafy bush or cornstsilks, 
which do not pack down with the weight 
of snow, and so deprive the leaves of 
light and air. If t>traw or leaves be used, 
it is Wst to apply Ihem late, after the 
ground has frozen and snowfiiUen, to re- 
tain these as long »i possible. Snow is 
the perfection of shelter for such plants 
— a superior non-conductor of be it, and 
admitting both light aud air to a suffici- 
ent degree. _ 

Hooaebold Hlnu. 

Old patty can be instantly removed by 
passing a red hot iron over it 

Mica has graduated from its old pisoe 
In stove doors, and it is said to b« one of 
the coming Uiiuga in mantel decoration 

Napkins are Uiied iu large sizes, with 
monograms in white isay a rich creamy 
silk, ona Unen fioas) for dinner, and yi 
colors for breakfast. 

Window screens are made of Tery 
large Japanese fans, the outer sticks rest- 
ing, one horizontally on the sill aud the 
other vertically against either side of the 
caning; for lower windows the effect of 
such a lan-.strcen, in proper colors, 
would not be ba :, although it might look 
a little queer. 

It is very easy 
home, now that 
are in fashion, 
correct size sliould first 
this the material is cut, 

to upholster chairs at 
pLiiu seats and backs 
\ paper pattern the 
be cut out; from 
and then nail in 

place witli upholsters' tacks; a lurrow 
gimp with bnian-beaded nails conceals 
the edges aud givea « "shoppy" effect 

Bureau cavers may bo nicely made of 
momie cloth, iu color aud trimming to 
please. A white one, with antique lace 
edging is very serviceable, and the cloth 
washes well. Scrym, lined with bright 
Silesia and trimmed with torchion, is 
very pretty, the edge of the sileala may 
be pinked and coma to the scallop of tlia 

A oement for joining china or marble 
may be made aa follows: Starch, ons 
ounce; white sugar, four ounces, addend 
to a solution of one ounce of gum arable 
in hot water; the mixture is boUed untd 
the starch Is cooked. 

Dr. Frank Hamilton, in the Popolar 
Science Monthly, insists that safety lies 
alone in open lire-places, stitionary 
wash-lx)wl8 and the baniahmeut of all 
sewer connection to an out-building en- 
tirely separated from the living i-ooms. 
Authorities are quoted to prove that no 
plumbing can exclude sewer gas, and 
that no traps can be considered safe. 
Dr. Hamilton insirtts that typhoid fever. 
diptheria, scarletiua, and ttie general 
weakness and prostration which afflict 
so many city dwellers are all traceatjle 
to sewer emRnations. 

•«It would seem, therefore, that ia 
resring animals for the dairy , care should 
be taken that the young are not so fed as 
to develop s tendency to great size either 
in frame or adipose tissue, or so as to 
establish in the end a race which has 
every faculty except that of producing 
milk. I would not advocate a deficiency 
of food for young dairy stock, but I would 
argue against an excess of articles of a 
highly stimulating quality. The plan of 
the Scotch farmer is undoubtedly a 
good one— to take their calves 
early from th dam. feed them 
from the dish, snd bring them to 
solid fowl or pasture as soon as the con- 
dition of the young stMmacb will allow. 
Instead of Unseed meal thoy use a great 
quantity of oatmeal— an article of food 
much less predisposing to fat and keep- 
ing up a vigorous growth. Wo have m 
tins country a good quality (»f hay, every- 
where a ba-is of feeding; and after the 
calf is weaned, or after she has had milk 
enough to give her a fair introduction 
into life, hay in the form of hay-t«a and 
afterward of rowen, is undoubtedly the 
bi'Bt food the animal can have, especial- 
ly when aided by a few roots, such as 
turnips or carrots. In such ca=e8 milk 
is abundant at a very early age, aud 
skimmed milk is advantageously used as 
a substitute. I should not recommend 
the use of grain, especiajly 
that containing a suberabundance of oily 
malter, as Indian corn and linseed, for 
young dairy ►tock, or even for dairy 
cows when in the flush of milk. Per- 
haps corn meal, sparingly, or bailey, or 
oatmeal may l)e used iu winter should 
the animal ^eem not to thrive well. But 
a calf that i-* properly weaned and fur- 
nished with a ifoo 1 pasture, will be car- 
ried through the first winter moet sat- 
isfactoilly on Kood, hay,eBv>eciaily 
rowen, with roots. In this way can a 
uniform and well balanced animal be 
produced, which, when put to dairy 
service, will not become course and raw- 
boned In appearance, nor take on flesh 
at the expense of the milk pail." 

Licciittousnoas in Un^laud. 

In a recent sermon Bishop Fraser, ol 
Manchester, said: It was the moral life 
of the nation that seemed to him iu 
peril Just row— the life and well-being ol 
the people. Some people thought that 
intemperance was the greatest curse 
hanging over England at the present 
moment. He did not think so. There 
was, no doubt, a residnm who were 
cursed with that terrible curse of intem- 
perance; but there were other 
curses more deadly still. Peo- 
ple uiight be perfectly temperate as far 
aa alcoholic drinks were concerned, and 
yet their lives might l>e niiything but ac- 
cording to that which had been laid 
down for them. And seeing what he 
saw and hearing what he heard he dis- 
tinctly said that he believed that licen- 
tiousness was the sin which was eating 
out tiie moral hfe «f this nation, that 
licentiousness which they saw rampant 
through the streets of Mausheeter every 
evening that they moved through those 
streets. "That was a curse which in pul- 
pits they hardly dared to mention for 
fear of shocking some delicate tnste, 
but it needed to be mentioned some- 
times, when they know the ravat^es It 
was causing on every side. This is a 
word fitly spoken in season; and it is 
the duty of the clergy in Avnerica to 
imitate the fearlessness and honesty of 
Bishop Fraser, in touching on the mag 
nltude of the social 

nearly half that sum, and 
good army, too. 

V^eeMe l.Miiea. 

Those Isngoid, tiresome senss t l w i^ esos- 
ingyouioieelsosroelyableto be on Toor 
leet ; that constant drain that is taking bom 
your syetem all elastidty ; driving the bloe- 
8om from yonr cheeks ; that continual strain { 
upon your vital forces, rendering you irri- j 
table and freUul, can easily be removed by ] 
the use of that marvelous remedy, Hop 
Bitters. Irregularities and obt>truct|ons ol 
yo ir system are relieved at once, while the 
^pccial cause of periodical pain is perma- 
nently removed. Will yon need thij f— Cin- 
cinnati Saturday Nixbt 

Chatelaine bags' of plnah, velvet snd al- 
ligator skin, with belu to match will be 
much worn. 

"Rough on Rats." 

Clears out rata, mice, roaches, flies, anti, 
t>ed-bugs, skunks, chipmunks, gophera 15o 
Druggi^ts.^ ______^_^^__ 

Turn-over cufb of white linen are again 
in voi;ue and are worn with the tight un- 
trimmed sle eve. 

A national reputation is enjoyed by Perry 
Davis' Palu-Killer, which, lor nearly half a 
century, has been th« favorite liousehold 
remedy for bruiees. boms, sprains and all 
bowel complaints. Look to your supply, 
tmd never be w ithou t it . 

Coachmen collars of vdvet, broldered with 
brilliant feathera, are a novelty, and prom- 
Im to be popula r. 

The balance of life ia lost when the nerves 
are over-wronght There must be peaceful 
eJcrp and good digeslion, or Iretfulneas and 
wil Jdistrew will domiiiute energy aud dl«i- 
pat«hope. Cured only by the use of Dr. Ben- 
aou's Celery and Chamomile Filia. 

New ulaters areuiad'e of solid Scotch tweed 
end irimuitsd with wide woolen braid aud 
cylinder shaped buttons^ 

After each meal* take a dose of Brown's 
Iron Bitters. It heli« digestion, relieve* the 
full feelin g about the stomach. 

Mufb made of solid white Spaiiiah lace 
and decor.ii«d with flowers are carried by 
bridesmaid who wear bat . 

Pe y«a «Mt to set a Mart or Pare 

noref Tb* SASKSTOaKWAIf 



Absolutely Pure. 

TbU pcwder ntyer t&tIm. A marrvl of pnrltT 
•irf-nrtt »n<l wh'-vlM.icrDPM. More •oouomlf^ U;*> 
the r.rlliiarf ktuds. ^rnl rui^nt b« SiiM tu comv^tiuo: 
Tlth th* moltitQCa ol low test, ihurt wel^bt, alum « 
oboapbftU powder*. Hi'ld .-m/b <n ooiu. 

BOTAl. lU&KVU POMTt'XB CO, H«w Tork. 

tmm Med breegb* tnm aaady 1,000 

e( St. PmI. is elMlatelr •»« i 

parart.tbe«oatpfoH«e anS the 

t the BOO. C A. PlWibarr. of A* 

Bill* tt UtogeatxXit. aar* of It: 

Orrics or Pulsbust Mnxa. Mtaaeepelta, 

Aag- 20. 1S82.— Meter*. Abrnetby and WeUiMS, 

jJD«Btl«inMi: It affords ne ptnaoDiw to prm mr rm- 

M fVbatlieodoneniMl as to the value of ibo SMkatrb- 

X •nolrUe wheat. I have beaa aatiTely rannur 

vital* kiatory from tiie Sar'Oetrat paakaseof 

SBsd eaiBo to the T>re«ent Kaeh year I h**S »ad » 

SB asuniaadon of the freis, aod have beeome ante 

aad aeora coiiviBced of it* gt««t Talo» A* It k !•- 

day. I roDttder it the beat and pare.t Fife vbeMla 

tSe Nonhweat No radi sraln has bi>«o reeeivadat 

ear mill* *inoe w* bars l>e«o ecsared to the mlWnc 

boaineM. Yoar preaent crop oucbt all be tol'l for 

Boed and oar firm, aa well as the Arm u( Pillabory 

ft Huribart. wiU r ad'y *•>! '■ •''•'1' »'' *• «?* 

•iatently can ia indndnc the farnura to sow it 

Tou have don* • rood work, the r-»a;tB ol vliicS 

WiU jrTo«more and more apoarent »s lb* y»*r» re 

by The propag lion of wh»at I ke will add 

millions to the value- of tlie wheat crop of rnr State 

when It* caltivatioQ ^>«co'^'* ^""^'i'} aut','^' 
fully yonra. C. A- HLLSBURT. 

Bead for drcnlar pi virs it* t^' h:»tory. Addrase 


MinncapoUs, jjIkB. 

Send pofUl tor IWsf \ HCt t^ 
Hair Morn. J» X 40 M mroe. tliloajfo. 


J tor a*«^t » 

Itrrtora -U*nd*otne net ot eleeant Card* 
lamp. A. U.iJA»»BTT, KoclieattJ. S.T. 


MatUda Heron's DauKliter. 

From the B rooky u Eagle. 

Matilda Heron's danghtet figured as a 
child in many of the curious closlnji 
aceusB of that noted actruss' life. I re- 
member little Bijou as a comioiliy tragic 
witness for her mother Id c«ourt, and It 
looked as though, if she stuck to the 
stage, she would reproduce the parent's 
combination of strength and crudenees. 
She is now, altor a echoolinjj in Europe, 
tho Helen Stoepol of Daly's Theater Com- 
pany, and ad a performer totally dilTer- 
ent from the eccentric Mies Heron, h^h*- 
id as weak as water and ns sweet as su- 
gar; without a trace of bpauty, but tho 
very sou 1 of fjentle iwlinement; with a 
voice as low and irmsical iH the raother'n 
was hij^h and hatHli; i:i all she does un- 
like the conventional actress, aud bu<<- 
petive of the restralhed ^pchqpl-glrl 

stifled voice. 

"You know her?" asked Mr. Nay ss- 
tonisbed. , 

"No." murmured the young man, "hot 
I lovoa herl" 

<Jareer of a Bank Robb^. 

The story of Reuben Porter Lee, who 
his juat been sentenced to ten years in 
the penitentiary for emVteziling §200,000 
from the First National bank of Buflialo, 
reads like a romance. Entering the in- 
-.^tiution as ine'«ens;er-boy at the age ol 
liftecn, he had tilled the pofitions ol 
h joli-keepvr, telloi, casliicr, vice presi- 
d Mit and pr siident at the age of thirty- 

v.t. ][>' W.19 elected to the latter posl- 
•i '-A l.i-t .liiniuiry, .it which lime the t-tock 
M- ' w.n worth |i>>. Three tiMiilii* 
afterward the institution closed its doors, 
hopeles.«ly insolvent. Lee obtained the 
money by discounting his own, his wife's 

and his lafhei-s's notes, each in excess ol 
the ten per cent, of the bank's capital 
stock, which ia the highest limit allowed 
to any single borrower. He allowed the 
reserve to be drawn below the fiileen 
per cent, required by law and carried 
paper for a worthless firm to the extent 
of one million of dollars at times. He 
received bis sentonce witli seeming in- 
difference, but his yoimg wife waa nearly 
heart-broken. He appears to have br en 
a consummate and heartless saimp, who 

Home'Oomforta and Oonvenieooos. 

No money or pains are spared to maks 
our largs and expansive houses con- 
venient in all parts. From garret to 
cellar every modern invention for com- 
fort is introduced. In th« kitchen the 
cook ia furnished with all possible helps 
for fiacilitating her work and making it 
easy. The laundress has water, hot or 
cold, at her command by the simple 
turning of a faucet, and all that is nsc- 
eaitiry to dispose of it, after it has been 
used, ia the withdrawing of tho plug in 
the bottom of ihe wash-tub. The wait- 
ers and chaml>er-m.ild3 are alike aided 
in their work so that the heavy drudgery 
of Ihfc housework is lightened to a great 

In the hilmble home, huwever, where 
one pair of tired hands lias of'.entiines 
Id ).(i'ornin'l thnvxaikTor the f'liiiiy, 
there is almost nlwuvs a dearth of these 
conveniences. All -.'f the water used for 
every purpose must often be pumped 
and carried quite a distance. Tubs must 
lie lifted, filled, aud emptied, and iLa 
waste water, perhaps, be thrown into a 
drain some ways from the house. An 
em!les« amount «f hea\7 labor must be 
iione tlirou.^h with each day, and es- 
pecially on washing day. 

Many steps might be saved and the 
burden of many a Imck lightened by the 
oxerciBe of a little ttiousiht and a email 
outlay of money. The husband, taken 
up with hif daily routine of work, lired 
out, perhaps, when be returns home at 
ni:.;iit, olten does not appreciate how 
iicavy the burden is which his patient 
wife has to bear; he does not note the 
tired look, and see that the roses ate 
fading from her cheeVp The change is 
gradual but sure. A mother giving her 
very life to her chililren and devoting 
hereelftothem night and day. who is 
obliged to perform tlie household duties 
of lier family should have the manual 
labor of her home reduced to the small- 
est minimum. Every possible appliance 
which tan be use<l to les.sen her work 
should Ije j.rovided. The cooking ar- 
rangements should >»e brought within 
the 'oiapiiss, bo that everything 
ccom]>lished with few steps. 

fhe first character which Ml^a Stoepol 
plaved at Daly's was the voung daughter 
in ''Od.-tte," .ind her ciuef taslc was to 
ask her youthful sweetheart to marry 
her. She accomplished it with a ^ativo 
fiiinplicity and charming ingenousnesn 
tliat was highly admired by the audience. 
I'erhaps the fact that her fat ;er, Rob- 
ert Stoepel, sat in the orchestra leader's 
chair helped her to appear dilferenl and 
modest in her reversal of the usual fkiflh- 
ion of courtship. As for the effect upon 
Henry Miller, the gnod-looking juvenile 
actor whom she highly solicited to be- 
come her husband m the play, it is 'no 
wonder be has usked to do it in real 
life. The betrothal ia authoritatively 

announced. __, , _^r 

On© Experience ftrom Many. 
"I bad been uick and miserable so long 
and had caused my husband so much 
trouble and expense, no one seemed to know 
what ailed mts, that I was completely dis- 
heartened and discouraged. In this frame 
of mind I got a bottle of Hop Bitters and 
used it unknown to my family. I soon began 
to Improve and gained so fast tha: my hus- 
band and family thought it strange and un- 
natural, but when I told them what nad 
helped me, they said "Hurrah for Hop 
Bitiers ! long may they prosper, for they 
have made mother well and us hiappy." — 
The Mother.— Home Journal. 

The order suspending Indian Inspenor 
Pollock has been revoked snd he Is ordered 
to report for duty 

Grave Rua Mills, Baltimore 00., Ml. 
Messrs. Kennedy & Oo.:— The Carbollue is 
making young bair oome on my bild head. 
Peter F. Shearer. 

White fell poke bonr^ts, trimmed with 
white uncut velvet, wl'iie featbere, and gilt 
braid are to be very stylish for young ladies. 

Skinny Men. 

"Wells.' Health Heiiewer" restores health 
and vigor, cureeUyupepiia, Impouaice, Sex- 
ual Deblhty. $L 

A dainty tea gown li of mignonette caih- 
mere lined with psle terra cotta color aud 
gar:ii«hed wi th ribboiia of t»rra cot ut color. 

"Evil d!8|»ibitione are early shown." Evil 
tendencies in our .*y.stet!id are to be watched 
and guarded ugaiiiii. If yon find yourself 
gettiugbilioUH, bead heavy, mouihfoul, eyes 
yellow, kidneys di*ordercd, syniptouis o 
pil« tonuenting von, Uke at once a fewf 
doeea of Kidney- Wori, It i* nature'* grunt 
aakistant. Use it as an advance-Ruard— don't 
wait to get down uick. Read adv t 

Ostrich feather plush, with bita of feathers 
woven into a coarse lining, i« the latest 
thing out for lining new wraps InteadeJ for 
opera or party wear. 

Diamond dyes will color any thing any col- 
or, and never fail. The eadest and best way 
to economize. 10 cents, at all drug gieta. 

A charming evening gowu for a young 
lady haa a short bkirt of cream-white bro- 
cad« and a jx)inted waist and peniera of 
white nun'i veiling, trimmed with brocads 
buxda an d Barcel o na lace . 


Quick, complete cure, all annoying Kid- 
ney, Bladder and Urinary Diaeaao*. $1. 

At the election at Annapolis, Md., on the 
queation of local option, ladies throngsd the 
polling places and pedd led tic kets. 

Russia Salve hTunrivalled for Its speedy 
healing quaiitioa. Ask your druggisU for it. 
25 eta. _ ^_ ^ ^ ^ 

The general view hi Washington seems to 
be that Pope may he confirmed, but it will 
be a hard pull . 

LydiaE. I'inkhwo's* Vegetable Compound 
strengthens the aiomacb and kidney* and 
aids digestio n. _ 

The whole amount of taies levied m Big 
Stone county for 1882 is $24,281.60. 

"Rough on Rati." 'cieara out rata, mice, 
files roa hes, bed bugs, anta, vermin, 15 cf*. 

Mother Swan's Worm Syrup, for feverish- 
neaa, restlessness, worm a._ Taste lesa, 25 eta. 

'^' "^antoIT 

Every i)ersr>n who ia atliictod wiUi nervous 
debility, weakneas, lost manhood, to call on 
or address 8. Blackford, 274 East Seventh 
street, 8t. Pau'., Minnt^ota, proprietor of Dr. 
Halliday's remedies. Thousands have been 
cured, and it will cure you or It will aistyou 
nothing, and will tell you how to prevent it 
In the future In both sex eg. 

Proe to all MlnUtei-fl ofOhjorches. 

I will send one boUle of the Wblto Wine 
of Tar Syrui), gratis, to any miniater tliiit 
will recnmniena it lo fdcndBi. nftcr jtiving U 
a fair test, nnd It proves batisfactory for 
coughs, colds, throat or lung d:s!fa'«es. 
Dr. C. D. Waeskk, Reading, Mich. 

Nothing is uglier tha'i cro »k»d boots, 
btraighten th em w|th Lyoti'a Hee l f^titTeners 

Try the new brand ?,\r\'.\-jL TobRcco. 


to vigorously push a business, 
strength to study a profession, 
strength to regulate a householtJ, 
strength to do a day's labor with- 
out physical pain. All this repre- 
»ents what is wanted, in the often 
heard expression, " Oh ! I wish I 
had the strength 1" If you are 
broken down, have not energy, or 
feel as if life was hardly worth liv- 
ing, you can be relieved and re- 
stored to robust health and strength 
by taking BROWN'S IRON BIT- 
TERS, which is a true tonic— a 
medicine universally recommended 
for all wasting diseases. 

fai N. Frtmeat St.. Balttmore 
During the war I was in- 
jured in the stomach by a piece 
of a diell, and have suffered 
from it ever since. Abouifour 
years ago it brought on paraly- 
lii, which kept me in bed &ix 
months, and the best doctors 
in the city said I could not 
hve. I suffered fearfully from 
indigestion, and for over two 
years could not eat solid foud 
and for a large portion of the 
time was unable to retain even 
Uquid nourishment. I tried 
Brown's Iron bitters and now 
after taking two bottles I am 
able to get up and go around 
and am rapidly improving. 
G. Deckss. 


s complete and sure remedy for 
Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Malaria, 
Weakness and all diseases requir- 
ing a true, reliable, non-alcoholic 
tonic. It enriches the blood, gives 
new life to the muscles and tone 
to the nerves. 

VA1T V'hkll I' V It TOU w»nt to Ifam Tclcsri tpb ' In 
lUllMrjJl!-^ , few iDoaf.m. a!id be certi....Cf * 
dtnation. Jf^ett Valentine Bixwt.. J»r.* t Ut. Wlm. 

fnformatioa unit M»i • of Mlnoarl. 
Arkaii"*.-. in.l Text.*, writ* IO& 
irni. 4a CUrk gtrcet.«.hic«ap>. 



i \^ F,>r ll'i»> *« »' tt.n Oiil.'H A IV-* 


CAN MAKE peI^^S^th 

»0 kiliKffirtbe AintrcHn FutTner.lnrlujfOif wt» 
lei »nJ »DrUig. AJOfsi. t.a.K.H» ct«U.Ft.\V»nie.liid. 

siiT 71 ^ 


inOOKJtTt IM BtlH ui < (Mr, 4»a'l W : <»nn»>. 
-.„. . ^xl. ku M.V).I« VLT 

UC iM ItO, ifcawa, Mm. kMU* il Mi l>Jtoa.M. 





Monarch 4tYoun^ Amarioa 

(:Ui:N Jfc COU MILLA. 

Ouly Mlil4 tii>>le with Of,* 
C>i»i-s M O ■ "fl ■»«. War- 
ranted ^'UK!^o^ 10 %ur In 
u-* tor »li jiurpo***. Will 
Kriiid fi'HUtr, TU > f wier -md 
wear loiiKCr. 8.>tl<!*. Volk 
(ntaraiiltp 1. *^Al* CV,r» 
8 " Wt-.Ic«<1i ii:ter^C»<l«C 
SriJn, Hav IrejuieH.IVi i tor 
dr iil»rv» il'"lo« Mauo- 
f».tur^ b \VH T I VN 
At.KIClJI.l VR.Ki.VO^ 
St. Li»«ii». Mo. 


Thoae w)io n»e It onre always OHe IC. 
▲sk tor " %l'Atl£1ii'* wUcre you trad«t. 

CJoisr« u j^/L'L'-r LOJST i 

I hat- 

t- -jtc 

r«iui-l3r ( >r tl.s above ili.-»a»e; by 
; i-A^» i.f liie worst kiti'l tiMl ol 
■ W' u > urwl V»<.-c I. 00 a;r ug W 
. \ t4t;U. ..) i.i . liii'-y. thgt I wili »>i -I Iwi' M<>TTI.*i 
^BtK. ti'iTLtlK-r will a Vai.ii»iii.k J.jcati>ib ud (hli 
li.«a«e. to au>' rjlTiTOr. i-.^'i' .; "Hittu* and P. O. •A' 
|r.,„, UK ■•■ A. 6^)*XM. 

1,«: I »jrl •tiw.t. Sew Vol*. 


'.'.a- aiil lt<l Ine H!«* 
K Indian 1'il* Oia*- 
lir..u;.- ii»o i>l Tlur 
tfiviiiiiuvMi'le I br 
r'n; •ifi'l"- .Mi»i'»<l "" riTcsii'. oj. !■ .'C. *1 per boji 
VOYt'S niU !J. * clTI.hH, Wtu'lra*;* Ajfeul*. BL 

A 3i,r<Ki i;iv for UhaJ. !;U« 
A.~!u;lv b-'lut r». AViiu-IAM 


latfl. .MidU 



Slow riH c-i rnoeuc 


with M Mt of 4 Waakni Rta Tt^ 

qiilrl.hAl ^ ^ 

OB t~< trt*J Irfaa •!.« 4ailr«a. 
n.,.p; H»~* 0»„««»> 4 (Ml 

liMt<%, U aUf*. M^iiaaieal Bafe 

wlth»3»l<^'an.!|l Bo»a onl, M. 
AlM> tcr I oJi t«»» trt«i r'»n " *•- 
(Irad. K3»^»/il !«•-. ir.«#».in''»»i* 

rolar »itJi i*-«"iiun»«l». fr»«. A<t 
tt 1 >K.»*00..«>TMf<«'C>IM^ 

Fonndation of the Richest lIoiu»e 
In the WorltU 

Rotbchild was the third boo ut a 
banker at Frankfort 'There ^m not," 
he said, "room enough for all Itj the city. 
I dealt in English ftoods. One great 
trader came there who had the market 
all 10 himself; he was quite tlie great 
man, and did us a favor if he sold os the 
giods. Somehow I offended him, and 
he refased to Bhow us bis patterns. Tliia 
was on Tuesday. I said to my f.itiier, 
will Ko 10 England.' I could speak uothing 
butUermnn. On Tbursday I etarted. 



til health Ken^rtUy comes from lack of the ', The nearer 1 got to Lnglanathecheapei 
proper life forces in the blood. To restore j goods were. AsBoonasIpotto.MancJieH- 
the blood to a healthy sUU use Brown'* Iron ! ter I laid outali my money, things were so 


Mr. B. B. Kenyon, of Cbillicotba, O., 
writes: "It \i impossiblti for lue to praise Dr. 
Quyaott'a Yellow Dock and Sai-saparilia aa 
highly as it deserves. I know iuu be an un- 
failing core for ayphilitic disorders, acromla, 
iinpirity of the blood, dyj'iieieia anil weak 
kicHievs. It cured me entirely of all these 



ui.iy be acconii 

Working In n kitchen which is several 
feet l)elow the other part of the house, 
BO that the fta^sagtj into the dining-room 
requires coming up and down stairs 
should be avoided. When there is but 
one step it may be remedied by making 
au inclined floor between the rooms. 
r. When there are a number of steps, how- 
deserves all the puniahment he | ever, it would be better to di^ipense with 

' the out kitchen altogether if pobaible, 
rather than take the chances of ruined 
health by such constant use of stairs. 
A small amount of money carefully 
expended will bring tlie water to be 
used by the fa;nily within doors, and 
will provide a drain. The idea of a 
mother of Utile children bein^ obliged 
carry heavy pails of water ia all kinds 
o weather, dispose of all the dishwater, 
and suds, and bring in the coal and wood 
perhaps from the barn is all wrong, 
tf such Ihiugs have to be done at all, if 
here are no arraiij^'ements otherwise, 
they have to be done every day in the 
year. I lie one pair of hands must per- 
orin the task, no matter how tired and 
worn the feeble woman may be. Over- 
work of this kind, so unnecessary, is the 
secret of much of the ill health which 
surrounds us on all sides. Yonn^ wo- 
men, anxious to save and econonuze, bo 
that tbev may have aomething laid by 
for the future, and their own homes, try 
to do too raueii wliile they are raising 
their children. As tlie years go by 
they either droop and die or are unfit- 
ted, by ill-health, lor the important 
^|-«»*g^^rhich they have to p«7form in 

®*"*"' _ 

Baton Rouge, La., June 3, 1881. 
I am happy to inform the public of the en- 
tir«8aii«lactionthat Allen's Iron Tonic Bit- 
ters have given. 1 kave been selling them for 
*ome tlroeand have never heard a complaint. 
B. A. Da y. DrOgglst. 

Patrons looking for HoTilay Goods will 
do well to send for David C. Cook's Cata- 
logue of goods. He is in the field this yfctr 
with k larger stock than ever, and from hla 
priees we should Judge the bottom 
iaUen clear out before he purchased, 
adv. other column. 

An Awftil Responsibility. 
It li a fact aa easv of proof as that two 
and two are lour, that Hale's Honey of 
Horehound and Tar, taken as a remedy for 
coughs, colda, difficult breithinu, hoarse- 
ness, orany other 0/ the symptoms whlon, 
as it were, pave the way for that terrible 
destroyer, will effect a radical and rapid 
cure of the ailmeut, aud avert all danger. 
Whoever, knowing thl-«, neglects to resort 
to the truespeciflc under such circumstances 
assumes a fearful reeponsibility. Bold by 
Pike's Toothache DropB cor* to on* 

"■The fl«Bh apewiily rennlta wlien obsti- 
nate sores arecieanaed with Qlenn'* Sulphur 


KTsry Cor.*» I* ^*p*''^^*^ 
tiotory to lu w»kr*r In "T^J T*'; 

the pw»oo ifora 'f lio™ tt wMte^ae- 

a«u.a 41 — «^ » tt-**- 

■arilBS. Bl-SB 


-I-keOrf*t Throat and I. in* lianiedj. rureiy ▼•»» 
tai,I« and n*iiir«'» bt«t ai"'^t*iit id cnrlugCour** 
C..I4« an.! tij.-oat and Lunu ";c.uM,-»^ !7,''"JL'l? 
Smilxiaauo * Tnwmo, Osueral Auaat*. HL rsufc 
Mii. tt. 


I i ft. J I I MEC-HANI" S lA ^K»% 
•*• ^"^ ^"^ FACfURLKB. irr^U F. <*. 

DitAKtR * CO„ 8.^ Eaat Tblrd atrMt. St. Paul. >!«■•., 
for tbolf BIi'«tr«t<-<J Cati!i)rti» for l««a-aboo» •! 
13 1 i>agca, gh lutc f^rtm and lUuatratloiw ol •tmt too* 
luo" u to mudam intcuattlma. aeady Feb. 1. Build, 
••'< aod Uecbaalca wlU aava Qui* aud uoDt? br cot. 
ra'kXJiiding witb tbla Wdlnjt houae ta uwl* •*• 
tulldert* fc ardwara. Band « eapf U> atala». 


rinl idav IVxika iSOc to $ 1 00 Frlnu'-d'-an* .30r lo tl 00 

JiiTOiiiif. Booka.r.c to WS liroiiioa p^flox •>no 

lift U1»a ....JO-- tofl 2.-i< liruiuo» <• l>: iranofa l^j 
T. aa Il.b a*.?} JO fof.^ 00 Mlk Hook U aka..oC<a»I 

ainhtmi«iardii...lcU)il WaliiloUL,a •••,*; 

Above price* Incia '* rc-Uite. IiiiTi.<T*e atork^ W*- 
c. a'.tfiomi.'0lo4t»D.-r<.rllt.i-re«rlyC <l«r^- '"''"^ 
li!u..tiaied<*tal. file rite. Any If •"* ;n lh« markai 
lUiUlsiicJ at )ena tlin'' -elail url.«, l>m«-i aM. 

IjAVU) C. cook, 46 Adama bU**V OIU< *go. _ 

Shod For Li 

From the B(»ton Herald. 

An eccentric gentleman vlslteU • 
Boeton shoe store recently and 
<7ot a pair of sho<»3 which he Bad ordered. 
The price therefor was |15. He cheer- ■ 
fully paid that sum. He then asked for j 
a shet:t of paper, and on it stated that j 
he had at lost got a pair that suited iiito. I 
On the same sheet be wrote a schedule | 
of what he presumed would be all he | 
wuoVl want during his "natural Ufe" in \ 
the way o< frx)t gear, inciuding bootaand 
shoes of varioua -'-wles, quahties and 
patterns; slippers rubtn>.- i,f« .!,« as^ 
irrtttate being 256 pairs. He then gk^;/!- 
verbal order to have the epecihed 
goods mauufactured, and as an earnest 
of his sincerity, gave a check for |100 a» 
partial payment in advance. The dealer 
was well pleased with his customer, and 
declares his uiteuliou of Clling the order, 
which, ha admita, waa a good ona. 

Hiil's Hair and Whisker Dye, 50 cents. 

Opinion of Dr. \Vm. U. Stokes, phvsician, 
Mt. Hope Retreat, Baltimore: "I have 
areat pleaiure in adiiing my testimonv to 
Ke virtues of Colden'a Liquid Be*f Tonic 
as the very best preparation naed for d^ 
p ession, weakness and ind»gMtaon, and 
then-fore confidently recommend it to tb« 
m^Hlical profession.'^ ( Remember the name, 
Coldeu'a—taka no other.) Ot drugguit^ gen- 

cheap, and miule cood profits. I noon 
found that there were three profits— on 
the raw material, the dyeicg and 
manufacturing. I said to the 
manufacturers: .1 will supply you 
with the material and dye. and you sup- 
ply me with manufactured goods, ho I 
got three profits instead of one, and I 
could sell goods chetper than anybody. 
In a verv ftbort time 1 increased my 
£20,000 to more than £lO0,fH)0. 

'•.Uy siicce.59 nil turned on one maxim. 
I said 1 can do what iiaottier mau can, 
and so I am a match for the man with 
the patterns, and all the rest of thern. 
Another advantage I had— I was an off- 
band roan; I made a bar,fain at once. 
When I settled n London the V:a8t India 
rompanyhiul £800,f»(>0 of gold to sell. 
1 went to the nale and bouglit it all. 1 
knew the Duke of Wellington must have 
it for the pay of his army in the Tenin- 
8u!a I had bought a great many of his 
bills at a discount. The government 
sent for me, and said they must have it. 
When they got it they didn t know bow 
to get it to Portugal. I undertx)ok all 
that, and 1 sent it throogh France, and 
that was the best business I ever did. 

Havelard A Haugh's general store at 
Grafton, was burned last week. Insured 
for $10. 000, whlfth full y covera the los«. 

Four Preebyterian clergymen in Phila- 
delphia have latelj- adopted the custom 
of wearing gowns in the pulpit. ^___ 

-rtiih i»f«**m.» •*■*••.. ^ M»iu • 

Far **U »» la*dla« EataU »a.te*a .T»r«rfc«t» 
caXOAQO 0OltS«T CO.. 



for all diseases of tha Kidneya and 

LIVER— -• 

XthaarpodflooaUonon Uii* moat isiportant 
CTcan, en*bU2i« It to tlirow off torpidly »ad 
Inactton, stlinnlaUng the lieolthy eocrotioa of 
tlj- EUo, and by kacplsff Vh* bo» els la fraa 
condition. cE^etlat: its rerJi»»*l»c^'''80- ' 

■«««l««aii'^ Ifyoaaraaalfcrlnifrom 

IVIalariCia r.i.aulA,ti*Ta •J.a cUiUa. 
tro billons, dyBpej'Jc, "^ constipated, iUincy- 
■Worl will suroiy kU-'J-o end qiilok-ly e°ro- 

la tho Bpilag to clean-- oUioCrBt-jri. a.***/ 
026 ehouid tiiko • tUorough oo-uroe c: It. 
ti- SOLD BY DRUCCIST8. Price tl^. 





|:Salur cir*;ul.r,^.;.rr.-« IU-lmbW-rorr«^^ 

S,; i? K'lS! m • >:»«. lu. 

f I 







— acuL training of their 

Dairy Farming. 

The Hop. Qeorge B. Loring, in 
article on dairy tarming, aaya: 

OoTerninent Clatma. 

If you have a clai m of any kind ae^nat the 
Government, write to Bt.)ddart A Co., 413 O 
street. N W., Waahinet/jn, D.C.encloaing 
fwrsc^ntstimps. They will glveyoufufl 

Informatio n in regard t o H. 

P*ir»on»l— .Men Only. 

Tha VolUic Belt Ca, Marshali, Mloh., wljl 
DnDT*'. Celebrated* Elj-ctro-i^oluJc Beltt 
Electric Arpl»D>«s on "'«! ^•^ 'blriy d»T»to „, 

loat Vitality and ki-dred tr> uules euarantaeln« 
IfeedTand compile r.Moration ot haallh «d 
matilv TiiroT. A.Vlresa as abore. N. B.— BO tlsK 
rulirrS. as tl,irty£.yi' tri^jUs alL'^W'A 

I Coacha. < olda. • .d Voi* TIiro«t qulAIy f» 
Ueved by ''l irQxcn'tUr or u.hiai Troctu *. 

' The Bemi-annnol dividend? payable in 
I Boeton iu Decern be r aggregate |4,0Q2,(^ 

t "^'-^ - wLh an army of 450,0<)O men 

i S^rJJm wiV'^lAnlT't.ior its support but 
1 $75,000,000 per annuai,^ ^^, »|,e iinited 
, StaUas, with nominaUy 2&M\^^^, „^ 

- ri. 1 1. . SiJiJ Model aiJ SkLti'i. will 
' '.r if iiatfilitalile. Ma.ny years srao- 
.... N. w. niZOl-JlAlJ) *wi:o.. 
i>:.,.;.t At!i..-ijr>-a.W«»hin-t' a. D. C. 



Yoan »ii: 
atyls ot 


buy the latest 


Two Dollan. 

Hold by aU Kowadealare •nd FoutmrnrnfT*. 
iiend Twenty OnU for • »|*.rlin*i. Copy «• 
W. JENNINGS I'K.MOUKST. fnl>Uahe», 11 
Esat KooimeBth Street, N«w Tork. 

tr Tttm N«w Voluni»> I IV) tmmmmtrf* with 
November. Bend FIKTT CEWT8 tnt tl.r-e 
Diontli*; It will a-tlafy you tb»t ,«Mi «*n anb- 
•crlbe Two UoUara lor m ye^r aod Bet tM 
ttmea IU valoa. __^________^_^ ^ 

Health is Wealth! 

Db B Wtn't N'BiiTs AWK Baal* TaB*Ti«Fti 

ail-xiftefor HyfV ri». ;.iidneaa.0.iDTO;»lon» NarrojB 
a«»da. U, MciJtai 0«pr-N^inn. I...a« ol ^^•^i>^T^ 
alorrhaa. lin^cifoo , iii»ulurt-ry Lml»»:t tia.l^a»» 
tur« Uld .1««. caunad br oTer eiertx.t.. ►aH almaajj 
oT^r tndiiWwoa, wUlcb le»di U> ml^ry. decay S^ 
4«ai. ov* boi wiU eiira r'<:«=l ja-aa. l^iafcjj 
Toutalna OLa tnantlj'ii tT«i!in«iiC Oija dollar a BO».«l 
tXi boiea tor fi^a dollar. ; •eol by tnall p.'.pali oa i* 
seli.tof Wak»»f»r'tea«l» boiaaiocuraaojeaa* 
Wita aacb .Td** rw-^baJ bjr n- iot an iK'Wa. >ocu» 
Miiiad with a»a dollara. wa will aabd 'ba ruichaMS 
>ur ir"iit«B faara&t<« lO n-toro Ihamuuer li U*» liiSS 
mtiit(l.<» Bbl aR»<t a cuT%. Una an'.efa taaii«d t» 
LAilULE * CO.. Drugrgiau. l^rd auta t^oornat W»b» 
•ha. St. Faol. Uifift. Ordara by m»D wlL f«eara» 
»iampl aMtfitloa. 

rcilRE FITS I 

n ....akJ than bar* Ihrm reian. •«»l J , • ■»?" ,» '={ 
t ,'i .-»«. I hara aiaila nx ai»»aaa of » ITS KflLErsl 
tr I ALLISO BICUNK*^ • l.;» ">"'«•""'» l"rr.ot« 
r»3ir<l» to cora ihB wont emm. B«-««ta »">*• J»;2 
f«llad li CO mMon for o.t iw* rer»lvli.i a «Ofa »•»«• 
ot.r, lor a ircattM an* a t r^ B^.ii!. ml ay InfauiajJ 
r-iiwxly. 01»a Kxpnm* a^.l l-.>.t OOtm. ll euau y* 
■utbluef.^atrl.l. •p^ I •^'I'-'i'-* T"" , „ -._»«*. 
" Iddiaaa l>r. U U RaOT, m r»arl IL, Fa^TOTS' 



Two (ui; seta f'f rno'la. 7 >tor'». knte swo.l aiid 
rull rtrgKa. B<"»t Ore»n in thi world. 


St. Paul ami Mlnneapolia^ 
Pure Cwl-Mvrr OH made from »«iert«d UTart. 

York, ni- absolutely pure and caeet. f»gjn*!Jlt2 
havaon.-«taV« It pillar U to all «»'.?«-.SrSS?S 
have doclded U Bup«rU.r to any of tha o»h^ oU» la 
market. . . _. 1 

Skit. Mrmi by uslu* Jtmiraa Taa B04». nudsby 
" h Oo, Ilaw lork. 





la aafaUtOf and MflaB 
bl* ia canaf EBUa^Oi 
rttt. S|iaaB>a, Ooeva) 
floaa. St Vltat Daaaa^ 
Alaakart— . Optuoi Ea*. 
I a f SpjnnaiorrbaBe, 




2r Ufail V«kkaa-a, la 

^^■P MnodPl— a— Ta<.1ar. 

■ ^^ cy«>aa. Lawyara. U«» 

a.Ta«b. M«rakaBta. 

Baakat*. L«dlaa aod aB 

Btoyaaet n aiaa >a>e 
•Q* Praatrmno*. Irraa 
torlOaa ef tha klaod. 
fiMearh, bewala a* 
KMaaya. ar «fc« ■•- 
«alra a aaraa lente a^ 
MCtaa* ar aUaalaoL 
laMaRrrAli nkmvimI 

la tavalnabla Tboua 
anda praclaia U Ika 
" l«*1« 

^w NCVUteiUkB.^,^i>aa* SenWrtai UTto 
KV^^^ ^«E^ araal tkaiaTarSirtain- 


TmKDB.a> A. 

_ BicnuevD unkiOAL 

SaU Pr»pr*M»r%. at. J 


~ When writhw tfl edvertiters pi 
their adyCTUkfikiiwU iu this 

Ho. W 


I -'*m 

^ ♦ 

I. ■ - ■ 


-1 - 

1IWT T » 










& St. Louis R. 



do 7:.-W do I do 3-'«* "» 

H. D. Weaver, Agt. 

Biii'ttiart Bros. 

Oppijsito^Goodrich's 90 cent store. 

Wool, Bair and Husk Mat 
tresses, Wool Pillows, 

CM. A: St. P. Ry, H.A:D.DiT. 



PrriKht 5::« a. in. . Kr.«l«tht S;;"",,"'- 
«:46 do ! l*ni'!«.-iiirfr »M9 tH> 
3:47 p. tn. I Fnlicht ';:«>p tn. 




st.v/jo r do »:00 no 

tHt;i» liltEINER, Jr. A|tM,l 

fatranteeti, and cl«»rif«s reacoiillu 



Hand Eiicine« 

Tlip H;iii(l KiigMi*. from the 

Kmnsfy Works, Sfi«.'Ca Fulls, S. 

Y. rujiclu'd Chiisk.i last SaturdsiV, 
Rt-palrinffpromply ntv'-nud to .Ml work , together >Yith ii lufsr rart aud 500 

tVct of hose. The Kaginc ia a 
I beiiuty !»nd at k jmhlic test lust 

'J'i;.>^I;i\ throw « stream of wa!er 
I through J()M ie^.^i of hose of 12«)fe"t. 
I VuriouK other t-est.-; were made ill 
J equally .satis*<tct»>ry. She will l>e 
! jdaeod in service as soou as a mw 

eouiiMiiy is fK-Ki*»izt?d, 

; Ucautifi;:! writing desk.s, scrip 
! books and tScrap Pictures at i. 
I KdefM Haztr. 

The Smoker's FrIenH. 

The druj^st.>rr his ett.ihli.shed a 
reputation for its choice cigars and 
tobaccos, that is now very general- 
ly uudersti;od. A very fine seU c- 
tien of cijjHr ca^e.-t andi«tands, very 

pERfifKAL. — Miss Ro^nlia Mei''' 
enhurg, of Litchfield, Minn., 
daughter of Peter Meisenburg, pn - 
prietor of the Lake Itipley Hon.**' 
of that place, came down to this 
county last Saturday to visit her 
sister Maggie, who is teaching 
school in district No. 5.3, in this 
county. Mr. M., was formerly a 
prominent farmer of t'hanha.s.seu. 

Lwieu Warner, of St. Paul, was 
iu town last week. 

R. Zegeliu and Simon Sterner, 
of Hollywood were in town 
Mondity and remained over night. 
We acknowledge a pleasant call. 

John Olson, of San Francisco, 
was in town on Monday. 

M.'Scheitnagle, of Waconia, left 
for a visit to Ohio last Monday 

:>ETEE JUiia 


Fo^- tb«> muutli entlin* Tier 1, 1H82. 

3 sS? 7? ? 
? rn or- 

? 3 

Totiii pnrollini»nt » 41 73 IM 

AvtTiige do 38.. '> it t: 1*3 

do nttcndano'^ an SI «8 12* 

Toi;a actPMddnce in days W8.5 «7«..'> 1014 2328 
ToUl atM^nce in dHV4 0..> 37.3 oCT laO 

No. of rw-x-x i>t tiirdiii.x* 1 4 • '4 

Minut»;8 lo!«t hy titrdincns flO 18 110 186 
No. of piipilx n«>liber Mb.-ient 

nor tnrdy i* 2*1 14 » 

So. of vl!<itora 2 I « 5 

Nnmvs of t»rdy pupil*: t' e<| Goodrich, 
Eniror. Curolin Ho:ilc, .\d« llii Ochn. Vh. Henk. 
II. i;imor V Uii<M-hkow»kv. O.«dlll. .Men 
EU" HcnriHtii Klobi, Fritx Klelw, Tli. Grates 

B. A.TAYL<>U. 

New Year 

to Bq; 



MaJ e y« er b< y's happy by buy- 
ing them «:nc ft n. Yvungs no 1 
extra cheap .suits, J. 11 prices from 
2.50 to 12.00 best Talu*s in the 

ClIAS!v.\. MINX. 

T am fH w prpfiirfrd to f«*ll tn the tr.vie tb*- 
clioic'^t wlBrn, f»^««r-i and ciipiriat *•••• txlo\» 
JM. Tiial and Mior^apolls prltM. 



If lI/X^XASt!D H AIjT-# ■ suittthle<.'hri.stn-ai* presents, cheaper 



than the cheapest. 

Peter litis, Proprietor. 

— -.n-. 

Tit* wKll known Hotel ha^ rt-eently heen en 
tir.-Jjrt-Jurnii'ht^ltbrouglioutwith n»-w furn- «««n.; »»«n!» und is iioiv No. 1. to vveryrw- 


THE BAR»>ckft<l with th« finest import^il 

Liquors, wines and cigars. 

ante tko coolest and 

best beer in town 

constantly kept 

All kinds of musical instruments 
aud ."upplies at G. Kders Bazar. 



In littketown, on Tuesday, Dec 
12 l^>>ti Theresia daughter of Pet*r 
(ir«>gor, aged 15 years, 

Thfs is the fourth child Mr. Grt- 
gor, ivas lost within one month, all 
by tivat dread disease diphtheri ». 
Mere »Tords of sympathy are poor 

t'i'-d H*f I 

^*t vkHt I in^jf »• true. 

on drauclit. , . . »» w m <• 

ciH and become tati*jied con««!atioH to >ir. & Mrs. (»regor 

! in tl»»ir direufHietioM. we wish ve 
co«Kl offer them more 

iliiiiieiipoliutSI. Louis 


Boot k Shoe Store. 

ftarhard Sehrorn, has added a 
«lock of readr made boots and 

it PFRT I PA RflllTF t '^*>**^ ^^ ^^^^^^^ <^"^ ^^ >^^^ ^^^^^y *" 

MLbLn I LLfl ""*JJ[^ I acoomodatc the trade, at prices to 



twit the times. Call in and exam 


his stock. 

Tkroai;hCura, conn«^tinjr in t'nioa De|>et i 
■wit^ traiuB for all points Ek.sI. | 



F«T«ra] miles the (»h<irt(*»t 

«;r.ind rnion Depoi with trains for all polntit \ 

iSfutli, Pontlieaot aad Hoaihwest. 

JMuin and Faney Statiouery. 

A very acceptable present is a 

i SwW'Of writing paper and euveUpcs 

I Our stock embraces in the Beigh- 

connectingr ia : ittoiihood of one hundred styles at 

Des Moines Short Line. 

, j»ri(»eR ranging frcm teu cents tci 
i tjkvee dollars a box. 

Jos. Frtnken. 

The only direct und first-cliiBs r.-^nte be- 
tween the capital citie* of the (^reat statos 
of Mitmt-eota and lowii. 

Hardware k Cutlery. 
IPfcilip Heuk is iu receipt of ait 
BOrBLE I) A I L Y TH.\ !NS immense stock of Hardware. 5tove^, 

; li^ht ware and cutlery which he 
i offere to the trade at bottom prices . 

1'rtw«*« *t- Panlaod Minncipolii* ind Fort 
l>o«lj»! a»d the extenitive cokI field.n of Iow.« 
The .cutlj roate offering TWO TIIAI-NS 
I»AII.Y t.) 

Kaasft^. City. Atohison k Leavenworth 

.tfakinjr •V'lowe connection ^'ith ir.iins of the 
l^ntpa facido und Acchison, Topeka and 
:*«»fa fV RaiiwaTA. 

A fmll linn (f ti>?ketfl to all pniBt.t in tho 
t-iiioa Btat-ea and Canndaa on m.:.1o .it prinei- 
f»,ul tiok«t olHce thft'tigtiont thti Northwest. 

Foe inform- iriou regard injf Ratcv, Roum.s, 
{*leei»ia(r-c3r Bertha .tc, inquire of nenrbst 
Tif-i»«t Ajffnt.or of 


^l*H'^ Tm^-^c M'tnigiir, Grn'l Mnnagar. 


('•icjne, - Minn. 

Boot and Shoe Maker. 

C^Kopatitw* netitlv done. Price low. 

0»U and examine his immense 
I «4>ayk before purchasing elsewher* . 

M. H. Ma}TtM. 

If^'-'lling off hi.j .^'tock of hard- 
i w»5e, .stoves, cutlery tin ware kz.! 

at^tot't to make room for a lot of 
j n^TT^rood.^ recently ordered. Call 

i£.aad examine hia stock and prices. 

No trouble to t*how goods. 

75 OTcrcoats as ccrat price 
Humbug at 

H»Tchow & Eder. 

Magical Goods. 

Musical goods, Htich as pianos, 
organn, accordeon.«*, flutes and 
trumpetH, vory suitable holiday 
presents. At prices to defy com- 
petition. Jos. Franken. 

Look at tile Ladies Satchels and 
traveling valises at G. F.ders Ba- 

Best Ci*fico< reduced to 5 cents 
per yard at 

Reichow & Kder. 


Having been led astray by false 
reports, which circulated in ^haska 
and vicinity, previous to Nov. 2, 
1^^2, said report claiming that the 
.\ckerBian Bros, had at one time 
»)orro*ed $3000 of Frank Hasseu- 
stab, and had never refunded .said 
money, Therewith retract puhlicj.v, 
in ca^e f made the abeve statement, 
and declare Julius Ackerman and 
his brothers to he honarable and 
upright in all respects. 

Chanhassen Dec. 12, 1882. 


Do nol forget that we will not 
be undoraold by any, our stock is 
thuJlargest and assorted in the 
city and are j^reat bargains at the 
low pricc.«4, we are making them. 
Reichow & Eder. 


:^t the Moravian Churrh, Thaskt, on 
.Mondny. lllh 18«2. by the 
riev J. D. Hillman. Mr J..hii Boye, of 
MiRneapu'.it;, to Miss Pauline Karchar, of 

We understand that (juite a com- 
pany of invited gnestrt celebr.ited 
the event at Geo. Karcher's and 
r^>ort a splendid time. The hap- 
py couple have tke best wishes of a 
'host of friends. 

xmUS^ — ll_ lilt ^wrrax^ 'mm i r m i\ - 

- A r - 




.\ grand Ncw Year Ball will t>e giv< n 
thi.t yi-4r Ht CoiiLorwia llnU on the i v<n 
ing ofDec. 30.h 18«2. Tha Mitinenp... 
j li!> City B-ind, .me of the floAst in t>K- 
State, will furnish miumc for the occrision. 
hetiidcs rtii'lfriiig some of their thoice>i 
Kclvctinns during the arterno •:! ut tln- 
Natioiiai Hotel. Keuicuibcr thut Satut 
d.iy, being 


YOU should all avail youri.e!vcs of th 
privclrge uf hearing Monie of the fiiicsi 
muair ever heard in C'ha.'<ka. 



All indebted to the under- 
signed will please call and .settle at 
once with John Bierstettle, Chaska, 
as all accounts not tJcttled on or 
before Januar} 10th next will be 
collected by law. I'rompt pay- 
ment will save costs. 

Jordan, Dec. Uth 1883. 



Miss F. A. .Miy, who has a Ion;: 
eX|itTieucc in drcRnin^king in MiNnci«p<><> 
li» hus located in Waconi*, over Meyer & 
Mny^H store and is prepared to promptly 
attend to all orders in the linu of dreti.s- 
making, l.ive her a call. She guarans 
tecK hII work to he Kali.NfActory. 




A rush of business and lack of room forces us to 



ik liiil Otlier Goo 


Attention Farmers! 

WacjxiiaS^w Mill 

As wo au» <arrying a large stock and liave bee n doinj* a rusliint? ?)uviness this Fall we find that onr present qnarters are t4»o small for 

oar trade and consequently will increase our store room to double its present capacity, which compels ns to take thin step in selling our 
goods at astonishingly low prices, to reduce the stock, so that we » ill be able to make the necessary change. A^ we have the repntatiuu 
The f^trmers ..f Wacnia and ♦iuniij ! of selling goods chcap, wc will givc you the followiug Ust of priccs, to conviuce you that we are selHui; them still cheap<T: 







A Word to Farmers: 


OKSTI.T.BIKTS : If yo.i wi»h to r«"r»lT« 
•arh ««M-h erHst In <-t.ii<-rtl<Mi to !>«• th<. \nmA- 
^ng and »h» h»*t *|»ri«ulfinT»l aiiit »i»n«.ral 
TttMiitv >*MM.9a|M>r pul>)iBh«>.l in »uct lor 
-*rHK NoRTHWrxT 

.■%L'^"»rrlf»^ l«»r Ilia 



.tjf M Ul.l.'H'M.ii*. 

]t c«utat»« \L! 1HK >»:>V!« mOM ALL 

Il l« publUhf^* 111 tlir rltv wh.ri- foiir- 
eirths uf THK 'WHK%T <R«>P ..f tii« 
.Nurthwrvt Is HM.rk.-t.«t. 

!•« luarltrt r«i|H«rt» are unrMii!<llr.i Tor 
fiiUn«««. rr.*>jiuf».* aiid Mi-riirary, aotl ar* 
an hours l^it^-r tiiitu tli<><e iuimIc u|> la 

It* ablr. rt'liikblr aji I ■'•>i.i|>r«>hm«iT« 

T« preparMi b> 4C]>erlenr^l airriraltiiriata 
•^•rlallX for th* jrarm«>r« of the N.trtlt- 
««*t an.! .'ar^f),' I'l}-.a4lapt.>il In tlie rrapn, 
•«i|4, liriMliirt*. riiivatlr ron<llll..n» and 
(•■•ml n»«di uf tltU r<>c:l'>n which eau- 
■•tt b« (aid of any atU^r farm Journal. 

T*u will Hnd Tour {^joailonn all aiii>w«iw4 
ta lh« "I.«>«t«r iWi. " .H*a f<a<-b inrilahor of 
«our fkoilly will flu4l.'«irrt«innirnl in ft* 
•road cola mn... anil n^ Uirlal .upplrmrnia. 

Pripo 9 1. 1.1 por .Tmkr, froo nf oa»Un[9 - ktz 
wtoaths tt.*. ront*. .^tairplf rnp|«.i« ar* seat 


Th« leading Rrpiibltraci-turiial anrthwcwt 
•f Ctileaco; B« rolnmn.«.4t pases; fnll telo- 
ihir »«T»lce. ladopaa.lf'ut, a;;Krp«»lve, 

(irand Ball. 

Pot*r litis ia out with a big add , 
in tihia issue of the Herald inform- 
in* the public that he will give a 
<ir&ni hall at Concordia Hall, on 
Sai-urday evening, Dec 30th. Feter 
al«af«/-ct8 up a first class enter- 
taiujueot, and he says that he wi I 
do beittr than ever this time, havr- 
iug cu^'iged one of the best ban<ls 
in tliie itate fer this m-casiou. 


Apply to yonr pootmakter, who I* an- 
thortsod tn a«t aa «ar acent, nr writ^. di- 
Vwtlyt* THK TRIHINK. < O.. 

MlaneapolU, .Minn. 


TfiBfeeHyRoieer Press. 

FACTS for UaFARIfER: '*" 
WBDOM fur tleir WIVES' 
5 - (SITS for tiJir CHILDREN i 

Only $1.15 Per Annum. 

lead for Sample Oepy. AddMei 
fit. Ff^v^. lidiB. 

Hociat Hop. 

Do iKntifail to attend the Ssocijl 
Hop at eoucordia Hull to-morro\v 
night. Ail are cordially invited 
and a good. time guaraj.tced. 

6o To 

Liucnf»'laie.r & Faber for cheap 
good.<<. They have cut down pricra 
to bed rock fibres, ('all and see. 

The State Kdu(;ittionan Associa- 
tion will be Md at Market Hall, in 
St. Paul, Dec<^dt»»jer 2Tth, '28th. ai d 
20th iust., and the conventioa if 
the County Su ■er iitendeuts at tlip 
same place on tii^ 26th aud Slth 
inst. Addresses will be delivenil 
by Gov. Uabbard, lien. hJible ', 
Ex- Governor Dav in, Hon. Tho<. 
Wilson, Rev. Dr. Hutchinson and 
Hon. J. B. Wakelield. Uailroals 
will return members for one-fift h 
fare. A more extended notice will 
be publish**d next week. 

Fred Seeger, is rapidly selling 
out his large stock of clotbing ard 
dry goods. He is selliuj regar 1- 
less of cost. 

We still have the largest assort- 
ment of clothing and you will find 
it to your intrest t ; come and ex- 
anji:ie it, as we will sell regardless 
of cost. Mrs H. Young. 


At Chaska, on Friday, Decern - 
>m- 8th 18S2. Edwin, sou os Henry 
aud Liddie Stroback, aged a ysar», 
4 months and 5 days. 

Little Edwin was buried from 
the Moravian Church last Sunday, 
and his remains followed to their 
last nesting place by a large num- 
ber of sorrowing friends. The ])ar- 
euta have the sympathy of a large 
circle of friends iu their bereave 


The nndrrKtgneil will havo their ports 
ab!e»aw mill running at the pliou of C. 
Kronsel».-iabel, Ileiitoii, aflfr J)«r. lOlh, 
18?2, tnd Inter in tho boa9«n at lite pincc 
of John St«inhagen, Waeonia. Farmtrf:, 
bring in your lof^K; wo pnrantec .Hatisfiu. 
tioit. MILLER it JOHNS* 'N. 

are herfchy inr>irmcd ihit I will coiii'> • 
nicncu sawing lumber as soon as a Nuf^ ! 
ficirnt nuinbvr of Ingit are on hand. I 
gUitrantek good work at as clK-a|i rutea »*■ 
I the luvretit. Kumtmhcr tho 'old reliable*' 
mill at Wacoiiis, bring ia your log.s anu 
get Kali.^fuctiun. 

Wacoaia, Dec. 16. 1882. 



A First ('la.<<s 

Grist Mill! 

'J'lic un'Jl•r^i•;ned offers for .s.«!c or rent 
on favorable Ivrins, the Waeonia Roliur 
(Jri.vt und Saw Mill. It ia now in flrst 
cliistt condition, situated in a goud whint i 
! country, on the .Minn nixii.. A. St. Luui.s 
U. U. For tcrins inquire of 


Propiiotor, Wai-onin. Minn. 



Meyer & May, 

Waconia, Minn. 

Wf have decid.d to jivo our cnstomerK, 
uutil J;in. I, 1SS3, a rtdueiion of 10 per ct 
for all c B.ilf s on dry froids, notion^ 
clothii)^, hats A; oiip". hoots A; nhofis iic. i 
Wc niwiko this di.seount to c.iMh cuhtomers ! 
only. 1 1 you will cull in and 6»'e us, we will ! 
coiniucc yon ihityon can do betti'r with j 
UB tLiiu el.stwhere. 

Waconia, Dec. 7th 1*<2. 


Red all wool flannel 
Check do 

do do 

Blue half wool flannel 
derninn Calico 
Standard do 
Straw Ticking 
Feather do 
Cardigan Jackets • 

29 cU 

<, wo 

ilh 40 

Double width dress goods 




Sii>gio do 




do do 




Turkey Re l Tai.le (loth 




White (ileached do 




7&H , 

( l.>.tk - . • - 



$1 25 

Do;^ii;tn ... 




Fine Ov.rcoat 




Reaver do 




White Blankets, per pair 




(irey do do 



#2.00 ; 


ArellcK do 

21 cts 

., worUi 85 

> 17 












$'i 25 


If? 00 

5 90 


9 00 

2 90 



12 26 


IS 00 

a 30 


4 50 




1 75 




I Also 



1 u:i:| 
^Qst th\ 

sen T r 









My Entire Stocli of 

Ceneral Herckilise 


V<^ X. 

A ':" 


All jH'rsons iudcpted to the uti- 
dersigned are hereby notified to 
call and settle the same on or 1 e- 
forc December 26,th 18ii2, or they 
will l>r collected by law. 

Chaska I>oc. 13th 1882. 


Dry Goods and over coats jujt 
slaughtered at 

JlcKbuTT & Eder, 


is offered 


Sale will continue as long p s 
Stock lasts. 

AJJ kinds of grain take 

at eask prices in exckang 
FERD. P. SEEf«0«^ 

And guarantee all prices not to be undersold by any. 

For 30 Dajf! Only al 



.flm c; 


;• > ^ 'I 



Beet I 
ai wa. 
r*T »a 

l«U» s>'>l 

<»■ r 


. .ia«t«l 

ehn f • 






• m ' I ■ < 





Uk* |all«! ftralfc. 

rublishuJ cvt ry Ttiurwlajr by 

A. L. aDd F. E. DV TOIT,' Splcmlid sleigh ng. 

Eclitor. and PuMisherB. , j^^^^-^^^^^ j, ,.,,, ^,^j. , 

0:-r villiijrt; n crowJcil with! 
It'.'iiu:^ every day. | 

The llolidav trule is tlie W.-^t toi-' 

y-iiis in tl'.iM towi. I 

l"i;c j^ootl .sh'iijhin'? of tiif prist 

H^M^ AND COUNTY NEWS. ! LIST OF THE F..u\.u.h.a ^m. 

„ Ul j i^EADING BUSINESS HOUSES ■ ^^'^^^.SJi"?!*;^? "^'^^ 

Snow. i - OF - 

Meyer & May J. D. Wagner, 



T i«ii»nr*r-I'Bter Wocgo. 

\iiillt9r-l.. »trpnkon#. 

ilotristcr of ne«d» F. Greicer. 

r^eritt I". K. TtiiToif. 

- "<t;rk of Cixirt 0. KrayraUuhl. 

Attorney V.T. oad:. 

■iiirvoyoi- J. O. nruiiins. 

.Imltfji'f I'luWito Juliu* MthalT. , 

;4nh.x»! ».i).wiii!eni1'.:at 1*. A. N. VnyciiB. j lully. 

i-M.^hi. W. J'. Cu-sli. 

1 1-vir! ruin'iiiss'oner J. Aokt»nnn'». 

ci.inifv « ..minH-it.iirrs HoH. Pnttcnini- wj] J 1„> formed as sooii :is thc "fire 

, , , Crockery, Glassware, 
! MI NN E A P L I S. i silvekwake, ! iV/f ^^.^K^w^^i^ct^ "'"■'^ '"''"^ ^"i^'"'"' '^''^"^^^-'^'^ ,■ 

stoneware, Cutlery, Lamps, Ete. Mei ClianaiSe /»p" ^-^-- ^- «--"^* ''»-•'•' 


.Ab. 11^ btrect, 

(between 1st niid 2(1 avcmie North 
M IKN i: A rol.IM. M IXN . 

|*r"Thi« Hotel i-< r.>nv«>tiiently locatrd far 

iHriii'.r^ aiii! Ini-»^M>'1 Htalilinif n)Oin ituHplfn- 

A new (limine Mid hoSO eonip:i)iy ty otwutcr. Ti-iui» liberal. 


\nouii, Vign, Cniriage and Ornamentn 
I Pairiter. 


247 & 249 Ilcnntpin Ave. 

vrcek hiiH revived businens wonder- 1 


oii&ia 5Vi ST s^- 

'<rL\^E.M^OLlS. MISS 


J, I'. OSWALD k CO. 

Dciilcr- in 


We would respectfully inform J OJlll _ll<, XXOllll, 

tilt' pnh'ic of Waconia and vicinity ^ (\CV T 'VTT W 

that wo have now opened our new LUI»UIt1\ t',, l\llA A. 

I store, well stocked with new goods, i 

i tiiiely .seh'oteil, such as 


os/riiier :b:-os, 

J»>l>l)crs anil llctiiiJiTs or 

.•,«i»or ai. ! j ordi Kincc js acted up- 

I on hy our villa«re council. 
WANTED. I ^^^.^^^ ^j^^ H,l„lay ,. ^ ., * ,,- 

VY.nled. i:,^» hu.hels of oai».,^,,,^,,,,,,.cals in this issue a ud PomcstlC fit imported laqu- _^ ^: WiUmv-Unro, Ote. 

..,v ^l.irh i will pnv the Tcry hi^b- , buv from tho>e who give jrood bar- ; O^S- r.^l^Wd.!^ afltt V^U^lBiy, . And m fact eve-v article kept in a 

^rainsalidtak.. luiuH to tell the aud Man,afacturc-H of " ^ ^ - »..- • ^-« 

public so. Th';y are the one.i to . M 11111 ehah a BitteTo 
, -.1 ' No. 17 \Vji!<liiiij:t.)n iiv« Niirih. 

uUV Vi llU. 

Boots ^ Shoes, 
Huts & Caps, 
Clocks, Crockery 
Uhisswiire, Wooden 
ii W illow-W »re, ete. 

Kft'|>?> on liati'l tcnfttaiitiy !ilarf;(>Ft<>( k of ' 

General Merchandise, 

Boots & Sho^s & 

G-rf'OeneiS. j 

Al«<) ke«»ps oii»* I'f the licst f urni!»lu'.l \ 

mii^ '^ 'HIE (IIITV. ■ 


n ^'^ rt CS 

- " •►: ►H 

.! maiivil cash price, 
'.leiilon, IS'ov. 14, 18H2. 

C. Kronsehuabel. 

MiiuiLikpoli>, Minn. 



7 A T 

Our l>rii!> .. :.i'l ;uv rrcenmj/ an — - 

iuiini'iisr a'SHniiit .1 si.ft Wdod, for JjQ-jxxj; CisiTa 1J QC 

;n mis. wiNOow CLASS. HAIXT-, ' j tirst class fr^ncral store. 
Chijm titers, Millwritrht tV. Coop-, "^X^?, ^^ i^^T> 

us' Tool-i, AL;rictiliiMal | ,. ,**' 

Tool'' ete ' ^^ '" '"^ ""^ ^*^^' "•'' ^^^^ lowest, ;:iid 

it.iiivi PM'Un'i ki-'v.F ^L.,Rp ! ^P will iruarantce you jrood .tjo..ds 
I ^ '-^^^ *, L : J \ ••^"'1 I'^'i'- dealing. Uive us a trial, 

] and you will Ijo conviiued tii:it yuu 

.v:.m.fucturcrof undDei ' ! *f%(j}{\>i OLSON & t'O. | «*an d<> l'"tter by dealing with us 

W,'wiI!,.ubli.l.tlK'bullding>r... }[ -^ ^^,' I.;SS, ULANK I'iTS. ' ' cJnjonuKU'or '" than elsev. here. 

,:.,;> s L.r tlii.> vilhitr** immediately 1„ ,.. . „ i, ii I V ,• ... 

.■■,«,MV vy,v ,'ulsr .i..- V v..,.-. Altho,,,.!, ,:.,. Uuslors Fly No s. Fan., ..(.y |,,|0>|s, \,,!|„||C 

!<.ISIII.\<.I(I.\ l.(^!-l- ;,, 1,.,,,, M.„„„l,:,t ,l.,ll, llariu-ss .-Ic. 

I-nrx'-'l St<>i!< ;iii I lM->it A-'-'KrliiuMil iti tli'- ,,|>x"rc t'T' l>X'I L;l< i ■ i- i 
•. I 111.' sIli'Ull;^- . ; t ifdltablc. Stutc OnUre ty innil i>ri.ii.pily >.tttii-l'.-'l l'>. tiTj^N 1 O I' L UiN J»5ll I .•• ' i '■' 

M:«rk<'t Report. " ^' >'..:,.., i ....:. ,1.1.... ,-... ;;o4 Nicollett Avenue. ' ^ 

' wliM-h tl.. y p:iy i '■.•>•• per cord. 


ui^niture Stcre! 


li. a i s ft^ tl oi' e s o ji ^ 


Chaska Jlous 

CllASKA. Ml^M. 

ir'.-et (init.-vtio!:;-'. u.; we ■., 
. ,■■ ■ I'.i . '! l.m-'wiy nioniing. 
Vl'lu-ut, i4(. I l-.;;rd 
Wiioat, no 1 
i'. t .',•■'••, 

• '.ji'ii, 


• i ,: ;• ' ; L''';i! , -Mr. .' : 

■ r. ', ; . !;!• i;< 1,^ 1 / i- W''t '. 

;!; .•;.:( I'j - . ■■ •• ^ •■ ■'' -'f '• ' 
.: i.r- ^ ■•;'-<;-!-|l>. TS witilii: ■ 

I [ill ry (Ii iiuiu ; r.d neiglibor, rr 
(iilii; lira;- I in- V I Ihi'If 
A i..ri- •.-.I, i-iiiiia-r d tuo loads of 

'i ii-.' ;;.ll"v.i:!g '!■'• the n:..-«!.a ^j, i;,,, ..,,,.;,;■ |ii,. v , l!a<,n' of Yoiinir 

I Ilitrufxnl Ituililinft, iV^\ 

Mi:YERiM.\Y. coKOWNK - 

if ——————— i— " ' ""■•— ^ .0: 

¥TT • TTV I KevpKcojist niJj'ou 

■'^'D-s.i\vai'(i!iiii mw\ -"^r , 

'■"•*«• M IJ Bureaus 


ouhatid all kin^H of 




w. A. (;(...r.MAN. K. .1. r, MIMA.-. I ^ • • — — 3I1CM. ZAilLEK, Propr. towu l.^t Tues.lay (iOOD.MAN & CrsH.MAN, iT>T/^< 1^ / » * '^^iV \XT 1%- • i- #' * a4- 

1 . - 11 IV. . ..... M M .i.r.i,. ' I I I I H B Bl i:*i e a I '^ Wacona, < arver lountv, .Mmii 

1 • ■; i-,'i ' 1. 11 '•> JK'l" cord Inr >M»ol«v<iil<i 4 It -luU 1)( iiU-rs in JL-^ X VJ* Ja>^/>'.K^f.i.T ' 

-' ti;::.,:.... !, :i..... di.tan,.:.. JMK^i ^^ sii{i\i; w.\ii(iNS.I 

ONE vniry. 

Pictui*! Frames 

And will Hcll them ut city prices 


'" It ii;;: W'HhI. „ . i m j .. . .m^« .a • -^ , Tins i'r«\v»Ty h.s itc»n triui„'.'fl s;ir» 

^ ^ Bui'irU'S and I haeions. pj-l j.'U^^. ^-. 'f^j-f -y^fX m-w m..!,inny ..M.-li-.H.'-.'.. .1- .>!nn.»t 

4 AH kin.!>of iK.liday unodi*. nilt FINT, C \!;i;i A(iK.S A .Sl-tfl ALTV. ^ V/AV -' UiiAXXfe, ^f ^^'•»' ^ „y,ir.^^ ]vn,y, ■.,•: tUv U-^Un\ .^u\\■,K^^yv^^vs 

..,, !,.• s<.Ii| at Ixittoia prices, at <t. (j.ncr l ^^'.nt« in th- v..rt)i«<-Mt f..r r..r- o ;} X ."> aud G AcaiU 

"•' 'iitiTf' I'lti lit II trii -s-). • :iiiT>Mi!i, |•|^^hl•r .v to., ( » ' ' 

r.diis |>a/.;ir. sutnlma Wi!fc'.>m'i>.. I'.nn-.- aanin;,'* Co. '. 

This l./-.n.Ty h.s !.c«n tr.iHi„vfi s;.<^ CONTIl.\CT<)KS AND I'.UI LDilli.S. 
w m II iiiiu'i y iiil(li-'l 111 ill" i'»i ill I ■ 
;ikiiiji iC'iiu' '.'!' I'll' lii'^l Ml! ■M.l lit 
llie stJitf. .\!l «.rJor^ forl-.'fi |ir 
tilled and snt!<.r.ieti<)i) tin iciiUfi-d. 

CO* I^utimates funii*bed und h11 work 
■ of "'•Unic '^ '*!*' '"'"''■• -^l' "••'*■•■" ^"^' '"'*'' l"r-iiii'tly on- proisptly a-i.l H:ili»factoiiIy. 

:.-_'J & :.----• WASHl.MiTO.N AVK. StHTH. 

<'"ur youni; irieid Auirust llciitkc. i 
- n jiii'iiig tivcr t lie ailililiun lif a ■ 
.i.uii- ...M i(. hs fiuuily. ticc.i sifSTZS BROTH22RS, 

■ -■ All!!I!sr, I ,...=,1.TS in 


\!! ;!.o,-.. in.lel.l.'il to tin- n. -'. i- .IKWi'iLIlV AND 

: u ill I hu^i. .■,■!! and. settle af <=riil"VOV "V\7"o»'T'0^ 


\i\.i NiCOM.KT AVK. 

Klcfiant Tiiiloriiii'. i oi.l'y r>.:^'i_v iiiTidc i 
vuitrs. ♦mo F'urilisliii .• < •!»,':, t'aps 
' anl Furs. S'-'iid fi>r si ... i.-it. 



lilt I'iiiT 


|.;^CIive u-- a triJil J3PJ 


Jf/:Xin' Wh.-lV, I'rnpr. 

K«'»pH nil liiuirl gnml wine*, iliiUiirs iin<l I'i- 
I ;.'• i"^. ti<(i"i l>iihr<i iit r.»:i«u;iablo rut< 3. lias 
• I m^J ' «"*"^ Ntabllnjj lor liijr»e9. 


(,.-;• u iili .III!: M i '> I'rstcttle, I'lia.^k.i, 
;;s ;.i! .i"eoi:liU lit I .•'>tt|.:il mi <i' 
!; ;\ iii-.vf will ).■ 

i> luiT .la!iiiai'\' 

&(a:xTi. rii:.s.sia,«s. i ^ q^ LASSEN, 

fc»-y«- *.» mMJJTT'^iM vr 

Slii.N OK Till: 0.")!.t-KX !.)',>■■• • 1. 1.. •::' Wa.sU- 
iliKtdii Av<'. f., n».-.. I .:i iA.cS. 

uMoTTo: <<»»o.l <j.»'nl*, I." . s ;sjarc 


WACONIA, >ih\K., 

Dealer s iti 


Rudolph Bros.. 

M.. i i\)iiipt pay- nTV"r)\/ o r^r\ 

unit win s:. !.s. J. A. blAbi: (SL LU.i- — ^-.-=------ -—•— ;.^^^ n.nO'H'^ 

j(»HNLEBEXrf. i Hardv7are & Stoves, : an^h 

IJefri':eru(or.s, lee Creuin Freez- j 0Q Qf ^ ^tore 


» r'^'^ f^ , :..:._- -r!wi: J --''-- ><?* 

j .eilllc^.l'CL il-iCtll 1 

! tTB'" The l)i'«»t of IJciT, Lii|U'.r)<, winos aiiU 
I Ciynr", ciiiistaiilly Ui'i>ti-ii liainl. 

JBAI.t!>i.».\ Ar UAItrUKI.SOI.D.'JT.AND. 

ChasUn, Mmhi. 

Tt>isli»>tuii is tiioro.ijjiily, ■•». 1 
oflFi fH tht- left i:e<<ijiiin.-.d;it ions fur Ifj.ii. 


Ami k tiie iTiiviiiiig riil'lir. 


Ch-rores Modenice. 



Charles Gehl 

(11 ASK A. - - MINK. 

Alwayfi kC"p on l»iinaFic-ii llfef, P.irk.Vr f- 
t()'.i,C<iiii"l Hi:<»r, lliini, Smi.kcJ t'nu'n^'-, 

idicjil H.-vf, I.Hril, \<: 
{2"shi|) L-niSfrccl. jly i; ly • i. 


V.VJiK iiM.t s'ldM: 

Flour.:. Eeetl. 

I">>r \ uiir thiiir nr feed, call on 

1 1 

. > -" Iwl C 1 !l ' 

ass 'lire d:i)ar;inent." Wo al- 
]U liil.l'l. ri:o.* ready have a uo , lhi( k : i;<i Lad- 

11 - 1 I'h'A 

ers. Water CpoIerA: Fillers, 
4dn!iis & }Vestrjike Oil 

I Wh.-1 

noLlDAV GOons: 

(hr company ;.!;:! .-.;c;> aie lieing | ^^)\l^ ChO'l'll.-', 
t.-!:..'!! !.i (■,.i':.;;i'. ■ another I'<rgiii 
v>. llt.-c I miii any wilu .*jO li.eniliers. 


Ih (LOT 11.-. 



H n!id Siioes;, Ilsiis and ( 

Iliuerytiiinds.TinA: Wo 

<Mi Ware Croekery, Chi- 

Mmci: TO cni-iMT'iiiS. 

In the fiiftltpr of the eitiitc- oj John. i". Sa'i t haaka, - - , . 

.juisirircta-n-d. Will do i.ll v. ork in ttitir i y.' c;;:;< r :.^ 

^ y Notice i..h..T^Kv given tUt th.-jiiilsc.i.rtl,e «.,,.ntr:.<t oi by the u--v, ft«. 1.;\»..kS lirin-- 

' |.:o!..:ite c-ouii ol C;irv«r Ct'iMifv uiii- lixfil upon ^ ..(.v, 

Boots niKi Ssioes;, ilsiis and ( :5ps, ihc (Iu'Moi.u.v o tuoh ai.fitv<.r.v n.Mh inr ■ 

' IIISII:>w.i.-- ^ '.....I..- T^;.i l- IV/ the nc\l cix ii'"ii!li!>, aud t"ic iirofcaic o.V.ce in 

-^ *Mnii«erj t.iuids, \ v\\ ^'w U otirt- ^ ^j,, ^..,„^,^. ^^ ,,^^. ,; ,^, „„,, j,',^^,.^ „,,..„ ^,„, 

where he will r • -ive I:t-!ir nii.l ii.ljiisl iil T\»»« 

^■T^ \n 

fl -^ -WJ I A T 1> V'' whirl! w II give US a;ieliV'et ive force j 
Jil \t lli JLl A\» A 9 of ^;; uieji, besides a clii"f and a.v ' 

Watches, ciosks, ^^ri:;;;;:;,r-?::!:t!;^:"r!:: i- u. ciiiiBM, 

Drv Goofis, I I' •'■ 

"-'.'VM-nvi"' V'vni l.l",l F«..f> Goods X,,.io>.>*:.Iiili.,er>- •'<>»>-' l!A»'>!' 

:i M'OLI.l-JT .WIINI K .■'Ol'TII. Mhi1< 'in ■;!< ."f l.nin <. M.<:."' ri/i ."ilil- u.i'v/ ,»•.», 

■ .'<Istaiit r-: giucer <jf the d'paitmeiit. ' 
It will i.iki' fuily tw<» weeks lui "e : 

'»ei'n!;' t !;o ;i(p;;i-: aieiit i:4 fuliy 01-' 

gaiii.'e.l ami ;:; v -.rking ortlcr. < 

? I 


(ircli .i «p<fl:»!t>. 

2.7 k -jr.y Ni..(iis-i A.t 

1 S»'K' ll-:itini f< lii'vk. 

liEAl.KU l>f 

I rc<jtcclfiilly ti't'Ty lay fiienri> til .1 1 
h:«Vi' .>|Miiiil 111- !i llr.>-t (lies snl'-n'i in luy ; 

C<v .1.. -J.tvt, ,j,.^^. (,,,.l.iij,.^. I,;, Jiisl :Ul*-ct !i: W l>wiliit|iir 

ntw liiif, ti- w IJ\iiiri-s* will 1.;- }.!• i .■»•(! I't , 
sie nil iny I'M fiii'ii'!-;, ainl iirikv new me'.'*, i 
\f\/\ C P J-^ I"! ]• I ]£ L- D, al i'lty i;i" ■ I'liii '.o>t </f iKHiors wiiieM ; 
si:«.VEa.-M>!i n.'Ui. ». 1I.V».£«^^. t.e«-r « i^ .r- Ac. " will l-e i.ver '. 

iictl-r In III" l»;ir. Liiinlit:!!! 1... ;..t v. d ai niiy 




rt?TT ? fi(<tr 


J)/.'/ <:.\ 






■ t I 

< ...\- ir I wagtiiiu the baigain. While hi 
' ' ■ f;.! i!i is cnly i;Hrli lly improved, i 

W.^ k. ( p ItiiMii r li'it-. itipj. I'll'.' ■. shofs, 
irli.vcH. Mllnk^t^', sin. On:;, iiiiif.r'. liv.-iKH, 
Itiilh-, ^yiiii;! ■•. .^t^>ll!i/••l••', KiiUfirCvl*. I'mii:. 
I «\i'r«." Ilri ••«* >l.i" Ul''. Wuvmi Spi:.!'.;-. Floor 

r;. aUTin .lil of 

•'.Sew Hoiue" jmd ot'ii^r Sovi • 


fei'tioiiu'y hikI ami 

JOSiril nUXKKX, I'roprir.'nr. 

II. ■ K r v.. ;,,:,-,l, 

Stur.. i» xt .:i •• 
I :.f sir. 'ft. 


YouBg AiMcrica, 
f. > 

- iMr.uh- 1 . .xxn:. • 11. 
iil .iiiiiv.-.; »;.(,<'."■> "1. 1- ■' , .I'll 

*.Ve were vi.-^it ;d by the first .snou | '*"'' 
Miun. i sti.rni of the winter lust Saturday. 
SiK.w fell all da .• and to the de»,ih 
'■' I cf ah ut (,ue foot, and laaking 
i splendid i-hrighiig. 

hoi ■ 

r, r .- .. • tx.lini.-e.l t.i: wiiuii. W- i Doll can i.^gej, and sh'ighs. a liirg. 
*'"'' t^ assortment ut («. Kder.s IJu/.ar. Call 

Cc-i, Rye and JBiiekwl! nt j ""d see. 

I fo Oiir Chuslia & Chauliassei 


"PIT -l.l^TTTJ'^^,"^^J f ! ^^'' ^^''^ '•''" "J""" >■"" '■•*• '^"'^ 

deliiK ucut subseriber will be read> 
to pay up to Ne V Year. ?dr. Mocs- 
chh;r. Is «:nr only accredited Jigeic 
and i.s dulv autjori.sed to receij t 
far subscription. 

Villaso Transfer. 

! <Vvil!e Oocuhich has ?-old hi.'^ f*. 
cent storo and .•djoining residenc 
toEruist I'escjiann, f.n- the i.v.v 
t^fslL>">. rdr. ;., M'i!i mpTe t. 
i)ako!.j Ttrrritoiy Iji n s'nort tinu 
taking his stick witii him. W. 

j .'.re not inftirmed as to Mr. LV-e 
inuiius iuteutioiis. 

A large invoice- iii" Ilotl Plate 
Jcwelery just rccei .'d at G. Kd-rri 
a zar. 

i; li. liiAiUNAlii', 

F I N K 


HATS, CAPS, FCKS, *:e., ^e. 
Under Nicollet 

^. '-.•rvrT^TT'"^' ir« WAi'O.MA, MI.NN;. 

i^- £A . i^4 -:.«.!i£i? .tie i. * ^a*, ij,.^,^., ,.,,,, ,,„,,j,y „„ h:>a 1 and will sell B« . 
TicikT iti ; oUrnpn.* ih" t-liciip^st 

E-X.V-F!.J-J^^i!^-b<lI!;V"'™ ^AX!) I'LASTEia.NHi! 

JrtVHiy, W:i:cl!fs. Ms, ! ,.,^^,,^,. •Jfl^t... mas....- 

Wiieonirt, -Mimi. 
££«C11S 2i i <Vv ^J%J»p ^^1^. .^p^.,„,,y. J;>li^r.»t^ipnF^^r»l.lled 


ijs'4 H.'iir, Chsiskii Hriek. 

li> nl-io r'.nlv to ►•.intr»:rt e.r brl.-k or stonw 
work iiud pliiio-rli-.K "nj whertf In th<; county { 





— AM) 

.l//;.\'.s 7•77,'.^7^7//^7.^S 

Mum- t( nioroa t.) So. ^t"*, Nle.ll»t Aveuue, 
.ne l>l«x.'k filK.vf thi>ir former loculio.i. 

I * THE 

W.'l MUi.i!.i:r..)<!s in my liii« elKuper j ...,,.•, i oim t t'l> lllf I w; 

iliuii miy :!i..iso ui til.' ei.unty. ^iuOity ; UAtU.MA HULLt^U J11L.L.."^. 

.v»r.<tieml. It will jiiiv f) e\» 


Jo-.i.a D^ls. 

ZT>t:'\-, Kitd u>k jirtrcs. 1*. II v.snbi.P'J. 

.%. B££>BZ<EIN 

i'Tii; Li^ ri^iii mui 10 :;i ! .^ ^. ._^ ^^'^ ;■;;; ;r,^ ^ ,^ ^ j^ j 

i.r:ALKi;s IN 

Furniture anil DiHj cries, , .,...,. 

421 & 4W Nic'dlet Ave. i .,r""^«. 

; . .luiTbiakciiiB cxcti«»g«forg(.od<at C.VSI4 

Arlisiie FiJinlsbiiij; a Speeialty. : „, ,., ..ric«i. 

F.'.rinrr* >»ill tiik.-' nntiee that the undL-rsifn- 
cd uiiiki-r< a pprc.alty of 


I CiirPricss to Suit the Titacn. Call aad Examine hciurt 
purchasing ZSlscwhorc. 


lit bij mill. 


Wacjsi*, Mins. 


llt)uyi Xi ii'iiixctl for Vr i'cat 

We o'i^o inrikc a speiiiir j' cf f. 
Trv our 

24 &w 
- ! Harness Store and Hhon 

suil <](.'al r in ! «. ., 



' T.Ir«raph OnUTs for CotUns prouipll, ut- j . ^ '»'. ♦'"'•^^r,':'''''*''"''; f'''Tr.».I,r.. Fi.l. 

( « ■, r<../. ....7 /^"'M''. /■ '''."1' 'I, ,{;•*.';: ' L »K,. .St.hU .nd .»»;•, «i, th, preuil.e.. 

JuC S. Wii«lilnKt>'U Are. A;j > iOoUet AM", • t 



I h:iTe consnnlly on hand a laT.-e ami mriol ?took of tinullc aij 1 tsini.!.- ftiiiict- 
Citv orders for llonr or ft.e.J.lefl.".t the, Bill ^^^^"^ '7"'''' '^'"•'''fl'". val.^e^. AH V,..d« ..f riJM.^' ^jairs I...^,„s. oil. pl»,ter. 
or ut !>.»■ dm;,' "itoro will be promi-tly filled, '"^ "*'"■' *"•> =""' '>'' "ther •fooU* ui our ijiie. tvhioli will L-.' t :!J at • r.c«"» f. r 
and dcliverml fr«eof ehar;,'p. cash. Kepairnig d<me to or<]er o.» .sLvrl aotiee. Give io« a nil ..t. J .-x .«,.n„. i^ 





b« ».' 
OW \ I 








' Alao 



vr- (I 


vallnn, I 


, ,fini c: 


I.i i,1<l 





r ■ "in 


BlMfirBTU I . ,: 


ii i i iU lM H I ■■"■ il " M pmma^ 


^ I f m ■ II 






!« ■■ ■ 




▲8 Hi 















^.Ll-L ! I 






"WeEhlij ^VallEp JUefald 

I Vol. XXL-No. 7. 

Chaska, Kmr., TSubsday. 





The undcr«lrncd haa constantly on banil a i 
htU Une of furniture anU un-l una.rtMh<Ti ; 
«-*t«rl»l9, wbUh wUl be aold e!i«>ap for cash. I 
Wew work an 1 repairinir done toord»:r. I 



1. L. KHfl F. 1. DL' TOIT, 

Criitoraand Publishnv. 

Whole No. 1047. 




MimF. A M*y. who hw h^d a long ! 
^xpericnre in >Ir ••<^iIn ikintr in Minnc«p<» I 
Hk han l(>cater) j.. Waoonjt. nvr M yir .t I 
MajrVstArA »nii ia prepared to pminpily j 
KttMi'l tn all order* in ihm lin<« of .lr«'Ms- ; 


V A L L l£ Y 

Flouring Mills - 

JG. EITEL Piopr* 



Tr«a«ur«r— P«t«r 'Wetgm. 

Kc^«t»r or DN«<ia-~ r. •r«la«r. 

•harlff-F. K. »a Toit. 

rirrk of lt»nr%~0. KrajMhuhi. 

Att«»i!»«y— W.C. OilaU. 

Surv-eyor-J. O. NrvintMt. 

Ju4((»«f Pr«l»at«-J«ll«a 9*k«lar. 

9cho«l •uperiufsuJaat -P. A. H. Tr«/«M. 

Curoaar-W. p. caah 
mn t;AiBini.*<iosar -^. Aakarnaa. 

AooMf C«mnil»aluii*r4-It*bt. P«il«rMB, 
Uhalruinn.ara. Kuglar, ■ jI. flaniaoB. ■. 
Paali^.>« aa4Jaa<>NTrair*. 

chrillS^^T,^ """^ *" "" '>-»'iM'ep..tih. happy couple 

MiM Juha Boit, of Excelsior ii i# t i. » 
.p..iu„ . few i,j, with "ri ki 4.f '• ii! ""," *"■ .*.' '"■' «•'■ . V „ 

W town. • ''^"* "*'•* »0"*h of this • «■'"«. Oiv^ har a C/.II She gn,.rans • 

p . * - ' P^*«« Iwt wntk of typhoid pneu- 1 ***• '" *"''' *<> ■»• wnisfictory. i 

hek.t. to b. had at the Famer. and «n«p.ct«l. Heleav^a hoat 
sank, at lowest rates. 

Meyer & May 

The underaiirB«d Is prrpnr^d to d" cuitoai I . ~" 

work at hN iMill «ii.| jruiaiitM- I'titmfaotlon. '■ t fIC pait, aUfl we dont knoW '*i it 

"urtothia millnifty I . ., . , . . . 

KTt-rv fDrmcrwhc) brlt)^Ml'i>ur to this mill niny ; i ,., i . . 

. .... . . ^j^ I bcueiitea an? one m particulars. 

b« ti.-»»u reJ thiit ha can havo flcur from ... 

OW\ WHK.\'|'. rMrmHi'c nivhink . — — _^,^^____^^^_ 

thoir vvhtra; forCour or r<-edi'MU b<? ;tocMiiin]'>- j — _ _ .. _ _ 

HHt»-.l. A full ll'i<>.jt thtvboi.Hst br.iu'ls of i Toi.- (T^.i;,! ..- k-. -..^ ;., -J-^-*:. 

a<JUi- always ouhaad. Also bran ard shorts. I * "'■ lionuj i DiTjm in adT<rtlf< 

J. «i. Ki'iKL. ; .fjjj ^iij ct.j^^t with this issue, and 

*- — -- j v.e can thf'n tjirc our readers our 

■ u^nal ttmount of readinj^ mutter. 
Thoir loss has been our gain, this 

of ^•nn friends. The family have 
P. Hannberg , is having a bif ^^r warmest sympathy. 

h™u!.!rr.t"h.j':o'r«. "-' jTh^iis-"^-"— ' r-r^- 

■I.; v • , ,. «*»«» Thursday fveniof of tvphoid 

•leighmf ,s splendid m thi. yi. fever aged 30 years. The deceased 

emity. to the gratifieation of our was well known and much beloved 

business men gwicrally. for her amiable qualities and quiet 

Good reads, make farmers bring '^^vnt of conduct. 

Tne K*ilroad war is a thixjg of I *"x^^' ^^^' "•* '"**■ ** " ^^^^^ '^" ^' **"• ^* *" '•'"•^ **'"•" ir *"'"*'' "* " "''""•" *"<^ viciniiy i 

rate. Those articles seem to be in the Christmas has arrived at the i °** ^*^ ^*^<^ ^^^ opened our new I 
gretest demand, an<) they go home Drug Store, a fine assortment of ! J*"*?' "^f ' f ^^'^*'^^^>^^ "'^ K'^o<*«. ! 
apparently satisfied with prices Christmas toys and novelties ^,, | «^*''^;^*''''^*^'^. »"^h -» 
given by our enterDrisins' mer- now beinr disnUf*.) fh.r* n„A -<• J^O'^^Oods, 

Livery Stabl e, i 



We would respectfully inform 
the pobHc of Waconia aii^ vicinity i 




HATS, CAPS, FURS, Ac, &c. 

Under Nicollet House. 

Eatablished 1S». '' ^*^ SOll 


Importera and Jobbers of T^l^^^^j^^^ ^>t .^^ 

Crockery, Glassware, -"-KJ:^&c> GrOODS at Cost 

SILVERWARE, . ' -r^-y - ^'•v* 

l^^ociwiiie, Cutlery, Lamps, Etc. ! f^Xs JLKr]^ET.S 

247 & 249 Ih-ruupm .\ve. i *-*K-» 

- 1 ter Goods at Cost. 

and all Win- 

"-"-" • f >"-!!:»*i?5 

given by 

our enterprising mer- now being displayed there .ind at 

I astonishingly low prices. All are 
Go to Giistav Hcinecke for your , ^^»^ *» examine them. 
chriatmas troes. 

^patch gv 
the Windom 


Ifyou want stAMthing interest- 
^ 'OS to read, go to the drug store, j 

JEERY EHEMAN, Propr. [ a WASi.;NGTox co7re.ponde.t of ;"^ ^""^.T ,•' ^^**'* "^*"*"**»« 

theiit. P-ul Di.patch give, the ^'^Tr '^'1^" '""'Jl^r"*"- "^'' 
- - - cokette Frau" von G. Moriitts, is a 

very readable book, as well as doz- 1 

ens of others, whose titles are too 

numerous to mention. 

For your candies, apples, nuts 
*e., csll on Ous. Hcineke. He has 
a big assortment. 

Remember our regular monthly 
fair occurs on Tuesday. Dec, 2«th. 
W* have assurance that it will 
be the best attended fair of any ever 
held in this place. Bring in your 


O.X SHoKrNOTICK. ; following as 

§y Will al^o attriiil to Auctiona in ' rhilie" prog ratnme : 
n Part. ..I' tu Coa>.tj. at IWn.uunUl^ j j-;s3— Wm Windom fer Senator 
****^ JERRY r.HFMAlf. J ^''«-'>-^'- >>'. Braden for Gov 

VW 0<E-r« at WavhtK^ton Ili.ttl. 

fS>4— 1.. ?1ftf her for Congress. 
I>. WiiMLl)uru for Sen- 



TSia new hota!, Hiil be opaufor acco» W* iimler:-<t:!n(l that this dread 

I ilufasc M .-(till iprea liiig in Chnn- 

SEPTKifBER. I. 188©. 

idiisitaatod ii«aily opposite ite Ceart ; 

:' lifiiHcu .tnd Liikftown. auJ we ap- 







THE CHE.\ PEST 1 lirST M.\1)S. 

Alan Agent for the Cortlar.l, Naw York 

lari b-iTe a Kuppl/ of Lvmb^r WagoB>, 
itnd i-img^k Wagons f»n band of mj ow» make 
which I will Bell aa chesp aa the «he.ipc*t 
warraaled to be firat eluaia aTarj renpart. 

i um alao iMr«ut for the eelebraMd < ort 
land Xcw York Pi.-itform ^r,r\vz ^^Z^J 
iast the thin» for family aae. whiah I wii, 
noil Tet-y cheap ftud warrauV 

iST Shep Above Baribsl'a Galena. 

t prciai-u4 that if will attack many 

nioie f;.!.iiiies, i>iovidiug public 

I juneiJiN ;ae not proliihited aod the 

' !rterr.jL-.;fi;n- of faniilict inter-lict- 

o.i. A hov.y<\ r^i Lt'ulih should be 

t'-»ti*blisheJ at ouce and meamre* 

I takt'u to stay iis advance, or we 

: will !)• o;il!..'d upon to note waiiy 

iV'"o ika{!i« i'l o;ir neighborh )od. 

'UTatertown Xtem«. 

Our • ;.rtliiiif?) are ail filling up 
rlieiv («to«-^3 for fh* holidayn. 

Our iracon nhopM are havinn; a 

f'!^^v;»;ifn l'.)l)-Mlt'ds. They can 

u..; ii>pii|v Jif. doPKiud. 

I><nit forgv't tiie New Years *»all 

ConfsctioDery Store and 


by G. A. Heinekos 


Oh: mv:: The crowds of jyople 
who come to Waconia for Christ- 
mas goods, and go away satisfied, 
for all things desirable for use and 
ornament, can be foand at our 

Boots & Shoes, 
Hats & Caps, 
Clorks, Crockery 
tilasHivarf, Wooden 
t Willow-Waro. etc. 
And in fact eve-v sirtiole kept in a j 
first class general store. 

^^^ ?^\^^?^ j 

j Will be as low us the lowest, and ' 
I wsuld mp^trullv infrtrm ihf public I ^'* "i" PT'iarantce you good goods 
that! haveiMlenMl a Ukerf and confcc^ ! aud fair dealinsr. Give us a trial i 
li«nary .tor. at t«v n.w pUee iti Waco- | and you will l)e convince.! that yoil 
n... .nd eonM.nlly k.ep on h.nd a Urge can do better by dealing wth?.S 
M..k of eonf.auM,.r..,. bread. eaWe. and than elsewhere. ^ 

HARiEs^ SnhrENs' 




k •'^ v^^\^^ 

crack.r*. l«ib.M«« aail eifara, pipea Ac 
L«».li .1 wll>sarsof tk. d.r. 

0. A. HKiNECKK. 

P. HAIiriffBERG, 

DMler im 

13: A.R.T:>-v^;r A. VIE 

Jcwerly, Watfk Ckks, 

Waconia, Minn. 

Repairing of Watch's, Clocks, Jewelry 
otc. a apacialty. Sati>.facti.n piiaranteid. 
Vf ill ..II all go.d.i in mjr Una rlienper 
, thaa any houaa in tkt n.nnly. quality 
] considered. It «i|| p«T you to eximine 

P. IIanspep.u. 

A person would naturally think , ,.„„., 
that the general stores in Chaska, ! golli', ..d .«k pr-cea'. 
were Closing out business entirely, 
by the appearance of the last two 
issues of the paper. What's tho 

A Utter from Mr. Mix tells of 
j his enjoyment among old friends 

._.. *a<i acquantances in Ohio. He 

•n Monday evening Jan 1st. Hoi- expects to start on his homeward 


JiCtftil Dcalfr in 

©RAJiKA. - - MIN.V. 

I kava •••n(«1 nnt a «?ten4!<l *xoc\ o t 
Heatneky Whiaky, whiek I wlil retail by iba 
.na'.to!!, atwkeleeala price*. 




.\N1) Bl ILDEKS, 

■ cuinb will Ijo tli^re. 

Tho««. Hodjreri, of Indiana, has 
f-iik-out to s|>(isd the winter in 
\V:U'n-to>vn. ile says this weather 
,'''s ;,w."j. with IToosierdom. 

.Vi.l>l,H] Br()S. liave erected a 
I'liol-.-^ruph ^iilh^ry on Moers vor- 
n?r, and will be open during the 

The w Iter in Crow river is get- 
tin,':? so Io\y th-it the mills are now 
prindinij hy steam power. 

Pork ijj quire livelv, at 7^ cents 

per i>ound. 

Frank .VauRuas started a ste^m 

iTOOdi s.<w, 

\\ Mo*:•.^ ]iui4 tht; largest stock of 
toys ?rd holiday gotnis ever broa<;ht 
to VVatertown. 

lluu. 0. G. Halgren has a large 
cteok of albums, portmonies, vaies 
.V'.-.. for the holidavs. 

▲. EISELEIlff 


General Merchandise 

journey about the 26th inst. 

Zoitr Meditationi. 



IV. xriil tftke eoctract-' for all kinds of 
bnildiugH. ued guaranc'e iow prici-s aud \ 
first class work. Wc ai« prep:arii to i 
?nrwJ"h nil kiiidx iif biiildln^r rn;itTi..l. ! -j 

Ph'.aa .ipd «p»-oitii\itiuiia furniKhed cm de- ! P^IO UB n visit, 
mand. t-'?*^* W<- al.^a are [irpp.iri ri to Knp- j it a t. ii i_ 

ply kiuIderwitL door!., j "''°ry r»ChwaIbC has 

- il!!ili!L^!l_^^^^/i:- _ : Rf nville Co.. on business of note 


Vt'-.x liadc, Sen., has been quite 
Hot. ,T. I). Hillman, of Chaaka, 
Come oft. 

beea to 

/T IT) i Dif'trict .chool here, has an fu 

RCKSRMEME BrQS \ t^TH^nlr' *' ■""""■ "'•'- 
Roller Mill, 

.T#ung Amrriea, 

ood, very nearly liK). 
Dout forget your en 
<'bri.'=tm;!s Day. A turkey orgeose 
Minn. J will gUdden their hearts. 

1-- -j ggaggi 

Beat gr«4M of granulated roHtr flntir { Hollywood SpHgt. 

m well a. Stra jht Fumily .VXX'X Flour i '-. :«. j e u i it 

... jf J • . J J iiiPiida fioui Alaph^ Grove were 

abort?, kraa and faad «uv»r« Oil h«nd, an4 , c. , , "»»« 

, , ■ . ,.. ' p.-^v'ent oa Sunday, the Idth ult. 

fi»r Wkl. wr fT»;ianre»l fir whesi. ^^ e \ ■' ._ 

€}«i'B, Ry* and Buckwheat 

9m Friday umi fiatitrday of tritrj «««c'«. 

A a infant daughter of Fritz Glage 
tTj.s baptized, in church, on ^ame 


Evangelical Cong., have siib- 
srrihed some twenty one dollars 

Xprwood Ztems. 


In Norwood, at the residence of 
Jamex Slocum. bv the Rev. Mr. 
""'•ton. Miss Nellie K. Slocum to 
Mr. H. B. Hermsmeyer. 

We have the pleasure of chron- 
icling i>ne of the most pleasant so- 
«ial oventa of the seaaon which oc- 
curred in oar midst last week. The 
weather, which previously had j 
been unfuvorable, seemed to entwr 
into the spirit of the occauion and | 
put on a holiday attire. The resi- 
dence was tastily decorated with 
evergreens and natural flowers 
formed a beautiful arch over the 
folding doors, beneath which the 
young rouple tuok their position 
during the important ceremony. 

Your correspondent was permit- 
ted to examine the presents, which 
were numeroas rnd costly. Among 
them we noted a $1000 cheek to the 
bride from James Slocum, another 
check for $500 a gift to tho bride 
from the groom, 1 doz. silver forks 
in walnut case, from Mr. and Mrs. 
Hermsmeytjr, parents of the groom, 
a willow rockers, 1 French clock, 
from Mr. and Mrs. Slocum, silver 
castor, Miss Elsie Slocum, steel en- 
graving in gilt framcs,Mr. and Mrs. 
frank Lisson and Miss Maude Wil- j 

WAeaxtA, Mill 
— •— 

^T Oood. at St. Paal and Miaceapolia 

Pradaeatakcnla azahaagafargoedr at CAMIl 
■ kat priaai. 


Caspar Spi«s 


lee^fl constantly on hunt una will aell a. 
ceeapaH tho ebr-apa^t j 


LIME. i 

Piaster Paris. ( oniont. Plaster- 
ing Hair, Chaska Brirk. 

I« Rldo rondy to cnntraot for brl<-k or «one 
work aiKl pla.^tcrli.c «ny where In iko eouaty 

^Mlllier Bros?:, 

J.bbera and Retailers of 

Hardware and Cutlery, 

NAM.e, W|.\l>OW OLA.SS. PA1.\T-, 

Cari»enters, Millwright & Coop- 

ci»' Tools, Asricultiirul 

Tool, *»tc. 

ill Waebinrton Ave SuuUi 


|>iOVERCOATS blow cost 

DOLMAlfS^low cost. 

These Goods must be 
sold regardless of cost. A 
call will eojivince yon. 



Dry tiooiLs, .Notions 

- AND- 


Jlarw^d l/viUinff, 313 Jt 215 XkolUtt Ate. 
"Job Lota- anii "Cut Prices- aHpcctalty. 

Big Boston 


Clothing Store 

2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Academy of Mu.sic. 




Wacosta, Mimr. 
— :0:- 
Tk. baatauaanuiadaliuuirarTrarvlrri, Fitk 
lag Partici mni Pleatiira Scrkart. Tbe hatel ji 
.1 fc.eiy xtaatdj ea the Kfaatiful CUarwat.r 
Lake fUal* aarf waUr «a the pramifai 


— OF - 

MT NNFAPOT TQl *^'''«""' Tailoring.,y ready i«..,Ic 
iUl nn U I\ r U L i O.l suits. f,ne rur.MHhiup Good-, lUu, Opn 
^ rrr-^ i , ..,_ _ _ .^ . and Furi, Send for price liat 

I«oui57 Liaz*an7Qe. 

Mnnuracturcrof HMil I>'<ti i 


Unsters, FIj Nets, Farm 
HiirncHH etc. 

<,\.y'!} ?»»*''«"'> '»'••» A«!«irtment In the 
State. Orders hy mull prouiptlj jiitended to. 

304 Nicollet t Avenue. 



tsIOJf or THI OOLDKK ilOKSK MltOE. TT! Wftsh- 

InirtoaAve. f*., sfxt to Third Ave S. 
u"'u""' *'"***' G.ods, Low Prtces, Squar. 

Harness Store and shop 

OP ^ 


,, ■ • - MINK 

■• ;: - • «',,"::™:;;r,t::;'::;|;. --;-"'- -u ■"'""• -^ •'".•.»...-. 

BROS., ..« i..,r. *. , ,„..„.;::„; ,„ , r'^ t ':'•'■' "''■""■• '•"-'- "i n««. 

'\\\\m' i """■ "" '" "■'"'•^" ''""'""■ ' " """ "' '""""""" *• 



^mm Brewery! 


Waconia, Carver County, Minn. 



Whole««If. a lletall Dciler-* iu , 

m\ anil SPllINi; IVAi.ONSJ 

BnggieK and Phaetons. 

Orner*! Ajrants in tho Noi-thw<>st for Pier- 
Standard W aeeu Co., liiurt aarriatre Cb7 

:»» A *'3 WA.SBI>f-,iO> AVB. .Sol TH. 




Thia hrewery lina heen .nlar^ed ».;d 
■•w raachinery ad4ed to the estal. lahment 
makiii); it'one of th. best inUnd >irewcne« 
of the utate. All orders f'>r lirer promptly 
01 1.4 and Mtixfaction gunranteed. 
t3irOiT. us a trial..*! 



Meyer & May, 

Waconia, Minn. 

W«hae.4MM>^ tofiT. onr cnatom.ra, 
antil Jaa. I. I88J, « redaction of 10 per ct 
for all oAeh anies .n dry go^/d^ notion\ 
^othlnir. hata A capa, boote *, ahoes *o. 
"• ■»*k« »*»• diaconnt to cMh customer. 
)!.». k^-..k *• M 1 ,r l**"'y- I'you »»^illc:Jl inandseeua, we will 

liams, book of poems, Mr. and Mrs. oonviac. you th,»tyoa o»ndo better wiih 

Bradley, also from Mr. and Mrs. "^teriLrSc^Vth i«8.. 


Billi«rd Hall : 

Sprague and Mrs. J. Richardson, 
Majolica Pitcher, Dr. and Mrs. 
Bray, stereoscope and views. Dr. 
Dorsey, 1 doa. napkins, Mrs. Sar- 
gent, and daaghter Clara, hanging 
lamp. H. J. Heinemann, 9 silver 

toward:, getting sp a Christmas j tea and large spoons, Cla'rence Slo 


tree for the benefit of the children 
' oftfie church liere. .\mount was 
n W-ribf-d inside of 10 minutes. 
Tho i^ohool house presents a fine 

iSairiels& W lute i painted. 

H. F". Latham teacher in Schau Il- 

eum, odor case, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. 




A First Class 

Grist MUl! 


DeHler<< la 




J, A. BIX BY Sl CO. 

Dealer tn 

Hardware & Stoves, 

licfriKerators, Ire Cream Frecz 

ers. Water Cooler & Fillers, 

Adams & Westlake Oil 

Stoves, ete., etc. 



99 Ct. Store 

Wbeleaaieand Retail 

Fancy Goods, Jewelry, Silver 

Ware, Toys, Bird Cages, 

Brackets etc., etc. 

■J*l Vicollft.irp.. Woods New nio.k. Mlnne 
HpoliSHiid T Wwt TlHr.1 i^irect. St. P Jul? 

^^-"-^^i^^y AHE, TINWARE, 





Deulr rs in 

Dry Goods, 

Fancy Goods, Notions A* Millinery 

rniiipletoaHsortment In rverj- <1f'p«rtin<,'))t. 
Made Oarmrikts for LAdleti, MUses uad Chil- 
dren a specialt}-. 

257 4 I'SO Nicollet Ave. 

^epelbaum's Bloek. Cor. 3d Etraat. 






Denier* in 





»rCC»PBOIl TO OF.O. H. WlI.SO?<, 

DoHirr in 

Pianos k Organs 

Lcrirem Btock of 

Sbtt-t MtuU, Uootit A Hutual Uerthan^im 

i!» Tin cixr. 

I'iakof: VTeber. Fluher. BradbniTr. Mrrnm- 
inon, Lyon* Ueely. Ouoamh: Rurdittf, I'ul- 
.«oc sterling, liay Mate, WcmernCwftafro. 

appeal uce, after haviaif beenlw ee Mr. and Mrs. Kaiser, hand painted 

Th. aadaraiened ..ffera for ^ale or rent 
Booth, work basket. Miss A Castle !? '■''•"^^'* *""'• *»»« 'f »«=''"'• R"!"*' 
vases, Mrs. Tiffauv and Mr. Huber 1 ,""* " . **'"' " ** """ '" A"' 
silver butter knife' and pi.kl. fori •a^rj^Ih: m"''' " ' '^"'' ''''"' 


W. wonlJ rcypeclfiiHr inform the puli- 
.hat wc hava lately opened a flr»t 
olaas aaloon and billiard hall, and rnn» j 
roii!»tsntly keep on fiand a Urje Ktnck oi ; 
choice winea. liqtiorK nnd <ij::ir-*. Tlu- I 
(„.^t of beer alwsyk on tup. W,- (ils<: 
wkiskey hy the g^H-'n "t the very 
larre^t possible fi({lJres 



J. F. Uilley, Propr. 

Chaska, - Minn. 

berjjs r»ist. Four month* term A[r. 
Craven teaches the school no 'Jid, 
J. Volkonants' Dist 

Our people are fairly in raptures 
oviT the appearance of Mix's storo 
in ^Vaconia. 

Fred Flood, E-sq., took his defeat 
for an oiHce in Wright Co., very 
philosphically. So does any sen- 
sible man. 

'Tis a pity we have not any suit 
river paradise. Would help to 
enliven things. 

R. Zegelin has a gopd ruaof •tii. 

torn, being in the midst of a fine 

ornament on easel. Miss George, 
Japanese bracket and stand, Dr» 
and Mrs. Cash, toilet set, Mrs. 
Milea and Richardson, gentleman's 
dressing case, Mr. J. Richardson, 
splasher in Kensington sketch, Miss ; 
Clara Richardson, table scarf, Mrs. 
J. Richardson, fruit dish silver and 
cut glass, N. J 

R. R. 

For term, inquire of 

Pniprictor, Waconia. .Mmn 

Attention Farmers! 

IDVaconia Saw MiU 

P. J. E. 



323 Nifollett Ave. 

Th. r.rM.rt .f Wtesnia snd ricinity 
ar. h.r.hy infornnd ihu I ,„ii com. 

r^ „M ^'' *="*'■ "■'^ !»•"•• ••*i''8»»»ber a. aoon as . ,uf. 
saucers from Dr. Miles and Henry flcient nuiaber ef log, «„ ^n hsnd. 1 
Ahrens, jewelry case, Mr. and Mrs. I juarant.e {ood work at aa che.p rates a. 
Elisha Childs. Silver butter dish, *''^ l«»Mt. Reiaemher the 'old reliahle" 

_ ... :. . t"*", wcjiijj la mc inm.1. OI % i}a« fram Miss I^ 

Tb. •'Merohaxits" » now prepared for ^_^ ^ ^Z,,'TJ 

_ -siae... If y.n want ««iaaremeal, and ) , *» l,- • , *^ *^** ^'" , tiermsmeyer. 

• otean bed stop vrifeh me, second door£:ist 

Bertie Sloeum, photograph of Dr. 
and Mrs Mc Wright, a gift from 
Ihs laitor. family Bible, Dr. Grea- 
Tea. perfume case, Henry SimoDs, 
satin cashion and steel engraving 
from Miss Nellie Sloeum to H. B. 

fcnsiaea.. If y.n want ««iaare meal, and . - - — .— _»j»,.. 

- I have an obliging and competent Aftor receiving the congratnla 

_^ of "Herald Block. ' 


1 . M. to run the n^w po«t o«e«. ' ti<»« of fne«ds aad partaking of « 

mill St Waeenia, bring ia j^^ i„-, .„^ 
fet satiafaetioQ. 

Wasnnis, D^e. 16. ia82. 



••«4«t«»l»mr*|J^?J,5f*^"N««te.. Ba. 


203 Kicollct ATonne, 


We keep Rubber bats, caps, boots, sboe., 

gloves, blankets slicetinK, ilL-jper?. lerrlns. 
all(<, .yrinjufi, .^timiizcr-'. Finjf»'rCots, Piano 
CoverK, Drt'fiS !^hicld.=, Wh^toh S<;>rinKS, Flaor 
Matting. H»>T5o Cover?, D«.or M;itP. ( ushlon*. 
Blb!>, Coats, Corks. Coinl.s, Spittoons. Brush- 
us, niitteuii, mirrors, doile, toys. Also leather, 
rubber aad cotton beltiug:, pneklns, boreae. 



Boots & Shoes, 

Bole Asont for Durt ic M^ar's, Burt tt Pack- 
ard*. and Ptr^nir and Carri l!'» flne sh<M»s for 
men. P. W. Wriffbt & Co.. and Beonctt A fi^r- 
nard'fl flue •bu^» for ladU- s. 

SAI4.MX5: B. S. Garfield, L. D. Kllbbura., 
Ro**t Mclntire, A. B. KU»x>tuefln(lG99 Buck- 



Dealerln ail kinds of 

Boots & Shoes. 


Ask to see children's shoes with the 
A. S. T. CO. 


Shoe Bills reduced one half bv 
wearing them. 

EUche. xcr Si Co^^ 


- AND - 


hare renored to No. S4>«, Nioellet Avecue, 
on. bl«ek abere tbelr fortncr location. 



Furniture and M\m, 

481 ft 423 Nicollet Ave. 
Artistic Fnmlshing a Specialty. 



an4 SeaUr in 


Telejrraph Orders for Oofllns promptly a;- 
tendfd to by day or aifbt. 

Vn(*trUiling Rtwm*: FHrnitir-Ilomnt 
IM S. Washtnirt.n Are. SM Klcollet Are 

«-rrico» to Suit the Tiraes. Call aad Ezaaia. Wlbri 
purchajiag ZSlsewhere. 






CoDfectioiiery and cijars. 

__JOSKrjI F/U.yj.-EX, ProprUU^. 


urniture Store t 

. :0; 



.^.epa constantly on band all kind, of 

Picture Frames 
Coffins &o 

And will ..11 them at city prio... 



•^BstlaaUafuraUhed and all work k^TtMhltY t7J U V^l, 
one proBsptly aad eatlifsetorily. 


CHA6MU . JtlK2r. 

Peter ntis, Proprietor. 

— :•:— 

Tbis well kBO«Bl|ot.)hMrM»*ttekMaaa 

jnjne ««d bed. aad ulSTOll^TiJSt 


la stocked iritk the isest iap«rt«4 

Liquors, winen and oi|rarL 

and the ooolatt and 

best beer in town 

constantly kapt 

on draufirht. 



' •if. \M 






J . 


A. L. & V. E. DUTOIT. raWislicrs. 



Some of tlie rith Canadians whose 
moKcy n>nde things boom in Vlanitoh;! 
f jr a year or two want t > feet it back 
apiin, bnt cnnot, ius^'at present. 

The Waphiii'jilon correspondents were 
confi'lvnt that G«r'. Pope and (len J[ac- 
keiitif would not be continuod. They 
conveyed the impression that a bitter 
fight was impon<lin;j, especially on the 
nomination of Gen. Pope to be major" 
general. T>nt it doesn't set tlie huys back 
n bit to be informed that no sort ofoppo- 
•ilion whatever was made to either. 

The I^ndon Eclio mentions General 
Shennnn's recimmendati jii that the 
fnited Stiteaariny be increased to 30,- 
OiM) ia»n, «nd then sUis: "Happy land, 
tiiat finds "ii/Hjo nienennii-:!; iortiie pro- 
teclioii ff htf a <ontinent, and tliat 
ton">qnf.iitIy, spend-j its taxes in mak- 
in;^ such idu;ational provi.-ioH as alto- 
gether piitso'ir English cities to shame!" 

Gen'*ral trade thron^hnnt the country 
is rf['Otied reniarkablv dull and failures 
arc on tho iiicre;ii<e. Tlie clearing liousc 
businfSH has been jreatly eOecfed by 
the dulhu-.-.s of specuhiti on, owiiiu' to n 
Blrinjterit m Miey miikct. l>:it tiiere is 
no jrencral apprehension that thiseondi- 
tion of LfTairs will continue longer than 
the winter iuonths. Pc-iple are more 
cauti'iu**, however, than heretofore, and 
it i.-4 thi4 fitrt that nriy, ».% in times past, 
prevent anything like a crash. 

John n. rtough the preat temperance 
l«dvi)caft», is ajinin in good iioallli and 
fifilnti, iulti:!ing his winter appointuieuts. 
He Id n>w in his THli, and tins \i 
Lis 41st lecturing' fet'-son. L'p tu the 
clojie of last i<ca5">i, which was tiie 1st of 
May, Mr. Gou;;h has spoken 8,4S<) times 
altogether. A reas'inable average of his 
hearers ia l,(W, fo that Gou;,;h has dur- 
ing liie course or his platfunn caieer ad- 
drcs*^e<I no leas than tiio enormou» num- 
ber or8,.T00,(X)<J people. He hastraveled 
44,800 mil es. 

A hi'l has just passed the hou?e ofrep- 
rc^cntaitves that has been lOo years on 
the docket. It was to refund the sum 
of $3'),U)')e.'<pended bv the state of Geor- 
t:ia for the coinnton defense in the year 
17771 It is seldom, if ever, that a claim 
against the government gives up the 
ghost. It may be knocked on the head 
by ono congress, and sleep for a dozen 
year8,biitit is sure to be revived again un- 
der more favorable circums auoes. There 
are liosta of old and suppose I fraudulent 
claims tbat have been defeated over 
and over again, now on the 'ifssand 
likely to bo called up at any momeut. 

Pensioners are notoriously long-lived. 
It appears from the report of the com- 
njissiouer of pensions that there are still 
eighty-fuur aurv viug widows of revolu» 
tionary soldiers now ou the pension rolls, 
none however further west than Kansas. 
New York. Nor h Carolma.and Virginia 
have ten each ; Tennes-see, nine, Penn- 
aylvania jind Ueori^ia, seven each; Ver- 
mont, live; Maine, Ohio, and West Vir- 
gioja, four each; .South Carolina, Ne* 
Hampshire and Indiana, three apiece. 
Kan.-.a3 and Mi^-ouri, two each; and 
Massaclm-setta, iliasiiiaippittud Nebraska, 
one apicco^ 

It is worthy of note, .says the Philadel 
phia Ra.-ord, t!«at the fine timber laud 
in Micliigan is uuw worth t^'j an acre. 
Not so very long ago— less than twenty 
J^ears— ahimst any extent of nia^nificoix't 
pint? for^-st could liave been bouj^ht in 
reniM^ylvania from $(Jto jO an acre. Now 
tlu-r»*ig Imrdly a pine tree fell standing. 
Tiio deikfuction of pine in Minnes.ot'a 
and Wisconsin is going on at a rapid rate 
and the pine lands have nearly all been 
gubMed up by the mammoth Bpocula- 
tort and lumberinij firms. It is hardly 
probable that iuniber wiilever bo cheap- 
er tlian rit present, and tlia pro.-pect is 
tUat it will be very much higher. 

Tlie annual report of the superintend- 
ent ..f the Ka-co:i.^t Life-Savinc Service 
f->r the fi-ical year indicitesa degree of 
peTfectinn in its achievements w hit h is 
*iniply There were one hun- 
dred ami ninety .stations extended along 
llie wh.ole Atlantic Coast and compa.'^sing 
*'• ■ dangerous )ioin s on ttie great lake? 


M iscellaneons Mat U ts. 

The British possessions in Australia 
cover 5,075,000 square miles. The popu- 
lation, white and colored, nrmbera 2,- 

8:i5,9.^4 by far the greater part being con- 
centrated in a few cuies. Tie dei)t of 
the colonies is already nearly 1100,000,- 

At a recent funoral in New Hampshire 
or thereabouts, a doctor of divinity be- 
sought the Almigh y "that our Uvea 
may not bo in a parabola, vandering 
farther and farther from Thee till they 
are Ici^t in the infinite darknes i, but may 
their orbits be in an eclinee, tl at we may 
ever draw near to Thee." 

The effort to enforce the i ew penal 
Sunday code in New York reminds the 
Buffalo Commercial Advertis -r of the 
sign board wt.ich for several rears stood 
at the entrance to the Whirlpiol Itapids 
just below Niigara Falls. "Tlie Wliiri- 
nool will be closed ou .Sundays!' But the 
Whirlpool whirled on all tlie sime. 

The Worcester and Nashua I^iilroad 
have in daily service two vetennenginea 
which present a striking contr ust to the 
modern 40 ton locomotive, with its enor- 
mous i)oiler, tieavy gtoain preisnre, big 
ivlinders, an<l other iip'ovenitints com- 
bined to f-irni-h powi-r and sp.-ed. The 
veterans are the Worcester and Har- 
vanl. the former having begun runrdng 
aiK>ut 1840, and the hitter in l>o.^. Both 
were original v wood burners, with the 
cut-off and drop motion, I'Ut when 
changed to coal burners the utore mod- 
ern link motion was put on. 

Thurlow Weed's death bet' afTidavit 
does not seem to have settled the Mor- 
gan question, and Weed ia os bitterly 
denounced now as he was in I iie second 
Bt.ige of l!ie e.Tcitcuient. M« rgan dis- 
appeared, but under wliatcircuoisUuicea 
will probably never be settled. 

The Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul 
railroad company baa raised the wages 
of its freight train employes, w th a view 
to at-cnring the best wrvice po wible and 
retaining that permanently. The pay of 
conthictors has been increstsed from $70 
to $75 a month. an«l brakemen, who 
commence on $^j, after three month's 
Bf'rvice receive $50, after six m">nths, $•» 
per month, with good prospects toacon- 
ductorship to all reliable mcu. 

The value of old coins is wh >lly arbl- 
trary. and depends upon the desire of 
some collector to possess then. There 
is no market value for them, an 1 if at any 
sale no person has a partJcut ir desire 
for any on«, it has no more Vilue than 
for the metal it contains or ita actual 
circula'ing va'ue as money. Fome per- 
sons who are collecting coins f< r 
ment give extrava/ant prices for rare 
specimens to complete a seriei. Aa an 
instance the following circimstance 
may be referred to: At a recen meeting 
of the American Numismatic Sticiety, F. 
C. Frothingham exhibited a col ection of 
American copper cents from 17v3 to 18.57. 
This is said to bo tiie finest col ection in 
the countrv, and was collected at a cost 
of over $3,000. For the cent of 1804,1125 
was paid, and for that of 18UG, idOO." 

Victor Hugo has forwarded t j the Re- 
lief Committee at Venice the suTi of 60or, 
for the benefit of the sufferers from the 
recent Italian floods. "Let i a oppose 
Imman nnity," he writes in a letter hc- 
companying the gift, "to the v olence of 
nature. Whenever the unknovn power 
breaks out and works evil let human 
unity riik; and do good. Again^t inunda- 
tions, against fires, agiunst loca catastro- 
phes, let ua organise suNcri Hions all 
ihe world over. With ten sous* per head 
millions can be realized. The m>u of the 
people will prove it.-* uiight, an 1 the fra- 
ternity of people will becomu lau frater- 
nity of men. 


There were wit .in the year t«o hundred' 
and eiglity-.seveu dotr.iment.d vessels 
wrecked within the of the super- 
vision of these ttations. Of 2:2li6 pers^ms 
on boiird ilie^e ve.-sele only twelve were 
lost. About tvvo-thinls of the property 
mvolvi'u in the disasters was saved 
Tue statistics offered show that since the 
estah ishment of this servile along the 
wholecoa-^tllie loss oi life from marine 
disasters has been reduced aevent'-flve 
per cent., or from a loss ofew person in 
twei.ty-r.i,!e tne loss has been dimin- 
ished to one ia oae Imudred and thir- 

XlM decision of tiie Supreme Court of 
the Lnited Slates, restoring the Arling- 
ton estate to the heirs of the late Gen- 
eral kubort E. Lee, was dissented from 
by Chief Juetice Waite and Justices Brad- 
lejr, Wood and Gray, nearly an eqiuil 
<l.v«.onoftho Court. The opinion of 
the majority was written bv Mr Jus- 
tice Mdler of Iowa, and is a verv able 
and comprehensive document, going in- 
to fundiunental principles that hav° 
been at issue from the foundation of the 
government. The estate was purchased 
by tlie governmeiit in pursuance of a 
special act of Congress, at a tax sale- 
but It H said tlut tue proceedings e.s-' 
pecially m respect to the manner of 
P-iymin:; were not iu conformity to the 
laws of Virginia. The decision savs that 
the United States never acquir;dany 
title to ice Arlington estate. It wiil of 
course, revert u tlm heirs who are dis- 
posed to neil it to the government at a 
reasonable figure. 

Death of a Millionaire. 

Kobert L Sfaurt, a well known sugar re- 
finer of New York, who died last *«k left 
an .^tate of S6.000.()00. Ic was the custom of 
ttie brothers con, posi«g the firm to devote so 
n.anv thousand dollars yearly to some form 
of chanty, whether the year's profits had 
beta lar^'u or small. In 1852 thev becm 

aiUer i, aurt died at bu old re>.idence on 
sueir."'' T/^t "' ^Chambers and Green wici 
».otherb bmi given away for various philan- 

1^. Stamt b-stjwdd up Ml religion, educa- 
!^«i*°''f"^"'-^*'**' *500,000 u.akingft*e 
000 '•'"''"'''»"^-'^» "' '■»>« two ueariy " 

• $-',u00,- 

Last Week's Failures. 

Bradstroci'a Journal furnishes the follow 
*"«■-■ ^fe wtre 230 failurea reported to 
BraflstrSsts during tho past week, seventeen 
«a than iKst week. »„d 8ixty.five more than 
the corrft'i^nd.n,- we^k lasi year. Tiier« 
were i.o very large lailures compared wth 
the previo J* w«ek, l., ihe principal tiades 
aa i«.Uow9: Grocers, 43; goneral traders, 37; 
•iquor*, 17; clothing, 15; mauufactures. 15 

The Omaha Railroad Swalowcd by 
tho Northwestern — Xew •>ffioer»— 
Vandorbilt in tha Ring. 

The anticipated revolution in t >eSt. Paul 
ii Omahn railroad took place in K«w York 
on Saturday laat. Pres, H. if. Porter of '.he 
Oiuaha tendered his resignation, and Mar- 
vin Hughitt, of the Northwestern was eiect- 
ed in his place. In the directory all hos- 
tile an J figurehead interests werejKjreniptor- 
ily retired. H. H. Porte.", H. h. Bmliup, 
iltiijaujin Brewster, R. R. Cat le, E. K. 
Draae, Welles, Fische and Ki antz gave 
plac to William II. and Cornelitij Vander- 
bi It and Augustus Schell. from New York, 
Wheat, Keep and Marvin Ilnghit't 
of the NortiiWfBteru and Me^8rs. 
dykes, Twombly and Ppoouer. 

David Dows, a Iraditig light In 
th. Rack Island, holds his grip, ua do W. 
I). Washburn, A. H. Wilder and li. P. 
Flower. Mr. Sawyer still nold* 1 is Mat on 
the board, but he has becc bom ced from 
the vice nreeit'encv to give place to W. L. 
Sykes, who has aL>o beeu elect«^ secretary 
and treasurer. 

The significance of these chan (ea Is that 
Vandfrbi.t and the Northwea em wtr^ 
forced to taka this step to protect their 
own interest;. In the rwent J glit they 
were In chancery, and could lu ke no de. 
feiise nor take the aggressive, as i; the jioli- 
cy of the company when its interi-sts ara as- 
sailed. Hy securing the control ol tha Oma- 
ha they could control tha tratflc 
of an immense area o.' territory, an<l Lave 
a system iu magnitude and eSioUvaoess 
secontl to none on the continent By ilila 
acquisition llie Korthwestern contmls about 
the same mi eage as the tfc St. 
FhuI, and will be at>le to pool i**uea and 
earnings on an equal bjsis. 

Railr >aJ otficiaisdo not b^leive tha change 
will atf-ut the public in any way. The 
Omaha h*«, during the past feW y«ra, been 
apparently a bratch or' the Northwestern 
running te St. Paul and Mi meapolis. 
They knew it was coming sonii months 
ago, as there was a gcueral tend mcy that 
w»y. Omaha companv wasorgariteJ Jane 
1, 1S80, t-y the consolidation of il at'hicag 
St. Paul A Mini'-atoHs, the Nort i Wiacbu 
sin. and the St. Paul di Sioux City railway 
companies and their main lines ai.d branch- 
es. The Sioux City & St. Paul road was 
purchs'ied and added t'.> the system. "The 
entire leivrthof road a:iJ hrinch» is 1,230 
miles. Thebrsncheiarri Rivsr P.dia, Still- 
water, Menominee, Nurtli Wisconein, Blue 
Earth, .Sioux PdUs, B a^k llills, itock Bij 
er and Niobrara. 

A Western Brakemaou 

From the San Francisco Chronicl j. 

William Hog>;att, better ki own aw 
"Omaha Bill," who was burned to death 
iu the caboose of one of the trai aa which 
was wrecked by the collision on the 
Centr.d Pacific railroad, near DaTiaville 
last Saturday, was iu mauy respects a re- 
markable character. His pareita are in 
comfortable circamstances and reside in 
the state of Ohio. At the age ol 18 years 
"Bill" left home, with hia fath Jr's con- 
sent, and began his railroad 1 f e aa a 
brakeman. lie afterward aerved as fire- 
man, engineer and conductor, I ut never 
fonsook the rail. He was 6 feet 6 inches 
taU. And his strength was prodigious. 
>o man of equal physical powera ever 
rode on the top of a box-car. tie was 
application he would be placed at work 
ajcain. His liberality was priverbiul. 
No railroadman in distress e>er asked 
for his aid in vain, and his deal h, at tiie 
early age of 30 years, will be mot t keenly 
felt by those wtiom he thus befriended. 
He was in the caboose, getting I. is lighta 
ready for use when the coll sion oc- 
empioyeu at mtterent tunea oy aimoat 
every company in the country, 
and there is not a railroad man 
of any prominence to whom he 
was not known as "Omaha," or irho will 
not regret his tragic fate. 11 s liabita 
were peculiar, but ois integrity was un- 
questioned. He never remaine 1 on any 
line more than six montlis at a time. 
He would always give due notl yo of hii 
intention to "move on," and Itave his 
employers in an honorable manner. In 
the course of a year or two 1 e would 
stride into Uie superintendent's office 

again, with the remark, "Well, Mr. , 

here I am a^in. Any chance to catch 
on?" The division tu'perinten* ents all 
over the union appreciated hi: worth, 
MUd w'lthin six hours after making his 
curreo, ami u can oe truiiiiuuy taul 
be died while doing hia duty. 


Full Description of the New 
State Capitol of Slinnesota 
to be Occupied on the 
lat of January. 

Wendell Phillips, just passed "3 years, 
is fond of Bacon's essays, and Le haa al- 
waya been a peraiatant reader of bioe 

A BHlldtnf TThteh at IA« Tery Mod»TaU 

Cost, Cannot Be Equalled in tho Vnitod 

Btatoo for Commoilloita £logan«o. 



THx Ktw cArrroL. 

Prom an article containing a description 
of the old s'ate capitol, and of its burning ou 
the 1st of March, 18SI, and of the preieit 
structure ou Wabiiha street, St. Paul, to be 
occupied by the state otHcers and the legis- 
lature next month, the foUowiog ia extract- 

Tie visitor of to-day at tba aapitol iqnare 
•eet nairly com dieted a very dilToraot strncttira 
from tba ooe bertrtofora deaeribad. Un tho 
aba or tha old legielatira a new balldiag. 
masaiTe and boanu'a', has apruns; lalo ex- 
ial«De«L Ererywhera it ia atiU anfluisbeJ, Ijut 
approacbea complatioo ao rapidly tb&t it is 
asT to aeo Low commodioaa and well adaptad 
It will be to its future naen. Tba fonudnKJD, 
iu tLe form of a Ore«k crcs), each arm 
•if the crcS4 150 feet in length, of 
flna cat atone, is wall laid and 
eatliy anpporta tbe noble unpsratrnotnre reared 
ui'on if. As ibe» baa«muDt wi.l be naad for 
(fticea, atore ruoroa, etc., it waa ijcco4»arr tliac 
'ha waiia uti.juld bo dry abd fruat proof. 
TnU waa accoDipliaba 1 by the bnilJing of an 
a,.roii wall of atoua ail aruucd tha bailrllog 
aud arcbiiiR it up to the bottom of tbe biia«- 
menl winduwa, ibna readirriug tbe founJatiou 
wall-i parfectly dry aod Uaaffjcted br tbe 
moi-tnrs from ihe earth, and Bllowi::g 
of a<Klcllng clear op lo the tuiidlug naelf. Tbe 
tat'Dieiit, aawall is cvervflio-, walla-id panl- 
tiodiutbe alructure, is protected w.tb a fire- 
proof coTeriug of alaba, made of arhe« and 
cetntnt ijo profiiselr has tbia material beeu 
itv-X that any o'le ro-xa 


of Its own, c.aantrg .nt all of itn owe wood 
Work, without conimnoioaUag the flames lo any 
other part of tbe builiiljg. 

The walls are bnllt of red brick with Drea- 
bach atotie tnmmitigs, tbe eooiraatiug eolors 
•tnkine the eve «•< oil at fir»t bnt imDrovmg 
reinaik*bly on funher aeqnaloUDca. Sifhcnll 
aa it ia to llDteh oti tiie roof of aucb a building 
aa the new capitol, tne taak seems to have been 
^neceesfnlly ucomplinhed. The ceulral rqaare 
obat TFatoiy ia Qut oearly so handaomo aait will 
brt wbeo aurmnnnted by ira dome. The pngo- 
dne • D tbe cornerii, with the air and light flue", 
iufficiently rehfcve what wunld othet wise aeem 
au almo«t endlera expaoae o( roof. 

£.1 taring tl.e baseniMit at the Wabaaba street 
doora, the Ti-iior HhUb himself at once in the 
rooms of the Hiatorical society, which will oc- 
cupy ail of Ihe west and part of tbe soaih wing 
baaemeat. Tbeaa rooms are light and hiKh, 
and will be dellshtruUv p'.eaaaat in the aum- 
mer. The north wing baaameot will t>« uacd 
aa atore rooma for the aecraiary of eiata The 
Boutbeaat ooruer will be fltte<l np witti a Datb 
room, tarberahnp and gooeral to;let cloaetA. 
All ttirout:h ttio flnora of tbe baaemeui rooms 
are l%ii tba wa'er andgaa pipeaia euch a mau- 
tier ibat they may be taaiiy oTerhau:ed at any 
time. O^mtannicatlon i« had w>ib tbe groaud 
floor my mem.s .*>r ihree wide atalrwaya 

of tba ground Aimt by the Wabaaba 
atreet eatrauce, tbe four rooma 
comprising tt,e gorernor'a auita o' 
apanmenia are the firat on tha right. These 
rooma, with their high coilioga, wide wiudows 
and tasteful finish, are Tery Inviting. £aoh 
offloe. both on thla and tbe other floor*, baa its 
flre-aud-burglar-proof ▼anlt The goveruor'a 
rooma are tiDishtd in mahogany aod oird's- 
eye maple, the wainscoting, doors and door 
frames being finished in handaome panels of 
the coutrabiing w .oda. The memorial wiudow 
in tbe main aparimuut will occnnv tbe large 
space ooening ca tha light and Vir conn of 
tbis wiog. On the left of tbe hallway are tho 
four rooma to be occupied by tiie auditor and 
hia corps of clerk^♦ These rooma are tluiahed 
haodaomely in brcwn aeb, and furnished nitb 
evfry conveuieuce in the way of oonnters, 
etc., for facilitating the dolDg of bntiuuns. A 
piivate passage-way connoctt these rooma 
with tboaa of tbe iretaiirHr, as also another 
paasag" way oonuf CIS the offices of the KoTernor 
and attorney general. Pasilug Ihrongh to tbe 
east wiug, on tha il^'ht are tba two rooms of 
tbe inaurauce coiunii'sioner aud the three 
rv)oma of the adjutant g> neraL Ou the left are 
the two d<(t)artn)ent4 of the railway commis- 
siener, ami those of tbeeuperititeudeot of pub- 
lic instrucUou, who al«o has two rooms at hie 
lilapoaaL Entering the Lsll from Exchange 
atreet, ou the iiLmediata nght is tbe cfl ca of 
the cl-rk of the eupreme couit, and on ih« lell 
the ofBces of the Gijard of lmmigrat.oa and 
tha atii>rn?y general 


the tlret till •» rooms ou th« left aro being 
fine I for the treiauier. Tho two rooma ini- 
mediately in their TMr will be need by th3 
public examiner. Ou tho right, the t olio of 
four large rooms will be occiiried by tha see- 
retary of state. 1 heae r o-ua are a 1 waiu- 
acotud aud flnieLcd iu browa aah, f>ach suite 
being liberally sn-.tjlifj hI.u diwaing cloaeta, 
lavatone*, etc. The rooms of the aecrrftary 
connect by au iron stairway with the stor»>. 
rooms beiow. 

Two large, broad etsirwkys lead from the 
gronud to the second fluor. AeoeidiDg these 
iron etalrways w.ib their alato treads tiie foot- 
fall of the visitor Is aa quiet as though it fell 
on Telvet pile. In tbe Wabasha wing of tbe 
sect nd and third eiories, is aituated tha hand* 
tomeat room in the hiiQae, 


This room ie 41.\5s feet in tU9 clear, ex- 
clusive of the s»iiciy. With a 23-foot coiling. 
J be woodwork ihn.ughou: the apartm.nt is 
of yellow bircii aud birJsevo maplo. The 
panelling about the room, aa well as tho desigu 
aud fiuiali of the gsHcry wrodwork, is very 
h»udsorae. A large ataiuftd-Klass ekvlighl and 
iilue etsined.glaos windows iu ttie gidlery 
furnish ahnndant lisht for da* seaelons. An 
ilegant 75-Jpt chandelier will be snspeudod 
from the middle of ibe ekvlight, whiie four 
electric Ughta wUi awing 'from the corners 

On this floor in tbe Tenth Ktreet wirg is the 
large a-nenibly chamber, 47x80 fto', ita higbt 
corr€spoii.ling with that of the seDste .-hsni- 
■ • r. itie wo.dw I;. Of pntn wc'wl .1.1 1 mi- 
hogany, will be finished with a polish ^ery 
nearly resembling that of oil, but deeper. Tba 
ceilitig. ribbed sod Uirided into tinted agaares, 
girea ama?!<ire air to the room which f» in no 
way detracted from by tbe heaTy woik on tho 
gallery rails and ap-nker'e deak From the 
ceiling will depo.nd two fine chandeliors with 
seventy-two bnrners each, and from tbe four 
eonieie of the raised, timed nkyli^ht will hang 
electric lights. In the womlwork all tbrou^u 
the hnlhllog it is noticeable that the deaixii" 
are takiuK and yet not ao elaborate aa to resist 
the attack of a dust brush. Tha rooma wiil bw> 
clean as well as light 

Iu tbe EzcbaiiKe street wing on this fl> or ia 
tho snprame cotirt room, end adjoiulog 
it on the wast are the Are private rooms for tlio 
jutigea The private rooms are finished in 
browD ash, while the court room has a panel- 
ing aud finish of haadaome oharry and Hun- 
garian aoli. Opening ont of the court room is 
a Convenient attorneys' room, a door from 
ssch of ihoi-e rooma opening on a prlvatti 
paasagowar leading to the hbrarians room and 
the library room, which talin op nearly all the 
space iu the ea*t wiug of the second fioor. 
While the present usea of the library will de- 
mand only one tier of shelvua around the 
room, the wants of tbe future have not been 
overlooked, as spice and light have been pro- 
nded for rnnniog two aaileries around the 
room when they are required. Tliia room is 
done in plain brown aah. 

The main room on the third floor is the can- 
ens room, 31x47, in th« Exchange street wiug. 
CoonecUngwith this room la s Un;e committee 
room, to be usad in the hot times uaualty 
ai tending legislative canonsea Ua tbe second 
and thirit floor* there are in all twenty ooiu- 
miitee rooma, all lisht, convenient and doished 
in brown ash. Couuecung with senate aud as- 
sembly chambers are tlie epacions cloak 
rooma, laVfttoriea, eta, all well appoiuted and 

The haila throughout the building are wain- 
scoted and trimmed in oak, oiled aud polished. 
The hall floorK are haaJaomely tiled, the ti!r» 
being laid Iu tlno cemeuL Tbure are 20 000 
feet of this work la the halia AH tha other 

"n°u* Vl'V*^ '" '"•"■'^ '''OJ"- The walls are 
an riard-finlehed and many of them will ba 
ta!.ieruUy tinted. Electric bell wlrt-s run from 
every apartment counecting wi.h the Janitor'a 
room lu the basomeut. Wheu the dome is fin- 
ished It will rise sheer I'OO feet 
from the ground, giving visitors a 
fine view of the city and country 
about. The wrought-iron flag staff towering 
oriy feet above the roof ia placed Just over the 
Wabasha street entrance. 


wae captured aad made serviceable in the 
planninK of tho eniiine aLd boiler rooma of 
he building. From tha northeast comer of 
the basement a tuunel runs ol siHv feet to 
the deep baaeraeut of the boiler house, taste- 
fully built, forty feetrqnare, of red brick aud 
trimmed in harmony with the main bui:di' g. 
The thirty. horse power (-ngiue in thebasemeui 
is now used to run two dynamo machines that 
will enpiily electricity ta the tweutv-fonr 
tamps seatteied tbrougb tbe capitoL bathe 
ground flixtr are the two high-presaara boilers, 
tifty-sn inches in liiamettr by sixteen feat in 
length. These, fitted Mhhall tha modern ap- 
pliaueee, furnish an atupld amount of steum to 
heat the larger builaiog ihoroughlv in the 
coldest weather. The radiators lu the capitol 
are all placed Jnst under ihe windows thns 
correcting the cold currant aait enters ma 
rooma By tl Is arrangement ill tt'o baJpolnts 
of •»«»» beating are done aw*v with. There 
will ba no jar of niaceiueiy, no einell, no amoka 
and no fine ooal dust to di:«treaa ihe most dali- 
cat* of tha Bute's law makers. 


Or oetuaa, tha graai proUam in tU i^fAam 


bnildloga is tbat of ven'.ilation. In tbia m- 
atanea the architect is satlstied tbat he has 
heeo fortunate and hit just the proper method. 
Varioua large air-rupply eUafu ran from the 
top of the building to tha basement. Con- 
nected with tLeee ate tho fiie, beat, 
and cold proof bo\es carrying tbe 
fresh air to every room in tba 
atraotnra. Ateach jnudion of thaae sapplr 
ducts ia placed a small ste<ro coil, creating a 
dranght and sending tbe fresh air coursiDii 
throa!<;h the regiatera of each ap&i tineut. This 
much for the supply, li tba wall of each 
rotm a repls'er connects through fonl-air 
dncu with four large chimneyi ruriuiu;? to 
the top of tbe building and filled with sieam- 
cuila Thus the foul air is heatvd aud rushes 
upward and out of ihe bjiUliuK. The frape in 
the cloaeta are all conncjted with these 
air ahaft», and all odors are e^rriad off 
before being allowed to enter ih-! ruom* 


Certainly Minuesoia cau loiu'ratnlate her- 
aelf ou having a bauds ime, con- 
venient and u«pfnl cauitol Luilling 
Tlie coa^, $2-J5.0OO, has bo*n no small 
thing, but sniijcient room baa been provided 
for many years to come. In all tbe aix'v.aeven 
rooms of the bulling there is not a d.irk cor- 
ner. All the fiiiishmg ia spprooriate and fine, 
the fui niahing as ordered will be m keepiug 
with the rest of the building, and tUa 500 men 
now at Work dav and uijjlit give promiae that 
everything * ill be in readiness for tue legia- 
latur-! some time before the limo aeL Tula 
building cannot barn no, and eanhquakes are 
rare occurrences in ttiis nart of thr. country. 
IJeedincowiR comm< need under the super- 
vi'iou of Gov Pi Inbury, who, wiieu his term 
•ipiied, lurued over tbe fonudaiioua partially 
cmploed tj Gov. Hubbird. Tu« Uaer baa 
given to iha work his pemonal direction 
and ia entitled to great credit for the teal and 
eiifrKV with which it has been r n»h«:d. It is 
largely the result of Gov. Hubbard's efforts 
thai the building ia so nearly completed 
and that tho senate and representaUrs lialls 
will be resdy for tbe lecielature when it meels 
next month. For werka past «ork hxa been 
g ling oQ day and nigh', from 200 to 600 men 
being employed. At niKht the rot> ■ havo 
worked by the light of several electric burnera 

Minnesota State llexbrni School. 

D. W. In^arsoll, George L. 0::», W P. 
Murray, C. U. Pe'tltt, vahLngen; J. O. 
Rheldaffer superintendent, aad J. W. 
Brower, aa^iatant superintendent, have 
transmitted their biennial report forth* two 
years ending Not. 80, 1SS2, to O .t. Hub- 
bard and the tit ite le>:islature. The r>^t^>ort 
States that no sigual chatigee in tbe conduct 
of the school are to be uotfd. Sin.t tbt 
oiMjiiingoftlm school, Jan. 15, It^i thtre 
have been 573 connr.iituienta t Jtbestliool. 
The new ciiuniitiiienus forthepvSt two van 
were 106; discharged 97; e*ci|Hd 3; die-l 1; 
on leaver, present in the in-^tiiution l::.j 
The offenses for which the 108 were com- 
iiiittedareas follows: Laroeny, 7t>: incor 
rigibili y, 10; aaiault and battery, 4; at- 
tempted robbery, 2, attempt to poison, 1; 
uiaiislaiKhter itilhe fourth d^re^, 1. 

The board ask for the following appro- 

Current ezpensea, 1P83.»..,.. -...--tSS.oriii 

Current ex {/enses. 1S.S4 S3'im 

To cover lois hy fire ",50l- 

Repain and inip<-ovenieiits, Ift83 2,0i<0 

Kepaira aud iiuproveiuenia, lHai 2,0<)u 

To iuaur* aUte property ^..._ 2,CioO 



Circular to Minnesota School Ofllcera. 

Bupt. Kielile has issued tha follswing cir- 
cular to school ofQcen*: 

First — Concerning distilct treasurer's bond. 
In a recent decision uf tha buprtuie eourl 
(Covnty of Scott ts Rii.e), it ia h* b! tbat tLe 
obliga'ion of aureiie? tipon official Iwnds 
does wot extend beyon I thi term for which 
the officer is flecte 1. This d>^ci.-'ion applies 
to thfj bonds of school district treasurr-ra. 
Hence, upon re-eieciion, tne Tr<»asi] rer must 
glTa ancjf bond. Thy district clerk will see 
that this important firovi.lon is tLornujihb 
complied with. County auditors will please 
make careful inquiry that no ccrhficate of 
clerks be accepted through misundersUind- 
ing ot the law. 

Second— Election of district officers, (s) 
The election must be by bal'ot. (b). Tht 
election must tie by a majurily oi TOted ol 
I hose present. If twelve Hrn present, and 
though bat ten vote, nnvea voted luuat ba 
caat lor the one elected. 

[Signeil] D. L. KiEnt-i, 

Superinteudeul Public Iiutxactioa. 

LarffoFIre at Blue Earth City, Minn. 

A disastrous fire occurred at Blue Earth 
City, Faribault Co., early Wednesday luoru- 
iog. Ualf a block of husincaa building were 
burned. Tbe following a:e tbe loaaea: 

J. C. Pratt, buildings $2,500, goods $500; 
no iusurence. 

H Heyenlahl, on goods $2,500; insured 
$500 in Underwriters. 

William McGiunis, building $100, atock 
%10iy, no insurance. 

EricksTerd A Hacen, dry goods; loss UO: 
known: iM!>nrcHl $4 000, $2,000 in Ilartf'jrd 
and $2,000 in Coiitinenttl. 

C. A. Puikam, losa on atock and houae- 
boM «o). 

lleflron building, $3,000: no Insttrence. 

R. A. Fofcter, building, $5000. 


ST. PAia. 

Fl-OUli— Quotations: Patents, $0-90.75: c'ear*, 
?'5ig5.50:«traii{tjt»,$i!>.2Si«5.T3; common bracdn. 
if4ia.'^: in bl)l.s 2.'>c extra, nnckwlieal liour. !;•>■ 
pt-r bbl. Rve flour. $4.2.5>rt4ftO per bbl. 
Oraham, $5(23.50 per bbl. liarket QuUt for tb« 
week. I'ricM ueneralijr ateady. 

\\HKAT— The market hns been ti^ndinir down- 
ward durlna iho week, in followiui; tha lake porta, 
but at tne i!»me tiiu« 'here was developed a fcling 
ot confl leiicn ihiiC wheat was good property to tiuy, 
that is at rpftalM prices. The dealora made th-jii 
bid;) at which tlier wers willing to take bold, 
wlilrh yet w^re below ihe views of SHJIer.*. R^- 
celpis ft^ll olTsoraeduriDir thewpvk, but at that ttiera 
was DO inrrvuse in quotable valuea. I'rice* a« lh«; 
run are at itbout the fi?ur-s of a wetk sko, and 
raiher ateady. Ilereip;* t? liable to increnae a 
lit:l'-, ascouDtry roadaare better. TbTe ta more 
of a •pecuatWe feelluir than there has lifen, owing 
to tbe approach to what may be calicd lK>rt< m 
prices. Aside from this, tr<iDAactiooa hare been 
limi'e 1, owioi to amall mlllini; demand. Btock* on 
storuKS In thia market are tib< ral. Tuesday's qno- 
taticin: No. 1 bard, H>*c Md, *1 asked; No. 1. Vic 
bid. 94c asked: No. 2 hard. y,"<ic bid. 94c asked; 
No. 2. tiie bid, 8!>c isked. Sals^ Tuesday: 1 cai 
No^ 2. 880. The market cIo«eU stinily. 

COUN— Only new corn i* arriving, but hardly dry 
enougb fur use. Prxea, acvordlDirly. have a wide 
rai)i;«, accordiDB to the couditioa uf grain. Tha 
demand haa l>eeo limited all the week, aud pricea 
have shown b t liltl^ Virlitioti. Tuesday 'a mnrkot 
gui-f, clo^inff rather weik iu the ab»euce ( f active 
(l-maod. Stockt ganerallv M^h:. Closina flirares: 
No. 2 old, OOv bid; new, Kanaaa, Stk asked; Iowa. 
40c bid, 48^ft50c asked. 

0*Ti»— The demand liaa been modorate all tbe 
weel<, and atocka have be«n lisht on amall 
receipts. Hpot deals bare been Umit»J, 
ba: iiu-re was a better attention given to fottirn*. 
'Ibe market was generally i^teady, cloflug at rather 
firm tiuu^e^ a ahade bixiier ilian a week aeo. 
BuyBm however takeo hcM only as they are In 
waut and do Dot couiract ahead of tbeir artnal 
DCi-rasi'lea, Tue^lay'a closii:ii quotatlonH: No. 2 
mlied, .ISc bid. 3(jc asked: December. 34**o bid. 
30c anked: Jiouary, 34>so bid; Febroary, H4c 
bid; Unr, 37cb'd. 3««o a*«*?d; Na 3 miietf, 3^c 
asked ; No. 2 white. S7e asked: No. 8 white, 36c 


MnxsTurra— Thia market h.isezpcrlenced aome 
de-- ne ?ince a week .ije. The followin? wbib ■ .,^». 
terday'a cloaing qnotallona: Brai , liiO^ita 15 io 
buU: shorts. $10^1o.5:.i; o corn mi-.;. 
$2350^24: mlind feed — corn and oats— new 
atoclr. No. 1. #23.r-tK«24 per ton. 

Wheat— Ihe Ucal m»rkei tor ibia eereil ! b» 
been auusa.illy lifeless for the week, but there Lad 
been some trading antil yesterday, when there 'Fd 
not soom enoueli of auim»tir<n left to even gmv. 
Prices were nomloally 9S'4U9c for No. 1 hard: 
93C94cforNa Zliard. The other trades at tie 
clotu tiad not enoagh life to even mnke a Doml oai 
price. A few cars of condemned sold at prlo^-s 
ranging alon« fcom 6U{?80c Na 2 was offered at 
8Gc with no blda. Na 1 nard was ctlered at DOc 
with 08c bid. No. 2 hard wan (>ffered at 04c, 9Jt 
bid. il waabid for jRnuar> ; -^l.OU bid tor Ft-b- 
ruary, and SI.IO was bid for May delivery. Ttwrc 
wua Dothinz doJBir in annplea eicep'iog in con- 
demned forabipment Mihera were aoiug nothing 
in buying. « 

C'CBV — There were no sales y"»t*rday, and but 
amall detnand. A few can w»r<^ oH Ted veatrrday, 
aod 5'2c waa tbe outatde bid f>T No. 2 now ciro. 
Tbe for rejected remained nominal at 4Jb.'>0c. 

Oats— Closed Willi 33c the l>est bid that could 
be ohralned for spot N ■. 2: ti-ld :it Hoc 

CmOAQO Mak£ET.— Flonr. qnlet bat ateady. 
Wh>-«t. dull, prices . I shade ower: r"giiinr, 91\: 
Decemt>er: 0H<.5941»c Jantisry: OS'U "ilJc Kei.- 
aary:?1.01t'il.0l»e May: Na 2 rtd wint-r. 94>| 
ei94'%'' November: Chicr.go sprinif. 77<:: re- 
jected, 01c. Corn, activa bu: tower; SS^anoSx^o 
cash, December aud J.muary; 5'_''ic Kebtaary; 
.'>4^o May. Oiifs. irrt-eular: 37i4.'i3»i»cc ."asl ; 
37^ December; 30^'.' 30V January; 30\<*;)t;t9C 
Febrrurr; 3«3<c .May. Rye firmer ut J8a Barler, 
steady and unchanged, batt-r quiet bat ateady: 
creameries 'air to fancy, 25cS4<.)c: dairy do, I'JtaJ 
32c. Kega. easier at 2S-u Flax seed, strouaot 
at $1.13. Dressed ho?", pood demand aud 
pricea a shade h'lrher: *6.75.>t7.2.> Porit, active 
but lower:$17.2.K<II7.30 cash: $17.35 i 17. 87b 
January; *17..50v417.72Vj Tehrtury. I.ard, active 
but lower: $10.0<i ca-h; $l0.37«2i<?10.»iO Jsi- 
uary; *10.62i.j£tl 0.15.5 February. Luk meats, 
easier: aboalder<s iHi.7r>: abort rib«, »S.03: do 
clear, $9.70 Whisky, flrmur: cot quuti;bie.. (all 
— Wheut declined ig « ^^ Com, atronzer, exeent 
J.inuary. which declined H<i\ie. OjIs, firmer and 
unchanged, exct-pt D?'cetut>Br, which adracci.-d H"^ 
lie. Pork, dull i:id nnciianged. L:ird. not quot- 
nb\v changed. Receipt?— Fl'.ur, 15,0<«> Sbis; wtta'. 
«5.00() bu; corn,213.('00 '.m; oata, 65,0O0 bii; rre 
J 3,000 bii : barley. 45.000 b-i. Shipments— Flour. 
SU.tXXt bbU: wheat, 32,0«K) bo: corn. 13.V00O bu; 
oAis 84^,000 ba; rye, 12,000 bu; barley, 27.- 
000 hj. 

MiLWAUEEi MABKSr.— Flour, ouie; and n< m1- 
naUy sit-ady. W&ca:, steadv; Ni^ 2 iian), tl; 
No. 2. 94'cc: December, 04>2C; January. IM'sjS 
9V; February. O.V*4-; Na 3. 70c: No. 4. Ii3. 
Corn, lower; Na J, 5iJiio: pew, 47H- Oa's, 

. . .Na2,53i<ic'"Barie>, 
firmer: Na 2, 73>4c: cxraNa ii, 7u%c!. Psona- 
ions. lower: me-s pork, ilT.-'O casu: *17 20 De- 
camDer; i817.33 Jacaa-y. Lard, prime steam 


EVENTS IN uAsiirxaToy. 

The government method in vogue for 

A St. Jobn' ff ^pec Uil 

rfferai M A iiipiiui liiiiF'n ^viii ' leiii^ 

nientsoflhe Little Sands and Pleasant Val- 




ley, Murray Harbor dklrict, R 
ward's Island. In one wraily 
cleaning the brass parta of diflTerent i were attac-ced. One died, and 
articles * found in ordnanc*' Ac, ia ! ^^'[y a«d friends were burying 


be t 

A mixture of one part oOriinoonirricacid and 

clBuned to be the "5?t„<;«^^iT*^--. 1 S;^':??^^'^^;,^ 

one half pan FUinhurio acid :» nitde ia a J NewpoH^ Jack3'jneou- ty, Ax|;^ was S:ui- 

stone jar. a pail of Iroan water and A box of , ^y rnoruing visi»ed by on 

sawdust being also i;'^^'***^"^"/.''** ^J^^- Sti^cti^^onflaf ratfons ev« 
The articles to be cleane<r»c-' dipped in tbe tu « \. i. » 

IP nt Otk iiinot dm. *»d by 34 to 30 substituted for the julfciary 

acid, then 'removed into tlie water, afVer 
which they arc subbed wit^ iba.aa»«i«iat. 
This 07>eration iniiue<nately chant'Ci tlieni 
toab'illiant color. If the brass is greaar, 
it is first dipped In a' alrouR soldtljn M 
po»ash and soda in fUVfti water, this n^pfP 
cation tenijing to cut 'be jtrease so that the 
aci.l has power to acf.' 'This method has 
the advantaue of a greater degree of per- 
manency than othoi. 

Tbe origin of the fire last Saturday PTen- 
ing In tbe ofBce of Mr. Merrict, tbe leading 
counsel for the government la tho prosecu- 
tion of the star routp conspiracies, is still 
involved in inyster. and has been theihenje 
of conversation in all quarters here today. 
Mr. .Merrick 8a> n he has no tlMo.y to ad- 
vance on the 9tibj*>c', hut that a rigid inves- 
tigation wonld he instituted. Although ha, I 
as well as bis ai«ociate counsel has received 
warning letter^, be never etitertained an idea : 
of being attacke<l by fire. I 

Postofflce di^continufd: Ayer's tirove. 
Polk county, Iowa; mail to Towuer L;ike. i 
PostofiBce name changed: Godfrey, Polk 1 
county, Minn., to Maple Bay. Poa^olBc© I 
site changed: Lake Harold. Metker county, 
Minn., on<:and one-half miles sonth. Poat- 
Mftsters comrnissione^i: Al»-.x 8- Stewart, 
Minnekata, Ddk., Aaron T. Cupp, Bureka, 

ever kiMwn in the 

slate. The fire broke out at 1 a. ni., and 
j laid waste aijcty buildings, nearly all of 
I which were occupied by bualheas firms. 

Eight brick s'orej are included iu the ruins. 

L >m itf aboutfSSO.OOO, and iusuranRe $150,- 

00ft.- V --■- ■-' 

By a fire Thursday $50,000 worth ol prop- 
erty of the Manhattan Bea3h, (y. Y.,) rail- 
way was destroyed, a sevare l>3a to Aiiatin 
Oorbin. t!ie principal owner. Ten locoiuo- 
^ tivea,8ixty cais, inclodiuii sixtea i Wuodrufil 
arawing-room coaches and 
own pnrate car were bumad 

Dennis Sullivan and John Leary were fa- 
tallv injured, Ed*ard Oilroy' bad a thigh 
fhictnred, Conducter Monaban received con- 
risons on the head and an Italian was dan- 
gerouslv injured by a callls'on on the New 
York A New England railroad. 

The stone chapel jf Drury college at 
Springfield Mo. the finest atraclure in south- 
west Missouri, was burned Tueaday, Loaa 
$45,060; insurance $20,000. 

Mr. Ckirbin's 


A sensational suit Is in progress before tbe 
United States circuit court at Pittsburg, 
where a half-breed girl is suing to establish 
ber claim to tbe very valuable eetatd of the 
lute Addison Mowry. The plaintiff allf-gea 
tbat her tuotber. a Chippewa ladian gquaw, 
was niarrie<l to Mowrv near Saginaw, inich 

With a view to guarding as far es poeaibta 
against 8u:h land frauds as thosa recently 

reported firom Dakota and other parts of i in 18^1, and tbat she is the legitimate fruit 
the WfSt. tbe corutnusioner of the general | of the union. An old Qiagisitratele tesiified 
land ofiice, with the approv d of secretary 1 that be married Mowry to an Indian woman 
Teller, bai I'wued a cfnmliT letter to regis- j known aa "Straight-back" at tha time al- 
ters and receivers of Uiiite<l Jitate^ land of- i leged, and a certificate to that effect waa 
hces with regard to deciar itory Btateiuents | produced and identified. 
01 bomestwid and applicants. j ^^ ^ ^^^^^ ^f ^he Unitanan club Inj 

Col. Corbio, in addition to hta ladure in B'jston hiet night Oov. Long preaided, The 
his monumental fraud, the Garfield fan-, a subject was discussed of providing; a struo- 
threatened court martial for insulting a lady ture to cost $300,000 for tha American Un- 
and his nsponbibihty lor ruining two ex- \ i,arian aisociation, the money bj be rdsed 
pensive hiitorieal paintlugs, has the Lapos- ( i„ Boston. Two hund.-ed and fift v luerufaers 
tcr. Pa., Watchman after him for the allevel i ^gre present. The project ifnt w^mly lav- 
em beulement^ or , several Witch m^ViilucuUi.Urwt. A oommiitee was apiwinted to con- 
fer with tbe manage uent of the Amarican 

donated V,y tba Lancaster Manufacturing 

Rev. J. HyaU Bmith, lit*p.. bollav* io 
the prayer test, ns he prayed for the absence 
of Ot'jector Holman from the house to se- 
cure the pa<aage of a pet bill, and tbe Indi- 
ana Bieniher was prov deu'iaJly (for Smith; 
hick ooe Jay. 

The heirs of the officers and crew of tbe 
brig. General Armstrong, who lost winter 
wt;re paid *70.0'X), are preparing to ask con- 
grtss for the in.erest on tbe aoove amount 
for the sitty-eJght yaan in which tbe claim 
WB!j pending. 

The i'enate committee on appropriations 
have agreed to amend the Indian hjll by in- 
Sfrtiag $15,000 for tbe Devil's Lake Sioux, 
$10,fi00 for the Turtle MouuUln Chippewns, 
aud $15,000 for the Sioux at LakeTraver-e. 

The Indian appropriation bill reported to 
the senate ulnce its passage by the bouse is 
iiicivaaed in amount of $154^200. .Tbe ag- 
gregate Hmot:iit iMitTopriatcd by the bul 
aS rq) /r ed jn-ti-rday in $.5,300,150 

It is understood in tbe Inner polidcat "cir- 
cles that If Dorsey docs not sijod in his res- 
ignetion whtn the national committee meets, 
a motion will be made to 'proceed to the 
election of a new secretary. 

Post uastera commiasioned: J. J Uitlirie, 
Aurora, Minn.; Mifi. Anna M. Waflerius. 
New Trie', .Minn., P. M^ Obarlea' Worth, 
Ledyard, Wis ; A. Jackson, Megouu, Wis. 

Discti.^ion among members of the house 
committee on coinage indicates that there 
is no disposition to chauge the exlstii^ hiw 
relative to the coinage ofsil/er dollars. 

It has been ascertained that the cbairnia. 
of the senate judiciary committee w^ill call 
on the pri*idcnt for a slateiucut giving the 
cause for Marbhal Htnry'a removal. 

C. i'. Hiititinglou is ill Washington with 
a 8tron<t lobby to save to the Union Pacific 
the land grant of the old Texas Pacitio, origi- 
nally granted to Tom Scott 

The commissioner of internal revenue baa 
gone to Illiii'iis, where he exjiccta to remain 
mitil the latter part «f January. 

Tho amount o' the agricultural appro- 
priation bill is $114 980, $30.0oO leas than the 
appropriation la<-t year. 

ll.e Washington monument has reached 
a be ght of 3.^0 feet inches. 

SEiys OF the' RAiLiii: :f)S. 

George J. Rice, preeident of tbe Utica, 
Ithaca it Eimira railroad, wiiu arretedia 
New York en charge of an overissue of stock 
and tniheizleuAUt. It ie said there is a 
discr«'t)«ricy in his accounts. of Irum $60,000 
to $100,000. The prisoner li^eenearElmira. 
Rite denies all charges aud says he will 
ngn-c hi." entire innocence when given an 

St. Paul <fe Omaha earnings decreased $12,- 
000 the first week in December. Thegfoas 
earnings ol the Northern Pacific for fhei 
first werk in Deceiuber' Wrre $133,618: io- 
crcas-, $74,548. 

aeaociation and report a plan of action next 
month, Henry P. -Kidder p«K»mia«d ^.000 
on the spot. 

Postoffice^ established. Rindal, Norman 
county, Minn. Star service discontinued: 
Sauk Center to Grey Eagle, Minn., from 
''^ Dec. 31; Morris to Qlenwood, Miun., from 
Dec. 31. Pi»-itma3ter t'roaimi-nioneJ: George 
Addi^dn. Tibbett, Iowa; Earl J. Sickler, 
Pioneer, Mich.; F. H. Patterson, Rfudall, 

An association m New Yorkia sending out 
circulars to ex-soldiers, asking them to pro- 
test against revenue reduction, on the'ground 
tbat the revenue therefrom sboubl be used 
for the payment ol peueions, ei«pecially ihat 
raised from the tax on whisky uiid tobacco. 

At a meeting ol rubtnir manufacturers in 
New Tork, reeeutiy, it was decided to close 
all the rubber boot and shoe liictoriesin the 
Cbuntry Dec. 23 fora vfeck, alter which only 
bnlf the att'.ouit of i;ood3 fomiir'y niade 
will be munuUct'.irvd. 

The season is now apro^ching when 
wealthy phliantiiropists remember the poor 
by spendin, aomple of thousand o( dollars 
ou a charity ball ibat nets $bO0. 

Tho socialists of New York city • have 
arranged tc give Uerr Most, recently 
rrlesi-sed fri)m an English dungttt'n, a recep- 
tion when he nsaches the city. 


John Cook, one of the Coak boys, wat 
recently oipture«l at Moberly, Mo., after a 
hard tight wiib the oflSc< rs. Nicholas Cook 
is hiill alive, hut is so badly wounded timt 
he couid not he moVe<l and may die. Rich- 
ird Cook wai killed ouHighc duriiii; tbt» 
pursuit. John wiil be taken to Wavetly, 
wh«re he is wanted on a charge of htealing a 
car load of hogs from Windom ACrampton. 

Theresa Sturla was convicted of the shoiit- 
ing of yuuug S^len, in the Chicago court, 
and her punishment fixed at one year in the 
I^nitentittiy. She i-j still cranky, but sane 
t-nou^h to understand hat the v-rdiet might 
havebeeii worse. Still tbeieisnoaynipathy 
for S;ile.-i. who deserved " * ._. .. . .i 
was (lonvicSed mnre on 
than on Die stieclfic charg 

Deputj' Sherifl Pinnco. fattier of .MisaPii.- 
neo. the well-known equestrienne, is aft* 
one John P. Coud, wiio r«ceQtljr sV>t .^ud 
fatally wounded a man named Pitrsou in 
t^^ozad Nebr. Cozad is tbe terror ol faro 
banks everywhere, having broken .-everal, 
and is reputed to be worth $300.000,, 
won $9,000 Ifom a Deliver bank ui three 

Patrick Slattery,oi Mount Pleasant,' Iowa, 
seeras to have been profoundly impreaaed 
with prch'bition principle^. Although re- 
puted to be a temperance young roan, bo 
shot his ster.mulher and then committed 
Buicl ic, leaving a note for hiu brother, attrir* 
billing the cause to intemperance. 

At Cleveland, O., William Frazier, a 
school teacher, gOi into a quarrel with 
John Uayes and Charles Luse. pupils. Be* 
ing thrown down by them he drew a howie 
kiiil'e and fatally stabbed botJ.of them, 
Hayi>s dying ten minutes later. Frazier 
has ben arresetd. 

Mrs. Masou, the alU-g'^d tortUMHi .wiiO 
ma ie a record iu Minneap-'Iia has come ,to 
Krief iu Keokuk. Iowa, whore sh'e has been 
arrfsted tor obtainhig a valuable dolman 
under false pretenses. • 

No rejiort has yet been . hpa^t^ of tha 
Northern Pacific exprfes3,messeegerj MictJ- 
aels, who skipped St. Paul one we^ik ago 
Monday with a package of $1,000. 

One of Mrs. Labouchere's trunks was 
stolen in New York before she 8.iiUd, and 
5500 worth of clothing taken from it. 


Graham'a hall aat^A. C^Cbristie'a lion 

lilt IE F FOJiEIOy NEU'S. 

Jenning'i London Cable: Funds come 
slowly to the new National league. The to- 
tal receipts hava been £826, but jtlOO mora 
were gnined by absorbing the funds of tbe 
Home Rule league. The National league U 
agitating ..o prevent emigration aud to Ncurs 
^e starting of public works to avoid coming 
^Wstress. The chief incident In the Huddy 
trial, ai>arc from ii» reveiation.s of cold- 
blooded atrocity, afflcted the Ladies' league. 
Instead of the luuds going as represented to 
the pliilanthrcDic support of evicted |>er.''ona^ 
they ha\e hem spent upon prisoners chargeil 
'With murder and outrage. The bungling 
way In which Marwood, the hangman, di«l 
his work at the execution of Miles Joyce 
will be another Itish grievance. 

Lond n Sperial: The eultan's unhappy 
condition continues, and his Burroundings 
aic BtW! «haot!e. flWttlon tt rife on (f 99t y ' 
side of him. Tne army is full of dissensions 
and disallect'cHi, tbepOpubr diavoQtJMT is 
loudly expre(«e<l, and airair» ut Corffctanti- 
uoplepresent the aspect wbl .h usually indi- 
CHte the sj'proach of a violent tran.'sltion. 
The most extraordinary precautions against 
aisa^binaliou are taican at Yildiz Kio^k. 

The changes in the British catMnet are now 
completed, the following named members 
having taken tbe oath before (he q^ueen. in 
«<miicil: Lord Derby, secretary of state for 
Colonies; Lord Kimberly, secretary of stito 
for India; Lord HartLugton, secretary of 
Aite for War; Rt. Hon. Hugh Childers, 
aiuiiOtfUor ol the exobequer. 

* The ImportH into -Prance for the last elev- 
en months have increased 106,000,000 francs 
as coiU|>iired with the same period last year. 
1 he increase is princi|*ally in msnufactured 
good.1. Increase <>f exports duririg tUe same 
period, 147 000,000 fra jcs as comptireilwith 
Uie correspondiug period last year. 

Anti- nihilist associations are being formed 
at St. Petersburg and throughout Russia. 
They are designed to l>e a sort of law-and- 
ordir organization, and will doubtless be 
papular with iheimperiallapiily. 

Konday, December 11, 

- AbAEB.— Bills were introduced to re-es- 
tahliab th» court of Alabama claims and 
^fe^Uring forfeited the lands of the Oregon 
Otaitral Railroad company. 
. By a vote ol 16 to 34 the senate refused to 
idofinltely postpone the bankruptcy bill. 

committee bill tbe "Lowell bill," introduced 
by Mr. Hoar. 

By: a vote of 44 to 10 the Pendleton civil 
service reform bill was taken up. Mr. Pen- 
dleton agreed to have the bill laid aside that 
the FitJ John Porter bill might be taken 
np, but Mr. Ix>gan objectetl. 

The president sent the following nomina- 
tions to the senate: John P. Baker, Illi- 
nois, to be major and paymaster; Chandler 
B. Watson, to be collector of customs oi tbe 
aoutbern district of Oregon. 

Tbejsenate in execution serSion ocnfirmed 
» lar^e number of nominations, including 
Gen. Pope and Col. McKenzie to be maj. 
general and brigadier general respectively. 
There was no contest 

Ho(nife.-~]f r. Townahend offered a resolu- 
tion reciting that it is alleged certain exist- 
ing railway lines of transportation have en- 
tered to«o combination for tbe purpose of 
pireventiEg the constructvijn of coaipttlnp 
lines into territories and thrnncn states, 
thereby establishing monoplles in transpor 
tation, and diiecting the committee on com- 
meroe to report without delay a bill prohib- 
iting and punishing such combination. 

Mr. Strait objecte»l to present considera- 
tion and it was referred to tbe committee on 

Bills and resolutions were introduced re- 
stricting the coinage of silver dollars and 
proposing a ooustitutional amendment 
providing for the election of presi- 
dent and member* of congress. 
Tbe latter fixes the term of president at six 
years and makes the president ineli.gible for 
a second term; proridta that be t>e <.'l(H.'t< <! 
by direct vote of the jioople andthettle 
term of repreentatijea iu conjTresa be thr^ ■ 
years in lengtb 

beieidiioaynipatliy, J>i*eoi luriumg aaveut 

bu fcte. . ThrfVirll -^^^ ^y "-''^ Sioux India 

general yHr»wfik#-«i:i sae™ otl8G2, but v 

l'Ei:S(fXAL I'AliA OltA riis. 

Bismarck Herald: lira. Oorratbers, a 
lady well known to old settlers of Minneto- 
ta, is iu <i^8titute circumstances at Bill- 
ings, Mont. The life of Mri. C. has been 
ojie of LbriUiug adveutures. She was napt- 
'"ans in the Minnesota 
was rescued. After* 
ward she luarried to :i ftiaii by tlie 
nam^ of Mc.Vana, who is no'* In th« .Mon- 
tana iusaue asylum. 

D. G. Hale, has been acquitted at Omaha, 
of the charge that a bile he was custodian of 
the government building at Lincula with 
making and presenting fal»e vouchej^ to the 
H^ treasury dciiartiUQUt vU'^^ iu^it to defraud 
the irovemment. The prosecution claimed 
that be h&d gat away with o/er $5,00(*. 

A Japaiiese nobleman, Prince Arisugawa, 
and four high goy'irnment officials, reached 
J*ew York yesterday, Jtjid wer^mct by the- 

tuetdny. Doe. iV. 

SrHATB —-Senator Vftit is evidently in 
earnest in bis oppositiou to the propo9.«l 
lease of tlie Yellowstone park to private 
parties for hotel purfxis -s, and he iniTii iuv'td 
another resolutiou on the subject. It in- 
itruoted the commltteb on territoricj 
to ii.qulro what legijlatioc is luces- 
sary for the tixcti-c .-su of the 
jiart, preservation of game, and 
it the atca should be extended; aI?o, v?heth- 
er contracts should be niadf hytiiesec.-et-try 
of the interior Ica.-'iTg I he park or any part 
oHt and giving exclu* ive privil»?t"es lor tht 
•reciio:'. of a bol»l and telfgiaph lines and 
running Mages or other vt^liitlrti through it. 
Tlie rt•^oluliou was agreed to and tlie relcr- 
enco made as desired. 

A bill was introduced by Mr. Peck pro- 
hfbUitJg political ase«^siii«nt-<. Mr. Paulie- 
ton s'jio'if liV 'i!.-' rivil service reform bill, 
iiiakinca part«sr>-n sc'ech. He waa replieti 
to by Mf>sra. Allison and Sherman in tlie 
same spirit. A large nnmber of amend- 
nienta to the bill were of'ore<t. 

The eenate coniirmpd !heap|>olntmt.nt of 
Kdward M-. Cheney, United .States attorney 
f*>r the northern distncta of Fu-rida. Kegi^- 
it^rs of land offifMs: Frai,ci.« Atkin-^on, Imli 
at a, at Helena, .^l. T., Charl&o Ah-xamUr, 
Wj--c<>n."«in, at Ttic-on, A. T.; JaMie< P. l^i^i-. 
Indiana, at I)e»idwood, Dak. Postma-ters: 
11. O. .^nkenj- Coming, Inn.i; 
('. F. Hendr*x. Sa'iK C^ritt-r. V.ln'..; 
Charles Mather, HaMing.i, Minn; Deh^Ja- 
cobas, Ciooks'f'Ti, .\liu;i.; Mu^cgie iJauiy, 
Canton, Dak.; Charles A N'oyts, Like GfR- 
eva, Wis.; Benjamin F, Bryant, La Cn sae. 
Wis., Nathan Col.'. Sheboygan, Wis.: Wil 
lard Jones, N<>enKr, Wi.^..' Robert S. M<> 
Michaei, Vir.j«ma, W:s., David G. 
James, Rlch'a:;d '.Vntei, Wis 

HooBK. — A resolution wsa "idopted calling 
on the preeident for the stateun ;;t of tbt ai,-- 
gfegete amount expt-nded lor river and har- 
bor improVeui'-nt ainte the fouiirifliion cf 
the govcrumeut. The congressional library 
bill was contifiereJ ut f;ri*l length. T i 
civil sers'ice reform committee rcjKirt'd 
back tiie bill ior the better regulation of the 
bivil aervjre. 

ire<fnesrf<>{^, December IS. 

Rksatx. — Nt-arly the entire day was spent 
In the consldTsHon of the Pendleton civil 
service bill. Sevei:vi amendments wero ac- 
cepted by Mr. Pendleton, ind were adopted. 

The bill in brief, provid'^s for the appoinf- 
nicnt of a perm^iient rorami'^siou of five 
members, who shail ixamine appliranta lor 
office with a view to their fiintss for the 
desirvd i)08ition without regard to part^ af- 

Mr. Beds called up bis resolution for an 
.investigation of pf''iti'al assessments, the q's- 
llon beiag on Edmund's motion to refer 
BeckVresolutlon ond thf substitute ofTered 
by Hale ta tbe committee on Judiciary. 
After debate this was adopted. 

The iljr^sldtnt sent the following nrmiiia- 
tlons to the senate. Rev. Charles C. Pric, 
. Illinois, to be chaplain of the Ninth repi- 
nient of cavalrj'; J.C. Bancroft Davis, to >c 
Judge of the court of claims; Charles H. 
Chamberlain, r<*celver of piihl'c mon»-ys. 
San Francisco; P. B. Hunt, Kentucky, agent 
for the Indians ot Kiuwa. Comanche and 
Wichita agencies, Indian Territory; also a 
large number of minor {Kistma.tera. 

Confirmations: Henry Ei. Morgan, Lo li.' 
lana, secretary of the legation ol the liuited 
Rtstea to Mexico; Otorge F.. Waring, Jr. 
Rluxle Island, memher oi the na' ional Ijoatd 
ot health; Commodore E«rl English, chid 
''•rthe bureau of cqttipmeut and recruiting 
of the navy. 

HotrsK. — The congregational library bill 
waa recommitted to the committee, with iu. 
Btruciiona to report a bill for the erection if 
s library building on ground belongin^j to 
th« United States, 'ihe a:ricultnral d''.| 
militarv academy ai'tirotiiiatUui nill.s tiacided. 

The ftimmittee on npproprianons "or ttie 
house'has made excellent progress with itn 
work So far. Of the eleven bills to be |iushi'<i 
tbrougb, five have been nportcl and fc iir 
have {>a.->s<d the house. It is a remark able 
fact that three ol the bills — thee nsu ar :iiid 
diplomatic, the agricultiial aid the military 
acadfiiiy bilib— j a-s. d without a siugie 
amendment iu the lionse. 

Thurodvy, Dtc*mb«r 14. 

Be»at» — There was a long debate un 
Pendleton's civil service bill. 
' Syiator Hoar ezpresse<l a l>elief that the 
passage of tbis bill vrould mark an import- 
ant era 111 American politics, and v.ould be 
regarded in the future almost equal lo n 
new and better constitution. 

Mr. Brown, of Georgia, di-noiinced the bill 
an a Bltnm and a pretense, ceclarinu it wonl 1 
excite exTX'ctatiou and result iu disaM.oin*- 
ment. The cry tor ciyil service ret' inn in- 
volved practically a life tenur< in olTici', nnd 
•this system wa.s renugnant to our instltut iooH, 
as if, tended to buikl iip bh arisox-rary wli'ch 
would do very well for Englaiid, but not for 
US. He called the uHeition of 

his dpmoCratJc colleagues to 

the fol I y of th c ij fcupporf ol the p.-esent mf J 3 
JapsneseViinsul at that city and tbe minis- J ure. Th«'y could i;ot expect lo carry tin 

ter to Washington. . Last evening the dis- 
tinguftihed f>arty were entertained by Gen. 
Grant. _ ♦ , . 

D. )1. Bennett, the free- loving libera; who 
gained ojusiderable notoriety by h'w writ- 
incs and for being iraT>ri9r>ned for sendijjn 
ohsofiie matter through the mail, died in 
Chica^^o and was buried in Greenwood eesii- 
etery on Sunday last. 

'*'^ Mnlione wears an imfaienae wbte sombrero 
Slid an immaculate whiif shirt. He 'weirs 

next election with a law in force j»ro'hib;t 
ing r* movals. They would tl«ct the next 
Wjesidfut ii' they Ix-haved the^l^elv«•s, and 
nere they were advocating a lueaiiire 
wouMconipel him to keep all the refuhli- 
cana in olGcc who bad been ap- 
pointed for the jiast twenty years. 

HorsE— A resolution calling on the setr.- 

tary. of the interior for Information rep id 

ihg railroad land grants was adopted. Tf.c- 

libuge"c<^)il>I(!ered the poft office afpropriji 

lo'vesr 'iitid~"»ias~7n enoWoiu gol^ f.*»on bU14$43,«8, 030) the greater pan otitic 

wandering all over his shift front' 
*t. StGrant, jr., has sold his residence in 
*We9l Fifiy.-eightb street. New-York, to D»a. 

-Ambler, ror $.52,000 cslkh and 15,0ij0 acres of 
ig^d tnl^ker^cwuiity, Florida. 

Lieut. Harber jeports LhH the explora- 
tions of his pjirty ou the Lena have not yet ? argument 

resulted in t^e finding of Lieut. Chipp .and I ^°» ^»1^ antsgonijed by Mr. Resgan of 
bis ill-fated companions. " ' *' ] Texav formerly postina*ter pn*ral of th^ 

' • Sopilicru Gonffderacy. Tbe lalier claimed 

tbat ttie reduction asked for would df-crea'-t 
the postal revmues upward of $S,00«:iO00, 
but nejoon d faw supporters for hia tLeoty. 


The only new legislation In the bill Is tl at 
relating to the reduction of po?t«ge on firs-- 
clafs mail matter from 3 to 2 cents per liall 
ounce, to take eflTict Jan. 1, 1884. Mr. 
Bingham, as chairman of the p'.6t-ol!:ct: 
committte delivered an able aiid exhan^tive 
fhvorable to this ciaue. 

canning e^tablishmWt tn Smf^hltlfK^ Wbo'trp' 
bury county. Iowa, were burned Saturday 
morning. The hall waa owned by a stock 
company. Log* $18,000. A saloon, in tlie 
the lower part of the hall, occupied Ijy 
Dan Rolland, was guited - - - ■ 


Cob J?. I). Cattender, agrsduateof West 
Point clas^ in 183*, a gallant soldier of 
three w«rs, died ia IHinois Saturday. 

George D. Perkins editor of the Sio\ixCUjr . 
oiirnal has been appoiqled'- marslial ofi 

Northern Iowa. 

The Great Fire at Jamaica. 

Ilaiter, steady; cream^^rlua. 2S<$3Gc: doiriea, 200 . 
360. Ckeeaoii aotet, £aaa. Maiaci 'Matlo. ' 

friday, Doeemiter IS. 

SyifATB.— A resolution to print 42,000 eop- 
ica bf tbe tlrfff commission's report wai 
»do|Rcd. A very imporunt bill was passed 

^ ^^^ The "fire which brqke out in the business , *"">« ^^^ morning bpur, which looks to 

RoUati3^"ioi*, 1 quarter o^ Kingston, Jamafca.MondAy e^n^^ the settlement of a set of eases which have 

" " b*^» T*Daiil|*ln congrc^ since the beginuinie 
of tbia century. They ars known as the 
anci'uit French claima. They art 
claims of Ameriiaa citizens for 
spoliations by the. French prior to the years 
IbOO and reporta upon Wills for their stitie- 
ment bava been made in every congress 
tiacelSsl. Tne amount involved ia not 
^nown, although it is estimated to be in lUe 

$5,000; no insurance on. any of the. .property.! wBfcli wa of incendiary origiji, began in « 
The fire was iticendiary. ^ ,.. { .lumher yard, and a high wnd prevailing, 

The Hall block, situated at tbe'corntjr of F*'^^^ *^™*' proportions. All the ware- 
Sl Clair aid T»ff>~« . 1 T- lii^ A^ i houues, wharves and storcs Were Consumed. 
.^^ i a-'d Jefferson streets. Toledo, 0., ' /^^), jj^^dred stores in all were destroyed. 

wfl, tof.u. rii. "!!!i*^ Mock jn ♦he dt/,- . uniiding regarded as fir^ proof did not es- , ^ ^„ „ ., „,.^,^ «, „, „, ^^^ 

hi«her,NaL',37%cwut.-:;-H. Itve ."« . ' v ami LMdilTLs^^^^J^^ ^ ^''^^l' ^*?^ cape destruction, and nejrly wcry one of vicinity of $30,00 ',O..Ki, computing interesL 

-t'.-oM',' *7r oi^^. ♦ floor br ^aw, »nB«raiico-nmJiSWd3 flWB 

archil eel 8 etc. The hlock was erected in ; ;;;^" hnroed to de»th.' A new 

. . — _j subjtet toa 

Tbe pre van attended with I n>ii^/«rd^, aince ii makes no aj propria- 
Five persons it is Known, ;tiop, rat iSmplysentia tbe claims to ttie court 

$10.5Oca.h and l).c.u.ber: ,o..vJ"«Arr Jf^*^ »J^«^^a^ o^lig^te J^i.-. C. «aU i ^^ bill W.S deb^ed 

t*i •%• 


of elMiQ>'* 
Tha civil i^ ^ 



1 1 H T ^^ 

HocsK. — After a long dlacosslon a motion 
tbat Dr. i. U. McLean be awom In as men> 
ber of the old Second (now the Ninth) dis- 
trict of Mis'ouri for the unexpired te^m ol 
the la'e Thomas Alien, waa carried and 
McLean took bis seat. 

A bill was reported remoring the burdens 
of the American merchant marine. The 
postoffice bill wa-* considered at greal 
length and an ame:idment adopted adding 
IJ'jj.OOO to the appropriation tor star route 
service. A resolution offered by Mr. Dun- 
nell was adopted, instructing the ways and 
means com:uiUee to luvesligate allegations 
that internal reveAue collectors on the 
northern frontier receive large fees from sale* 
of blanks, which are not turned into th* 
trea.sury. and axe in t^? pay of importer* ci 

Sc.htrdtxy, JJooeinber 10- 

Ses ATE — Aftt r t tre.iuous democralie objeo- 
tlon.x, the b-nate by a voie of 30 to M took 
up the Fcndicton civil wrvic« reform bili. 
Messrs. Ingails and V'oorheea spoke In 
opp-is tion and Windoiu and yherman 
in lavor. Mr. Vooriiees. in a short speech 
pronnoucei the bill a andaaid Uo 
wo'ild not vote lor it. Nev>rthele3s, he was 
for reform iu the civil service, aud he had 
pri.ipos'^d J practical measure for that pur- 
po«e at la^t session; nan^elv, au amendment 
to the cuiilitution ol tho Uniteii States, pro- 
vi liut; that jxjs.maslers. reveniie coll«fct;ra, 
jmlgis, mar-jhals of the United sjta'es, district 
atiorroys siiould tw elected by tbe i>eople. 
He woal'! not be hypocriticaLabout the 8ut>- 
ject. It' the dviuojratic party sbonld 
come Into power it ou)sht to purity the civil 
service by making a thorough and radical 
change of ollix^holders, excepting only 
toliiiers who bad serve 1 their coiintry and 
lH?en iniured in its service. 

Senator Sherman ttud that he fMored 
three provisions: 

First:— Taking away power to select em 
ployes by favoritism, and the pass g? of a 
law that the adiuissiou to service should be 
secured by con:pedtive examinations opeii 
to all. 

Second — The prohibition of remo^ais ex- 
cept for cause. 

Thir 1— The prohibition of p^Jltlc&i asseaa^ 
m<»nt without tnterferiuK with tberlKblot 
oUi.ials lo contribute volimtanly for LegilV 
male political pirposei 

rvoniovals without cause would be very 
rarely made if the pressure of sena'ors aud 
representatives for af>poiiitmeuta in the ex- 
ecutive depBrtiii-'i'ts were stoi>ped, and 
therefore be would vote again as he baci 
voted y tars ago, f«..r R law )>rohibiting such 
mtcrleri nee by meuibers of c«>ngreas. As 
an execu've oiliccr he ha i fell keenly such 

Hovsr — .'Jenrly tbeentiteday wasderofea 
to the postotfioe bill, but no final action was 
taken. Amendments pro> idin^ ajjecial mail 
laciliiies were rejfc'e-l. A resolution was 
oilered lor a rec<« from Dec. 2^ to Jan. &. 

— ^m. ■ — ♦ ■■ 

St. Paul's Remarkable Orowth lu 

The building sUUstics of St. Panl tb« 
capital of Minnesota for 1882, taken with » 
great deal of care and without exa,<geratioti, 
surprise even thoas who were best 
aware of the wonderful growth 
of tlie city. The most gratifying increase 
over 1881, though not absolutely the great 
est, is in the item of business buildinge. 
F"r 1.3D bl'K-ks built in 1881, with afronUg* 
of 6,251 feet, at a cost of $2,330, 3oO, 1882 has 
a record of Siji, v.ilb a frontajie ot 
10,216 feet, cosiing $3,»»0,900. In 
the item of residences, the increase 
I'ver last year is most remarkable. Fiir 
1.0 >9 rtaideiiries erected in 1881. casting 
$1 8S5,400, 1882 counts 2.178, or more tha-. 
twice as many, costing f3,mC,500. This is 
swollen by the capitol, the high school, th£ 
Optra bouse, and oiher leas important 
.'triicturc'<, t'> nearly a million dollars, raia- 
ing th<f gritnd total for buildings of all class- 
e-i oyer 2,50d b^juses, co.suug ucarly $8,500, 


Messr.s M«t^ 
and Cable 

Hc-^i.traiion of Old Ilatna Rut th« 
Ti<iriiorial (Jucatlona Not Vet De 

On ^^cdijesday evening 
rill, Porter, Hugl.iit 
tele-raphe 1 to tbeir western 

ag'-nts: "An a;jrcen:enf ]ias been er.tered 
into between the re^q-ectiv* comptinies to 
r. store freight and pas.xengt^r ITs, Thurs 
lav. I»ec. 14, Irt-twcenall points directly In 
volvi'd or utfecte*! by the rate war." Full 
tat»>a wpreacrordingly restored on Thursday 
morning for freight and pa>?eiigers. 

The <on<!it:oiis of ces-alion of hostilities 
Were aierely rer-toratioiis ot rates and egree- 
nieiiti to maintain tie tsiablishf-d tariff 
schedule. The cotn j act will C'intinue for 
on« var, and will be datrd Jn'.\. HVJ. Iba 
tirilT will not be divide 1 iii a p>oliiig ar- 
rangement, hot each roaJ will take what 
business comes to it. To iiiaketheagreement 
binding, a jeralty of $ii.0 will beinposed 
(or every instance of nut ii'g or other b.earh 
of contract. No rebates on shiimeiits will 
be alloweJ, and to allow iIk m will be con- 
^idered the same as a cut. Whalevrr qnea- 
tioiis of di.'-pute arise will be decided by tba 
.general niaiiagers jointly. 

Piesidetit Mitchell didc!ai:ned any inten- 
tion of etteu.Iing the truiijlesome Chippe- 
wa valley road and going farther op Into 
ih<> territory of tho (>nriha. With the 
luiderstanding that none of the lines eon 
.eiiiplaled extensi.^ns in iti own or any 
iilicr road's territory, the whole siihje<;t waa 
Iropped iiy cutiiiiion cou ent. No pledget 
*'er- rcq'iirel an I ih'.ia the great Mickliog 
point iu the eilort? for peace was passed. 

How N.itioMfil D.aiik.s are Or- 

Any namber of per.«oii9. not lei» thau 
.•ive, may u.'-soiiute thcniselves tog«-the» 
for tbe purpose of hankiog, by conipli 
unce with the following tonditioos 
liny murf, under their hitnils and ecale 
Di.ike a cerliticatAi which bhall epecify— 
flnst, tbn place where its business is to 
he comlu' t«;d; thiid, the amount of ita 
cui>iLil stock (not les^^ than l-'yl.OOO) and 
tli« nunilier of its shtirt-!*; lo-irth th«> 
lauuber of ita phareliolder.'', and thb 
iiuinber of bluire.sheld by eacii; fifth, th* 
liiue when -uoh KS8o<ialion shall coin- 
nionce buMnt-i?B; sixth, a declaratioL. 
tiiflt uaid certificate is made to enable 
■^uch person-* to avail theinseives of the 
ailv.iiitn^'<,'8 of tbe banking act. This c«r 
lilj(:<ite inn.'^t be properly acknowledged 
before Bouio competent per.son, and 
1. 'le pent to tbe c<jmplroller ot 
the currency in the tn-asury 
'i"r<art>iicnt to be recorded and kept by 
liiiii. When tbe law has been v.-omplied 
Willi, the lOii.ptroUer of tlie currency 
givvs them a certificate that they ar« 
•luthorized to coinineuce ba-iineea. This 
1 i.u.-iiiiutes the association a corporation 
h^viry «liarelioi«ler id made personally 
liable for the debts of the a*i&jciation or 
h;ink lo the amount of the par value of 
liiB Bloi-k. i'iiey must de|)0^it with the 
treasurer of tho United biuteB Ixiuds tc 
an atiiount not jess than one-thi.'-d of tht 
liipital bUh'U pn'ui in. The comptroller 
thvii iss'ies to the bank au amount of 
bank Jiotes oqU:il to the amount of bond 
depo.-ited, leM 10 per cent. The bonds 
held 'ly the treasurer as security mii»t 
be trnri>.f»rred t'l hitn in trust, thus giv- 
ing him entire control of them in cafe it 
becomes necessary to pcU them in or<!er 
lo re loc:a the bills of any aiv-ociatioii 
which may have failed to pay them ou 

A Plucky Soldier. 

From the London Telegraph. 

Private IJiiik.-on, u reiwsrve man, and 
helon;^inwto the lioyai Irish Bri;::ide, at- 
tached to the Gordon fli'.^hlander.'i. bay- 
oneted s<-»ven men dii!i:jj.' '.h (iiiiriru o! 
IVl-ei-Kebir, and waHafierwurdattirked 
by three Egyptian (dlicer.-*. A buliet wan 
sent throui^h his right cheek, and pRsb<;il 
■jut at hi.-i neck, but lie BUcveeded in bav • 
oiieting two. IJeloio he kiled tli»- thir ■ 
anotner bullet struc k him alnuml in the 
Ptiiiie place, ope-ning the first wound and 
( •:lowiuga siiuilar direjiioii. While ly- 
ing on the ji^round he wan tired ut asain 
t)y an Arab, but wus rcKiutd by two men 
>^; the armv service corp-", with only a 
slight addiiional injur>' to one of his lin- 
gers, lie BuS'ered Iroui IcnJij.t w for three 
days, and Low he recovered w inar\el- 
•11.-5. It h Uiotight he will teceive a din- 
tiiiguiahed conduct me«.Ul. 4 

Here in a mesmeric tale that come- 
from Oni^jn: A woman i.amed Furnea 
a profes.-ional chiirvoyuit, becime en 
aiuored of* young banker at I'ortlund, 
and mcHmtrizea him at^ jne of htr sit- 
tin fS. This done, she joined hand* with 
him, an<l thev were married by a minit*- 
ter present, whom aho meauierued foi 
tho purpo««, 


I 1 





■lilMfc m ^ |k^'> 



■«• 'y 

B ;:i— 





WcEhlu TallEU 3SEfaa 


Vol. XXI..--N0. 7. 

Chasea, Minn., Thuesdat, DECEmEK 21, 1831 

. E 








: 1 


. 01 


■4 ~ 




! I 




Tke undersiirnfHl has cotiitantlf on hand a 
full line of furniture and und undcrtalc'rs 
mAt«rial», wblch will be sold cb(>ap for cusb. 
New work ami rcpttirinir done toordi-r. 



n Oil ring Mills 

- J- G. El TEL. Propr. 


Pukllsbed everr Tbiiriday ky 

A. L. and F. £. D U TOIT, 

Editors and Publiahera. 


Tr»ia«ur«r— Peter We«re. 
Auditor— L. Streukeos. 
Rofrlstor of Deeds -P. Srelaer. 
Ihertcr-P. S. BoToit. 
Clerk of Gnurt— G. KrayenkiiU. 
Atterney-W. C. OdeU. 
Surveyor— J. O. Bruntut. 
JuHpreof Probnte-JulHi* Se laier. 
SoboolduperintendoHt— P. A N. Trefeaa. 
Coroner- W. P. Casb. 
Veurt 1,'einniispioner -J. Aek •maa. 
County Coministlouera-Rel t. Patteraoa, 
I Ohulruian. Geo. Kugler, ■ 3. Rarrlaea. H. 

! PauIsoB and Jacob Tra we. 


The Itailroad war is « thing of 

as it: 

beiu tiled any one in particulars. 

TbetinderaUnad i« prepnr^d todc custom ; , , , , . . 

wf.rk ft his i>iiii.>nd fc^iumrr^ -4fifi»fM.ti<n. , the pjtfit, and we e'>n* kr«^w 

Ertry fHrmerwho l.ri!:>.'- !•• iirto t)!;« rn*ii trav 
be shsiirt-d ihut he c;in h.'ivo Htaiv from hip 
OWX HHEAT. F\rui«ri« wlirhinn f- ♦ \<h:i!iir«- 
th«*ir wheat Ii»rfl'»ur or t'<-crl cau im acT>.:rini<>- 
AnU-ii. A tul! !iue cl Ihi- ch. ice ,( brainU of 
Bouralwuy* etihaa.-:. A.'siu brin i<;.-\ -F.vii^. 

J. t;. i.i.1;i.. 

Tkk HoHua . hiom in a.lrerti*- 1 
ing will oea.-t; -.ritL this ssue, and 


Go to Oustar Heineke for y«ur boantiful repast the happy couple 
chriatmas trees. left at 3 o'clo. k for Chicago. 

Mi.s Julia Boat, of Elcelsior. ia Mr. John Bentz died at his rcsi- 
sptnding a lew days with friends dence three miles south of this 
'■''"• ! place last week of typhoid pneu- 

Foreifn exchange and passage monia, his death was quite sadden 
tickets to be had at the Farmers and unexpected. He leaves a host 
Bank, at lowest rates. of warm friends. The family have 

P. Hannberg, is having a big O""* ''warmest sympathy, 
run of business at his store. Read Miss Ellen Keller, of Norwood, 
his add., in another column. died Thursday evening of typhoid 

Sleighing is splendid in this vi- fever aged 20 years. The deceased 
cinity, to the gratification of our was well known and much beloved 
business men generally. j for her amiable qualities and quiet 

Good roads, make farmers bring *^®""* °^ conduct. 

in wood, pork, and grai n at a lively "^°* '^^ °°® *'« ■•"« berried o'er." 

rate. Those articles seem to be in the Christmas has arrived at the 

I gretest demand, and they go home I^rug Store, a fine assortment of 

I apparently satisfied with price* ^h>'is^™>8 toys and novelties are 

I givn by our enterprising mer- 1 now being displayed there and at 


Miss F. A. May, whi Ims hul a lotHT 
experipore in <lr"SBTmkin2 in Minneapo> 
lis h<»s I.ic»te<l in Waconi •, ovit M yer Ik, 
Majr'it store an'l i« prppnreil to promptly 
atten<l to all orders in th<» lim? of dro«s- 
makintr- Give her a cull. She guurans 
tecs all work to 1)0 satisfictory. 




HATS, CAPS, FURS, &c., &c. 

Under N icollot House. 

Meyer & May 



Establish'^d )8«i. 


Importers and 

Whole No. 1047. 


Mill sell 


Livery Stable, iti 


we can thfa give our readers 
usual amoiint of reading matter. 
Their lus» has been our gain, this 


I^Will also attend to Auctions in 
11 Parti of the Couiilj, at Kttsonalile 



Chaska, Misi. 
tW Offlae at Wa-sbington Uottl. 


— :0:— 
Tliia mmvr hotel, will be open for aceom 
(Mlatioo of trarelers 

SEPTEMBER, 1, 1888. 
li ia aititated nearly eppcsite the Coort \ 

A Washixgtox correspondent of 
the St. Paul Dispatch gives the 
following as the Windom "ma- 
chine" programme: 

1SS3 — \Vm Windom ftr Senator. 

1S8S— \V. W. Bradeu for Gov- 

I8S4— L. Fletcher for Congress. 

l!<>^7— W. I). Wa.shburn for Sen- 


Go t* Gustav Heinecke for your 
Christmas trees. 

If you want something interest- 
ing to read, go to the drug store, 
and buy one of those "Deutsche 
Library" books for JOcents. "Die 
cokette Frau" von G. Morlitts, is a 
very readable book, as well as doz- 
en! of ethers, whose titles are too 
■nmerons to mention. 

For your candies, apples, nuts 
ftc., call on Gus. Heineke. He has 
a big assortment. 

Remember «ur regular monthly 
fair oecnrs on Tuesday. Dec, 2<ith. 
We have assurance that it will 
be the best attended fair of any ever 
held in this place. Bring in your 






We imderstaud that this dre ad 
disease is still sprsadiug in Chan- 
ha.«.scn and Laketown, a id we ap- 
prehfiiil that it will attick many 

more fiimilies. provid ng pnblic Oh! mr!: The erowds of people 
luner::ls are not prohibited and the '^^^ ^°"'* *o Waconia for Christ- 
intfrniinglin^ of familiej interdict- >""■ goods, and go away satisfied, 
od. A board of health should be i ^^^ »'' i\xh\s^ desirable for u^e and 
tnahlishedat once and raea.*ures ! ^^'■"•^^nt. can be found at 

astonishinglylow prices, 
invited ts examine them. 



Confectionery Store and 


by 6* A. Heineke* 


I weuH renpectfully itif.irm «he piiMic 
that I h°-«v«- nde'>e<l a lioker* and ronfecN 
tiaoery atore at imt new p!«ce in Wmch 
nia, and conktintly keen nn hand a lar^c 
ateek of conr<i.ti«neriea, hr»«d, eakett and 
cracker*, tnbacea* and cigara. pipea 4c. 
Lutieh at wll houranf the dar. 

O. 1. lIRiKECKR. 

P. HAItfigSERG, 

Dealer in 


Jewerly, Mk% Clocks, 



CUASK.4. : : 




takt'u to stay its advan<'e, or we 
will b« called upon to rote many 
ni'.'re deaths iu our neighborhood. 

177atertown Zterai. 

Ouv morchauts are all filling up 
tlieir stores lor the holidays. 

Our wagon sliop.s are having a 
biij run on hob-sleds. They can 


Also Asentfor the Cortland, Neir York ""^ ^"Pl^'>' *'"^ 'It-mand. 

Bu-irit's. ^*""^ forget the New "\ ears 

'I hiTO aeupply of Lamber W.-«jo»», 
and 8in((leWa|fonB on hand of tay oKa make 
which I will n<jll aa cbeap aa the cheapest 
warranted to be first elaaa in erery respect. 
I am alao agent for the celebrated ( ort- 
land. New York PUtforra .'^prinf Sa^iry 
jaat the thing far family aac. which I nil, 
■ell Terr cheap and warrant. 

iShopabore Barthel's Saloon. 



Retail Denlpr in 

ISrH.\SKA. - - NIX\. 

on Monday evening Jan 1st. 
' eomb will be there. 

Thos. Hodges, of Ind ana, has 
tome out to speitd the \f inter in 
I VVutcrtown. He says this weather 
j gfts away with Hoosierdom. 
' Brt'S. have erected a 
! photograph gallery on Moers eor- 
' uer, and will be open ditring the 
i holidays. 

The warer in Crow rivir is get- 
ting .so low that the mill » are now 
i grinding by steam power. 

Pork in tjuite lively, at 7^ cents 
' per pound. 

' Frank Mau:i ha;-t startrda steam 
W(M)«l s;nv. 

A person would naturally think 
that the general stores in Cha.ska, 
were closing out business entirely, 
by the appearance (.f the last two 
issues of the pai)er. What's th« 
matter '? 

A letter from .Mr. Mix telh of 
his enjoyment among old friends 
and acqnautances in Ohio. He 
expects to start on his homeward 
journey about the 26th inst. 

WacoDia, Minn. 

Qyj. , Repairing of Watclrs, ClockK, Jewelry 
I otc. a uperialty. Satitfactian gnarantei^d. 
Will saU all goods in Riy line cheaper 
than any hnuae in the county, quality 
conxidered. It »ill paT you to examine 
gooda and ask price.s. P. HANNSEKii. 

Norwood Ztems. 


In Xorwood, at the residence of 
Jame.>< Slocum, by the Rev. Mr. 
Burton, Miss Nellie K. Slocuni to 
Mr. K. B. Hermsmeyer. 

We have the pleasure of chron- 
icling (>ne of the most pleasant so- 
«ial events of the season which oc« 
j currtd in our midst last week. The 
j weather, which previously had 
I been unfavorable, seemed to enter 



General Merchandise 

WaC»5I*, Mi3I!I 
— •— 

4^ Oooda at St. Faui and Mianeapolia i 

Prodaeataktnin exahaag* fargu94i' at CA^*II 
m -ket priaet. 

Crockery, GlaKware, i^^RESS GOODS at Cost. 

Merchaiulise ,, s'i-verware, ■ 

Stoneware, Cutlery, Lamps, Etc. 

247 L 2-19 Ilciiiupin Ave. 



We would respectfully inform 
the pub'ic of Waconia and vicinity ^ 
that we have now opened our new j 
store, well stocked with new goods, \ 
finely selected, such as 


Boots i Shoes, 

Hats & Caps, 

C'locks, Crockery 

Glassware, Wooden 

fc Willow-Ware, etc. 

And in fact eve*v article kept iu a iNCl llei 

first class general store 

FLANNELS and all Win- 
ter Goods at Cost. 

UNDERWE.^R at Cost. 

OVERCOATS b low cost 

DOLMANS below cost. 

j J«bl>era and Rotsiilnrp of 

j Hardware and Cutlery, 

Will he as low as the lowest, and ^AIl.^'. window (jlass. paint-. 
we will guarantee you good goods ; Carpenters, 31ill\vright A: ('oop- 

and fair dealing. Give us a trial, 
and you will be conv ineed that you 
can do better by dealing with us 
than elsewhere. 


ers' Tools, A;;ricultural 
Tool>, etc. 

Ill WanhiBft'in Aw South 



Caspar Spies 


ITeepi constantly on ban! and will aeli aa 
cheap aH th(> cbt;apa«t 



Plaster Paris. Cemenl, Plaster- 
int; Hair, ( haska Brick. 

Is alto r«'H'l}- to cf.ntract fnr briilc or stono 
work aitil plur-l.-rlnr lui) whiic- iu the county 


— OF - 




Dry ilooils, .\oIions 

- AND - 


/foriPood liuilJing, ai.-) &, 215 XkoUtU Ate. 
"Job I.ota" «n# 'Tut rrlces" nHprcialty. 

Big Boston 


Clothing Store 

j 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Academy of Music. 

1 Elegant Tailoring, n<tl>liy rcatly made 
J suits fine rurnishiiig Cluoiis, Ihts, Cups 
1 and Furs. Send for price lit>t. 

Goods must be 
regardless of cost. A 
will convince yon. 

Harness Store and shop 






Waco.xia, Mi.ns. 

I he i>««tajaeinin()(laliuu<( for Travttrri, Fiih 
ia| Tartie* and Plaature Saakari. Tlie h»lal ii 
«>»f«ljr iitaataJ •■■ tha beantirnl C'lttrwatar 
Lak*. t^taul* aad watar aa cha |irauiiici. 


lir~ I iiaTa npen- 1! out « f-.d^ntiH Kt ivk o t E .MoerM ha.s thelarjpest stock of { 
Keatucky whi*xr. whi..h I will retail i-y ta- tovs p.n<l h-did.iy goodsever brought 

valloa, at wbeletiiUa prioo*. 



ii) Waterlown. 

Hull. r. 0. Halgren hns a large 
ftock of albums, portmoaies, vases 
•tc, lor the holulavR. 


rWASKA. - - 5IIN.Y. 

iVa will take eontracti* f^r all kioda of 
%aildia|ji^a. and guarantee low prices and 
Urat claaa work. \Vc ar« aLso prepared to 
fnrniah all kinds of bnildini; ui)it»-ria!. 

Plana and «p»fificationM fnrnixh'd on dp- 
Btand. Uf" We alsto are prvpared to sujv 
yly builder with door^. sash umX l-lind.-«. 

Zoar Meditatiotii. 

Will F^adf, Sen., has Veen quite 

Kni.kk v"k. Han^k.n 

Roller Mill, 

T««Bf Amehos, 

Beet tir«4«i of gran sUted rollar flonr 
as w«Il as Ikraight Family XX.\X Flour 
kkerts, Vraa and t—A alwaya an hand, and 
tm •*!• •' vxthangad for whaat. We 
•la* cria4 

O^ri, Ry* aiil BHckwh«at 

•■ friilay •■< SatsHsy of every w«ck. 

into tha spirit of the occasion and 
put on a holiday attire. The re^i- 1 
dence was tastily decorated with ' 
evercreeni and natural flowers 
formed a })eautiful arch over the 
folding deors, beneath which the 
young ro'aple took their position 
during the important ceremony. 

Your rorreipoudent was permit- 
ted to examine the presents, which 
were numerons >'nd costly. Among 
them we noted a flOXj cheek to the 
bride from James Slocum, another 
check for $oOO a gift to the bride 
from the groom, 1 doz. silver forks 
in walnut case, from Mr. and Mrs. 
Hermsmeyer, parents of the groom, 
3 willow rockers, 1 French clock, 
from Mr. and Mrs. Slocum, silver 
castor. Miss Elsie Slocunn steel en- 
graving iu gilt frames.Mr. and Mrs. 

Mollys ood Sprirs. f""^ .^"^^^ "^ ^'*^ ^''^"^^ ^^'"• 

hams, l>ook of poems, Mr. and Mrs. 

Friends from; Maple rove were Bradlev, also from Mr. and Mrs. 
present on Sun.iay, the J9th iilt. Spragne and Mrs. .1. Richardson, 
An infant daughter of Fritz Glfpge Majolica Pitcher, Dr. and Mrs. 

■stereoscope and views, 


.Manufacturer of and IK-.i. i 


Dnsterti, Fly Nets, Farm 
J Harness e(e. 

Larsrcsi Stoikanil lic»t Assortment in the 
State. Ordiirs b}- mail promptly attended to. 

301 Nicoilett .Avenue. 

W. A. noODll.\5. E. J. CUPHMV-V. 


Wbol.-Krtjo k Rftail Dfalorf in 


One Ife Mmx 



lUKtou Ave. f*., nrit to Third A\ t- ."<. 

Motto: Hood Goods, I,ow Pricvj, Sijnnre 

mi'KnSON'S BAZ All 


I have ron^tnnlly en h^ind a lar-o and va 
Whip.s. Irniikj*. blunkfts-, valis.v. 
'<•>: hiir. *<;., and „1| other ;;ood< in OH 


icd sfook ofd'iuhleanJ .single Hai sets , 
All kinds i.f ridinj: saddle.-, h«rne«: oil, platter- 
«■ line, which will be 5<dd at bottom »riets fWr 
c«>h. Jap.,,nng done to order on short notice. Give >ne a eall and exaniina it. 


If * 


i'i:.M.ri: in 

m\ mi SITilMi \V.\(;flN"S.:99 Ct. Store 

Bimcies and Phaetons. whrie-aioaui ii.t -ii 


Wacocia, Carver County, Minn. 


j Uer. .1. D. Hillman, «*' Chaska, 
' paid i!"* a viajt. Come oft. 

Henry Schwalbc haH been to 

Reinillr Co., on bu'iinesit of note. 

I District school here, hss an en- 

' rollment of pome ?0 pupils. Diet., 

f^, ill lltdlywood, very nearly 100. 

l>t'ut forjjet your miustcr on 

I Christinns Day. A turkey or goose 

Minn. ! will ,TUdd»«n th^ hearts. 

This hrewery haa hcen snlarped ai.d 
ntw machinery added to the cstab iKhmint 
making it'ona of the hcKt iuUmi hrerTcrics 
of the state. AH orderK for lieer promptly 
flIlH and satiafaction guaranteed. 
Give u.< k trial 

was baptized, iu church, on 


Kvaiijfelicsl Cong 
."cribed some twenty 



Billiard Hall ; 


Samcls& White 


towards Jrettin*; np a Christmas 
tree for the benefit of the children 
of the church here. Amount was 
subscribed inside of 10 minutes. 

Bray, ■stereoscope and views, Dr. 

Dorsey, 1 doz. napkins, Mrs. Sar- 

have sub- ! gent, and daaghter Clara, hanging 

one dollars j lamp. H. J. Heinemann, 9 silver 

tea and large spoons, Clarence Slo- 
cum, odor case, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. 
Booth, work basket. Miss A Castle 
vases, Mrs. Tiffany and Mr. Huber 

The pchool house presents a fine 1 silver butter knife and piekle fork, 

TTs would rcapcctfutly inrorm ihi- pul>- 
lic that we have lately ..pi-ned a Hr-^t 
elau saloon and billiard hall, and conv 
constantly keep on haml a laree slock ol 
choice wines, liquors and cigar«i. The 
beat of beer always on tap 

appearnce, after having been twice ' Mr. and .Mrs. Kaiser, hand painted [ R. R 


H. F. Latham teacher n Schaum- 
bergs hist. Four months term Mr. 
Craven teaches the school no 39, 
•J. Volkenants' Dist 



Meyer & May, 

Waconia, Minn. 

We have deoidt d to nive onr cnatoraeri*, 
natil Jan. I, 1883, a rednrtion of 10 p«»r ct 
for all catih aal. a on dry (fooda, uotiona, 
elotblDfc, hata iSc cap*, boota A- ahoe* &c. 
Wa muke thiadiacouBt to caah caatomera 
only. It yon will call in and aee ua. we will 
ooBviaea you that you oan do better with 
ua than elaewhere. 

Waooaia, l>ec. 7th l»<2. 



A First Class 

Grist MUl! 

The undersigned offers for sa!e or rent 
oq favorable terma, the Waconia Holier 
Gri9t and Saw Mill. It is now in firitt 
class condition, .iiitusted in a good wheat 
country, oa the Mimi^apoliK JL St. Luuia 


R'^nf r:il Atr>nt» in tho Nortliwest for l'l«»r- ; 
*<»n'« PuT'-nt llHrti«^N-<, Kuiir-on, Klsh-r i lo., ! 
Stao'Innl Wayu 'To., Bruco aarriairp Co. / 

;»» A 2K WA<niKr.T«N Ave. Sorrn. 


Dralvr-i Iu i 




Fancy Goofis, .lewelry. Silver 

Ware, Toys, Binl ( iit:«s, 

liraekt^ts etc., etc. 

S".:i NioolUt .\vo., W.MMlfi Niw Hloi>. MInne 
ap<iIl!4Hn<l 7 Wt.-t Tblru .'■tnot, St, r.iul. 


I»calc-rs in 

Dry Goods, 

Faney Goods, Notions A: Milliner}' 

■rry tlijjmrf m'-nt. 
Mifc.'<<» and Chil- 



Clia^ka, - _ _ . _ 



Jill 17 71, 

Conipirtf.-assortrnr.nt ill r'f>ry d<jjmrf m«-nt, 
M«'t<- Garni«-nlrt for Li'Si- 

«is Ni< ot.i.r.T wr.. 

A XI> 

J. A. BIXBY & CO, 

fioal'r la 

Hardware & Stoves, 

Kefrisferators, Ice Cream Freez- 
ers, Water Cooler A' Fillers, 
AdaniH & Wostlake Oil 
Stoves, etc., ete. 



Deal'TN ill 


OIL ('LOTH.>, 


ornament on easel. Miss George, 
Japanese bracket and stand, Dr* ; 
and Mrs. Cash, toilet set, Mrs. i 
Miles and Richardson, gentleman's 
dressing case, Mr. J. Richardson, I 
splasher in Kensington sketch, Miss ' 

Fur termi inquire of 


Proprietor, Waroiiia, Minn 

Attention Farmers! 


Our people are fairly in raptures •, _. , , " , ; ' "i 

over the appearance of Mix's store V^T ?'^^*'^''*1"' *"^'V'*'"*"' ^'^: 

The farnera of Waconia and vioinity 

J. Richardson, fruit dish silver and 1 »re hereby informed ihtt I will com. 

cut glass, N. J. Bray, cups and i mruM aawing lumber aa soon as ■ ruf^ 

... I . n? • 1.' , . r, i saucers from Dr. Miles and Henry I ieimt number of logs are on hand. I 

.all . h..key by the gallon ut the very for an office in ^^ right Co., very ^i^^^„,^ .^^^,^y ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ I ^„.„„,., g„„, ,„,, ., „ ,,,.p ,,,., ,^ 

We als 

lowest possible ligures 

S.\.MLLS & WniTE 

in Waconia. 

Fred Flood, Esq., took his defeat 

So does any sen- 


J. F. Dllley, Propr. 

Oiaskct, - Minn. 

' philosphically. 
sihlc man. 

Tis a pity we have not any salt 
river jmradise. Woull help to 
enliven things. 

Elisha Childs. Silver butter dish, 
Bertie Sloeum, photograph of Dr. 
and Mrs McVV right, a gift from 
the Utter, family Bible, Dr. Grea- 
T«fl, perfume case, Henry Simons, 

Tk« "Merchants" is now prepared for 
knata«M If yen want asquare meal, nnd 
% clean bed stop with mc 
mf'BvsnXA Block. " 

R. Zejjelin has a good runof cus- ; satin cushion and steel engraving 

j torn, being in the midst of a fine from Miss Nellie Sloeum to H. B. 

j farming country. The people will Hermsmever. 

,8eccnddoorEn«t i"'^^'' 8n obliging and competent ^ After receiving the congratuU- 

1 P. M. to run the n«w post oliee. ' t'ons of friends and partaking <»f a 

the luweKt. R«m< mher the 'old reliable 
null at Waconia, bring in your logs ann 
get aati>^faction. 

Waconia, D.c 18. 1882. 

MIKE Z.XilLER. Propr. 



Kmv« •• hand (oad wines, liquors and ci> 

•^ .%^ *£r'^ ■* "'•*»"»We nvtee. Uas 
(•M aMinNs rsr nvrvev. 

P. J. E. 

! (Irrn a !«i><N'lalf y. 

\ 2i7 & '250 Nicollet Ave. 

j's Block. Or. 31 Street. 

W. C. P E N F I E L D, 

•CCt'Bl»l*OK TO f.fil. II. WII.SO.V, 
l><>aler iu 

Pianos i Organs 

I,arg"!>t Slock of 
Shfd Miuit, lionkK 9s. Mnt'iMi StrrrhnxdUsf ' 

IN THB riTV. j 

PlA!CO«: Webor, Fisher. Braibiirv. Mc<"Hm- j 

mon. l-yonl Uealj-. Okganm: nurd»ttf, Tul- I 

aeo >'terlinir, Uaj' ftat«, Wi-htern «;*»tt»K«- 

.101) NICObl-KT AVK. 

J. S. HEATOIff, 

Denlerin all kind^of 

Boots & Shoes. 

220XI{OM-fcr AVK. 

Ask to see children's shoes with the 
A. S. T. CO. 


Shoe Bills reduced one half by 
wearing them. 


esrPrices to Suit the Times. Call and Ezamine befori 
purchasing SIsewhcrc. 



\ Post 










322 Nirollett Ave. 

K. B. PRKSTON 4fc CO., 

20.1 Nicollet Avenue, 


We keep blubber hHt', cop«. boot«, choeg. 
irloveti, Mnnketi*. hlie«"tinp', Jliip<'r!<, Ifs-'jrintt. 
Ballo, ByrinKt?, .^tonilitr.'^. Fin»rrr('ot», Fluuo 
Covers. Dress ^!hleldl«, Wilson i»prlnc:«. Kli>or 
MattUiK. Horse Covers. I>'«rM«ts, (.Hi>hion». 
Blb«, Ci>iit><. Corks, toinLs, Spltt'Mnis. Brush- 
es, nilfti-nii, mirrors, dolls, toys. Also leather, 
rublH-r and cotton t>eltinir, paeking, kose&c 



Boots & Shoes, 


Eiche xcr &. Coa^ 


- AND - 


have removed to No. 24J*, Xicdlot Avecue, 
one block above their f«rmcr location. 


Coiifecfioiicr? aiiJ mm. 

t o 

JOSEPH FRA.XKEX, Piopri^lor. 

a» NICoLLETT \\■^J 

Bole Atrent for Burt 4 Mear's, Burt L Paek- 
ard's and Str'^na nnd Carrull's flnt- shotori for 
men. O. W. Wrlybt j( Co., and Benn>'tt A Bur- 
■ard's fine sbi>es for ladles. 

S.\i.B8MR(: U. S. Garfield, L. D. Ktlbburoe. 
lUh't M< luiin", A. U. KUb«'rneHU'lG«'o Qiuk 


DtlALERS ly 

Forniture and l)ra|;eries, 

431 & 423 Nicollet Ave. 
Artistie Funiislilng a Specialty. 

a F. l/ITARNER, 


and Seal 'r tu 


Tele«raph Orders for Coffins promptly at- 
tended to by day or nJght. 
i'n'frinking fitxtm*: Fvrnit'irlioom' 
JOS 8. WashluKtwQ Ave, ^S» XlcoUet Ave 


umiturc Store ! 


i>o3s 4$ *Toi»€Sfony 



Keops constantly nn band all kinds of 


Pictiir*:^ Fvamps 
Cofl5ns &c 

4ad will a«n them at citj prices. 


$^ Eatioaatas famished and all work 
uae promptly ancl satief^etorily. 



CHASKA - Miyy. 

Peter ntiM, Proprietor. 

— :0.— 

This well known Hotel has rei<*atly t>Ma so 
Ureir rcfumUbedthrrmirhout with new furv- 
iiure and beds aad is now N'u. 1. is averTr^ 
oect. ' 


Is stocked with the finest ijDport»4 

Liquors. 'Wine*' and cig^ars, 

and the coolest and 

besT beer in town 

con^^antly kept 

on dmn^rht. 

ly Oite me a eail and tttomt tatiift^ 

hue uhut I inff i$ Irwf, 






■ t 








t. & F. E. DUTOIT. Piblishers. 



f tln> riih Crtna(iiaDS vliose 
ule things hooitt in Manitoba 
r two -vranl 1 5 get it back 
•\oi, iu3-|jit present. 

ton correspondents were 

Qep. Pojieaml Gen Mac- 

not lie confirmtJ. They 

lupressioa that a bitter 

iHlinjr. espticiaily on the 

Jen. Pope to \re major- 

loesn't set the bovs back 

o'ltbat nosart ofoppo- 

! WAS uvide to either. 
















Lomlon Echo mentions General 
n'ri rcC')ma3enilatioa that the 

~ 'esarmy 'oe iacre;vse-.l to 30,- 
1. and then siiihs: "Happy hmd, 
.Is 3<>,CK» mencnoui-'h fortiie pro- 

..f hiT a continent, and tliat 

tenlly. upends iis tiixes in uiak- 

I fdniational p'''-'^ i"*!'^** ^' alto- 

-1 o'lr Eiijjiish cities to shame!" 

ra! trade throu^'hout the country 

•-] rf niiirkably dull and faiUires 

i >ek~>-. The clearin*: house 

1 prcatly offerted by 

-~ ecuhition, owinc to a 

t 111 iu*y market. Cut there ia 

-' apprehension that thiacondi- 

' tirs will continoe longer than 

months. People are more 

owever. than heretotore, and 

1* ia.'-X that may, as in times jiaat, 

' •:vthin2 hke a crash. 

: vr\t the grt'sit temperance 

>• lit! in g'K)d health and 

iirr^Iji^w inter app'.iintmcats. 

';8 twill year, and this is 

rini; Fca-'ion. Up to the 

su'!, which wui tite Ist of 

ii has spoktn 8,4S0 times 

ea*jnabl'- :ivt ra^re of hi.s 

.,uOt>, f-o lliat Gou}?h has dur- 

rse of his platform oaieer ad- 

iL'ss tliau tlie euormuus uura- 

) ptop.e. He has traveled 

-i jiiJst pa3.sfcd tue house ofrep- 
■ liut lias been lO-i year«J on 
. It was to refund the smn 
xpended bv thesLiiteof Geor- 
< unmion in the year 
- st'hlom, if ever, tliat u claim 
irovi-rnment >,'ives up the 
• bo kntitked on the liead 
--», a 11. 1 bleep for a dozen to be revived a;raifi un- 
' vurablMcireuuis aiices. Tliere 
: uM a'nl sappo-c I fraudulent 
:. i> -^ uooi djfe.ited ovar 
•Mi i*»:.iiii. uo.v on the tiles and 
!ki-lv to bv=) calJf tl up at iu\y moment. 


• ursare notoriously long-lived. 

irs froai the rt'port of the com- 

r v! pi-r.sions tliat there are still 

ursurvvicjg widows of revolu* 

liiiersnowoii the pension rolls, 

.\t'Vt.r hirlher west than Kansas. 

ik. Nor h Carolina, and Virginia 

ic!i; Tennessee, nine, Penn- 

d (jciirgia, seven eacii; Ver- 

Maiiie, Ohio, mid West Vir- 

ii; South Carolina, NeA' 

.^iuid Indiana, lhre*5 apiece. 

itjul Missouri, two each; and 

I its, ilissisfeippiaud Nebraska, 

It !-> worthy of note, say,'* tiie Philadel 

Ilia Iv-curd, tJiat the fine timber land 

Mithij.'an is now worth fo-j an acre. 

fry long «j,'o— less tlian twenty 

iliiio^t any extent uf maj;niticent 

rould have been bou-jht in 

li.i from S«to iO an aire. Now 

udly a pine tree iolt standing!. 

-! ruction cf pine in Minnesota 

scoiishi is going on at a rapid rate 

pine lands have netirly all been 

' up by tiio mammoth specula- 

' I'lmberiiii; tirms. It is hardly 

at lumber vvillever be cheap- 

;a present, and tlie pro.»pect is 

•I ill be very mncli higher. 



I' I 
If ( 

Tiie nr^nual report of the superintend, 
nt'jf (he sea-coast Lile-Sivin;^ Service 
r the tis<al year indicates a degree of 
e- on in its achievements whiih is 
u umariiij;. There were one hun- 
ted liiid ninety stations extended along 
■"" ^tl'"itic Coast and compas.««ing 

10 • . los poiii 3 on tti» KrCiit lake." 
': v> re wit .in the year two hundred* 

lu ei>;hty-6even documented vessels 
rcfk. >i Vkiiluu tlie lx>und.s of the super- 
f these stations. Of 2 2G8 persons 
.r 1 these vessels only twelve were 
About t>vo-third3of"tlie property 
the disasters was also saved. 
IV IS offered show that Pince the 

^tab il!m.>r)f of this servi, e along the 
■ ' 'i.o loss ot life from luarine 

-s been reduced seventv-five 
•r • Mr from a loss of one person in 
' 1. !ie t tie loss lias been dimin- 
■ one in one hundred and tliir- 





Tlie decis- )n of the Sujireme Conrt of 
»e L«ii:ed States, restoring the Ariing- 
' -se to the heirs uf the late Gen- 
be rt E. Lee, was di.-sented from 

tiiiot JusUc-e Waite and Justices Brad- 
/. Uoodand Gray, nearly an equal 
vision of the Court. The opiuiou of 
e nuijority was written by Mr 
f >Iiilfr of Iowa,and is a 
d cuinprehensive document, going in- 

fiindamenlal principles that have 
en at issue from tlie foundation of the 
v-ernment. The estate was purchased 

the «overnment in pursuance of a 

J US' 

very able 

Jcialactof Con-ress, at a tax sale- 

itii.sudtlut ttie proceedings es- 

"lly m respect to the manner of 

a • I" )v,Te not iu confunnity to the 

^ oi \ irtfmia. The decision says that 

J United .states never acnuir«<l «„., 

acquired an V 
■- (" i.:y Arlinj:ton estate. It 
1. ■.^'. revert t j the heirs who 
ted (oselj it to the 
souable figure. 

will of 

are dis- 

government at a 

Death of a Millionaire. 

■'r'triL S'aurt. awell kfown sug»r re- 

r Ml Ne«r York, who died last week ieft 

^M- Of SGOOOOOO. U was thecuslooiol 

jriyJ.ifn coii.posiBg the firm to devote so 

»• thousand dollars yearly to some form 

iwiriiy. whether the year's profits had 

« iar^e or small. In is;,2 they bepin 

•otIUoOO. In DecemlHir. 1879 S 

-r ^ nun .lied at his old residence on 

.'.p^rty at Cljambeniand Greenwich 

•s. Ipto the time of hia death the 

i^r- ha I given away for vanou- philan- 

irp>sesatotalof$l.:{9l OX) Fro u 

' <«. Ills l.r.ther uiuil»2, Robert 

b!stj*dtl np>n r-li:<ion. educa- 

vhirity ovt»r $500,000 »iiaking the 

co..criba:ioiw f»/ the two nearly $2,u00,- 

Last Week's Failar<*9. 

adstrcet's Journal far(ii.she& the follow 

T^iere w«re 230 failure;) reported tc 

- --fs duruig th»f pist week, seventeen 

jst week, and iiity-tive more than 

iriwptjuding week last year. Tht-re 

jio very large failures coni{>an>d with 

r >iu Wiek. In the principal tiades 

r. Urocers, 4-3; general iraderi, 37; 

:*.::; clothing, L>; maaufactorea, 16; 

a«ry. U. 

iscell&neoas Matters. 

The British posaesslons in Aostralla 
cover 5,075,000 square miles. The popu- 
lation, white and colored, numbers 2,- 

8;i5,0.>l by far the greater part being con- 
centrated in a few cities. The deot of 
the colonics is already nearly lIOOjOOO,' 

At a recent funoral in New Hampshire 
or thereal)0ut'i, a doctor of divinity be- 
sought the Almigh y "that our lives 
mav not be in a parabola, wandering 
farther and farther from Thee, till they 
are lest in theinBnite darkness, but may 
their orbits be in an eclipse, that we may 
ever draw near to Thee." 

The effort to en.'brce the new penal 
Sunday code in New York reminds the 
Butlalo Commercial Advertiser of the 
sign board wr.ich for several vears stood 
at the entrance to the Whirlpool Ititpida 
just below Ni igara Falls. "The Whirl- 
pool will he clused on Sundays!" But the 
Whirlpool whirled on all the same. 

The Worcester and Nashua Railroad 
have in daily service two veteran engines 
which present a striking contrast to the 
modern 40 ton locomotive, with its enor- 
mous l)oiler, heavy steam pressure, big 
ivlinders, andotJier iiiproveraents com- 
bined to firiii.«li power and speed. The 
veterans are the Worcester and Har- 
Tard, the former having begun running 
about 18-19, and the hitter in 1S58. Both 
were orij;inal v wood burners, with the 
cut-off and drop motion, but when 
ciiansed to coal burners the more mod- 
ern link motion was put on. 

Thurlow Weed's death bed affidavit 
does not seem to have settled the Mor- 
gan question, and Weed is as bitterly 
denounced now ns he was in the second 
sta^e of the excitement. Morgan dis- 
appe.ired, hut cnderwliat circumstances 
will probably never be settled. 

The Chicago Milwaukee & SL Paul 
railroad company baa raised the wages 
of its freight train employes, with a view 
to securing the best service possible and 
retaining that permanently. The pay of 
conductors has been increased from $70 
to $75 a month, and biakemen, who 
commence on $+.5, afrer three month's 
service ••eceive $50, after six months, ^55 
per montii, with good nrospects toacon- 
ductorship to all reliable men. 

The value of old coins Is wholly arbi- 
trary, and depends upon the desire of 
some collector to poa-mss them. There 
is no market value for them, and if at any 
sale no person has a part'cular desire 
for any one, it has no more value thin 
for the metal it contains or its actual 
circulating value as money. Fome per- 
soim who are collecting coins for amuse- 
ment give extravagant prices for rare 
specimens to complete a series. As an 
instance the following; clrcum.staace 
may be referred to: At a recent meeting 
of ihe Anieritnn Nuiid''matic society, F. 
C. Frothingham exhibited a collection of 
American copper cents from 1793 to 18.57. 
This id siiid to be the tinest collection in 
tliu counlrv, and was collected at a co.'st 
of over ji-J.OOO. For the cent of I8'«,$I25 
was paid, and for that oi liJOO, $100." 

Victor Hego has forwarded to the Re- 
lief Committee at Venice the sum of 500f, 
for the benefit of the sufferers from the 
recent Italian Hoods. "Let us oppose 
human unity," he writes in a letter Ac- 
companying the gift, "to the violence of 
nature. Whenever the unknown power 
breaks out and works evil let human 
Unity rise and do goo<l. Ajrainst inunda- 
tions, against fires, ainiinst local catastro- 
phes, h-t us organize subscriptions all 
;he world over. With ten sous per heud 
millions ran be realized. The sou of the 
peo|)le will prove its might, and the fra- 
ternity of people will L>ecome the frater- 
nity of men. 


The Omaha Railroad Swallowed by 
the Norihweatern— New OfUoera— 
Vanderbilt ia tha Rin^. 

The anticipated revolution in the St. Pauj 
lie Ouiahn railroad took place in Naw York 
on Saturday last. Pres. H. IT. Porter of Vhe 
Omaha tendered his resignation, and Mar- 
vin Ilughitt, of tb« Northwestern was elect- 
ed in his place. In the directory, all hos- 
tile an •! hgurebead interests were peremptor- 
ily retired. H. H. Porte.-, H. K. Bishop, 
Beioaiiiin Brewster, R. R. Cable, E. F. 
Drane, Welles, Fische and Kouiitz gave 

Cldc to William H. and (Cornelius Vander- 
tit and Aug.istuaSchell. from New York, 
Wbt-at, Ke<>p and Marvin Ilughitt 
of the N'ortiiweitteru and Me^8rs. 
dykes, Twombly and Epoouer. 

David Dows, a hnding light In 
th( Rnck Inland, holds his grip, aa do W. 
1). Washburn, A. U. Wilder and U. P. 
Flower. Mr. Sawyer siid bc\d% his seat on 
the board, but h« baa been bounced from 
the vice presidency to give- place to W. L. 
Sykes, who has also ijeen elected secretary 
and treasurer. 

The significance of these changes is that 
Vanderbi.t and the Northwestern w»r« 
forced to take this step to protect their 
own intereitf. In the recent fi^fat they 
were iu chancery, and could niaka no d«- 
fense nor take the ag^essive, as is the poli- 
cy of the company when its interests are as- 
sailed. By securing the control of the Oma 
ha they could control the tratHc 
of an immense area of territory, and Lave 
a system in magnitude and effectiveness 
second to none op. ♦^e continent. By this 
acquisition the Northwestern controls about 
the same mi eageas the Milwaukee & St. 
Paul, and will be aMe to pool V'aa and 
eartiiinfJ on an eqnal b«»ia. 

Railr>>a.l offidais do not beleive the chan, s 
will atfeot tue public in Any way. The 
Omaha ha^ during the past few years, been 
apperenliy a, branch of the Northweitern 
running to St. Paul and Minneapolis. 
Tbey knew it was coming some months 
ago, as there was a general tendency that 

Tue Omaha company was organized June 
1. IftbO, by theconsolidaiion of theCliicai^', 
St. Paul A Minneapolis, the North Wiicoii 
sin, and the St. Paul & Siout City railway 
comi>ani»-s and their main lines and branch- 
es. The Sioux Ci»y A St:. Paul road was 
purchased and a.lJed to the system. The 
entire length of road and hi mches ia 1.250 
miles. TaebrancUeia-t* River Foils, Sdll- 
water, Menominee, North Wisconsin, Blue 
Earth, .Sioux Falls, li: lok Hilij, Rock Riv 
er aud Niobrara. 

A Western Brakeman* 

From the San Francisco Chronicle. 
^ William lloggatt, better known u 
"Omaha Bill," who was bnmed to death 
iu the caboose of one of the trains which 
was wrecked by the collision on the 
Central Pacific railroad, near Daviaville 
last Saturday, was in mauy respects a re- 
markable character. His parents are in 
comfortable circumstances and reside in 
the state of Ohio. At the ago of 16 years 
"Bill" left home, with his father's con- 
sent, and began his railroad life as a 
brakeman. lieafierward served as fire- 
man, engineer and conductor, but never 
forsook the rail. He was 6 feet 6 inches 
tall. And his strength was prodigious. 
No man of equal pliysical powers ever 
rode on the top of a box-car. Ha was 
application he wouhl be placed at work 
ajjaiu. His liberality was proverbiul. 
No railroadman in distress ever asked 
for h>s aid in vain, and his death, at the 
earlyageofSOyears, will be most keenly 
Jelt by those wnom he thus befriended. 
He was in the cabjone, getting his light! 
read? for ose when the collision oc- 
empioyeu atamerent tunes 07 aimoR 
every company in the country, 
and there is not a railroad man 
of any prominence to whom he 
was not known as "Omaha," or who will 
not regret his tragic fate. His habits 
were peculiar, but his integrity was un- 
questioned. He never remained on any 
line more than six montlia at a time. 
He wonld always give due notice of hia 
intention to "move on," and leave his 
employers in an honorable manner. In 
the course of a year or two be would 
stride into the superintendent's office 

again, with tlie remark, "Well, Mr. , 

here I nra again. Any clmnco to catch 
on?" The division i-nperintcndents all 
over the union appreciated hia worth, 
Mud w.thin six liours after making his 
curreu, anu u can oe tniintuuy aaid tiiHt 
he died while doing his duty. 

Wendell Phillips, just passed 73 years, 
is fond of Bacon's essays, and he baa al- 
ways be«A a penistent reader of bio» I 


A FuU DeacriptUm of the New 

Stite Capitol of Minnesota 

to be Occupied on tlie 

1st of January, 

A SuVttlntf Vrhieh at the Very Xod^raU 

Coat, Cannot B0 Equnlled in th» United 

§tttt*9for CQinmodlou* Elaganet. 

TH« Kiw carrroL. 

Trom aa article containing a description 
of the old s'ate capital, and of its burning on 
the lat < if March, 1331, and of the pr&ieat 
structaie on Wobisha street, St. Paul, to be 
occapie 1 by tha state officers and the legis- 
lature next month, the following is extract- 

Xtae y Bitor of to-day at the eapitol square 
aeoa net -ly com.^Ieted a very dilTarent strncturs 
from tb I one heretofore deaoribcd. Un thu 
elie of t !• old legidaiiye balls a new boildiog, 
maaalvG aud beaaii'ai, baa aprang ioto ex- 
istence. Everywhere it ia atill nDflniabed, bat 
approac4M completloa so rapidly that it ia 
aay to ree bow commodioua and well adapted 
it will b I to ita future naea. The foondatiuo, 
in the orm cf a Greek cross, each arm 
of the cross 150 feat la lenptta, of 
So* 'nt atouo, is well laid and 
easily ei pporta tbe uoble snperstraoture reared 
upon it. As tbe baaemeut will be used far 
rfficea, ritore ruoma, eta, it waa neceisary thai 
tha wa:ia ahould be dry aod frnat proof. 
Tlii:« wa ) acconipliabo 1 by the boilding of an 
a^ron w ill of Btoue all aroucd tbe building 
aud arcl'inx It up to tba bottom of tbe baae- 
meot Wiiduwa, iLns reuderiog tbe foundaciou 
walU ptrfeotly dry aud uaail.ctad by lUe 
moi^tur) from the earth, and allowluK 
of eoddl ig oisar np 10 the baildiug itaelf. Tbe 
baa^mei t, aawall aa every fluo^ wall aud parti- 
tion iu tie atructnre, i^ proieoted with afire- 
proof (Overing of alaba, made of aahe* aud 
cement bo profuaely baa tbia material b«eu 
sei that anyone room 

ef ltso«D, olentiiig en'' ah of iis own wood 
work, w thout comminiicaiiag tbe flames to any 
other pK rt of tha buUdiug. 

The walls are bnllt of red brick with Drei- 
bach at(>ae tritumintr*. tbe coutraatirg colore 
atrikini; tbe eve a- oJl at first but improving 
remark biy on fnriiicracqnalDtaDce. Difficult 
as it is to £niah off tiio roof of aucb a bnildiDg 
as tbe D> w eapitol, the task seema to have been 
ttcccea^i nlly aoonipliabed. Tbe central square 
OtMcTvaory ia D'lt Dearly 80 handaorae a«u will 
be wbeii eurmoaaleJ liy is dome. Tbe pago- 
das I D t le oorncri*, vritn the air and light flue-i, 
acfficieiitly relieve what would otLarwiae aeem 
an almo it eudleae ezpaose of roof. 

Enter Dg iliebaaemhbt at t|ia Wabaeba atieat 
doure, the yi><ltur tindd himself at ouce in tbo 
rooms uf the Historical society, which will oc- 
cupy all of tbe weat i>d 1 part uf tbe south wing 
baaemet t Tbeae rootua are light and liiub, 
and will be delisbtfallv p'.eaaaut ia tbe aam- 
mer. 1 he north wing banemeot will be used 
aa atore rooms for the aecreiary uf aiate. Tbe 
aoutbeat toornar will be fiite>l np with a bath 
room, Liiliersbop and general toilet cloaeta. 
All tbroacb tbe fliors of the basement rooms 
are laid ibo wd er and gas pipeu iu such a man- 
lier that ibey may be taany overhauled at any 
time. ( (.minnnica I "D i» bad with tbe groaud 
floor my meat a of liiree wide stairwaya 


of the ground flvwr by tbe Wabaiba 
street eutranoe, tbe foar rooma 
compria ng tbe guvemor'e aDlte of 
aparimeota are the firet on tbe right. Tbeae 
rooms, <rith tbeir high ceilings, wide wiudowa 
and tasitful fiuisb, am very inviting. Each 
ofBce, b lib on tb's and the other fliiorn, baa ita 
flre-and btjrglar-proof yault Tbe goveroor'a 
rooms sre tloiah'.-d iu mahogany and bird'a- 
eye ma ile, tbe wainacoiinR, doora and door 
framea leing tlniahed in bauJaome panela of 
the couiraating w.oda Tbe memorial wiudow 
in tbe iraiD apartment will occupy tbe large 
apaoe ojiening on tbe liaht and air court of 
Ibis wiD{. Oil the left of the hallway are tbe 
fonr roc ma to be occupied by tbe auditor and 
bis corp I of clerk*. These rooms are finished 
bandabcely in brown asb, and faruisb^'d with 
evt-ry muyeuience in the way of oonntera, 
etc, for facilitating the doing of bnsineea. A 
piivate paosaKe.way connects tboie rooms 
with th IS* of lbs ireaanrer, as alao another 
passage way oonuccta tun ofEces of the Royernor 
and attorney geueral. Pas^iug tbrongh to the 
east Winn, on the il,'bt are the two rooms of 
tbe inaiirauoe oonicni'sioner and the three 
rooms ' tbe adjutant sr ueraL Oa tbe left are 
the two Idpartments of the railway commis- 
siener, tnd those of tbesuperiiiteudentof pub- 
ho instr ictioLi, who also baa (wo rooms at bia 
diapoaal Entering the lull from Eicbange 
street, a the ioimsdiais ngbt ia tbe oft'oe of 
tbe cb'ri: of tbe supreme court, and on iba left 
the ofBieaoftbe board of immlftratioa and 
tbe atto: Bay t^eueral 


the tirbt tiirei ruonid on tba left are being 
tltte I fo • tbe treasurer. The two rooms Im- 
mediate y in tbeir rear will be used by tin 
public ct&miuer. On the right, the »uito of 
four lar.{e ruf.m* will be occiipied by tbe aec- 
retary ot sttt^e. Ihtse r.>oni3 are a'l waiu- 
scotod iDil tiijisLfd in browu asb, each auite 
being lilwrally Buppliea «1 h diOiiiing closet^ 
iayatori.w, eta 'Ihe rooma of the secretary 
oonneoi by au iron stairway With tbe store- 
rooms bfinw. 

Two birge, broad stairways lead from the 
gronnd to the second fl<jor. Aecerdiog these 
iron stair** vt with their slate treads the foot- 
fall of tne Ti8i;or is us timet aa ttaongh it fell 
on velvet pile. In t!ie Wabasha wing of the 
secr.nd tnd third stories, is situated the baud- 
iom«at loom in tbe bncse, 


Thiaioomia 41x5» feet m ibs elear, ei- 
(Jlusiye nf the gali»Ty, With a 23-foot ceding, 
the wovdwork throuhhont the apartmont Is 
of yell< w bircli aud birdseye maple. Ibe 
panelliD I abouttUe room, as well as Ihe design 
and fio^^h of tbe gallery woodwork, ia very 
bandson* A large etained-Klaes skvlixbt and 
Niue atained-glass windows iu the gallerv 
furnish tbnndantlicht for dav sesaiona Au 
elegant "0-jPt chandelier wiU be saspended 
fiuni th( middle of tbe skylight, while fonr 
elsctrio lights will swing from Uia corners 

OnthH floor in tbe Tenth street wing Is ths 
large a^.- ombiy chamber, 47i80 few', ifl bigut 
corresp. iiiltng v Jth thf.t 01 the senate oham- 
I'f'-. rs H '('dw -;;, of (?nm woo-l a.ul mn- 
hegany, will b« finished with a polish rery 
nearly rwembling that o' oit, but deeper. Tbe 
ceiling, ibbed and divided int j tinted squares, 
givse anaaxiye air to tbe room which i^ in no 
way deti acted from by the heavy work on the 
gallery rails and sptaker's deak. From the 
oeiliug V ill depoud two fine cbandeitpra with 
seypnty-two burners each, and from the fonr 
corners if tbe rai-ed, tinted ak/li hi will hang 
ele trio iahta. Id the woodwork all through 
tha biiil ling it is noticeable that tbe designs 
are takinit and yet not so elaborate as t« resi-t 
tlie attat k of ^ dnst brask The rooms will be 
clcrtn as Well aa light 

Iu the £xch&a;je street wing on this fl' or ia 
the sntreme court room, and adjoining 
it on the «S4t are tbaflvo piiratsroomifor tbe 
jadgea Tbe private rooms ars flnitbed iu 
brown a lb, whi's tbe court room baa a panel- 
ing and Inlab of bftndsoms sherry and Ban- 
gariau a«h. Opening ont of tbe conrt room is 
a convei lent attomoya' room, a door from 
•aob of ihei>e rooms opening un a priTSiu 
passage ray leading to tbe librarian'a room and 
tha libn rv room, which takn up nearly all the 
space in the east wing of tbe ee?oud floor. 
While tl e preseut ohsj cf the library will de- 
mand oily one tier of abelves around the 
room, tt s wants of the futnre have not been 
overlooked, as space and light have l)e9n pro- 
vided for running two Raiiories aroniid the 
room w ben they are reauimd. This roomia 
done in ilain brown ash.' 

Tbe n ain room on tbe third floor ia (he eaa- 
casrooi I, 31x47, in tbe Exchange atreot wing. 
Cooneci ugwith this room 1.1 a lar^e committee 
room, to be used in the hot times ujoalty 
aiteuilin < legialaiive cancuses. On tbe second 
and tbii i fluora there are in all twenty com- 
mittee r.iomsi, all lisbt, convenient aud ttui-<hed 
in browi. asb. CouuectiuK with aouate aud as- 
sembly cbambera are tbe spaciona cloak 
rooms, i ivatories, etc., all well appointed and 
ooiiveuit nt. 

The h ilia throughoot the bnildiuR are wain- 
scoted I nd trimmed ia oak, oiled and polished. 
The hall floors are l.aodsumely tiled, the tiles 
being lad iu tine cemeut There are 20,000 
feet of 1 ds work iu the balla Ail tha other 
floors at • laid lu hard wooda The walla are 
all hard fini-hed and many of them will be 
tai-tefull r tinted. Eectno bell wins ruu from 
every ajartment connectinR wiih the janitor's 
room lu he basement. When the dome is fin- 
ished i: will rise sheer i.'00 feet 
from the gronnd, giving visitors a 
w* '«'* of fhe city an<l country 
about The wrought-iron flat? ^taff toweriiiK 
any feet above the roof is placed jaat over tiia 
Wabaabf street entrance. 


was cap nred a,iJ made serviceable iu tbe 
planning of (ho engine and boiler rooms of 
he built] Ing. From tbe northeast corner of 
theb»»enen»a tnnnel rnne off sixty feet to 
the deep basement of the boiler house, lasie- 
tnlly bniit, forty feet AQuare, of red biiclt and 
trimmed in harmony with the main bnildi- g. 
Tho thir y-horse powvr engine in thebaaement 
IS DOW n led to run two dynamo machines that 
will »ni lly electricity 10 the tweniv-fonr 
lampa sc»tteied thron^h the capiiol. On the 
erouud f jor are tbe two hijih. pressure boilers, 
flfty-six uebes iu iliamfitr by sixteen feel in 
length. These, fitted with ah the modern ap- 
phances, furnish an arajle amonot of ateam to 
heat thto larger buiWi'ug thoron«bly in tho 
coideet « eather. The radiators lu tbe eapitol 
are all pi «c«d just under tba windows thus 
correotui< tbi< cold current as it enters me 
rooma By tli* arrangement all tie badpolute 
of steam heating are done away with. Thera 
will b« n I jarof niaceiueiy, no emull, no smoke 
and no fl is coal du.-it tj dmtrea:) tba moat dsli- 
eale of tl s Sute'a Uw makurs. 


Of osa;3Mb tlM yrtat prohUa ia all aaodam 

bnlldlags is tliat of ventilation. In this ra- 
stancs tbo architect is eatiefied that he baa 
l>een fortunate and hit Jnatibe proper motbod. 
Vnrions large air-supply shafts run from tbe 
top of tbe budding to tbe basement Cin- 
neoted with tbeta are tbe fire, beat, 
and cold proof boxes carrying the 
freah air to every room in tbe 
structure. At each Junction of these enpply 
ducts is placed a ainill ateam coil, creating a 
draught and ssn'ling the f reih air couraing 
through the registers of each apartment This 
much for the supply. In tbe wall of each 
room a register oonnecs through fonl-air 
ducts with four large chimneyo ruuumg to 
the top of tbe building an'l filled with ateam- 
cuila Thus tbe foul air is heated aud rushes 
upward and out of the building. The traps in 
tbe cloaets are all conuesied with these fuul- 
air shafts, and all od.jr8 are tiiua oirried off 
before being allowed toenter the rooma 


Certainly Mmnenoia cau couuratnlata her- 
self on having a handsome, con- 
venient and usefnl cauitol bniLling. 
Tbe cost, $225,000. has boen no small 
thing, but Bulficient room has been provided 
for many yeare to come. In all the eixiy-aeven 
rooms of the bn Ming there ia not a dirk cor- 
ner. All tbe finisbiuft is appropriate and fine, 
the furuishiuK aa ordered will be in keeping 
with the re^tof the building, and the 500 men 
now at work day and liiglit give promise that 
everythiuK will bo in rcadiueaa for tbe legis- 
lature some time before tbe time set Tljis 
building cannot burn np, aud earthquakes are 
rare occurrences in tnis cart of the country. 
Tbe edifice was commenced under tbe auper- 
vision of OoV. Pia»bury, who, when his term 
expired, tnrued over the fonndatioos partially 
c> mpleied to Gov. Hubbard Th<> latter haa 
given to tbe work bis personal direction 
and ia entitled to great credit for the zeal and 
energy with which it has been pushed. It is 
largely the result of Gov. Hubbard's eflTorta 
that the building is so nearly compIeti>d 
and that tbe senate and representative balls 
Will be ready for the legislature when it meets 
next munth. For weeks past work has been 
going 00 day and night, from 200 to 500 men 
being employed. At night tbe mnn have 
worked by tbe light of several electric burnora 

Minnesota State Keiurin School. 

D. W. Ingersoll, George L. 0:i<i, W. P 
Murray, C. H. Petti tt, managers; J. 0. 
RlieldaSer superiataodeut, aad J. W. 
Drower, assistant tuperintendent, have 
transmitted tbeir biennial report for the twc 
years ending Nov. SO, 1S82, to O ly. Hub- 
bard and the btite le!:ii»latur«. The report 
stitea that no signal changes in the conduct 
ofthe 8L-hool are to be noted. Since thf 
opening of the school, Jan. 13, l!>08, thtre 
have been 673 conir^ituients to the school. 
The new C'inunitnients for the piist two y an^ 
were HiO; disciiarged 97; escaped 3; died 1; 
on leave 1; present in the iii<tuution 
The offenses for which the lOQ were c 
iiiitted are as follows: Litrceny, 7(i; incor 
rigihfli y, IG; usdaalt and b.utery, 4; at- 
tempted robbery, 2, attempt to poison, 1; 
uiati-ilau^jhtex in the fourth degree, 1. 

The boar J ask for the folio'wing appro- 

Current expenses, 1883....... »_t3S.0fiC 

Current expenses. 18ii4 > — 35.000 

To cover \oi% by fire -.... 7,60C 

Repaira and iiiiprovemeiits, 18»3 2,0(0 

Kepairs and iniproveiueuts, 18S4 2.UU0 

To insure state property 2.0oC 




•••••*••• •• 


Circular to Minnesotu School OfTiccrs. 

6upt. Kietiie has isjutyl the fulli«wiug cir- 
cular to school offlo«;rs: 

First — Concerning diatiict treasurer's bond. 
In a recent decision of the supreme court 
(County ol 8cx>lt v.t Ri:)g), it is li»ld that the 
obligation of sureties vipon ofBcial bonds 
does wot extend beyond ihi term for which 
the olllcer is electeJ. This d«'oisiun applies 
to the bonds of school district treasurc'rs. 
Hence, upon re-eiecnon, me treasurer ruust 
give a neiV bond. Thj dt.>trictcierk willsee 
that tliid important provi.ion is tLorouj^hl^r 
complied with. County auditors will pi ease 
make careful ioquiry that no certificate of 
clerks be accepted ttirough misunderstand- 
ing ol the law. 

Second — Election of district officers, (h) 
The election must be by ballot, (b). The 
election must be by a majority 01 yot&< ol 
those present. If twelve ure present, and 
though but ten vote, seven votes must be 
cast lor the one elected. 

[Signed] D. L. Kiehlk, 

Huperintendent Public Iiutxjotioa. 

Large Fire at Bine Eartb City, Minn. 

A disastrous fire occurred at Blue Earth 
City, Faribault Co., early Wednesday morn- 
ing. Haifa block of bualncaa buildmg were 
burned. The following a: e tbe losses: 

J. C. Pratt, buildings $2,500, goods $500; 
no Insurenoe. 

H Ueyerdahl, on goods $2,500; insured 
$500 in Underwriters. 

William McGiuuis, building $400, stock 
$100; no insurance. 

Ericksverd & llaeen, dry goods; loss un- 
known: iMSureil $4,000, $2,0o0 in ELartfurd 
aud $2,000 iu Continentid. 

C. A. Piiikam, loss on stock and house- 
hold $500. 

HelTron build'ng, $3,000; no icsurence. 

E. ▲. Foster, building, $5000. 



ri-OUB— QnoUtlona: Patents, $C'50.75: clears. 
$5ci15.50;»lraigtitMi>5.25:35.75; common branJs 
¥-ti>$5: lu bblii, 2.'Sc extra. Buckwheat flour. 4^1: 
per bbl. Uvk flour. $4.2.^>jS.t50 per bbl. 
Graham, $3(d5.S0 per bbl. Market quiet for the 
week, fricos RsiiorallT itfrdr. 

Wheat— 'ilie market has been t«ndlog down- 
ward duriag tbo week. In following the lake ports, 
but at tnn same time there wua developed a feplicg 
of eonfl ieuce that wheat was good property to buy, 
that ia at cenala prices. TUa dealers mads Ibuii 
bl>U at which tbey were willing to take buld, 
which yet were l<t>Iow the views of sellers. Il>-- 
ceiptji ftill off somedariair thewpek, bt^iat that tbere 
was DO Increase In quotable valuss. Prices lu ihsr 
run are at about tho flsurps of a week at'O, and 
rather ateady. Ileceipta uro liable to iocreuHe a 
litili*, as country riiad* are better. There Umpire 
of a »pecu:atlTe feeling (ban there has been, owing 
to the approach to what may be cat.ed button 
prices. Asii'o from this, traasaetioos have tieea 
limred, owiug to small inilllng demand. Stocks 00 
atorage lu ibis market are liberal. Tuewt^y's qno- 
Utiona: No. 1 bard, 94c bid, ltd asked: No. I, U'Jc 
bid, !)4c asked; No. 2 liard. y."ijc bbl. »4c an'icl: 
No. 2. b5c bl<l, 89c asked. Si<ls« Tuesday: 1 cat 
No. 'i. 88c. The market closed stendy. 

Coax— Only new corn Is arriving, but hardly drj 
enough fur use. Pr ces, accordini;iy, have a wide 
rat;;;?, nccording to the coti'litiuu of grain. Tha 
ilemniid baa l>eeo limited all the week, anl prlcea 
havt shown b. t little variatioo. Tueaday's market 
quirt, e!o>iDe rather weak in the absence (>f active 
d>.mHud. Stock* geaerailv light. Closing fli;ure»: 
No. 2 old. COo bid; new, Ki^asaa, 58c asked; Iowa, 
i6c bl I, 49.!550c 8»ked. 

Oats— I'be demand baa l)een m"d'rate all the 
week, and elocka have been light on small 
receipts. tipot deala have bran llmit^J, 
bu; ;i:erewriisa better a'leotlon given to 
1 be market was et- nera'Iy »t*idy, clotirg at rathri 
Ann figures, a tbade bttrher than a week flea 
Buyer* bowevcr taken bold oniy aa tbey are in 
want and do not cooiract ahead of tbeir artasl 
oecessiiieiv Tuesday'a closing quola'tonx: No. 'i 
mfxod, 35c bi '.. 30c Mked : DfC'ml><*r. 34*50 bid, 
3«)C B^ked: J>icuary, 34>{tc bid; F<.>bruarv, 34c 
bid; Mav, 37c bMl, 3Vc nsned; Na 3 mi.x.;L*, :'jc 
asked : No. 12 White, 37c aaked; Na 3 white, a6c 


MnxsTVPFS— This tuarkft h.isexper>Doed some 
deir'ne »ince a wenk aze. Tbe foilowlag were ves- 
terday'a doslug quotaliona: Braii, $9^915 In 
bul-:: Bhorts, SSlO'tf 111. ji»: c .ur»e com m-Mi. 
j'"23-50<f«24; inijti^d ff-ed— corn and oaia— now 
atock. No. 1. $;23.5U^n(;;4peTtun. 

Wheat— The lucal market fur this cereiil tins 
l>e«D unusually lifeless for tbe week, but tfa<-rL< bad 
b<>en some trading uutil yesterday, when there did 
not seem enoneb of auimati'^n left to even gasp. 
Prices were nominally 9.S;«Uyc for No. 1 hard: 
93<r»94c for No. 2 hard. Tbe other grades at the 
close bad cot eoougb life to even mike a' 
prioe. ▲ few cars of condemned s'.ld i\ pricvj 
r<)Dging alone fc^m 60(?S(^:. No. 'i was cffere^l at 
tjUc witu DO b.ds. No. 1 hard wa« offered at 0!>c 
with 98c bid. No. 2 bard was offered at 94c, 9;{c 
bid. *1 was bid for January ;* 1.0 i bid lor Ft-t)- 
ruary, and $1.10 was bid for M«y delivery. Iber; 
was ootblng dolBif in aiimples excepting in con- 
demned forahipment Uiliors were doing Doibing 
In buying. 

CcBS— There were no sales ye*tprday, anl but 
smalUlemand. A few cars were off .-red yesterday, 
aad 52c waa the outaide bid f"r No. 2 new era, 
Tbe for rejected remained nominal at 45 «:"VOc. 

Oats— Closed wl'h 35c tb '3 l>est bid that could 
b« i'l>Taino<l for spotN ■. 2: held m! 30c. 

CmoAOO Maeket.— Flour, qaist but steady. 
Wb-ai, dull, prices a shade ower; regular, 94\: 
December: 9lJ*.!*94J(c Jant:«ry: 05''4 'Ojr F--'). 
uarv:$I.01(^ May; No. 2 red winl<-r. 04i< 
(^'Jl-'^B'- November: tbicngo sprini;, 77c; re- 
jected, 61c. Cora, active bat lower; 53^1 '«53i'i' 
easb, December aod January; h'Z'^c F'bruary; 
54Mo Mav. Oats, irreealar; 3TH''t2ti>2c ca«h: 
S7=<9C Deeem1>er: StiV" 30i2<' J.iouary: 3l»\s<36i9C 
Fel.ruarr; 3(ii<c May. Rye flrmer at 58c liarley, 
steady and niicb:inged. l^ntt'T quiet but steady: 
creamenes fair to f Aucy, '.'5c$40c.; dairy do. IJi^ib 
32c Eggs, eaalar at 2^c. Flax seed, stronuec 
at $1.15. Dressed hoc, goid demaud aud 
prlcea a shade h'cber: ^6.TJ-'1.'2.^ Port, active 
but lower: *17.2"'(ii» 17.30 cash: 8!l7.35if 17.37'-: 
Ja.iuary; *17..'^0'al7.72'"i February. I.ard.acrna 
but lower: $10.6o cash: $l0.57*2iitl0.t;o J.i.i- 
uary; ^^lO.ti'Jis'ttlO.tid February. Hulk meats, 
eMler: shouUlens $«.~.^; short ribs, $8.95; d.) 
clear, ^9. 70 WhUky, flrmer: not quotable, tai; 
— Wheat declined i« i '♦c. Corn, stroni;er, oxct-pt 
January, which d'jrllneit H'^i^c 0.>ls, rirmer aid 
nocaarfed, except Decemlier, which advanced Jj <« 
Xc. Pork, dull a'>d nncnsnged. LanI, not quot- 
at)ly changed. Rereip.<— Flour, 15,0O<» l.b!«: w;:(»r. 
«.%.00.i ta; corii,213.0()0 bu:oat«, 85,0<Ki bu: tve 
lii.oOOhii; bar!>;v. 45.0i.Mb'i. M,:; ments— 1 lour, 
2t:,0O0 bbU; wheat, 32,0(H> hn: torn, Kio.00«» bu; 
o4!.<, SS.OOU bu; ryr, 12.U0U bu; bnriey, 27.- 
OOO bo. 

Mn.WAtncn Markiv.— Flour, nuie; and r. ml- 
naliy sicauy. Wheat, rtf.dy; No. 2 hard, Ui: 
No. 2. SU'..:c: December. Ul»8c; January, yfgi* 
9.V: February. OJi«<c: Ifo. 3. 7tH:: No. 4. ti3. 
Cora, lower; No. 2, 5i?io: new, 47.*4C, Oats, 
higher, Na 2, ST^sc; white S.-'M- Rvp. alody and 
a slude flrmer: N".l, .Wy.>c: No2, 63».jc. Barley. 
flrmer: Nol 2, 73'si;: t\ rri No :>, 7;!Ljr. Provia- 
i>m». lower: mess pork, *17.'.'0 c*ia: $17.20 De« 
cemi>er; <17.35 Jacuarr. Lard, prime steam 
(110.5U cash aud Dccir.ber; lo5^%> January. 
Batter, atea<ly:cr<eMBeria«. 2M«^3(ic; dAiriea, 2()# 
Stto. ChaeMk wtot Kcaa. eariwj 2e«l37«. 



The government method In Togne for 
cleaning the brass parts of different 
articles found in ordnance, Ac, in 
claimed to be the most effective known. 
A mixture of one part common nitric acid and 
one-half part suit>huTic acid is made in a 
stone jar. a pail of Iresh water and a box ol 
aawdiut being also provided ready at hand. 
Tbe articles to he cleaned ara dipped in the 
acid, then 'remove*! into the water, afVer 
which they are rubbed with the Mwduet. 
This operation immediately chanj^es tbeni 
to a brilliant color. If the' brass is greasy, 
it is first dipped in a strong solutforl of 
potash and soda in warm water, this appli- 
cation teuiiir.g to cut 'he grease so that the 
arid has power to act. This method haa 
the a.dvantage of a greater degree of per- 
manency than others. 

The origin of the fire last Saturday even- 
ing in the olBce of Mr. Merrick, the leading 
counsel for the government la the prosecu- 
tion of the star 'ront<> conspiracies, is atill 
involved in niyster.- and has been the theme 
of conversation in all quarters here to-day. 
Mr. Merrick says he haa no theo.y to ad- 
vance on tbe Hubj«*c', but that a rigid inves- 
tigation would he instituted. Although he, 
as well as his associate counsel has received 
warning Ietter<, he never eu ter tain ed an idea 
of being attacked by fire. 

Postofflce discontinued: Ayer's virove, 
Polk county, Iowa; mall to Towner L^ke. 
Postolflce name changed: Godfrey, Polk 
county, Minn., to Maple Bay. Pbstofflce 
site changed: Lake Harold, Meeker county, 
Minn., one and one-half miles south. Post- 
masterH c<jnimissioned; Ale.x 8. Stewart, 
Minnekata, Dak., Aaron Y. Cupp, Eureka, 

With a view to guarding as far aa possible 
against 8U3h land frauds as those recently 
reported from Dakota and other parts of 
the west, the commissioner of the general 
land office, with the approv.l of secretary 
Teller, has Issued a ciroular letter to re;cia- 
ters and receivers of Unite<l States la;. d of- 
hces with regard to dechtr itory statements 
of homestead and applicants. 

Col. Corbin, In addition to his failure *n 
his monumental fraud, the Garfield fair, a 
threatened court martial for insulting a lady 
and his responsibility for ruining two ex- 
pensive historical paintings, haa the LaUcas- 
tf r, Pa. .Watchman alter him fjr the allege*! 
embezzlement of ffcveral wat -h moveraenti 
donatied by the Lancaster Manufacturing 

Rev. J. Hyatt Smith, M. C, belleres in 
the prayer test, as he prayed for the absence 
of Oi'jecfor Holman from ihe house to se- 
cure tbe pa>adge of a pet bill, an.l the Indi- 
ana Diember was vroviden:iaily (for Smith) 
sick one day. 

The heirs of the offlcers and crew of the 
brig. General Armstrong, who last winter 
were paid $70,000, are preparing to ask coi:- 
tfresa for the in'ereat on tbe aoove amouut 
for the alxty-eight years in which the claim 
wus pending. 

Tue senate comnditea on appropriations 
have agreed to amend the Indian bill by in- 
serting $15,000 for the Devii'e Lake Sioux, 
$10.tHXJ for the Turtle Mountain Cliippow u<, 
luid |15,U00 for theBioux at Lake Traverse. 

The Indian appropriation bill reported to 
the senate since ita passage by the hoiue is 
inoreaacl in amount of $1&4.200. The ag- 
gregate amount upt)ropriaU»d by the bill 
aa r.piined yesterday is $.5,300,136. 

It is understood in tbe inner j>olitical cir- 
cles that if Dorsey does not send in his res- 
ignation when the national committee meets, 
a motion will be made to proc«ed to the 
election of anew tetretary. 

Post pjastera nommiaaioned: J. J. Oithrie, 

Aurora, Minn: Mrs. Anna M. Waflerius, 
New Trie', Minn., F. M. Charles Worth, 
Ledyard, Wis.; A. Jackson, Megoun, Wis. 

Discussion among meml)ers of tho house 
committee on ceinage indicates that there 
is no dispoiition lo change the existing law 
relative to the coinage of siWer dcllafi:. 

It has been ascertained that the chairman 
of the senate judiciary committee will call 
on the president for a statement giving the 
cause for Marshal Henrv's removal. 

C f. Fluntington is in Washington with 
a htronp; lobby to save to the Uiiion Pacific 
the hind grant of the old Texas Pacific, origi- 
nally granted to Tom Scott. 

The commissioner of internal revenue has 
gone to Illinoia, where he expecu to lemaiu 
imtil the latter part ef January. 

The aiiiount o' the agricultural ajiprw- 
priatiou bill is $114 980, $30,000 less than the 
appropriation la-it year. 

ihe Wadimgtoii monument has reached 
a height of 336 feet 6 inches. 


George J. Rice, president of the Udca, 
Ithaca & Eimira railroad, was arrt>ted in 
Xcw York on charge of an overissue of .stof'k 
and cmbezzlemsnt. It is said there is a 
di$!crp)>ancy iti bis accounts of from $60,000 
to$100,00". The prisoner livesnearElmir-a. 
Rire denies all cnarged and says he will 
jyjTiyo his entire innocence when given an 

St. Paul i& Omaha earnings decreased $12,- 
000 the first week in December. The gross 
eamin;;s ol the Nortliern Pacific for the 
first wefk ill December were $153,518; in- 
crease, $74,548. 

A St. John's special says diphtheria is 
raging to • frighttVil extent ia the settle- 
luentsoftlie Little Sands and Pleasant Val- 
ley, Murray Harbor district, Prince Ed- 
ward's Island. In one family thechildran 
were attached. One died, and while the 
family and friends were burying it a second 
one diedr and before iu burial* third had 
fallen a victim to the disease. 

Newport, Jackson coui.ty. Ark., was Sun- 
day morning visited by one of the most de- 
structive conflaf rations ever known in the 
state. The fire broke out at 1 a. m., and 
laid waste sixty buildings, nearly all of 
which were occupied by business firms. 
Eight brick stores are iooluded In the ruins. 
Loss ia about $2M,000, and iuauranoe $150,- 

By a fire Thursday $50,000 worth of prop- 
erty of the Manhattan Beaoh, (N. Y..) rail- 
way was destroyed, a severe lias to Austin 
Corbin. the principal owner. Ten looomo- 
tive«,sixty cars, including sixtee i Woodr.ifl 
drawing-room coaches and Mr. Corbin's 
own pr.Tate car were burned. 

Dennia BuUivan and John Leary were fa- 
tally Injured, Edward Gilroy had a thigh 
fractured, Conducter Monahan received con- 
riaons on the kead and an Italian was dan- 
gerously injured by a collision on the New 
York <& New England raUroad. 

The stone chape', of Drury college at 
Springfield Mo. the finest slruclure in south- 
weil Missouri, was burned Tuesday, Loss 
$45,060; insurance $20,000. 


A sensational suit is in progress before the 
United States circuit court at Pittsburg, 
where a half-breed girl is suing to establish 
her claim to tbe very valuable estate ofthe 
late Addison Mo wry. The plaintiff 'all«^es 
that i,er mother, a Chippewa ladiau squaw, 
was married to Mowry near Saginaw, M.ich., 
iu 1831, and that she ia the legitimate fruit 
ofthe union. An old magistratete testified 
that be married Mowry to an ludian woman 
known aa "StraiKht-back" at the time al- 
leged, and a certificate to that effect waa 
produced and identified. 

At a meeting of the Unitariaa club in 
Boston last night Gov. Long presided, The 
subject was discusser! of providing a rtnic- 
tore (o oost $200,000 for the America.n Un- 
itarian auociation, the money to be raised 
i:i Boston. Two hundred and fifty members 
were present. The project was warmly fav- 
orcii. A committee was appointed to oon- 
fOrvviJi tbe mani;^e iient ol the American 
awociation utid report a plan of action next 
month, Henry P. Kidder promised $5,000 
on the spot. 

Poetofilces e8tabll<!hed: Rindal, Nofmah 
county, Mhiu. Star eervioe discon tinted; 
Sank Center to Grey Eagle, Minn,, from 
Dec. 31; Motris to Glenwood, Minn., from 
Dec. 31. Poitiua^iter oommi-isiouei: George 
Addison, Tibbett, Iowa; Earl J. Sickler, 
Pioneer, Mich.; F. H. Patterson, Kendall, 

An association m New York is sending out 
oiiculars to cx-soldiers, asking them to pro- 
tect aguiart revenue reduction, on thejground 
that the revenun therefrom should beused 
for the paymeut of pt-nsions, especially that 
raised from the tax on whisky and tobacco. 

At a meeting of rubber manuf.tcturers in 
New York, resently, it was decided to close 
all the rubber boot and shoe factories in the 
country Dec. 23 for^ week, alter which only 
half the amount of i;ooda formerly maUe 
will be luanulactured. 

The season ia now aproncbing when 
wealthy phlianthropists remember the noor 
by hpendin., a couple of thousand of dollars 
on a charity bail that nets $800. 

The socialista of New York city have 
arranged to give Herr Most, recently 
released from an English dungeon, a recep- 
tian when he reaches the city. 


JTonday, December 11. 

Skhatb.— Bills were in troduced to re-es- 
tablish ttie court of Alabama claims and 


John Cook, one of the Cook boys, was 
recently ciptured at Moberly, Mo., after a 
hard tight with the officers. Nicholas Cook 
is still alive, hut is so badly wounded that 
he could not be moved and may die. Rich- 
ird Cook was killed outiight during' tli» 
pursuit. John will be taken to Waverly, 
where he is wanted on a charge of !>t«alinj{ a 
car load of hogs from Wiiidom ACramptyiJ. 

Theresa Stnrla was convicted ofthe shoot- 
ing ot young utiles, in the Chicago court, 
and her punish aient fixed at one year in the 
penitentiary. She is atill cranky, but sane 
enough to understand hat tii^ vardict might 
haveoeea worse. Still thereisnoByfupatny 
for Siik's, who deserved hu fate. The girl 
waa convictc<l more on general principles 
than on the specific charge. 

Deputy Sheriff Pinneo, father of \UjjBPiti- 
neo the well known cquestxlenno, is after 
one John P. Cozad, who recently shot and 
fatally wounde<l a man named Pier.M>u in 
Cozad Nebr. Cozad is the terror of faro 
banks everywhere, having broken several, 
and is leimted to be worth $3(X\000. He 
won $0,lXl0 from a Denver bank in three 

Patrick Slattery.of Mount Pleasant, Iowa, 
seerus to have been profoundly Impressp'l 
with pr;;h bitiou principles. Althoug** ^te- 
puted to be a temperance young uv.<i, he 
shot his httLmother and then committed 
sulci' e, leaving a note for hia brother attri- 
buting the cau^e to intemperance. 

At Cleveland, O., William Fraaier, a 
school tcaAer, go5 into a quarrel with 
John Hayes and Charles Luse, pupils. Be- 
ing thrown down by them he drew a bowie 
ktiife ami fatally stabbed hoti of them, 
Hayps dying ten minutes later. Frazier 
lias b<n arresetd. 

Mrs. Mfson, the all^ifd lecturess who a rec<.>rd iu Minneap<dis haa come to 
grief in Keokuk, Iowa, where she has been 
amsted lor obtaining a valuable dolman 
under false pretenses. 

No report has yet been heard of the 
Northern Pacific express meaaenxer, 3Iich- 
aels, who skipped St. Paul one wo-^k ago 
Monday with a package ol $1,0UU. 

One ol Mrs. Labouchere's trunks 
stolen in New York before she aailtd, 
$500 worth of clothing taken from it. 


IsniEF F(*iiEl»jN NEHS. 

Jenaiag'3 London Cable: Funds come 
slowly to the new National league. The to- 
tal receipts have been £826, but £100 more 
were gained by absorbing the funds of the 
Home Rule league. The Naticnnl league Is 
agitating ., o jir^vt-nt emigration and to secure 
the starting oi public works to avoid coming 
distress. The chief incident in I be Huddy 
trial, apart from its revelations ot cold- 
blooded atrocity, affected the Ladies' league. 
Instead of the funds going as represented to 
the pbilanthrcpic support of evictcti i»er»on8, 
they Lave bein spent upon prisoners charged 
with murder and outrage. The hungliiig 
way In which Marwood, the hangman, did 
his work at tbe eueciHion of Milea Joyce 
will be another Irisu grie'anrc 

London Special: The sultan's unhappy 
condition oontiuuefl, and his surroundings 
ate still chaotic. Sedition is rife on every 
aide of him. Tbe army is full of dissensions 
and diaaflect'oii, the popular discontent is 
loudly expreufsed, and affairs at Constanti- 
nople preserit the aspect whl.h usually indi- 
cate ttie a|<proach of a violent transition. 
The must extraordinary precautions against 
asaassination are taken at Yildiz Kiosk. 

The changes in the Brltiah cabinet are now 
completed, the following named members 
having taken tbe oath before the queen in 
c.mntil: Lcjrd Derby, secretary of state for 
Colonies; Lord Kimberly, secretary of state 
ibf India; Lord Hartington, secretary of 
state for war; Rt. Eon. Hugh Childers, 
chancellor ot the exchequer. 

The Iraporb* into France for the last elev- 
en months have increased lOd.fiOO.OOO francs 
as compared with the same period last year. 
The increase ia principally in manufactured 
goods. Increase of exports during the same 
period, 147 000,000 Iraaca as compared with 
the corresponding period last year. 

Anti-nihilist associations are being formed 
at St. Petersburg and throughout Russia. 
They are designed to be a sort of law-and- 
order organization, and will doubtle-'s be 
popular with the imperial family. 


Graham's hall and A. C. Christie's honey 
canning e>tabli8bment in Smithland Wood- 
bury county, Iowa, were burned Saturday 
morning. The hall was owned by a stock 
company. Loss $18,000. A saloon in the 
the lower part of the ball, occupied by 
Dun Kolta .d. was gutted. Rollands' loes, 
$800. Christie'a cunnnig establish :uent cou- 
t:tined considerable maohintry and ten tons 
of honey. All waa destroyed. His loss is 
$5,000; no insurance on any of tbe properU'. 
The tire was incendiary. 

The Hall block, situated at the corner of 
St. Clah- and Jefferson streehs. Toledo, O., 
Biid tht; finest htisineM block in the city, 
was totally destroyed by fire Friday. The 
building w 

numwoiw nouaea and on the upper j J^Tthrflamra. «The lire was attended with 
fl«,r by law insurance and railroad ofrfoes, i "^^^ ^^ of nfg. pjye persons it is known, 

JS^vi' bT^'- -'.----'*-"" •-^'^-'■^ i "^ ^^ »"^new Uw will b. 


Bismarck Herald: Mrs. Carmthers, a 
lady well known to old settlers of Minneso- 
ta, is ia destitute circumstances at Bill- 
ings, Mont. The life of Mr::. C. has been 
one of thrilling adventures. She was capt- 
ured by the Sioux Indians iu tha .Miuuesota 
nid'sacre ol 1862, hut was rescued. After- 
ward she was married to a man by the 
name ol .McNana, who is now in tbe .Mon- 
tana insane asylum. 

D. G. Hale, has been acquitted at Omaha, 
of the charge that while be was custtxlian of 
the government building at Linc*>ln with 
making and preeenting fahc vouchers to the 
t-'easury department with intent to dep'raud 
the government. The prosecution claimed 
that ht) had g<:it away with over $5,000. 

A Japanese nobleman. Prince Ari.sugawa, 
and four high govrrument officials, reached 
New York yesterday, aud wer»» met by the 
Japaiie-<e consul at that city and the mlni."-,- 
tcr to Washington. Last evening the dis- 
tinguished party were eniertaiueU by Gen. 

D. M. Bennett, the tree- loving libera! who 
gained considerable notoriety by hifl writ- 
ings and for being irapria jned for sending 
obscene matter through the mail, died iu 
Chicago and was buried in Greenwood cem- 
etery im Sunday last. 

Mahone wears an immense wh teaomhrero 
and an immaculate white shirt. H«» we irs 
no vest and has an enormous gold chain 
wandering all over hia shirt fronf 

U. S.Grant, jr., has sold his residence iu 
West Fifty-eighth street, NewYork, to D. G. 
Ambler, for $52,0(X) cash and 16,000 acres of 
land in Baker county, Florida. 

Lieut. Harber reporta ih>t the explora- 
ttona of his party on the Lena have not yet 
resulted iu the finding of Lieut. Chipp and 
lii>« ill-jateil compauiom*. 

Ool. F. D. Callender, a graduate of West 
Point class in 1834, a gallant tidier of 
three wars, died in Illinois Saturday. 

George D. Perkins editor ofthe Sioux t^ty 
Journkl has been appointed marshal of! 
Northern Iowa. 

- - -^^^^^^*. --• — ^^^^— — — - 

The Great Fire at Jamaica. 

The firo which broke ont iu the business j 
quarter of Kingston, Jamaica, Monday even- ' 
ing, was not extinguished until Wednesday. . 
The loss which was at fii^t putat £6,000,t>00, j 
is now ettimated at £.3,000,000. The fire, j 
which wa of incendiary origin, began in a ' 
lumber yard, and a high wmd prevailing, : 
gaint^ great proportions. All the ware- j 
houses, wharves and stores were consumed, j 
Four hundred stores in all were destroyed. | 
BuildiMg regarded as fire proof did not es- ! 
and nearly every one of 

declaring forfeited the lands of the Oregon 
Central Railroad company. 

By a vote of 16 to 34 tbe senate refased to 
Indefinitely postpons the bankruptcy bill, 
and by 34 to 30 substituted for the judiciary 
committee bill the "Lowell bill," Introduced 
by Mr. Hoar. 

By J a vote of44 to 16 the Pendleton civil 
service reform bill was Uken up. Mr. Pen- 
dleton agreed to have the bill laid aside that 
the Fits John Porter bill might be taken 
np, but Mr. Ix)gan objected. 

The president sent the following nomina- 
tions to the senate: John P. Baker, Illi- 
noia, to be major and paymaster; Chandler 

B. Watson, to be collector of customs ot the 
aonthem district of Oregon. 

Thejsenate in execution session ocnfirme<! 
• lar^e number of nominations, including 
Gen. Pope and Col. McKeozie to be maj. 
general and brigadier general respectively. 
There was no contest. 

Horns. — Mr. Townshend offered a resolu- 
tion reciting that it ia alleged certain exist- 
ing railway lines of transportation have en- 
tered into combination for the purpose oi 
preventing the construction of competing 
lines into territories and thromin states, 
thereby establishing monopUes in transpor- 
tation, and duecting the committee on com- 
merce to report without delay a bill prohib- 
iting and punishing such combination. 

Mr. Strait objected to present considera- 
tion and it waa raferred to the committee on 

Bills and resolutions were introduced re- 
stricting the coinage of silver dollais and 
proposing a constitutional amendment 
providing for the election of presi- 
dent and members of congress. 
The latter fixes the term of president at six 
years and makes the president ineligible for 
a second term; provides that he t>e ek-ctio 
by direct vote of the ]>eople and that tic 
term of representatives in congreis b« tin ..■ 
years in length. 

^ ■ — • ■ ■ - 

Tuesday, D«c. J 9. 

SxVAn. — Senator Vest ia evidently in 
earnest in his opposition lo the proposed 
lease of tlie yellowstone pari to private 
parlies for hotel purj-O'*?*, and be liitroduced 
another resolutica on tha subject. It ia- 
ttructed the comm!ttet» on territories 
to inquire what legislatlcc. ia ttces- 
sary for the protecJon of the 
par;, preservation of pame, aud 
If the area should bo extended; also, wheih- 
er coniracta should bi; made by theierretary 
of the interior Icu^i/ gibe park or any pan 
of It and%iv1ng exclin ive priviloi.f s lor the 
e'ecnon of a hotel and telt^r iph lines and 
runnlsg stagee or utbtr vi'Iiiclvs through it. 
Tbe re-oluiioii was agreed to and the ret* r- 
cnce made as dejire^l. 

A bill was introduced by 5fr Pe^'k pro- 
liibitiDg political a'^sessmeat.'- Mr. Pendle- 
ton spoke on his civil s.>rvi(;e reiorm Mil, 
making a partisan 8(<eecU. He wivs replieil 
to by Mwsr-. Allison and Sherman in the 
same spirit. A l;irge unmber of ameud- 
nif-nts lo the bill v,ere ofiered. 

The Btntte c«jii*irujpd i lie appointment of 
FMward .M. Cheney, Uiiit«d 8:u!ea aitorupy 
for the northern district of Florida. Itegi.s- 
ters of land oihcea: Frai.cis Atkinsor, Ii.'li 
ni>a, at Helena, Jl T., Charles Alexaiuhr, 
VVitconsiii, atTuc'OiJ. AT.; jHiiie.i P.'-, 
Indiana, nt Dcrtdwood, Duk. l'o^tllla^ter^: 
H. G. Ankeny Corning, lowj; 

C. F. Hemlrix Sans Center, Miii'i.; 
I'harleg Mather, Ha'-ting-', Minn; Delos Ja- 
cobus, Crookston, Minn ; Maggie Ba !•>. 
Canton, Dak.; Charles A. Noyea, Lake Gi n- 
eva, Wis ; Benjamin F. Bryant, La Crts.'.e, 
Wis., Nathan Col/, Sheboygan, Wis.; Wil 
lard Jones, Neenat, Wi.-.. Robeit S. Mi- 
Michael, Viroqua, Wis., David O. 
James, RicLland Center, Wis. 

Uocss. — A resolution was adopted calling 
on the president for tbe Ktatement ofthe ag- 
gregate amount expended for river and har- 
bor improvenient vince the fouriilation ci 
the government. The congressioucl library 
bill was coniidere<' at jrreat length. T «• 
civil sorvico relorm oointuittee repoiJid 
back the bill lor the belter regulation of the 
livil service 

Wednesday, Deetmh^r 13. 

Sehat». — Nearly tbe entire day was spent 
In the oonsld-retlon of Ihe Pendletoi civil 
service bill. Several tirjead meets were ac- 
cepted by Mr. Petvileton, ind were adopted. 

The bill in brief, provides for the apiwin'- 
ment of a permanent commi-ision of live 
members, who shall examine applicants lor 
office with a view to tbeir fiiness for the 
desired iiosition without regard to part; at- 

Mr. Beck called up his resolution for an 
Investigation of political a'^sesiments, the qpn- 
tion baiHg on Edmund's motion to refer 
Beck's rsBolution and the substitute offered 
by Hale te the committee on Judiciary. 
AHer debate this was adopted. 

The prrsident sent the following nomina- 
tloris to the senste. Rev. Cbarlea C. Pric<», 
Illinois, to be chaplain of the Ninth i^\- 
ment of cavalry; J. tJ. Bancroft Davis, to he 
Judge of the couil of clainis; Charles H. 
Chanib»rlaln, receiver of publ'o moneys, 
San Francisco; P. B. Hunt, Kentucky, agent 
for the Indians ot Kiowa, Comanche and 
Wichita agencies, Indian Territory; also a 
large number of min<'r pristmast^Tj. 

Confirmations: Henry U. Morgan, Louis- 
iana, secretary ofthe legation ofthe United 
States to Mexico; George E. Waring, Jr., 
Rhode Island, meml)er of tiie national board 
of health; Commodore Earl English, chief 
of the bureau of equipment aud recruiting 
ofthe navy. 

HoDBi.— Tha congregational library bill 
was recommitted to the committee, with in- 
structions to reix/rt a bill for tho erection of 
a library building on ground belonging to 
th" United Statej". Ihe ai-'ricultural aod 
miUtarv academy ai'L>robriatinu hills nas.sed. 

Tbe Committee on appropriations of tlie 
house has made excellent i>rogre6a with it^t 
work so far. Ofthe eleven bills lo be |usl)e<l 
through, five have been rtported and ftmr 
have pa?s>'d the hooBe. It is a remarkablt 
fact that three of the bills— the ounannr .m.iI 
diplomatifr, theagric'iltaral and tlie military 
aoademy bills — parsed without a i>iii<< e 
amendment in the house. 

raa occupied on the first floor by j [^afouS wS the fire atUakedsuiwum bed 
jobbmg houaea and on the upper :"♦ .... 
V, insurance and railroad offices, i ^„, 
etc. The hlock was erected in ! ™ ..„.„^ „, „,.v.. -- 

^oiir«i-l?$°'i^5o?r*" ^*'"*'*^- ^'^^ I J^«i. V^^^'^ the ns. of shingle, ber^ , 
' ^"^ ' .ft.r. I 

Thuradny, 2>eeember 14. 

SxKATi— There waa a long debate on 
Pendleton's civil service bill. 

Senator Hoar exprese«i a belief that the 
passage of this bill would mai'k an imi>ort- 
ant era in American politics, and ^-ouUlbe 
regarded in the 'uture almost equal to a 
new and better l^*".tion. 

Mr. hrown. /^^®'"' ., "bill 

as a shark an^^^PfV^ . ' ... . onl.i 

excite eioec.^'**" "''^ '**'?ii" •. *' '«'■♦. 
mci.t. Tn»* <./ -ti"! Birvce ,■*■<< nu in- 
volved prattiija'l'y .. "'• t^nuT" in ■ '.' i 
thia system Wits rej..j.:<urrat to our i. 
as it tended to buiirf up aa ari- . ii ch 
wonld do very well for E'giai, lotfor 
us. He called tbe att<r ii>n of 
his democrafio collf*<-"- » to 
the folly of their support ol the p.;'ent meas- 
ure. They could not njiect lu .^a^ry Iht 
next election with a law in force prohibit 
ing r"^:movii!s. They would ele. t tbe next 

grebid^nt if tbey behaved thcj-i-elvrs, and 
ere they were advocating a i leaaiire that 
would comp'.l hii'i to keep all the lepubli- 
cans in oHlce who h»'i been ap- 
pointed for the past twmly years. 

Hocax— A resolution calling on the secre- 
tary of the inferior for iaformation rcg-id- 
ing railroad Isud grants was adopted. Thc- 
house considered the post office a[>propr:a- 
tion bill ($43,948,620) the greater part of tiit 

Tbe only new legislation in tbe bill is tha* 
relating to the reduction of poptsge on fir."*'- 
clars mail matter from 3 to 2 cent.* per l.all 
ounce, to take effect Jan. 1, 1884. Mr. 
Bingham, as chairman of the p< st-oflio- 
committee delivered an able and exhaustive 
argument favorable to this clause, 
but was antagonized by Mr. Reagan of 
Texas, formerly postmaiter general ofthe 
Southern Confederacy. The latter claimwl 
that the reduction asked for would decrea: e 
the postal revenues upward of $8,000,000, 
but he foon d few tuiporters for his theory. 

rHimy, Deeemher IS. 

S«jtAT».— A resolution to print 4^000 
ia of th. tariff commission's report wat 
adopted. A very important bill was passed 
during the morning hour, which looka to 
the settlement of a set of cases which have 
been pending in oonk:ress since thebeginui:i|i 
of this century. They are known as tht 
anci):nt French claims. Thry art 
claims of American dtixens for 
spoliations by the French prior to the years 
1800 and reports upon bills for their settle- 
mtftt have been made in every congress 
since 1881. The amount involved ia not 
known, althou:;h it is estimated to b« in the 
vicinity of $3U,00>,0<J0, computing interot. 
The bill is so framed a- not to be subjiet to s 
point of ordfT, since it makes no appropria- 
tion, but simply sends the claiiua to tne court 
of claims. 

Tb. dvil Mrrioe reform bill was debated 

Hoc««. — After a long discussion a motion 
that Dr. J. H. McLean be sworn in as memr 
ber of the old Second (now the Ninth) dia- 
trict of Missouri for the tmexpired te.Tn o) 
the late Thomas Allen, was carried and 
McLean took bu seat 

A bill was reported removing the btxrdms 
ofthe American merchant marine. Tht 
postoffice bili was considered at great 
length end an amendment adopted adding 
$260,000 to the appropriation for star route 
service. A resolution offered by Mr. Dun- 
nell was aiiopteJ, instructing the ways and 
means committee to investigate allegations 
that internal revenue coUectori on the 
northern frontit-r recsive large fees from sale* 
of blanks, which are not turned into the 
treasury, and are in t e pay of importers d 


Saturday , JJecetnher 19. 
Sn.< ATX. --After ttrei.uou-iden:ocralie objec- 
tions, the senate by a vote of 30 to 26 took 
up tbe Pendleton civil servicn reform bilL 
Mes.-;rs. Ingalls and Voorhees 8(>oke in 
oppos tion and Wiodom and Sherman 
i\ lavor. Mr. Voortiees, in a short speech 
pronaouce 1 the bill a humbue. and said be 
would not vote for it. Nevtrtheksa, he was 
for reform iu the civil service, and he had 
proposed a nraciical measure for that pnr- 
I><>se at last session; naiuely, an amendment 
to the constitution of the United States, pro- 
vi ling that jws masters, revenue collectors, 
judges, mar.slials of the United St ares, district 
utlomeys should be elected by the people. 
Ha would not be hypocritical about tlie sut>- 
ject If tho democratic party should 
come into power it ou^ht to purity the civil 
service by making a thorough and radical 
change of olfice-holders, excepting only 
soldiers who had serve! their country and 
beer, injured m its service. 

Senator Sherman said that he favored 
ihree provisions: 

First: — Taking away {>ower to select em 
ployea by favoritism, aud the pass giofa 
law that the admission to service should !>« 
secured by competitive examinatioiia open 
to all. 

Second — The prohibition of removals ez- 
ccjit for cause. 

Thir.l — The prohibition of political assess 
ment without interferins with the right ot 
ofBiia'is to contribute voluntarily for Tegiti 
mate political pirposes. 

Keiuovais without cause would l>e very 
rarely n.ade if the pressure of senaors aud 
reiiresentatives for appointmenta iu the ex- 
ecutive depart! Hiit-j wrre stopped, and 
therefore he wouKl vote again as he ha^ 
voleil years ago, fur a law prohibitinp euch 
mtcrfiTttice by mtmbers ot congress. At 
an t-xecu'ive olliccr he had felt keenly such 

Hofgs. — ."Tearly theentireday was devoted 
to the pastotQoe bill, but no final action was 
taken. Amendments providing B|>evial mail 
laciii'ies were rejected. A resolution waa 
otiered lor .i recess fr om Dec. 22 to Jan. &. 

St Paul*. Remarkable Growth ti* 

The building statistics of St. Panl the 
capital of Minnesota for 18S2, taken with a 
great d>'al ot care and without exagg«ation, 
sar[irise even those wko wer. beat 
aware of the wonderful growth 
of the city. The most gratifying iucreas<: 
over ISSl, though not absolutely the great- 
est, is in the item of business builUiiiga. 
For 139 blocks built in 18S1, with a frontage 
of 6 251 feet, at a cost of $2,330,3o0, 1882 has 
a record of 304, with a frontage ol 
10,216 feet, costing $3.5eiU,9oO, lii 
the item of residences, the iucreast> 
over last year is mo>t remarkable. For 
1.0)9 rrsidenoea erecteJ iu 1S31, casting 
tl S^5,4U0, 18S2 counts 2,178, or more thait 
twice as many, costing $3, titG,500. This i» 
swodeu by the capiiol, the hii;h echool, tht; 
op^ra house, a:id other less important 
stnicturcj, to nearly a million dollars, rais- 
ing the grand total lor buildings of all class- 
es over 2,5U'J houses, cosiing nearly ^3,5u0,- 


i;e.<;ioration of Old Rates Bat the 

Torritorial Quebtiun. Not Yet Do 

c:d< (1. 

On Wednesday evening Messr.s Mer 
rill. Porter, Hugliitt and Oablt 
tele^Taphed to their western 

agents: "An agreement has been entered 
into between the respective companies to 
restore fnitjht and passenger tariffs. Thurs- 
day, Dec. 14, between all points directly in- 
volved or affected by the rato war." Fuli 
rates woreaciordiiii^iy restore! on Thursday 
morning for frei^rhtand pH^neiigera. 

The <onfliti<iris of cessation of bostilititt 
were merely r''.-:toTutionb ol rates and agree- 
ments to maintain tl e «>stablishe«l tariff 
^tchedule. The com j act will continue for 
one \i ar, an<l will be dated Jan. 18H3. Th. 
firiff will not he divided in a p'>oling ar- 
rar.gemt lit, b^it earh road will take what 
l.iisiness comes to it. To make the agreement 
binding, a i>en8lty of $500 will be imposed 
lor every ln^taIlceof out: iig or other brea?h 
of cnntraet. No rebates on shiiroents will 
be allowed, and to allow them will be con- 
.-idered the same as a cut. Whatever ques- 
tions of dispute arise will be deaded by tb. 
general mananera jointly. 

iVesideiil .Mitchell di.-?<;laimed any inten- 
liiu of etteiiding the troub'esome Chippe- 
wa valley road and poinij further up into 
the territory of the Omaha. With th* 
iiiiderstandiiiR that noue of the lines oon- 
iemplated extensioua in ita own or any 
other roail's territory, tbe whole subject was 
iropj>e<l by common coii-ent. No pl<*di;e» 
wer.' refpiired and thu-i the great stickling 
point in the Ulorts for i>eaoe was passed. 


National B.tiiUs are Or- 

Any number of p'-.r^ons, not low* thaii 
tive, in:iy n.'^eooiiite themsidves together 
for tlie purpose ofb.aiiking, by conipli 
ance with the foUo-.^ing conilitiona: 
They must, under their humls and seals, 
iii.ike a^ertilicat.) which hhall specify- 
first, the jil.ure where ita bu-oinesB ia to 
he coii'lu led; third, tho amount of itt? 
(Mj.itul titock (not los-s than iJO.tJfK)) and 
liio numi/cT of its shares; fourth the 
i.iunbcr of its sbarehoideiB, and the 
number of shures held by eacii; tilth, the 
time when Kurh osHOtiatiou shall com- 
uicnce bu>-iues.s; sixth, a declaratioii 
lliai B;iid certificate is made to enable 
.-itch perBons to avail tl eiiiseives of the 
,i«lvantuA<'M oftlie bankingact. Tiiis cer- 
titicuto lnn^^t be prop.-rly acknowledged 
before some competent peis<in, and 
inu.>t 'e pent to the comptroller of 
tiie currency in the treasury 
(!•. [lartii.fJit to be reeordcd und kept by 
him. When tlie law has been complied 
w'lli, tiie tonjitrollcr of the curiemv 
irivc3 them a certificate that they are 
authorized to commence business. Thi» 
eoiisiiiutea the associa.ion a e«rporation. 
K.verv Hhartihoiiier i;^ made personally 
liable" ior the debts ofthe ubsociation or 
hiink to the amount ofthe par value oJ 
his stock. rii<'y must deposit with the 
treasurer of the United States bonds tb 
an u mount not It-ss than one-third of tlu 
capital Pt'^H-k paid iu. The coinptrollei 
tiicii i^.s'ies to the bank au amount of 
hunk jiott:s equal to the amount of bonet 
depos:'.e<l, letsi 10 por cent. Tlie bonds 
iiehf I y the treasurer as security must 
bo lr;in-fcrri;d tv* hiin in trust, tliua giv- 
ing him entire control of them in case it 
becoii/1,'3 neceosary to Etll them in order 
to rt'Iooiu the bilh of any ae.=oeiaticn 
which may have iailed to pay them on 
deumud. _ 

A Pliii-ky Soldier. 

From the London Tt-legraph. 

Private iiiiikson, a reserve man, aud 
I'clongingto the lioyal Irish Brigade, at- 
tached to the Gordon Hiirhlanders. l>ay 
onetcd se^ven men duting th • .charge ol 
T<-l-el-Ktbir, and was afterward attacked 
by tiirt-e Egyptian oflicers. A bullet was 
sunt Ibrougli hi.s riyht cheek, and parsed 
'jit at his neck, but he succeeded in bay- 
oiifcting two. Beloie he killed the thir.! 
another bullet stru k V\vr\ uliuost in tlie 
.-iame^ place, op'-niug the fircit w<<uud and 
ioilowing a similar direction. While ly- 
'.og on the ground he w.ii fired at afiatu 
by an Arab, but waa reKi-.ied by two men 
oi" the army service c.rp.s, with only a 
.■< i;;ht aiMiiional injury to one of his liu- 
(.'cr». Ha sudl-red Horn hx'kjaw fur three 
liiiy-s, and how lie recov. red us inarvel- 
' us. It is Ihonylit he will receive a di»- 
litiL'uI&bed conduct toudiU. 

Here is a mesmeric tale that comes 
from Oregon: A woman i:amed Ftirnea, 
a profcHhional, became en 
amorcd of a youiii! banker at Portland; 
and nie»<meri7.e<l hiiii ut one of her ait 
tin<^. This done, she joined hands witii 
hiiii, and thev w»*rf married by a minis- 
ter present, whom she mesmerized foi 
the ourpoae. 




.■i - I i pa- 







THE VILI^GB BLACKsanTH. - clone) 


lh« Village smithy*; 

- Wiih lar.-eand sinewy bands; 
ind the musclwof his brawny anna 
Are atxong aa iron bauds. 

' ^"I' ^ .*^.'P' ■"»J black, and long, 
^fice IS lUe the tan; 

•fw 13 wet with honest sweat. 

M« earns whate'er he can. 

nd looks the whole world in ihe fac«, 

V or lie owes not any man. 

•k in, w*«k cot, from mom till nlsbt. 
i ou can hear his bellows bluw; 

icin hear him swiru: hisheivyslediti. 
. ith measured b«it aiul slow, a sexton rinyrinj; the viliape bell; 
y^ Ijen the evening sun is low. 

jft^'dren coming home fromichool 
•^o«« -.n at the opendoor; 


..».L°!:!i'|,_?^>%«?;»»,^„g| FIELD AND FAEIL 

ice for 

the kdy in q ,. 

favorably upon 1^ 
she WBMcoDvincei 
ber father, and ' 
she would requ{ 


, ba"kerofOlean,and bo chuckled «i he 
! a.s he thought of the ric^. apecubuio"th! 
1 chance alforded. Ti.e Tafm would b2 

;^« ^- ^" ^'- But hie exulta- 

I ion was cut short by the S^, 

^'^ES^l^f .*''* "tfinger: 

leven thousand:" 
Banker Wyant caught 
the andanfy of a 

his brenth at 

».. , _ man who would Mfi- 

vance$i,,;,>,at o«c hi-! andtheau • ioneer 

eTe hi'h'l** ^''•^'' f°"^'"« ti'««bl- 

^ere lie banker recavrred breath ?nongh 

make another bid of $11,IC0. But 

wag promptly aiipplanted by the 

««^ 1 r^ T?^'?'^'- I'i'e bidding now 

^as left entirely to these two 





Hi range r'a 

d with his hard, rough hand he wiMa 
i tear out oi Lid ojes. *^ 

i<o« on Sunday to the exarch, 
^nd sits amon • his boys; 

hws the parson j.r^v and preach 
- 1« hears his daughter's . 
*?'ng jn thevillaijechcir. 

Qd It makej his heart njoioe. 

wnds to him like tlie mother's voice, 
' ' !n Parad-^e. 

niu>t think of her once more, 
i-*w ui the grave she lies. 

irg — .--' • ■ 
1 « ar. ; 
1 mor 
ch €■•. 

•iihllti^ ..Ueiii j 

la earned a u 

•— sorrowing, 
' i i -' he goes; 

e (asu begin, 


-thing done, 

- • 9se. 

. and it 

*.*i\V\P"'"^''"''">"'^"*'!>^"'a3 knocked ofl 
at *1L',1(X» to tlie strarn-er 

,'.')^'''«t "aine, sir?" asked the clerk. 
Jack Doane," was the quiet re?)Jy 

l>ut 11 the answer was quiet the sudden 
coniniotina it created was not. In a 
mtnuta he was surrounded by fifty old 
acqiwmtances, all trvins to shako his 
hand nndaekin,^ atiiuU'^and questions. 
J.ieii stood Jt all calmlv, and finally 
shook mmseir loof^e and' strode toward 
the housts butbaif way there be met 
hid mother, and t>ehind her his father; 
who h-id lioa<d, as tlu>y rat in the dark- 
ened room mourniiiK over their mis- 
fortunes, that Jack was the purchaaar of 
the farm. 

Never did the village of Olean exneri- 
en'fi such n sensation. It was jn^it like a 
II' '\ el, every one said, when thov learned 
that J.i<k had devi-lope 1 into one of the 
beet civil en^irieers in the country, and 
had cleared $20,0io bv superintending 

the openinaiof thi* u'reat silver mine 

in Colorado, and was now engaged, at 
Ktlary of jfs,^^, in the construction of a 


H thanks to thee, my wor-hyfriand 
r the lesson thuu b^st tau^htj 

at the aaiuing forg* of Wt- 
r fortune.! must be wrou/ht, 

on its souri.liiis: jtnvit shaped 
ih buruiiigdeed aaii 



Doanehad always been congid- 
duU boy by hie teachers, by the 
)rs, and even by his father. He 
'enteen, and James a younger 
. was Caeen, and a remarkably 
tJoy. His father destined him 
!aw, but Jack was to settle down 
farm. He traa only tit for a 
The farm was aitaated half a 
t from Olean, where the boys 
i school. They had compJeted 
I' lies in the public schools and 
w ready for the academy, 
•as dull; every one said so— that 
one exce:)t his mother. She 
.<> timlerstand Jack and have 
« in bim. She knew he was 
'!ia had learned that he could" 
•ii npon. Farmer Doune had 
"d that Jack should go to work 



f » 

■■ u. Bat Jack possessed a 
- rraiMtion, Ue had decided 
' t .e academy end he en- 
r to K^^. -ide, and be- 
7 pifc. ailed, and the 
V. J ry sees both boys be- 
■ ar»' conrsse— ' ;mes at 
■!l the ci...^.i, ;,..] .i ,;reat favor- 
t the foot and regarded 
. to say the least. 
' eUed in one tliin'»— mathe- 
VR1 alow, to be sure, but he 
ry m he went 
.1 bored uutier oue Rreat dif- 
•oo!. He cwQld not explain 
i fluently and cle.irlv. But 
rk out the most intricate 
c. ■ e him time. He never gave 
lie worked two weeks on a 
■■mKirenti)t(,p..i;,.. and he re- 
nown. He 
. -ed. Often 
'■■"* ■ 1 !bu teat'i.- r's 

■•■-■'■' ndi:i3 
in his 
.--'.■- v.'»i.j ill a Loother'g 



portunt railway in the West. He was 
R tiil, Sfjlid, splendid lookm;? man, ona 
who looked as thouKh he knew what 
loun<i.iu.)u he whs standing upon and 
that it was sure. 

Jack deeded the farm to his mother 
^ellius her it was "only principal andin- 
teresf ou the loan you made me when I 
left home and a little pavmtmton the 
' otieny co'iifort youa'Jonied me dur- 
■•■y stupid, ploddinj^ school-davs." 
'i/y amont,' Jack'a eraplovers re- 
1 the fact that the high-priced qnal- 
ity in Jack's composition wa^ his delib- 

"You can depend implicitly," said the 
principal owner of the mine referred to, 
"on all of Jack's dei-i.«on'8, for ha won't 
make one until he knows its ri;;ht. I've 
been out ol patienc** s-^veral timps at hi? 
apparent slowness, but found him risht 
every time. He never made a mistake 
anu never wasted any labor. In the end 
we came out ahead of otber entrvrprises 
with les^ cartful en«;5neers at their head. 
Jack 13 worth \M weight in old." 

Jack is still at his procssijn and stands 
at tlie head of it. No large enterprises 
are undertaken without consulting him 
ahnost una.sked, and for all he gives his 
mother the entire credit. James sunk 
into dissipation, lost his oractioe. and is 
indebted to Jack for a position that af- 
fords him a livehood. Over the door of 
the hand.some villa where Jack resides, 
with a loving wHe, he has placed a mot- 

"The race is not to the •wilt" 

Parmlnff Propertlea. 

It it not belt to wait for thick ice for 
•toring. Winters so differ, that when 
itolid ice six inches thick can be had, it 
it best to commence filling the ice house. 

There are two ways of overcoming the 
blijjhting effects of our Iowa winds and 
t torms on stock. One is to give them a 
]»lenty of ceetly rich food, and the other 
]i to protect them from the storots and 

The Ne Plus Ultra Sweet Com, said to 
1 ave been the "special pride" of a New- 
Jersey family, grows from six to eight 
fjet high; ripens in eighty-flve to ninety 
days; is very prolific, the main stalks 
bearing from two to five ears each, 
ill size, tender and delicious in quality. 
1 he drawback is that the rows are quite 
li regular, which militates against ease of 
sitting the kernels before eating, and 
tnus leaving the injurious hulls on the 
oib.a preciiution which one of the most 
e iiinent physicim ia ibis city— who 
b;lievesln the doctrine of health by 
rifhtlivin;,'— thinks quite important. 

A specimen of "Yankee enterprise" is 
•lown in the fact that a firm in Flint, 
Mich., have bought a vast old planing 
mill In that city, in order to convert it 
.?r'rJt.'*'^'"''^'^{*^'" capable of holding 
* J,0(X) pcun.Is of butter, and 2uo.0o0 
dtieuegv-s. In winter they will pack 
in ittts for Slimmer use. There are «)me 
p* rtions of this blessed country in which 
th9 farmers have not sufficient enter- 

the ladv In qnestion would not look 
fiivorably upon his suit a moment onless 
she was convinced that he was an equal of 
her father, and it would be strong preof 
she would require, bbe is a thorough- 
going poliucun with democratic proclTvi- 
ues, and would work over the wash 
board and Soapsuds six months for the 
privilege of voting for Governor Cleve- 
land, and the balance of the ticket 

The Care of Sheep. 

Sheep will endure severe cold if kept 
dry; but exposure to storms, either rain 
or snow, is very hurtful. Tbe water re- 
mains in the wool and in an atmosphere 
little, if any, above freezing it chills the 
body a long time. It is for this reason 
that an open winter 18 generallv unfav- 
orable for feedingsheep. If kept hoaxed 
they are too warm, their 
fails and they lose flesh to produce egs;8 milk, and butter 
erousjhfor consumpuon by their own 
I fat m Ilea. 

There are several diseases of tbe "skin 
wlach are known in different places and 
to different persons as '*cow-it«h." In 
gejieral the b«-t "simple applic tlon for 
ali affection.'* of the bk in is a mixture of 
Jai 1 and petroleum or kerosene well 
rulibedin with the flnger-i. In some 
cates salt bntter is preferable to lard. It 
18 not necestary or deaiiable to daub on 
a h.rge quantity, but only as much aa 
rot be mbbed in. Sometimes tobacco 
hat been iised effectively, and some- 
times valuable animals Iiave died appar- 
eni ly from the effects of its use. Mer- 
cui lal and sulphur ointments are some- 
times used, but they are n<^ always sale 
am should never he ust-d except us a last 
resjrt. I have heard of cases where the 
ltd has been cured by the use of vine- 
gar alone, but I cannot vouch for 'he 
difesase having been iuh.— O. S. BUaa. 


■ ■.•-. ... ...Jt 

iwttio to the 

1 ,.,..• .1,,,! ,1,, 

Persoual Go8»>ip. 

Jewelt Adams, who is elected jjoreru- 
or of Nevada on the democratic ticket, 
is a native of iiouth Hero, Vl, and re- 
sided there until he was 21 years old. 

A Michigan adventurer raised $2,00C» 
by mortgaging a farm which belonged to 
a man whom he happened to reseirble 
eloselv, and whom he personated so well 
ttiat the money lender was deceiveo. 

ClKiuncey florae of Canandaigua is 
said to be the oldest printer in New York 
state since Thuriow Weed's deatr, ana 
seems tc\^,have been so before, for he was 
born in 17y4 and Mr. Weed in 1797. Mr 
Morse was an apprentice in the oflSce 
the Ontario iiepository in ISll. 

"Never has she turned anyone 
her door, during the eighty -one veai.s 
Bho has spent in Bowdoinham without a 
fii,l stomach," is what a local paper .-a„l 
of Mrs. f^arah Small who celebrated hej 
centennial in Jloine l&jt weelc 
Tlie Milwaukee Wisconsin 

For Women's Eyes. 

Aa elegant mantel lambrequin ia 
of dark green velvet, --d is without 
deoraticn except across the edge at the 
bottom; crescent* of thin brasa are at- 
tacl ed to cords, and a small tassel is 
fiistmed to each; this hns the effect of a 
ricl. iringe. A gieat addition to the ap- 
pea ance of the mantel is to have a 
pie<eof the velvet of the width and 
dep h of the lambre lOin fastened to tho 
wall above the shelf. It may be tacked 
witl bnisB-headed nails, or fastened to a 
regvlar curtain pole with brass rings. 
1 hit makes a good background to bring 
Into rehefany band-omearUcles of man- 
tel furniture. Bradsei and paintings of 
any kind are shown to good advautaie- 
dun I also. ' 


, , o-i - -' no matter how 

fed. The c^^-arse-woolled sheep are 
more impatient of wet than the flae- 
*»^ ®, '.!*^® heavy oily gum on the wool 
of the latter keeping tJie water from 
penetrating to the skin. 

Clover hay is almost es-iential to the 
prohtable fattening of sheep. If corn 
and hay were boih the same price per 
pound I Should use soire portion of 
clo /er hay daily. Usually clover is sold 
much cheaper than timothy, and of the 
three pounds of frsd which a sheep 
weighing 100 requires daily, at least two 
pounds should be clover hay, given in 
equal portions morning and night, after 
the feed of grain. The feed at noon 
Blionld be roots, witli all the straw du- 
ring the day that tbe sheep will eat 
Thev will pick up considerable no mat- 
ter how well fed, the change of feed 
from buy and grain giving them an 
appetite. The noou feed of roots is im- 
portant mainly to increase appetite 
Instead of saving other food it enables 
tJie8he€p to eat and digest more 

The poorer u flock of sheep is the 
greater care and skill are needed in 
bringing them up. Too often thin flesh 
I* tlid sign not of insufficient food, but 
of im paired .lijiestion. Of ah ruminants 
the sheep is most apt to suffer from poor 
d gesiion and most needs careful ree- 
nlarieeding. The alternation of heavy 
leeding with scarcity is most Injurious 
rtciner ii oe at nearly the same Ume 
or not. A sheep is rarely made very 
.at without having its dinestive organs 
eoniewbat impaired. This is shown Ii 
-uch Hnimals are allowed to run down 
from food inyulBcient or of poor quality 
Inbuch a case they are almost hope- 
lesrt, e.^i.ecially when taken in the winter 
If any farmer thinks of fattening sheep 
he Phould begin in the summer, keep- 
ing the anm. Is on good pa«torage and 
cradoally getting them into condition 
If he begins in the winter he should 
take sheep at least half-fattened for feed- 
ing 'luere is much less risk and more 
prohtin feeding sheep partly fat; be- 
cause as c^^impared with poorslieep their 
dijjection is much better. 

Ptmy, -wc^ «Bd ridly chOdnn ate 
hwlthy and stroof by uiiig Broim'M Iran 


Caase and Eflteoc 

Tbe main canst of narronanass ii fadtna- 
Bon, and that is caosad t^ weakims ofUM 
Btomacfa. No one oan have sound nerrw 
and good healtk without using Hop Bitten 
to«tre».then the stomach, pari/, tbe blood, 
and keep tbe Ilrer and kidnaya active, to 
car^ off all tbe poisonous and waste matter 
of the system. Bee other oolnmn A dvanct- 

Imperfect Digestion. 

More disease and physical suffering are 
traceable direcUy to indigeeUon than to ai- 
most any other one cauxe. Moral: No 
J^niedy m the world is equal to Allen's "Iron 
Ionic Bitters" to aid diigesUon and the as- 
almilaUoa of fnoH, and Invlitonite the liver. 

One pair of boots safed every year by 
■siDg Lyoa's Patent M eUjlic H eel Stillenera. 

Free to all Minister!* ofChurchee. 

I will send one bottle of the White Wine 

•u °^''"1'' g^'iSf to any minister that 

will recommend it lo friends, after giving it 

a fair test, and it proves satisfactory for 

coughs, colds, throat or lung dis^asee. 

Dr. C. P. Warneb, Keadii ig, Mich, 

An Awful ItespoDsibtTity. 
It IS a fact as easy of p' oof as that two 
widtwoare four, that Hale'd Honey of 
Horehound and Tar, taken as a remedy for 
coughs, colds, difficult treitoing, hoarse- 
neaa, or any other of tho svniptonis which 
as It were, pave the way tor that terrible 
deetrorer, will oifect a radical and rapid 
cure of the aihiiyut and avert all danger. 
Whoever; knowing this n<vlecff to resort 
lo the tniesp^-ciflc umiersuch cireumstanoes 
assumes a learful pe!.j>on*ibility. Bold by 

Pike's Toothache Drops cure in oise 

Theflefh 8p«^(lily reunites when obsli- 
nate sores are cleansed with Glenn's Sulphur 
Sosp. *^ 

Hill's Hair and Whisker Dve, 60 cents. 

Opinion of Dr. Wm. H Stuke-s phvsidan, 
Mt. Hope Retreat, Baltimore: ''l have 
great pleasure in adding my testimony to 
the virtues of Coldcn'a Liquid Bctf Tonic 
as the very best prepurstion used for de- 
p ession, weakness and Indigestion, and 
therefore confidentlv reromnirnd it to tbe 
medical proftsiion.*' (Remeniberthenanje 
Coldeu'e— take no other.) Ol druaiistiicen- 
erally. ^^ * 

Try the n ew bran d S pring Tobao oo. 

PrrsuiiAl— MrQ Only. 

Tbe Voitslc Belt Ca, Murshcll. Mich., wltl Mod 
vr-^Pf.* Cr!<J El^-tro- Voltaic Belt, auU 
tiectricAppIiMcM on trial fer tiiiriy day. to m^n 
lost Tit»lity »nd kudred fronblea. gnar.iQtMlDK 
ipeedy and complete rntion ot bealfb and 
Bianlyrjor. AUlrse* n above. N. H.— >fo risk 
la Incur red. a» thirty days" tri-.l la allowed. 

'^>b, hew I do wlah ay aUawMassoll 
•adotevaayvan." aald a lady tober fHand. 
"You can Mdly make ft so,*ansir««l the 
fijjn*- . l,*'^" . Inquired tbe flnt Udy. 

ufe?^ 5?P ^i**^ *»«* «>»ke8 pure ri^h 
blood and blooming health. It did it to! 
?«i,".y«> obsanre." Baad ofit-CWro 

«.\?^*^*^P?*"*«"i'»* »»*d • 110 fine 
mr kiekinf a dog. 

•'Ronffh on Rata." 

Clean ont rata, mice, roaches, flies, ants, 
bed-bugs, akunki^ dupmunks, gopbeza. I5c 

Tbe oorresf oodent of tbe London Times 
at Paris cenieii that Herbert Bismarck has 
been appointed attache to the Oerman Em- 
ba8(«y at Paris. 

Few complexions can bear tbe'rtrong, 
white mormng light which exposes viiry 
speck of tan. every pimple and the slightest 
e^ttlnplof scEsnia. In Dr. Benson's Skin 
Cure is sure relief from the annoyance of 
^«8« ble mishes on tb e cheek of beauty. I 

About $29,000 to build the Buraside statue 
at Provid ence has j)een raise d. 

Russia Salve is tne universal rem«>dy for 
bums, scalds, cuts, bruises and flush wounds. I 

The Chmese minister at Washington has I 
a wardrobe worth $160,000. I 

Skinny Men. 

"Wells' Health Renewer" restores health I 
and vigor, cures Dyspepsia, Impoteaoe. Sex- 
ual DebU ity. $1._ 

The New Yore bun's correspondent save 
Benstor^arrow has a high forehead, hut in 
other respects might be accepted as Senator 
Fryestwi n brother. 

That wonderful cathl icon known as Mrs. 
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Coniponiid 
has given the lady a world-wide reputation 

for doing good. It is like a Uving spring to 

the vital constitution. Her Blood PuritiiT 
will io more good to cleanse the channels 
of the drcolaiion and purify the life of the 

body than all the sanitary devices of the 

Board of He alth._ 

The engagement of Gen. Beauregard and 
Mrs. Commodore Vanderbilt is said to be an- 


Qnick, comploecure, all annoying kidney 
Bladderand Urinary $1. dru^gisU. 

For Sick beads, heavy stomachs, bilJioua- 
ncss. Well's May A ppie Pills, 10 and 25 cts 



eays that 

throiiith. lleinember the fa- 
"■■ vd the tortoise." 

• oHia tell him of emi- Mr Isnac Newton, 
iiti . Scott. Dean Swift, 
jeare, .Milton 
■"■ ise Were all 

/ Ji.ouL litey c.)uld not be 
'th knowledip, thev l-ad to 
'- Ji I n k lint t heir conciu- iocs. 
w<>a!d be comforted and go 
lis mottter's presence w'' 
tndabrave Le*rt, resolved 
Id not disappoant her in any 
^tA bo he plodded on 
three years, fttudying hard 
'iy, and never leaving a 
I'C fairly underetood it, and 
lan anything else, caused 
ehiiid hia t lass, eo that at 
le course he failed to pass. 
Tved in the fiaal e.xamina- 
was perfect up lo the last, 
i QiieKtion. bur beyond thif, 
. His hrotlier Jt.'ues grad- 
^ ec'uii., ho.vever, nn 1 
• oM-i./eofBri-^-d & Morton 
Jack staid one year at the 
1 then enxduated, and then 
rials of hi.-» hfe. 
fter hia graduation he re- 
ither to sen. I him to tie 
Ic institute. Mr. Doane wa.o 

'itI"beexolairaed, in anger. 
y fit to be a farmer, and von 
on enough for that. I've 
uoney I intend t.> f )r vour 
d you niiglit as well settle 
arm and go to work. I'll 
>d chance." 

i not Jack's plan. He had 
is course, notiiinw could di- 
n it. He acquainted the; 
liis intentions, quietly 
Jthea that night and the 
left his home before aiiv 
were stirring. His disii)- 
?d a nine-days' talk, and 
'T dropi^ed. Mr. I)o.<ine 
tofindUiui.eayirg, "He'll 
1 to come back of hia own 
motlier kept hsr own conn 
hougrtt of her with alnmp 
or he kn«w tiiat the $lo;i 
>ocket represonted theac- 
nys of twenty years of hei 

xA pas8ed away, and not 

'.('»'n hiird from Jack. 

i'o the bar, la.J 

. . ,.;:ivtictt in Olean. 

■.V, a Jiivosite with 

y generally but th> 

: to wiii^=per that he 

:;. uii of (he g ut»a. It wh.- 

iiiMi rriii.-t of tUe {)eopl( 

-! II*.' was sti.; 

.11 : : utiua member 

I the 
• !i; 

, ' recklessly into ypec 

■ no had Uiken *10,- 

;i iutho new'rfiad.wliich 

|ean a larf;(' city and a! 

ve met. 
aa a man tdiould , 

pride of Farmer 
I reached Olean. 

Senator Edmunds, of Vermont, iu a pri- 
vate le'ter to a gentleman in that city 
expresses the most decided opposition 
to any movement intending to briu" 
him before the people as .a caudidate fo'r 
the presidency. 

•*I met Oscar Wilde in London once,' 
said Mme. Christine Nilsson Rtiuzeaud 
the other day, "where we were boUi 
puest.s, and he was t^) take me down to 
dinner. He commenced to talk L-snon 
sec.-e and pose to me as we were goiru 
to t re dining room. I said to him: 
Look heiT^ Mr. Wilde, Mme. Christin* 
^.lssun will put up with no such stuit 
Ihis IS all put on, and there is nothin- 

V.Vi'* V"' ""°1?"'*«" >Ir. W.ldesaidr 
Thank you. \ou are the first sensible 
woman and truo friend that I 
After that he acted 
and talked sensibly." 

MissGypsie Gilbert is a young Ne- 
wark, New Jersey, lady who has been 
a prominent figure of the Garfield Mem- 
orial Fund Fair at Waphington. Thts 
report got abroad that she set up for ii 
professional beauty and she was stared 
at, spoken to, and treated to such inso- 
lent comments upon her face, dre.<R and 
person that she was soon in a state of 
raping indiunation. Some one asked 
her: ".'\ re you the New Jersey Lilv?" 
"No," she said, hotly, "I'm a iVger 
Lily." '^ 

Mr. William A. Banister, of New 
York, has given to hia native town of 
tirookfield. Mats,, JlO.OOO for a public 
hbrarv building, a library having previ- 
ously been given to the town bv Judge 
Merrick. ' * 

Ex-Co ngreseman Lewis D. Ckrapbell, 
who died recently at his home in Ohio 
said, a few yeas ag J, that he had wiii- 
ten the true history of tne Burlingame 
d'lel of 1S.34, which would be publisLe(' 
after his death. 

A Frenchman who was introdnced tc 

brandy punch in Richiiiond Uie oth^r 

evening by an Amerium friend, appeared 
at the sime bar earlv the next nioriiir.v: 
lu quest of a duplicate. Unfortunatelv'. 
he could not recall the name of the in- 
.^piratiuu which he had absorbed the 
fiiiiht before, but the barkeeper found 
the following de.-cription suflicient; "I 
viU take one grand coatradiccion. what 
yoii call It? WIS very much lemon for 
iniiKe bim sour, very much soogare fur 
aiake hira sweet, plenty of braudv for 
■uaiie him strong, and a great deal of 
wassar for iiiake lum weak.*' 

John E. Lamb, congressman-elect from 
the Terre Haute (Indiana) District, is but 
;;) years of a-e. Graduating from ih ■ 
lerre Haute free schools about tenyeai-^ 
azo, he selected the law ashisprofescion 
ud soon Aon the his:h po>.ti in in the 
;>ar of hich such distinvuisiied iawyer- 
i> i^enator Voorhees, ex .-senator Thoiiu. 
4.1!, uud General T. U. Nelson are luem- 

TiiiuT-LAana.— Foolish and inconeider- 
ato Mothers and foolish and untaught 
girls and young kdies believe in and 
prac- -ice tight- lacing as a means of secur- 
ing I eautv of form. If thoy will study 
U.e :h«Bic models, they ought to eeo 
plant ty enough that the Greek yiave 
^^n\va di Medici, and every masterpiece 
of female beauty In marble, bear 
conclusive proof that the corset 
baa had no influence in shaping 
the Ideal of the sculptor. ThesS 
Ideal forms are beautiful beaiuse they 
lepei t the lines found in the perfect fe- 
male t|pure, and the figure only is per- 
fect v'hich m UBviti-ited by fasiiion and 
Fvrai letrual in all its parts. The laced 
waiat of American woman of fashion and 
the bmdaged foot of the Chinese woman 
are e<|ually outrages upon nature. 

Tht British Medical Journal, noting a 
recens discussion by American physi- 
cians concerning women's horse-back 
riding, with the declaration by one of 
thedobdters tliat no woman ought to 
ride horseback, calls attention to the 
facttJ>atin Kngiand equestrian exercise 
IS the happy privilege and daily practice 
ofthoigands of all aires, and delicate as 
well 81 robust constitutions, and adds— 
It 18 itopofsible for any one who has seen 
the titalt hy glow spread over the cheeks 
pale jrist before, of some lad V after hali 
an hour's exercise on horseback, to agree 
with t le proposed dictum. Ladies take 
far tot httie exercise in the fresh air. It 
18 rati er the duty of the man to 
seek 1 1 encourage athletic exercise ofall 
kmds, tnan to deprecate it from fanciful 
fear. Americans will gain health and 
lose n. thing in grace or refinement by 
I ti""'.** ,'"■-' ^"*^ accomplishmenu of their 
JinglisH sisters as horsewomen. 

Rich Laoee. 

A gll gossip in Truth, writing of a 
piece (f Venetian rose point lace exhib- 
ited at the Ixjndon Aquariuai, savs, "It 
IS a magnificent piece, six yard's long 
and th'ee-quartersofa vard wide, and 
isvalusdata thousand guineas, but (e 
worth at least double that sum, being in 
euch e tcellent preservation. It is eaid 
that spray in this kind of lace took 
a lace- naker two days to make. Well 1 
pounte 1 the number of sprays in one 
inch 01 this length, counting straight 
down the whole three-quarter width 
Ihere were mxiety-sixl Cheap as the 
labor tf the hands was in those davs, 
this lfl< e must have cost a goodly price 
even when new, if one inch of the whole 
width -epresented the work of one hun- 
dred and eighty-two days. At this rate 
ofoommtaiiou it would t^ke one lace- 
maker more than seven vears to 
-ompltte six yards, and even that is 
coanUi g in Sundavs as working-days." 


Physical iSxerclse For GIrla. 

An English writer believea that books 
and lectures directed against fashionable 
absurdities find readier acceptance with 
men than with the sex in whose interest 
they are promulgated, because men look 
at the matter in the cold, clear light oi 
ftbetract reason, and in the strong sense 
which adapte means to ends, while theit 
wives and daughters are under the 
thraldom of the despot fashion, and are 
bhnd to all considerations save those ol 
paying implicit obedience to nis imperi- 
ous dictates. An enduring reform ij 
not to be looked lor as a consequence ol 
the fulminalions of professors and doo- 
tors, however strongly urged and backed 
up by weight of argument and diagram, 
but as the outcome of the requirement* 
of modern Ufe. It may b«» postulated 
that the women of a mition fond of out- 
door life, and sport involving exertion, 
will, at any rate, during the time spent 
m exercise, study to some extent the 
necessity of a fit garb, and oue adapted 
to the requirements of the free play of 
body and limbs. 


isugar from Sor^um Cone 

The Chicago Journal of Commerce sayg 
of the manufacture of sugar from sor- 
ghum cane, by patented process, in 
Champaign coui:ty, IlUnois; "A lar^e 
factory, with the best sugar making 
machinery, has been erected, several 
hundred acres of cane grown, and the 
manulactore begun. The first result m- 
dicate a great succ-ess of the experi- 
ment, as at the first effort 2,000 pounds 
of dry C sugar and a syrup of fine qual- 
ity were produced, both destitute ol the 
sorghum taste." It adds "The people 
are greatly elated lover the succesi 
reached." This may be the discovery 
long desired; and if it is not, it is almost 
cerUin that some process will be dis- 
covered by which the sorghum cane, 
grown in as favorable a climate as Cen- 
tral Illinois, can be turned into excel 
ent tugar. 

* - -■- 

3 sun's parallax? 
twenty on 8.76. 




flarmless to the Most Mieate. 

t; Its fsithfni aae Conavmptlea haa baea Ow«« 

wkea othai Bemadtea an4 nrslcUna have 
failed to ailect s core. 

VVm. C. DioaKii. Merchant of Bowttae Ore^n. Vfc_ 
TTltea April i, 1S81, tliat he waala ns to knowth^ 
the Lu^o Bauax ha* CMred hit mot^mr of con- 
:•: ■■if'tiitn.tttat (he ph-aidaa iiad ctren her up ar 
ncuraU* He saya. itcera knowing her case H»w 

**J;."^ ']^*u^l¥*° •°* '»^° cu'»^ ; ^s tWaka all bp 
»!J1lited shonld gire It a trial. 

T ^^'*^ ..^ Pf.*^** * CO; "'Vbolesale Drnirflat* 
..-.r' «villn, Ohio, W.-111.I1 n» of the enro of Mathia* 
' e .KMAK, a well-ktiowe ch'.t^iu who had li«>«n af- 
-' ''''' "Ji" B/onchitli la l'» worst form for twelT* 
/oar- pie Ltnro Balsaji eaced Um, aa It ha. 
•oariy oihern of BroEcliitla. 

As an Expectorant It has No Squall 


Who has bet a bat on 
Odds are offered of oue to 
Any takers ? 

Nothing builds up shatitred conEtltutiona 
so quickl y as Brown 's Iron Bitters. 

That long rumored niaicu between Chester 
A. Arthur, _jr., and Mi«a Crowley is atuhor- 
atively denied. 

PetroUa, Pa., Jan~ 6, 1879 
Mears. Kennedy ft Co.:— My hair is grow- 
ing out 80 fa:§t that I can almost see it crow 
myaelf; through llie use of your Carbo.ias. 

D . Nixon. 

The Tale Club of dtlif^ia had iU sixth 

annual dinner in San Francisco on the 2-J;h 
ult., about twenty-five graduates beiac pree- 

Qrdck, complete cure, all annoying Kid- 
ney, Bladder and Urinary Diaeas<«. $L 

"No more of tl.ose dear d.'lightfal, sfapld 
stories of TroUope," was a young lady's r«. 
mark on hearing of the novelist^ death. A 
page of cri ticism oon ld not say more. 

"Better be wise by the nmfortune of others 
than by your own." Take warning in time. 
Avoid quack nostrums by which thousands 
annully perish. Use only such remedies as 
are demonstrated above surpicion, foremost 
among which L» Kidney- Wort For torpid 
liver, bowels or kidneys, no other remedy 
«x)U8ls It. It is sold in both dry and liqu id 
form by all dr uggia ia. 

The Windsor Avenue Congregational 
church of Hartford has extended a call to 
the Rev. Charles S. Stowe, son of Harrie* 
Beecher Stowe. 

For one dime get a package of Diamond 

Dyis at the Druggist's. They color anything 
the Simplest and most desirable colors. 

Mrs. Blainegoee to Europe soon, it is said, 
to buy furniture for the new heuse the sec- 
retary has built, and also to visit her daugh- 
ter iu Paris. 

— m i * m 

A national repuution is enjoyed by Perry 
Davis' Paiu-Kilier, which, lor nearly hslt a 
oentnry, has been tli« favorite hoQsehold 
remedy for bruises, bums, sprains and all 
bowel oomplainU. Look to your supply, 
and never be without It. 

Riiya of Sanshtne 

, '^ijj shed their radiance on your invalid 
Wend 8 heart, by spndin- him or her a bottle 
of Dr. Hal liday's Blood Purifier as a Christ- 
mas or New Year's praeant Bold by all 


Absolutely Pure. 

phosphate i>owdrr>.. /■•'■l ■•»>!/ ,n rant •■ •"™' "• 



wClctire dyspepsia,hcartbum, mala 
ria, kidney disease, liver complaii^ 
and other wasting diseases. 



enriches the blood and purifies tht 
system; cures weakness, lack d 
«acrgy, etc. Try a boulc 



is tlie only Iron preparation thst 
does not color the teeth, and will no« 
cause headache or constipation, ai 
ether Iron preparations will. 



-.y?.^" •'"^ •"" iplopdi.l CRATfiN rOR 

^'' .'.BChea, on heavy pints pap?r, 

aa>l wonli jfl, 

FItEE to any pcraon who ullls'-na m their nii^i 
tad enclose 6e b atampa to pay return po»tagi^ 



Inu u^t 


i-i. C..ItVE^.NiAl. CtMEM 

*«««■ Blr.>tiea.-iliao Olue 

YOUXO MEN "'««'^''««oI»»niTeI^iphria 
•On.ii... ..... •.'•w month*. »nd txt rfru...e{ • 

Shnatlon. addreaa V*l,n tii.» it ro«.. J»ne,T.lle. Wie! 

Flits. tIT.. lo3 
ark Ware, X.TT. 

For iniormation and 
liij'pi ol MlMOBrl, 
Kcu^aa, Akansa.1 tuiX 
leitM. write to E. 
II. Hml b. 46 aark 
ilre t. t h caso. 

Jolo R Paie & Soo. \ 



Jk^..^^ '•'■•"■ ^^"* •'^''» '■ » >ar.«tiillvi„f,.f,rpd 
pbrticlai. a i.rcBori.iion aui hai l.e.;i. in ™i'.iaut 
nw lor iirurly ■ (-eiiiury, anil not* tUntaucI n.- ibe 
niai.f other nrrpaiali-jiiS Uia: Lave i>»eii liifro.liiccd 
.to il,e mark.i. il,e aala of tli|« artirle ia . ouauntiT 
ln.rta«ln{r If U,e dlre.tioiia t,n Jolloue,!. it wi.l 
i««Trr Ui\. We particularlr UiTiie tlie atienaoa ol 

JOIU* L. TUU.UP80N. SOX!^ « CO., 

, Troy, K. Y. 

OOJNJ fc^XJ JivOlJb'i'iOJSr 1 

1 have a tx>'<lti»o reioi- ly tor tbe tbovr ili*vA*r by 
■in uM tlir.ui-ards of ■ aoea of tUc wirxt kiu.1 au'd <a 
:on?^(.tajdi!it- Inve l*en cured,*'!. to atrnK la 
<ny faiUi tn Iw ffflcaty. lUat 1 will n•■^,^ Two boTTj-sa 
Fb<k. tOKetlier wlib a Vali-ablk luKATiKe on this 
llKeaae. to any sofferer. (iivr 1 xproM and F U. aA 
I"**- 1>R T. A LM. 

IWl I'earl atrr*;. Nrw V(>rk. 

N;ew m^t"Ti^ld3b 

to 45 biiKb>l» pop ai-rw. 

• V Iota:, c-i. 

»n iriuviu* 

White nis 
., . "l»ii o«n. 

nothliigiueit, AliriimanlOardKL 
I^J^^^^ltWUJp^yon. JOU-N 

A. hAXr 


tUia ^■4<llflta1>t IV«iD ■! I ii*b«>^ 
fa <-i>»«kaf>, *lih Sulf A.<|.Mlo( 
B*i I la ctBUr, ftd>(.iil iM I r M ul 

t>!<k.fii cf Ibt body, vbUf th« 
ki I i« ( b« n p f«MMa kut I b* 
•hb Ue riM*r. K iia It^tiS 

Ladies and all sufTeren from netv 
ralgiA, bjtteria, and kindred com- 
(laig^ will hnd it wiihout an equal 

, ■aitth«llarBl>bfc«iaiMii«!« 
layaaSalfkl, •»<) • itdlcalcnnMriua. 1(U •■•}, itnmtSt 
«SclM>r. SMlbyaMU. CirqIaii (iw. 

ttQLBSIOl Ta(;8S CO..CUcaKO. III. 


rv^ FaCTVUEHS. wnle F tt 

tor Uiel, ninatrat«dCat.K.«u, for l««a_a book •] 
131 paeee, flTUig pn.^ and lUuitratlon. ef .Tery u>4 
Mown to modern lEfChanl.m. lUadyf.b.l. Bull* 
•ra ana Mechanloa will Mtr. time and money h, eet 
r«pindinf wlOi thJa leading hoiiae la toela -' 
pulldnra' hardware. 



tomevB. Wnhii!!rti-in. I). C. full lustruciloua anJ 
Uaudbook on l'A'll::M>t ax.sT fhc*. 

Bend ♦ cen te in atai^^. 



I'lIlN I I ..I 

llie Miitiiu: 

lnv»!il;.i> rill _ 

lull.- i.rli i.tln->:inei ihcai.h.ti iii«k,ii.- ii-.-cuar liiiii.itilf 
iiri>fH»lromlnv«oiir. l»i.l|i<'ln»mi)..r in.n-d. ahiiElf 


- liieiiilicrKfi»i.. .>-ii..Cii.rimi|lii 



C'lul). l;v|>i>rta''aent uickly. DiM.ii-r.i.* twA inoiiihl, 

'■naires. But the bubblv 
had been fairly iilo A 11 

■i at^vertiaed to be sold bv 

•,iw>c..'98 by which th; 

' A k>ng one, occnpyiiiL 
. aI they were sad o'me^ 

e wad hia wife. Jame« 


1 '. 

'.;',.y ijcrc," 
•aid Ite such 

fcvuU Jfr?. 
a comfoi t 


," 8.iid Farmer 

.•! I'll warrant i.^ or working for 

. 'iie would be a poor 

a came and a iarpi crowd 
the farm, for it Vfus the 
.o countrj', ami wonh 
c close tiiiics and at a 
1 not briny laocb more 


i*i slow. A striuiL'tr i n 
lis overcoat buttoned up 
nd hiscfip puilled down 
-a, waitthetl Umi Lidding 

••What'a In a Xame." 

"What's in a n:»nie, a ro^e by any other 
name would smell as sweet." A prepara- 
tion of Yellow Dock, Sarajparilla, Juniper 
Iron, Bu<;hu. Olery and Calisaya, put up 
from the prescription of that eminent phys- 
ician Dr. Gny-soit niJ^ht b<> caller! Dr. Guy- 
sott s I el<ry aiid Cali-aya, Dr. Goysotts Bu- 
C'lii and Iron, or l»r. Quysott'a Juniper 
aiidiia'saparina, but it is called "Dr. Guy- 
fOtt'.'i'V-dlow Dock and Sarsaparilla," and 
i: yon a-e weak, nervous and deiii.iated. il 
yoii tn blood impurities, dys()cp8:a, 

wcii. . and prostration, use 

Uii^ laediciiie according to directions on each 
botfl>' pnl vou wi.'i he "urprL^t-d how strong 
and well it wiU make you feel. 

-^ — » ^^ _ 

Vetr Land Offlco l^eciasion. 

Secretary Telh r of the interior, deddes that j 
lands within the limits of grants of a rail- ' 
roa 1 company to which pre-emption or ! 
homcstea-l claims, capable of being forfeited, { 
had attached at the liiuo the ^rant took place ' 
are cxcitided from the railroad grantaud up- 
on ahaiitl'iiitieiit of such claims the lands! 
do not inure to the conipanj', but, are re- ! 
iiloied lu t'le public domain. He aLsO de- - 
ciiies that wlun a })ersoii has a filing in law 
uiider the coal land law contracts with a : 
third jiurty to occupy bnd work sucn'lan) 
he luubl oe considere<l ai having sold 
thr vTie ni-.d cannot secure the Kiiiie. Hf 
■r that an erroiieou.^ entry in 
a ^ . e, it ordfred corriCted,ehould 

nut pxcj udice Uie chum of itie applicant. 


^ Perfectlou ia 

LDtloa N. Y.) Letter.] 

The]«opleo'- this part of Onleda 
(.■ounty never brag, but we have a young 
, lady in this village who iida merits de- 
serving of public notice. 8ho iu a blonde 
ofmedumhei-ht, blue eye3, cxear-cut 
Greciar features, and is acknowledged 
to be p-eUy,even by envious females, 
and haj borne away all the best prizes in 
school 1 ir years. Her eduiution 13 pro- 
nounced by our Idte school commissioner 
M bein^t as good as that of any taacher 
in the Fourteenth district. She can 
bake, wish iron, make garden, sing di- 

"^I^I: «?" 0° a button, or patch, make 
and fit ill her own clotlics, spin the 
yarn, ard make hor own stockings, mop 
Uie floor, entertain a house full of miii- 
istors, or an a*semblii','e of voung peo- 
ple, make utUng, crochet, b^vel a lam- 
brequin kmt inaertion ou a slipper case 
or qudt a pumpkin pie. She never waj 
known to ciill your attenti n to tbe 
door dr< per or nuit, never spoke a 
cross wcrd or had a cold dinner on 
-washing day, never ate a chocolate cara- 
mel or >bc wed gum. She wore none 
but ber iwn hair and teeth, and was 
never ntarer a corset than the outside 
ofadry-arooda counter. She never had 
a beau III her life, yet our l>est youns 
men woidd be at her feet with the leas* 
enc'oarai eiuent. She can row a l»oat 
Bhoota gin, climb a tree, and throw a 
°y or laj d a trout in a manner to win 
the admiration of any sporu-^inan. She 
never attempts to take a hand in anoth- 
er woma I'e knitting work, and is never 
^een up<i 1 tbe streets in the eveuinj; un- 
less goui;: to church or to visit the sick. 
Her had been a widower for over 
a dosen vears, a pillar in the church, 
issocial Bad sought after by ail, y. tn.ani- 
fests no i.esire lo change 'hom^ekeepers 
She was i.ever known to torture a piano 
la her lift, manifests no fondness for 
cats or p< oillea. or cur dogs, mid doesn't 
know Geirge Klioi's best novel from a 
hencoop, yet she 18 th .roughly conver- 
sant with the important questions aud 
news of tie day, and can quote history 
till you © n't wink. "We aie not related 
except through our respected ancestor, 
Adam, and no young mun niu!*t consider 
thi«thio»nout aaan iaduceuieut, for 

One of Those Queer Stories for Which 
There is No Explanation. 

From Lippincott's MaKOt'ne. 

Tne following was related to me'by the 
gentleman to whom it happened, and 
whontt I shall call Mr. Kennedy. It was 
mentioned in the moet commonplace 
way in the ordinary course of conversa- 
tion--nota3a supernatural occurrence, 
but simply as a singular and puzzling ex- 
perience. There is a long and very nar- 
row strii. of wooded land, known as 
'Teg Alley's Point," situated between 
the main stream of Allies river and one 
of the navigable creeks which flow into 
it. This htlle peninsula is about two 
imles long, from fifty to two or three 
hundred yards in width, bounded 
bv deep waLer and overgrown 
with pine and underbrush. There 
18 a tradition that many years ago a 
party of Bahii.iore ovstermen encamped 
on the point, among whom was a man 
"^L"ed AUev, who had abandoned bis 
wife. The deserte.l followed up 
her husband and found him at the camp 
where some words passed between them, 
the resi-dt of which was that the man in- 
duced hu wife to follow him into a 
thicket an 1 there murdered her with a 
club. The point has ever since been 
known bv Pfn Alley's name, and her 
perturbed spirit has been supposed to 
haunt the 8<-ene of her untimely taking 
off. Mr. Kennedy ha.l lived from boy- 
hood on the place aud had never jjiven 
a serious tliou;,'ht to the story. Two or 
IrJiw^ ^'*"." ='«o he had a party ofrail- 
splittersatworkou the point, the foreman 
wiio finally refused to go back, declar- 
ing that queer things happenetl down 
there and that he IkuI seen a ghosL His 
emnloyers laughed at him and dismissed 
the matter from hi.«. n.ind. Some time 
after this Mr. Ivennedy had occasion to 
ride through the woods ,)ne aitomoou 
to look alter somn ehoep there beinit 
but one road and the water on either 
aide. As he approached the point his 
iiorae started viulenilv and refused to bo 
<>», rogartllesw of whip and spur. L«K>k- 
in;,. awut for the cause of lixis unusual 
ri^'fit he saw a woman rise up fnim a 
log upon which she had been sittinL' a 
*ew yards in advance, and stand by tlie 
road-side, ookina at him. Khikwas verv 
poerly clnd in a faded cali.;ilres8 and 
wore a hmp-gunlj-,nnet,.;jlr iwneath 
which her thmjet-bhi k hfir straggled 
over her shonldore. Her face wjis thin 
and sallow and her eves black and pierc- 
ing, kno\ving that she bad no business 
tfiere, and occupied in controlling 
his horse, he called to her somewhat 
angrily to get out of the way, as the an- 
imal was afiaid of her. She turned and 
walked .slowl;- into the thicket, without 
a word, looking back at lum as she went 
With much difticultv he forced hi.s 
horee to the ppot, winhing to find out 
who the intruder might be, but no trace 
ol any one could be found after a care- 
ful search, altlioush there was no place of 
com^alment and no poRsible wav of 
escape, for which, indeed, there was not 
sufhcient time. Mr. Kennedy declared 
that the thought of Pe« A lley nfiver en- 
tered his mind until that moment, but, 
upon finding that no "Vi was ou the' 
peninsul ; besides hi mself. he turned his 
horse homeward without lot)kinn farther 
after his sheep and with a decidedly 
sympathetic feeling toward the recusant 



FeraO tkaM PalnrhlConplatataeBd W< 
e* eeaaea (• ear kcet female pepelatlea. 

A ■•dlclat fbr tronsB. lavcBted ky a Wi 

Prepared hy a Woiaaa. 
fke S r ialirt BeAnl PUnwy SIbm tke Bavm »t Blatery. 
OritrerlTee tbe drooping ■pirlta, la*1conttea and 
harnjonissa the orranlo fnncUoaa, cI'M elaaUdty and 
Sn>in.K«to theatep, leatunu tbenAtoral loatre to the 
eye. aojj pUnte on the pale ebaak of woman tbe treth 
roMta of lir»'« rprlnx and early inmraer time, 
tT^Phydclans Use It and Prsscrlbs It Freely '^i 

Ilreaoraa faintneaa, flatulency, deatroTi allcr«Tlnc 
'.< tfdmulast, and rcllovae waaksMa of the atoraach. 

That feeliiiy ef bearing down, ea>ulnx pain, wet^bt 
and backMbe, la alwaya permaneatly sored by IU bi«, 
Fe> tk* ear* ef STldnfy CeatpUlate ef eMkar eas 
tkla Oeayeead ta aaaaryeaeed. 

I.TDTAK. Pnfini\M^ Bt.eOB PVBiriES 

"111 eradicate e»er/ v*.o«:e of Hunora the 
Bluod, and rlre tuna AiiJ itrrncth t« the ■rMaoL M 
Ban wouoa or eblld. li>i.iatoiikarlq(U> 

Both tbe CompoQnd and Blood PnrtSar are pieiwul 
at tn and t» Weat«ra Arenaa, Lynn, MaML Prleeor 
altber, |1. SU bottlee for ^ Sent by mall In the fom 
of pUli, or U loaoCKaa, on receipt ef price, |l per ba 
for either. Mn. Plnkb&ie freely eneeeii all lattate o< 
ImiQlry. Baeloee Set. itemp. Bend for peapblet. 

Wo funny abiold be without LTDlA X. PimCTTAlTfl 
UVFU riI.I.S. Tber core coaatlpattoa. lidUaaaacaL 
"■^d torpidity uf tbe Utbt. X ceata per bos. 

IVSvH by all Dmcglata.- 






'U n la Itar «U the paialtal diaaaaea «f tbe 
It eleaaaes the mtaa ef the aorld votaoB 
that aaaaea tha ^aadfol aoflhrtaa whiab 
Qoly tha Tletlaa of BhaBmatlsa aan leallae 
of the woret ftmaa of Oite ttnlUa AtaM 
have baea«atakl7i«Uaead.aBdtaahHrt«b 

raioi, SI. uqmoa bst, sol* bt BBSsaim. 

< u. 

Dry eas be aeot l>y rai 



CoTiitunipttoa Cared. 

An old physiciai^retired from practice. hav- 
ing had placed in his hands by an East India 
missionary tne fonnulaof asimple vegeUble 
remedy for thespectly and permanent cure 
for Coiuiunipilon, ^^o^chiti^ Catarrh, Asth- 
and all throat and Lung Affctions, alse a pos- 
itive and radical cure for Nervous Deb'Uty 
and all Nervous Complaints, atfer having 
tested its wonderful curative powers in thou- 
»nd3 ofcasK has felt It hi. duty to make it 
known to his sufferingrellows. Actuated by 
this motive and a desire to relieve hniiian suf- 
fering, I will send free of charge to all whode- 
"™ '^> ^^'^ recijpe, in German, French or En- 
glish, with full directions for preparing and 
uaing. Sent by mail by addressing with sUmp, 
naming this pat«r, W. A. Noxas, 149 Pow- 
er's Block . Rochester, N. Y. 

For roaghs. Cnl4la, n'nd^Throat blsorder*. 

'i«B f.-roirt.-s JlroHcliial TrccUen,- bavJng 
.' iv ta lU4lr sfficaey by a teat ot many yean 

How PotatoerWerePoptilarized. 

M. Parmentier in 1783 introduced po- 
tatoes into France in a novel manner. 
Having planted a considerable breadth 
of potatoes at Montreuil, near Paris, he 
gained an audience with the unfortunate 
Louis XVI, in the course of which he 
iiLsplred his majesty with ide^s ol the 
value of the potato. 

"But how are we to make people eat 
what they are prejudiced against?" in- 
quired the king. 

"Sir, if your majestv will graciously 
an ird me a little aid. that prejudice wUl 
be removed," said M. Paruieutier. 

"To overcome prejudice is difficult, 
but how can I aid you. M. Plarmentier?" 
"If your majesty will graciously order 
that a soldier shall mount guard in my 
Dotato field at MoutreiiU, potatoes shall 
t>e tbe tasnion lu less than sis months." 
The king laughed atid granted Par- 
roentier's reouesU Thenceiorward a 
wiliury guaru might be seen promena- 
ding with measured tread the naturalist's 
potato field. How precious must that 
btue-fiouered plant be, thought the 
lookers-on. No more fear of leprosy — 
no more dread of poisoning. The high- 
est people in France were proud to eat 

Mraxmiui'i r«pto:.}a«>d B.*f Tnnle, th» <,o1t 

pp>;«,.-»uon of be^l conUlii.n.- lU tntire nul,. !(..,:, 
^op€it.M. It conun^ >>I 'fJtnaltiux. f.-ix3e-.r uvi.. 

I'm ITU " ""iwrf f™« Biianna - ^'— — ^ 

m4 F. j i fc »l ^l »t, ♦■'J, a. m •••«. rta .f*. t,»:|b«,/ ^^^9 \ 

••!«.< (iM •■■« i-ct f k.ii.nwi • coah£i-r no.' ^■■If ■ 

ItU bl lll« 

, - .- - - - , liioiiihlt. 

CItiliM imiiUliari-lKiMcrii |ia< k thi-ir iiioiir\ \„ ),y,,nis fa 
IHUt tlircdiioii!liai. Mill li-HViiiKiir:KiI>«l HiinMiiit iiiiikllitf 
tpoiif} liiClub.oricturiiciloiiilfiTiiuiil. .•"imii'B.Hni-afli. 
E»|>l»M«loryclrriilar»H-Iit Ikhv lii.l'* 
»abi(M rvt-rywlipi-e. Adiln-Mi Ii. K KKM>«i.i. * (.0^. 
(»m'u Mrbta.. 177 A nil Lu Salle bt.,Cuioauo. ll!k 

•* Ml 

tt.'ll& m yestr Aitiif • k»«: and •* rilk. nit d 

1*3 p^aM U in«*t: t, M'l 4*xa «f min*»*% p*«>ilM 

MB'^r m^A^tpM- >'(%~n fUf^ed u ail tu>i :«•««•€. 



CAN MAKE PEt^^-e^xB 

• o k:n/fnrflie Atnrr'ran ]-~annerdiiriof? tbe w.e 
tv. anaaprli:^. AdiIre««li.A.K.Uackett.Ft.Wayue,Ind 



For Two Tenn win boy tba latest 

Tenri win 

atyl»> of 




Soee a lame baolc or diaorderod ortne Indi- 
cate tbai yon are a Ttctlm f THUS DO NOT 
HESITATE; uae Kidney- Wort at once, (druft- 
irlstB reeoniraend Itland it willipeodlly orer- 
com; tba diaeaae and r-.atore bitalOiy action. 
i oHiAO I^'^'ooniplaliiu peculiar 
*•«**• CO a tc yonr •<>i, incb ae pais 
and weakneeaea, Kidney-Wort !f tvienywat 
ae it win' act promptly and aafbly. 

KlilierSez. Ir.oonUnence, rctcntlan ofttftna 
brick du»t or roty depoedta, and dull dimggiag 
palna,aja ap-edily yield to Its oirattre power, 
SOLD E7 ALL DaUOCilSTa. Price SI. 



tf^Ko matter wbat caoee. t;( k, nenroua. neuralgic, 
dyapeptic. Wlach la it? It c.ji ba effectually f- 

/ Pi>.C.Vi'.B£N SON'S 


A»t ^kc^ahco cxpttcfcr to turns I 
(AMa WIU cui>£ HEADACHE or AU trinet/^ 

^'^^EiJ/iilG/4.A/£Jf/0USN£SS '1^' 
^'^-C'^i^' '" DYSPEPSIA . 





Two fall a«ta f>f r»>eil», 7 atop*, knee awei! mi 
hill orcan. B«at Orestj la tb« wond. 


8l Paul ao'I MiLr.o.ipoI-n. 



FAMILY tmmi 

Two Dollars. 
EjQstrated MONTHLY. 

ne tiuiir signature on rvtnr lox. 

n« and life •.jstaliUnif prop^rfien; i:;vaJnabie w. 
imtlaeetlon, I>yap«naltt, nervouA pioatraton. an-l 
aU torinaot gentrral debUity; aleo. in ail enffp :ej 
oondiUona. whether the result of eihamtjon. uerv„ii' 
proelraUon,OTer»r>tt. or arute d.s-aee, parti.iilar'y 
u reBultin« froa palmoiiary c«;mp.aiiita. Cakusi l 
Bazakd a Co, Propfietora. Nrw Tork. fxild L^ 

^bey contain uo otmiru, gniuiue, or otlier hAnnfal 
druit and ar» hl^rhly re> omm»'n<lea 


Ia OMBPoeed of llcibiil aua Jluciiayiuoua prod- 
veta, which penneaie theembetaaea of tk« 
2«taBC*, expectorate* th* aerld matter 
that eolleeta in tbe iii uuchial Tubea, and forn* • 
■oothlug coating, vLich rcUavea tho it^ 
rttatloa that OAuaea tbe eonfh. It •l«oa*«a 
the l««c* of ol 1 linparitlee, itrei 
. wbea 


•ttfooblcd bydUeaiA«,TaT<c«r> 

tbe eireulation ot the bfood, and braete tbe 

Sold by all N»fr)»!J«>»s!*r» and Foatmaalcrra. 
Send Tw<>iity Cviila for o 9|>«m-Ii(i<>ii f:«py to 
IV.JKNM.NUS I»KMUICK.>»T. TuMleber, 17 
Eoat Fourteenth Htrvtet, N«i« York. 

4^ Th* New VoliimodO) cciinineanee irltft 
Norembor. 8en<l KIKTV CENTS for tlinae 
mnotlia; it wtit eatJNry you Ibiat you con *ul»> 
acrlbe Two DwU(>re Ibr o yeor and set t*a 
timea Ita voloe. 

Health is Wealth f "^ 

Db. S. O. Wavr'a N>3T( Aar> BBara Taz«T««V7> 

»ap9<-lftefoTHrBtcna. l'ii«ie!it,ConTuia](.n«. Ni rire«» 
Beada.:ue, Sfenfal Depreaxino. ly-w cf Memt.ry.Hi.ertS' 
»torrb(»a. Iinrotencjr. iuy.Avu'.kn LiuUp1"Ij«. Crtui* 
ture Old Age, cAtiaed by OTer-eierttoa. rell-abnae, *• 
>ver induli;enc«, vblcb lead* I* Bteery. de<aT M>d 
teatb. One box will cere rtMBlcaM*. Lech bM 
sotitalba one montb'a treatrneUrL One doTlar a boi, el 
111 t>uxee (or five doilarn ; aenl by mall \>nt>»i^. on r* 
selpt ot pi1(«. WaKuarai)t>.*ali U>ie#lerureaii.>r«ai^ 
With ea<-b .irder r=c»lveo l.y aa tor elt Virea. aiv.jO' 
panted with fire dollara. oe vlU eend ibej.nrr-lifMi 
•ur written iniararit'.eto rrtnrs tbe u.r r.^v i: ;j,e tree* 
tneiit d>.>e« not effect a cure. (>iia uiT«-«a '.f%<.*'\ ^t> 
LAiilSLE A O.. r/ni^ruta Third atr>s«t. mruer W«i,». 
iha, Bt i>ai>l, Mina. Order* by mail vui reieit* 
prompt ttteotioa. 


le la 


«rtB( Cslkol 

pV ttiuuTu^H^; 


B^meabpt tb»t 

«iaruiiii, vital oaer- 
er wliatevRr yon Itov 
cliuoae to call tb<> r»- 
tl^tant poWT wb.' h 
biitUe3 aralQst tb" 
caaitea of t> -leAse and 
drath. is ibe grmnd 
■itfei^ard -^f liealili. 
It is lk(( vaTii'on *( 
Uie biiitiaii (ortreif, 
aii'l whe.n it waxas 
wrak, the true i>o!icy 
1* '.o throw in reii>- 
forcenicntit. In .ithcr 
worrl», when »n -h an 
eiufrx"- r.ry oocure. 
crmia"T5i-e « courae 
uf iheB-if yi. 

For aa.'e by Drufr 
cirte aiid Deal'-i'«, \t\ 
wh.'io aiiplj loronr 

SITRBrUREforEpUepByorFit'tiaSihOQTi. rra* 
to poor. Dr. Kruae, 2844 Ar<«nal at. StJL«u.a, If a 

WANTED— At «»(». an IndiiBtrJoa* geutlaioaa 
or lady to tearh Photo-i luiueling. \ildreM 
I'HOTo-lj(AMrLi.v& i":; ji.tb.s Co.. l^araboo.TSia. 

Send one Sot. 11*10? for 'Holiday 'Sast Lavo.'wltb 
a ■ »_ _ . ~ _ CTiroino Corera 

Send two Se. ctunps {or The Pictorial Paaay for 1 

SentI three 3c. atainp* for Chrletnm* No. Onr Uttit 

- , , ..„ . . Men and Womesi 

SentI elrtt 3o. stamp* lor Ho'lday Wide Awa'ie, UC 
_ _ _ 11 ■ nres; cover in eolon. 

ToD.LoTHBOFfcCo.. Pnb'e., a2 fraukUaSt.. BoatOD 


HAIRST?*:?.'^'®'""''***'^ .-atalor. BVT.V'9 
*^a.i.n Hair sto re, 3S J t 40 M juroe. CblcaSo" 

C»ord Collector* -Handsome eet of decant Card* 
' for 3 cent ataaip. A. 0.aiAai«gr. B ocUcetey, N.T. 

PEXSIOXS *♦" SoMie" on any dl»«a.ite. wonnd 

dren are euuil«-l. Mil' Aiiprourialeil. ^ee *iO ; 
Wcraaae pen»ion». boauty. but k pay and honoral.ia 
jn*;nai2*» pTo.ure.1. W»w laws. Send atam|> (oi ■ 
tattrucMon* an.l bounty table. N. W. 1< inusKAij> « 
Co.. Attorueya. Bo» ftdjj. Waahiagtoo. 1). C. 

Buy at dealers' pricet 
We wai sell you att) 
lartide for family or 
personal use, in any 
quantity, at wholesale 
price. No matter what you want, 
send forourCatalogue,//y/'— con- 
tains over 1,900 illustrations. 
We carry in stock the largest 
variety of goods in the U. S. 


227 & 229 Wabash Avt, 


I ayatrm. Slight eolda oTten omd In 
•ttmptloii. ItiadancerooatoMeKlaot 
•li*ia. Apply th* renaedx prooapUy. A 

taetof twenty yuare warranta the aaeertion tbat 
no reoiedyko* ewer been foond thati* aa 
prompt loHaeAect, aa TUTTiEIPECTORAIT. 
AaUacledooe ralaca the pitlccm, aubduc* 
InflammaHen, aud in n>e apeedily rurpethemoct 
obetltiate eoufh. A pleaaaat cordial, chU- 
<r«B take It readUy. For Cronp it la 
tBTolttobI* and abould be in e^ery family. 
lat •Se.oad tl Bettloa. 



f CT DI»ECTLY?ff?Hff!?yER? 

Fita, a paami. Cun^a.! 
■looa. ft Vst-'t DKfMie. 
Aloobulm. o^^i'iu. FK^ 
In* Bi)*r-m»f..,iTli»»». 
ieeilnal WaakaMK '.m 
pelaary.i«Ti>billa. Vrqf. 
•laaod all Nerrooi and 
Bloo d Ulaniim Toiler 
tfUiee, Lawyer* Ui«t. 
ary Ilea, ■»rebaat*. 
Baabera, Ledtea aad aA 
vhoae ceteitary tm- 
ployment eaaae^ >cr' 
•na Prtxtratloti I r r*r* 
larlttea o( tae tv>^ 
■totBaeh, hcWTia or 
Kidneya, er who re 
^ulre a serr* t^.-mc ,j.. 
pettaer or ati'n.iUr,: 
le lATaloable Tbo«# 
,ende prorlala II tM 
Imoet wonderfal In^lf 
araot tbat erer *q>t«li% 
I ed like ■'"'^"t eyn'om 
far aala by all Dnicr 


■•le PrweHctar*. St. Jaeepb. 11» 


.'.U I^.Tb:^ 


PI so S Cl/k E I . >p 

C«rca chille oiad FcTcr. Dyapepala, 
Blok Haodache, Uilioa* Colic, Coa*tlpo> 
tiaaijifceiimatlam, PUee, Palnitatlou of 
thoBoort, I>lzslne*a, Torpid l-lwer, and 
FcoUkloIrreirttleritlea. If you do not "feel 
TarrweH,*** iin»;le pill at bed-rime atimulatea the 
atoakeebfreatoreitl ooppciit^iimparti Tiportotbe 
•ratetn. Price. S^p. S."* Mnrray Kt., IV.T< 

»^WnTI^FOS TU n'S ma iiuai free.-h 


wnm I •«,• I are 1 u 1 1. < m«iia ut' m . to «K>ii ii.l:i. "1 
a'luieaLd ih»n baveilitm rnura airairi. I ruenn a r«.ll 
nl fan", r h«Te m>i U iiie dlarM* of rn-3. F.riLePit 
cr IiLLIH01ilCKViJ.>M»llfii iongt'o-f. 1 ir.irraDt mi 
remedy to cure tlie w-jr»t cuen. l.«VAU«e «.il«n h»»» 
failed !• DO ream I f/jr Bi>t now j»cel»lBj a care, fiend « 
one* for a tree;)** and a Free Bottle ef my InfalllbW 
r^m^.ty. a\r» Eipreo* and Poet Omee. It eaMa roc 
nolbloc for a triu, aniJ 1 will care yon 

Addreaa Pr. U. U. »O0T, la* feen SL. BeKTatk 


WlUit8A<.tvf Alt4iiiii i»nU }"i»«. 
Warranted i«rf«rt L. 11^.1 ruikn.7.^ 
quiet.haii'lac'tii.: a.'. 1 .iu.-^lila. iw>:.1 
OB teat trial I <ikn ot.m deiUroi 
laaprr Uaa>* Ursa>a, t Mti 
Rccoa, n aiajia. BeebaiituAl Hul 
Baaa.oeta'ecotiBter.tkttu' twriin. 
wltkSSatnolaiuttt HtwNk 01' f. 
Alee arnf on Irst Irtel ;>' .•• I' 

firm. IJecaiii 

tcire. d'lmrle tna* ajtj 

mlar.'r^. A-l 

& fay Be A <Xx ,tl Tbirvl a r ,C(iica«e 











5. *v . .^•«. L . J«o. 61 

"When writing to advCTti9«Tvplaa9eaA/yc^ 
mm HoMX advettiMment Id thk \ apcr. 




A T, A V 

E. DUTOIT. Pgb«, 

linoi^U & St. Louis R. B- 

9:0* «. m. 1 Pansensfer 
4;i»p. m. «I« 

H. D. Wkaveb, Agt 

S:*ip. m. 
lo-ixi H. m. 
6:S« Jo 



C. M. & St. P. Ky, H. & D. l>lv. 


EAST. J^^***^ 

: Freight'-'"^'" 


6:n0a. n. 
n:t7p.n,.lFr.ljrht ..OOp^™- 


\-«w Year Rail will be givi-n 

1 .„i.oril»« HaH <>" il"' ^•*''" 

i>«r Will 1882. Thr»r"- 

- 'Uni. ene of the tli»*Ht m ihc 

,,lh music ff.r the occasion. 

,...-n-<oineof tli«ir choicest 


the aflfn\i> ;« at 


KemcmUrr iliat S.Kir- 


'>^ou!J all avail>o!ves of the 

Sfleudid Sleigliing. 
It will soon be 18S3. 
Business is very good. 
Any quantity of w<?od. 
Pay up your last years subscrip- 

All kinds of n.itt*. & gloves at 
• Searing some of th. fixon , ^^^^^.^^ pj^rj-tottel's harness skof. 
. .0 tn>-ka ^,;^^^^^^i ^l,.,,i„i„g tile, go to 

l!ll_ I Cirecg & Gri^woUr. bnck yard. b€e 
v.«{.-i add. 

. ,...tb.ti«ld lfe.« week r.n.! ^'i^ ^^-^^"^ ^'^'^ ^ >f hor.e blank- 
, .»U «p.,n .a.h o.e of our de- A big assortment of ^;^^>/»; '^'^ ^^'^ 

.•••»t aul,».-.ribe.s within nsl.Tt .ts. for sale at co«t at BK-r.t«ttel 

,« . B. ready to y.^y up. : hurrcss shop. 

CtiPrer Teipol.has purchased the 

Merry Christmas. 

Witl I this issue of the Hk»ald 
we wish each ani every one of our 
reader^ a Merry Christmas ! 

For Otter Tail County. 

I^eoTiard Koehnen, took his de- 
parture for his new home, near 
Perhan, Otter Tail Co., last Tues- 
day. He recently bought a farm 
there ■)f 120 acres ot Jacob May, 
and will immediately move upon 
the S8me. Mr. Koehnen has many 
friends in this county who r»gret 
his d^^parture, but at the same time 
wish him success in his new home. 

New Liyery SUble. 
Meisrs., Reckinger & White, 
propj letors of the new Livery Sta- 
ble, in this village, advertise in 
this issue of the Herald and we 
call attention to their card in 
anotier column. They say they 
have new horses, new buggies, 
robtac, and respectfully invite 
the ittention ©f the public t. the 
samt and request a share of the 
public patronage. 

Christinas Trees. 

R nuembcr and go to Eder's 
rar, for your Christmas trees, 
has a large variety on hand. 


At her home in Chanhassen town 
ship. Sunday, Dec, 10th I8b2 at 
the advanced age ofT4 yf^^-^^'^^ 
zabeth Smith, mother of Sherman 
ana Alexander Smith. 

She leaves many mourning her 
death, and the surviving relatives 
have the sympathy of a large circle 
of friends in their berevement. 

Christinas Festivals. 

The Moravian Sunday School 
will treat their scholars to a 
"Christmas Tree Festival" on Sun- 
day evening or christmas eve. The 
management of the affair is in the 
hands of a good committee and the 
little ones can look forward to a 

big time. 

The German Sunday School 
have also something grand on the 
board for the children of their 
school. The entertainment will , 
take place at the church on Satur 
day evening Dec 23d. 




I VW1« ^rm^TB^r I'UASKA. - - MIN!ff. 



Rudolph Bros.} 

Kelt door to Merchants Hotel. 

Oon>ti.Mly Vv.jon I fci'ri f'l l>ii>«la « 
ftM-d. mich a^ OniK. f'-rH. Brmi A H>nri^ 
Scrcrnin}r!». Oil meal *c. Alm> .hoic*- 
hr=*nrfxoffl ur. hoitwl o rn mp»l, Iturks 
wl.e«tHn'>r ic- Will ffll «l «'«.U..m 
orice* f«.r caah Give u« h c^ll 
^ KUUOLl'll BltOS 

rUASKA. - — MISS. 

Always ke«y on hand Fresh BMf, P*rk, Mut- 
ton, CotD«d Beef, Ham, Smoked f auaac*. 

Deled Beaf, Lard, Ji«. 
0r Shop tnd Street . II7 It If •!. 




Jew eluy. 

Watches, Clocks, 



1 . Our Chaska & Chanhassen 1 tVauV. sah.on «PP«''^*«/'^^'"f J'; 
Siib.*criht'rs. \ and will run it hereafter. Success 

W u ill i-all upon you for «ub ' Casper. ,.„,.Hven 

. , .. „«t w..k, and hope every L,aies Cloak, ami ^^^^^ 
. :,^u.ut .al.-.rib.>r will be r.ady ,,,,r Von >vill think so if >ou ^^^ 
.av up to N\'w- Year. Mr. Moos- ^ tor }.rires ut ,-, . 

. ;. is our ouly acTedited agent , Reichow i. >.U r. 

■ ;- duly authori^ed to receipt .j.^.^ ^^^t big cattle fair, wii 
. .... ription. j take place in Chaska on 3aturnay, 

Noliee To Creditors. j December aoth. 

,.W..r.onsindn.tedtothe un- > ,^^'^- ^^^^^,^;f;::;i,7L't 

...dare hereby -tified to | pb^ o^^^^^^^^^^ 
. rn.l -.ttle the name on or .^^^ i S'^;^^" 'J^^^^^^^^^ music on that oc- 
l.,.reniber isb2. or they j ed to furnish the 
■Ibt* collected by law. 1 casion. 

. Ka*ka l>ec. l^th lSb2. Be sure and buy an over coai 

OUVILLK GOODRICH. : below cost. Your money cannot 

be better investrd at 

lieirhow & lider. 

Christmas Presents. 

Ity the million at Kder's Bazar. 
Evrrything suitable for a christ- 
ma/ present, costing from Sets 
to $10. Call and s«e his el^^gant 

t I'vuOrririi at H*"lwu»>»l Fall*, Minn. » 

"SV. C. Bredenhapen of i'arver. 

X«ti. e )• »i«rit:».v Kiveii. that lh«- followinr 

.,,^Vn W*"l.Uaav.Jan.3K IM-fl.vix: I'etor M I ^ ^ • ^ hl8 familv on Y ri 

-T ' ,if I. HoinfMieH'l enlry. No 12*:>. for the son an" "'^'' . i ♦„ ol 

n::^:'\J\i:^t::e.x^,o/B,^'<.r.u:.nt»^ .^ 1 t^ We congratulate, al- 

. ?rvl, m*.u. r^ilrm/ u,K,n and oaltlva- ; .y^^^„\^ yy^, haveilt bad the Cigars. 

^ ^V'?^!' :^l::^Vri".r::.^^:^ 95 cents for wheat at the Eleva- 
"'"'•■•■ 'VrK"rNNi.NMTuj<,^^^ itorChaska. Krins in jonr Hur- 

Cord Wood. 

Owing to the fact that the H. & 
D. Railroad company is not buying 
wood this winter in this county, 
th<» price has dropped somewhat in 
th 8 market, owing to the immense 
quantity being marketed. Wood 
CO nes to this market from Water- 
to An township, Waconia, Chan- 
hnssen, Laketown, Dahlgren and 
B. nton, and the receipts have av- 
•r iged over 200 cords per day every 
day since the sleighing was good. 
Tlie cash quotations for wood, as 
w ? go to press are as follows : 
D^ry Maple ^-^'^ 

Green Maple 3.50 

Mixed 2.85 

Soft 2. .5 

White Oak 3.00 

Youn:: America. 

Newton J. Bray will turn his 
attention to a paying investment 
during the winter, instead of teach- 

'.ng. I 

Late public examination of teach- 
crs at Norwood, was attended by 
eight gentleman teachers and six 
lady teachers, fourteen in all. besi 
attended of all of thcexamiaations. 
Chaska had 13. 

Silas Cole, Esq., threshed 348 

oats find 3'i2 wheat, all no 1 grain. 

Mr. Heckman built himself a 

finely painted barn and pranary, 


Nathanial Cole, Esq., has erect- 
ed a solid and well built granary, 

C. 0. Wooilrufi raised potatoes 
weighing over a lb each. 

The Norwood corr., to "Glencoe 
Register," reports Norwood great- 1 
ly improved in its morals. Sunday 1 
Much more quiet thsiu was wont 
to be the case. ^^• 

Faeh department filled to its utmost capacity with 

Cil IIMI W ! 


e IE ■T F i K SI 'a^ € M © I € B 

The larg«^*^t stock of 

Oliristmas Pre s ants, 
Birthday Presents, 
Wedding Presents, 
Presents for the Million 1 

Jk"? <9%s'5 ?%^^^ 

Cliaska House, 


Ferd HammerPropr 

Thi:* bouse is thorou|(hly finished, nnd 
offers the be«l iiccouiiu..duvioug for boKtd 


And for the 'kmk^ Public. 


Jhtrgei MoUerate. 


— 0— 

£icxll ! 

Havj/it <« rarplu- i«t.i. k ol j.-weir? ^1 ' lafT The be?t of Bf^r, Liquor*, wtnca a-t** 

and T-iithnrj t.. <*i«p"-f "•' 1'" '•'" " ''*' 
fore :h» cl'X* of fh» H'.li.l.y s.-»s..k. f 
W.rrHy ftCiT my nUirp sl.«ek f >« »'le !«» i 
r.-tii al (-'"^r rrs--«, •ju^r'.i.teeiii': ill • 
,t..».U u» W- .-,■ rnirr»i.iit..d. All il4"»:<' 
} . x'i"'t '«f ■« '***B ^<nrg .;n" »lniUid «-«ll ••« 

1 St«r«ti«x« JiH-M.. M.« r S*li.r. .x».:' ; 
.,«.l,;i..*t. Lfi lEN U1A« ON 

Cha!<ka, .M 





Chaska, - - M nn. 

Will do all work in their line either by 
ooHtract or by the «iaj, at loweal liviaf 


— i plus. 


Louis Karlfl and Id. 

— — — I'FKBO.NAL.— I^OUIS ivmin — --■ 

LIVERY STABLE '.Bt'^rSv."""* "" 

A T I f:„i^l;«^ Ifiidd,'. our old friend 



VV. woaU reffeotfully iur..rm lhe?i.b he tu«» ..v.^n«.l a ».w l,v,ry ttat'le at < h;.»k- 

...J»„ /fTf^t^ to tnrnifh ..n,tle ^^^. 'l""'''^ 

,ui* -vt the l.wMt l.vm^ price-i. "V\ o h«*» 

.tfrtsiiini untircly ncv«, an J ci^n guarautei- 



1 '1' 


Gottlieb Kadd.', our old friend 
from Waconia, called in to see na 

last Saturday, white in town on 


(Jeo N. Houghton, cara» in from 
Waconia to spend the Sabbath 
with bis Chaska friends. 

John Beierstettle and wife, re- 
cently of .Jordan, has moved into 
1,1s icsia.'ucc in this village, and 
can bereaiter 1)0 found duirng bu 
' /inp«s hours at his harness store 
: opposite the National H^el. 

^^^^^^_______^^^ ; liadies Work Boxes. 

Notice. Ladies work boxes and dressing 

Ml those indebted to the under- eases are simply magniticent, range- 

...Ilvrl please call and settle at ing^ in prices from '2. cuts to f.. 

' ; uhb .lobn Bierstettle. Chaska, at th e drug store. 

«. all accounts not sHtled oti or ('hildreiH Toys. 

before .lai.HHry 10th n«xt will be ^.^^ ^^^^ thousands of all de. 
i.f,lleit<d by law. I'rompt pay- 
ment will sHve «o9ts. 
.U^,\aii, Dec. nth lb8i. 



Our young friend F. Xavier Ker- 
k«r, son of John Kerker, of this 
village, was married last week to 
Miss Nichols of Minneapolis. The 
many friends of the young couple 
ii this village extend th«m their 
I earty congratulations 

Waconia Cattle Fair. 

The next regular Waconia | 
monthly Cattle Fair, will be held j 
in that village on Tuesday, De- 
cember 'Jfith. The enterprising ci- 
tizens of that village have oftbrcd 
extra inducements to buyers and 
sellers in the way of premiums &c., 
and we expect that they will draw 
a large attendance of farmers from 
all parts of the county. Remember 
the day, Tuesday Dec. 20th. 

Oiir \m\w\i\ is Great, Oiir Stock is linense, 

Our riifcs Mai'vploiisly Uw, Our (liwlify is of tlic Best, 

We assure w Satisfaction. 

Linenfelser & Faber. 

de. p- f. shillock 

jifMiisrlicr ar2t, 

Offloe in Herald Bio. k, ClM»k.. Minn 
OflBee hours 9—1 1a.m. i 2-4 p m. 






Tiinv^ms Stoves Farmera 
aiiif Carpe.ittTs' Tools. 

Also Agoot for Reliable 
Znswance Companie*, 


Matile Saw Mill. 

Tl.e twdi-wigiwd will htva tiirir ports 

»l,!esaw i:»i!l runninp at ihe plirtj of C. 

KrnnMchiinM. Hei.ton afUT D-'-. 1 0th. 

•ionn »uft5t«. „fj..h„t>...nhHrn. >▼-""-»• f^"™"-- 

l.rint in y«-.»r l"f-: «« K«r«ntie wlisfac- 

Colcgne. Vlinn. 

e^nUlMUrlBf no!»tly dcww PVlce low. 

Linenfelser & FaWr, are still 
selling at bed rock prict'-s. 

A T 


Haste, traveler, Haste! 

Or you will get left in the 
scramble for 



^nipiiou, at^ie drug s^o^-e. 
Ji^aiita C laus. 
Hasmiidchis head-iuarten this j 
. • ' -- yeRV ai Eder's Ba/ar, and if you 

N K W ,,„^ji,t it. just step in and sec hi»» 

rnOyiTIIDC QTRRFI immense stock or Holiday goo^ls. 
r Unril I Ull t I U n L8 lie i,as evmytliin J imacinable m 

thfl line of tovs, lards, musical in- 
.trumenl^. books, dollB. wagons, 
sleighs, candies, nuts Hud thousand 
, other things to numerous too men 

We Lave once more niade 
SAVcex)iiig recTnctioiis on 





Biii'liliaft Bros. 

\"ipomte".GoorfTicli'.<W cont stor?. 
Ci(i5€A. • MINNF.SOT.K. 

We«l. Hair and HuskMat 
treM**! Wool Fillows, 
Af. *e. 

»ei«i"»«f«»n'Lv at.-ntfate. Ill w»rlc 
jAW^iWea, nnUibarff^-areaaouabl*. 


School CloHtd. 

Mr. Albert Lano, t.'achev of Dist • 
rict no 15, Chanhassen, has closed 

I his school, on account of the pre- 
vailing of diphtheria in his district . 

! School will not be re-opened nnt I 
•r.,eHdflV..lanuary:HU»^- Other 
tnaehersiu whose districts dipb- 
theria i^ .'pidemiu should lollo v 
thi« example, as it is the only way 

to Btop the spread of this dread dn- 


of al I kinds. It i luist go wi tli- 
oiit fail. Don't forget the place, 
as onr assortment and pnc^es^ 
are nnparalelled in tlie county i 



! I 


Foi iiisptctiou and ^alr at 

fsllil:^- ^^^^^ VARIETY STORE, CHASKA 

JSoots & Shoes. 

I have a larg«^ stork of winter 
boot« and shoes on hand, which 1 

. J^l-l^l^ * *^ '--^'^^^..^Hnientofcbildrensand lad ca 

shoes, cheap for cash. Call and 

examine my stock. ,^^^^, 


}iu% LmioRS k Cigars, 

My Entire Stock of 

Ce&enl Maniise 

Among the specialties are Al.,«.«, a..d Autograph Albams. 
Flo«er Tases a large assortment of Toilet Articles. 
Jewelcases, with a large invoiw-of Koll Plate Jewelry. 
Decorated China and Class Ware. 
Violins, Acordcons &c. 

A lar« Assortment of ( hlMnns' Pirfor* a"" St«n- Books, both 
English and German. 

All kinds and sires of Ladi«K' SatchcUand Traveling Valisei. 

Beautiful Gold Pens and Ink Stands. 

Perfumeries Scrap BooIer, Writing IK^sks of all sizes. 

Scrap Patterns ChildreVs Sleighs and Doll Carriage*.. 

A. aice lot of Wax Dolls. Also all kinds of Childrens Tof 



1 95 Cents For Wheat. 

Heeger. at the elevator, is payi ug 

' 95 cent per bushel for wheat. This 

I »«.ow,r.»*re4to -u to the trade the j i, fuUy 10 cents above its present 

. . >i »nj «ia«raiitaQ<1 below , _!. _„l,,n 

JH. Fftul awl ' 

is offered 

special Attention is called to mj large Assortment of 

,««i«»e«twt»»..un«"r"»«n*"*«*"**"''^'*'* ' market value. 

I MlbneapuUe prlcve. 




^^ _ rKTC KOTis^ Attention E. A. U. 

I -ir7~-rTr 1 ^ There will be an important ^usi- 

Tolm T-J. ±iOlin, \ ^,,, Electing of the Etpiitable Aid 

Be«n«» «n Uandeonstautly. laryestock of 

General Merchandise, 

Boots & Shoes & 

mm IN "'^'"'^ 



• ness meeting of the ttpiit 

' Union, at their Hall in Chaska on 

Friday evening, Dec 22. Erery 

i member is requested to be present. 

; F. P. SEECtER. S. cty. 

; F. B. DU TOIT. Pres.^ 

Shtes! Shoes! ! 

A large line of win' er shces al 
F. P. Peeeers at cost. 

Wheat 95 cents t . day in this 


^ ^ ^ A valuable pr s-ut \uu ot »l^*^" »^ Ji 

'Zlewillc^^an^ngps|^^.lio buys one dolhrs worth of Goods 

Stock lasts. P -" -- — i— vnnrs^eirof tke great bargato* ofTerrd to 5<«. 

All kinds of grain taken 
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Gottlieb Eder. 

■ II "^ 





■* ~ « fc 



* — ■ 


Under • srrwidmK chestBnt tree 
^The Tillage smithy stands; 
Tb* smith, a mighty man is he, 

With larL'aacFd siiie(Ty hands; 
And the muscles of his braw&y arma 

Aj-e strozig aa iron bands. 

His bair is crisp, and black, and lona 

His face is like the tau; 
Hta brow is wet with hor.est sweat, 

Ue earns wbateVr he can. 
And looks the whole wor;j in ihe fac«, 

For he owes not any man. 

Week in, week out, from mom till night. 
You can hear hfs bellows blow; 

Toacan hear him swin^ liisheivysled"*, 
With measured Uat and slow, '' 

Like a sexton riniiirt; the villnse bell; 
When the evtnius «uu iti low. 

And children coming home from school 

Ix»ok in at the opeiidowr; 
They love to see th.j dimim; for»e, 

Ai.d hear the bellows roar, " ' 
And catch the burning sparks that fly 

Like chaff irom a tlircshing floor. 
And With his hard, rou^h hand he wipes 

A tear out of his eyes. 

ne goes on Snnday to the cbtu-ch, 

And sits anun his boys; 
He hears the jiarson uriy af»d preaeli. 

He bears his dan>;Uter's voiiie. 
anting in the Tilla,?e choir. 

And it makes his heart r^joioa. 

It sounds to hira like the mother's roice, 

Singing In Paradise; 
He ni»eils nmst think of her once more. 

How in the gra*e she lies. 

Toiliig— rejoic'ng— SOTO w! "^r 

On.vard throash life he gow; 
Each morning se«3 some tasi begin. 

Each evening sees it close; 
Something attemj.ted, sjmrthmg done, ' 

Has earned a uight's repose. I 

That ks, thanlrs to thee, my wor, hy friend 
For the le-'-on than hast taujhtl 

Thus At the rli-uing forge of lit. 
Oar for: unag must be wrought; 

Thus on its soanding tnvii shaped 
Each burning de^ and thon^htt 



Jack Doane had always been consid- 
ered a doll boy by his teachers, by the 
neighbors, and even by his father. He 
was seventeen, and James a younger 
brother, was fifteen, and a remarkably 
bright boy. His lather destined him 
for the law, but Jack was to settle down 
on the farm. He was only fit for a 
farmer. The farm was situated half a 
mile cot from Olean, where the boys 
attended school. They had completed 
their studies in the public schools and 
were now ready for the academy. 

Jack was dull; every one aaid so— that 
Is every one excout his mother. She 
seemed to anderstand Jack and have 
confidence in him. She knew he 
slow, but ahe had learned tiiat he could 
be depended upon. Farmer Doane had 
determined that Jack should go to work 
on the farm. Bm Jack possessed a 
dogged determination, lie had decided 
to go throajh the academy and he en- 
listed hi9 luottier to his -ide, and be- 
tween them ifcey pit r.ited. and the 
openine of o;i 3tory Bees botii boys be- 
inni-i..^ A"(? •rpars' <xNirse->- ' imes at 
the head of tiie d..,-, ;:;:J z piv;ttt favor- 
ite. Jack at the foot and regarded as 
very dull, to say the least. 

Jack excelled in one thing— mathe- 
matics. He was slow, to be sure, but ho 
mastered every prin.ipio as he w«nt 
along. He labored muter out; <;reat dii- 
ficulty in Bchool. He coiild not oxplan 
the princijik'S fluentiy and clearly, but 
be (xnld work out the most ititru-ute 
problems give him time, Ilenever^ave 
up. Once he worked two weeks on a 
test problem KivcQ to Uiec]as.*,aiu! here- 
aolveil it but he never m;i ke it known. Me 
never jfot the credit he deserved. Often 
he would come home wiiii the teaclu-rVi 
harsh wordd rin-I;. r in Iii.- .'.trminti hi.:i 
schoolmates' sueei** i;ui:^ hl; in hi« 
heart,aiid ftmrirl c7n)^»2tion in a mother's 
liopelul \vords. 

"Never mind, Jv:k," r- r. 1 
will come >jut all riirht. 'i 
always to the tiwm ucrtl 
strong. You Inve pt i.-i-v. 
tenuination. Yo s >."■- 
and eaniesf, and ti 
bring you thron-h. i 
ble of the liare and the t<irti.tsc.." 

And then slie wohKI tell !■: i .r emi- 
nent dunces, >'ncli as .sir I wton. 
S .eridan, Goldsmitb. Siott. . .* .Swilt' 
Citbbon. Dryden. Mukespeare, IMilton 
and Dame I Webster These were all 
dull buys in si hool. They could not be 
crammed ir-Hii k[iowK>djj-. tbey tiad to 
reason and tfaiaKout thei; ronob; ions. 

And Jduk Would b- comf' rted and go 
pnt from his mot!:»r*ft presence w:« . 
atled heaiVand a i-r- .-e lie trt. resolvet! 
that he wuBld her iu any 
lie plodded on 

~ i mm ■ %• i»~i ig g 

closely until it reached 1 10,000. This 

u^V^^ irl\ ^^'' ^''•- Wrait the rich 
banker of Olean. and he chickled as he 
«w he thonjht of the rieh Bp.'culuiion the 
chance atlorded. The farm would be 
ftis and in three years he w Mild double 
bis money on it. But bis exulta- 
tion was rnt short by the dear, 
une voice of the 8tn'n?er: 
*'i;ieven thou.>'and:" 
Banker AS'yant caujiht h s brenth at 
tne au.hicity of a man wh j would ad- 
; Vance ^l.fKH. at one bid andtl eauetioneei 
i dwelt on the $ll.(Hj(> for so ne time b«- 
I i<»re the banker recov.-re J br -ath "nongh 
to make another bid of Ul.lOO. But 
I this wa.=? p.-umptly supplanted by the 
I t-tranuer'a !jll.20U. The b dding now 
was left enti.-eJy to these two and it 
went up^radiiallv until it wa; knocked ofl ' 
! at $l"J,lii'> to ll.efctraiii.'er. j 

j "'•'^'''at tia^ie. s;r?" asked \ he clerk. ! 
; "Jack Doane," was ilio qu et replv. 

Cut if the answer was quiet the sudden 
j cotamolion it created was not. In a 
j luiriuto lie was surrounded bv fifty old 
aaiaaintance-*, all trvinn to shake bis 
hand and asking a tli lusan^ que-slions. 
Jack fttood it all calmly, and finally 
fihook himself loo«e and st ode toward 
the hmise; liut half way there he met 
hi-) mother, and tjehind her his father; 
who had Jieard, as they Hat i i the dark- 
ens! rootn uionrning over their mis- 
fortunej, tliat Jack was the p irchaser of 
the farm. 

Never did the village of Oh an experi- 
ence BUih a se'tsaiion. It wa.i just like a 
novel, every on» said, when tl.ey learned 
tiiat Ja»k had devf lope 1 into one of the 
best civil enirineer? in the country, and 
had cleared $'J(),(.K.y by supt rintending 

the opening of the great iilvermine 

in Coloiado, and was now enijagod, at a 
.'•alary ui ^^.(xtO, in the constn' t.tion of an 
important railway in the We.- r. He was 
a tad, Si.iiti, splendid looking man, one 
who looked as though he 1 new what 1 
foundation he was standing upon and ' 
that it was f nre. 

.Tack deeded thefarm to his mother. 
t«»li;i-i'.; her it was "only principal and in- 
teresr on tiu; loan yon mide sue when I 
lelt home and a little paym int on the 
n:otherly comfort you atforJed me dur- 
ii::r ujy stupid, plodding school-days." 

irouiry among Jack's era] loyers re- 
vealed the fact that the high-priced qual- 
ity in Jack's composition was his delib- 

"You can depend implicitly," said the 
principal owner of the mine r sferred to, 
"en all of Jack's deeioion's, for hj won't 
make one until he knows its right. I've 
been out ot patience several t mes at his 
apparent slowness, but fount] him right 
every time. He never made a mistake 
and never wasted any labor. In the end 
we cam© out ali<»ad of other t ntrvrnrises 
with les-4 cjreful enplneera atiheirnead. 

Jai-k 13 worth his weii;ht in .o d." 

Ja-.k i.s stilt at his proression md stands 
at tl;e head of it. No large eater prises 
are undertaken without consulting him 
ahiiost unasked, and for all h'j gives his 
mother the entire credit. Jumes sunk 
into <lissipation. lij.«t his nract ce. and is 
indebted to Jack for a jjosltifn that af- 
fords him a livehood. Over the door of 
the handsiorae villa where Ja. k resides, 
with a loving wile, he has pla< ed a mot- 

"The race is not to the sw ift." 


Parmlnc Properties. 

It is not best to wait for thick ice for 
storing. Winters so differ, that when 
solid ice six inches thick can be had, it 
is best to commence fillmg the ice house. 

There are two ways of overcoming the 
blighting eUects of our Iowa winds and 
storms on stock. One is to give them a 

£lenty of costly rich food, and tfie other 
I to protect them firom the storms and 

The Ne Plus Ultra Sweet Com, said to 
have been the "'epecial pride" of a New- 
Jersey family, grows from six to eight 
feet high; ripens in eighty-five to ninety 
days; is very prolific, the main stalks 
bearing from two to five ears each, 
in size, tender and delicious in quahty. 
The draw back is that the rows are quite 
irregular, which militates against ease of 
slitting the kernels beforts eating, and 
tiius leaving the injurious hulls on the 
cob, a precaution which one of the most 
eminent physici;tn in this citv— who 
believes iu the doctrine of health by 
rightliving— thinks quite imporUnt 

A specimen of "Yankee enterprise" is 
shown in the fact that a firm in Flint, 
Mic."!., have bought a vast old planing 
mill in thatcity, in order to convert it 
into a refrigerator capable of holding 
400,000 p*..unda of butter, and 2<X» Oi)Q 
dozen egv'S. In. winter tliev will pack 
■.neats for siimraernse. There are some 
portions of this blesied country in which 
the farmers hav© not sufficient enter- 
prise to produce eggt, milk, and butter 
ennu.{h for consumption by their own 

There are several diseases of the fskin 
which are known in different places and 
to different persons as "cow-itch." In 
general t lie betit "simple applii tion for 
allaffWctiousof the skm is a mixture of 
lard and petroleum or kerosene well 
rubbed in with the fingers. In some 
cases salt butter is preferable to lard. It 
is not necessary or desirable to daub on 
a large quantity, but only as much as 
(an be rubbed in. Sometimes tobacco 
has been used effectively, and some- 
times valuable animals have died appar- 
ently from the effects of its use. Mer- 
curial and sulphur ointments are some- 
times used, but they are nrH. always safe 
and Bhould never be used exceptasalast 
resort. 1 have heard of cases where the 
itch has been cured by the use of viae- 
gar alone, but I cannot vouch for the 
disease having been itch.— O. 8. Bliss. 

the ladv in qnerfi,-.B^ii^^««i^Bfc«^ 

favorably upon his ff ^~ 

she was convinced ttx, ,. 

her father, and it woulu-t,. i*tio)^ pfeof 
she would require. She is a thorough- 
going politician with democratic proclivi- 
ties, and would work over the wash 
board and soapsuds six months for the 
privilege of voting for Governor Cleve- 
land, and the balance of the ticket , 

m^ij, weak, and sickly ahlldnn tts nada 
~\bj and strong by luing Brown's Iran 



'le; you 
ii not 
M the 
'id de- 
i will 
. ilie f.i- 

partuular. And so ..„ ^.„«,„,. „.. 
through tbe three years, sudvin^,' hard 
and faiibftiUy, and n*' >r feaving a 
• 4e9son until he lair' • -..-too*! it. and 
this, more than anything else, cause<i 
him to fall behind his . las-i, so that at 
the end of the course he failed to pass. 

It was observed in the final examina- 
tion that he wns perfect up to the last, 
not mis-oiiig a que(?tion, but beyond thi?^ 
be stood low. His brother James grad- 
uated with Kre:it eclat, however, tind 
went into the othoe of Britrgs A Mortuii 
to study law. Jack staid one year at the 
academy, and then t^^uUiated, and then 
came to the trials of his li to. 

The <lay after bis gradnation he re 
quessted hi3 fnthar to sen I him to l! p 

soie ntiflc fnbtitute. Mr. Doane wa^ 


"I won't doit!" heexclaimed,in an^^er. 
"You are only fit to beafiirmcr, and von 
have education enough for that. I've 
spent all the money I intend to for your 
education, and you might as well sett!.- 
down on the farm and go to work. I'll 
g ve you a good chance." 

But this was not Jack's plan. He had 
determined his course, n.thing could di- 
vert him from it. He acquainted the 
mother with his Intentions, quietly 
packed his clothes that night and the 
next morning left hi* h<^iae befbi o an^ 
of the family were stirring. His disap"- 
pearaace eauseda nine-days' talk, and 
tlu»n the matter dropped. Mr. Doar. 
bade no effort to find him, saying, *heil 
be glad enough to come buck of" his own 
accord." His mother kept her own conn 
eel. and .Tack thought of her with a lump 
in nis throat, for he knew that the $15i' 
he had in his pocket represented theac 
cumulated savings of twentv years of hei 

Pive yeftrc had passed awny, and not 
a word had been heard from Jack. 
James had been admitted /o the bar, haii 
.settled <!own to asniAilpra<.tica in Olean. 
was a jolly good fellow, a favorite will 
the ladies and society generaily but th- 
stedier citizens ne'^iu to wi.i-^p' r that h.- 
was geliiii^ loo foud of th« glass. It wur 
only a whwper and most of tiie people 
resentetl the insinuation. He was etii: 
the most brilliant, kisciuating member 

of the bar, and the pride of Farmer 
Doane in particular. 

The railroad bootn had reached Olean. 
and citizens plunged recklessly into i»pec 
ulation. Farmer Doane taken ^10,- 
000 worth of stock in the nevv;road,whicli 
was to make Oiean a large city andai. 
its citizens millonaires. But the bubbk 
burst before it had been fairly l>lowii 
and the farm was advertised to be sold by 
the sheriff'. The process by which t^ii- 
was affected was a long one, oonipyin 
some months, and they were mtd ome» 
to Farmer Doane and his wife. Janie - 
upbraided him for his follv and declined 
that he deserved to lose i he farm. 

"If Jack were only here," said Mr?. 
Doane, "be would be su<:ii a ooiufoit 
— aometbiog to lenti upon." 

"Jack is a worthless do''" said Farmtr 
Doane in reid^v, "and rll warrant i • 
begging his daily bread or working fi .- 
bis board at Itestl He would L>e a jK)(r 
stick to lean on." 

The day ol sale came and a large crowiJ 
was attracttsd to the iarm, for it was the 
I'est farm in the country, and wor^. 
5^20.000, but these close times and w. a 
public sale, would not bring much moit 
than half tltat amount. 

The bidding was slow, A atraJgdt it 
the crowd with his ov^PCWilUittoned uj 
around his ears and his cap pulled dow u 
well over bJi* eyes, watubed the bidding 

Personal Gossip. 

Jewett Adams, wboiselectei govern- 
or of Nevada on the democra ic ticket, 
is a native of South Hero, Vl, and re- 
sided there until he was 21 yeirs old. 

A Michigan adventurer raiied |2,000 
by morteaging a farm which bulonged to 
a man whom he happened to eseo-ble, 
clobelv, and whom he personaiedso well 
that the money lender was deceived. 

Clhiuncey Morse of Oamuidaigua t» 
said to be the oldestprinterinNew York 
state since Thurlow Weed's d.'atr, and 
seems to^.huve been so before, f ir he watt 
born in 17if4 and .Mr. Weed in 3 W. Mr. 
Morse was an apprentice in tht office of 
the Ontario Repository in ISll. 

"Never has she turned enynne from 
her door, during the eighty-< ne vears 
>*he has spent in Bowdoinham vithout a 
full stomach," i-? what a local pi per y.\Ui 
of .Mrs. Sarah .Small who ceh-br ited hei 
centennial in Maine last week. 

The Milwaukee Wisconsin says that 
Senator Edmunds, of Vermont, iu a pri- 
vate le'ter to a gentleman in that city, 
expresses the most decided o 'position 
to any movement intenfliBg to bring, 
him before the people as a caudidiUe for' 
the presidency. 

"I met Odcar Wilde in London once." 
said Muie. Christine Nib^on I ouzeaud 
the other d.iv, "where w© wisre both 
jrue.sts, 81 d he was tf take me down to 
dinner. He commenced to tall hianon 
6ei!-e and to me as we wore goiia' 
to the dimns; room. 1 paid to him; 
"Look hei^, Mr. Wilde, Mme. (ihrislii... 
Ndj:-on wid put np with no tittti stntf. 
Thi.^ is rU put on, and there h nothin- 
in u bu; nonsense." Mr. Wi de.aaid: 
"Tliunk you. You are the flrst sensibii 
woman and true friend that 've met. 
After that he acted as a maj should . 
anil talked sensibly." 

MisaOypsHe Gilbert Isa yotng Jle- 
wark. New Jersey, lady who nasbeen 
a prominent figure of the Garfieid Mem- 
orial Fund Fair at Washington. Tbb 
report got abroad that she set up for a 
professional beauty and she wi s stared 
at, spoken to, and treated to su :h in-w- 
lent comments upon her face, dre^sand 
pera«)n that she was soon in a state of 
racing intiignation. Some onf asked 
her: ".Are you the New Jersev Lilv?" 
"No,"Bbe said, hotly, "I'm ■ iVger 

Mr. William A. Banister, 
Y'ork, has given to his native 
Brookfield, Mass., JlO.ajO for 

of New 
town ul 


For Women's Eyea. 

An elegant mantel lambreqain is 
of dark green velvet, and is without 
decoration except across the edge at the 
bottom; crescents of thin brass are at- 
tached to cords, and a small tassel is 
fastened to each; this has the effect of a 
rich tiinge. A gieat addition to the ap- 
pearance of the mantel Is to have a 
piece of the velvet of tlie width and 
denth of the lambro luin fastened to tho 
wall above the shelf. It may be tacked 
with br.iss-hea^led nails, or fastened to a 
revular curtain i>oIe with brass rings. 
This makes a good background to bring 
into relief any handsome articles of man- 
tel furniture. Bia->se.^ and paintings of 
any kind are shown to good advantage; 
china also.— Foolish and Inconsider- 
ate mothers and foolish and untaught 
girls and young bdies believe in and 
practice tight-lacing as a means of secur- 
ing beauty of form. If they will Ktudy 
tlie classic models, they ought to Mie 
plainly enough that the Greek Slave, 
Nenud di Medici, and every masterpiece 
of female beauty in marbie, bear 
conclufcive proof that the corset 
has had no influence in shaping 
the ideal of the sculptor. These 
ideal forms are beautiful because they 
lepeat the lines found in the perfect fe- 
male figure, and the figure onlv is per- 
fect which IS UHvitiatod by fasiiion and 
Hymmetru-al in all its parts. The laced 
waist of .Viuericau woman of fashion and 
the baudaiied foot of the Chinese woman 
are eqtially outrages upon nature. 

The British Medical Journal, noting a 
recent discussion by American physi- 
cians concerning women's horse-back 
riding, with the declafAlion by one of 
'the debaters that no woman ought to 
ride horselwck, calls attention to the 
fact that in England equestrian exercise 
id the happy privile<;e and d:iily practice 
of thotu^anilB of all ages, and delicate as 
well as robust ci>netituiious, and add*— 
It iy impossible for any one who has seen 
the healthy glow spread over the cheeks, 
pale just before, of some ladv after hall 
an hour's exercise on horseback, to agree 
with tlie proposed dictum. Ladies take 
far too little exercise in the fresh air. It 
is rather the duty of tho man to 
seek to encoura'.,'e athletic exercise of all 
kinds, tliatt to deprecate it Irom fanciful 
fear. Americans will gain healtn and 
lo?e nothing in grace or refinement by 
emnlatinu the aceompIi^^hmenta of their 
Bogiish sisters as horsewomea. 

The Care of Sheep. 

Sheep will endure severe cold if kept 
dry; but exposure to storms, either rain 
or snow, is very hurtful. The water re- 
mains in the wool and in an atmosphere 
little, if any, above freezing it chills the 
body a long time. It is for this reason 
that an open winter is generally unfav- 
orable for feedingsheep. If kept hoaxed 
they are too warm, their appetite 
fails and they lose flesh, no matter how 
fed. The coi4r.-5e-woolled sheep are 
more impatient of wet than the fiae- 
wooUed, the heavy oily gum on the wool 
of the latter keeping tlie water from 
penetrating to the skin. 

Clover bay is almost essential to the 
profitable fattening of sheep. If com 
and hav were both the same price per 
pound 1 should use soire portion of 
clo /er hay daily. Usually clover is sold 
much cheaper than timothy, and of the 
three pounds of feed which a sheep 
weighing 100 requires daily, at least two 
pounds should be clover hay, given in 
equal portions morning and night, alter 
the feed of grain. The feci at noon 
should be roots, witii all the straw du- 
ring the day that the sheep will eat. 
Thevwill pick up considerable no mat- 
ter how wed fed, the cliange of feed 
from hay and grain giving them an 
appetite. The noon feed of roots is im- 
portant mainly to increase appetite. 
Inatead of saving other food it enables 
the sheep to eat and digest more. 

The poorer a fiock of sheep is the 
greater care and skill are needed in 
bringing them up. Too often thin flesh 
»8 the Sinn not ff inauflicient food, but 
of impaired digestioiiT Of ah ruminants 
the sheep is most apt to suffer from poor 
digestion and most needs careful, reg- 
ular leedinsf. The alternation of heavy 
feeding with scarcity is most injurious 
wxiuer It De at neariy ttie same time 
or not. A eheep is rarely made very 
fat without having its digestive organs 
Bomewbat hnpaired. This is shown if 
such animals are allowed to run down 
from food iuFuflicient or of poor quality. 
In such a case they are almost hope- 
lew?, e-pecially when taken in the winter. 
If any fanner thinks of fattening sheep 
be should begin in the summer, keep- 
ing the anm Is on good pasturage and 
gradually getting them into condition 
If he begins in the winter he should 
take slieep at least half-fattened for feed- 
ing. There is much less risk and more 
profit in feeding sheep partly fat; be- 
cause as compared with poorsoeep their 
dii^flstion Is aiucb better. 

Cause and ElTect. 

The main cause of oervon&nev Is !ndTrea> 
tion, and that is caused oy weakmsi ofihe 
Btoroacb. No one can have sound nerves 
and good healtk without \u\ng Hop Bitters 
tostre« then the stomach, purif. the blood, 
and keep the liver and kidneys active, to 
carry otf all the poisonous and wa^te matter 
of the systenL See other colamn.— Advance. 

Imperfect Dij^estion. 

More disease and pLysical suffering are 
traceable directly to uidigestion than to al- 
most any other one canj>e. Moral: No 
r-'medy in the world is equal to Allen's • 'Iron 
Tonic Bitters" to aid digestion and the as- 
similation of f ood^ and invigorate the liver. 

One pair of Iwots saired every year by 
Bsing Lyoa's Patent M etallic H eel Stiffeners. 

Free to all BlinisteriiorChnrcbefl. 

I will send one b<jttle of the White Wine 
ol Tar Syrup, gratis, to any minister that 
will reoommend it lo friends, after givinjt it 
a lair test, and It proves satisfactory (or 
coughs, colds, throat or lung disfasee. 
Dr. C. D. Wak.v kb , Reading. Mich. 

An Awful Itcsponsibiliry. 

It is a fact as easy of p'oof as that two 
and two are Jour, that Hale's Honey of 
Horehound and Tar, taken as a remedy for 
coughs, oolds, djfflcult bretthinfr, hoar'*€- 
ne-is, or aiiy other of the pvmptoras which, 
as it were, yave tho way for that terrible 
destroyer, will elfect a radical and rapid 
cure of the ailment and avert all danger. 
Whoever; knowing thi«, n^glecB to rtsort 
to the truespecificundersuch cirounistanc«s 
assumes a tearful resjionsibllity. Sold by 

Pike's Toothflcbe Drops core In one 

Tl»e flesh speedily reunites when obsti- 
nat« sores are cleansed with Glenn's Sulphur 

Hill's Hair and Whisker Dve, 50 cents. 

Opinion of Dr. Wm. H.StJkes, phvsician, 
Mt. Hope Retre^f, Baltimore: "'l have 
great pleasure in adding my teetimony to 
the virtues of Colden'a Liquid Beef "Tonic 
as the very best preparation used for de- 
p esslon, weakness and indigestion, and 
therefore confidently recommend it to the 
meaical prof- asJon.'' (Remember the name, 
Colden's — take no other.) Of druggistsgeQ' 

Try the ne w bran d Spring Tobacco. 
Personal— Mra Only. 

TbeToHslc Belt Co., Mar»ball, Mich., will mo4 
Dr. Dye's Cflebratod ElfCtro- Voltaic Bflu &ud 
Electric Apiir»Dcesoa !:i»l f»r tUirv tiavi to men 
(young or old) wbo are «ffllrtedwiih uerrouii ilebilitr 
lost vitality aod kiidred trooble*. fnar.ioieeicf 
»p*edy and coraplete re&torutioa of tieaifb aod 
manly Tjror. AiVir^ss as Hhove. N. B.— No risk 
is iocurrea. as tUrty days' trial la allowed. 

A lAdf'e fnah, 

"Oh, bow I do wish my skin was as soft 
and clear as veon," said « lady to ber friend. 
"You can easily make It Bo,'''answered the 
friend. "Howt" inquu-ed the first lady. 
"By nslnj! Hop Bitters, that makes pure rich 
blood and blooming health. It did it fo, 
me, as you obeerve." Read of it.— Cairo 

Phyaloal JSzerclse For Glrla. 

An English writer believes that books 
aud lectures directed against fashionable 
absurdities dnd readier acceptance with 
men than with the sex in whose interest 
they are promulgated, because men look 
at the matter in the cold, clear light ol 
abstract reason, and in the strong sense 
which adapts means to ends, while theii 
wives and daughters are under the 
thraldom of the despot fashion, and are 
blind to all considerations save those oi 
paying implicit obedience to nls imperi- 
ous dictates. An enduring reform ie 
not to be looked lor as a consequence ol 
the fulminatjons of professors and doc- 
tors, however t-trongly urged and backed 
up by weight of argument and diagram, 
but as I he outcome of the requirement* 
of modern life. It may be fostulated 
that ibe women of a nation fond of out- 
door life, and sport involving exertion, 
will, at any rate, during the time spent 
in exercise, etndy to some extent the 
necewiify ofa fit garb, aud one adapted 

A Pbiladelphian hasjoat paid a ilO fine ! 
for kicking a dojj. 

"Rongh on Rst«.'< 

Clean out rats, mice, roaches, flies, ants, 
bed-bugs, skunks, chipmunks, gopheia. 15o 

'ThecorresiODdentof tne London Times 
at Paris oenies 1 hat Herdert Bismarck has 
been appointed attache to the German Em- 
bassy at Paris. I 

Few complexions can bear the rtrong, j 
white mommjc light which exposes ev»ry ' 
speck of tan, eyery pimple and ttiesli^httst ' 
spotting |of eczema. In Dr. Benson's Skin ' 
Cure is sure relief from the annuyance of i 
these ble mishes on the cheek o f beauty. 

Abont $29,000 to build the Buroside st&tne 
at Provid ence baa been raised. I 

Russia Salve is tne universal remedy for I 
burns, sc alds, cuts, br ul see an d flesh woumls. 

The Chinese minister at Washington has 
a wardrobe worth $150,000. 

SUnny Men. 

"Wells' Health Reneww' restores health 
and vigor, cures Dyspepsia, Impotence, Sex- 
ual Debil ity. $!._ 

The New Yora Sun's correspondent says 
Senator Barrow has a high forehead, but m 
other respects mi^^Lt be accepted as Senator 
Fryestwin brother. 

That wonderful eathlicon Known as Mrs. 

Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound 

has given the lady a world-wide reputation 

for doing good. It is hke a Uvlng spring to 

the vital constitution. Her Blood Purifier 

will do more good to cleanse the channels 

of the circulation and purify the life of the 

body than all the sanitary devices ot the 

Board of Ilea 1th. 

— ^ — • — ^ 

The engagement of Gen. Seaoregard and 
Mrs. Commodore Vanderbilt is said to be an- 


Quick, oomple'ecure, all aunoying kidney 
Bladder and Urinary diseases. $1. druK);ist8. 

For Sick heads, heavy stomachs, billioiA-. 
ness. Well 'sMay App'e Pills, 1 and 25 cts 

Wbo has bet a hat oh .^ssnn's parallaxt 

le Wheat. 

Ab«oJn»ely tha most proUf«e ant pti-Mt ir^f. 

Say» the wheat laawjctor at JJl3c«T>ol!« f.-r- 
be .MlUera" aA-oc'iUon: -It U tlio (lu«i.i l»«f l 
iMwLeatl have trtn «ince 1 b»ve l>.-ni tfMi»K-i i- 
•d wltli :he Millers' ».-iiorli-i^:i." U to. fc \Yimm 
hrit aad h;(rbw.t prrmiutDi it th* StuU a:;il 
No.thwci^tera lajra thia pMt fall. It i> an f 
[wUKe yiclJer. It is a «e»-k ea::ier a.^-. tue .-. bh 
"Tioo fife. It la what KVt-ry lansar oiclit to try 
lext apnag. 


Absolutely Pure. 

Thli powder Dfr-r ranea. A marrat of imr'f 
•treiiflli MjJ whf,lfa.,niinf M. More economlf^ iL&t 
tLr_ r.tiaary ilnda. ^'l cianot be aoM in compefcaot 
•Itli the mnltita.lf! o( ! w i<r»t, »t,<jrt weight, alcio « 
PDAephafe powder*. fiiit4 nniy in «iiu 

BOTAL BAKl.NU K!Wi.i,h CO, Hew lork. 


Odds are offered ol one 
Any taken? 

to twenty on 8.7C. 

yotfaing builds up shattered constitutions 
so quickly as Brown's Iron Bitters. 

rhU engrSTlBS 

iti the Lcnga iB a haalthT atu« 

tij the requirements of the 
b<Kjy aud Umbs. 

free p]ay of 

hbrary building, a library havii f; i>ri vi- 
onsly been given to the town b- Judge 

Ex-Congressman Lewis D. Cjnupbeh, 
who died recently at his home n Ohi<' 
said, a few yeas ago, that be h id writ 
ten the true history of the Builingaaie 
duel of 1S.>4, which would be published 
after liLs death. 

A Frenchman who was Introdi ced to u 
brandy punch in Ricbmoud tieothor 
evening by an American friend, a >pcareU 
at the Sime bar early the next morning 
ia quest of a duplicate. Uufortun.Htelv, 
iie could not recall the name o 'the i» 
spiration which he had a'wor Jed the 
nit;ht befcre, but the barkeept r touiid 
llio following description siifficirut: "I 
vill take one grand cootradiccio n. what 
you call il? wis very much letnon tor 
make him sour, very much 8c<i rare fur 
make bim sweet, plenty of bruiidv for 
;i:ake him strong, and a ereat deal of 
wassar for nuike him weak.^' 

John E. Lamb, congressman-ehsct fioui 
the Terre Haute (Indiana) Distrtt t,i3 )mf 
:l!» years of age. Graduating ijoin tht- 
Torre Haute free ecbools about ft nyniir^ 
ai^o, he selected the law a?:.ispr tfest:i..;i 
ind soon won the high pontu)-! in thi» 
' ir^ of \ hivh sut h distinf.d.-iiied awytr- 
1- Senator Voorhees, ex->enator rhi>iiit> 
3i>n, aud General T. H. ^■eh^iln:u ,. n- 

m - • ^1 - - 

" What's in a Name.** 

"What's in a name, a ro*e by a ly other 
name would siiiell ns sweet." A i>repar»- 
tiou of Yellow Dock, Sarsaparilla. runijw, 
iron, Buchu. (Vlery .tnd Calisaya. pnt up 
from the pre.Hcription of that eniiiie it phys- 
ician I>r. Guysnti niiKl.t be called ]>r. Guy- 
sott 8 *cl ry and Califaya, Dr. Guys >tfs Bu- 
cuu aad Iron, or i »r. Ouvsoti's Juniper 
and Sa-sapjirilia, but it is calleJ "l)r. Guy- 
EOtt's Ysllow Dock and Sarsaparil a," and 
i! you are weak, nervons and di'i ••.;-' if 
youbu Terftom blood ill,pu^itie^, a, 

weak kidneys and Kenerd pros!;.. .^.,. ii<te 
thi!» m<? Heine according to directioi.; on each 
boitlo i.n 1 vou Will l)esur[>ris"d ho\ • strong 
and weil it will make 3-ou feel. 

Kevr Land Office Decisston. 

Secre ary Tellt r otthe iuterior, dot des that 
lands witbln ihe limits ol grants o' a raii- 
r.-;a I company to which pre-em) tion 01«ul claims, capable of being 1 irfei ted, 

Rich Laoee. 

A girt gossip in Truth, writing of a 
piece of Venetian rose i»olnt lace exhib- 
ited at the Ix)ndon Aquarium, says, "It 
L-sa niagniticent piece, six yards long 
and threo-qoarterspfa yard wide, anil 
is valued at a thousand guineas, but Is 
worth at least double that sum, being in 
such excellent preserv.-ition. It is said 
that each spray In this kind of lace took 
a lace-maker two days to make. Well, 1 
counted the number of sprays in one 
inch of this length, counting Btitiight 
down the whole three-<)u:irter width 
There were ninety-slxl Cheap as the 
labor of the bands was in those days, 
this lace must have cost a goodly price 
even when new, if one inch of the whole 
width represented the work of one hun- 
dred and eighty -two days. At this rate 
of computation it would take one lac*e- 
maker more than seven years to 
complete six yards, and even that is 
counting in Sundays as working-days." 

' • 

Perfocllon la Petticoats. 
iDtica (N. Y) Letter] 

The people of this part of Onieda 
i-ounty never brag, but we have a young 
lady in thi'* village who lias ineritM de- 
servingof public notice. She is a blonde 
of medium height, blue eyes, clear-cut 
Grecian features, and in acknowledged 
to be pretty, even by envious fem.des, 
and has borne away all the l>est prizes in 
school for years. Her etlucation is pro- 
nounced by our late school commij!sioner 
as being as i»hk1 as that of any taacher 
in the Fourteenth district. Slie can 
bake, wash iron, .nake garden, sing di- 
vinely, sew on a button, or patch, make 
and tit all her own clotbe-, spin the 
varn. and make her owu stockings, mop 
the floor, entertain a house full of min- 
isters, or an assembLige of young peo- 
Ele, make Utting, crochet, bevel a lam- 
requin, knit insertion on a slipper case 
or Quilt a pumpkin pie. She never wai 
known to call your attenli n lo the 
door draper or mat, never spoke a 
cross word or had a cold dinner on 
washing day, never ate a chocoiate i-ara- 
mel or chewed gum. She wore none 
but her owu hair and teeth, and was 
never nearer a corset than the outside 
of a dry-ttoods counter. She never had 
a beau m her life, yet our l>e.>«t young 
men would be at her feet with the least 
encouragement. She cm row u I oat, 
Bhoota gun, climb a tree, and throw a 
fly or land a trout in a manner to win 
the admiration of any iiport.stuan. She 
never atteiuptb to take a hand in anoth- 
er woman's knitting work, and is never 
seen np«tn the streets in the evening uii- 
Ie*s gome to church or to kisit Ihe hick. 
iier lather had been a widower for over 
a dozen years, a pilhir in tho < hurch, 

Sugar from Sorgum Can©. 
The Chicago Journal of Commerce saye 
of the manufacture of sugar from sor- 
ghum cane, by patented process, in 
Champaign coucty, IlHnois: "A hir^^e 
factory, with the liest sugar making 
machinery, has been erected, several 
hundred acres of cane grown, and the 
inanutacture begun. Th^ tiret result in- 
dicate a great success of the experi- 
ment, as at tho Grot effort 2,000 pounds 
of dry C sugar and a syrup of fine qual- 
ity were ed, both destiiute of the 
sorghum tiate." It adds "The people 
are greatly elated ,over the succesj 
reached." Thi.s ni.iv be the discovery 
long desired; and if it ia not, it is almost 
certain that some process will be dis- 
covered by which the sorghum cane, 
ktrown in as favorable a climate as Cen- 
tral Illinois, can be tiuned into excel - 
ent fcugar. 



Harmless to the Most Delicate. 

■t Ita faithfttl nae CoaaoniptloB haa iieaa Omrmt 

wkea otber Remedies an4 PkraldMU have 
tailed to eSeet a core. 

Wm. 0. DIOOKS, Merchant of BowlUj Orwo, Va.. 
wriff* April 4, Ifigl, that be w»at» n» to know thai 
Ihe hvtio BAi.8Alf Aa* cured M» frwther of ron- 
*ii!iii,'.irin, after the pbralctua )ia<i rlT^a her qd ar 
Inrorable. He aaya, otbari kcowiDC her caae hVv« 
uken the Balaam aad been cored; a* thlaka all ar 
tSllct-Kl fihoald i:tT« It a trIaL 

Wm. a. OsAiUM A Co., Wholesale Dmer'rta;- <^v11l(,, Ohio, writ. » as of the eare of MaTHIA> 
riiKlMAJI, a wel'-kn.sra cltltati. who tad boen dt- 
III. tf.; with UrouchUI.1 In ha wurit ti.rtn for lwel»« 
reart. The LinfO hjn^axM eared him, a« It hat 
aia'iy oth^ra of Ilrocchitla, 

As mn Expectorant It has No Bquall 


Pisa AL.Li:3r»s ghost. 

had attached ai the lime the grant to>k place ; is social and sought after by ail, y<t uai 

are excKi led troru the nilroad grant and qtv i 
on al'anji'iiineut of aucU claims th* land! ' 
do not ;Bureio t!ie company, but, are re- 
stored t^/ttie pubbc dama.n. ile tlso de- 
cides tliiU when a perbon has a filing In law i 
under t!.e coal laud law contracts with a 
third party to occupy „nd work so. in lanl, 
he nm-; bo cons.ider«jd as havitijj sold 

tb<' ^" " "• '^ ■« ' secttte the sa: <e. H« 

dt. •■an 'erroiieoui miry in 

a;i.,. . , ... . ordered corn ctei .should 
not prciod^cetheciaiiuof iheap^iiktat. 

le.-ls no desire to change hon.'^iekeeperB 
She was never known to torture a piano 
in her life, manifests no fondnes.s lor 
cats or pCKxiles, or cur dogs, and doesn't 
know George Eliot's best novel from a 
hencoop, vct she id th roughly conver- 
sant with the important quesiions and 
news of the day, and can quote elii>'tijry 
till you can't wink. Wo aie not related 
except through our respected ancestor, 
Adam, and no young man niiuit consider 
this thrown imu as an induct- li^ent. iar 

One of Those Queer Stories fbr Wblch 
There is So £xplanation. 

Prom L'ppincott's M«f?czlne. 

Tne following was related to 1061)7 the 
gentleman to whom It happened, and 
whom I sliall call 2ir. Kennedy. It was 
mentioned in the moEt commonplace 
way iu the ordinary course of conversa- 
tion— -not as a supernatural occurrence, 
but simply as a singular and puzzling ex- 
perience, fhere is a long and very nar- 
row strip of wooded land, known as 
"PegAlIey'i Point," pitnated between 
the main Btream of Miles river and one 
of the navigable creeks which flow into 
it. This little peninsula is about two 
miles long, from fifty to two or three 
hundred yards in width, bounded 
by deep wa'.er and overgrown 
with pine and underbnish. There 
i<J a traditfon that many years ago a 
party of Baliimore oystenne'n encamped 
on the point, among whom was a man 
named .■Vllev, who had abandoned his 
wife. The deserted woman followed up 
her hosband and found him at the camp, 
where some words passed between them, 
the of which was that the man in- 
duced his wife to follow him into a 
thicket an 1 there murdered her with a 
c'nb. The point ha>i ever since been 
known by I'eg Alley's name, and her 
perturbed spirit has been supposed to 
haunt ttie scene of her untimely taking 
off. Mr. Kennedy had lived from boy- 
hood on the place and had never given 
a serious thought to the story. Two or 
three years i\go h« hail a party of rail- 
splittersat work on the point, the foreman 
who finally refused to go lack, declar- 
ing that queer things happened down 
there and that he had seen a ghost His 
employers laughed at him and dismissed 
the matter from his mind. Some time 
after this .Mr. Kennedv bad ccoision t<i 
ride Uirough the wtMjdn one afternoon 
to Io<ik after some sheep there being 
but one road and the water on either 
SKle. .As he af.proached the point his 
horse started violently and refused to go 
;ai, rejmrd less of whip and spur. L<K)k- 
ing about for the cause of this unusual 
(right he saw a woman rise up from a 
log u,x)n which she bad been sitting, a 
(ew yards in advance, and stand by the 
load-side, lockinc at him. She was very 
portrly clad in a faded calico dress and 
wore a limp-eunbonnet, from neneath 
which her thinjet-bia k bair etrajigled 
over her shoiiMers. Her face was thin 
and sallow and her eyes black and pierc- 
ing. Knowing that eae had no bu.sines8 
there, and occupied in controlling 
bis horse, he calle-l to her somewhat 
angrily to get out of the way, as the an- 
imal was aft aid of her. She turned and 
walked t^lowb- into the thicket, without 
a word, lookin-.: back at bunas she went. 
With much difficulty he forced his 
horse to the <»pot, wi.shing to find ont 
who the intruder might be, hut no trace 
oi any one could be found af^er a care- 
ful search, although there wasno placeof 
cuni'-ealment and no po.s«jijI» way of 
esc!npe, for wliich. indeed, tuerc was not 
suflident time. Mr. Kennedy declared 
that the thought of Peg Alley never en- 
tered his mind until that moment, but, 
upon finding that no one was on thu 
iKjnineuli besides himself, he turned his 
horse homeward without lo»'k:ni: farther 
after his sheep and with a decidedly 
sympathetic feeling toward the recusant 



Ia aPoaitivaCare 


r«r aU Um* PalafWI CoaiplaUU •■« W< 
ae aeaBaiea t« ear kc«t faaiAla f »flalle« 

k ■•dldae fbr Woaaa. IiTeated ky a Weaaa. 
FreyareA ky a Weaaa. 

VWanaMI aeatal Um iif j ■■« ttc >avB at RIalMT. 
CVIt r*TlT«a the drooping f^ilrtte, iBrlgoratee and 
banuoBlfM Ui9 orsaalc f luetioaa, eiree elaaUdtT and 
(LraiBadto tu«it«p, reatoraathanatani taetre tatbe 
•re, at d planti on ttie pole cbnok of woman the free h 
of llXs'i n>rlii( lui J aarl7 aammar time. 

Phraiclana U«e It and Pretcrbt It Freelr.*V« 

It raaii>T*a fatatneai, Batulracjr, daatroye ail erarlnf 

•.V «<mnl»nt, and nLevaf waakaaa at tbe (tomach. 

Hut fe«Uii( ot baulax down, eaulBa pain, wel^rlil 

aod backaoha, la alwavi pamanaatlj etirad b7 lia ■!% 

ro» Ua vitf* 9t 1iHt,»w CaaiplaUU ef %'Ulkaa a«s 

tkU Oaayaaad la Tyaaied. 

LTDTA K pzinaiAaIrs BLoeo PTKinss 

lU eraateate every *e«tliro of Bnaaora from I2ie 
Blood, i^nd iflTo tooe and atrragth to the ajalaii^ of 

wiu eraateate every *e«tliro ol 

maa woman or child, liuift ou baTtsf It, 

Both the Compound anil Blood Porttar are prrparad 
at tn aod tSi Waatem ATrnae, Lysn. MaJC Prlca of 
•Char, %L Bi twtUte for $.V Sent t>7 nail ia the form 
of pUla, er of loeenfea, on racalpt of prloa, fl par bos 
tot althar. Mn. rtakt^am freelr aaawera all lett«n of 
laqnlty. EnddeaJckatanip. fceadforp— ipMaS 

No famtlT nhooli he wl^at LTniA X. PTTnTRAin 
UVEE f II.IJ1. Tmt cure eooatipatlon, hlUoniaf^ 
-vd torpUUir of tlia Urer. » Mate per boa. 

4ar««fel br «U Dm c«liU.nEa O 





« It la fcr aU tha palofU ^1 -ui U the 
It nleaniaa the antam of the aaiM petena 
that eaaaaa the AraadfU rafltolac whleh 
only th* TtoUma of P*'tt"**<-*i aaa real let 

er tbe wont ftena of tfeJa lerrlhia 

MB qolaklY relicvad, aad ta ehart 
puc^ $1. Ufnaea aai, mls at w 
M- DryaaabeaoattvaMitL 

WKLLa. BMBA&neOM * Co. BterttactBoTt. 


That long rumored maicu b«t ween Chester 
A. Arthur, pr., and Miss Oowley ii author^ 
ativaly denied^^ _ 

Pelrolla. Pa., JanT 6, 1879 
VLfmn. Kennedy & Co.: — My hair ia grow- 
ing out so fast that I can almost see it crow 
myaalf, through the nae of your Carboiine. 

P . NiJton. 

Tbe Yale Clnb ot California bad ita sixth 
annual dinner in San Krancieco on the 24»h 
alt., about twenty-five gradual«:a being pira>- 


Quick, complete cure, all annorlng Blld- 
ney. Bladder and Urinary Diaeasai. $1. 

"No more oj tiio»« dear delightful, stupid 
stories of Trollope," was a young lady'a re- 
mark on hearing of the novelist's death. A 
page of c rit cism oou ld not say more. 

"Better be wise by the misfortune of others 
than by your own.'' Taks warnuig iu ti rue. 
Avoid quack nottmnu by which thousands 
annnlly |<erish. Use only such remedies aa 
are demonstrated above sur picion, foremost 
among which la Kidney- Wort. For torpid 
liver, bowehi or kidneys, no other remedy 
equals it. It is Hold in both dry and Uqu id 
form by all dru^fnats. 

The W'ind»or Avenue Congregational 
ebnrch of Hartiord has extended a call to 
the R<jT. Cbarla B. Stowe, aon of Harriet 
Bt'ichcr 8towe. 

— — ■ I ^1 

For one dime get a package of Diamond 
DyiS at the Druggist'd. They color an} thing 
the Miiu[>le»t and moat desirable colors. 

Mrs. Blain*gf)es to Europe soon, it U said, 
to buy furniture for th« new beose the sec- 
retary has built, aod also to riait her daugh- 
ter iu Paria. 

A naHonal reputation is enjoyed by Perry 
Davis' Pain-Killer, which, for nearly hall a 
century, has been th« lavorite household 
remedy for bruises, bums, sprains and all 
bowel c<iiiiplaiiit8. Look lo your anpply, 
and De««r he without it > _ p, ,, m, , 

Rays of Sonablne 

Will shed tbeir radiance on your Inviid 
friend's heart, byttrndlti^ him or heraljiSttLe 
of Dt. Hallidav's Blood Purifier as a Ohrist- 
mas or New Years prostnt. Sold by aU 

» a — » — 

Conaiuupiion Cured. 
An old physician retired from practice, hay- 
ing had placed In his hands by an Kastludia 
missionary tne fonoulaof asiuiplevefretiible 
remedy for the speedy and permanent Mire 
for Consumption, Bronchitis, C«t»rrh, Astb- 
and all throat and Lunjt Affctiona, al^e a poa- 
itiveand radical cure for .Nervout Debility 
and ail Nervous Com plaints, aiter having 
tested its wonderful curative powers in thou* 
sands of cases, has felt it bia duty to make it 
known to his sufferingfellows. Actuated by 
thhi motive and a desire to relieve human lur- 
fering, I will send free of charge to all who de- 
sire It, this recipe, in German, Frenakjor En- 
glish, with full directions for projianng a.Td 
tiaing. Sentbyreailbyaddressir.^'wjfhttanip, 
naming this |>aper, W. A Noybi, M0 Pow- 
•r'B Block. Bochester , N. Y. 

Fort nuKba, C<>l<la, nnd Throat bierjniera, 

U'» "Uromi's liroudiial Tifxhes," baviuj 
; rj d tlielr eCRcacy by a teat of man y i eara. 

Uow Potatoes Were Popularized. 

il. Parinentier in 17)i3 introduced po- 
tatoes into France in a novel manner. 
Having planted a considerable breadth 
of potato©'? at Montreuil, near Paris, he 
gained an audience with tlie unfortunate 
Louis XVI, In the cotltse of which he 
in.spired his majesty with ideas of the 
value of the potato. 

"liul how are we to make people eat 
what they are prejudiced against?" in- 
quired the king. 

'•t>lr, if your m^esty will gracious! V 
afford me a little aid, that prejudioe win 
be removed," said M. Paruitutier. 

"To overcome prejudice is difficult, 
hut how can laid you. M. Parmentier?" 

"If your iruijePty will Kracioualv order 
that a soldier shall mount guard in my 
Dotato field at Montreoili potatoes shall 
be the ta.snion in les^s than i«ix inonths." 

Ilie king laughed and granted Par- 
mentier's reonest. Thenietbrward a 
military guard mizht be seen promena- 
ding with measured tread the naturalist's 
potato field. Uow precioiu must that 
blue-do\\ered plant be, thought the 
lookers-on. No more fear of leprosy — 
no more dread of poisoning. Theirifrh- 
est people in France were proud to eat 
potatoes. ' 



wTlcure dyspepsia,heartbum, mala 
tia. kidney disease, liver complaint 
and other wasting diseases. 



emiches the blood and purifies tht 
system; cures weakness, lack ol 
caergy, etc. Try a bottle. 



is the only Iron preparation thai 
does not color the teeth, and will no! 
cause headache or constipation, aa 
other Iron preparations wilL 



Ladies and all sufferers from ne» 
talgU, hjr.eria, and kindred com* 
plaints, will £mi it without an equaL 

Mi r.AlK.M. M» fAYI- 

It. h t A.l". I MKY. Paffiit At 
Uiniet^ War)iinirt<iu. U. 0. Kull iiutrtioUoua aztd 
baadbook oii I'A'liOi'l'ii ac.NT kbee. 


m* l.i«» <^»t, *ii], ^1 K ..••«, auk •«•. ».'f<.«, / ^^^9 \ 

» vt/tTn •!.< u>t tU.U. >ii,d • Cl'ilMi(.t riO' . VSff ' 

-.■1 >»t« cf r'^airiaf* 

t ;)r*'i« ri y. ■•'} t* r ir • .a ».i f 
A-ilfM lt«f. L aSaTUial, U At»Bt • f. .a*t*mm. Ma«, 


FAIt.>IJ,l{8' .«-<).NS AVr> i»\tf'illTKIt'» 


»• O k IV f' 'f Uie A 111 cr «-an FMrmnr diirioi; the w.n 
tar tatii Biirtng. Ad.iits. l,A.K.HatkeU.Ft.Wame.nid 





membrf that 

nilua. vital VXtf 
- - _' i»tev«r Tou ■!•▼ 
cliousr to call Uiti !t>- poWi-T wli .h 

biittiaa a 'all!*t 111" 

raftiisltof d 'd.^'jaDd 
death, la tj.. craod 

aatti..iarJ ^t Uaaitb. 
It 1^ I 'ift ^a-naon ac 
II. <• liaaiau. lorlreiM, 
aud wh»o it waxes 
weak. \hr true iioHey 
ia to i1 r ^r ta retn- 
ibtr •:, ut^ Iflother 
wor . , iv!ie '! 
tiiitrireiicy i>i.-ourB. 

r<,uiii;<-'i' L'ouraa 

. ' fli'B :i r- 

For »ale by Druf- 
ci<itii aiid rVale.-H. t.i 
» !. >iu atliiXy lor our 
Aliaanac L., 

M«n*iBan*a l><iptuii.:zMI Boef Tonic. lT)> 
pr«iwrati«a at beo! coutaSHDy Mi tmt.r, n.,i, 
proptil'M. It rjintiiii- hiutxrmakii.^. t. ■ ;re->rrTT 
btiii 111(1 life sunlairiin.'; prc^»-rtia!! ; iTjvr.'oaMa ftn 
f niiiar^Ktluii, DyHiM^iiKiM, uervous proatration. an i 
ab foriiji ot genorai deUlitr: al«>, in all enfp* ir.': 
onoditioBa, vbeUier tha raiiUt ot exIiaiisticD. nerr' ,ti 
proetrmtion. overwork, or a.ntc disfaaj-, jiarUmlarly 
If re.-.iiluua from pulmoi.ary ct.<iuplaiiitii. Ci»»w«n, 
HaZABD * Oo. Pvpnetora. NMs-JTork. SuJ 

* «- 


SURE <;CRR for Epilppay or Fit* In 24 hSitn. ]>«« 
to poor. Dr. Kxuee. 2844 .^reenal St.. St. I^oois, Mo. 

Tt7'A?»TKl>— At. onre^an iBdiiBtrloua K«"ntlem«E 
♦ » or iaily to tea h Pliot».1 iii.)ii«'li>i(f. -.Uiro.-.- 
I'UOT<^K!>aMXUI(o I'linti.wito.. llaiaUio, T, ; , 

843Bd one Set. stsmp' for Ho&dajr^LLBT Tjinp.'wtOi 

S«n.l two 3c atMcps for Tbe Plctor.a; faasr tor I 

beiKl three 8«, Htmpa tor OfeCtMl^ ^ (Wt UtOi 

Send eiicht 3c atamps for Ho'ldsr Wl J<> .\« n'te, 1 :,C 

Fl.- urea; i-overtn color* 

To D. Loraaof t Co.. Tab's., J2 FraukUn St., Beaton 


XJ A TO ''*"<1 tWKtai for ri'ar.l ,.afalo«. 
Xl,Q.iXV Hair .Store. SS X 40 M juroe. 

Card Collt>clnrs -Haiid'^ome Mt of 'levraot Carda 
fbi 3 cent iiainp.. A. G.J3a«sxtt, Boclieatcr, N.Y, 



Buy at dealers' prices 
We will sell you anj 

quantity, at wholesare 
price. Notttetter what mmi want, • 
aendfbroufCataloguejfit^on- " 
tains over 1,900 illgSation*!? 
We carry in stock iTicIaFgekr 
variety of goods in the-U. S. 


227 Sc 229 Wabash Ave, 





I>oe* a lama bade or dlAorderod nrtae tndl- 
c«t< tU»l yon are a ncUin ' THUN DO NOT 
U£S:TATE| uae lUdacy Wort a: onop. (droc^ 
giiXM r^cotninsnd lUand It wUlapecdilr ever- 
uome the diaeaae and rcctci-e bealtUjr aotioa 
I oHlAC ^'^r comvlalsu peculiar 
■■flUls^Oe to your u»z, incli aa pola 
and wea kiit ai a a. Kldni>y-Won to aoauipaaead, 
aa It will act promptly and aafely. 

EltberBci. Incontinecee, reteottoa of arts*, 
brick I'.uatcr ropy dffpouls, and dull draacioa 
palnn, Bll(pc<>dily Tlrld to !'a curaUT* power. 
I> BOLD B7 AtX, iJUrOOlBTa. Prloe tl. 



A#"No matter wliatcanae.Euk, nervoua. ncnralaio, 
dyapeiitir. Wluch la Itt It cai be eSactiuUr n- 

/ OK.c.^.B EN son's 


fA/to uriu. cuR£fi£ADACHC'f*'^ «*w»/tk' 

^^^i^l^^""> DYSPEPSIA . 

raus'Mte sicmatupe oh tvcKf box. 

Ibey cootain uo ninum. rjuiMi.e, or otlter hanafol 
drag aad ary liii(tU.T recoinmendeg. 



la eompoaed of Uvrlinl una Uucilai^mous prod- 
ltet«,wMeU permeate the aabatanee of th* 

that cuileeta lu tUe Biuucblal 'i'ubca, and forma » 
aoothluy coatlny, wtiich rellevea tha ti^ 
ritatlOB that eauaes the eoagh. It claanaea 
the lanwsof *ll Impnrltiea, streai^theBa 
them erbea aAfe^bled hrdlaaaaeiinTifor- 
atea the elreolation of tbe blood, and braeea the 
nerrouR eyttem. Bliiiht colda eflen aad la 
coaenmptlon. Itiadanscrronetoaeglaet 
them. Appl|r the reined/ promptly. A 
teetof twentj jruori wurran's the a^i^rubo that 
no renaedT has ever been fonod that la a* 
nrompt iu iu effect* aa TUTTS IXPECTORANT. 
A slagle dose raises the phlr^ta, tnbdues 
iafliimm»tion, a:id its tMe ri>«edily rtiro tl;eino«l 
obetiaate ooug'h. A pleaa&at cordial, chil- 
dren take It readUv. For Croap it la 
UawdUkabte and aiiould be in erery family. 
Ia 39e. and 91 Bottlee. 




" i«pi " 


Curca IbtJle and fever, I>/S|<e 
Slok Headache, Bilious Colle, Coaaupa' 
tion, Rheaatattam, Piles, I'alpltatlen ol 
the Heart, Olzzlneea, Torpid I^lvcr, aad 
Female I ire y tt iarltlea. If yoa do not "lecl 
iMur7we;l,*'a aini^le pill at be.-!-lime atimulatcsUte 
■ -MHamaobj rriiture« 1 1'» n ppe'it«, imparta Tirortotba 


PK\."sIII\S *">» ■'■'•*'tirr% «n any (U<>««Ke. wonuc 
rt.Ar«ii^AO criajurr. »M»;^ii. wiKTs slI o».u i 
drea are anUtled. 'Mill!''ni An'roiinatvA. re* SI i. 
lacreaee pennona. l>oB::tv. !..>.*: (>«/ ana b' uoraMa 
dla.-bari.'ee procure,!. Now lu\\..i. S«u I itainp loi 
loatrjctinua sad buanly Ti We. N. ^v. r iTK«aaaU> * 
Co., Attomajra. Uox bU, Waataington. XX C. 

» a 

Item. Price. 9.1<-.' ' 3."> Murrajr »t.. IV.T. 




I «:.J t.n«D hiiT« them rrtnm airai'i. I ajtan a ra.i! 

, . ,J,!'STSJ"'"'' '■ • <li"««e "I riT9. KPri.EPhY 
LLtNCSlCI.MSsHal.folouf »ni<«» I varraslmi 
» to rnrn tba wrtt cues lt.«:aiJM i.ioa.i h«Tf 
latlad U BO raaaon for ant b»v rrr'tirlbe a car* b«Bda> 
03« for a traanaa and a rr-, BoTHa of ny InfaUlbU 
l'T^!^-,°*'". .SfP""*** ann l-^l oaee. It eaau yoi 
nvtUar for a trial, ar<l I irni , ara y.o 
iddraaa Pr. U. o KuoT. lu Paarl it.. Ke« left 

inis N. I. dinger, Ci^U 

Witr. S« r»t of Ati'.c.-fxta Vrea 
W .mr.i<;o ;/«r:«. ; Li;-.ii n.u-'.liiK 
Qiiit'*..,han^A'*ii.« aiift l'.,r-*i.i*. «i.*T.; 
oa t*n.t tr1:u pion Wu .-. o««lrc-.J- 

lanrpy ■*«•»• «>rc£.n»i « itu 

ItcDd.. It •IO|«. Ufcliai, . ..4 F-y:. 
Svt.-K'tn** fOtipUr t ..),<« a vrllt 
lillL$.''.»!tK,ia I ] m iK.f.l, . r,!Y *rj 
Jt'r*> a«>'^ I " I'ft ln»! I -:.. .1 V 
■Irfl. n««uit 

tnl>«, du 

O.i'a7IMaC0.,tfTbii:dar C»i<aC« 

W lr.&i 
rular. with leaUinu: 

W*w<na*j^ onr apWdiJ CRATON rOR. 

J-^ Incbea, OQ beary plme pap-r, aoJ w^h *1, 

•..' (ii..u^n, vu Ilea. 7 I'.atv |»ajj-r, aou WIW[ II 7 | , 

FRKK to any n«r»oo wbo wiU s>>n<l as 'brif B.UBa 
aad •adoaa 6c In ataoipa to pay raiora pvataga 







► M ,ii I ,.- ,v,.r'd lor K5]f Dma ALL Kr.^,* 


W ■f,M.\Ti:i!IAt..DrjK-Bi-.t«*.yiu. CETth« 

YOUNO MEN W.ywiwiJrtolean»Tele»riph»m 
altaatlon. addreae > alentlne Uroa.. JaL,e-Tilla. Wi* 

Join B. Pane & Ssi ! 


poi'LTnr. i»A»rE, 
f; ua. LTc. 103 

"ark I'lacr. N. y. 

For iaf ormatioQ aad 
iu.'.p* of lliaaonrL 
Kaiuas, Akansaa aita 
1'euifl, wnte lo E. 
H. Bmib. 46 CUtk 
Ktre t, ( h'cago. 


E\IC WAIKK. Tliia article la a .arwhilly prt-parfJ 
pbralclan'a prpa.T ininn an.l baa lie.-ii id coii.taut 
nae f..r iifurly a reiitury, and not* tbitaiKl m ibe 
mai.y otber preparations thai have limi IntmiliKt-d 
Into ibe market, the aaleof tlila article ia <'otuitaiitiy 
looreaaloar. If tbe dlrwtlona are follow nl, it wl.l 
iievrr fall. We partlcuUrlr iUTite tbe atieotlun «jf 
pUyaldana to Ita merita. 

JOlUf L. THO.\U>SO!<. 80^8 A CO., 

Troy, X. Y. 


I bave a ic.fiuve rpm«^ly tor the atjOT* (Uie»ii> ; bjr 
Ke aae tb<>u«auda of > axtra of itir wnrft ktiil as4 of 
l<'.iic slauJintir bive l>e«D cured iDil^w.i, ao airmt ts 
.iiy faitb lu ita ciBcacy. that 1 wli! a^ii.! Two Ii.jttlbi 
t^lK. tOkfther wliii a VALrauiR TucaTiiic o» this 
llarase, to any auffaror. nxrv Kxprea^ aiid 1* O. ai^ 
•Ijvaa. l.R T A. M.<M l'»r. 

181 iv«ri atreei, Nrw ^jirk. 


to 45 biihbMk prr acre. 
J e »■ lota'tS')^ eijornxiue 

White nil 
'laii Ost<, 
DOthljglikeit. AlllaTiaiinJUardru 
Send lor eataloeup It wtll pty you. Jou: 
ZUt. La Croaae, Wla. 

A. bAi^ 


I Hat • Ft* <ll<hect fr-m •> • alka% 

I Balila c«titcr, aila^tjllM.Vioail 

EitaieB •! tea ^aJf. »hAt tha 
al l< a Iba np ^raaaaa tack Iba 
laiaaOBeeJaai aa a pervo a fvo Q 14 
*kk tka riaear. \^ ni lliki 
fraKOff* t be tU-T ..*k '.I h»Il wi^vUa 

laiiiialikt aa< 1 n1Wi " Itta aa»j, rtaiiala 

IM akaafTaaat by aaU. Ckri,lan fm. 

SOaLESiOa TfilltS CO.. GUcacOw Qle 


X VVyV I J M£<HAMcs aad Ma.vo 
rACI%'RKRA wriU ?. 4^ 
DRAPER * CO., 83 Eaal Tlurdatreet. Ht Paul. M!nK 
for their niaatrat.'d Catalonia for l-<v2 _, book rt 
1»1 pagea. «lTle» pncea and Ulaatratjoof of etery mhJ 
koouu to m<«lamnjc.hafi)«m. br&ilr Peb. 1. Bafid 
a.^ aod Meohanua will aare dm* aud mouoy by c«r; 
fspnodiag with thla leadlna fccmaa ta tovU aa4 
bmiilara" bardware. Band « oecu lo lUi^aa. 

ClOM l.i Ol 

ilip Mciihh: 

I iti**)iii^'<i ii'„ 
^r»rir>.|i<jiii linifo'iii'' i- ri >Mii..t,i/n, ,1< iK a;tiii!ii. 



Jliii"- .,11' r. t'lcf -r , fct lti**)lli^'<l II',,', (,.«', . ' '''^.l.lMt 

ta' II 'iicrnlNT Kt'I.. I 
' nrj. IU*iH«rUi Mill a,-«U'> . . 
Miil''3 |»ililtliari-liiil<lrr> Imi'k II 
i'MnI Dirtf iiii'ii'lis, ^*i" * " 

(I 1 i,i:,'!ii.' Il crj,il.i:..| tlie 

l<ikl.M>ilM- rO't H' WllUI. 

Ill-) (/I f»ii4Hx fr. 
Ilmr iiii-ii'lis, »'ii! Iravii.t; un,;in:i. mill ni <>>i<tcin^ 
'jini,i-y In Club. I ir rrfiiri,4<l «iiim nuiUil Mih. u^f )i'f '-icUa 
Kl{il;iiiaii>r) clri'iilHraaci41ii'«. l4:Ujli)i'C>,ri> >i" i,'!rai| 
waiifrtl rvrryxlii'ir U V K e<i i * i.i. A, Co., 

CUin'U MlbU.. 177 A 'i'-'l I I S;li:n M., CUli->0>i, iLU 



For Two Tears wlli bay t^ 1«M4 

atyle of "' » 


ORGAN ! - ^ 

Two full aeU of re*!?, 7 ston«. knee awjll sb<? 
fall oreaji. Bvat Ori;ta '.n tbe wurid. 


"fl FAMILY immi 

Two Dolkrs. •■ U « \^. 

.Sold by all Nrwa^t-alrra and F»«lmaiil<M>a 
S«D<I Twenty Onta fur a Speriii'eti Copy te 
W. JENM.Vfi<j DK.MOCKST, I'ulilUhar. 11 
Eaat Fonrtevnth gtrMst. New York. 

Vf Tlio Haw Tolnmr ( 1 0| n.inniaaoaa wttK 
NovetnlMW. Head FIFTY CKNTH fi.r thra* 
iDonllia; It will aatJafy yoo tbat yoa raa auh> 
ecrllM Two lioUbra lor a yanr aad sat taa ' 
Uaaaa Its value. 

Haealth is Wealth) 

Da. B. O. Waafa Na^^Ti awn Baaia I'kaanmrt; 
tap«r1SerorHyat«r(a. L>irr.iseaai''uaTu:»i"U4, N«i?«i 
Baadai-be, Mental lieprcar^lbS. L/im afMrtii 
itorrljuta. ImpotsBcT, lnvol»cUry"lii.)«-,i ■-»»»>. 
ture Uld Aye, canaed hj tfrrt-tiiMt'j'i. rcii-abaa^ ad 
ST«r :n<lulKence, which Iea4a to ml»«-'y, >!«. at tio4 
daalb One b«I will cure rarenl caw's La<.L baS 
wutamaooe nioLtir. traatmaut OLa dollar a l>ox. uf 
.il l>-jieii fur five dollara ; a«at by luall ir-i-a.'^ "a rr 
'wil't of price. Waiiuar>iilpealSbeua:v> urr aiif <aaa 
Wlib ea<'b ciJer reri-nad ttf aa for alx t«<xea a. r.'Bf 
>aal«d witb Ihre dollaia, we wifl aand ibe I'ur.liaaef 
>'ir wnttnn KuaranlaataiaiaraweKi!i>eylt il>a Irea^ 
■tiant d'laa nut effect a «■!•. Oua'-aateaa lea»*<l by 
IjLUbie * OU, VnggtAA. Third e«r— l.>af aaS '' M»a' 
tba. St. y*vi, Mioa. OidaM ky mA srth ja>JM 
yreiBpt •Maatlea. 






ar^ ^fBrr MMXt ^V alenboliszB. OpIum }UX, 
■aaitnal Waakmwa fiB , 

Bleed Ulaaaaaa. ToCH* 
(yaMo, lawyara Iukt- 
arylieB. MwrSiaate. 
Baakara, Ladiae ane aC 
whoee eedaotary as. 
ptoyiaeBt eeoaee Bar* 
ees ProatraMua, Irrafo 
larltlea ot (ba Ueod. 
elameiRh. l>owr;a m 
KMaeya, er who ra 
fnlre a tmm tonic, ap- 

la laraloaMe Tbuua 
.anda prucUls H tka 
liaeat woaOarfiil lfi'l« 

•rant tliat *T»raa>i^» 
led (be aloMnf ay.T..<aa 
'yor aala kiy aU imm 

Tm DK.^ a. RicRHOin iirDtoaL ro.. 

Bale P*werlr(*ra. Mt Jawpk, V* 


^ } 

^w NCVU FAILS. _^; 









~ When irritinglo"3rertr^rrpl«aw«F j«^ ^4 
SBW Uteii advotijafDMitin Uiia*p«|i«r. 

•^ MSaiL 








New Year 

-•^ -- IT!' Win mn 





Merry ChristniAS. 

With tills issue of the Hxbald 

z •• 


At her home in C'liauhasieu towu 
linaeapolb & St. Lonis R. R. wj wish each ani erery one of onr ! 'l^ip. Sunday, Deo, 10th 1S82, 

readers a Merry Lhristmaa! 

Zrr V -^ 

. iif.. 

«^^ \al^^ 

■' " """ !>. -, 

-A T- 



hasea, . . 


\ ~'-^" 1 XtflT Year Ball will ho gircn 

.: Ciinrnrilj* Hall on tlic fVfn 

/ . D-c. 80»h IgS'J. Tho Mil :.'.-;;po« 

1 (. ilv B»B(1, sne of ibo On»sf in tli- 

*i*. will lurniah muiie f«r ti>« ooeaaiv ., 

tviiJtring fom* of ihoir oli'iirwvt 

•^ "^ Juriig iho kftj-nn- >!i ■' n <■ 

. ■ ni ilotcl. Rfnnrmt»r »li. f '■'.",•. 


•>Q should all avail your.-e:T.-« ;>f iVn^ 
rirs'ogc af hearing now* nf '^- fl- • 
•'*-i'^ »Ttr heard in Ch»»k». 

i n. i>. -'■ . ■ ^ • I 

LAST. •^;;". 

PrHght 5:::il k. n. \ I'- 'b' Crvn m. 

•i., il.» I !•«'•••:>•/•-'■ 'i^ •' > 

Pu»«-«n^r 3:»7 p. m. I Kr^iKlJt 7:<»P w. 

rr.-i«hl «:.V> Uo | fle »:&• ilO 


ior Utt. r Titil Coanty. 
I»«onaH K'"»<hnfn, took his de- 
P liare fcr hi« new hone, near 
? rliam, Ot.t-?r Tail '\„ last Tues- 
lUiV. i{* roctntlr bought a farm 
tl fre .f !:?!> ,.n«»^ of Jticob May, 
and wrill immeliitriy move upon 
tie same. Mr. Kn*»Knen h.isutnny 
fr.end.s in this comuit who rrg'-r-t 


the advanced age of 74 years. Eli- 
zabeth Smith, mother of Sherman 
and Alexander Smith. 

She leaves many mourning her 
death, and the surviving relatives 
have the sympathy of a large circle 
of friends in their bcrevement. 




Christmas Festivals. 

The Moravian Sunday School 
VI ill deaf their scholars to a 

Splendid Sleighing. 

It wi!I soon bo 1883. 

IJiifiiuess in very goo-I. 

.Any -jnaiitity of wood. 

^v.y up 3'our List yrsrs .■•ub.scrip- 

All kinds of rr,itt« ^ i^Iovp.h at. 
cr.nt, iit Kiprstettol's hiirness shop. 

For fi:'>t>d draining iiU\ go to 
Gitgg k GriswolH'i brick vnrd. bee 
N«»tiee! a-^d. 

Oar Polle«tiBg aj'ent, Mr. Moesh- I John DoU. is at work jutting 
: iakMik<i£«y tifis i\-e»»k nad ' up Frank Eiseles new building. 
.; nt,\\ apsn etch ote of our d*- \ big nssortment of horse Mi'uk- 

"Christmas Tree Festival" on Sun- 
hjs departure, but »■. tiie same tiaiv | d;«y orchristraas ere. The 
wish him nuccess in bis new hooie. [ maii;»t;en-ont of the afiair is in the 

bandit of a good committee and the 
little ones can look forward to a 
big time. 

The German Sunday School 
have also son»ethin«5 grand on the 
board lor the childj-eu of their 
school. The entertainment will 
take place at the churrh on Satur- 
da3' evening Dec 23d. 

u««eHt suHviriber:^ wirhin a short 
'• '. B« rfisf:y to par up. 

Our Chaska & thanhasso n 


'•V*e will call upon you for sub [ 
: ipliou next week, and hope every ! 
•• ii'iijont subscriber will be ready 
■ ay up to New Year. Mr. Moes- 

1 !■ r, i* our only accredited agent 
.vl i- duly authorised to receij r 

* subscription. 


- i.x, for sale at cos*: at Bierstettel's 
I'^-neis shop. 

(usf or Tt-ipel, ha=* piuv.hased the 
frame "ulMcm opposite F-ibors store, 
and will rim it hereafter. Succens 

Ltidies Cloaks and Dolmans given 
away You will think so if you ask 

for prices at 

Reicliow & Edcr. 

Tl e n.-xt big cattle fair, will 
take place in Cliaska <m Saturnay, 
December 30th. 

Peter litis big dance, will take 

All i>«*rsona indepted to the un 

•r ii;n»'d are hereby notitied to i plat^e on Saturday evening Dec 30, 
till and f'-ttle the same on or be- 
.-• December itJ.tii 1882, or thoy 
^il be collected by law. 

Sidwell's Oche^*tra has been engag- 
ed to furnish the music on that oc- 
I CMsion. 

ha-ka Dec. 13th 1882. 


:> Orrtri at KeiJiToe«1 r«U»>, Mlnu. t 
l>i'< riub«r 14. IMiI. { 

ro:i>al« h*r«l'7 girtn that the foll-iwiny 
. ; [untl^r hat tll«d notica of hi« Intuntion 

>.iikv Onal proof in support of hi* claim. 
t!uit Mid proof will b«- nude l)»-fore the 

Be sure and buy an over coat 
l.flovr cost. Your money cannot 
V)o better invoHtfd at 

Kttichuw k Eder. 

W. C. Brcdcnhagen of Carver, 

>'ew Livery Stable. 

Messrs., Reckinger & White, 
proprietors of the new Livery Sta- 
ble, in this village, advertise in 
tl is issue of the HBi'..i.i.i) and we 
c 11 attantion to their card in 
another column. They say they 
have new horses, new buggies, 
ri»b«s tc, and re-spectfully invite 
the attcuiion «f the public t» ttie 
8> me and re<jueat a share uf the 
public patronage. ^ 


^lli: AT MARKET 




dl9F8 Cliarles Gehl 




Rudolph Bros., 

Kelt door to Merchants Hotel. 

^.'on^thntly Ver^oti l^i't) .11 kii-da a 
fc-td. Mucl) at. (.»sii«, Ctrn, Brrni & fekf«ri!t 
iScro-nmp*. Oil tn»nl Jcc. Alao choie^ 
hrMiiilM of fl iir, lioitwl o-rn ncal, l.u«ks 
whent flMiir .tc" Will n>|l at bottom 
pricps fMr cuah Givr hk » r.»\\ 


CU.\SKi, ^ - MIKN. 
Always kMp vn kaD4 Fraah BMf , Pfk, lint- 
ton. CaiB«4 Beef, R.m, Baiuke^ taHeac*. 

r)rJed B»«f. Lard, *c. 
frahop So4 street . Jly It ij II. 

Christmat Tr«ef. 

Remember and go to Eder's 
znT, for your Christmas trees, 
h ts a large variety on hand. 


Christmas Presentn. 

By the million at Edcr's Bazar. 
Everything suitable for a Christ- 
mas present, costing from lets 
tl $10. Call and s«a his elegant 
at ock. 

m of loiirt i.f Carver couuty st thecountr ; reioiccs over the arrival ot a young 

4 . n WiSilnrii'liijr. Jau. 31. li"**, via; I'etor M , "^ , , • - i • i- i l." • 

T.M D, Noavitend en:ry.No 1243. for tho i .■'on and hcii' ill lutf t.imilV On r ri- 
<t '. i»f Pomhwent »4"rSoe«, T. IIS. RS8. , , , ti- t' i * 1 

(* naoicK the fellnwin^f ^Ittuosvra tf> pmre 
Loatmuoua realJeuet- iip<>a, and eultlva- 
i r. talJ laud. Tli: Dlcdrlcb KMhlmanii, 
•■: Kacaantlii, I'hrlat Iloucrau'l y"rM>-rii'k 
'>«fe. a!: of Yt'URg Ai(i«rk-n,Car><>i- Cu. 
W M . F. L. C S N IXiTO.y. 



.:';ery stable 

day last. We congmtulate, al- 
though w.' havent had the cigars 

V5 ccnt.v for \vheat nt the Eleva 
tor (;haska. Bring in your aur 

A T 




FiCRioy.iL. — Louis Karls and Ed. 
8oyle. of Hollywood, dropped in 
to see us last Satardry. 

Gottlieb Radd.', our old friend 

from Waconia, called in to see us 

rt> w.,au m-pcc'fui'j inf.,r;n M:e ;.u!.!i- thi«f j last Saturday, whilo in town on 


Geo. N. Houghton, cam* in from 
Wacrmia to spend the Sabbath 
with his Chaska friends. 

.John Beierstettle and wife, re- 
cently of Jordan, has moved into 
his rcsidt nee in this village, and 
can hereafter be found duirng bu- 
siness hours at his hiirnesH store 
opposite the National irotel. 

Ladies Work Boxes. 

Ladies work boxes and dressing 
eases are simply magnificent, range- 
ing in prices from 25 ceuts to $5. 

< h<*« •^FSvd a aaw iirrry aiabla at Cbatk» 
li ar« ))rvpareJ ti> ftiroifh lingle <>r duabl* 
k«* at Ike Uwest I-viag |iricM. ^fe L%vt 
T^tkiog estiralj aew, anU earn gnaraatec 




7 AT 



All tJiose indebted to the under- 
«'N«d will pleaao call and settle at 
i<e with John Bierstettle, Chaska, at "th e drug 
all accounts not settled on or 
^{ore January 10th next will be 
.lloctcd by law. Prompt pay- 
•^ut will save costs. 
Jordan, Doc. 11th 1883. 



Childreis Toys. 

Toys for the thousands of all de- 
scription, at the drug store. 



Biirthrt Bros. 

lippiitit»;Oe»JrickyW cent stor*. 

W—\, Bair and Husk Mat 

troMMB, Wool 7illOW8, 

k%. kt. 

I R«j^«in«rTr«Bip]7aU4]it«<!t«. Allwvrk 
i«raa*««d., and oh&r|r«« raaaonabl*. 


Ha.<t made his headquarters this 
year at Eder's Bazar, and if you 
d<Mibt it, just step in and see his 
immense stock of Holiday goods. 
He has everything imaginable in 
the line of toys, cards. mni«ical in- 
struments, books, dolls, wagons, 
sleighs, eandies, nuts and thousand 
other things to numerous too men- 

Cord Wood. 

Owing to the fact that the H. & 
D. Railroad company is not buying 
wood this winter in this county, 
tho price has dropped somewhat in 
tl is market, owing to the imaiense 
quantity being marketed. Wood 
ccmes to this market from Water- 
town township, Waconia, Chau- 
hiissen, Luketown, Dahlgren and 
B*nton, and the receipts havn av- 
•laged over 200 cords per d.iy every 
dii.y since the sleighing was goo<l. 
Tac cash quotations for wood, as 
wi go to press are as follows : 

Dry M.^.ple 
tilreen Maple 
White Oak 




Ouryonng friend F. Xavier Ker- 
ktr, son of John Kerker, of this 
village, was married last week to 
Miss Nichols of Minneapolis. The 
many friends of tho 3'oung couple 
in this village extend thom their 
hrarty congratulations. 

Young Amcrira. 

Newton J. Bray will turn his 
attention to a paying investment 
during the winter, insteitd of teach- 

Late public examination of teach- 
ers at Norwood, was attended by 
eight gentleman teachers and six 
lady teachers, fourteen in all, best 
attended of all of theexamiaations. 
Chaska had 13. 

Silas Cole, Esq., threshwl 348 
Oats and 302 wheat, all no 1 grain. 

Mr. Heckmau built himself n 
finely painted barn and granary, 

Nathanial Cole, Esq., has erect- 
ed a solid and well built gran;;ry. 

C. 0. Woodrufi raised potatoes 
weighing over a lb each. 

The Norwood rorr., to "Glencoe 
Register," reports Norwood great- 
ly improved in its morals. Sund«y 
Much more quiet thnn was woni 
to be the case. R. 

Waeoiiia Cattle Fair. 

The next regular Wuconia 
monthly Cattle Fair, will be J eH 
in that village on Tuesday, De- 
cember 2fith. The enterprising ei- 
tizenfi of that village have offf^red 
extra inducements to buyers and 
sellers in the way of premiums &c., 
and we expect that they will draw 
a large attendance of farmers from 
all parts of thp rounty. Remember 
the dav. Tuesdav Dec. 2tUh. 

Linenfelsier & Faber, are 
selling at bed rock prices. 


Haste, Traveler, Haste! 

Or you will get left in tlie 
scramble for 



"W^e have once more niaxJe 
sweeping reductions on 



WkMleMl« * Hetalt D««4trin 

.. Ji^REs, Lprs t Cigars, 


I am ••« vreyaMl M **\\ to the tr<«« the 

i,««<f«*t wtaea. U-joera an* elr»r»»taB"< below 
t Paul and MUaneapoMH prtees. 


Sfltool Cloxfd. 

Mr. Albert Lano, teacher of Dist- 
rict no 15, Chanhassen, has closed 
his school, on account of the pre- 
vailing of diphtheria in his district. 
School will not be re-opened until 
Tuesday. January 3d 1R83. Other 
teachers in whose districts diph- 
theria is epidemic should follow 
this example, as it is the only way 
to stop the spread of this dread dis- 

j3oots k Shoes. 

I have a large stock of winter 
boots and shoes on hand, which I 
will sell at cost. Also a splendid 
assortment of children! and ladies 
shoos, cheap for cash. Call aad 
examine my stock. 


of all kinds. It ninst go with- 
out fail. Don't forget the place, 
as our assortment and prices 
are unparalelled in tlie countj 

Each department filled (o Wk utmost capacily with 

WB^ Fin ST €M0XCJii 

The Krgest stock of 

Christmas Presents, 
Birthday Presents, 
Wedding Presents, 
Presents for the Million f 


Jew i:liiy, 

Watches, Clooks. 

KTC. arc. 

Li'i^ "imi i\. 

— 0— 

MiMHg h ».';rplg~ «l.»i;k <»f jpweiry «>f 
all kiM<1i«,'ii.oUKiiii{, wrtcliv., cirtvkx X«. 
an4 vi^h'tif t.- i4ii'|>i.>..; of tbe kxin* W 
f'trv ;|i« ol<<av iif }h« Holi'liiy araaea, I 
k>-reWy *W<tr mt entire ■ImkIc f<ir kule at 
rrtai «l 1'ni.l Pf>r»H, gntranteeing all 
eiiM><ii tn U« aa reprraantrd. All tUukv 
• Kp«<.'tiii( a *'U'g liu^jftiii" ■iliHuliI call •111 
Me Wf«»r» piircK'<»''«n ••l«»'whrrr. 

iteienvit lUor t.. \\rs F. S4li<r. !.•«;• 
<Hi.i Btr»«t. LIT* IKN DLVfON. 

Chaska House, 



Tkis honae Is th«ro«rklT taiik«4. Md 

c,ff era th« beat ;*cooii.m.-.dutioBa fcr 'keav4 


And for the Traveling \\\h. 




JBllllGtrci -EicXll ! 

ttr The beat of Bwr, Liquc/rir, *lBe« «ud 
etirarN, coBitaDtiy kepti^n band. 

Chaska, Minn. 


'tar Assortment is flreat, Our M is lainidise, 

Oiir Prices Marvcloosly Low, (lyr (}iialily is of the Rest, 

We assure you Satisfaction. 

Linenfelser & Faber. 


BKICK and >5T0N'E 


Chaska, - - M nn. 

Will do all work iti tViair line eithar by 
rostraci or by the d.y, at luweat livinj» 



Li K 




Tinware, Stovei, Farmers 
anil 0aTi)enter8* Toolg. 

AUo JLgeul f«r Reliable 
Xnsnrance CompHiiies^ 


Oeira in IIiTiild Kin. k. Oiaaki.. Uiitn. 
OfBaekourtO— lla.n.&S-4 p. ■. 

ij^?in ^trouT?:ctsSa 

CaW/fna, - MiiiH. 

fhjr^l ft,>i!l SIiha J\f:ik<*r. 

SW^^^airin? a»at!y <!o«a. 'fi^t'9^&0. 

Portifie Saw 

Tha undtrsifncd will hav^ th»ir pnrts 
ahle »aw mill running at Ihr pUe« nf C. 
Kr«'nsi'htii>hcl. IlfOtnn afl»r Dar. lOiJi, 
1882. ar.d Utrr in tli» kOM^on at thi- placi* 
of J.«hH .Suinhagen, ^Ta,:onift. Fariiiera. 
Iiriii;;: in y^ur Injrs we gurasitrr satisfac- 

lioii »iLi:»:u k JoiiNsox. 













For Jnspectioii and "ale at 

Mrs. H. Younf. ^J- 



— , -!f^V 

HLj Entire Stock of 

Ceneral HerckiUse 

95 Ceuts For Wheat. 

Seef«r, at theelerator, is pagriac 
95 cent per bushel for wheat. Thia 
is fully 10 cents nbore its present 
market value. 

is offered 

lolm E. Holm. 

■ Ka.^pt OB ha«« ••BStautlr aUrfC slock of 

General Merohandise, 

Boots & Blioet 9l 


^imt kMfe ••• •< ^* ^**^ funil»ka4 

SUOflNS iN '•»«'''^. 

cfMiT) Arrr.MiiODATio.v8 r>B 


Attention £. A. V. 

There will be an important busi- 
ness meeting of the E^aitable Aid 
Union, at their Hall in Chaska on 
Friday ereninjt, Dee 22. Erery 
member is requested to be present. 
r. P. SEEGER, Secty. 

F. E. DU TOIT. Prea. 

Slites! Shoes! I 
A large line of winder shcee 
F. P. Seegers at cost. 

Wb#at 95 

cents t" day in thii 



Sale will continue as long as 
Stock lasts. 

All kinds of grain taken 
at t ash prices in ezckange 



Among the speciallies are Alhums, and Autograph Albnius* 

Flower Tases, a large a^kortment of ToHct Articles. 

JewelcaseSf with a lar^c iHToice of Roll PIkte Jewelry. 

Decorated China and Ulass Ware. 

Violins, Acordeous tc. 

A larsp Assnrtmoni (»f Cliildreuft' Picture ami Story Books, both 
Engli(«h and <f<f^wan. 

All kiudiii ami «ize« ©1 i.adit>((* Satchels and Trareling Taliseia. 
Boautffnli>»old ppn«i and Ink. Stand*. 
Perfumeries, Scrap Books, Writinj; Detka ef all alsti. 
Scrap Pa^ema, Children'«Sleigh&and Doll Carriages. 
A nice M of Wax Dolls. Also all kiads of Children^: X^i 

Special Attention is called to wj large Assortnwiti of 





A valuable prese .t will be 
who buys one dollars worth of 

iveu to everypersoii 

Come one, come all, ard conrince yonrself of the great bargain^ offered to yon. 

Very Retipectfully 

Gottlieb Eder, 











mw^^^^-^ m "III"! ■■ 


■ aw. ^ 






Vol. XXL-No. 8. 

Chaska, MiiTiT., Thursday, De:embee 28, 1882. 


Whole No. 1048. 




Tb« ttndi'rsiirned has c><nsti(iitly on hand a 
full line of furniture and unU uiidertHk»rr!< 
arterial., whi.h will be sold cheap /or cu«h. 
2f«w work luid repairiuy done tu order. 

JOHN Doi:.s. 


T'loiiriiig Mills 

J. G. EITEL. Prcpr. 


Mht Sullies Wuxnl'b. 




Retractions seem to be the 

PubH»h«d every Tbursdny by . i .• 

A. L. and F. E. DU t 1 T, ''"^;'' ^'*^^**^°- 

E.litor.s and Publishers. ] Nick l?i ill thinks that the place 

^ that awaits him is very finely ar- 

If you want a goo'l square meal, I 
go to the Sherman House. Mrs. . 
Maiser is a first class cotk. j 

Jno. Bitzer has returned homo 

Eake Resort! 

The un49r«iKn*d in pr«parpd to do cu.fom 
•Work at kin mil! »nd (riirantP*- njitii«l.-»"lii.n. 
JtTury f«*i«»rwho brings flour to tlii» milliniiy 
b«aakur«d Ibst h« can have flour froiii hi-< 
OWN WHKAT. r»rmor. wlshinn to px.hjiiijrt: 
tb««ir wheat forCournr Irtdcaii h« a<«-<.irirr..>- 
'daterl. A full line of the choiceHt brnndi* ot 
l«ur alwar* oa hand. .\l't> t>ran and sliortH. 
' J. G. tilEl.. 


Treasurer— Peter Wecgo. 

Auditor— L. Streuken^. 

KoKlsterof Deed* -F. Qreiner. 

Slipriff r. E. liu Toit. 

Clerk of tfourt— fj. Krayeubulil. 

Attonit'y -W.C. Ode'.l. 

Surveyor— J. O. Uniniii"". 

Judg'cof Probatp— Julius Schiller. 

Sclio«l Superintendent — P. A. N. >'rey«n». 

CV»r«ner— W. P. Cash. 

Court Commissioner -J. Aekormiin. 

Uounty Coiuniisi'loners— Kobt. I attersoa, 
Chairuiuu. Geo. KiiKler, E K. Han ison. II. 
Puuisou nutlJacobXruwi.'. 

time. two music h 

^Vk uisli our 
Now Year. 



ors a 


LiA^ery Stal)le, 



'Will also attend lo Auctions in 
il Pari* of the Countj, at KoBonaWe 



Chaska, Mian- 
Ofllee at UTa.sliington Hotel. 


On account (;f ilio holidiys we' 
are a little behind time wUh our 
issue this week. 

Oru State Legi.-^lature niei tsnext 
week. We will publish the ofricei.<» 
of the House in our r.ext i.ssue. 


— :0:— 
Tkia aaw hotel, will b« open for aceom 
•dlatioB of trarelera 

SEPTEMBJSn, 1, 1S80. 
id is eitaated nearly opposite th« Court 







CHASCA, ; : 




Also Agent for the Cortlantl, New Yark 

Of I have a eupply of Lnn-.ber TVagoas, 
SHil 8ia|rleWa;oBa »b band of my own laakc 
wkioh I will eoll as ckeap as the ahenpcst 
waxrantad to be flrat clasa in ercry respect. 

I am aia« af ant for the eelebrated C«rt- 
laad. Naw York Platform ^prinu Bnggy 
]«at tka thinf far family nso. vrhiah I wil, 
■•U very eheap and warrant. 

Skap abere Bartker* Saloon. 


Jtsfail Dealer in 

•■▲•KA. • - MiNi'7. 

fgf I kar* o^B»d oat a apleadid stosrk -ot 
flte«t««k7 wbieh I wUl retaU by the 
igmUmm, atwkalMai* priees. 

The civil .sorvice bill of J'enator 
Pendleton, has occupied the atten- 
tion of the U. S. Senate for some 
days past. 

TIic tMo cases -gainst Dr. T, Small 
of Kxcelsior, for malpractice, was 
dismissed by Judge Lochren yester- 

OlR State Legiidature meet^ in St. 
i'aiil, on Tuesday, January '.id. It 
is safe to ^ay that very little work 
will be doirc until after the eection 
ofalJ. S. Senator. The iession 
will be an important one. 

Confectionery Store and 



TuERK is some talk of the for- 
mat itm of a combination of all 
members of the Legislature oppos- 
ed to the re-election of Wimlom to 
the Senate. We hardly thii k they 
will succeed in stjcuring the neces- 
sary number. 

The leading democrats of JIlcLeod 
County, have subscribed a sufR- 
cieiit aninimt cf money to establish 
ft cla.>s democratic pajicr at 
Glencoe. We wish the new organ 

Tub Ulencoe Enterprise says it 
i.*< rHUKaed that 3Iaj Strait is an as- 
pirant fur the Governorship. We 
hardly credit the report, because 
Maj Strait mu.<<t be aware of the 
fact that (Jt/V. Iluhh;ii(I has juadea 
very creditable record in adiiister- 
iug the affairs of the State thss far, 
and shor.M If ..'ntitled to a rvelec- 
tion. It ii t ii.stumary to award a 
faithful oftic r a st'cond tern', and 
no excepti(.u should be ixi dc in 
Gov. nub:>ards case as he is worthy 
of the lit iior. 

WEpubli.-ih the prospcc us of 

the St. Paul Globe in this ):4sue of 

the Herald. The weekly Globe 

, is a large eight pngo paper, and is 

j clubbed with the Hskald at the 

low jirice of $2.25 per year, 
I The Daily Globe has been en- 
^ l.'irged and impruved andnov. ranks 
with the Chicago dalies. It issueji 
seven pnpcrs per week, snd with 
its own special wires to the t astern 
news centers, ranks with tl o best ! 
edited and conducted metropolitan 
•Journals. See prospectus. 



I respectfully notify my friends that I 
have o|.«iied up a lir.-t class .saloon in my 
new huil.iing on fir.>,t street new building 
new bar, new fivturrs- will be plcosid to 
see all my old frieids snd make new ones, 

from Ohio, where he has been visi- : '' "">'. ''"'*-'. '^''"; '"^^^,."' '"l""'^ *'"*"« 
1- , .. , e- 1 /. , • '•*■«»■ '■'oST'' Ac, only will bo handed over 

ting relatives and friends of his the bar. Lunch can be served ai any 

He reports a pleasant ''""''' bif)uors by ihequaiUily will be 

j Sold trt funnurs ns olifa[) as it t;.Tn be wb- 
tained anywhere, rarmir.s come, and if 

..ri'nrr f..l1«.,. ' ^°" ""'^ whiskey f jt harve? ling, Ihrtsh- 
... , , "»"^,^ i*-"0*^ ] in;r. or private coma an<l try ihe 

Citizens, wJio chann the inmates of! "Wild Uuichmaa" Free lunch iVoci 10 to 
the Lake House, with their fincdu-i ^"' 
et:-i, will dissolve partnership when 
the cashier returns. 

Those persons engaged in filling 
h(de3 made in silver coin, l)y the of lead or putty, are not con- 
sidered strictly honest and will 
need to bo on the alert in the fu- 
ture, for our eyes have been opened, j 

A number of Sunday school' T wiil 1 rcspcctfttlly inform the puMic 
workers met at the school hou^e ! l''"^ ' '","" "'":""' * ^''^"■, "'"• T^"''^ 

Q - ' """■'- lio-iery store at niv new pi.rc m W aco- 

nunday afternoon, for the purpose i nit, and crn.«.tanlly keep on band a largo 

of organizing a Union J;, uidav '*"'"''* '^' '^*^"''"'""*'"'*'' ''"'■'^' ^'*'^^''' "'"' 
school. The house was packed to 
its utmost capacity and all .seemed 
enger to engage in the cause. A 
chapter was read and a few songs 
sung, after Avhich eight or ten cla-s- 
ses were anaiiged and to.-ichers ap- 
pointed. Mrs. Campbell a.ssistcd 
by Enoch Broberg, Esq., took the 
lead, with the help of quite a num- 
ber of ladies of the jdaee. The 
next meeting will bu h.dd the Sab- 
bath before New Year at 3 o'clock 
p. ni. 

A large party of ladies and gen- 
tlemen from Chaska,« over 
for a sleigh ride and oyster supper 
at the Lake House last Tuesday 
evening. They had a sjdeadid 
time and ex})ressed them.selve.? a.s 
highly pleased with mine host and 
hostess" of the Lake House, for 
courtesies extended. 

Caspar Spiesj '''■ ""-J^^^' 



Kpop.s constantly on hand and will sell as 
cheiipas the ehfupwst 


HATS, CAPS, FIKS, &c., &e. 

.-. n im.y ^ t Under N icollet House 

PUstor Paris, reiiient. Plaster- 
in? Hair, ('liaska Kritk. , .-.„_„ , 

I" k1*.> reridv to c.fjjiaet for brick or stone DKENNEN, STARK & EVERETT 

crackers, t<;l.;iceo-i and cigarjs, pipc« ic. 
Luiicii at wll hours of the lar. 

0'. A. li/tiNECKK. 

a merry 

iH-uler ill 

Jeweriy, Waklies, (loek^, 

SEWING M.\C1IINES, &c., &c., 
Waroiila, Minn. 

Repairing of Walch'-s, Clocks, Jewelry 
ot(!. a spciially. Sali.-.ract!nn puJirntilced. 
Will Sttll all p;o(.(l^! in my line cheaper 
than any Imtisc in iho county, quality 
con5idered. It will p:>v you to examine 
good.s and ask prices. P. Ha-nnbepc!, 



Roller Mill, 

T*aBg America, - Minu. 

Baat grade* of granulated roller flour 
«■ wall •• Straight Fawily XXXX Flour 
flh«rt*, Wa« and feed alarays on himl, and 
M^ ^\0 «r axehanged for wheat. We 

Qtm, Rje and Bnckwhcat 

^ friiay »«i iatiirday ©f crery week. 




Billiard Hall 


Sani els & White 


* Ifa w««ld reapectfuUy inform the pub- 
lie that we have lately opened a flr.^t 
«IaM saloon and billiard hall, and cons 
Mcnstantly keep on hand a Urge stock of 
«heio« winei, liquors and cigars. The 
fc«itofbeer always on tap. Wc also 
^n whiskey by the gallon at the rery 
Uwattl pawibU figures 


The Comity Board. 
The bo:ird of county commis- 
Fioncr.=; meet in annual se.-ssi )n on 
Tuesday, Janiiry 2nd. The board 
will liave considerable impor- 
tant bu.siness to transact this ses- 
sion, among which will be tlie let- 
ting of the county printing for the 
ensuing year, wood contract &c. 

Hugo Volgenant h.-id 
Christmas. He proudly spoke of 
the little daughter who appeared 
in thi.i world at the hour of early 

Since Christmas our stores and 
shops have the appearance of hav- 
ing pa.ssed through a coniiagration. 
In consequence of the immense 
trade last week our business men 
wear the smile of contentment. 

A large number of liomcs have 
been ornamented with trees for the 
little ones. The greatest novelty 
in the tree line wa.s the one made ! 
and decked by Chas. Kerner and 
presented to Mrs. Philip Meyer, 
which whirled by stcaMi and caus- 
ed much merriment amcig the 
children as well as the older people. 

Oh: the whistles, horns, bwglcs, 
trumpets and bells, which Santa 
Claus brought I How shall wc en- 
dure to the end? 

Tlie exercises of the Lutheran 
church on Christmas eve did honor 
to both teacher and' pupil.-s. The 
prompt answers given by the chil- 
dren ill regard to the Koyal Babe 
gave evidence of the mauner in 
in which their lessons had been 
learned. The singing was simply 
grand, which ended the happy oc- 

Our successful teacher, Mrs, Kate 
Broberg, clof^ed school for the holi- 
days on Frixlay last 


General Mercliandise 

Waconia, ^Iinx. 
— 0— 

c^* Goods at St. Puul and SliBuenpolis 

erojucttakenio exehanje forgoods at CASH 
ra ikcl prices. 


A. F. SCliUETZ, 

Waco.xia, M^nn. 

— :0:- 

The bestaecoinuindiiliouii for Traveleri', Fi»1i 

iojc Parties and Pleasure .Seekers. The liotel iij 

olojeljr .situated on lli. bcaiitilnl Clearwater 

Lake, dtatle iiuj water on tbo iirmuinte. 

lia jjrcwery! 


Waconia, Carver County, Minu. 

This brewery ha.^i been onlirged trA 
new m«c!»inery added to the estab'ishmcnt 
making il'ono of the best inland breweries 
of the st.ite. All orders for beer proin^>tly 
filled and satisfaction guaranteed. 
l^Givo us a trial JTl 



M.ejev & May, 

Waco'.sia, 3Iini3. 

We have deoid) d to jr've onr cu.'tomers. 
until .Tan. I, 18.->.?, a reduction of 10 per ct 
for all CH»h siK-a on dry {jotda, notioni, 
rlothinir, hMa A caps, boots «t shoes il-o. 
Wc mukc this discount to cash castomers 

At the close 1 ^^^J- ^' J'*^" ^'" ''•'^^ '" ^""^ *-" "'• ^^^ ^■''' 

« , , 1.11 1 ., convince you t'l it you can do belter with 

ot the week s labors her pui)ils pre- \ us than okewhere. 




■ « . 

J. r. DlUcy, Propr. 

Chaska, j^ Minn. 

Tho "MsrohaBta" is now prepared for 
kwataaas. If yo« ^*"* c square meal, and 
ft d«Mib«d stop with me, second doorEaat 


Teachers Ileetiuj;?. 

Pursnant to a call for the puri>ose of 
organi/.ingatsaciicrs meeting, quite a nnm 
ber of teacher.s assembled at the school at the hour ofl p. m. and cff*cted 
the orgnnizalron with Mr. P. J. Jlrcon, 
principal of the Watertowu schcol, as 
president, and F' L. Uilgren, as secret 
lai y Owing to the inclemency cf the 
weather thi re were not ta many 
present as expected' Therefore nothing 
further was done except to prepare a 
programme '.or the next meeting, which is 
as foMows: 

Mr. B- F. Latham, method of teaching 

Mr. J. C. Murphy, method of I'saching 

Mr. P. J. Rogcr.e, method of eaching 

Mi.^s M" A. Breen, mclhod of teaching 

Miss E' Uegkr, method of eiching 

.Mr. M- E. FoKy. tuclhod of teachin- 

Mr. P. J' Brecn, to disco irse on 
school government. 

F. L. Ilalgrcn, 

On motion the nest meeting be held on 
Saturday, 6th day of January, c* inmenc'> 
ing at 7 p. m bharp" 

All excerciscs not completed at th«» 
next meeting will be carried for rard to 
future meetings. F. L. U.aluri n' Scc'y 

Watertowu Minn., Dec, 0.. 18^2. 

senti'd her with a large and hand- 
.sonic Majolica w;iter piltoher, as a 
token of their regard. School will 
re-open on .Jan. 2nd. 
Misses Bertha Sond»rmann and 

W.iconi?., Dec. 7th 1fiS2. 



Miss r. A, M.iy, who has !iad a !on* 

experience in dre.ssmnking in Minne.tpo's 
Lola Mix came up from Northfield i 'is has locate*! it Waconia, orer Meyer i 
on Friday, to spend their vacation ! M.y's.>tore nnd is prcp.'^reJ to promptly 
with parents and frie.uds. 

A First Class 

Grist Mill! 

The undersigned offers for sale or rent 
on fivorablc terms, the Wacn-iia Rn!:cr 
Grist and Saw Mill. It is now in first 
class condition, situalvd in a good wheat 
country, on liio Minn'»«i'o!is &, St. Louis 
R. U. For term's inrjii're of 


Proprietor, Waconi.i, Minn 

attend tf> all orders in the lino of dress- 
makin?. Give her a call. She gunrans 
tecs all work to be sati.sfjctory. 

Meyej? & May 


Attention Farmers ! 

'Waconia Sa.i2ir Mill 

The farmers of Waconia snd vicinity 
are hereby informed thit I will com-, 
mcnce sawing lumber as soon as a si:f>« 
ficicnt number of logs are on haiul. I 
guarantee good work at as cheap rates a:i 
the lowest. Remember the ''old reliable" 
mill at Waconi.i, bring in your logs and 
elhod of primary g>-'t satisfaction. 

Waconia, Doc. 15. 1SS2. 



Wc would respectfully inform 
the public of Waconia and vicinity 
that we have now opened our new 
store, well stocked with new goods, 
finely selected, such as 

Dry Goods, 
Boots & Shoes, 
Hats & Cap;.', 

Clocks, Crocker 

Glassware, Wooden 

& WiHow-Ware, etc. 

And in fact every article kept in a 
first class general store. 

Will be as low as the lowest, and 
we will guarantee you good goods 
and fiiir dealing. Give us a trial. 

HE.YR Y L UKA:^, Propr. '^"^ >'^" V}^ I'e convinced that you 
' * I can do better by dealing with us 

Keeps on hand jthmI wines, U<|uor8 and cl i thuU eisev.'herc 
ir.s. Good tx»arcl at rcusouablc rates. Ha* 

Kood stabUnff for bursca, 


W'>ik und pl:i!'terluir anywhere in thfi couatjr 



"New Home" and other Sew- 
ing Machines ; Pianos, Organs, 
at U'liolesalo and Retaii. 

f^^ Come to me before you buy, 
and save money. 


CHASKA. - - . MINN. 


Wholesale i Retail Dealer In 

li' INK, [iilUGRS k [klRS, 


I an no-r preparj..! to p^H to the traiio the 
eh«loe«t wines. liquor" ani4 cisartintaM'J below 
St. Paul and Minneapolis price.";. 


Jolin E, Holm, 


K«»epj on hau'l con-tantly a Irtryestook of 

G-eweral Merchandise, 

Boot.s &: Shoes & 

Alsokoeps lino of the b?«t furnished 

VAmi IN TiiE lliNTY, 




Miinufticturer of anUlJ-'i! r 


Du.slcrs, Fly Nets, Farm 
llr.rness it\Q. 

LnrscJii Stoeknnil lpc~t Assortment In thf> 
8tiUe. Ordori' !•>• iiiiiil promptly attouUed to. 

301 Nicoliett Arenue. 

W. A. Goodman. E. .1. Cu.srmax. 


Wholesale 4 UetHll Dealers in 

F.\R5I am! SIliINd WAGONS, 

Buggies and Phaetoiif?. 


Gnnoral Aif-^nH In tlio '•' 'thwo't for Tier- 
sou'm I'lit'-'iit Hariirss. l-;iM 'ou, Vi.'lior i Co.. 
Stan<luri| Wajfoii Co., Urm .>-:ri.ige Co. 

2.'« i 322 W.v.^HiM(iTO^ .7E. So';!**. 

Dealers In 





J, A. BIXBY & CO, 

Dealer in 

HardT7a?o & Stoves, 

Refrigf rators, Ice Cream Frecz- 

cr.s, Water Cooler k Fillerr^, 

Adams & Wcstlake Oil 

Stoves, etc., etc. 

819 IIK>'N'i:i-IN AVKNUE. 


l)-';ilcr*! in 





323 Nicoilett Arc. 


E. B. PKE8TOX &, CO., 

203 Nicol'.ct Avenue, 




Boots & Shoes, 

E»tal.!i«he.] l.<i«3. 

N, STARR & 1 

linportiTs und Jobbers of 

Creckor^, Glassware, 

Stoneware, Cutlery, Lamps, Etc. 

247 tc 249 Hennepin Ave. 

will sell 



f^f i:\NF\ A.'.'.VV .^ 


Jol.btT.-i tuul ItetailiTs of 

Hardv/arc and Cutlery, 


Carpenters, 3iniv.riglit & Coop- 
ers' Tools, A^ricuUural 
Tools, etc. 

Ill WftbUinjftou Av« South. 

SS GOODS at Cost. 

?^ELS and all Win- 
ter Goods at Cost. 

EAS at Cost. 

jOYERCOATS fci^owcost 
BOLMAHS below' cost. 

Tliese Goods must be 

sold regardless of cost. A 

call will e©a-^iHce you. 


1NGRA5!, OLSON & CO., 


Dry {\wk Noiions 

Axn - 

Hnrir^ml UniUlins, 213 A- 215 Nicoilett Ate. 
"Jol) Lets" and "Cut I'rlces" ;i Specialty. 


Big Boston 


Olo tiling Store 

2, 3, 4, 5 and C Academy of Music. 

T'lc»«nt Tailoring, nobhjr roady-inadc 
snits, fino Furni.»hing Goods, Uats, 
an-l Furs. Send for price list. 




Sio.v OF TUB Gor.OEX lloitsr. SiioK, 327 Wash- 
ir.Kton .AM'. !?., next to TbirilAve is. 

Motto: Good Good.*, Low Prices, gQU.ire 


99 CtTstore, 

Whclcs-ilo.-itiil I{.-(;iil 

Fancy Goods, Jewelry, Silver 

Ware, Toys, Bird Cages, 

Brackets etc., etc. 

.ax Niiolh^t Ave, Woods New Ulock, Minno 
Jiimlis iim! T Wu^^t ThinJ .'itrect, !?:. Taul. 


Dcnlcrs in 

cy Goods, :>oiioustv Jlillinery 

Co!nplcteii/J;Jorlin"nt in cvcrv <lt -Mirtint lit. 
Made Oariiii-nts for Ladivsi, Mis«t'M iin<l Chil- 
flrcn a specialty. 

257 k 259 NicoHct Ave. 

Scyclbaiim's Bloc!.-. Cor. 3<1 Street. 


BUCCE.>*Si)K To fa:'). H. WII.SOX, 

Dealer in 

Pianos {.' Organs 

Lnrgr-st Stock cf 
Shcit Mufie, liookH So Mt ttidil iiercfiandiae 


Pi.KNOr. : WAtior, Fisljrrr. Brn<ll>nry, McCain- 
nion, Lyoii& Mpiily. (MiOANs: lJnnl<-tfp, I'al- 
ucc SterliDK. Uay t^tatr, Wi .stern Cottage. 

309 NICoLLETT .\vn 
Sole Airent for Burt i Mear's, Hurt & Pnek- 
anl'-^ an'l Slr'>nif nnd Carroll's flue shoos for 
men. 1>. W. Wrijrht &Co., and B«nnKtt & Uar- 

nllrd■^ fineshofs for ladies. .^..- -j ■....> — ...»"..^uM: H.g.Garneld. L. D. Kllbburno. UndrrtalHnt HiMtru: FurnitiireEo 
KoDi .Mclntire, A- U. killwrne uudGto Buck- J^^ tj_ W.iahiuKloa Ave. 325 NicuUct 

laud. I 


Doulcrin nil kinds of 

220NICOLLl-.f AVE. to see children's shoc3 with the 
A. S. T. CO. 


Shoe Bills reduced one half by 
wearing them. 

Harness Store and shop 



^^^•^^^^^ - MINl^ 

I hare constantly on hsnJ a Urge .nd varied ..lock of double .«d singLIlMnm, 

•!'';':• T ^' n T' '"'""• ^" '''•"'=* "f ^''^'"^ '=-^'^'-' »^"-« oil. P'»»»"- 
.ng h.vr Ac, sn.l all other poods in our line. ,rhich will be sold st boltoo, pricM hr 

cash. Kopa:ni,g done to order on .hort notice. Give .oe . csH and 
!-■■■■■■ I . ..III MICHAEL HAMMER. 





C/uisIm, - . - . . j^.„^^ 




«<rPriccs to Suit the Times. Call and Examine tcfor. 
parchafsing Elsewhere. 






Boots & Shoes. W SI13>I!Ml?"T!§, ^^ 

BOOKS A»rD STATZ02ff£2l7, 

Confectionerj and cigars. 

JOSEPH F£^A7CEX, Proprietor. 

lSlc2iel!i.2r ^ Cd,, 

— AND - 


have removed to Xo. 24S, Nicallct Avenue, 
one block r.bove their former location. 



Furniture tiiiil Drafieries, 

421 & 423 Nicollet Ave. 
Artistic Furnisliing a SpeclaUy. 


and deaUr in 


Tulejrraph Orders for Coffin* pronaytb' at- 
tended to by duy or night. 

Fu rn it it re Rooms: 


Tuis^niiure Store t 



- MINN. 

Keeps constantly on hand all kiuda of 

Picture Frames 
Coffins. «Scc- 

And will sell thera at city pricea. 



1^ Eatimaiee famished and all w»rk 
ono promptly and satisfactorily. 




Fetor Dtis, Proprietor. 

— :0:— 
This well known ITotel hat rf>o«>Btly b««a aa 
tlrelyre-furni«ti.Hlthroiijfhout with new fara- 

itnro and buds and ia now No. 1. IB erarrr*- 


Is stocked with the fiaaat mportei 

Liquors> wine.*? and cig^ar*, 

and the coolest and 

best beer in towa 

constantly kept 

on drau£:ht. 

or &»< "M a «•// and *«aMi« M(iqM 
t ufmt I »ay it true. 







• ■ ■ 





-ji— TTT-a I p 




A. L. A F. E. DUTOIT. Publishers. 




Rumors are {urrenl of A probable cut 
tin); of passetiK^r ami freight rates on 
the irreat trunk lines leailini; to the sea- 
board. If pudi a thing conld occur there 
wuuM be mu-sic! in the air and the peo- 
ple woukl dance for a while, even if they 
were af erwarda compelled to pay the 
piper. The tendency of rates is down- 
wanl and present prices cannot be kept 
up indefinitely. 

^"ongress had a spasm of virtue, or 
what the members supposed would be 
taken for it, and voted to sit during the 
holidays anditi p^sed a fine on absentees 
during that period, }^nbseqnently this 
was reconsidered and Coayress voted to 
a«ijonrn from the 22d. to Jan. 2. Proba- 
bly this is the best disposition of the 
matter under the circumstances, for very 
little bui«ine«8 would have been done, 
with a (ev more than a quorum present. 

The New York Tribune has discovered 
what it believes to be the principal rea- 
•jon why churches are not well filled, or 
why a majority are not more than one 
or two-thirds full. The fact is attributed 
to the reading of written sermona or 
preaching from more or less copious 
notes, when they shoald adopt the prac- 
tice of lawyers, and stump orators, 
which is much better cftlculated to engat;e 
and hold attention. This view of the 
eiubject is not new. It has been incal- 
cated for many years, and a lartte nun- 
be r of ministers have discarded written 
discourses. But are the chur«b*fc b«tt«r 
tided than under the old systflm? 


The great railway masnates have 
patched up a trnce fc^"'ft time and old 
rates have been restored. The larger 
amount of travel compensated to a con- 
siderable extent for low fun-s and so the 
contest was not disastrous to any of the 
warrini' lines. This fact ought to teach 
railroads that lower fares, like cheap 
postskre, will result in a large increase of 
huninesa, but it ia doubtful whether it 
will linve this effect. The truth is, that 
the more ni'ople travel the more they 
want to travel, and the true way to en 
courage this-- tendency is to meet it by n 
moderate reduction of fares. The end 
will he tncreaspd receipts and more gen- 
erally sat.efac'ion to all. 

Tn his annual message President Ar- 
thur »ug.ested that grants of consider 
able sums of money for diverse and in 
dependent schtines should be made the 
m:1 jctt of fei^arate and distinct legit'ia- 
live eractnu iilf or else that the Con- 
stitution of the United States should hv 
so amended as to penult the President 
to Veto any particular iteuis of a bill ap- 
propriating morey and to apprc'e the 
real. A bill for rkIi tm amendment m- 
iinw before Congress and there is no 
gfiod reason why it should not pass. 
i?u< h an aniendment is now in force in 
>"ew Yo'k and i-everal otherStates, and 
givMS nriverwal Fatisfaction. It la a 
blow at jobl^ry and immoral compro 
misesaiwl hargainn, and will save to the 
tax-p;iyer» every year a vast amouni ol 

In a few years the heart of Africa— 
ihe ^r«'at equatorial region, with it* 
fi-uii'ul table lands and its mutitudi- 
riuus people— will be as well known to 
the commercial world as any part o! 
indiaorthe Isthmus of Darien. Stanley 
has explored the Congo river for more 
than twelve hundred miles; he saw that 
a new highway for commerce could be 
opene<l up. A company was formed in 
Brl^iom to further ibis new enterprise 
Stanley was sent back with an equip- 
ment to open up a great commercial 
highway to the heart of the continent. 
Abonf the same lime DeBrazaa •at sent 
out by a French i-omiiany for the same 
purpose. There has been some rivalry 
between the two interests. But the 
meat important fact remains that the 
path of commerce is located in the path 
of the geographical explorer. Central 
Africa swarms with population. The 
land except around the coast is favor- 
able to human life. The exnlorers were 
Ptrock with the groat resources of the 
country. There are gold, ivory and the 
richest tropical productions, all awaiting 
the utilizing hand of commerce. 

Ills not a matter of surprise that 
claim age ta and a percentage of pen- 
sioners are vigorously opposing th« pas- 
sage through congress of the resolution 
calling npon the commissioner of |ien- 
eiuae to furnish for publication the list ol 
pensioners. It becomes more evident 
©very day that there are dishonest pen- 
sioners upon the rolls of the depart- 
ment, and that the applications of many 
others who are net eniitled to pensions 
under the Jaw are conntantly 'oeing filed. 
It is these classes and the agents who 
have been and still are engaged in 
"working ' such claims through the de- 
partment, that are fighting the proposi- 
tion to make<he names public. Honest 
pensioners, who are, i)y virtue of their 
woands and disabilities, entitled to the 
bounties of the government, should not 
object to their names being made public. 
No money was ever more honestly 
earned, and no appropriation from th« 
treasury is more heartily endorsed or 
more c heerfully paid by the people than 
that for the disabled soldiers, and eveiy 
good soldier, whether a pensioner or 
not. is interested in purging the rolls of 
fraudulent claimants, in order to more 
surely protect those who are really de- 

The Boston Journal combats the idea 
80 sedulously circulated by large employ- 
ers of labor thai there is a constant ten- 
dency to an increase in price for the nec- 
essaries of life with "good times," and 
that nothing but a serious depression in 
wages will bring them down. The Jour- 
nal publiahes a table of wholesale prices 
which compares the prices of the present 
time with those of May, 1882. and No- 
vember, 1881; ihey are given for beef 
butter, beans, coal, cotlfish, coffee, corn 
couon, flour, iron, pork, potatoes, leath-' 
er, sugar and wool. It is shown that the 
pric-es were uniformly higher in Mav than 
the> were in Uie preceding November 
the difference being on the average over 
ten per cent., while u» beef, butter, corn 
and potatoes it was nearly thirty percent. 
The prices for last month, however 
show an average decrease of ten per 
cent., in c-omparison with those of last 
year. There are three exceptions, beef, 
butter and pork, all of which are higher 

1 %J — d ay, Omeemfr 19. 
Sbiats.— The Indian appropriation bill 
paued after an interesting dlaoonion 
on tha education of joanx ladlani. 
The amount allowed per scholar at the 
Hampton Indian school had t>eea put at|:;M 
when he principal of the schoo. saWibU 
t2X) per pupi] was snoa^h. This gave oo» a 
jion to a little controvar^y, but finally t >e 
bill pawed, retolnin^ ihe addltionml appr> 
priation lor the education of ladiaocn^l- 

The bill «xt«ndlng the whbky bond id 
period was debatsd without avtlon. 

HotTSX.— i.tter a warm dabaie the bot3 le 
foted to have a holiday recess from D'^o. 
22 illl Jan. 2. Bdls were Introduced pr> 
hibiting employes of the United 3iat«9 fro n 
interfertag in poiidca and to amend the a.w 
il-p ilygamy law. 

The postoffloe appropriation bill came ip 
and the amendment reducing HO per cant. 
the compensation of land-grant and bocl- 
subaidiz«d railways for carrying the ma Is 
was the theme of an extended dlKusaicQ, 
but no final aodon was taken either on tie 
aia«admeDt or bi ll. 

ScfAn.— BUla w«r« Introduced reoigea- 
zing tue army, admittiag Utah as a sta e, 
a 'id for a bridge across the Mlasoori rl\tr 
between Omaha and Council BiuBs. Tie 
dlplomatlo bill was passed. The dtll %tt- 
vic« bin was debated and Mr. Vtst 
drhvered a long speech Sfahst 
the evils of tha spoils systeia. 

Mr. Vest pronouDo«d against the bill be- 
cause, ae he 9->id, It was Intended to ke<<p 
in oiice the well-trained horde of accoi t- 
plicfs of the republican leaders who we *« 
the time-tried veterans of many a bar I- 
fou^^ht oampaigQ. He read John Co59*ni 's 
letter to the government clerks from Pen i- 
sylvanla demanding 2 per cent, ofthtti 
salary on penalty of reoortinc them to their 
(Itipartiueitt, had Ueolared uiat no repub U 
can leader or newspaper had denounoid 
this highwayman's demand. Senator Al' 
tiaoii took occasion to denounce such tn 
aBSKSnient of goTerament clerks in nv 
measured terms. 

Mr Ve^ then created some amuseroeit 
by cunningly arrayed statistics, whereby lie 
desired to prove that tho nhisky Imnrest if 
the oouutry was the ally of the repablioen 
party, and no) of the democratic. Be 
showed that there were 50,000 more 8alooi>a 
lu the states which cast their electoral votia 
for Garficled tiian in those which voted fur 
Hanoock. Morgan, Dawes and Ckll used i p 
the afternoon after Vest closed. 

Houax.- The bill allowing retired am y 
officers to hold office in the territoriee passe i. 
The postoffice bill was debated, and Robs- 
son's ameudoient reducing eompenaatica 
to land-grant and bond-snbaidy railws;^ 
'or carrying mail was a>lopted after mot- 
iticaiion. and the bill pdtsen. 

The great dithculty encountered In obtain- 
ing a quorum on the vanoa* votea exhibits 
the fact ttiat m mbers ot the house are mo "s 
interested J uit now in private matters ttun 
in their public dutiee. Scarcely fifty mesi- 
bers were in iheir seats, and wb«n reqoirtd 
(luring the day, it waa difficult to obtain l(iO 

Thur»da^, Dttmmh^r 91. 

Se^atx — Reeoluloas were Introdnoed fv 
vorldga rebate on the^tock of tolMOoo tn 
hand If the tax la abolished, and declarlr g 
it to be thd senile of the senate ibat ihe or >• 
emptlon laws should be repe:iled. The aoU 
iday adjourn ueot rMalaic; was njaoted*' 
25 to 3(1. The eg^-tcultural appropriatica 
bill was ^&9aed. 

The civii service bill was taken up aga'D 
by the continuation of Cdil'a speech, <n 
which there was libaotutaly nothing of IntaN 
est. Williams, of Keniucky, took the flo-T 
it'ter Gall connludei and vied with Senator 
Brown in n'ak^ng a goo<l, honest, out- 
spoken democratic spe«^h in opposltloa 
to the measnre. He said that the on y 
way to bring about reform in tie 
civil service was to change all the offl>e 
holders. He thought this bill did n<4 
amount to Bnythf[i<, but expected that tl e 
democrats would come Into power in 18&s 
when they would want, all the offices for 
themselves. He dli not want even this 11^ 
tie bill in the road to bother thou. 

Hocax ~A resolution was reported by tl c 
ways and means committee in favor of a r»»> 
bate on stock on band iu case the tobacco 
lax ij reduced or hbollahed. The army ai- 
propriation bill (#24, 682, 700) wasukennp 
«^d a provision reUucing 60 per cent tt e 
conlpen^alion of land-grant railways U't 
carrying troope and supplies, was oi> 
cussed with considerable warmth. kr. 
Hiscock spoke in favor ot the propos* 
tion, b«iing frequently interrupted by Ben 
Butter worth, who difi^red from nlm io 
some detoila, and who persisted in saylci 
that he wsa in favor of preserving the put- 
lie faith with the!»e oorporalions. Mr. HI*, 
coc^ sa'd he would go a step further and say 
that congress is tie J ud^e of what Is las:, 
reasonable and fair cumpeniation. 
■ ■ 

Trtdav, Detembtr 99. 

SiSATX.— Ihe resolutitfo favoring a rr* 
bate on tobacco stock on hand in oaee tl e 
tax la abolished was so amended as to 

promise rebate only tn case of failure to give 
ample notice of itie time when the act to r»- 
duce the tax shall take ellect, and adopte<t 
The civil bill service was debated at greiU 
leuKth. Mr. Mahone gave the number of 
federal employee in Vlnrfnia and clerks la 
the departiiier^a from that sUte to whom 
ctrcizlars inviting i)ohtical contributions hed 
been sent during the late campaign; the pro- 
portion being very smalL 

RotrsE — It was voted that when the boQt« 
adjourn on Saturday it be undl Wednesda^" 
The army bill waa considered, and an amend- 
ment adDpted whow effect will be the aboli- 
tion of the paymaster's department and tie 
trans er of the duties thereof to the quartir 
niasifr's department; bat the point of so 
quorum was Justly raised. 

Mr Hewi»i of New York gave notice .if 
an ai^endmenc allowing land-grant ralhosd 
companie^<, if they deem the compensatlcD 
received by them for transporting suppli.« 
unrair, to bring suit in the court of cialn • 
against the United States torsuoh addlUonnl 
compensation as they require, and have tl e 
rigtit of appeal to the supreme ccurt, ted 
both courts shall give such causes prec* 
dence of all other btislnees. 

iaturiia^f, I>ee«mA«r 98. 

SiSATx.— Nearly the whole day was spent 
in debate on the dvll seevice bill. Aa 
amendment offered Wy Mr. Pugh of Alabv 
ma subjecting present employes in the de- 
partments to competidve examination, wns 
rejected— 18 to 2S; the affirmative vote w>a 
solidly democratic, and the negative repal>- 
lican, with the exceprton of Mr. Bayard. 

It waa at one time thought that the seaeicQ 
would be prolonged until morning, for itt 
midaigltnfiy senators were la attendancii 
apparently sa fresh as when they began. 

The scene at night was very tame, andtl« 
proceedings of a tedions nature. 

Some senators made arrangements for k 
night of it in the cloak-room. 

Nothing excitlag tx)ok place, however, sni 
finally the senate adjourned till Wftdnesds / 
December 27. ' ' 

Bouss— The house, withont tranaacthg 
aay bualneBS, at 12:50 adjourned nntU Weil- 
Beeday, December 27. 

Dui^g the roll call on adjournment Mr. 
White repeatedly interrupte<i with points uf 
order, and the speaker pro tern., Mr. I^>i, 
finally refused to recognize him, cauairg 
much amusement 

Mr. Page pounded with bia gavel end gre * 
red and white by turns, out ."till the hrepre > 
aible White clamored for a quorum. Final- 
ly Mr. Blackbtim moved to adjourn, and 
this was rcaisted by a number on the demi » 
cradc aide. 

In the midatof the oonfbsion Mr. Pbs 
yelled out: "Thia house sUnds adjourntcl 
undl Monday next," and hastily vacated tl s 

No vote bad been taken and the membeis 
were dazed by the decision, but finally ao- 
cepted the situation, and the dretu ended. 

Both houses stand adjourned until We< - 
neaday, the 27th, but it is doubtful wheth 
that day will flnda quorum present. 

Suooees of the Moiu'oommleelOB. 

The Sioux Indian commission arrived i 
Pierre, Dan., Thursday afternoon. Tht 
have succeeded in eff cting an amicab 
treaty highly sat-sfsctory to both parde 
The tribes treated with are the Minnecoi 
jous,, Sdnsarces, Two Kettle and Blacktee 

■ r — - — ->••».» aio iii^uer J"'".. Gwuunrces, 1 wo Kettle and Blacktee , 

than » year ago, but all other staples of ""mberlng aboui 3,2)0. This new reservi - 

food are less. There is a narked reduo- r^" ''*" ]^ »>o«inded on the nnrth by tl e 

thA nri.^ ..f „]] »K„ . -1 c ^"'y^nne Oraiid river, south by the Che 

the prit« of all the mtterials of enue river, west by the 102 meridan and « 

tj<>n in 

clothing, and altogether the price of liv 
ing is less than it was a year ago, with 
the further encouragement that the ten- 
dency of the market is toward falling in- 
stead of rising. 


J97 Gould's income ftvm 
ffaion aioae i« |3,AuO » ^, 




by the Mi sourl river. This opens a va 
territory to settlement and gives an unque 
Uonable route to the Black Hilld. There 
^eat rejoicing in Dakota over thesuccea < 
the commission. 

It is sstiiiutsd that the liqoor saloons 
of Chicago seU flO.000,000 worth cf 
liquors per yaar. 0/ this amoaatia* 
«b.O»is«eti>rofit. . •«"»••» 


The third asdatant poetmaster general re- 
port, Jost Issued, gives St. Paul the four- 
teenth place in the list of cities sending seo- 
ond-«laas mall matter for the ye ir ending 
June 30 last. St. Paul sent 761,243 pounds 
of mail matter ot this class In the time given, 
and sold $16 024 86 worth of poetage stampe. 
This Ij an increase of 198,611 pounds and 
$3,972 22 postaee over the preceding year. 
St. Paal leads Toledo and Baltimore by a 
large majority. 

The state dejiartment has b«en oflSctally 
notified that the Mexican governtuent has 
decided to appoint a commissioner to meet 
the oommiaaioners of the United Statee for 
the purpose of negotiating a commercial 
treaty betwten the two rountriea. As one 
of such commissioners the president of Mex- 
ico ha^ selected Romero, Mexlczn minis- 
ter to the United States. The commission- 
ers are expected to meet in Waahington 
early in January. 

The new order of the Interior department 
for the regulation of Indian agencies, pro- 
hibits the barbaric dsnoes and provides the 
moat effectual penaltlea tkat could have 
been devised. Violators of this rule w 11 
have their rations withheld. 5toroe of these 
dances are harmlcc^. and afferd the redskins 
infln'.te amusement. But the sun dance is 
a brutalizing atnxilty and is calculated to 
make the aborlgiaal heart bad and otight to 
be soppreeaed. 

Oen. Crook, In a dispatch to the war de- 
partment, says that Lieut. A. R. Jordon, 
Third cavalry, while on a hunt about twen- 
ty miles from Camp Verde, Arlx., wan- 
dered fh>ni his lent on the night of the lllh 
inst., in a temporary aberration of mind; 
Hla oomiuander missed him, and after a 
search of three days hia deaid body was 

waa Introdnoed lu the hoiue Fri> 
day by Mr. Ouentber of Wisconsin to au- 
thorise the sale of timber on the lands re- 
served for the uaeof the Menominee tribe 
of Indians lu Wisconsin. A similar billii 
pending In the senate', having been favora- 
blv reported by Mr Dawta from the oom- 
miitee on Indian affairs. 

The president has sent to the senau the 
liomlnations of Ferdinand Hersher. register 
of the land office at La Crosse, and Herman 
W. Stone, receiver of public moneys at Ben- 
son, M,inn. 

Looking over the whole field of tariff leg- 
islation, the frlenda of tariff reform do not 
regard the prospect for decisive action on 
that question enco'iraglcg. 

The nomination uf George M. Lawsou as 
United States District attorney for Nebraska 
has been withdrawn by the president. 

Acklen la loaded with ohaiges against 

Kollogg, and expects to fire blm out of hla 


Up to Dec. IS. 0,648 miles of new rail- 
road have been constructed this year, against 
7,ftjl miles reported for the corr«>pon ine 
time la it year 6.836 miles in 188«»; 3 .MM 
miles In 1(179; 2,243 miles in 1877; and 2,2(id 
miles hi 1876. Ttils year's mileaKe is more 
than oae-fourtb greater than tliat o{ 1881. 

It If rumored that Geo. J. W. dprsgue, 
ifeneral rt*ati&^ei- of tbe Western division of 
the ^Torthem Pacific railroad, will soon send 
in his reai^tnation, and ask to he relieved 
from the duties of his responsible position. 
He has been prompted to take ihia step on 
account of his halth. 

The Norlbetn Pacific company has Jost 
secured 220 acres of land two miles on the 
St. Paul side of the Minnesota transfer, with 
a frontaKe of one mile on the north side of 
the Manitoba line, which will give the great 
transcontinental ample room for terminal 
taciliiles for Its .^ysteir. 

!t & Stated that ex- President Porter of the 
Omaha made $2. 600,000 out of his recent sale 
of stock to Vanderbilt. 


Peter Eppendori and William Stager, 
living at Dyeraville, Iowa, near Dubuqmi, 
went into the latter place with a load of 
hogs for sale. After selling the hogs they 
repaired to a saloon and began to drink 
whisky on a wager to see who couid hold the 
most "forty rod." After filling up to their 
necks they got into the wagon and «>tarted 
bomewa'd. When they reached E^pen- 
dort's home it waa disr:overed ttiat he was 
dead. Restoratives were applied, but all to 
no avail. He was beyond recovery, gtiger 
waa sllve this morning, but in a critical 

At Bedford. Indiana. Mra. Bell obtained 
permission of Mrs. Owois, the jailors wife, 
to ulk in the corridor with her husband 
impriaonel for murder. Mrs. Owens being 
called awy, Mrs. Hell qnickly gave her hus- 
band a revolver, and in an adjoining room 
got keys and gave him, with which he made 
hla escape. Mrs. Owens returned and tried 
to prevent hia esotpe. But was held by Mrs 

Seven mai attempied to rob a weatbonnd 
train on the Texas Pacifio railroad, about 
9(» miles west of Dallas, shortly ater mid- 
night, last Thursday night, but they were 
beaten «ff by the guard of st>te grangers 
on the train. It is thought that one or more 
of the robl>er8 were wounded, as blood was 
found f n the ground at the point of the 

Bllen Donoan of Palmer Masa., waa con- 
victed of assault upon hjer st^ son, Alfred 
Duncan, aged six years, •with latent to maim. 
The maiming which waa revolting the ex- 
treme, will probably result in permanently 
injuring the boy's reason. The deed waa 
committed with a knife, the woman wak- 
ing the child from sleep to perpetrate it. 

A Polish Catholic priest at Clay City was 
convicted of libel in a civil salt for damaees 
there for |260. The libel couBlsted of hi* de- 
nnnciationot a membet jf tue cotirch from 
the pnlblt is not a good Catholic and warn- 
ing his Cock not to do business with him. 

8. E. Sanders, claiming to be from Even- 
Shade, Ark., was arrested a>. Dallas Texas 
on suspicion of belonging to a gang of train 
robbers and highwaymen. Eight pistols, 
two pairs of brass knuckles and a huge 
bowie knife were taken from his pockets. 

Mrs. Myra J. Osborne and her son Allie, 
aged seventeen years, were foimd dead in 
their tleephig apartments in Green Castle, 
Ind., Christmas morning. It is generally 
■apposed that the mother poisoned her son 
and then committed suicide, 

Keene, the Minneapolis forger, sentenced 
two years ago to the state prison tor fifteen 
veara, was let out on SatOfday last, ha^ng 
been perdoned by the governor. He has 
beeh and will oontlnne a clerk hi the con- 
tractor's ofllce. 

People are not very neighborly In Oreen- 
casUe, Ind. Mrs. Myra J. Osborne killed 
her son and herself and their bodies hy for 
two weeks ia the house before the were 

Claude McStyler, son of theanditoi^-eleot 
of Howard county, Ind., a fagiUve, charged 
with forging notee to the amount of $3.fi00. 
The money was uaed in Chicago specula tijn. 

Mr Upton, the high toned preeidenf of 
the evanorated City bank of Rochester, N. 
Y., has been arrested for fraud. 


A fire at Boffalo yesterday destroyed the 
Commercial Advertiser building and did 
great damage to the Maaonic temple and 
other buildings. The loss sggregatea (» 

The lager beer brewery of Otto A Layer, 
near Camden. N. J. waa burned. The loss 
is severe, partly covered by insurance. 

JtMeph Robinson of Prindon, Manitoba, 
was foimd frozen to death on Monday, near 
that city. 


The vloar general of New York officially 
announces that the total reoeipta from the 
recent collectiona that were taken np in all 
the Roman Catholic churches in the arch- 
diocese ot New York, a few Sundays a«o 
for the benefit of Pope Leo, amount to $18,- 

P. C Oardner, of Chicago lumber dealer, 
»nd worth nearly $1,000,000, haa fiailed. 
Liabilities $60,000; asseu nearly ss much. 
This ia hia third tailtue. 

James Smyth A Co., uanafaGtoren of 

fiDghams and cotton goods, at Philadelphia 
ive tailed lor half a million. 
The asthatlv atUebs U Martfotd 

wanted to see bow the Fcwd brotben killed 
Jeese James $2 worth. 

The Montana legislator* will meet tn Hel- 
ena January 8. 


Michael Dav'tt in a speech at Wolver 
hamptcn, England, summed np the prsssnt 
condition of Ireland as one of famine, dis- 
(^ntent and coercion. He considered the 
prevailing distress to be owing to the tmjust 
system of the hnd law*, rack rent and di^ 
r-ouragement of every form of trade revival. 
Th- reruedy consisiwlin turning of the great 
part of unm loans into cultivation and the 
introduciion of a system of laws to oppressed 
tenants iu order to tnem to ;Ude over 
the coming winter, 

A sensational story is published oonoer ^ 
ing the Bender family, to the effect that the 

old man, hia wife, son and daughter were 
pursueil to the Indian territory by Col. 
York, brother ol their last victim, shot to 
death and buried in one shallow grave. 

Prince Krapalklne is tinder arrest In 
Pranoe for setdng on foot a socialistic 
scheme of assassination and arson, and to- 
geher with forty-five co- conspirators, will 
be tried in January. 

The English papers have caught on to the 
trouble between Labouchere and the Lily, 
through their American exchanges, and a e 
treating their patrons to various views of 
the affair. 


It is reported that Mrs. Langtry contem- 
plates issuing a card to the public In which 
she will reply in no measured terms to the 
appirently systematic attempts which have 
t^een mace to bring her morality into re- 
proach The card would have been iuued 
at (be time of the Labouchere fracas had it 
not been for the counsel of her friends, 
who^e views as to the neoeeaity of such a 
oonrae she is again seeking. 

After visiting some cities in the southern 
states, the Princess Lonise wilt emoarx ai 
Richmond, Va., on a British man-of-war 
and proceeii to Bermuda, where she will re- 
main during the most severe portion of the 
winter, as her health suffers from the in- 
tense cold. It Is expected that when the 
weather beeomes warm she wilt return to 
Ottawa, probably before the close of next 

A iiaragraph has been going to the rotutds 

stating that Bistiop Ireland haa h«ued an 
edict to the effect that no Roman Catholic 
in his diocese should sell liqaor. Tide 
statement ia false and originated by an ed- 
itorial In a Chidagn, religious paper. Bishop 
Ireland is strousty opposed to the sate 
and use of liquor, nnt haa never made any 
edict to the ettect siated. 

Mr. Thomas Imlay and wife of Trenton, 
celebrated a few days ago the seventieth 
aniversary of their wedding. When they 
were married he was twenty-two and she 
eighteen vears of age. They have hid twelve 
children, and ten or them are now living 
with lance fatnllies of their own, there bslng 
about 120 grandchildren. 

Dr. Willaim Everest of Havard uulver- 
sliy had accepted ao invitation to speak at 
the forefather's d ly celebration at Plymoolh. 
When be saw his name on the list and tbe 
name ot Oen. and Oov.-elect Benjamin F. 
Sutler at the head of the list, it was to 
mueb. He could not, and he would not. 

The Laixiuohere divoree will doubtless be 
abandoned, the lady having found the 
American advertisement to procure suob a 
documen»*wi<bo'Jt publicity delusive. She 
has iGUiid to her d-o^tist that the American 
reporter has a nose for news especially if It 
emiu a scandalous odor. 

Anthony Comstock, agent of the New 
York society for the prevention of vice, sned 
William Wilson for libel to recover $90,000 
damagcj, fnd leciired a verdict for one- 
fifwb ot that amount. 

Burchell of Akron, Ohio, has given Ji200,- 
000 to Burchell college. The gift will be 
fonrally tendered Jan. 18, which is the an* 
niveriAary of the founding of the college. 

The Hon. Thomas A. Henhicks of Indl- 
ena lias so far recovered his health as to b« 
aWie to go ab:>ut and attend to buaineas. 

J. H. Ijatus, president of the Tennessee 
asylum lor deaf and dumb, died ofoonees- 
tion of the brain. 

A large representation of the New York 
clergymen have resolved to make New Year's 

The will cf Davlil Oreenahlalds, » reilted 
merchant of Montreal, leaves $600,000. 

A Bad Scandal la High LitW. 

A breach of promise case of unusnal in- 
terest will be tried in New York next month. 
The defendant is Gen. Chas. E. Puriong.sald 
to be an intimate friend of Oen. Orant. The 
"woman in the case" is Miss Sophie Allen, 
about twonty-two years of age, and residing 
with her mother In this city. She alleges 
that on April 24, 1880. the general promised 
to marry her within a reasonable time, but 
failins; in this she briiiKS suit claiming $30,- 

000 damages. - In the papers filed by her at- 
tornevs Miss Ailen says she met Oen. Fur- 
long for the first lime at the house of a 
ffieiid at Saratoga Springs. He was theh a 
guft<t at one ot the hotels, and a resident of 
Vicksbnrg. Miss. He was reputed to be a 
man of wealth and hi^h social position, and 
as their acquaintance ripened she wtis 
pleased at biH expression of affection and ad- 
miraiioD. He discovered her admiration 
for music, and ottered to pay her expenses 
fer a years stud v under the best teachers in 
the country, antl send her to Europe. After 
OQUSuitlng her mother she accented his of- 
fer, and began takinc; lessons in New York. 
He continued his attentions, made her valu- 
able presents, continually promised to nur- 
ry her and finally reduced her and then re- 
pudiated his marriage promise. 


rjen-nuTi ail t»n Pfd^llaiur. 

In an interview in New York with Gen. 
Sherman, the probability of his l>eing the 
rep*.lbllcan uominee, for the presidency in 
1884 was alluded to. The general quickly 

' Now about that you see I oanuot be fool 
enough to decline what is not offered to me; 
but what do I want — to turn from the pros- 
pect of rest and peace, at last for a period 
of years, to the delusion of fonr years in 
an office that is lost hell! That's what it 
la," continued tne generel, emphath ally. 
"It Is hell. What did Gen. Harrison get 
out of it? Nothing but a month of misery. 
What tlid Oen. Taylor get out of it? Twelve 
months of misery. What did Grant get out 
of it? Do I want to resign this competence 
congress hss bestowed ou me for four years 
of hell? What did Haves get out of the 
presidency? What did QarHel^ get? Take 
them all within your memory. Nothing 
but worry, trouble, misunderstanding. 1 
told HsiiLOC^ tuat he got cut of the muss 
just in time to save himself." 

001 Bob Ing«rsoll to the Colored 


Col. IngersoU concluded his address to the 
jury on the opening of the Star Route trials 
on Friday. He said: 

It is tor you gentlemen, to say whether 
yon will take as the grounds of your verdict 
the prejudice of the public proa, leiters of 
the attorney general, and opinions of some 
counsellor-at-law, or whether yon will be 
governed by the testimony. It ia for you to 
say whether reputations shall be destroyed 
by malace and by ignorance. It is for yon 
to say whether the man who fought to sus- 
ta'n this xovemment shall not have the pro- 
tection of the laws. It is for you; for you. 
for you (addressing directly each colored 
man on the jury), to say whether the man 
who fought to take the chains off of your 
body shall have chains put on hi* by your 
prejudice or ignorance. 

Wilshlre addressed the Jury briefly oa be- 
half of Reerdeil, and the offeriu; of testi- 
mony btgao. 

Death of a Vermont Mtlltonatre. 

Trenor W. Park died of paralysis Dec 16, 
on a steamer bound for Aspinwall. His 
body was embalmed, and will be returned 
from Aiipinwall on the steamer San Bias, 
which will arrive about Jan. 1. Mr. Park 
wssbornin Woodiord, Bennington county, 
Vt., Dec 8, 1823, wtiere he received a lib- 
eral education, studied law ana was admitted 
to the bar in 1845; piaciiced law in Vermont 
until 1852, wlien he rem»vedtoSan Francia- 
eo, remaining there till 1873. Returning to 
Vermont in 18(>4, he served lour yean in the 
legislature of that state. He waa president 
ol the Panama railroad company, and of the 
First National bi<nk at North Bennington, 
Vt. He was also a di< e tor in several Mnks 
snd railroads in New York. Mr. Park waa 
noted for his generosity, aa many persons 
living in hia native state can testify. 


AdTSBse SheMs of the Bfcnalal Bepoit et \ 
pssiatcBileDt of Pnblle Iastr««> 
ttoa B. I» Klekla 

The Idaeatloa ot State Yoath f teg w s s lat 

Adffllrably-196,t8S Sehelars 



acHOLABs, naasBs txb iTAOca 

Ihe roUowlDK table is the sammary la the 
matier of aiieodaDce, teachers and wages tn 
oommoD and graded aoboola: 

18«1. 1883. 

If amber eoroIlMl 188,386 190.574 

mncua or TSAOBXJta. 

IMale J.8n» 1,886 

IPemaU - $,7fiO» X.7U 

Samowr. ijr,ni»|. S.888 

mnosB or DXSTBioTS. _ 

OonuBoa. i.2S8 4.Mn 

ItMlspendaat 07 69 

Spwdal ~ U 88 

Total 4.»«8 4,886 

Aversf* watss per noatn to 

niaWi....? We-M $86.60 

A v«raa« wages per month to f*- 

mslat...!; 88.62 «&flO 

AveracsBonthsper r*«r....... S 4,9 

• For ths year. 

Io conneciloD with tttis ttie followl&g table 1« 
ftivan. aLowltig the number of p- r',.'n» betweeti 
five and Kreaty^ne years, au<i kUu ibfi riumbsr 
of pnp.U amoUsd from 1670 to lSb2, io- 

Pop. bet 
Na m^ fiuidSl 
T««r. rolled. r«ars. 

1870 109.890 l.%3,66e 

1871 114.688 ltf*.;»8o 

1078 120,388 18o,S71 

1873 124.688 106 189 

18/4 128,tfii2 210,550 

1875. 107.044 214.9.t2 

1870 152.801 245,e97t 

1877 167.B?0 -'S^.aSlj 

1878.... 161.445 2 '9.U2.T 

1S79 ma.sai seM^s* 

ISSO 173,800 279.4flat 

1881 177,278 3o.'.92St 


190,888 316.0481 

Senator Bayard is rankad by 
A. Sala aa tb« bait atofy-tottM is tbi 
«W»*«7- -^ _ ^ 

f Eitlmated at 01 i>«r teat shove enrollmeBt 
Alx>al 200,001) puclis are enrolled out of a 
icho-il popniation of 316.000. 1 wauty per 
oeot of thoKe oorolled ati«itd no short a time 
thai they are not materially b«nefit«d, aod of 
the acl.obl popuUiiun, ou»-ihlr<l are eiiKaaed 
in Some iiKiasiry, thus leaving the actual nam- 
ber of lOO.OOO who are petting a common 
■obool oiiuoadoo out of 210,000 who should 
bt> doing sa 


Dariog the two years 667 new school boosM 
have M«D built, givinK tbe Bute a 
tota of 4,2d0: now In use 
Tbe total valuation of aobocl Louae properiv 
Io 1882 ia ^3,1)47,857— an Inorease over that 
of 1881 of $759,0^2. 

Tbe total bxpeoditurs for edaoatioa in 1882 
will be $2.11'0,S64. Of ihi« the amount 
raised by tax is $1,810,262 Tlie average 
Slats tax for all tdiioaiionai purposes io 1882 
waa 0^ milU. Tbe avrrago State tax for 
teach«r«' wages was 3 19 mills. Ihe valnntloD 
of the taxable property cf the 8t,ite is 1^22,- 

In 1683 forty^>De Institutes have 
beep held with au atteodanoe 
of 2,161 Uacbera, whose average age waa 

Tbe move of tbe le<;ialatar« of 1881 to make 
the high school tbe ootnpletu ooDDectmg 
link t>etweoo tbe oommoo s.oool auS tbe aoi- 
rsriity or oollefis has proveo a Uaopy ooa 
The resa ta of the first year toJicaie that tbe 
pUcs of ths high acbool board will prove 
eoonomlcal and wbolssorae Tbe report says: 

The atioroprlatloD it oow aboat eonal to tbe de- 
maod. It wa» Dot q'llts ezliauitea tbe Art! rear. 
For tbe prt>««nt rear, acbooU bave been accepted 
ojide' tba inD»»Tri»loC of Wn board, *bleb. If they 
til pats floal iQtrecttoD, will nbaatt tue tnad rd- 
propriated. Tbt icboois uow 00 tha list are on for 
tbrva rears opon eocdiUoo ot msatlD^ ihe require- 
meota. For the futura. It wilt be neoetaary eltfaar 
to eradnSilr iacrette tbe imoaot. or for the board 
to adopt tome ni.eof rotation for deeervlns tcboolt 
DOt provMed for. Id aor case, tt ia qnlte unoort&ot 
te the toeeeaa of thlt clao that the first streaa be 
laid apon tbe blab charaotel and rrads ot tbe work 

'ilie atlendaD04 ia normal schools U larger 
than ever. They are tborouKhly established 
Id their relation to the system at 
large The alteodanoe this year in tbe three 
schools has been 1,077. Tbe uomber of 
gradnates, 4^, aod the total number of grad- 
uates la 907. 

For tbb year eodlng March 1ft. 1892, the 
Valoe of text books sold through this depart- 
(oeDt was $18,384, and tbe valtie of tbose sold 
by looal dealers was $35, 78C 88. tbe amotmt 
sold by local dealers bavlog luoreased 45 per 
east, and tne amount sold tbrosgb tbe depart* 
ment bavl.ig deoressed about 40 per oent 
Voder tbls bead tbe snperiotendent says: 

Tbe reports of coaaty tuperloteodeott nooo the 
operttioo of the tazt-book law lodlcaie that the 
t>ookt of the State serlea are Io feneral ate aod 
givltig nueral tatlfiraottOD. BaperiD'endeiiti ren- 
•rally aarse that tbe lltt la Incomplete Id tbe lack 
of an ioiarmedlata writteo arithmetic aiui a ohyil- 
Olofr. I bave accordlnc'.y acksd tbe cootiaotor to 
tapply thete bookt for tU9 lerlea. Toe prorlsloo 
ol lbs law. however, wblcb oontamolates ao aonual 
sapolv upon the ettiiaate sad ordar of ths diitrict 
clerk has proveo largstr ImDraouoable, a'' ^ <s lo- 
oocraitve, for tbe reatoD that many elett.< ,'use 
toatanme tbe oecatatry retpootiblllty. Tbe re- 
portt of ooantr tar>«rlDteDdsnta are very poelttvs 
Uuttbeplao of tapolyiCK books throofh district 
Olarks U decidedly objecdoDabte. I racommaod 
tbat tbe law l>e, io tbit particolar, ameoded to a 
plao which aball be lott aaU reaftooable: aod that 
Whatever la dooe tbeold be to harmony with, rather 
tbao to dlttorb, the preat-nt tsodencr to relieve 
school olBoets of tbe proflUsas aaacraaose of shook 

ootnrrr stmanrmpBirrs. 

Ihe number of onnoty snperlotendeBis li 
tbe Swto Is seventy.ibree.and of examiners two. 
Tbe number of oerUfloates granted was 0,184. 
The onst of tbe snporvision of sebools was 

Oo the sal>]eet of oouoty saperintendente 
tbe compiler says: 

Tbe history of tbe sapertDteodettey proves, be- 
yond qoesrloo, that In evrry coaaty Id wblcb tbit 
office haa been well filled, there It do oflloer more 
kicbly esteemed, or more inditpeaiable than the 
cooDty tnperiDtendent, 

Od lbs other baod, a ooaoty witboSt a tnperln- 
tsndeot la left to tho Infl uecces ot Itt own low t' aod- 
ard. witboot efBciect ezamlnationa, aud It ttibjeet 
to lbs farorltitm and partliaoihip ttiat predomi- 
oateoD that low Ictellectua! p'aae. 

If there la anythtux m<ve mltohletoos than d# 
inperintendent, U is ao IgD<;>raDt and ineflldent ooa. 
Bncb ao one it foil of big own ooacelt. out ot trm- 
pathy wltb proff^estive »p<rltt, and niet bit potl- 
lloD to hlodrr what La otight to dvaoce. To ad- 
vaoeels to leave him behlod; to sain Itrht is to ex- 
pose hla darkoeaa. 

In view of tbe evil tendendss o( tbe present plaa, 

recommend at the beat wbleh tbe azptaleaes or 
otber Slates famlahea, tbefoUowIni: 

1. Tbat the ooooty soperinteDdeDt be eboeeo for 
a term of three yeara, at a m^'etlnir Io which every 
sdiool board thkll be r«preteot«d by ooe cf Its 

8. Tbat reaaenable gaaltOeationa of acholar- 
ahlp aod experience be required as a qoaliflcation 
for the ofBco. 

8. Tbat the dntiee be more earerollr defined. 

4. Tbat provltloD be made fur remoral by the 
tovernor. o( tbe Illiterate, tbe Immoral, and tbe 

'io raite tbe standard of teaobers, it la reo- 
ommeuded tbat teachers holding oertiflcate* 
lower than tbe aeoood grade CAnnot be profit- 
ably employed; and tbat the third grade should 
be considered eiceptiocal, and employed only 
to meet the euergeu':ies of scarcity snd smaii 

A Muorhead Ikmlly of six uame>i Mo- 
Donald were poisoned by eating canned 
Jelly, and the oldest child died. Th« pby. 
sicans examining the case ate some of the 
Jelly without fatal effect, and the affair is 
quite myst«riona. 

It is now claimed that Ole Peterson of 
Albert Lea who waa fonnd deed In his cellar, 
and his l>ody in an advanced state of decom- 
position, some time last fall, did not die a 
natural death, bat wss mnrdered. His son. 
Peter Olson, offers a reward of $1,000 for the 
dlv»very and arrest of the goilty parries. 

The anntial report of Adjutant Genera 
Hawley will rec-emmend some changes In 
the miliiia of the state that will be of interest 
to all concerned. Owing to the double ex- 
pense 01 maintaining the two cavalry com- 
paniea it will be soKCSted tbat they reorgan- 
ize as companies of infantry, and the whole 
militia force of the state be consolidated in 
two regiments of eight oompanitsoflnfar.try 
cacn. The £mmct light artillery wiilremain 
as new organised. 'The organlxatio ■ as thus 
proposed would compose a smaller military 
lorce than that ot anv state of equal area »t 
like population. A number of minor details 
will be treated in the fall report et the adju- 
tant general. 

O. £. Shewy, of Shakopee. has been sen- 
tenoed to jail for three months for receiving 
stolen goods; and Tim Lacy to state prison 
for a murderoua asaaolt. 

Articles of incorporation have been filed 
with the secretary of state of the Norwegian 
Lutheran 'lYiniiy congregation of Moorhead. 
The trobtees signing the articles are L. Oil- 
hang, 0. Martinson andO. Christianson. 

Sunday night a bright light waa discov- 
ered in the senate chamber of the new cap- 
itol at St. Paul. An alarm was given and 
on entering the senata chamber, a work- 
bench was fonnd to be on fire, and iieAriy 
destroyed, but by tbe application of a few 
buckets ol water tne hlaie was extinguished. 
Toe fire had started from a candle which 
one ot tbe boys employed about the huild- 
iiu> had left burning on the bench, and was 
barely ddcoovered in time, since a pile of ' 
shaving and wood lying under the bench I 
i wonld hava oenght in a lew momeniR. and { 
then all ths wood work of the <U'ii,>(.'cbai.i | 
bar, at lea*^ w dU >. oe )<i.!ii- b«fure tha 1 
flre <' ',, >«at ^ >uld lutvu reached the 


I'm after azla', Blddrdcar." 

And then he stoppsa a whilst 
To fringe his wonb the asrsst mill 

With someftblnc of a smila— 
▲ smile that loond its image 

In a fkos of tMaateoos moold. 
Whose Uqald eves wcrs peepinf 

From a woiossy of gold. 

"Fve oome to tz ye, Biddy, dan; 

ll"--theo be stopped ecain. 
As it hla heart had bubbied oW 

And overflowed his brain; 
His lips issre twitching nervotisly 

O'er whattbey had to tell, 
And timed their qnavers with the eyes 

That gently rose and felL 

'I've oome"— and then be took her handa 

And held them in hla own — 
"To ax"— cmdthen he watched tbe bods 

That on her cheeks had blown — 
"Me pnrty coar"— and then he heard 

The throbbing of her heart. 
That told how love had entered in 

And claimed its every part. 

'-Ochi don't be taxin' ma," said she. 

With Just the faintest dgh, 
"I'm far from bloind; I see yon've oome, 

But what's the reason whvT" 
"To ax"— and once again the tongoe 

Forbade its sweets to tell— 
"loax— If Mrs. Mulligan 

Hssany plgstoselir" 

^ » aw 

Van Nore'B Daugliter-in-Law* 

From Onr Continent, 

The Van Nores were present at the 
creation of the world. Some people say 
they made it; but one really knows bet- j 
ter than that If It bad not been | 
for their unaocouniafjle belief tbat 
the builder of the ark that rested on 
Mount Ararat was a Jew, and Iheir un- 
utterable contempt for tbe race of Spino- 
la and Mendelsssohn, of Heine, Auer- 
lach and Disraeli, they would not have 
hesitated to conceive that the family 
name of the Patriarch was Van Nores. 

At any rate, yon may understand tbat 
the Van Nores were an Immensely an- 
cient family, ao old as to be re&llj worm- 
eaten. In the dost of the Van Nores 
there were soldiers and statesmen, and 
even a less revrarded author or two; in 
thia century there was nothing at all to 
speak of. If. however, any one says 
their family tree was liRe one of those of 
old, wide and deeprooted hr trees, 8 om©- 
times seen, with bat a single gnarled 
and lichened branch last of all its forest 
glory, the best eart of it underground, 
yoQ can see tbat the person \i ao friend 
of the Van Noree, but one whose eyes 
have been hart by the dazzle of their 
splendor, who has been forgotten at their 
banquets, looked at iHth a etony glare 
upon tho street or possibly knocked 
down and bruii»ed and ignored by their 
fast horses 

Being immensaly ancient, immeusely 
distingtoshod, and ahw immensely 
wealthy, it goes witbo'Jt eaylng that tho 
NTun >^ores thought immenseiv weil of 
themselves. They never soilad their 
garments by contact with the oro«id; 
tiiey bought their pictures and statues 
eiraight from the manufacturers before 
they had been proinr^fcd bv thy vulgar 
?aze; they would have liked the gold 
th«v spent cast with a Van Nore device 
antf the die broken They cxjiild not 
nope to keep all the knowledge in the 
universe to themselves; but they dia 
not mre so murh for that — there were 
alTt^ayf tntore and chaplains and all that 
to be hail, after the eastern of certain of 
the fcjooth Sea Island chiefs, who main- 
tain a Fila-oma or Talking Man of Knowl- 
edge. If, once in a while, they allowed 
themselves to come before the oublio in 
a matter of suffrage, it was not altogether 
without tbe seaeation of some wicked 
scribe wlio ba« written the Sacred name 
with unwashed hands, and, being usually 
defeated, they relapsed into a more pro- 
found contempt of the people than be- 
fore, and talked glibly of the edvar.tages 
of a monarc'iy, although not without zn 
undercurrent of feeling that in tbe event 
of a monarch the Van Nores would be 
monarchs. They intermarried, of course, 
only with families of a pedigree and as- 
sumption one degree less than— It could 
not h e more than, and couid hardly b« 
equal to — the Van Nores. 

Jad^e, theh, of the bewildered and 
amazed wratli of the v«tj Nore family, 
when the eon of the he use, the Iitlr of 
the name, the only male 'Van Nore left 
to go down the ages witii the weight of 
the family illuhtriousness upon hla 
shouldtTS, married e young girl in the 
west, unknown, obecnre, pczr, and a 

Nore Van Nore had a sister older 
than himself, a dark and imposins crea- 
ture with the Van Nore nose; he nad a 
sister younger than himself, pallid, 
bloodless, with her mother's delicacy of 
feature, and with notliing about her but 
her hau;;litine89 to distinguish her from 
the herd of young women ; he had one 
Van Nore cousin, a little apple blossom 
hardly coming up to the family require- 
ments; he bad four Van Nore spinster 
aunts, who, if they quarreled among 
thf'iriEQlves like birds in the wood, pre- 
sented an unbroken phalanx of the 
family integrity to tlie public, and who, 
with the idea that they bad thg manners 
of duchesses, really itave some reason to 
believe them directlv descended fn.nn 
I'tttnarch, they looked eo extrtnielv like 
tha wooden women inj^the children s toy 
arks. Hisfather embodied all the di^Jnity, 
pompo.sityand grandeur of all the Van 
Nores before him, if he were the tiame of 
their ashes; he had but one eilt, and 
that was a faculty for satirical speech, 
which he exercised with impunity upon 
his wife — hia wifb, the line of whose de- 
scent was so long that it had worn to a 
colorless, attenuated thread in her, a 
thin, pale, languid woman, of whose 
conuition it expresses little to say slie 
dared not call her soul her own, because 
in looking at her, or looking tiirough 
her, raiher, it was not clear that she had 
a soul — a woman without intellect, with- 
out individuality, and almost without \i- 
tality. Into this assemblage Nore Vao 
Nore had dared introduce a person ab- 
solutely without a grandfather, and 
whose grandfather, had she had one 
would have been named ShacabacI 

Mr. Van Nore and his household would 
entreat this vi/e and vulgar intrigver, 
who had thrust herself upon them, and 
had thought to lift herself by pulling 
them down, as she deserved. In their 
heart of hearts they had a complete if 
inarticulate, consciousnees that no one 
could have married the bridegroom in 
gnestion for any other purpose And 
Nore Van Nore received a letter of re- 
puuiation from his father, disowning 
and casting him forever into the outer 
darkness of the world of people who 
were not Van Nores. 

And who was Nore Van Nore? He was 
a young man of twenty-six years, whose 
mental processes had mastered the rudi- 
ments of leariiini,; to such un extent that 
he could read the newspaper and make 
change. All attempts to cultivate those 
mental processes much farther had failed ; 
if he entered tiie university at last, it 
waa because tutors and proctors and 
family influence, a fortuitous chance, 
and perhaps money, all wrought togeth- 
er. Entrance was all, however; before 
the first term closed Mr. Van Nore had 
prlviitebut authoritative intimation tliat 
unless he wanted expulsion for atupidity 
approaching imbecility, he had better 
withdraw his ."on. In a hot and self- 
righteous fury, Mr. Van Nore turned the 
tables and expelled the oniversity. He 

withdrew his son with a wild show of 
ant;er and scorn for faculty, curriculum, 
endowment and career. "They have 
graduated no man who comes to any- 
thing for the last twenty-five years!" he 
said. And that the matter might be the 
sooner forgotten, he gave Mr. Nore Van 
Nore a purse and a tra<^eling compan- 
ion, and deapatched him to the far wast. 
It was probably bat a case of retarded 
developement; perhaps he would do a 
little exploring and uiscovering; when 
he should return tho ajQair would 
have quite blown over, and be would 
marry him to some maiden who 
had been so well brotit;ht np 
that she would feel Vr'-^e'f nt;u., u !•'•-• 
n'^'r J ; 1 • nr'i'':ii.' •'.•nom .Uvii", prlUit'h 
•iiid powtfs hy marrying a Van Nore ol 
anr ialit«r. All the same, be did not 
fail to make his wife'a life t^ tmrden to 

Ker by ■trcasm on her feeble wit that 
had been strong enough to adulterate 
the strength of the Van Nore, while the 
▼ery sense of (us son's incapacity, thtis 
lorce<3 tJpon mm, was another argument 
•(^nst the woman who would marry 
an imbecile fo. thd e^ke of climbing into I 
his rank and position { 

It was not altogether to be wondered 1 
at, then, If his wife did not fully srmpa- j 
thize with him in his extremity, and if ' 
being of an r.ffeclionate disposition, sol 
&r as she had anything to impart, hav- I 
ing imparted that also to her son, she ' 
wrote a little surreptitiotis letter— ' 
she who had usuallv not a thought nor ' 
a deed nor an emotion of her own. | 

"My Dabuxg Boy: I send you all I 
my love. Any wife you choose re i 
maiT>' will be {he dear daughter to your 
mother." ! 

That was the letter so ser.retlv*; it | 
meant volumes to her; itukeant vomines 
to her boy. f?he was frightened to a 
trembling ghoct -if her ghost- like self 
when she etoppe^l the carri.age ayd 
asked the footman to drop it ic a street' I 
box, for she felt that if her husband { 
knew It wonld not be immpossible |or | 
him to blow out her flxkering flame of , 
liie altogether, or stamp its feeble spark ! 
Into the earth. Ho never had strucit j 
her. but she never knew what be might ' 
do do yet ! 

The father's letter, when it came^ was j 
not at all expected by Hero Van Nore. i 
nor was the mother's a surprise, 'ihe j 
was a girl of twenty, "divinely tall and , 
most (Tidnely fair.'* Her superb mould- 1 
Ings would have fed a sculptor's eye v>-ith , 
rapture, her superb coloring wotild J 
have driven wild another than Titian: ' 
tbe great braids upon her head seemecl 
tnade of strsndH of spun gold; she wore 
them like a rrovn. ae became a daugh- 
ter 01 the royul trioe of Judah. She waa 
tfndoubtedly a Jewess; but aa Miriam, 
as Deborah, as Susannah may have done 
she had the large beauty of that Clytie 
in her sunflower whom "some tl>ink to be 
Isis in her lotus She waited In her fa- 
ther's shop, and she sold Mr, Van Nore 
a pair of gloves there. 

lie had given hi" purse some time 
since to his traveling; companion and he 
was Traitin^ in thi» little place till lie 
should receive a freeli remittflnce from 
his fatlier. Wlien lie paw Hero he hnd 
something else to wait for. He hunu 
round the shop comers, and when siae 
went hoiue be lollowei her. Veraiy- 
t^e?u ratuit dea — ehs stepped as iftJrt» 
earth were air; he said to himself that 
it was because his heart was under her 
feet. He knew intuitively that she 
would not give him a second look. 
What were tiie Van Nores out ■ 
here in the wildemossT He ' 
was able to see, lor all his deficiency, ! 
that she was on a higher pland pf beins ! 
than his own. But if he could not h-^pe | 
he could at least suffer; he could gaze at [ 
tbe star he might not win. He bought ■ 
another pair of gloves. Ah, heavens! to ■ 
feel the touch cf those fingers of her j as 1 
they stretched the kid from side to t^ide ! 
of His hand! The next day he bought i 
mother pair. Before he was tfirough ' 
he had bot?gbt the whole stock of giovee 1 
In the shop. 

Of conrse this attracted her attention 
and the made some inquiry couceminl^ 
hiui, "You had bettei go away," shs 
said, when he came in Hgain. "You do 
not need rloves, or ties, or anv of our 
goods. Yon are making yourself ridicu- 

"I Imve'nolhlngto do with it," he re- 
plied "I was made so when I was 

And so oim: './crd led to another, and 
in the course of time he Led told her hie 
story, which eomehuw seemed faM of 
trrongs, tlie story of a rather feehie- 
minded youth who had been snubbed 
and brotv- beaten and ill-used by a dis- 
appointed father from his birth Her 
heart wa." Mtiired with pitv ; she let him 
come to the house liope"boiinded with- 
in him. If tbe star should fall hrom 
the sky to his orms; He wrote 
his father— 1 forgot to say thet, he 
could write -that he wanted his influence 
to help hiui luHny the ^lo^t lovely, the 
most virtuous, the most brilliant ol wo- 
men, who waited behind the counter of 
her /others little Jew shop The answer 
to this letter made his hair stand on end. 
Cold, sneering, vin-iictive, cruel, threat- 
ening— v'^hnt ehoultl lie do but show it to 
her? Her biocd would have been cold 
and thin stuff' hud th&t not made it boil. 
"I can never go back to h lit! . It is the 
last blow he shnll ftrlke me." 

"Would you be happier h^ro In the 
bhop Helping me?" ttne asked. 




ex»»erienoe for Mr. van Nore 

ded it all up against his son. 
selfiFbnees of the modern traveler did 
nit tend to increare ins appreciation of 
his Wnd. His kind? Not the least bit bis 
kind! Mr. Van Nore was more than ever 
per8aadp<l tnat ne 's^as a superior integer 
Wthfl r*»— u»rkin2, perhaps, one of 
tboft* pwrtto of progress from which one 
c^ve'opiJieAt tteps to a hi>jher. At la-t 
hr' «i ofd iti 1 1? presence of his daughter- 
in-ia^. , ,, 

A .^h^ptSoBs killi"- sreasy Jewess, seli- 
iii5j old clotTatf-4-or a stately young go<i- 
d.'sa assuming a human smile. One 
convulsive ?ee9e\*jn thrilled across him 
iti pr.Je in the Noll's taste at least sour- 
m )Q9tantJy t^ finger to think that taste 
was? .all. AndtheSM' f'Peoed the suh- 

^^'"No, f&ther-in-law," lk«<*Hero firmly, 
dispi'-e his wincing, ami 4<ler the fashion 
ofsieech in ufi« amonk.^er people. 
"No, father-in- la«^ vrc \'> not want 
vour money. Nor will /c sUV ".°Y^'' ^^\ 
immo; itie our name 6> aU ''1?*'^ *°" 
kw I hat is yours. And, as" ^»or your 
JrRlfclwD, we liiivB no power **> "^r- 
sTresr niS biithrigiit for oor \*"* 01 


It ivas A will e? EUtfng fiis own ^tm^\ 
Joed film. Stoi.inrti? was of no '^ 


oooo't film. aioi:v'\n^ «>-*» 01 no iK^ 
nere. He leftthe houve ' tUiout anoth^V 
■cor J, and left Hero dancing her crow- 
ing lov in the broad trausugnring san- 
b(?aa->, looking U]> proudly at her h\i6- 
lund, yet fondly, \9 see if really she and 
thp toy compensated to him fdt ail he 
l.Hd loat- 

.\n hour afterward Mr. Van Nore was- 
oiou !ht back to his son on a stretcher, 
two trains had collided, antJ he waf 
limoiig the killed and wounded. An ar 
lerv had been severed, and beibvy a 
physician could reach hi a he wan btetr*- 
u\^ to death. When at length, the floxv 
v\ ,is f-tauncbed, and he lay fainting and 
binkiiig oway, "It is almost hopeless.'" 
(i.iid the surgeon. "Theio is little bloo«l 
lelt in his body." 

Tbe sight of 

bus dying htther 
changed the current of Nc 


ore's irate ieel 
give him mine'.' 

"Beyond measure: • ne cried 

So she told hhii to see bar lather that 
night. She meant alxiut the situRlion; 
he m^act nl.<out h wife. An^ bet ftitiier, 
in as good anc^ ''•rong contelupt as Mr, 
Van Kore himself coCld feel, ordered 
the lellow from the hon'»". 

"Xhe worthless varlet!" cried ttie 'M 
man. "Can he earn his salt'? \Vli»it do 
I care for hie name and family and his 
entailed montvs— ftie dog of a christian! 
he can have tliVm u^; but he can't marry 
my girl to an idiot r 

"He is not auldiui, father," «iid Hero. 
"There is more in him than any pp^," 
and she calmly canvaescd the suhit'ct, 
"He has been made to look up 'vul he 
does not know how 10 k»ok struik'ht ahend 
Some day he will assert hnnpelf— " 

"You! ' salfl her father "You? 1 be- 
lieve you car*" for tiie lout! When you 
have sweethearts to fill a re'.;iinentl 
^Vhen you can marry any man in the 

"1 (fon't know," she «aid. "I am sor- 
ry for him. I care t<^' have him happy- 
lie has had 8omiu:hunhRppiri;;8S." .\n(V, 
at that moment they liCfird a grcfn out- 
si le, and they run to the door to pick up 
Nore Van Nore, helpless and just re- 
turning to eonciousiiesB, with a broken 

Hero installed herself as his chief at- 
tendant. In the long hours of patient 
pain, in the devutedness ofhiaitilent 
worship fo h^r, somettiinjr stirred her 
lieart that as not pity, Heaven knows 
wfiat it was. Ttiere are some strong na- 
luree that must wrap Iheuipelves about 
the weak. The tirm' he could 
stand on his feet a^miu they were mar- 
ried. And then Nore Van Nore wont 
down to help her wait l)€hind the coun- 
ter in the shop where she con.sulted 
him and referred to him and honored 
him till she was likely t« make others 
share the strange respect she had for 
him. "He is single hearted," sh« said 
to one of her old lovers in that primitive 
community, who felt the right to make 
some outspoken complaint, "he is up- 
right; he ia unselfish. He is kind to the 
fly on tho wall. He loves me and no 
other. What more do I want in a hus- 
band? He suits me. .\nti as for his re- 
hgion, what does that signil> when, at 
any rate, we both worshi the same 

A year from that time Hero did not 
go to' the show much; she had a Utile 
son— and not such a very little one 
either— a bouncing, magnificent boy, 
with nis mother s colors auO eyes, run 
of life and joy and spirit, and quite the 
most remarkable babv in the world. 
And so, when the chilu was six months 
old, it seemed to Nore Van Nore in his 
happiness that he v as wronst to deprive 
his family of the bea^ng of knowing of 
sueh a blea'«ing, and he wrote home for 
the third time, but this time to his 
mother. This was shaking the red fla^ 
in the face of the bull. Mr. Van Nore 
trampled up and down his wife's sitting 
room awhile, reared and stamped anu 
snorted and bellowed, and not till he 
had reduced her to tears for having 
brought such a son into the world, and 
liad pursued it till she gasped for breath 
and had to have the maids and ether 
and hot bottle^, did be subside into si- 
lence and thought. 

That this son of a beggarly shou-girl 
of a Jewess should be the Van Nore. 
Never, never, if he had to put out tbe 
light of all the Van Nores at ouce! -loce- 
lyne, his eldest daughter, should mar- 
ry young De Vere, and he should take 
the name of Van Nore. For a sum of 
money Nore should break tbe entail 
and renounce his name, tak- 
ing instead tbat of his low* 
bom wife. And so Jovcelyne's son, 
who was a foregone conclusion in Mr 
Van Nore's mind, should be the gre&t 
Van Nore to come. He had a satchel 
packed within an hour, and he slept 
that nie:bt, for the first time in his life, 
i'i ri ' n'/ir p'f»eping-C!ir, always before 


ri? i''*» 

ail f 

wfetcbed uontiiinitaw IV. vm » ha(4 

■ay, > 

'-^iJarriet Prescott 

r\ ' n'/ir p'f»eping-C!ir, ulwavs 
ii.vii^*'' ii.t' U..111 lit nightfall 
tl an bi. one of the firomir< 'U^ < 
aleeping a oommoi slee(^. Oayt 
nig its and days and iiighu of 





ing. "If I could but 
he ciied. 

"It would do him small good." eaidtlu 
•ioctcr, lookinj at the pale and spind- 
ling lellow with an anatomist's con- 
tenirt; and from him the glance traveU-n 
!o H'To. standing near in her abundaiii 
life \%-ith the dancing boy in her arni;- 
rtill followed by the sunbeam. Her 
i.-ad the e'ame in a moment, and hud 
giver the child to her husband. 

"Here, doctor", she said, baring an 
arm that Hebe, \^«irying li.fe and liectui 
in th:.* goils. iiii^'lit Imvf iiTti .!. 

"Do you know wh titmeatislor you"'', 
.ini.l ' be (loctor, "And for your child, 
pgrh ippi' Loss of strength, it awv U- of 

ribalih-^ . ,. . 

"I know' it is my husband a father, 
my ciiild'sgrandpureut," she said slowly. 
"It my blo<\l cai. birve him it is rigfit 
tbat be shall have k " And when ahv 
<^ne to herself after tift first fa.ntinj? 
rii puve fathr.e atti languor, she did 
nSt know that she felt maoh the worsr. 
and TifcLr father-^n-htw was ainiling Ht her 
with' luSWr in tl»> eyes lliat she so lately 
saw iieRrlvVPei "' ll'^f ^'' , . ,, , 

Str.inge'rt(K^ ,«^^*''»' ,«».«nent to Hero 
.-^he l.act give:* >!■'' tp, t^l'* «";'/' ^''•; '""' 
^T*n» iH-hini} th% ^■*^'' *?* death lUid dark- 
f^. ano"wcrk;^ ^^'^'^ '^« YT^ «' 
.-reason There -**.' V lull iJ^l*' 
her and him such a. V'^in ^t! «„,n" 
tween no other peotX ^" J^^lJ°lt*- 
For half B iHinting f»V*.%^A\,"^" 
thought she had ii.iT^ , '/'*qj 
loL'x again lie thou.; hi she k^^^IZ. 
felt her heait iriadial.- wltb i / ,j"*'/ 
warmth toward her huskuid's J»k ® . 
^he f'll on hei- knees beside him k^^" 
i:ii?eed hia hand. "Oh. my lather," sW 
;3aid, ''you must Joiuive us, fo. we lovf 

As for Mr. Nan Nore. I xiever saw 
aiiyb.idy happirr than he waa, aomr 
week^ urterward?, on his way home 
with his party. His eon flccotnpanie<l 
him. with u niirse of a superb roey baby 
folded in white fleecy woob. and a ladv 
■tdtelv as anv iti-incev!* ou^-ht to be, but 
-eldf "m is with her bWk l^ear skin robes 
.\\aiV(' her. "Siie is very teaehnble," 
thought Mr. Van Nore, "A month ol 
our life wi 1 give her all the sftvoir faire 
she needs. Her tact is Inosilmobie.'' 
.\i)d then he wondered if she could 
liold her own with Jotelype. "My 
f;tandgon, the future Van Nore," be 
'lid to every acquaintance he came 
ai roF3, aud they all seemed to l>e travel- 
iiii' on various portions of that trip 

Hero, my dear. My daughter-in-law, 
Mrr 'Van >oie. My daughter-in-law. 
.\ gi eat ad(£tian to our circle, I assure 
\(j\i. An old .'aicily, au old family; We 
—we are not exrwiy, so to say, related 
but we— Wiii— wt hii^' some of the same 
inooii in our veins; ' 

Tbe Bad Boy. 

"Yes," said thv lK)y, with a vacaiit 
.'viok, '1 lake ru) interoet iu the pleasure 
of tho thase atis? more, thouftb 1 di»i 
have a littie quiet fafl thi.- morilljig at 
the breakfast tabie. You see pa ia l|y! 
contriulcst loan ever was. If I complalii 
anythirg don't ta»t«i good, pa says it i* 
illl ri^ht. Th-fl morning I took tho syrup 
pitcbt-T APd emptied ontthe white syrup 
«n.I put in some cod liver oil that ma ie 
t;\k: ■>fj for iter pougb. I put Porae ou my 
i ancfakes, ai..l pretended to taete of it, 
end i told p.i tb# eyrop waa aoui,. 
and 1 " "^' 

i.n b. 
1 was ? 

He sai'. ' 

him, ft! I 

aftd fir , 

gaul di I 

i>j. I « I 

Hveroi , 

syrup \ 
mine h 
I bad t 
; ibt dn 
nut. I 

for rna. Ma s.ii/t g[iit ff very "urong 
?tumniiik, and when she got some of 
that cod liver oil ui her mout'i she went 
up stairs, sickern a }iori=e, and pa ha<l to 
help her, and who h lu nooralieia all the 
morning. I pickles Io take the taste 
,ut of mv mouth, and then I laid for the 
hired girls. They eat t&o mncfi syrui^, 
imyway, and' when thev got 
on' to that ood liver oil and 
swallowed a Jot of it one of 
them an Irish girl, She got up from th» 
ta le and put her hnud on her corset 
and said: 'Howly M'-sep!' and went out 
into the kitchen looking as pale as m^ 
does when she has pow<ler on her face; 
und the other girl ^viio is Dutch, she 
swallowed a and said, "Mine 
tlott, voi de maitei trom mc,' and she 
went out and leaned on the cohI bio. . i 
Then they tallied Irish atid Dutch and 
eot clubs and started to l'>ok for me, and 
I thought 1 w uld come over here. The 
whole family is Hic^t, bat it is not iVom 
love, like mv illness, and they will get 
over it, while I shill fill an early grave; 
Pa and I nr ■ going to Cfiicago next week. 
and I'll bet we'll have eoine fun. Pa 
says I need a chane.' of air, and 1 think 
he is a goiua to try atid lo-e me. It's a 
cold day when I V'l 't''' anywhere that 
I can't find mv wav l>aek. Well, g.iod- 
by, old rotten potato."— Milwaukee iiuu . 

Oeu. Grant'8 FrHiik Adiuliisuuk. 

General Grant, accompanied by the 
Paulifet Fathers Deshon, Hewitt, Brady, 
aud Burns, attended a t'atholic ladies' 
fairin Manhattan Hall New York, last 
week. Ruber Deshon said: "Forty- 
three years ago, amo'g the young men 
I., winning their career at West Point, ol 
whom I w.a« one, thero was a bright and 
^renial lad from the west. His initial^ 
w«rft U. t;., and in kindjy ipirthUie boy^ 
forced upon hi in the nickname of 'Uncle 
Sam.' I WHS his rooni-inate for a year, 
and not one unpleasant mt-morv have I 
of that time, i call upon you for three 
cheers fcr GeneralGrant. Tbe cheer* 
were given, and then General Grant 
said "I told Father Deshon that I woald 
rather not speak to-night, but his worde 
have mide it noceesary. I remember 
t he vear he spe:ilca of anl I am not sure 
'iiat'he wca I like me to aay all I re- 
iiiotnber, I'.ere wer«i trertain exploit* 
of ourt« in that Mar which I will not re- 
call, i«*«ii4Uch as they would tell mncb 
■^imreaKainat me than flwainst him. He 
..u.¥a,'od boy, and 1— will I wasn't 
lie is worifiy of yonr affection aod n» 
apect, and I am sure h«r lr.<« thetu." 



that I 











ii»iiiiiiiii I wnwfr n fu M 







Ym, wo can her Faith. 
•n* I'U teU ye how it wag. 

I was righting up things round mv 
niarliet-8taU on© day, hanging 
«a' them everlasting wreaths 

believed it of you! 


struck her, an' cries out,— 
'John I wouldn't belie 
What did she say?"' says I "Bet- 
sey she ^est danced all over hir llttJe 
3ody, an' asked mo where'd she zo " 

mt, «M , ^°y<^'i''°ow. my wife moved her cheer 

«r{ft._T • .. ." ™y °*** ' awayirom me, an' looked ma In fhm 

wife-I pneraly call her Betsey-ties ! ejes. Thsn she pointed out oHl e wuJ 
a onnches of red berries, an' getting ; ^'^'^ ^baH we could soe, acjtMs tie clo- 

I Jy for CTstomers, when a voice be- ^er-™oadow,— all white wuh aao<r now, 
land me says,— ' r:*"® Rrave of our little dear Mar '. The 

••GotacheapChnstmas-tree mister^ | S^ndTtErat'^n^^etdo^ne'ToV?^ 
y M AChrismas-tree'sonny? How much ' and I couldn't stand it No TjurttSfi 
f 1^*"* 7*°* to give?" saya I a-turmng i ber in my arras an' laid her dt«r old 
\ . round. An' bleea youl it wa'n't no boy ^ *« *'^^°'** ^^^^ *i' s^iva I,— 
l*tall. but just the queerest mite of a eal i "^J^V- *>^«I Dou't yon sl.ed 
I you *^ ■ 


ever set eyes on, 

-Maybe she might a' been ten year old. 

andvT the cothes she had on— kind 

juried in 'em like-I declare if she 

seemed more than six.' There was a 

skirt that come to the tope of an old pair 

boy's shoes.—! guess thev was, -an' 

over that she had on a regalar boy's 

coat that covered her leetk hands all up, 

am' on her head she wore a hut tieU down 

over her ears with a shoe-strliig. 

But never mind the garments; it was 
the gal I looked at. Such a pair of 
dancing eyes I couldn't tsll, bless um If I 
could, whether ihey was black or greyi 
*n' such a fJace! Just as round as one of 
my pippins, an' just as prettv a color 
Jn the cheeks, an' teeth that were more 
Uke kernels of corn tnan amtliins ever 
I see off the farm. 

As for hair! wen it dtuck out fi^n* un- 
der that old imt. an' for tiie life of me. 
J couldn't think of nothing but Isetie 
frieky stems oif my squash vines a-^iab- 
binu this ih' ug an a- curling round that. 
An' thar she stood, a Christmas picter, 
between two of my Chnsiaas tr.-es! 

"I want a cheau tree, ' iay« ahe, an' 
oat come one of them Jettle red hasds 
a-holding two copperH. An' whsn she 
looked at them an' np at me, how her 
eyes danced an' twinkled I i had to feugh 
m^elf, and you'd have thought, to have 

little (*o, 

seeh the eatiiaikcti.Mi of that 
that she was goin' to purchase 
out, a hull forest of pine trees. 


"Two cents' worth of Christmas greens 

won't go far tonardi? dtnoratiu) 
Irj'ing to gjt my face into a na 
■er'oiuness. "You ain't 

_ no 

tears for any ways of mine. I ain t got a 
a stone for a heart, If I am up an' down 
with folks hometimes. I'll tell yoa what 
I thpught. Thinks I, Here's (Jhiistmas 
coming and there aint no baby-8t< -ckings 
to fill in this old house of ours, lor no 
children to stand a tree fur, aiid maybe 
it will be a scrapof oomfortto my Betsey 
to do a leetle something for another lone, 
motherless gaL Wa'n 1 1 right, tt other, 

Betsey kissed me, aoft-like, on my 
wrinkled old face. 

"I knowed the girl wouldn't mii scorn ■ 
iM back for her tree," says I, "an I left 
doing anything till we'd had a tal c over 
It, Betsey ; an' if yon feel like fixi ig the 
tree for lier, why III carry It In fccinor- 

S>w. If it keeps her believing In provl- 
ence, It^ more tlian most of us ii a-do- 
mg, fur all our professions." 

'^'O John!" cries my Betsey. "Y >n are 
my good John after all. We've led so 
much trouble, I thought you was getting 
hard and money-making." 

1 was up early the next mornini;, get- 
ting ready to fto into town with th.. mar- 
ket-wagon. Everything was pa.ked as 
snug as could be, an' 1 was just ia/ing a 
few everlastings on topof the load, when 
I saw Betsey coming with a hem o«k— 
as party and trlin a leetle one r.s i lajy 
out of a dntwing-room would want 

•*That*» a beau^, wife," says I. ' wliar 

did you git It?" I wondered, becatse We 

»iad to go quite a distance Into thft fields 

i<ir them evergreen."*. 

She took ine bv t^ krm an' led me to 

i'tn'e'i^'^ • '"^ porch, an' pointe lover 
to ine ie*,rtft wnite grave agin. 

P*Iaf ' *^^ down tl\ehemlook we had 

it all in; an' when the leeUe one oeys. 

Oh, I'm so glad vou've comel"— jest fur 
all the world as if she know'd we would 
come,— an' stood up ber old stump of a 
broom, an' politelv offarod my wife the 
stool— well, Betsey bust right 'out cryin', 
fit to break her heart. An' I wish yoo 
could see that gal! Tears! Tears! in the 
midst of ad her ble*?ings. 

She never thought she wan't blessed, 
she expected 'em, I tell vou ChrL'tmas 
visits an' presents, an' everything she'd 
ask fur. An' when she see my Betsey 
sobbing she looked so surprised an' sor- 
ry. An' bless ye, she never once stis- 
pected she w^ig the cause. Up she went 
to her an' laid her baby hand on her 
Lead an' says,— 

"Lemme do somtthlng fhr yo, won't 
ye? laintgota thing to hender, an' I 
kin help Nvonderl\il." 

. ^'I'^V?'^" should have seen Betsey 
U.en! She just dropped that sliawl of 
I'orn, au'if you ever seen a 

un, now I oo wisn my sUn * 
and clear Si vouis," s&Id % Isdytol 
"Youcanestlly niske it so.'^'ana 
triend. "Howf" hwniiwi the II 

ig" eays I, P>^led over our h»by 
teral trad':, ( * didn't say notnlno 


ng. I couldn't —but 

, ,. , ,. buying r^ - I took the tree that Betsey laid in mjarme 

church society, or nothing like 'Z^'T^ | as if rt was S huoMtn creetur, a'mos 

ye, slssv?" ' ■ *^'* ^^ 

"No, she savs, walk;' , . , 

snrveying my higher * ^ -^ 'V'^'*'* P* ^^ 
an' runners. '-I ^--*P"''»^Jo'>frlH9t;ug. 
and I dou't i»-.-*°^' ^^i" liP a ^Jg place, 
ChrUtmp-_-''P**I'^''*°« "P ^J'*"* ^' 
thin*'- ^f^,^^^ *^^'® T»'t^e«l8 of them 
J .^ wiUi them ;ed diopbin 'em; but 
^diean to keep Christmas this time, 
mister, an' I've Ueu saving op for tliis 

It Mws so funny, the matier-of-coui-se 
way ahe had, ami it beeiuod so aeriou."! a 
matter with her to spend her two cents, 
that 1 had to go behind mv still to laugh, 
I didn't want to hurt the .'hild'-. fe.ili.,j;3. 
When I got my face cirn posed once more 
back I went, an' I ye, th« minure 
she see me coming, her eyee begun 
to twinkle aa' tier carii tocrlaklean' Ligr 
teeth glistened out, and I couldn't iieip 
«, but I lauijhed rig!it there before her. 
But ahe appeal^ to think that wa« the 
way maybe mark.jl u.^ -id when they 
sold customei>» Chrlitinas trtva, an' she 
iau ^. t ., 

•Mister." sa*,** ' • .ve this 

one, It d do far me," 'piniing to Hjoieitv 

«Druce worth, I guess, two dollars in the 

de. "I aint much to put onto it" 

..ssho, "but that don't make no dif- 
ference; it's the be-yntifu! tree I wuit." 

"It's rather a ba- ••• ' r ve, ais," says 
t ; "an' if you haii. to but onto it, 

yoQ'd better save ) our vppers an' buy 
somethins to till up voufr ntockings." 

"Oh, I don't Wfiir no stockmgs!" she 
«ald, lauxhing. * an I Ixirnu these ere 
«hoes when I , .- lap. But tde 

rest of the thi::. :,>a me." 

"Where's your UUer. ' >aiil I, trving 

}>e sober. 

II never had none," aava she. 

•An' your Oiother? ' 


'It's all rJght. You was led to 
wife. It'll be a blessing to the 
from the dead." 
The last I saw of Betsey's 


lo it , 


"She's dead, ra -.wr. M., C-iris'sio 
Sftjrs so. I hve aluao djmi lu Pin Alley. 
an' does jobs. *' 

"What in the world," phv* I. a-break- 
ing out, "do yon wi'.t u Christmas- 
tree fiir? Whose coming to if.**' At 
iiat ihe Kroke out laughing till 
hem o it "hoes of ht-rn wigxled on her 
'8 if thev enjoyed it. 
.lere ain t nobody but me ooming, 
you," she says. "I want that there 
J for my own Christinas, an' I want 
jest whisper somethiiig to you," an' 
iefore I knew it. she had my ear pslled 
down near them ieetle teeth r.l hern, an' 
was saying, soft like, as if some of our 
marketmeu might i.\jme between any 
plan of providence an' hers, — 

"ilavbe th© >'athsr Miis Chrissie told 
about'li come an' hang something ontn 
It. I've asked Him sure every night au 
see, and I'll tell you, mister if He does. 
Mart. You see, I've saved them two 
oents to buy the tree for Him an' me, if 
He don't think I aint too bad an' too 
poor to git 8i>methinat Mi.'^a Chrissie 
says you ne^er >iain tell when He's a- 
listening an' a- watching an' makiUis piana 
for us cliildren down here, an' I'mgning 
to help along an' have the tree all ready." 
"Oh, hi!" she g*es on. "the beat of 
trees wouldn't be too gooa if He should 
<jome, would it, mister?" 

I did wisli my Betsey was therel I 
never did have no natural dignity, an' I 
aint in no wiae hardened in my old sge. 
Well; the truth Is, I felt it come on me 
to appear sort of rouiU to that gal just to 
*ave my own ft elinjjs. 

"laintgota tree for two cents," I 
■ays, turrtiig away gruff like. "I'm 
idkfraid you'll Iiave to gosrtmewhcreelse." 
Now do yon think that gal acted any- 
ways put out? I peeked round at ber 
while I went on hanti;ing up an everlast- 
ing wreath. BlesKt you! what I said never 
tr6ab:edhera mete. Out came them 

see, u I 
drove away, it was a-smiling at sie ttom 
the window; an* I whistled a goon hits 
of the way over to town. It did seem 
as i! there never was a brighter sun, 
come up, an' the clean annw on the road- 
aide ghstened an' sparkled in the t lom- 
ing rays., as if it, too, was glad for tie lit- 
tle pirl. 

Well, I had got my load off f rot i the 
wagon, and was just setting up a ©>upie 
of greens, when I knowed the ga was 
coruing. I heard them nhoee oi hers 
an' then I saw her eits laffln' 'rouidth 
corner of my stall. 

•'Oood-mornmg, miater," she aaid. 
"Vou aint forgot me, liave you?" 

'if I imd, I reckon I'd never Lavsthe 
heart to sell another Christmas tre *." I 
ttiOQght to myself; but I said aloo 1, "I 
alius keep my word, sissy. Did yoa 
bring your coppers?" 

"Oh, yes, mister; I wouldn't havr for- 
got ttiem," ahe says, opening her I^etle 
fingers. I'll declare if I (fon't beiieve 
.ibe'd slept all night squeezing them in 
her hand, so to have them ready. 

I took the two cents,— yes I dli. I 
wanted that ere child to think siii> was 
biijing that tree. A gal that pays fur 
thints as she «oes, won't be apt to want 
what don't lielong to her for aothin^. 

My Betsey wouldn't have done it but 
1 was right. 

Then I took out the tree. Weil. I 
wish you could have seen the gal laugh, 
—curia, eyes, an' teeth! An' then she 
rolled up them overcoat sleeves, an' held 
out her urms jcet as if it was a baby she 
was going to take into 'em. An* ^»ben 
I'd laid It whar she expecting me to, thar 
wan't an atom of her to be aeen. She 
was clean covered up. But all the time 
I could hear her laut;hin>; to herself an 

grown up 
woman appear tuk back, she was. She 
jot up an' jest tjik that leetle gal right in 
bur arms, an' adts,— 

"John, if I don't follow the call that's 
In me to night. I aint worthy my Master 
an If you don't agree with me, you aint 

f-TIVM'^P"^^^^' ^"^.'- I'°» going to 
take this lamb home with me " 

'Yes," says she. "I'll take her in place 

Ki^!?K Z;-,^.'**"" ^^'y- '^'»' 8be shall 
have her Chnstmss-tree in the old sit- 
Ung-iwm, whei^ there's warmth and 
H ♦•u° ™*yK John, it aint intended 
t list she ehaii ever txjme back hereto 
this miserable place ag'In." 

"It's jest as vou eay, Betsey." aays I. 
powerful tickled inside. "That's all i 
jiad to answer." An' then I fell to laff- 
Um- Tat I /irned 'rt.und, an' would vou 
Ijeheve it that gal was crlnklin' an' laff- 
ini; herself, to such a degree I c»^)u'dnt 
belp It. An' she looked so Batisfled an' 
tiowavs B*.tonished at my Betsey, m 
tbough she knew all the time her Christ- 
mas would bring her love, an' home, an' 

Yoq'U oome with OS, won't yon?" 
ea^9 my wife to her. 

'Oh, I'll come! There aint no one 
wants me here but Mis' McOane wash- 
Ing-daya, an' she'd ruther have big Mag- 
gie, lean take my tree, can't I, ma'am?" 
she asked, slipping her hand in Betsey's 

"We'll always keep that tree," saya 
my wiib, solemn like,— "always, always, 
John! 1 feel as though it has brought 
us comfort that we did not exoect. and 
tliat the good Father as blessed as 
through it. Take it along, child; thar's 

room for you and the tree, too, whar* 
we livs.' 

An' that's the way we come to have 
Faith, as we call her now. She's been a 
child to us ave years,— that makes her 
sixteen,— an' if ever a sunbeam come in- 
to a house, Ehe'a one,— a sparkling an' 
glowing an' laffing an' keeping an old 
ooaple bright an' thankful from momlnii 
tul night. • 

We ve sent her to achool, an' done fur 
her aa we'd liave done for our own. An' 
when we three go over to .Mary's grave 
we feel as if God just tuk the way of the 
little hemlock tree to bring us nearer 
Him. and our duty— through Faith.- 
Marble Le Baron. 

everv leetle while she'd hu^ the boughs 
till they'd quiver all over a. if they was 
human, an' know'd how she loved em. 
I was forgettinif my atoll entirely » hen 
she said from behind her tree. — 

"Thank ye, mister! It's a nice one 
fur two cents. I know tiiere'll be sc me- 
thing put onto it. I'h let you kaow 
what it is. Goodbv." 

It took her longer to git out with ber 
load tban it did to dance in without it, 
but before sheM gone it oc\;urred to me' 
to ask her wliar ahe lived. She hollured 
back the number of the miserable place, 
au' I wrote it down, an' tliat was the last 
of the )jal for that day. 

Betsev was waiting onnatient to ite«r 
what I had to tell her, when I goth imf 
at night, and she wiped her eyes a^n, 
but thar was a smile 'round her mo ith 
Well. I've alius kissed that smili,— 
ever since the day we were married 
forty yearsago,— an' when I give her 
tluit slip of papei— that told whar' the 
gal lived— she tuk it an' put it inside the 
big old Bible we alius keot our May's 
l.jtk of hair in, along with the births tnd 

When I see my wife do that, I kiK>lr'd 
thar' W!U» mjre in her mind than she'd 
spoke out to me. But I alius dve rav 
Betsey time, an' in the en.l she ajnees 
with me an' I agree with h^ 

.J^J^ ?K*/*?f ^^^ ^^^^^^ Christnms, 
*^ *l'" ^^° * '>««» fliuch more aid 
ab.iut the gal and t,er .ree; but 
morning, alter ^j^t^,. had got 
nght down go;^ breakfast, an^ I 
wrapped u;,Veadv to start for 

"P»'^«'>lne,an ' 

U'e a 
putting her arm in n Ine 

•John, Its Christmas to-morrow, an' 

teeth a-8f>arkliug, an' her eves laughed p^ (T>5a na vent forgotten tliat leetle {al, 

prettily as I'd prt-sented her with a '^^^2 "*^® y*'" 
..„ii.,..-.„ »„!„.... .„._ ■^^e "No, wife," aays I. 

"I know." she goes on, patting mv 

cheek; "I know. But John dear, I am 

feeling so about that child. I shan't ; eat 

till I've done my mite towards her tiee. 

Why can't I go in towards evening,— 'oo 

waiting fur me,— an' both on us go 1 X)k 

her u^? I tell you, John, she'll be 

watching and waiting as those of old 

watchea for the star o'Bt^thlehem. 

dollar tree , an site »iivs — 

^ 'jThank ye, miiiter! thank yel/^here'll 

glisten to that!" I s,-^ ^^ ^ „ 
The confidence of t>.^^^,, j^at she 
should tluuk 1 was ?>i,rt;ng in that cold 
market of mornu 

with her Cbrif^ 
ers were Iv 

to hdlp her along 
'..imia^ tree! The custom- 
\*(fhingto pour in, aol aaid, — 
4«ys I, *'I baint got a tree for 
two c^jg this morning, bat when I come 

^*\ to-morrow I'll bring vou one if I 

"I just it! 1 knowed it!" ahe 
•eld, an' claltere<i her big, loose shoes 
around, an' in a minute she was gone. 

All day long, every once in a while, 
off I'd go into a fit of musinsand smiling 
for that httie gul's face would come alore 
me like -i bri>;ht bit of .sunlight in a rainy 
day. An' to tell the truth, I a little 
Impatient to get home to Betsy, for I 

felt I'd like to toll her al.otit the gal. 

When I drove into the barnyard that 
evening Bet.-»ey— th it s uiv wife's name 
—she was fee«tini2 the caif, an' when the 
critter saw me liettins: oKt ol mv wagon, 
it was HO full of fun th it It kicked up its 
heels, bobbed its head an' twisted its 
tail an* nm rontul the vard ^a if it was 
i«perinv " banefit. Well, some- 

how it r< d me of the hmnv ways 

of that gai, and I c-oitldn't help laughing 
■o that Bet8*?y s^ii at ine ind said, — 
" Wh it ou ainh aiis vo John?" 
**I guess I'm po5.,< ssed, Betsev," 1 
j«id laughing. 
" Whv, John, what do you mean?" 
"No matter now, wife. Let's have 
^per. and after that I'll tell ye." So 
I .iraupperwe sat down by the old 
^K'-place— we alius burned wood in the 

aottin'-room — an' Bei-ev got out her knit- 
tin' and I sot down cio^e to her rockin'- 
■•halr. I have a way i i)ain't never got 
)ver since we * us funt married, of i-tro- 
kin' her hair — it's niie, soft, brown hair, 
much like it was wneashe wasa giil, my 
Bttti^y has — an' then I told her about 
the Iretle girl in the market who wanted 

IOhriPtmas r-- '^ - two cents. 
.Now, Jo i' true as vou live, 

."that ... 

blessed eves with ber kniiUn'-work— 
"now, John, of course you gave her a 


"Give her a two-dollar tree for two 
eopperst That's ju-st like a woman'a 
wmy of doiug bizaes't Juit like you, 
Betsey. Of course I didnt 1 told her 
to go somewbar els*»." 

Beisey stArt«cl away from m« fts if 1 a 

'■ Besides, ditar," ahe stiid , kinder soft 1 


"there's our baby in heaven. Ma< 
she's making her Christmas on earth 
through this poor homeless beli\ln' 


No man oould resist that Betsty's 
heart was in ber eyes, so I aays. 

God bless 
You come in, in' 
Lord'a tree ain't 

1 t)}e I was tujsuigand Janghing about 
'-wThat wife of min*? was wipin' her 

'Of course you'll go wife, an 
you for thinking of it. 
we'll see that the 

At &ve o'clock that aftenio<m Bet <ev 
joined me in town. She was alius wef- 
come in the market. Folks had a fofl 
way with her; an' when she told acne 
of the wonit^n at the sb^Us about the gal 
an' her tree, they give my wife souie- 
thint; all round, and Betsey herself ok 
a lot of apples an' some honey, an' I 
hurried a few tMtions fur her in my big 
pockets, an' away to Pin Alley we wtnL 

The house that gal lived in was like 
plenty of others, dirty, an' cold, wi' 
there was sixhts to be aeen in open do in 
that wa'n't tit for no child to see. Bet- 
sey clung to me, skeered enough, till we 
irot clean up to the top of the building. 
At the end of the ball thar* was a doc r a 
leetle open, an' when I got to that , I 

"Betsey, I think she's in thar*. I h<iar 
her singing and sweeping." 

I knowed, an' thar' she was; an' whtn 
^be saw me an' my wife, she burst out 
all os-er. crinklingan' laffiig, an' she vss 
the pnrtiest picture you ever set eiea 
on. Fur ahe ha4ln't on them bof'n 
clothes that i-overed her op, an' her h dr 
curled an' twisted over ber head an' leU 
down 'round her shoulders just like my 
nf w trrsip-'vines; an' them bii: black e} es 
ofherawas nothing more'n less thm 
•starv. Yoa'd belter believe mv Bet«»y 

The gal was cleaning up for Christmus, 
.m' though there wan't nothing in tie 
room but a mite of a stove,— wilhout a 
.speck of fire in it,— an' a stool an' a 
table, an' an old mattress an' blanket im 
the door, it wa'n't so drefful, somehow, 
as it might have been, for in one oorcer 
8too<l the Chriatmas-tree. as green as 
summer, an' the little gal nerseif ws'jt't 
fiotling but a sunbeam. 

I off frith my hat, and Beteejr sbetoiA 

Tliinjr« in OeueraL 

The fac-t that several children were tak- 
en with erysipelas from vaccinatlo i in an 
English town, has not been permitted to 
pass without use by the enemies of vao- 
clnnation. But it 'seems the operator 
was a bungler of super-economic turn of 
miiid, wtioso practice it was to use ivory 
pointa over and over «gajn. 'The suppo- 
sition is that failure to thoroughly cleanse 
the pointa resulted In adherent lympL 
booming putrided, thus poisoning tUe 
children a blood. 

Several students of Madison Universi- 
ty, at Clinton, New York, who attended 
those who died recently of diphtheria, 
are seriously ill with the same disease. 
The students are xreatly alarmed. Many 
bavegone home. The faculty has taken 
no action. No apprehension la felt 
among the citizens, the trouble being 
conflned to the colleste buildings nearly 
a mile a>vay 

The occupatlan of the members of the 
next assembly of New York are given as 
follows in the Clerk's Manual: lawyera, 
41, busineaa men, 40, farmera, 19; liquor 
clerka, 4; gentleman, 1; phyaituan, 1; 
dentist. 1; printer, 1; justice of the 
peace 1; police justice, 1; train dispatch- 
er, 1; banker, l;no occupation, 1. In 
politiL-^the members are divided between 
84 democrats, 42 republicans, 1 inde- 

Emdent, and 1 republican and work- 

A carpet manufacturing firm of Glas- 
gow, Scotland, arv making a carpet for 
the White House at Washington. Some 
time since they msde one for the King j 
of Siam, meanuring lOO feet by 34, its ' 
center beiiik' a three-headed white ele- : 
phant. One w.'ich represented a whole 
monagorie was manufactured by them 
for the King of Denmark, as a gihto the 

In hia inaogural address Qoyemot 
Thompson, of South Carolina, aaid: "In 
making appointments to public ofllce>4 
and in the discharge of other duties which 
by law will devolve upon me, I shall 
stand squarely upon the platform adopt- 
ed bv thn convention which nominated 
me.''^ This platform contained the fol- 
lowing; "Civil-eervice reform. Ap- 
p4^intments to minor offices under tesia 
that will in licate the quadficationsof the 
applicant. Promotion by merit, fixed 
tenure of office, and no removals except 
for cause." 

A stove dt aler at Toronto would not 
clean out his pastor's kitchen range on 
Sunday when sent for, and subsequently 
ctiar«ed tt»e clergyman, wbo la rector ot 
Grace church, with liaving tried to lead 
him into the sin of breaking the Sabbath. 
The rector excommunicated him, and 
now there la a schism in the church. 

A sportsman in Dallas county, Texas, 
went on a hunt the other day, and for- 
getting to take a supply of wads uaed 
paper in lieu of them. Becoming inter- 
ested in the sport he forgot that he had 
$300 in paper money in the same pocket 
with his wadilina. and afler shooting 
away over fi60 in bills found tliat he was, 
perhaps the onlv man in the country 
who used greenbacks for wads. 

The American Architect varies its 
competitive prixes by offering three 
prize ? of |76 for each of the three best 
designs for a home to cost $3,0iiO, i'ltend- 
ed for a man With an income of $1,500, 
"but whose so( ial position is unexcep- 
tionable." Few j.cople whose means 
are ao limited reali/e how much can be 
<lone to improve the i exults of their out- 
lay by employing trsiined talent, and the 
proposal of the American A rchitect. apart 
from ita professional value, is valuable 
as soggeating a Hue of work in which the 
public ignore the value of architect'a 
work, and architects are too apt to ignore 

"You have driven horses a great deal; 
haven't you, George dear?" said a girly 
girly voice from the depth of a $350 seal 
skinsacque, la*t night. "V'h, yes," replied 
George, chirping to his trotter, "I flatter 
myself that I can handle a horse about 
as well as the next one." "Do you think 
you could drive with one band without 
any danzer of the horse running away?" 
i-arae softly through the night air. An 
hour Uiter we noticed Q«orgo drivins 
with one hand and it looked very dan- 
gerous, but not that the horse would 
run away; oh, no, indeed; the "danger" 
was of a different kind. 

A Lady's Wish, 

"Oh, bow I do wish my aUn was as aoft 

. 'snawfltedtbe 
..D .J t> „. inqohsd the first Udy. 
•By nsdna Hop Bitter^ that mak« par* rich 
blood and blooming health. It did it lor 
me as you observe," Bead <rflt.-C»lror 

Capt Cir&wTofthePSMth artUlsry 
tias withdrawn hia rcaignatioD. 

"Rott^h on Rats." 

Clears out rats, mice, roaches, files, anta, 
bed-bugs, skunks, chipmnnka. gophers. 15c 

'Ilie Washington monomant has rea<ihed 
s hdght o f 336 feet 6 inches. 

"Example la better than preospC." It U 
well known that dyipepsia, bilious attacks, 
beadache and many other Ilia can only b« 
cured by removing their cause. Kidney 
Wort has l.een proved to l)ethe most effectu- 
al remodv for tbes«, and for habitusl costive- 
ness, which so affiicU miUions of the Amer- 
ican people. 

The boaadtrs at the Uraullns oonvent 
Quebec, were sent homo Monday In oonae- 
quence of an outbre ak ot typhoid fever. 

For five cents. Wells, RlcbanU-u & Co.. 
Biulington, Vt., will ser.d colored samptesol 
all colora of Dia mon d Dyes, with directions. 

Robeii A. Smith of St. Paul, wlU be ad 
oed to the democraiic cotigreaalonal cani- 
paign co mmlttt^ of that state. 

Skinny Alen. 

"WalU' Health Benewer" restores heaiai 
and vigor, cureiDyspepJa, Impotence. Sex- 
ual Debility %i. 

Pig Iron Keiley has' lost $20^Oo6 sdvanowl 
to the bunted Philadelphia coach com- 

psny- _ 

All onpleaaant catalogue constantly being 
printed, In which human infirmity la tpeci- 
fled as bssdache. ne.-voueness, dyapepeia, 
neuralgia, p«ralyala and ague, oan be en- 
tirely expunged from the records, by the 
QseofDr. Benaon's "'elery and Chamomile 

Tt»« Chinese minl«t*r aP 
a wardrolM worth $150, OoO. 

The woman who sSekTwll^f ftctu pain by 
(be free use o( alcoholic ttimnUnts and nar- 
cotic dru«r8, finds what the seeks only ao 
far as seusibiilty ia destroyed or temiorarlly 
susnended. No cure was ever wrotljht by 
saoL means and the longer th«y are em- 
ployed the more hopeleaa the o-ise becomes. 
Leave cbloral, morphia and belladonna 
alone and ua« lira. Plnkham's Vegetable 

About |29,0UO to build the Burnald* atstue 
at Providence baa been ralaed. 


Quick, complete iore, all annoying Kl.l- 
ney. Bladder and Urinary Diseaaea $1. 

A national reputation ia enjoyed by Perry 
Davia' Pain-ElUar, wbleb, lor nearly half a 
century, hai been the lavorlte. boujehold 
remedy lor bruises, bumo, apraiua and all 
bowel complaints Ixiok lo your ttipply, 
and never ba without It. 

Tbe beat praparatlon of iron a doctor i«n 
^rtwcrlbe Is Brown's Iron Bitter?, because It 
does not injure the teeth aa other Iron mad- 
icinea will. 

An AwfUl Reaponstblllty. 

It la afactaaeasv ol pi oof as that two 
andtwoars loiu, tbat Hale's Honey of 
Horehound and Tar, taken as a remedy for 
i-ougbs, colda, difficult breithing, hoarse- 
ness, or any other of the aymptoma which, 
as it were, {>ave the way for that terrible 
deatroyar, will effect a radical and rapid 
enre of tbe ailment, and avert all danger. 
Whoever; snowing thli, neglects to resort 
to the truespecidc uuder iucu oirsumstances 
aaaumaaa fearful reapomlbilUy. Sold by 

Pike's Toothauha Dropa «iar« lo oos 
minute * 



Some biiKyescions ttoBx Tharlow 

Wood's Lift- 0' 9 
Prom tbe Detroit Free Preaa. **?^)fia!?^ 

In one of Louis Figuler's imaginative soi 
entitle books he places a sp^tator on a dis- 
tant star which tbe refiectad light from tha 
earth does not reach in lesa than a himdred 
1 ytars. Equipped with a auffloiently power- 
! ful glass, this indiv dual ootdd in tbe course 
I of a long life behold the principal eventa 
I and prominent men that made tbe history 
I of the world for a century past. He oould 
as a youas child, see the war of iude- 
) pandeoce, the French revolution, the rise 
j and fall of Napoleon, the wonderful mod- 
ern Inventions, from the steam engine to 
llie telegraph, the figures of Wasningttm 
I and Bonaparte, Wellin^ston and Bismarck, 
Qoetbe and Herbert Spencer, Byron and 
I Tenny.soD, Scott and Charles Beed, all, of 
I course, 100 yearslate, run still distinct and 
I coDseoutive. Were he a former inhabitant 
I ol this earth, dyiUK on hia luOth 
could on tbat distant star live over again 
hia earthly hfe and »ee bis career as drown- 
ing people behola their own. passing before 
him like a panorama. 

What the Frenchman'a Imafjlnary inhabi- 
tant of the star could see, tbe ^till vigorous 
and vivid memory ot a veteran likeThurlow 
Weed can now Iwhold aa in a viaion. "The 
8dcb anniversary of bU birthday was cele- 
brated laai week, and Is a snggub-flve tie of 
reminiscence between this age and the last. 
Bom lu 1767, he must, at two years ot 
age, have heard, perhaps understood, tbe 
account of the death of W .'limrton. At 
aeven he oould have read the report of Jef- 
ferson's re-elecdon, Kapoloon'a ooronat'oD as 
emperor of France, the battle of Ansterlitz, 
and of the first steam looomotive on the 
Welab tramway. Aa a cabin Iwy 
ontbeHuilson river ha saw Pulton's first 
Dteamboat aaccnd tbat stream. While be 
himaeir waa, an a soldier in the war of 1812, 
(reeziuK In the winters of tbe northern fron- 
tier, Na^leofi's army was overwb«>hued 
in tbe unowaof Russsa. and thecloseuthis 
military liie was aimultaneou-j with the de- 
struction of the French army at Waterloo. 
Byron bad not yfet walked on that oelebrs- 
ted morning and found himself lamona by 
the pnbhcaiion ot "Childe Harold," and 
the pleasure of reading Scott's romances, aa 
they appeared fresh from the press, waa re- 
served until Weed had been a printer for 
some time at Albany. 

Theclotbaa he wore when a t>oy were , 
Lome-spun and honi^woven; hia j 
garment* now are an Inrtn.testimai fra'.*tion \ 
(.1' ibe $2u0,0O).(X»0 or iSW" f«'Kj,Oeo worth au- | 
nn^Uy produced in tkis ^oontiy. The ws^a ; 
wuicti. as a cabin bov, ho •<peQt la going 
trom New York to Albany will now suitioe | 
for the joamey from the Atlantic to the Pa- ] 
ci he Ocean. He Ium aeen nearl/ every in- 
vention character:btiu of this meclianical 
age orlKinated and developed Tbe ateam- | 
boat, tha railroad, the alaam loom, the { 
power press, the telegraph, cewlng ma- ' 
chine, the telephone, gau light and eleo- ' 
trie light; even the humbler, but no less i 
useful discoveries— keroaene for iilnmina* I 
tlon, authradle coal for fiiel, the cast-iron | 
plow, and the photograph— have come ; 
wiibin his personal knowledge. He baa 
lived under th.. admin atrat'on of every 
j.reiiident from Washington to Arthur; seen ' 
Franctj iravd the wiiole circle from tbe repu:;lic through two empires and two 
mouarcUles. back to a republic again; 
Prunia and Italy emerge from a congeries 
of small, weak itates to a mighty empire 
and a con^>UdataJ kingdom. Aa a boy in 
(•etiicoubi he mik^ht have taken the hand of 
au old man who. while a boy. had aeen 
one of tbe pilgrim fathers la old age, ana 
as an old man himself may take the hau^ 
o; a boy in petil-ouu, who will see tb«:20nj 
ariuiverdsry of the independence of ttie 
e<J Scales; thua louctiin^ on either side 

Oanee and Eflleoc. 

Tbe main cause of nervooane* b iodiges- 
tlon, and that Is cansad oy weakness ofthe 
atotbacb. No one can have sound nerves 
and good health without using Hop Bitters 
to atre* then tbe sto'mach. purif . the blood, 
and keep the liver and kidneys active, to 
car^ on all the poisonous and wa^te matter 
ofthesystem. See other «nlumn.— Advance. 

A friend to the rich and poorT" A msdl- 
dnetbaistreng, bens and heal:', 1« Brown's 
Iron Bitters. 

Try th e new brand Spring 'fobaoco. 

~ Petrolu. Pa., Jan. b, IBTO 

Mebsrs. Kennedy & Co.s— My hair is grow- 
ing out so fiast tbat I can almost see it erow 
myself, tbrongh the use of your Carl>o.iii<j 

D. Nixon. 
^ »->^ 

The inmates of the Illinois state pen- 

tentiary at Joliet, to tbe number of 1,474 

were given a fine musical and literary 

enteruinment and a bountiful Tlianks- 

givirui dinner. 


Absolutely Pure. 

Ibto powder nvrer railM. A Barrml oj parity 
<tr«>actB aod wbol««omnna«. Uor* •oosomleal t^M 
th« oMlloMT klnda. sod cannot b* aold Ui compaUtiei 
•lUi Ui» malUtnda of low t«it, ihort waight. alnm » 
pb — phatapowdTi. Sou o»^ tn can*. 



If you want to get the purest 
roecimen of the Scotch Fife 
tope fotmd in the Northwest, 
write to Abemethy &WelJ- 
man, Minneapolis, for their 
cirotuar descnbing the 


The President of the Minne- 
apolis Miller's Association 
says of it, "It comes the near- 
est to my ideal of what the 
Pure Sootoh Fife Wheat 
should be of any variety I 
ever saw " 

if rou don't nt • (tan ot ll (or next sprlii,:N 
keadlnr. yon will mlM it Circular* cent in*. 

plant CoUaetora -Haadaom* Mt of ai»e»nt Ckrda 
V^ Cor S oMit aump. A. O^ashxtt. Roc!iast«r. >'.T. 

XT A rn Bead poatal tor ni'if 1 .atnl'v IIITM.'m 


f;r lIlKi', „ „, II... JII.'.C* t! |Vt« 

Commerrii I C<)Ur(e. Cifi\\ttTr%. 
▲aurcM 1^. 11 A 1 L 4 s «. 1' .. u U'4iic 1^ 

■■■^■■^■■■■■IBMI Sara relief ■ r « irv • 

KIDDER'S PA8TILlE8.£ r^,r.d^JS 

■^■^■■■^■^^■■^■C'liwlwtuwn, Mas*. 

kU angrarlat 

tba Lnci ta a hMlthr itat* 

Barmleas to the Most Delicate. 

«y tu tahhtalaaaOoBawnptlim haabasaOaraS 

«rkaB other fiamedlaa aad nraleUB* luTa 

taUad le aflaet a eoia. 

Wk 0. DiaOBS,Mw^aai«rfiowlla«Ore<-c. Va, 

'rite* April 4, 1881. that ba waauaa to know that 
ha \,WQ BALAUf Ka$ ovrad hi* mother of c cm- 

'j/iiprii>ri. aftar tha phralclaa bad vlvan her np u 
'kCQtabla. Ha aara, otban knowlna ber eaaabsvt 
akeo tlie.BalaaaiaM baas earad; hethlokt all to 
tffllottvl ibonki ftra It a tilaL 

Wm a OSABAll * Oo.. Whole«la Drucrlata. 
till.' '•viiio, Ohio, WTltee oa of t^e enre of MiTHiAf 
■*BKSMiJi, a weU-taiowB dtlien, who ba<l been af- 
IctrJ with firoDcbltls Is Ita worat form tor tvelv* 
ea.'-t Tbe LuMO BaUAJt aorad him, aaUhai 
UUiy others of Broncbltla. 
Aa an Expectorant U tuas Mo Bqual i 





la aeapoaed of Herbal 
acta, wBlab parma«ta I 
AiMBca, axpaatoratai 

t'eneiution?" that are 6<:-i.arated by tiiSgulf 
..( tlir** t>enturifs and a Lalf. 

apeedUy reunttca wtksn ut>atl- 
>iate sor«a arsclsansad with Glenn 'i Sulphur 


HiU'a Hair and Whiaker Dya, 00 oeciU 
Opinion of Dr. Wm. H. Stokes, phyBlcian, 
Mt Hope Retreat, Kaltimore: 'h bav* 
Kreat pleasure In adding my teetlmony to 
the virtuea of Colden'a Liquid Beef Tonic 
aa the very beat preiJaration use.! for de. 
p ession, weakneaa and indigeetion, and 
thfTifore eonfldenUv recommend it to the 
miOical profession.'' (Remember the name, 
Colden'a— take no other.) Ot drntyjisHgeu^ 

250 buya a pali of Lyon'a Patent Heel Sdff- 
ciiara, makea a boot or aiioelaat twice aa long. 

Reddlns'a Ruuia Salve is the moat won- 
derful healing uiedium In the world. Try It. 

Free to all MtnistnrM ofChurotios 

I win aend one tx)ttle of the White Wine 
oJ Tar Syrup, gratia, to any minister that 
will recommend it fo frienda, after Klving it 
a fair teat, and it proves satisfactory for 
coufha, colda, throat or lung diaeaaea. 
Dr. C. D. WAairs B, Raadl ng, .Mich. 

Rays or Sanshlne 

Will absd thair radiancs on your invalid 
Msnd's heart by eeinllng him or her a hottla 
o# Dr. Haltidav's Blood Poriher aa a Chriat- 
«r Nsw Tear ;! preaa nL Sold by all 

tanperfeot biveatlon. 

lltitaJlseaaeanH physical auffcrlngtatr«tie 
dirsctly to Indigestion than to almost 
say other one cau*«. Moral: No remedy in 
the world la egual to Allen's "Iron Tonlo 
Bitten • to aid digestion and theaaalmilation 
of food and invigorate tbe liver. Prepared 
>y J. P. Allen. Dni>fw'' 
Pharraaolst, Bl. Paul 

only b 

t and Manuiacto 

j Mr. R. V. Murphy, of Falmouth. Kv. 
! writes: "1 would rmoii»T do without mv t<^ 
; liacoo than di.<i>,nse with Dr. Onysott'.* Yel- 
; lowDockandSarhaparilla. .Mvaelf, wifeami 
; little ones me it for colds. cou«h^, beadai>be. 
I indigestion, etc. Whenever we don't feel just 
I well, wa use it, and it alwayi* docs good." 

I ■ ' — 

j Lillle Deveraan Blake protests aipiitist 
j Bartholdi's at itue of Liberty because It 
' represents a woman. " for women," ro- 
[ marks lailie, "is no where free." 

j Jo Howard "understands" that the 
Herald clears |S50,000 this year, but tbat 
tbe Son has paid ten ber cent each 
month on its capital of $350,000, and that 
tbe Times neU 1200,000. Others, be 
saya,, have done well, and some others 

Prraonal— Mt-n Unly. 

Tbe Voltaic Belt Co.. Marsball, MWh , wMl aeoa 
Dr. Dy»"a Celebrale<l El^'tro-Volt-lc Beli« aud 
Electric Appliance on ti Ial far tblnv Jut* to men 
ly-'UDif or old) who are atBl. ted with nervoni debility, 
bit vitalltT and kli,dr«l trouble*, ruaronieetiw 
tr>ee<Iy &i>d combl«t>^ re«toratloo ot heaitti and 
manlv r\got. Address a* above. N. B.— No riak 
!• tocnrred. a.; thirty dajri" t rial ta allowed. 

••nrown* BruiM^itai TrnoliSf are of 

Service Id lobdutuit Hoar^eneaa. 

George D. Prentice's Advice to a 
Young .>lau. 

To a yuuoK man away from boint>, 
friendleas and forlorn in a great city, 
the honrs of peril are tbose between 
sunset and bedtime; for the moon and 
stars see more evil in a eint^le hour than 
than tbe sun In bis whole day's circuit. 
The poet'a visions of evening are all 
composed of tender and soothing images. 
It brings tbe wanderer to his Lome, the 
child to bis mother's arms, the ox to his 
stall and tbe weary laborer to his rest. 
But to the g'^ntle-hearted youtti who is 
thrown upon the rocks of the pitiless 
city, and stands homeless amid a thou- 
sana homes, the approach of 
evening brings with it an ach- 
iut( sense at loneliness and 
desolation which uomfs down u)»>n the 
spirit bke darkiitr«;« upon tbe earth. In 
this meod his best Impulse becomes a 
snare to bim; and he ia lead astray be- 
cause he is 9o<:ial, affectionate, syiQ- 
pbatheticand warm-hearted. If there be 
a young man thus circumstanced within 
tbe sound of my voice, let me say to bim 
that books are tl»*' friends of the friend- 
less, and tbat n library is a home to tbe 
homeless. A taste for reading will al- 
ways carry you to converse with men 
who will induence yoo with their wis- 
dom and charm you by their wit, who 
will soothe you when fretted, refresh 
you when weary, counsel you when per- 
plexed, and sympathize with you at all 
times. Evil aoirits in the middle ages 
were ezorcitiea and driven away by bell, 
j book and candle, and you want but two 
of these agents, the book aud tbe candle. 

I Bathetic Noa.seu<)e Played Out. 

I iEstheticism has run its race in Eng- 
I buid. A London letter to tbe Liver- 
j pool Mercury thua records its downfall: 
j "Everybjdy is remarking, and few peo- 
' pie fail to be astonished at the sudden 

I disappearance of the aesthetes from good 
, society. The movement seems to have 
I worn itself out completely, wi far as 
dress is concerned. The erstwhile fasb- 
I ionable colors, the whilom r.^markable 
j phapes, the stran-e and affected atti- 
I tudes, are things ofthe past. It is vul- 
I gar new to wear tasj^green; it is no long- ' 
. er elegant to be limp; and those pecu- ! 
' "ar.ijarnients, designed, like the robe of 
■ V ivian, rather to express the figure than 
to conceal, have been rendered obsolete 
, by the hideous and graceless crinolet. 
In the very homes where it was neces- 
sary to be either Japanese or early Eng- 
lish, or at least 'quaint,' to find a footing, 
the face is now «et against 'mer«» sccen- 

A Prophe<^ of Bntler. 
P. H. 0. in Boston Saturday Evening O* 
>ome yenrs a^o, while R. H. Dana was 
tunning for congress against Qen. Butler, 
there was a dinner at Parker's (in the 
luiye room No. 6, fragrant with the mem- 
oiy of many a symposium), and a youpg 
gentleman was seated t>etween Jac(gc 
E, R. Hoar and Mr. Dana. There was a 
general discussion upon the merits ofthe 
candidate, which reached back and for- 
ward. This young gentleman— younge'r 
then than now— listened and gradually 
giew merry with tbe thought ofthe per- 
turbation whici the planetary orb of Buf- 
i«;r waa prodiu-lngin the political system, 
lie was not a friend of Butler — then or 
in.n- -butthe gravity of his ix^mpanions 
at the table instead of oppressing him 
fceenied to create a mirthful dis^tosition. 
Ihe character of Bntler he did not greatly 
admire, and he no more rejoiced in tlie 
"widow's candiaacy than did his friends 
at the table." But their melancholy 
umiLstid bim. 

Said the youn^ gentleman: "This 
ojntest Is p*<rpetually lenewcd. Annu- 
ally Gen. Butler la 'to be a candlnate. 
He is beaten to-day. He will come again, 
and by and by, for mere weariness, the 
state will accept him. .Some dozen years 
hente, when he has worried everybody 
to death, he will he found to iiave a ma- 

"Tlien," haid he, ' 1 see in vision the 
hoard of overHccrs of Harvard college as- 
sembled at K State street, and there, 
lifter the eleition, the board is convened. 
The gentleman at my right is in the 
chaij. The gentletnan on my left ri.'es 
with his accnsiomed dignity. He say.'*: 
'Mr. Chairman, it is with no common 
motion that I rise on this ooc-asion. You 
are all aware of the trial we have passed 
through; and as custom requires we are 
olvout to honor the chief magistrate des- 
ignated nt the recent eleclion. I ise, 
therefore, to propose that the degree 
ofL. I.. D, be conferred upon tbe poI- 
dier, statesman, lawyer, and publicist. 
Gen. Benjamin V. Butler." ' 

With a mischievous but not ill-tem- 
pered manner, the young gentleman 

"Ui>on this motion the gentleman in 
the chair (Judge Hoar) will rise and 
say: It gives me uncommon pleasure 
to listen to the rctnarks and the motion 
of my friend on the left. The state, tbe 
college, the community, owe him a debt 
of gratitude. It gives me pleasure to 
listen to tbe motion and remarks. an<l 1 
trust the prooosition will meet with gen- 
eral approval." 

Then said the youii^ gentleman: "Gen. 
Butler will bestride hia wonderful horse 
and will canter over Cambridge bridge. 
You will have given him knightly acco- 
lade, and the college will have new hon- 
or in this last and most glorious doctor 
of laws." 

This badinage went on for some time. 
Judge Hoar laughed. Mr. Dana looked 
grave, and at last said: "This is well 
enougb for jest but don't sav it aloudl 
Don't! A loud word in the Alps some- 
times starts the avalanche!" 

Many persons may imagine tliat this 
is a story luanulactured for the occasion; 
but it is wholly true and has been known 
to many friends of the narrator fot 

Hud Mucilngiuoua prod- 
tka anbataoce of tha 
itaa tlta aA-ld mattaa 
thataoUaetsia the BronahWrDbcs, and forma a 
a««tktac a— tim , which rcUavea tka ir> 
litatlaa that eaoaas the eoni^h. It alaanaaa 
tlka lomca of at 1 laapwsltle e, ■«>»ngtham 
thaaa wbaa anflaablad by dUaaaaJnTlcot- 
atas tha alrealatlOB of the bfood, and braeee the 
Barrasa STsttia. niwht aolda •ftan aad la 
•oasaiaptlaa. It la danwcrowe to nanlact 
thaaa* Apply the remedy promittly. A 
tastof twenty raara warraatM tha a-Mrtioo that 
noraaaad/luMa'rer bcaa fonnd tbatlaaa 
pmapt la lU eflaet. aa TttTT'ilXPIBTORAJIT. 
A alafla doaa ralaaa taa phlrKm, auXduM 
ttiflammatloa, aad Ita uae apaedU/ curt-k tLeu.o«t 
absttnata aeagh. A plaaaaat aordlal, cKU> 
draa take It raadUr. For Cronp It la 
lavalttablo andshoula be in every fantily. 
ta •Sa.omd %l BotUae, 




fOT PlwpgTIrT Ol ^ 

Corca ChUla and Fever. Dyspepsia, 
Mak Haodaoka, BUIooe Colic, Coaatlpa- 
tloa, BkenmatUia< Plica, PalpltaUoti ol 
tha Heart, OUsiaass, Torpid Liver, aud 
Female Irrcyalarltlaa. If you do not "(mI 
very well," a aingle pill at bad-tinia atimulateatbe 
atOBaahfreateiea tbe appetite, impart! vifr«rtotbe 
ayitem. Prlaa, SSc. SA Marrow St., N.T« 




tor all dtaeases ot the Kidneys and 


IthaaipeclQcaciioaon UiJa moat tiuportiutt 
«tvaa, CMiabU:^; It to throvr off torpldll^r aud 
loactlon, ■MmninHTiy tli« healthy aecnUou of 
the BUe. osd by kccpta^ tha bowcU In troe 
condiUoa. rHeolltif Ita regular dlBcli&rgo. 

|MDe|l«|M|M ItyoatuvratttTingTrvia 

IWlflimiOa XuikiAria,hiiTO the eUiLiu 
are bniooa. dTopepClP, or amtapiklei, Kldiipy- 
Wort win liui^ly reUeve and qolokly onre. 

Ta th« Cprlnir to olaauoo tha System, cvrry 
one al^oiild tcko a thato>aeh oonne of It, 

o SOLD BY DRU0CIST8. Price 81. 


Tliat's a common expres- 
sion and has a world of 
meaning. How much suf- 
fering is summed up in it. 

The singular thing about 
it is, that pain in the back 
is occasioned by so man)' 
things. May be caused by 
kidney disease, hver com- 
plaint, consumption, cold, 
work, nervous debility, &c. 

Wiiatever the, don't 
neglect it. Something is 
wrong and needs prompt 
attention. No medicine has 
yet been discovered that 
will so quickly and surely 
cure such diseases as 
Bro^\'n's Iron Bitters, and 
it does this by commencing 
at the foundation, and mak- 
ing the blood pure and rich. 

L^^aniport. Ind. Dec. i, ilSow 
Fcr a lonf time I have beca a 
tuffcrcr (rem notu^ch aod kidary 
aiicfi«c. My &pp«uu wai very poor 
and (be very im^ll bmouct 1 Ai c&c 
dl**{rc<d Willi mc . I waa annoyed 
very much fiom licu-rctcocioa vf 
uilae. 1 tried many temediaa with 
DO tucccM, unit I UMd Browii't 
IronBittUf. i;lr.ce I utcd that uiy 
*(omach ion co< me any. 
.VIvappctliciialniplylUimcoM. My 
kiODcy trouble I* no more, and my 
gcoenl beaJth It tucb.lhat 1 ful 
like a new mur. Ahei the uac o( 
Brewn'a Iron Bitlna tor one month, 
1 have gmiita twenty pounds la 
v(iKt.t. O. & EARcsjrr. 

Leading physicians and 
clergymen and recom- 
mend Brown's Iron Bit- 
ters. It has cured others 
suffering as you are, and it 
will curs you. 

YOUNG MEN ?^r',:::«'i'?'^J*'<'^ '»'!;'» 

. a raw montha. and be a 

sttnaaoa. addreaa ToJaotliMi Uroa.. Jane>Tille. Wia. 



«0-k!Dif forthe .\mer;con Fanner dnrlog the wia- 
ter sad (prlng. Addreaa>(l. 

A PHTSiciAJTB oirr. 

A b(Kik tbat >b ulJ tie la erary houa-.'. Ckiat^iini 
a lilt of his ravorite preacnptioQa. and h^w to im 
cured at hum r without aentinK fgr a doctor. i'i.l< 
b<jok mty Biw Tuuriiio. Kro<>.'oronepo«ta4cefranii> 
Ad.'.rMS Ur. J. F. GlUltltT, Lyoua, \tu>iio 

L O«| ^e It a 

Ai« , ii».jB \larsa. Fto. Seel ilixlel aail Si.rtili. wj.I 
♦laiiiKie abil r»i)or. U lateiiUole M^yr Trara' »r,kL- 
u.t l'smi.b!»t rrre N. \V. riTZOl KAIJ> k U>. 

Pattoit Attorurj-K. Waa!un.-to«. li. c 


M]x->oiirl. KaiiRMS, Ariuutoas 

and lc;ii«. write i.< 

t . H. K.>aTii. 

*a C lark tUxr^t, Chlooco. 


I have a p'^tWo raiuoJy lor Uia above dlieaM; by IE* 
bh9 tboaaanils or »•«• or tha wont kind and vt Icox 
ataodtuf baTv Umu runid. ).'i<l<-v<l.oupir<.o(UinTralia 
ta Its •aea^y, 1 will mi..) 1 Wv( hOITLU PRCK, to 
ntber wlibaVAl.l'aiil K 'i M.A . l^Kou ttiK aiMiMe,u> 
aa/ sSitrar, aiTaKs|.r«iui.j,.t r O uddn-M. 

9S. S; A. MLOCta, im li.iuit;..»owT«r», 


\S. 11 111 III. I't-I l-'l''»l 111 1 .IVU atl ■ 1. Suit 
prrVMIlt t-oUlii. rll<;llill:ittiMU alld llb>ol4M7. 
.M'.ti.MM.'.V AH'i.lAMl. im.. » le MaJi'i- 
liclurvr-. Lie "ik'v HI . I I.U J-Vr 
sale >-\ kll Je»UuK )'raiii.'i»i() sl-I SIiim 
Ltealc.'s. or 'fiit to any aJdiVMi i>n -tk-^t'ti I 
*1 l«r i<L.i ►■■•n I f.ii m..i-li.t<..l uiiK-: 
Klvliik' oui« ul Ma.iK'Cu Ai>iiliau«.\-»i Lave 
uo equaJ ta tbe »uiUl. 



t t i t t t i 

DR. O. W. ■CMSON't 


Ia Wanaated to Cbio 

urixAxxAXtoN. ids. cbttst. 
LL. BOvaa aOALT E&UFnoira, 


soaoFvui uiiOZBs, tsmuxu rroRnfos. 

aud PIUVLSSonall pailaof tha body, 
tt toMkjm the aklD White, aoft aad amooth ; l e iuovaa 
tan and &«cklea. and la the BZ3T toilet dreaslnff TH 
THB WOBIJ). Slcgantly pntup. TWO bottlae In 
one iitokMgt, oonalattnf of both Intciaal and ejcter- 
lukl tT'.*atm«it, 
AllSntclaeadrucsi<te)Hr*»lt. PMe*fl..per pecka^e. 

ijKfktlUM (if 

r. V. Lavrlie, 



SoiLar ALL OEALERSTMTOuoMourTtf: world) 

■ HI ■■■ m IMI .New Wheat . ViHd 80 to 

■ ■fill ■ 1^ -ir, bnilii-h w< aore. Ke« 

if liLn I E-^^J''^ 

ICKlikell. AUkind* Farm )i itardeu 

beod for caialoKiio. J obti v. S:,!z.ji-, l.« <'i...b<. Ww 


Willi MMto/ aato«Sii.>nu rr*« 

^ UTSJit*d pvr'ff^ Llj'hl ru!.J.U^a 
qulft. haJidauoM Kftd d<.rai>l« Avd 
•a intt irUJ pUa vIms 4i«!r>4 
■lAprr ii*flA* Oi^*»«, I t«<a 
k«KU. U Mope aacjMlllcaj I- ..'3 
kaiu,'x-(*«««anl«r tkax toi-tK 
v1Ui(3atoolarjj tl hook '->i> n^ 
i:m •rituo t«a« trtol plan lie*. 

ton«. diiruLU Inai'ic *ed ouL. ( ir- 
««lar. aritb taetlmonlAia. tr**. Arff 
»f»jiieSOn».«? Third aT.Ctaeaje 


Monarch & Youn^s^ America 

( UltV & C*»ll .MILLJ4. 

Oiily Mllu mole vitii nil-/ 

I -/AT — 

' OtUkt£Trm 

_. ^SCNO rimaiTiLOiuc 
_ ^.W.MOffGAAfdCCL 


"/ had sou Uhrum 
vyur Mtn Cur* entlrtlu cured 

I fur 
tlu a 



Ttvm Uie Boateo Wet s .) 

tf 1 OO A YEAR! 





$1.00; i^ 


limr oimitlel.- 

«U I tlVO C'iUtlll- 

II' tj !>(.irl>;'> 111 

w ll iiumln-r 

u riitHd hr the 

• -I uiiiliun*, oiidl 

I'lUitol iiu i>laiij 


m:ih 111 «v» rj 

i--ui'. A l-«*»lil«ni 

L" :|>arliii»iil K.r 

til- I. 111)...:, j-,1 

I'-ir/h k 1-1 'M''/- 
rfnir J.ii..« 1 !oi 




r «■■'•■. jia-h ul,- 

I, ..k 

lit . 
VldreM I 


A Year 
A Year 
A Year 
A Year 
A Year 
A Year 
A Yeai 

ily Mllii nil 

..S ».< Or n.l 

-«. Wa 

ri/txrior to auy 1 

• (■ f, lii 


■ a I piiii»»e} 

I « i-ler Riid 

S.J. 4'IV tl'ltl 



. ..■ , i- — . ;.- . ,.t)r 

. -.1 .'. '.-lo- - Macii- 

. . J \j. \N 

A<.UI« |I|.II;K.%LC4».. 

ht. L'Ktie. Slu. 


A ^uje cure for inii.'l, llU'vdlliC wiJ lU hlii^ 1 il.*. 
.\ •iiii.'l'' l»x 1* Or. Wlllam'* Indian lllc uiutinrnt 
lina I ar«<l the- « irxt • hronli raiift of Itli ty Vi^urs 
ttaiiiliiii-'' ^Id and rt«omuj<fnd>Hl by all Ivni^gtata. 
PriM %\.00. 


tit. I'ouL .\Kpnta. 


W'lirn 1 mv car. I du ho. ilssd bj^rnij' to tinp iu«n; iZn 
a (Ima and tti«B taav* (liem r.!ur« afiii^ri I mcait a rsdl 
mlrnr.. I har. mad. the dl»kM or riTS, KriMKI 
vr FALLIM0 8ICXN'K8S> lir« louf findr. I wsrrai,: aj 
r«inrdT to car. iti. wor«t c*«a«. b^rauM AHiar* iia*t 
t^llad fa BO raaann tar aut now ro<-<it'lng a rcr.. e«r.d if 
cnicx fur a traatlsa aad a Kr«« Botila .1 my Infaailiis 
rsnieilT. Otve Eaprsts and P'Oi Ofllc ll eoau }im 
aulbli'K for a trial, sa4 I will <-ui. y<m 

AddrM. Dr. a O. HuOT. laa r.arl St.. Me«:T<rh 



Brni'-uib^l that 
taiuina, Tital auer- 
L-y the llf <~t>riii>'iple. 
"t wtiat.-Teryoa mar 
chill 'Se to call thn i«- 
aistxnt power whrh 
bottle, a Aloet ih'^ 
cauwa ol di-'oasea&d 
death. IK tha ifraod 
aafemiard ' { hc-uih. 
It U the , a-risoD al 
the hiini.ta fortr«4.'., 
and wbea It waxea 
weak, the true policy 
la to throw in reiik- 
lorceractitii. In oth-»r 
trurdr^ when sii : h aU 
emerifency i«:ciirt. 
oomnK'iK'e n iiourM 
nt tb«Bitt<ri. 

For aale by Druf- 
elst^ and Dealers, ti 
w ii'iii aiipl.v tor our 



Oyapopma. lomsoeaon, Oepreaaioa oi 
and Oonaral Dahlllty. In their Tarloiu fonna; 
AIM ia a praTandTe acalnat rwrer and Ame. aad 
olhar Intermittent Ferera. the ••Fairo-Phoapbofw 
V7^ ^'^' *•' CoUeoy a." made by CheweU. Haaard 
^Sl^-:J^*^ ^T*/ •»<* •°*<l ''» aU brugglata, lathe 
bjwt tonic; and for pattaau recoTerlna tram Ferer «t 

Vo other itisaaa. la ao prevalent in thla conn 
try a« Coaatlpatij in , and ao remedy baa ever 
eQoaUed Ahe otiatirated Kidney-Wort aa a 
cuza. Whaaevertheoaaae. bowererobatinate 
tha eaae, tbia remedy will overoome it. 
B|l Bfi Tins di«tToii.iin com 
nkK9e plaint ia very apt to bt- 
aompUoatad wttheonatlpation. Kidney- Wort 
■Creacthena the weakened parte and qolokly 
onrw oU kladeof PUee even when nhyaiaiaaa 

O and medl<Maee have before ikded. 

a- eru yoo hoTO ettber of thwe tronblee 

DrtJBBi«ts I 


The above U a guui UkMaae ot Mrs. Lydla E. I1&>^ 

feaaa. of t.yBB,IIa*i.,«bu aUiT.all other Lumaxi t<eln<a 
muf be trethfoUy caJtcU Uw "IiMLr rii«od of Wcmaa." 
aaaome of her corrMpobd.uu toraiocaii h^r. Bbe 
la aaaloQily devoted to h«r worh, OWch Ij th« outcome 
e( a Uf».tud;. and la cbUfed to kMp ili Udy 
eaalalante, to h*>p ber ans<ru' the larv* comapondenea 
vhleh dally poors la opon her. aacb b.«rln( lie apwlat 
oardca of suT-rtn*. cf Jny at rtOcaM-frbro It. Her 
Tacetable Compound to a mcdldne for gor^ and Bol 
arB f f p o eaa 1 hare persci^aUy laveatifiatcd It ^td 
au aatlflled of the tnith of thlsk 

On aoeonat of ll« proven merlM. It la recoaunendad 
and prwcrftxid by the beet iiIijkIcUcs In tbe ouoatry. 
One saya I "It works Uke a cbarm ar.d aatcs mn^ 
{lAln. ItwlUoure uitlrcly the »orst form of faille^ 
of tiio ■l'»nui, I.earorrbcna. Irregular and painful 
IIenstraatJon,allOTanAnTi<o«iLles, InflammatloD and 
CloetBtloo. noodlnxa, all Dlsplaoemento and tbe eoo- 
arqnent tptnal waakna.^ and la Mpedally — ^ipftd to 
tbe Change of Life." 

It pf-nw-atM every portlea tt the .yUeai. aad flvee 
new U/s and vicor. It remorea '-'nrnsas, fiatuleaey. 
dMtro.Ts all crartnc for atlmnlants, and ralleru wcak- 
tuxM of tbe rtomach. It etiree Bloatlnc. Hradachc^ 
KerroQi Praetratloa, Oeorrml DeblUty, fn>isiili«iiiieoi, 
P e piM s l i . ni and Indication. That tecUnc of beariac 
dowa. f a nalii K pahi. weight aad befkeche, le always 
pvmaBwtly murd by Its ese. It will at all tlmea, and 
QDilci all drmmstanees, act la haraaeoy with the law 
tbat irovenu the female system. 

It eotss only (L per bottle or six fortl.,aBSlBeeld by 
droalsts. Any advlee required as to apedal eaaea, and 
the names of many who bare bnen reatored to pArfeel 
health by the nae of the Veretahls Coppoosd, can be 
obtained by addi iMiiig Mra, P., wlU Mahsp fdr reply, 
at her home In I^na, Maaa, 

For Kldaey OomiUalnt of MtAer aes thla eotapooad to 
aaeerpaased as aboadant tMtlmonials ibow. 

■Hra. Plnkham'g Liver PiUa," saya one wTtt*r, 'are 
A. best te Ms ftorUS for the enre of ConatlpatioD, 
BUloosaaea and Torpidity ot tbe Uvat^ Bo' Blood 
PurUer works wonders In Ita ^wctel line and btda Cslr 
to eqnal tbe Oompoond In Ita p^nlarfty. 

All moat recpect ber as an Aacel e< Meiiij wheeaeole 
•mbltlon la to do rood to othatk 

rh l l e S a lphl a.Fa. « ■sb.a.ILSi 

$leOO :si:is:.aL A Year 



Two Dollsn. 
lUuacrstsd IfOKTHLY 


Sold by all Newedeoiora aad Poatmaatora 
Send Twenty Conta fur a S|>ecimen Cotiy to 
Eaat rotuteeoa) Street, New Tork. 

t^ Tb» Ne^ Volume (IS) <x>ini&eiu)eB with 
HovombM. Soori FIFTT CENTS for tl>rtie 
month.; It will aotiafy yoo that yoa eoa nib- 
ecslbe Two I>ollora for o 
tlinen It* Toluo. 


M£CRA.M(» and UAMD 
FAOTCREHS. writ. F. O. 
DAaPEK * 00.. ft3 Sort Third atj-Mt. St Paul. »loa. 
for their Illustrated Catalogue for lS82-a book ot 
131 pagee. siting price, and lUuetratlone af every lO'^ 
tbown to m'.>''.em mechanism. Beady Feb. I. BiUld 
tn and Mechanlca will aave time and money by ••at. 
reepoQding with thla laadlnc honse la loota aSJ 
^ttUdera' hardware. Send 4 cenu lu sUinpe. 


F'«r Tw<> Teara wili hoy the laimt 
•tyle of 




Too fail ae'.a uf rro-ia. 7 tiopa, kti«e *h«, m.6 
full oreao. Beet Ortran ic the world 


8l ^ttu! an.i Mlnc»iai,oj.% 



OIuIm utlrrslbe»umtineana'iiir.akiijxr<3Kiilar monihl) 


CiDb 13 of 

tbe If atnal I 


ul M utirrs the sumt ineana ot ir.ak i tig r<«iilar monihl} 
profltH nt>m lavestmei'Uof ()u tuiituur nun dtaiiaals 


Sai'ii memoer geta tbe bencSi of eaoibiaeo eaaiw of th* 
Club. Report, aeiu weekly nrMaa* ;oW ■wothlr 

ClnblS paldaharetaoidere bMk ihMr 
irer mootha. elUI hm 
In Club, or retnrofd 

peat threr mootha. elUI kaTtna orVaal h» 
money In Club, or retnrofd on dcaaaA. Shi 
fix pUnatoryctrrahinwat free. ItlMtjaao 

wanted cvei 


everywhere. Addreaa kTIL KSVi 
Mrtik, in * 17« la Solla K, C« 


sEwixe NAcnie 

TKB OU m.iAm uuTuaui onuar 


*^^ C»Ua AMD ^^ 

9f e-troz* G^vuxxM. 

ni«se who a*« it oner alwttyo ait^- ic. 
Ask ft>r ^ WIttKI*'* wh«r« yoa tratte. 

l* onfaUtcg ani infaB 
bt. ta earT:ig Fi.lj>.(4ja 
Hta. fUKQis. OuarU 
Uuna, I'. Vita. Uanc* 
AleobollKB. OpituB Cat' 
log bt-eniiatorrtKea. 
>« nilB .j v<'cKKnu« IjB 
poxmacj .Hnuiu. Scrof. 
elaano ail Serrout &otf 
SloodDluM a Ta<,1ar 
>ymaa. Lawyera. Utar 
ary Hsa. Merebaata, 
Baakar* Ladle, and Ut 
«!iae* sedaotarv am 
piu>raafil rau*>i ilaw 
eo. Preetreooa. Imce 
tartOa. of lb* blood 
st'>Buwb. bewela m 
Eianeya, er vbo r* 
qtiJra a enr. tcicic. a» 
petisar .ir stlfruUat 
BaXaRITiN M:t<V|!<t 
Is lavaJiuUa Tbcas 
and. prorlkiie It tb< 
nnj9% •ofMivrfuJ iu*i0 
•ru.t that >>»r tviiUib 
ed the ■ijikl:;g lywea. 
For aaie ky all Dng 


TBB DB. & S. KlOBMOIvn SrOirAL 0«u^ 

■■ia frmnUtan. at. Jweph, ■« 

Health is Wealth! 

Om. ■. 0. Wbit'. .\Buvf AJTD Baal* Tin iwi 

Acp~-lfla for Hysteria l'i/.Aa«s..OoaeulatOBc,Ser«aa( 
Beada'-ha. Mental I>eiir>'>«JoB, Leee «t Mge»erv,B»e»^' 
(ftorrbaa. Impolaarv. lovutantary Kibieuoiu. Piwia* 
tore Old Aiia, uaaead b7 overexert: .u. wlf-al'Ose. ei 
erai^l^algaBee, w^'<^b lead, lo m tMn j. daisy aaS 
death. Ooa bei »ili enre rveat cwmo. Kaoh ha« 
aaolaisaeaemoritl.'s treatmaBL OaedoLar aSaa. e« 
^ beaaa tor &>• dodxn . mmi hf mail iim^l aS fw 
eaUitdfpnie weimaraateaeliliieitaetirasayteao 
Vita mcb iir.iae rT<cW>ad by Oi tor mx bntee. a»>- ^ 

•oatad wH''Ov« SoUan. wa wiS Mod herunheM* 
eor iiilHsii .--ianataeto ratore tbaaonav if Ik* «<b< 
■teat doee »Jk eAM • oarO. CKtanolaM jM'ted % 
LAMBOISOO.tleoiBiiii Iltlai etFMt. saefcr ~ ' 
aha. SI >M^ mm. OM^sW aA ««B • 


». W. N. U 

IB a th^j ad 

-■ V^.. 























Wealth Of Carver Cotinty 

liuueapolia & St. Lonis R. ]t. 


Passcn«;cr 8KM n. m 
«!'> 4:39 p. m 

do 7::« do 

PaMenjror 8:21 p. «»• 
au lOTltia. li- 

do 5:5»' d" 

H. I). Weaver, Agt. 

Thn nullic are liert i v inviu^i'. to a grand 
ball i.t inr [>l.-c« .-u 

Jomlay Evciilnj!:, Jan. 8, lss:i. , 

A ffocxl of muKic h?.n b»C!i finfrsfr»">l j 
for thco.-caxkmniitl ;i g<*^:>4 liiMU i« :i:i'-:' '• ; 
p»te(i. Avlntuxion '-i.') ctt. 

SoutoD, Dti'. IJT, l>»>-\ 

John ]?or.!:aiirts. 

C. M. & St. P. R*y, H. & D. Di?. 



Froiuht 3:.T0 a. m. I Frfijrlit 6:30 n. m. 

do 8:15 do I PiicHonger ».4'J n > 

Pa«wuKPr S:»7 p. m. 1 Frt iaht 7:00 p. ra. 

FicUlit 1J:V. do I do 9:00 (i > 

illKU UKEINKR, Jr. Ag«ui 




The U!i*ic:>i2ne(l t k.- lhi> luetli- 
i-ii of ititoriuing otir frit'inis aii'^ 
the jtiMif jjentraily, tliat we will 
open our new and 

ELE«iANT.s\L()OX. i 

in flic iiiiihliiig rt 0. ntlv uii :)i Mi ; 
V:y (^rvjiJe <{( odrirl > :♦':• i ci.t .■^ll^n■. 

MOM)AV..IANls{lS';;J, i 

. '!-d .'•i' ■ 

\\' illl t»> HtOI) ^" 





Its 1883. 

lliippy X('W Year. 

Miikc your rcsolres for 1883. 

Prty lip your la-it ycar.i sabscr p- 


The tw(j lit vv fiii- risterns hnvf: 
1v<;:i illlt'il with Witter. 

A\'o ijuhlish the new ordin.arce 
relating to the fire department in 
this issue. 

^Vliciit ;i:ul havley bought at 
lifMrliow & Eder. 

T!:o r.iaiiy friends of Churiey 
Weiiz, of Hf. t'-r. IJcnvilleCn., a\ ill 
be plc.'iscd to le:ini thut ho is re- 

The Yaluatioii of Bcjxl Estftte 
and Personal Property of Car- 
ver Conuty for the years 
1881 and 1882, by 


TOWNS IfWI 1862 

ricuton mid vlIlKKes •aiH.tOI *-i91,S>30 

CHWMh-n lHO.l«t -i^.n^- 

ChHSkii Kii.l villatfo liw.::*- llVa«o 

ClianhnMeu aa8.2l3 2H«,H.15 

C'arvtT and villnge .S7.1ft.'i W.iWS 

Dnhlifreri 276.H12 302.»>7 

Hoilywumi 3U;U07 S£i,:M 

Hiiticoclt I22..t;« 145,079 

I.Hltotown 'ZM.mi ili-'.UK 

Tan Vr.wcifco 176,K24 SOe.llS 

Wacni.iu HiKl rillHjfO 21K.1HS 2.-i«.tl!'< 

Watertown do STiZ.^lo 2«e,a>-« 

You:iK AutaricaaudrilUires 2a«,(>17 25i6,>*Ml 

Outside Subscribers. 

We have sent statement of ac- 
counts to all subscribers residing 
out.side of the county and State and 
hoj^ they will make prompt remit- j 
tance. It takes money to run a 
newspaper, so come down with 
j'our cash. 

Pleasant Party. 

Quite a number of the citizens of 
Chaska, were invited to a party at 
the residence of Arnold Hoen, 
Chanhassen, last Tuesday, and re- 
I)ort a most hospitable time They 
returned home verj- much pleased 
in the evening. 





Feed Store 


Incr<>a»e for 1.S32 

»3,«U0,i<08 $3,015,306 




Rcnton and villa^^s 


fhusLrtanrt \ ill^gu 


Ciir^ tr and vilhife'e 





Siin Fniticisco 

Wacoiiia and villttjr* 

W.Htf.rrowu do 

Vounj; Ainorica do 

Increase forl8»'-2 








40, 167 



»tf-l,44A $74«,107 






New Y^ar Bpil 

A i' - ' 

Ou Sui:daj Evpnsu?:, 1» ■• . i\ , '^2 


]o:c!ng over tiio arrivi 
son and hei; iii hi.s family. 

(.'harley K<'nnii!g is down from 
hi;* Kcnnvil!'.' Co. f.irr.i ou a busi- 
ness trip rind visit eombinod. lie 
lias purcLii-^id :i lot of wood at 
Augusta station and will ship it to 
iiird Island. We ackuowle^fi a 

Ihouiid-r'ii.M'.': v.'il trir» a gr-Art^ i«ll : |dfa.saiit Call 
.t: bin lull '^n S«tuul.-y ere. Dee, I, l~~'.\ 
to « hich aii »rt; < •juliall.r i-ivitpil (>■ 
niUHio hf.« hci-ii i-ii,-- i't-'l. I'l'ireiis u«u;-. 


ew Year 

This is the hist wfiok of our rl >s- 
inirout sale. All those in want of 
chcai) good."* .«ihould not forget to 
take advantage of those great bar- 

IJeichow & Eder 

Our old friend George Wtfist, 
was the recipient of a royal gift 
last I'hrtitiuas, in the sliajx} of a 
9 lb son, presented him l>y hiii esi- 
timable wife. Cougralulati* us 

A grtnJ N«w Tenr T.\\\ will be given John Duls' family was incrfa:»ed 
i\ih T»»r Ri C<»nf.,rJia lUll on the *vfn i by the addition of a young son on 
ing of l)eo.SO>h3 882. The Mi.meapo> j (;}^ristma3 Eve., and John duly 
lis City B.Bd. cue of lie finest in the 1 celebrated the event by furnishing 

Stale, wilt furnish 'iiiisic for ihe occasion, ■ ,• • i. ^.• r ■ i • i 

oi«io, w.ii luii.i, 11 '; the cigars to his friends m honor 

ide« rtudtTiri; como of tlitir choicest; , 



b«3iaes rtuavrirg 
seleetians dHrii^g ihc aftorncv.i at the 
NaXionni llutel. r.«mcmbtr that Satur- 
day, beiti» 


Ton sho'i!J al! avail yourselves of llie 


le occasion. 

Mr. Gebl, will butcher a fine. 
Elk, this week, and will supply liis 
cusTomers in Chaska with so ne 
fine elk steak next Sunday. Sfnd 



.f 1 

leariiig soin« 

of the fi:»est i in your orders. 

lusiia aver hoard in Chaxka. 


Land Omen at UedwooM FkUp, Minu. » 
UooiiUber 14. ISd?. \ 

Ifotix* is h»rpljT t*ven that the following 
SMBoiI «r'tt',cr bai. fllul uuticv tif his iuti'titioa 
teaak* Qual prouf ni support <>r bid claim, 
tua4 thut Mk'i'l pro^if iv'ill be niuJu bcfori- the 
plork v»f oourt of Carvt-r u juuty at thooounjr 
««a(, on WK'nosda;, Jan. U4, IMl, '. iz: Pvter M 
Schutlin, floratkln.-.d rutry. N'l 13!", fur tb« 
WMt S of Sinthwptt \ of !!..• s. T. US, K »!. 

Hti namns itec l'»H'>wiu< wi»ti!«.«*M» to prove 
kis ooatinuuiit ro»lJ«iio«« up.>M, and rultiva- 
tioa uf, *ai4 land, vlx; l>ie<1rirh Kuhtniann, 
yrita Buokaniin. I'hi isl U«!Ur.-r awd KriHlfrU-k 
Waooz*. aiicf ffiun^ AuientK,('.Tr%(.r Co. 
fiU.h'. bt'X.M.VliTOX, 




A T 

Chaska, - - « :'ni. 

1f» w«ald rt-?pf-stru!lT iniorrn tlipjmhlie th.-il 
V« have oprn^i a noc Uvarv ."IkK:* at rhagk^ 
aaj are prep^r^d to fLirnirh «in$;le or donhie 
a«*<Bt at tha lanr<!i<t livinj; pi-itscs. Vi't hare 
«TerTthin9; Kntirctlr near, aai aaa guar,vatee 



All those iadebted to the under- 
signed vrill please call and settle at 
once with John Biorstettle. Chaska. 
as all accounts not settled on or 
before January 10th next will be 
eollectid hr law. Prompt pay- 
meat will s^ve c •)«!:•«. 

Jordan, Dec. 1 1 th ISS3. 


Ordinance No. 27. 

(Jreat bargains in flannels at 

Keichow & Eder. 

Matt litis, of Elizabeth Otter 
Ttil Co., sent down three f ne 
iccT last Monday, presents to C! ch 
of hia brothers and to his sister, 
Mrs. Young, 

W. C. Bosworth, Esq., incha ge 
oftheH. & D. Bridge over the 
Minn., river at this place, vas 
rendered extremely liappy by 1 he 
arrival of a young daughter at his 
rcsideaee this morning. We ac- 
knowledge the Ilavanas. 


We still have a coupl« hund 'ed 
subsciibers*in Chaska, LaketoAn 
and Chauhaasen, who are delin- 
quent for suViScription to HER.iLD 
for 1862. They must pay up be- 
fore Jan 1st or we will have to tn- 
force colloction by law. Take not ice 
therefor* and pay up at once. 

- Bap.ce! Dance! ! 

Remember the Grand Ball at 
Concordia Hall, on Saturday Eve- 
ning Dec. .39th, Music by Sidwell's 
Orchestra of Minneapolis. A splen- 
did time guaranteed. 

Serious Accident in Benton. 

On Monday last while return ng 
from the funeral of Miss Kj tie 

AB«r.1i.,n^. au.h^ri.i,.^.'.., formation or a i ^''"^^^ ^'''^ ^'^^"^'^ "^^^ home, ihc 

tiro.i.-,mrtmontanJreiatin„'toti.ooxtinxui5h- 1 horses attached to the slcieh of Mr. 
Th3 viita/oConn-jUoftha vittt«r*of(:h:«3ka I G' Oestereioh becaiua frightened 

doordaiu: I 1 n . «r 

_ , a.u . .. ^^^ '"^" away throwing Mr. ( cs- 

8«c.l. The arc depart in-nt of tliarillairr. of . , . , , •- • , 

Cha5an»h;iti c.)a»i»tof or.i fompany with a tcreicli and Wife violeutlv a'ai ist 

laerabcrthip not exc..<ilingr «ev.»ntr-flrf iit , ~ , . ,, , - . 

iininbT. tobeform"»<lby vohii.tarj ftnliit-aent ^ StUmp, traCturiUg the leg of Mr. 

and eanh mcinher therviof ohall be exc'n\pt 

fr.>m tho payment of poll tax, from tlie^.»i-- 

forman^'e of hijrii^v.iv JstMir ani rr<4:n a?rrinx 

on jurie« In justicis fotirts. .*'iich 'Irpanf raanf 

ahdll be ttylctV^;*ia«k » Fav Depart.-aoat." 
ic^lopartinrTit »h 

Sac. 3. Sue 

O. at the thigh, and Mrs 0. below 

the knee, besiiles Mrs. 0. received 

hall har. p.,wer ^^^^^ «eriou>j injuries from wh ch 

«.«aJi>pt, nltPr.anannd aui rep^al(;onstiti:tlon it is fenrpd sh*» rnnnnf rarrvny 
««. provided »uoh c.MiMitution an! : leareu .sne tannoc recoT Jr. 

by-laws liaforetkeMtio ahallbcof aay forfc, ) Both bcinsr at the airp of firt ve ir« 
.<ar eiTo.t,!ttedtoHnd approved | ^''"'" "ciii^, «i luc age oi WJ jeirs 

♦y the vUUro council of stidviiuire. I it is Very likely that the results 

Sec. 3. Tho village council a*!."*!! aepriint I -n i, - n • . 

ooa ohi.^f .iizin .cf. »t!».) shall Ik- tho i-hief ex- ■ Will DC grave in tilCir natUFC. 

acative oiHcir of nwch dcu.irtinont. »>uch -_ 

chi.-f «n«rinc»r -^hall hold hi* offlc* for thw "Pn«..w^ „„.! A .. • j j. 

tern! of ..OK ynar. and until his »in<-»«sv Is iVUnaWay aUU ACCiaeUt. 

chosun. Ile*hvll 'lari- iht- ovrhialro eniutrol ! 

:"h1ie'?,^"!rnr;?;,rdat^:!!n.'}';r.i .t^m*^*?;;"! ^^'^ understand that the team of 
'Zl^^:S':ir;^^^n'^LlV^:^''^^"'^ ^''^^' of carver, run away 

and cheerful ob-dlenc-f -. snoh rhiaf onjrin»ar last Tuesdav, draggiac Mr. Gehl On 
Aay iiian«t)-r oni.c;i Ir^parttncnt r..fusinsr lo , ^, ;' ,, ,.., . 

conform with the roi>iir*.nents of thi«»«>ctioii I the grouno froin Mr. Muhacl S 

a^y Ije aiiiniafinly diitaia^ed rr:>m member- i i . 1.1 ni i , ., 

•hip In aui'h d.'partinoQt iyth3 President of SalOOn tO the J: lanter S Hou « 
«aiJ VilSase. I i 1 ' 

Sec. 4. Thochiefonzinaeraf snii fire de- ' ■^"<^r<' ^'"^y '^^'*® stopi^ed by 1 J- 

rh%^\Ta^Vp^o:::r.:*!l;T.^;',i,;:"j:„TS-:,'f,;.VoJ ' standers. Mr. G., was badly b, u- 

ta'.ngra o.tiien of Mid vlllrijc, to n-ndcr snch JopJ nKout the head llTlA Kbnnld,.rc 

a^aistance in tbf r'xt.MKiiishnitiit of ttn-s jia hf» I i»«5U "oouu iiiG iiftiu «tiiu »UUUia(TS 

laajr dceiu np.wsary, a,„I ihfwnpon it shnlj and will be laid UD for a lono-h'j. o 
bac Mii^ the<lntyof (ivichcltUi.* to obc»y such * twugllli.e. 

or4-.rordirocti.. . ^ jjg ^^^^ fortunate to cscap* with Itis 

S*<»lonS. Any person arllli'nlir refntins or ' ff I 
nei !«.ctin« to rend, r as«il,3 ' jn th" ox- "^^» LoR-eVCF. 
tia«i)ivimR:it of fire, a^ m ly be d* vian.le I o« b7 thorhiff fiiBiiiPPr orof;,er/,or. .(.r of 
Mfi. K'i;i!l 1, . g^^f^ ^f ^ ,„|^. 

de»»aB'.r. and up ,ii» .n^jrtion ther»»,r l.v a 

ished i 7 a fin" not ux • ., M,,, nf^ ,. ^„^X^ '„^ 
ltnprl».j-uji«-nt not fxc^fd.iis «i\ti- da^ 

Total for IMKS 
do 1«>-<1 

Increase for 18SS 


Total for 18S2 
dj H*»l 




lucronse fof l.>»R3 $78,«0;; 

<>rand tr>titl incrcaaeln real and poraon- 

h1 property fur 1.<-Ji $'i21,059 

The most notable increase is in 
the personal property assessment 
of Watertown and Waconia towns 
and villages, the former showing 
i'u increase of $.'^3,26'.>, and the lat- 
ter of over fl9,0(X'». The increase 
in real estate is general throughout 
t)ie county, and not so marked in 
any one town. The total increase 
in both real and personal property 
in 1882 is over a half million d(d- 

Pkrsuxal — Capt. Muehlbe^, aditor of 
the (Jarver Free Press, was in town 
last week. 

Em. Hainlin and Charles Zeyer, 
of Watertown, were over on busi- 
ness last week. 

Hon. Jno. G. Maetzold, and An- 
thony Clasgans, two prominent ci- 
tizens of Waconia, were in town 
las Thursday and made us a pleas- 
ant visit. 

Albert Kohlcr, the well known 
hardware merchant of Waconia, 
was seen upon our streets last week, 
shaking hands with his many 

Mike Bierline and family and his 
brother Paul, are up in Stearns 
County, visiting Ex Sheriff Heck- 

Jos. E. Strait, the Shakopee mill- 
er, was in town during the week on 
busiaess connected with his mill. 

Jacob Schleh, the St. Bonifacius 
Merchant was in town on Friday. 

Willie Brinkhaus, was up from 
St. Paul, visiting relatives on 

Prosper Schwee, soa of Wm 
Schwec, of Chanha.ssen, was up 
from Minneapolis visiting his par- 
ents on Chrintmas. 

Fred Faber and Jacob Hammer, 
are down from St.' Joims College 
visiting with their parents during 
the Holidays. 

Jos. Donaldson, atty at Law. 
Farmington, Minn., is in Chaska 
visiting Jas. P. Dilley and other 
friends. We acknowledge several 
pleasant calls. 

Peter Williams aud Lady, oi 
Waconia, were in town las Tues- 

Miss Shillock, of Minneapolis, is 
in town visiting her Brother Dr. 



$3.00 For Soft Wood. 

Soft wood advanced in price to 
$.3.00 per cord last Wednesday. All 
brick yards are now paying that j 
price, and immense quantities are , 
now being received. 


Mrs. Aahalt, who eloped from 
Carver, last fall with Boenhart, 
hung herself in La Crosse last Tues- 
day. She said she committed the 
deed on account of ill treatment by 

Final Notice. 

If our Chaska subscribers dont 
respond to our next call for delin- 
qugut subscription, we shall strike 
their names from our list and place 
the accounts in the hand of a justice 
for collection. We have been de- 
layed long enough and excuses 
"won't down" any longer. This 
is our final notice. 

$ 8.000 Will Wuy. 

My farm situated lA mile west of 
Excelsior, on Waconia & Minnea- 
polis road, together with 1 Walter 
A. Wood twine binder, 1 seeder, 
4 plows, 2 harrows, 1 evaporator, 
4,50 Sap tubs, 15 cords wood, 1 pair 
horses, 1 set of harne.'.s and 1 wa- 
gon, if sold within next 6'> days. 
Call and view premises. 

0. C. MEAKER. 

Dr. Allen. 

The Dentist, is unable to fill his 
usual api>ointment in Chaska on 
the last Friday and Saturday of 
this month. He will bo on hand 
as usual next month however. 
Reserve your work for him. 

Ah Aeeldeut. 

Saubreys team and one of Bier- 
lines brick teams collided rather 
suddenly last Wednesday week, 
throwing Bruno Schubert and 
Henry Sanbrey out of Saubreys 
sleigh into the wheels and under 
the Bierline wagon, Mr. Schubert 
sustaining a dislocation of the left 
shoulder. Dr. Schillock, was 
promptly called aud Bruno is now 
rapidly improving under his care. 

School Yacatlon. 

• Our public school has taken a 
vacation until Monday, January 
8th. It was dismissed last Thurs- 
day, Dec, 2 1st. The near approach 
of tho Holidays and of diph- 
theria was the cause, although no 
cases are reported in our village. 

ahalt hi* the duty ofttto vafj «7t< 

eomplai:.' n^dc tr. nrren an, p;';<7.;."„,.7Cl' 

ing against ll»« provision a« tbi.. Her.ti^„/ ^^ 


JoHcph Marz Killed. 

Jos. Marz. butcher of Af inneaj o- 
lis son of Jo«. Marz, of St. Boj i- 
facius, was kill in a street row n 

Fair! Fair!!' 

Reuitmber the big rtronthly qu 

|^»i wiTiiuu' the •■pr.i'M ci>uvut»r |' 
'«lajit or twouMiuUr^'wr t»|e couul*' 
Tillage. "v* 

See. 7— Th'.a ordliti«c»sira|)i*Jlc,-(ff»fcj »,- . --_, ^.. 

.nj arte.- i., ,.a,..,.,. nyiK.ra.ini vU^j-.^-^ tie Fair, ;ir*i Saturday. It prom 
A,wo^i •'I? .:; .^ ;, , :-;^,^,, ; ,,, to b? th^ W^gest of tht, scf^i /> 

Hook k Ladder & Engine Co. 

The village council tendered the 
H. & L. Co., the New Hand Engine 
and Hose Cart, and at a special 
meeting of that company held last 
Thursday evening it was resolved 
to accept the same. It was also 
voted to increase the membership 
of the Company to the number of 
75 members. Other recommenda- 
tions were also made conforming to 
the change. 

Sforwood Items. 

Mrs. N. Cole has again djcen 
seriously ill» but at last accounts 
was improving a little. 

Mr. Gregg was in town recently 
endeavoring to contract with par- 
ties here for wood for his brick 
yard. We would be glad to have 
others call on the same business. 
It will make thing.s more lively 
and there is pknty of dry wood 
adjacent to the town which can be 
bought cheap. 

Watertown Items. 

Christ. Barth, sr., has sold his 
stock of confectionery to Christian 
Single, who will be "do bos*" 

Mr. Anthony Kohler was brought 
home from St. Paul last week quite 
sick. His brother, F. X. Kohler, 
was with him. Tony seems to be 
improving rapidly under paternal 

The mill company are sawing 
logs by steam and grinding by wa- 
ter power, which makes things 
lively around the mills. 

The boys are taking in Fish by 
the bushel below the mill. The 
turbine wheel kills millions of 
them, so they are easily picked up. 
It .seems to us that the mill com- 
pany should put a screen above the 
wheel, to prevent the fish from 
getting through. If there is a law 
against catching fish Avith a trap, 
there is, or should bo one, against 
killing them in this way. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Holcomb 
were visiting friends iii Watertown 
last Sunday. 

Gust. Brandt and Albert Kohler 
came down irom Glencoc last Sat- 

Next Saturday evening will be 
regular monthly meeting of the fire 
company, ami being the last meet- 
ing of the year, they will elect of- 
ficers for the coming year. 



Tha\>^ is rapidly drawing to a 

%ioso,.iind it behooves every good 

citizen to jsettlo'up his debts, and 

! start out.wi^^ the new ywfr squajqi^ 

I- wi t h aU th^ ttfljjt , l^^T^lflforgei f »*' 

I the Jiriaier. *^^^ # ># ' 

Boii'hrt Bros. 

I)pposite;6o0drii;h'&;j)9 ceat store. 

Wool, Hair aad Hnsk BKat 
tresses, Wool billows, 
&c. . Ac. , 

Ropairiaj^toigi^yatt-ntctito. Tlfwark 



■•^iT^argtia ceatienab]^. 



Each department filled to its utmost cupacity Avitli 







CJE^J^STSZJ^ iMiinsrisr., 

Next door to Merchants Hotel. 

Con Sitantly keep on band all kinds o 
feed, sinch as Oats, Corn, Brnn & Shorts 
Scrcciiinj^s, Oil meal 4c. Also choice 
brands of 11 )ur, bolted corn meal, busks 
wheat Sour kc Will fell at bottom 
pricen for cash. Give n.s a call. 




Watches, Clocks, 


mm m. k 



Charles Gehl 

Always keep on hand Fraah Bc«f. Pork, Mut- 
ton, Coined Beef, Mam, Smoked Sausage, 

Dri«U Beef. Lard, &c. 
t^r Shop Xud Street. Jly 19 ly II, 

? ^ 

— 0— 

Cliaska House, 



Thisbonse iBthoroHgrbly finished, aad 

offers the best acconiro.-.dationBfar bouri 


And for tlie Traveiiiii; Puljlic. 


Charges Moderate. 



-Billia^rcL .£ioLll! 

The largest slocli of 

Christmas Prasents, 
Birthday Presents, 
Wedding Presents, 
Presents for th© Million I 

Our .^ssoriiiif 111 is (litat, Oiir Slofk is iiiiriicnsc, 

OiirlVices Jlai'veloiisly Low, Ouf (|ii;ili!y is of t!ie l!est, 

We assure you SalisfaGlion. 

Linenfelser Ss Faber. 

Having a snrplus stock of jewelry of 
all kiiids.'including, watches, clocks Ac. 
and V i.shing to di.»ipose of the saiHS be- 
fore tii« ck'se of tha Holiday season, I 
hereby offer my entire stock for sale at 
retail at Cost Prices, guaranteeing all 
gdod.s to be as represented. All those' 
expecting a "big bargain" should call on 
me before purchasing elsewhere. 

Store next d»or to Mrs. F. Salter, sec* 
on J street. LUCIEN DIACON. 




Cha.ska, - - Minn. 

Will do all work in thair line either hy 
contract or by the day, at lowest liviB|[r 

tsr~ The best of n-.-t r. Liquors, winea aad 
cijrurs, constHUtly Wtptun hund. 

Chaska, Minn. 

IN E m 




Office in Herald Block, Chasika, Minn. 
Office hours 9 — 1 1 a. in. it 2—4 p. to. 

^*3thVL Btrcxtlcoos* 

Cologne, - Minn. 

Boot and Slioe Maker. 

f15'"Ronairln)f neatly done. Price low. 


Tinware, Stove.^, Farincrg 
and Carp enters* Tools. 

Also Agent for Reliable 
Insurance Companies, 


Portable Saw Mill. 

The undersigned will havo their ports 
able saw mill running at the plare of C. 
Krnnfsehijabel, Henton, after Dte. 10th, 
1882, and later in the soason at the placo 
of John Steinh«';en, Waionia. Farmera, 
bring in your 1f>ps; we pirnntce satiKfae* 
tion. MM.LF.K & JOHNSON. 

Or you will get left in the 

scramble for 

"We Lave once more mace 
SAveepiiig reductions on 

'1^.?=^ ^^'^ ^^^ 

of all kinds. It mnst go Avitli- 
ont fail. Don't forget the place, 
as onr assortment and prices 
are iinparalelled in tlie comity 



Tlie St. Paul Slolie 


Enlarged and Improved. 

Sproiiil wire from St. J'.tiiI tath'^ eattti'rn nawti 

ci'iitrcs. Full :»i:«<>ciated iirtv'* |(rivlli-tfe<«. 

Is-ui" \ vvnry d:iy in tli>" yr>nr. Th«> St. 

Paul (ilobo iR tiow noknowleiigtid to 

be the 

Leading Paiicr in t'lc Xortliwest 

The Globe haa rec*»ntly b«>cn onlarir*^'d to no 
eiKht puRC paper. Ii iK-nt, folded and trim- 
med. It hat a spoeial wiro for itii exehislvc 
Bsc which cimnectH itc cditoriul room direct 
with (,'hic;iifo. New i'orl: and Wanhlnjrton. It 
has,'S, full rtrt.viciHted prfcs I»rl^ iloR"^, 
which Hnpplcmcnted to itK f ix-eial lelcfrraph 
wire puts it in thu front rank of Arcericau 

Politlcnlly tho (lloba nppoaca nil mnnnpolicK 
and iitan<1s t>y thn interostf* of the pcoplp. It 
is notcbiiined down, l>i t nip«>t:<i*8utM as they 
ariH.! fe!irl!>»ily and vi>rnr.)U>i|y. 

It invites 8u!noWpti«n«: 

Horn use it furni^«lles nil the news better 
than ntiy other paiHir. 

Hecfluscit fnriii«he«tlip l>o»t market r<'port* 
llccau4c it Btiinds by the intercl of the p<'<)- 

liecanso it approves of the ri>flit and oppoi*- 

cs the wrong', ro^jardless of who suffcrH thcro- 


TheGI'.he Invites those not already enrolled 
to in:i!<.-> a ti-i:il <;nbf»criplioij. Vou can o))tii*ii' 
it of your newsdealer, or ortlor it direct froui 
the pnblio.ition offico Inspect It nnd Judgv 
fur y;)ur.««ir. All edition.^ poatng" paid. 


THE DAILY (i LOBE— Seven Is- 
sues per Week. 

Daily and Sunday Ololie, f l.'JO per month. 

SIX ISSl'e.S l*EB WEEK. - ItV )lAlI.r 

MiiiiieaKilh.ffl Louis 





Thron^hCars, eonnectin^ in L'niou Depet 
with train* for nil points Enst. 


Several aniles the shortent; coanectiar la 
Grind Union Depot with t4 aina for all poinU 
South, Southeast and Southwest. 

Des Moines Short Line. 

The only direct aad first-elass rante be- 
tween the capital cities of the great Statta 
of Ninnt^«etn and Iowa 


between St. Panl:;»d Minneapolis and Fort 
Dodge and the cvtcnsire co.ii fulds of Iowa 

rw ??1V"'^' '■"'^'■"^ (>^^nns TWO TUAIXS 

Kansas City, Atchison & Loaven worth 

Makinj,' close conncetion gith tnius of the 
Union Pa-ific and Atchiaon, Topeka and 
;>antR Fc R^ilwaya. 

A full lino «f tickets to all points in the 
Union ^t:,tf:sand C.»n-.d.i8 on mJo at princi- 
pal ticket office throngtout the Xorthwoat. 

Foe ini'ormatien reyarding' Tater. Kouiaa, 
.''leeping-ear Berths uc, inquire of neaicat 
Tioltet Apcnt, or of 


0«n''i Ta.tfic Munttfjar, Gen I Manayar 


One month 
Three months 
Six months 
Twelve months 

$0 00 



f^^^'t^v^^pmmf'^W J J g f P^WI^W , t 99 9% 9 ■ * '. ^ 

My Entire Stock of 

The Woeklj* fi lobe i« nn eijrlit p^igrn pajior, 
thes;ime Hi/.-- «* tho riaily fJlohe. It is thn bi-st 
paper for the fanners inihe State. It U .«cni 
toany u.I<'rosM, ohl- .resr. post ppid for f 1.1.5. 

All subR<-riptlonB p.iyaMo invariably in ad- 
vance. Addrcffi-: 


Kt. Paul, Minn. 


I -:0:- ' 

I Vi'alGlnnaker an(] Jeweler. 


Dealer in Fine Wntches, Jawalrj, 

Clocks ic. 

Repairing neatly done and work enar- 
i snteed. * 

' lySliop on 2nd .St.. TIiei'««ld Store 

.•^ N:^'3r*VtS»' varj^ "^ai^ 

Vai^lety vltxH Coiifeetior?ii*2r Biojpc. 








,'. ^ 11 



Sale will continue as long as 
Stock lasts. 

All kinds ©f grain takes 

at casli prices in exekan^e 

• . . FEUD, P. SEEGER, 

Childrens Carriages and Szprcss Wagons, Toys &c.,«.^ 
Fine Confectionery, Choice Frnits, Cigars, 
Tobacco's and Pipes, Oysters, Sar- 
dines, Canned Fruits, kc , 

Musicallnstmment, Jewelery, Watches and Clocks. 
Vases, decorated cups and saucers, Wil!cAi. Ware &o 
Also keeps nice sitting rooms for accomodations. 

Alao all kuicls of Holiday/ Goods, tjc , 




Gottlieb Eder.